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uuhimhereKotCzarny, so did you get your pie09:55
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KotCzarnywoo, hoo, list search added to oscp10:26
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zGrrmoin :)11:03
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DerHatis there a way to unban phone number after using yappari?13:45
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ForDerpsKotCzarny, hey if in C i have a function that i malloc and it returns the value how do i free it?16:12
KotCzarnymalloc returns pointer16:13
KotCzarnyuse free on in16:13
ForDerpsKotCzarny, i need a pointer to the pipyra16:16
KotCzarnymake one16:16
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ForDerpsi cant segfault16:17
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ForDerpsKotCzarny, what do people mean by "registering callbacks" and do you need to do it before passing function pointers around16:33
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ForDerpsKotCzarny, do i have to "#include" the same .h over and over on each .c?16:47
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keriobecause each .c is compiled separatley16:50
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erlehmanncan someone suggest me a vte terminal for maemo?17:38
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bencohI can suggest a non vte one (xterm)17:51
bencoh(if by "vte" you mean libvte)17:52
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freemangordonxes: ping18:47
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newbieAlerthey what is the way to change default handler for images ??19:17
newbieAlertusing dbus switchboard has made images to open in web browser..19:17
KotCzarnyfun, isn't it?19:22
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newbieAlerthey what is the way to change the default handler for images using dbus-switchboard?? now its opening in web browser.19:34
KotCzarnyuse the google luke19:36
KotCzarnyuse the google19:36
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KotCzarny |> dw.Platoon (0/6, 53126, uade2)19:38
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KotCzarnyoops, wrong window19:56
KotCzarnyalso, free game on gog.com19:56
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kerioKotCzarny: got it, ty20:15
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RaimuKotCzarny: What game's free here? Don't see any.20:40
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KotCzarnythere were only 30000 free copies20:40
RaimuHah, I see20:40
KotCzarnygame was rise of the triad 201320:40
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RaimuOh, right.20:40
RaimuWell, it's still dirt cheap too20:41
RaimuNo loss :)20:41
KotCzarnyunless you are hoarder20:41
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RaimuH-how'd you know?!?20:41
KotCzarnymost people are20:41
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xesfreemangordon: pong20:50
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freemangordonxes: I saw you did some work on forward-porting the openssl PSK patches, did you finish?21:01
xesfreemangordon: no, i had not to work on it in the last days21:02
xes*had no time21:02
freemangordonxes: the point is - is what you sent to me finished or just WIP?21:02
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xescould you give me your opinion about the feasibility of forward porting those PSK patches?21:04
freemangordonI think I just finished applying the patch by hand, though no idea if it will work ok :)21:05
freemangordonbut I guess tests will tell us about it21:06
xesno failed hunks?21:06
KotCzarnyhunk angry! hunk smash!21:07
freemangordonhunks? I applied the patch hunk by hunk, by using a text editor ;)21:07
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freemangordonxes: BTW, it is Wed, not Wen, in debian/changelog :P21:19
freemangordonhowever, lets see if it compiles21:19
KotCzarnyplaying 320kbps mp3 on 200mhz vortex86 takes 28% cpu21:20
KotCzarnyif someone sends me 770 i can make oscp package for it21:21
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freemangordonxes: does the other 2 patches (test and doc) apply?21:38
freemangordonseems like yes21:42
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freemangordonxes: tests passed, will send you the patch in a minute. Just a couple of notes - if you aim for cssu, please put the code on github (for example), so it can be reviewed by the others as well. also, it will be better if you use .orig and .diff files, instead if the whole source tree.21:50
xesfreemangordon: thanks. Please feel free to remove my changelog and integrate the package in cssu (no, I don't aim for cssu) :P21:53
freemangordonxes: oh, well, it is me again :(21:54
freemangordonxes: anyway, I'll send it to you, care to test it a bit at least?21:55
xesi will we very happy to make extended tests!21:55
freemangordonxes: mail send, use that instead of 22_openssl-psk-0.9.8n-lib. the other 2 (23 and 24) apply without modifications21:58
xesfreemangordon: thanks!21:59
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freemangordonxes: where did you get the original tar.gz from?22:05
freemangordonxes: ?22:06
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freemangordonxes: do you have cssu-thumb installed?22:36
freemangordonas I built openssl .debs in -thumb target :)22:37
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xesfreemangordon: yes my device has cssu-thumb22:43
freemangordonhmm, anyway, I'll rebuild it in ARMEL SB, so more people to be able to test it22:44
freemangordonbuilding openssl takes ages :(22:45
xesfreemangordon: ~15 minutes?22:45
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freemangordonyeah, something like that. though it is not the building, but tests22:50
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xesfreemangordon: still testing23:59

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