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grammoboyThis seems to be a better mpd client on the N900, but I still can't choose audio output
grammoboybetter then cutempc02:11
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KotCzarnygrammoboy: convert, hehe10:21
KotCzarnyoops, he's not here10:21
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grammoboyit seems my 2nd hand n900 has some widget/app installed which checks how many hours it has etc.12:26
grammoboyI want to remove it, but have no idea of the name of that app...12:26
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grammoboyit's a battery app12:30
KotCzarnydpkg -l|grep -i batte12:30
grammoboybme-rx-51  probably12:34
KotCzarnythis is the most likely12:35
KotCzarnyor this12:35
KotCzarnyalso, your paste looks cut12:35
grammoboystatus-area-applet-battery is default maemo app i think12:37
KotCzarnyright, then remove batterygraph12:37
grammoboythat one is not installed12:38
Paliheya, I have fix for this bug:
povbotBug 2141: Allow setting priority in Jabber/GTalk12:38
Paliis somebody interested in testing?12:38
KotCzarnythen paste dpkg -l12:39
Palifreemangordon ^^^^12:40
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grammoboywow this a nice mpd client app for N900
KotCzarnyi prefer oscp12:55
KotCzarnymultiplatform, flexible, easy navigation12:55
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KotCzarnyand low on resources12:57
KotCzarnyand high on features12:57
grammoboyI filed a bug on qmpc yesterday, to be able to choose outputs, it's been done already12:57
grammoboyso I get the sound out of my N900 and/or my RPI connected to my audio installation12:58
grammoboyN900 is still alive :)12:58
KotCzarnyi run oscp-core on my pc connected to hifi and remote on n90012:59
KotCzarnyand when im on the go i run oscp-core on n900 and run remote on n90012:59
grammoboyglad I bought my third n900 yesterday on ebay12:59
KotCzarnyor just use ncurses12:59
grammoboybut in the second case you play music from the n900 itself?13:00
grammoboyok, I play music from my NAS in both cases13:00
KotCzarnyboth core and remote can run on maemo and on pc13:00
KotCzarnyand you can even run remote on windows pygtk13:00
KotCzarnyis your nas running linux?13:01
KotCzarnyx86 or arm?13:01
KotCzarnythen you can run oscp core there13:01
KotCzarnyand control via pc or n90013:01
grammoboyI  keep it in mind, but atm I'm happy with Volumio on my RPI, using mpd13:02
KotCzarnyor via ssh/screen/ncurses13:02
KotCzarnyi disliked media library idea13:02
KotCzarnyand was missing simple player that i can just point to some directory and play everything inside13:02
KotCzarnythat's why oscp was born13:03
KotCzarnyalmost any player tries to scan your whole drives for files13:03
KotCzarnyand when you have milions of them it sucks, especially when you only want to play one dir13:03
grammoboysounds nice13:04
KotCzarnyit is, simple, yet effective13:04
KotCzarnyand you just navigate with cursor keys13:04
grammoboydid you saw my paste?13:05
KotCzarnyim looking at it13:05
grammoboyok :)13:05
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KotCzarnyhm, cant see anything suspicious13:10
KotCzarnycan you click that applet and see some 'about' ?13:10
KotCzarnyyou can try posting a screenshot too13:11
KotCzarnymaybe this one?13:11
KotCzarnymy version with stock fremantle is 0.1.24+0m513:12
KotCzarnyyours is 1.0-913:12
KotCzarnyalso, is your sys flashed with some thumb version?13:14
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grammoboyKotCzarny, yeah thumb version13:24
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KotCzarnyyou can try pasting ps axww13:24
KotCzarnyand checking crontabs too13:24
KotCzarny(crontab -l)13:25
freemangordonPali: do I use that?13:26
Paliyes, now testing :-)13:26
freemangordonI mean - I use google chat13:26
freemangordonwhat am I supposed to test?13:26
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PaliI will commit changes to github/gitorious and upload also new package to cssu-devel13:27
freemangordonPali: do you have FB account?13:27
*** shamus has joined #maemo13:27
Palitest if you can set jabber resource priority in gtalk account dialog13:27
Paliand if it is really set13:27
Palino FB account13:27
freemangordonwill do13:27
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merlin1991freemangordon: pong ;)13:28
KotCzarnygrammoboy: cant see anything, crontab -l and screenshot maybe13:29
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KotCzarnyyou know what13:43
KotCzarnyi think its standard cssu applet13:43
KotCzarnybad mouse13:44
KotCzarnyso if you dont like it, downgrade it to stable version etc13:44
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KotCzarnyor maybe its settable somewhere in preferences13:53
KotCzarnyask cssu people13:53
grammoboyok, thx :)13:55
grammoboyscary that new stuff... :)13:55
KotCzarnysometimes it looks busy, but not eating battery much13:55
grammoboyyeah I was concerned about sucking battery13:56
KotCzarnyim using battery-eye to see how fast my battery drains13:56
grammoboyI read those apps suck a lot of battery itself13:57
KotCzarnyeasy to spot when i install something that's not well written13:57
KotCzarnyi have battery-eye installed for many months now13:57
KotCzarnyand it's very well behaving13:57
KotCzarnyusually grabs battery status only when YOU do something13:57
KotCzarnylike unlocking screen etc13:57
KotCzarnyThe data collection process is designed for minimal impact on system performance and battery life.13:59
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ceenetalking about batteries, i assume the answer to this is "no", but is it normal for my n900 to be consuming ~200mA on plane mode?14:37
ceenei can't get it to last more than 6 or 8 hours, and I now for sure that a couple months ago I was only charging the battery once a day14:38
ceenenow i need to charge it at least twice :/14:38
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ceene(200mA number as reported by bnf)14:38
freemangordonceene: not normal, check for a runaway process14:39
ceenei've been using top to search for high consuming cpu process14:40
ceenebut i can't see anything out of the ordinary14:40
ceeneXorg is using 2% of CPU14:40
ceeneand that's the top process14:40
freemangordonthat's normal14:40
ceenesometimes mce goes up a bit14:41
freemangordonanything in dmesg or syslog?14:41
ceenebut i don't see anything strange14:41
freemangordonI mean - anything suspicios14:41
freemangordonsuspicious even14:41
ceenenone that i recognize as out of the ordinary14:41
freemangordondid you try to power-down the device and remove the battery?14:42
ceeneuhm, nop14:42
ceenethat can help?14:42
freemangordontry it14:42
ceeneok :)14:42
ceenei've powered it down before a couple of times, but i've never removed the battery14:42
freemangordonanyway, the idle consumption should be between 3-4 and 40-70 mA, depending on what is running as applications and which radio is enabled14:43
freemangordonon wifi only the standby time is about a week14:43
freemangordonceene: put the startup log on pastebin after the reboot, so I can check if anything looks abnormal14:44
ceenebut that you mean dmesg or something else?14:45
freemangordon(partial) syslog14:46
ceeneok, it's booting now14:47
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ceenei'm cutting syslog14:55
ceenei don't see anything strange, though i'm not very knowful of n900 hardware, so lots of things I don't understand14:57
ceeneit's now connected to a wifi network and gsm enabled (3g icon and good coverage), bnf still reports 221mA14:58
Sicelono PSM on the wifi network? tried setting to 2G only & compare?15:01
ceeneSicelo: on plane mode with no connection active, bnf reports now 176mA15:02
KotCzarnyceene, check crontab15:02
KotCzarnyand no, 200mA is much too much15:03
KotCzarnyit should be ~10mA15:03
KotCzarny(when idle and blanked)15:03
ceenethere are no cron jobs15:03
KotCzarnyalso what sicelo said, do you have wifi all the time?15:04
ceeneusually yes, but even when wifi is off, consumption is around 170~1180mA15:04
KotCzarnythen something runs15:04
ceeneyep, but i don't know what...15:04
KotCzarnydid you install anything new lately15:04
ceenetop doesn't report anything15:05
ceenenone that i can remember :/15:05
KotCzarnyyou can also run ps axww periodically and check for differences15:05
ceenebut most probably yes15:05
KotCzarnyin hopes you can catch the offender15:05
KotCzarnyalso, run powertop15:05
KotCzarnyand pastebin it15:05
ceenethis is powertop outpout15:07
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ceenei believe it's now behaving like it's supposed to15:09
KotCzarnystill, many interrupts15:09
KotCzarnyTotal wakeups   498,  16.6/s | IRQ  416,  13.9/s | Timers   82,   2.7/s15:09
KotCzarnythis is mine15:09
KotCzarnyTotal wakeups  3583, 119.4/s | IRQ 2874,  95.8/s | Timers  709,  23.6/s15:09
KotCzarnythis is yours15:09
ceenethat's a lot15:09
KotCzarnycheck with wifi off15:10
ceenewhich should be screen consumption?15:11
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KotCzarnyscreen consumption wont show there15:11
ceenei know, but i can switch off screen15:11
ceeneand execute bnf15:11
KotCzarnyyou can run in terminal15:11
ceeneit read something like 45mA15:11
KotCzarnyie. sleep 10; powertop15:11
ceenewith screen on, it's 230mA or so15:11
ceeneit varies, of course15:12
KotCzarnyi use bq27200.sh15:12
KotCzarnyto check current power consumption15:12
ceenewith wifi off15:12
ceeneTotal wakeups 57815:12
KotCzarnya bit less15:13
KotCzarnyTotal wakeups  3583, 119.4/s | IRQ 2874,  95.8/s | Timers  709,  23.6/s15:13
KotCzarnythat was your with wifi on15:13
KotCzarnyTotal wakeups   498,  16.6/s | IRQ  416,  13.9/s | Timers   82,   2.7/s15:13
ceeneso, wifi takes a lot of power15:13
KotCzarnyand its almost the same as mine with wifi on15:13
KotCzarnycheck your ap15:13
KotCzarnymaybe change the channel15:13
KotCzarnycould be the ehter noise waking chip too much15:14
ceenethey're about 1 meter from each other15:14
KotCzarnydoesnt matter15:14
KotCzarnyif anything else runs on the same channel it have to wake up and check if the packets are for you15:14
KotCzarnyand retransmissions in case of collisions15:15
ceenewhen I installed this router i checked and chose least populated channel15:15
ceeneof course it15:15
KotCzarnycheck now15:15
ceeneof course it may have changed15:15
KotCzarnymaybe new neighbours15:15
ceenemaybe, but probably it's all pretty much saturated anyhow15:17
KotCzarnybut populated != used15:17
ceenei'm choosing a new channel15:20
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ceeneTotal wakeups  1018,  33.9/s | IRQ  795,  26.5/s | Timers  223,   7.4/s15:23
ceenei'll have to check on the workplace too15:23
ceenebut i still think there may be something else15:24
KotCzarnybut remember, other people factor is a random one15:24
ceenemy impression is that i'm charging more than twice as much as a couple months ago15:25
KotCzarnydo you have other n900s?15:25
ceeneeven when i left the phone on, but with all connections disabled during the night, it seems to waste too much energy15:25
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ceeneyou people are collectors or something! :P15:25
ceenethis is my first n900, bought a year ago or so15:25
ceenethe very first thing i did was replacing the battery15:26
KotCzarnyi have also noticed that sometimes gsm network goes wild and phone starts searching and discharges battery in one night15:26
ceenei don't where it came from but that battery only lasted for a couple hours or so15:26
ceeneyep, but that can be the case since i put it in plane mode15:26
ceeneso there's some vampire inside15:26
SiceloKotCzarny: what 'wildness'? :)15:26
KotCzarnysicelo: network noise15:27
KotCzarnywhich causes chip to search for networks too often15:27
Sicelook. you can try as root: pnatd .. then AT+CFUN=)15:27
ceeneyep, that happens a lot on low coverage areas15:27
SiceloAT+CFUN=0 rather15:28
KotCzarnyceene: but can also happen in city, if someone turns unregistered machine15:28
KotCzarnythat produces noise on ALL bands15:28
ceenewell, yes15:28
KotCzarnyelectric engines, microwaves, portable phones15:28
KotCzarnyceene: i usually charge once per 5-7 days15:29
KotCzarnyand my battery is 6 years old15:29
KotCzarnybut im not using n900 much15:29
ceenemaybe it's that15:29
ceenewith screen on, i.e. actively using the phone, bnf reports around 250~300mA15:30
KotCzarnyyeah, screen eats much15:30
ceenewith screen off, and new wifi channel it now reports about 13mA15:31
ceeneso I guess idling will last quite a lot15:31
ceenebut intensive use is such a killer15:31
KotCzarnyas long your neighbours ap wont change its channel again15:31
KotCzarnybuy double capacity battery15:32
ceenedo you if 3g is better for battery life than wifi?15:32
KotCzarnyi even switched to 2g15:32
KotCzarnybecause it has better coverage here15:32
KotCzarny(ie. fewer network searches)15:32
ceenei'm going to have to reach a compromise between bandwidth, data rates and battery life15:34
ceenedouble capacity batteries aren't much expensive?15:34
ceeneand much bigger :/15:34
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ceeneby the way, apart from being free software, is there an advantage on using pali's bme replacement?15:40
ceene(or disadvantage)15:41
Palisupport for usb host mode15:42
Palibetter software for power management15:43
Paliwe heard that nokia BME is toxic15:43
Paliand it probably has some buffer overflow or so... (sending commands via i2c bus to non existant device...)15:43
ceenethank you, Pali15:44
ceenei'll be upgrading then :)15:44
ceenemost probably later today after lunch15:44
ceenesee ya, thanks to all of you!15:44
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ceenewell, nothing seems broken16:51
ceenethat's a nice start :)16:52
antranigvwhen you disable a repo from HAM, what does it do ?16:54
antranigvjust comment in srouces.list? or more?16:55
antranigvcz I manualy disabled the extras-devel, but HAM was showing, but it didn't get stuck this time (: so I disabled it.16:56
KotCzarnypali: i use stock fremantle for 6 years17:06
KotCzarnydidnt notice anything toxic17:07
*** at1as has quit IRC17:07
Paliantranigv: yes, it delete it from sources.lists17:07
PaliKotCzarny: because you did not run strace or similar logging from linux kernel...17:07
KotCzarnyyes, but my uptime is usually months17:08
KotCzarnyso even if it does something weird, works good enough17:08
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KotCzarnydo want.20:49
scottc200GB seems a bit weird, why not a power of two like 256?20:55
Paliits GiB or GB? :D20:55
KotCzarnymost likely GB20:55
KotCzarnystill, do want20:56
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kerioscottc: because there's probably a ton of reallocatable sectors21:33
*** Pali has joined #maemo21:33
keriothe raw flash is probably 256GB21:33
KotCzarnyi bet it's smaller than that21:34
KotCzarny256 would be sold as 24021:34
keriowell, they did make a 256GB one21:35
KotCzarnyunless they really went playing safe21:35
keriobut that's probably 256 * 10^9 bytes21:35
KotCzarnyor use unavailable sectors for speed21:35
KotCzarny(internal journal maybe)21:36
kerioKotCzarny: well, it's quite a bit of memory crammed inside a really tiny space21:37
KotCzarnytru dat21:37
keriomaybe they weren't confident about their production process for the first runs21:37
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KotCzarnystill, it's amazing21:39
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo21:39
KotCzarnyamazingly amazing21:39
KotCzarnyMoreover, the company explained to El Reg that the only reason this is a 200GB device and not 256GB is that at 15nm, the die had reached the maximum size which could be squeezed into the microSD form factor to the specifications and still allow space for SanDisk's control electronics.21:40
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freemangordonguys, do you know some English dictionary SW in extras?23:48
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Vajbnope, but maybe some dictionary in ebub format is worth a shot23:50
freemangordonVajb: thanks23:57

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