IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2015-04-06

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KotCzarnyfreemangordon: i have few dictionaries and an app to use them, format is xv207:41
KotCzarny(app is commandline with ncurses on-type search capability and even have an interface in php for it07:43
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KotCzarnyi can compile it for n900 if you want to try07:50
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KotCzarnyfreemangordon: want some dictionaries in xv2 format?09:31
KotCzarnyi have also cmdline and ncurses interfaces for it09:31
freemangordonxv2? can n900 open that?09:32
freemangordonotherwise, yes09:32
KotCzarnyi can compile kcxlator for n90009:32
KotCzarnyand you can write python interface09:32
KotCzarnyand format is described in few places09:32
freemangordonI am not python developer, you know :)09:33
KotCzarnyyou can write interface in qt too09:33
KotCzarnylet me find the sources09:33
freemangordonthe point is I am on different track, so won;t have time (and maybe will) to play with that09:33
KotCzarnylong time no compile09:33
KotCzarnywell, it can be used from cmdline09:34
KotCzarnyie. kcxlator word09:34
KotCzarnyand it will spit out the definition09:34
KotCzarnybut ncurses is fine enough09:34
freemangordonthe problem is that it is my GF who needs it. not that she can't use the cli, but I guess it won;t be very comfortable :)09:34
KotCzarnyif its for your gf i can give you php interface for it09:35
KotCzarnyi guess she can use the browser09:35
freemangordonto run on the device?09:35
freemangordonoh, you mean....09:35
KotCzarnyalso, there is a symbian app for it09:35
KotCzarnysee here09:36
freemangordonthat one will make the job09:36
KotCzarnybut for s40 you will have to use smaller files09:36
freemangordonwhat that page means in english?09:36
KotCzarnysee screenshots09:36
KotCzarnyand downloads are on the bottom09:37
KotCzarnyand i can put the xv2 files somewhere as it's an old page and references might be out of date09:38
freemangordonis there english<->bulgarian dictionary?09:38
KotCzarnyyou can produce one if you have plaintext list09:38
freemangordonactually she needs english dictionary, with descriptions of the words in english, maybe the so-called "thesaurus" will do the job09:39
freemangordonKotCzarny: thanks, will try it09:39
KotCzarnylet me upp the us thesaurus somewhere09:40
freemangordonoh, wait, thiose are .sis files :(09:40
freemangordonnot .jar09:40
KotCzarnysymbian s60 uses .sis09:40
freemangordonbut you gave me a good idea09:40
KotCzarnyi think its the java version09:41
KotCzarnyactually there are a few java dicts09:41
freemangordonhmm, what is mstardict?09:42
KotCzarnymdict maybe?09:42
KotCzarnyanyway, what phone is she using?09:44
freemangordonN900 :)09:44
KotCzarnyok, ill compile ncurses version for you09:44
freemangordonKotCzarny: don;t waste your time09:44
KotCzarnytrust me, it's nice09:45
freemangordonseems there are some dictionary SWs in the repoas09:45
freemangordonhmm, ok09:45
freemangordonwell, go ahead then, if you don;t mind the complains :D09:45
KotCzarnyi call it 'user feedback'09:46
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freemangordonKotCzarny: that one runs fine09:52
KotCzarnybtw. j2me runs on n900?10:02
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KotCzarnyf.xv2 is us thesaurus, i have also british one, and en-de/de-en/en-sp/sp-en dicts10:52
KotCzarny(and polish ones, but i assume you are not interested in those)10:52
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KotCzarnysaponga, wanna try kcxlator?10:53
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KotCzarny  freemartin (frimartn)10:54
KotCzarny   n. A sterile or otherwise sexually imperfect female calf born as the twin of a bull calf. [Orig10:54
KotCzarny  in unknown.]10:54
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KotCzarnyf.xv2 is us thesaurus, i have also british one, and en-de/de-en/en-sp/sp-en dicts10:59
KotCzarny(and polish ones, but i assume you are not interested in those)10:59
freemangordon_KotCzarny: 10x10:59
freemangordon_Sicelo: ping11:00
KotCzarnyi wrote it for pc keyboard, but added maemo specific navigation too11:00
KotCzarnylet me know if you think i should make a .deb package11:02
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sapongais it a dict ?11:13
KotCzarnyif you like it i can include en/sp/de dicts too11:13
sapongaok. i'll try it. how about pt ?11:14
KotCzarnyi'm looking for converter, original site had one11:14
KotCzarnyi just hacked ncurses interface for it11:15
sapongadthat would be great11:15
sapongaim using sdcv but only en-en11:17
KotCzarnymaybe i should hack some pygtk version too11:26
sapongai prefer cli11:27
KotCzarnyit's ncurses right now11:28
KotCzarnyso you might like it11:28
sapongaim sure11:29
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fishbulbhey can i toggle not charging when plugged into usb? when i want to tether my phone via usb network and don't want it drawing a charging amount of current from my tablet12:03
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fishbulbdoes anyone know of a widget or something that can toggle whether it charges or not while plugged into a usb port12:06
KotCzarnystop bme12:07
KotCzarnystart bme12:07
KotCzarnyyou can add a shortcut to your desktop that runs these commands as root12:07
fishbulbwhat is bme12:07
KotCzarnybattery management e-somthing12:07
kerioew don't do that12:07
kerioinstall the bme replacement and set the charging mode to "none"12:08
fishbulbdon't do that?12:08
keriobesides, stopping bme will only halt charging for 30 seconds12:08
fishbulbok how many other answers should i wait for :)12:08
fishbulboh ok.12:08
kerioafter that, the emergency charging will kick in12:08
KotCzarnykerio: how so? i always though battery doesnt charge at all without bme12:08
kerioKotCzarny: bq24150 has a timer12:09
fishbulbwill it be in the drop down menu12:09
kerioit reverts to the default behaviour (emergency charging) after 30ish seconds of no commands received12:09
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fishbulbwow i've stumbled into some hardcore n900 enthusiasts12:09
keriofishbulb: no shit12:09
keriowhere do you think you are12:09
KotCzarnyand what did they say?12:09
keriothis is a channel for the OS of an obsolete 2009 smartphone12:10
fishbulbdude i've been here before and it's been kids bitching about something stupid12:10
kerioanyone still here must be VERY enthusiastic12:10
KotCzarnyunsupported? yes, obsolete? NO!12:10
kerioKotCzarny: dude12:10
kerioit was obsolete even before it was sold12:10
KotCzarny'officially unsupported'12:10
KotCzarnydefine obsolete12:10
KotCzarnyit does everything i want12:11
kerioit doesn't do everything i want12:11
fishbulbit was behind some other phones when it was sold12:11
keriofor instance, i'd want its ram to exist12:11
Siceloyou're all obsolete & unsupported ... and are burned :p12:12
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KotCzarnykerio: write efficient apps12:12
KotCzarnymy oscp is one example of being uncluttered12:12
fishbulbi'm unsupported, i broke even this month with rent and bills12:13
KotCzarnykerio, remember, linux started with 2-4 mb of ram12:13
kerioistr that the bme replacement in "none" mode will actively not charge12:13
KotCzarnywe have.. *gasp* 128 megs!12:14
Sicelodoes infobot have a 'top' words list?12:14
infobotsomebody said bme-replacement was  See also: . Please, use wiki page to report bugs/problems and/or solutions to them!12:14
KotCzarnywe just need to choose smart apps, not 'oh another lib!' apps12:14
keriomake a full backup with backupmenu or something like that12:14
KotCzarnysicelo: it's another kind of bot12:14
UnbreakableKotCzarny, remember whales eat plankton12:14
* Sicelo bets oscp would come up tops :)12:14
fishbulbraspi is 35 dollars and trounces this great little phoneputer12:14
UnbreakableKotCzarny, equal to its own body mass12:15
Paliinfobot: bme-replacement is also
infobotPali: okay12:15
KotCzarnysicelo: to be honest i didnt optimize it much (yet)12:15
infobotwell, bme-replacement is  See also: . Please, use wiki page to report bugs/problems and/or solutions to them!12:15
KotCzarnybut it's slim enough even now12:15
kerioi really wish i had enough disposable cash to buy a neo900 when it's out :(12:15
Pali~factinfo bme-replacment12:15
infoboterror: you do not have enough flags for that. (o required)12:15
infobotPali: there's no such factoid as bme-replacment12:15
kerioPali: "none" will disable charging completely, right12:15
Pali~factinfo #maemo bme-replacement12:15
infoboterror: you do not have enough flags for that. (o required)12:15
infobot#maemo bme-replacement -- created by Estel_ <~Estel@Maemo/community/contributor/Estel-> at Sun Mar 24 15:44:43 2013 (742 days); last modified at Sun Mar 24 15:50:15 2013 by kerio!~kerio@Maemo/community/contributor/kerio; it has been requested 16 times, last by Pali, 31s ago.12:15
fishbulbis bme replacement in the repos12:15
Paliinfobot: #maemo bme-replacement is also
infobotPali: okay12:16
Pali~bme replacement12:16
infobotit has been said that bme-replacement is  See also: . Please, use wiki page to report bugs/problems and/or solutions to them!, or
SiceloKotCzarny: i mean in 'top words' :)12:16
Palikerio: off12:16
KotCzarnyi'm trying12:17
KotCzarnybut i suck at marketing12:17
KotCzarnyand pretty bloated interfaces12:17
SiceloPali: i started using bme-replacement .. and have that stuck-on-50% issue, which accoding to tmo should be fixed by calibrating. except i can't calibrate .. non-working USB.12:18
Siceloany other way to deal with this? or just live with it?12:18
KotCzarnysicelo, charge without bme?12:18
Paliwhy you cannot calibrate?12:18
Palido not attach charger until phone automatically turns off (due to empty battery)12:19
Palithen charge it until full battery12:19
Paliand discharge again12:19
KotCzarnyhe has extended size battery i think12:19
KotCzarnyand bme doesnt like 'too much of a change'12:19
Sicelousb isn't working on my N900, so I used external charger12:20
Unbreakableusb sucks12:24
Unbreakableuse wireless12:24
Unbreakableor whale power12:24
KotCzarnyright, it's vajb12:27
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KotCzarnyfreemangordon: have you tried kcxlator?12:59
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Siceloso basically nothing much i can do, i guess? besides fixing the UsB of course13:00
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freemangordon_KotCzarny: no, will do it when I am back home13:28
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VajbKotCzarny: u got that right, but now mine is also calibrated ;)15:35
Vajbwhat my n900 loses in screen size it doubles in thickness :p15:36
Vajbyup, good for me15:37
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freemangordonSicelo: ping20:59
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Sicelofreemangordon: pong21:24
freemangordonSicelo: I am about to upload a new version of FB uploader, which uses Nokia application Id, not mine21:25
freemangordoncould you please test it, in a couple of minutes?21:25
freemangordonok, will ping you when ready21:25
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freemangordonthis is what autobuilder produced, but it will take about 2 hours until it hits the repos21:39
Sicelolet me install and see21:42
Siceloreboot needed? i doubt, or?21:43
freemangordonno reboot21:44
Sicelohmm, so seems this one can access more stuff than when you had it with your own ID? the validation screen seems to have more info than i had before21:46
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freemangordonSicelo: this is the Nokia application. And yes, it can do almost everything21:51
freemangordonif not everything21:51
KotCzarnycan it do a barrel roll?21:52
freemangordonnever tried21:52
Siceloso it's the one with ID 100... and yours was 14..?21:52
freemangordonfeel free to test it :P21:52
freemangordonSicelo: no, the id is   p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  6787869571121:53
freemangordoncopy/paste from QtCreator21:53
freemangordonanyway, the Nokia application id is 6787869571121:53
Sicelook. shows different ID on the the Apps settings in FB website21:54
freemangordonthat's your user id I guess21:55
Sicelook :)21:55
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freemangordonSicelo: the main question - does it work? :)22:00
Sicelogot a transfer error for now .. am quickly checking if it's not PEBKAC first :)22:02
freemangordonSicelo: authenticate again22:02
freemangordonto get a new access token22:02
Siceloi did. let me redo22:02
Sicelotransfer error again. i do get asked to choose a location though22:04
freemangordonSicelo: which album you try to upload to?22:07
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Sicelothe 'default' one22:22
Sicelolet me recreate others22:22
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Sicelofreemangordon: it doesn't update albums22:26
Sicelolet me do from scratch .. delete the account on device and see22:28
Sicelouploading worked now + geo-tag22:35
Sicelolet me try update album list22:35
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freemangordonSicelo: hmm, weird22:53
freemangordonanyway, that should not happen anymore22:54
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Sicelofreemangordon: maybe it was just PEBKAC, lol23:57
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