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newbieAlerthey anyway to make an app not appear in dashboard ??09:21
KotCzarnyremove .desktop file09:32
sixwheeledbeastwhy would you do that? unless it's a lib for example.09:33
KotCzarnymaybe he is writing a trojan09:33
uuhimheresixwheeledbeast, maybe the lib needs to be updated09:33
Siceloanyone can provide some insight as far as using Modrana goes? how do i get offline maps? i followed, but this does not actually contain the maps/tiles.09:34
KotCzarnymaybe it has some 'download maps for this area' button09:37
Siceloyes, but that's not so efficient. i need to save a complete province09:39
Sicelothat download button, does it download the highest zoon in level?09:40
newbieAlertKotCzarny no trojan. :D sylpheed has an option to check email every x minutes. but if we close it, it dsnt wrk. thats y, tp hide it when its running.09:42
newbieAlertKotCzarny removing.desktop removes it from menu, not from dashboard.09:42
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast maybe to keep an app running, if its not a daemon.09:43
sixwheeledbeastBut an app will not automatically run if not a daemon?09:45
sixwheeledbeastSicelo: the current zoom level09:45
sixwheeledbeastis the start reference09:45
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sixwheeledbeastthe desktop icons are easily removed if that's what you mean?09:47
uuhimhereKotCzarny, the trojans would need a horse09:49
uuhimhereKotCzarny, and lots of whale pie09:49
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newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: I dont think after closing an app, it will be able to do stuff like periodic check of something until has it implemented in daemon or has some external assist like cron or alarmed ???10:07
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: so option to hide that app from dashboard will provide a way to keep it running w/o worry of accidently closing it. ??maybe!!10:08
newbieAlertKotCzarny: ^^10:16
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sixwheeledbeastnewbieAlert: I believe that would require modifications to Maemo h/d, really the app should have a daemon10:19
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newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: really the app should, but i dont think it does. Maemo h/d ?? there was this modified version of h/d or something that allowed to change the layout of dashoard ( ie showing 2  open apps at one time or all of the opened apps at one time (default)), maybe that can help ???10:25
sixwheeledbeastno mhd is now in CSSU. You point is correct really the app should be fixed, not Maemo modified.10:27
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: yep email clients should have daemons :/ except modest, none has it as far as maemo is concerned. No qtmail, claws, trojita, sylpheed ... :/ Qtmail has push but needs to be open, like i said, same with sylpheed and other ED options maybe.10:30
sixwheeledbeaster? well I only use modest.10:31
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newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: :D :D i keep modest STOPPED. every now and then, it suddenly takes too much CPU.10:33
sixwheeledbeastnothing wrong here and any issues that are confirmed would be covered under CSSU to be fixed.10:34
sixwheeledbeaststill them other clients would have to be modified for Maemo, or a cron workaround10:35
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: yeah, cron workaround should be better. Less battry required maybe!10:38
sixwheeledbeastnewbieAlert: so even with modest "closed" you see high CPU?10:39
infoboti heard phonecontrol is
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: i just encountered a thing .. ED related. starting sylpheed fro debian chroot & as debbie sylpheed; both the windows differ. I mean in font & looks. Why ??10:40
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: Closed as in, if i have an email acoount, sometimes it takes upto 5% cpu for a moment and comes down. Normally, it takes about ~1%. So i prefer to do kill -19 on it. saves that 1% spike.10:42
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sixwheeledbeastmaybe it's actually doing something important?10:42
sixwheeledbeastI have no modest CPU unless it's doing something10:43
KotCzarnynewbiealert: if its gtk/qt app running it from chroot makes it use different theme probably10:45
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: have no idea about that. i also dont usually have modest CPU, i said *spike*. Right now, opened modest, spiked to ~50% 2 times in this minute.10:46
newbieAlertKotCzarny: Maybe. Gtk app it is. Portable.10:46
newbieAlertKotCzarny: debbie version seems more finger friendly !! but theme is still of ED.10:47
sixwheeledbeastnewbieAlert: Its most likely doing something. Send/Recieve or what have you.10:48
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newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: Yeah. It is. Thats the only time ideally it should take CPU.10:49
sixwheeledbeastwell if it's doing something then I don't see an issue. I only have modest CPU active if it's open and loading mail or Send/Recieve. Also when it's closed the CPU runs for a bit, maybe a minute or so.10:54
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KotCzarnytotalizator:  |> giraffen efraim (giraff.mod) (17856, 1, Protracker M.K.)13:51
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KotCzarnyn900's pygtk is stupid (ie. buggy)14:11
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Vajbhmm that was strange. I was running bq272 in loop mode to recalibrate, but it never got to 3248mv. Instead it told me to recharge battery and turned off at 3371mv.16:00
KotCzarnymaybe constant reading interrupts measurements?16:01
Vajbwill have to try again at next full load16:01
Vajbwell that's the way it's meant to be calibrated :)16:02
KotCzarnymaybe it turned off as a security measure?16:03
KotCzarnywhat was the temperature?16:03
Vajbit worked fine last time, but now 30 cycles has passed so i have to recalibrate16:04
Vajbtho my new mugen battery should arrive in two weeks :p16:04
KotCzarnyi never recalibrate, i just use battery till the red bar and then recharge16:05
Vajbdo u use bme or replacement?16:05
KotCzarnysometimes it even goes lower than that (batteryeye shows 0mAh for 15-40 minutes)16:05
KotCzarnyim using stock fremantle16:06
Vajbah i c16:06
Vajbthen there is no need for calibration because it wont be used anyway i guess16:06
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KotCzarnyi think bme also calibrates battery (ie. stores max/last capacity etc)16:09
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merlin1991bme mainly does weird shit16:10
Vajbany thoughts of my recent issue merlin1991?16:13
merlin1991I'm not that familiar with bq... Pali probably knows something16:14
Vajbno worries. I'll try again and will be wiser tomorrow16:15
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bencohVajb: disable nokia-bme when recalibrating22:24
bencohbut check carefully your battery level and keep your charger at reach for the last hundred(s) mAh22:25
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