IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-02-19

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bencohKamping_Kaiser: if you have some issue please do tell us about it (here and/on or if you're not sure where to report it :)01:37
kongre, battery full and led is green :)01:41
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useretailhey there. how to view current sip login info located at /home/user/.signon/user_db.xml ?04:23
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Luke-JrFWIW, seems to be N900-compatible, although makes an annoying high-pitch noise.07:34
Luke-Jrposted a review on NewEgg (hasn't shown up yet) if more details are desired07:34
robbiethe1stI've used one of these, myself: it charged my N950 with no problems, though I haven't tried my N900... IIRC, though, all you need is shorted D+ and D- for a full-current charge, right?07:53
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Luke-Jrrobbiethe1st: I think so. Many USB chargers don't have that.07:57
robbiethe1stOne little blob of solder is all it takes... or a sharp knife and spare USB cable07:58
Luke-Jrmy N900's internal battery lasts like 5-15 min now :<07:58
Luke-Jrhope the Pyra makes a good replacement soon07:59
robbiethe1stJust get a replacement cheapy?08:01
robbiethe1stThey tend to work decently, depending08:02
Luke-Jryeah, just hate to buy a new battery if I'm going to drop the N900 soon anyway08:03
Luke-Jrhence the external battery pack08:03
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KotCzarnyoriginal nokia batteries are worth their price08:08
KotCzarnycheapo chinese ones are good only when you want to sell the device claiming 'new battery onboard'08:09
Luke-JrKotCzarny: yeah, the hard part would be identifying the originals :P08:09
robbiethe1stBy now, I'm not sure about the original nokia batteries; they're years old by now08:09
KotCzarnyluke: price? ;)08:10
robbiethe1stUnless they've been in the freezer for a few years...08:10
KotCzarnywell, good point08:10
KotCzarnystill, anything less than 10eur isnt gonna last long08:10
KotCzarnyyou might want mugen cover or similar and dual battery (or double capacity one)08:11
Luke-Jrwait, Nokia doesn't use the same batteries in new phones? :/08:13
robbiethe1stI don't know. it depends on the size08:13
robbiethe1stN950 had a different battery than N900(wider, but a N900 one would fit with a little plastic trimming), and I'm not sure what new dumbphones nokia is selling08:14
KotCzarnynokia 520 uses bl-5j08:14
KotCzarnyfor example08:14
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KotCzarnyand nokia asha 200/201/30208:16
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KotCzarnybut as i said, if you dont mind bulky device and want extended capacity, grab extended cover and extended battery08:16
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KotCzarnyas for charger argument tho, my battery stil has ~1329mAh even after continuous use for 6 years by now08:24
Luke-Jreh, mine reports 1221mAh at full08:37
Luke-Jrbut once it gets to like 900, it just dis08:37
Luke-Jr(and gets there pretty quick)08:37
KotCzarnyluke: is it original one?08:53
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Luke-JrKotCzarny: I presume so, I got it in an unused N900 I bought off some guy on craigslist09:03
Luke-Jrmy original original inflated like a balloon09:03
KotCzarnymight have physical damage inside09:03
KotCzarnyi suggest replacing because it has higher danger of fatal failure09:04
Luke-Jrfatal to what?09:04
KotCzarnyhere is more detailed process why do they explode09:08
Luke-Jrfirefox sucks too much, can you summarise? :x09:08
KotCzarnythe battery inside has insulator09:08
KotCzarnywhen crystals grow or there happens physical damage to it, it can cause short09:09
KotCzarnyshort means high discharge => high temperature => when it gets ignited, BOOM09:09
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Luke-Jrso where's a reliable source for a cheap battery that won't explode? :p09:17
KotCzarnywell, fatal failures are rare09:17
KotCzarnybut you've said your battery is inflated already09:18
Luke-JrI'd prefer not to get hospitalised even if I live09:18
Luke-Jrthat's my old battery09:18
Luke-Jrnot the current one09:18
KotCzarnythen it's ok09:18
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bencohLuke-Jr: I bought a polarcell from amazon (Europe)11:19
bencoh(a few weeks ago)11:20
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kerioorange chinese battery > polarcell11:20
bencohreally ?11:21
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KotCzarnyzziplib fails when i close(0,1,2) ehehe11:29
KotCzarnymaybe i should just open /dev/null as a dummy fd-0 and keep it that way11:29
bencohread nohup11:30
KotCzarnynah, i'll just take fd-0 out of the available pool11:30
KotCzarnyi dont want to rely on some external util11:31
KotCzarnyif i can code workaround11:31
kerioyeah i think you can't expect to close stdio and have everything working11:31
kerioopen /dev/null on all three i guess11:31
kerioEOF when reading stdin is to be expected, and output will always work11:32
KotCzarnykerio: i could, but there are code which checks for fd being >0 instead of >=11:32
KotCzarnykerio: im not using stdin when my app is daemonized11:32
kerioyeah but11:32
KotCzarnyand it works, but some libs aren't bug free apparently11:32
kerioEOF is better than reading some other file11:32
KotCzarnyand no, zziplib doesn't need stdin in my use case11:33
kerioand yet11:33
KotCzarnyi think you arent' understanding  situation11:33
keriooic, it refuses to work because it thinks some other file is stdin11:34
kerioor doesn't work properly i guess11:34
KotCzarnyno, it fails because it has internal check for fd being >0, but when stdin is unneeded and closed, lib can assing fd-0 to anything (socket, file)11:35
KotCzarnyonly fd<0 guarantees that open failed11:35
kerioyeah yeah i understood that11:35
keriomeh, i'd still keep some dummy file descriptors on 0, 1 and 211:36
KotCzarnythat's what im going to do11:36
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erlehmannnaba kumar is alive11:46
KotCzarnyand kicking?11:46
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KotCzarnythe heck11:54
KotCzarnyit's something else11:54
erlehmannnaba kumar wrote:11:54
KotCzarnyjust wtfing the bug i stumbled upon in code11:55
erlehmann It's been long since I left Nokia. It's likely the code won't be open11:55
erlehmann sourced (and I don't have access now). The logging may still be happening11:55
erlehmann and could be accessed, for which I believe you could look at (IIRC)11:55
erlehmann telepathy logging library. Hope it helps.11:55
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Sicelologging what?12:15
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KotCzarnyhrm, it's definitely about closing fd-012:24
KotCzarnybut fake-file-with-fd0 doesnt work as expected12:24
KotCzarnylol. i had to use /dev/zero instead of /dev/null12:27
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KotCzarnyum-kay. uploaded new builds of oscp and remote12:51
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kerioKotCzarny: wait, what13:15
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keriothat *has* side effects13:16
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KotCzarnykerio: hmm?13:28
kerio/dev/zero returns zeroes13:28
kerioit might not be what you want13:28
KotCzarnytested already and does what i need13:29
KotCzarnyno side effects in my codebase13:29
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KotCzarnyhrm. now oss mixer stopped working on n80013:57
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KotCzarnyanyone knows how can i bind hardware keys on n900?16:47
KotCzarnyin pygtk/python preferably16:47
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stryngsKotCzarny: bind keys?16:53
stryngslike keyboard remapping?16:53
KotCzarnywell, use16:53
KotCzarnyright now they trigger volume up/down16:53
KotCzarnyhow can i bind them to the active pygtk window16:53
keriobind on F6/F716:53
kerioi think16:54
KotCzarnykerio: pygtk doesnt show anything16:54
KotCzarnyi have a catch-all routine16:54
stryngsKotCzarny: one moment16:54
KotCzarnyon n800 they send f6/f7 as you suggest (i think)16:54
KotCzarnybut on n900 they don't reach the program16:55
KotCzarnyi've found one solution for c16:55
KotCzarnybut none pythonishish16:55
stryngsKotCzarny: I'm not usre if this is what u are looking for but try:
stryngsDon't dpkg -i it16:55
stryngsbut dpkg -x it16:55
stryngsand check out what it does16:55
stryngsperhaps it will help16:55
KotCzarnyit remaps keys16:56
KotCzarnysystem wide16:56
KotCzarnyit's c-way16:58
stryngskeybinding for guis16:58
stryngswell, perhaps the .deb can help somehow =)16:58
stryngscheckitout =)16:58
KotCzarnynah, its about sending x11/hildon a message16:59
KotCzarnythat i need those keys16:59
keriothat's qt tho, isn't it16:59
KotCzarnykerio: it's c16:59
kerioyes but16:59
KotCzarnysee grabZoomKeys()16:59
kerioit's qt16:59
KotCzarnyrest doesnt matter16:59
keriooh it's just x11 stuff16:59
KotCzarnyi just need to find a way to do it without needing external binaries17:00
keriowell, i mean17:02
kerioif you *really* must, you can use ctypes17:02
KotCzarnyin python?17:03
keriobut that's pretty much the same as an external binary, really17:03
KotCzarnyhah. gonna try this one17:03
KotCzarnyit will suck a bit because of dependency on import hildon; but.17:04
KotCzarnyi have two oscp binaries for n900, i might as well add oscp-remote-n90017:04
KotCzarnywonder what happened to qwerty1217:05
KotCzarnyit's.. working17:11
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KotCzarnyit's wooooorking.. muahahahahha17:14
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Paliyes, you need to use _HILDON_ZOOM_KEY_ATOM Xlib atom17:22
Palithis is way how to grab zoom keys17:22
stryngsPali, is there any reason not to use the kernel for 3.10.0?17:22
Paliyes, upstream kernel does not have needed HW support17:23
stryngsSo the defconfig is missing stuff =(17:23
stryngsspecifically BPF17:23
Palilinux-n900 is that our git repo for mainlining...17:23
stryngs CONFIG_HAVE_BPF_JIT=y17:23
jogahmm... I don't have the issue on my n900, but my gf's one (running cssu) for some reason can't connect to internet if "GSM" is selected, but "3G" works. might this be related to some internet setting on it, the sim card, or provider? we have the same provider (but I have a more beefy data plan)17:24
stryngsthose are the two needed I believe17:24
Palistryngs: looks like this was added to linux kernel 3.917:25
stryngsRight, so what can I do to aid the process?17:25
stryngsIf anything... =/17:25
Paliyou cannot use it on maemo17:25
Palithats all17:25
stryngsSo it's official.  Scapy i truly broken for the n90017:25
stryngsWell, that clears that up =)17:25
Paliyou can use u32 netfilter module17:26
stryngsWill we be able to use it ever?17:26
stryngsu32 netfilter.. hmm17:26
stryngswith scapy?17:26
stryngsor in general for filtering bpf style17:26
Palithat can match any packet and with mark module you can see it via netfilter in userspace17:26
Paliit is alternative solution for bpf17:26
stryngsI will notate that and continue on =)  Thank you very much for the help Pali17:27
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stryngsAt least now I can stop recompiling python thinking perhaps it's python that is the issue17:27
Paliyou need to understand how linux iptables and netfilter is working17:27
Paliand then you should be able to do anything what you want17:27
stryngsWell, this is more of a monitor mode packet injection thing than anything17:27
stryngshence, iptables won't help17:27
stryngsI want to bring airpwn to the n90017:28
stryngsBut, for MITM stuff, I will remember that.  u32 netfilter17:28
PaliI think you should be able to use netfilter also on lower level17:28
PaliI know that with u32 module I was able to match basically any ipv4 packet (just need to specify correct format for u32)17:29
stryngsSo you were able to (pseudocode here..):17:29
stryngsgrep for any packet that is issuing a GET / request and sniff the seq and ack and len?17:30
Paliuffff, matching TCP data is not simple with u3217:30
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stryngsAh, see that'17:30
stryngss what i'm trying to do =)17:30
Palibut I think it could be possible17:31
stryngsI'll prolly have to go with the kernel thing, i forget what it's called17:31
stryngslistens for an action and then acts on it17:31
Palikerio: what do ou think?17:31
stryngsmake it a tcp trigger17:31
stryngswhen it detects x in tcpdump it does y17:31
Paliman iptables: "U32 tests whether quantities of up to 4 bytes extracted from a packet have specified values. The specification of what to extract is general enough to find data at given offsets from tcp headers or payloads."17:32
kerioPali: looks neat17:32
stryngsbam, there it is17:32
Palikerio: it is possible to extract GET request from packet via iptables/u32?17:33
kerio...oh god17:33
PaliI think it should be, but I have never done it17:33
kerioisn't GET like one of the latest packets in a http request?17:33
kerioalso, i think U32 wants exact offsets17:33
PaliI think you can use indirect offset too...17:35
keriowhat's the plan?17:35
keriomark a certain http request to analyze it with userland tools?17:35
Palito use iptables/u32/netfilter instead bpf (because it is not supported in prior 3.9 kernel)17:35
Palistryngs: what exacly you want to do?17:36
*** stryngs has quit IRC17:36
keriooh, the fucking script kid17:37
*** stryngs has joined #maemo17:37
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KotCzarnystryngs: if you only need mangling http traffic, why not use transparent proxy ?18:45
KotCzarnywith iptables redirect18:46
stryngs_KotCzarny: Monitor Mode19:04
stryngs_KotCzarny: I'm not doing MITM19:04
stryngs_I'm leveraging this against my ebay vulnerability19:04
stryngs_Developing a new tool19:04
stryngs_Going to force the industry to change19:04
stryngs_And I'm going to do it with the n900 as a PoC19:04
KotCzarnybut in monitor mode you are only receiving19:05
stryngs_When I can take my phone into a building, bang a command out and steal whatever I want cookie wise, it's game on for the industry19:05
stryngs_Well, monitor mode allows for packet injection KotCzarny on the n90019:05
KotCzarnyso, you are only stealing cookies from lans19:06
stryngs_I'm going to hijack any cookie i want19:06
stryngs_So long as you're on open wifi or wifi with a password I know19:06
stryngs_I will own you19:06
stryngs_Because the industry SUCKS at securing their damn cookies19:06
stryngs_I intend to change it19:06
KotCzarnyif you are on the wifi you can connect, its lan19:07
stryngs_google: ebay session hijack to see what i mean19:07
stryngs_Dude, I dont need to be on the wifi19:07
stryngs_MONITOR MODE19:07
stryngs_MONITOR MODE19:07
stryngs_MONITOR MODE19:07
stryngs_I need to be within 44 mHz of your channel19:07
stryngs_That's it19:07
bencoh18:06 < stryngs_> So long as you're on open wifi or wifi with a password I know19:07
bencoh18:06 < stryngs_> I will own you19:07
stryngs_KotCzarny: See
KotCzarnyif network is encrypted (wpa) you are not going to steal cookies19:08
stryngs_I go indepth as to why the industry needs to change19:08
bencohit's easy on an open wifi19:08
bencohbut on a "secured" wifi you need to sniff the handshake/auth between the base and the client19:08
stryngs_No its not easy bencoh19:08
stryngs_Not what i'm doing19:09
stryngs_I wish it were =)19:09
bencohwhat do you mean by "open wifi" then ?19:09
stryngs_And KotCzarny what I speak of is OPEN wifi, aka, starbucks19:09
stryngs_802.11 with no encryption19:09
*** protem has joined #maemo19:09
bencohwhat's the issue then ?19:09
stryngs_All I need to do is inject a simple iframe and it's game over on a GET request19:09
stryngs_watch my video bencoh19:10
stryngs_You'll see19:10
stryngs_And yes, this tool will be available on the n90019:10
bencohaww, I hate watching videos on that kind of stuff :)19:10
stryngs_skip to 23:23 then19:10
stryngs_ngrep is a ninja tool bud =)19:10
stryngs_ngrep with some mon0 action = pwnage19:10
stryngs_throw in a lil iframage and they're done19:11
bencohdid you check dsniff ? :)19:11
stryngs_dsniff is for managed mode or eth019:11
bencohthat's a really old one but not too far from what you're doing19:11
stryngs_very far off actually =)19:11
stryngs_I'm not MITM at all19:11
stryngs_I'm simply injecting an iframe19:11
bencohdsniff doesnt do any MITM19:11
stryngs_right, but it doesnt inject only sniffs19:12
stryngs_ngrep > dsniff19:12
stryngs_and ferret is perfect19:12
stryngs_ferret parses the cookie for me19:12
stryngs_Dug Song is a wonderful coder though, don't get me wrong!19:12
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stryngs_My main thing is all my tools revolve arounbd the n900 =)19:13
stryngs_Why?  It's portable and concealable more than a laptop or tablet with a dongle19:14
stryngs_People assume i'm texting on it19:14
stryngs_At a pentest with a tablet and dongles, they assume the worst19:14
stryngs_Hence why the Original PwnPhone from pwnieexpress rocks and rolls =)19:14
stryngs_viva la n90019:14
*** shamus has joined #maemo19:14
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KotCzarnybut how do you inject when you are on monitor mode19:21
KotCzarnyalso, open network in starbuck == lan19:22
KotCzarnyand people using private stuff there are just.. stupid19:22
KotCzarnyit's not about changing industry, if someone is stupid enough to use public networks for anything more than checking info, nothing is going to help them19:23
*** KotCzarny has quit IRC19:27
stryngs_KotCzarny is way off base,19:29
*** KotCzarny has joined #maemo19:29
stryngs_KotCzarny: I'm glad you came back19:29
stryngs_Time for some school.19:29
stryngs_KotCzarny: Do you logoff EVERY website every time>19:29
KotCzarnyif you give them false sense of security, someone will find the next bug19:29
KotCzarnystryngs: sometimes, but i dont treat network as secure19:29
stryngs_Ok thats fine, so if its https your happy right?19:30
KotCzarnyi know https can be cracked19:30
stryngs_Ok, I'm gunna break u dude.  Let's say yer on your own damn network19:30
stryngs_Do u do online banking?19:30
stryngs_On your own network19:30
bencoh(no fb, it's bad for your brain :°)19:30
KotCzarnystryngs: stop caring too much about it:
stryngs_Stop looking at this from a pessimistic point of view.  You obviously had no idea until now that this was possible, so roll with me19:31
KotCzarnynsa has you19:31
KotCzarnymore than you can imagine19:31
stryngs_Considering I work with them, i dont care19:31
KotCzarnyit can hack you even when you are OFFLINE19:31
KotCzarnyso can mobsters probably19:31
stryngs_So do u want to learn what i am talking of KotCzarny ?  I'll teach u this approach if u want, but im not gunna force it down your thorat19:31
bencohthey can certainly "hack" you in the strictest sense :p19:32
KotCzarnynah, i don't care19:32
*** N-Mi has quit IRC19:32
stryngs_Ok then.19:32
KotCzarnyi know network is crackable19:32
KotCzarnymultiple ways19:32
KotCzarnyit's people that need to change19:32
KotCzarnynot the tech19:32
stryngs_Dude, you have no idea.  And you definately do not grasp what i'm talking about since you keep blathering on about people needing to chaneg19:32
stryngs_ITS THE FUCKIN TECH that is broken19:32
stryngs_stop sayin its the people19:32
KotCzarnyit's people19:32
bencohI'd say both :)19:32
KotCzarnyif there is no one going to bad things to you19:32
KotCzarnyyou wont be needing encryption19:33
stryngs_People are stupid, but when u have sites like ebay using cookies with no secure flag nor httponly flag, then its the damn tech19:33
*** vakkov has joined #maemo19:33
*** florian has joined #maemo19:33
stryngs_And u saying it's the people just burns me up!19:33
stryngs_>>>>>> People are stupid, but when u have sites like ebay using cookies with no secure flag nor httponly flag, then its the damn tech <<<<<<<19:33
KotCzarnyin some places when there is no cashier, people just leave money on the counter and go19:33
KotCzarnyin most places people will just steal in such case19:34
KotCzarnyso no, it's not the tech that is the problem but people's attitude and morals19:34
KotCzarnyif there are no thieves, there would be no need for locks19:34
KotCzarnyif you start locking things up, bad people will open them without your consent sooner or later19:35
KotCzarnyin the first case, you have no stress19:35
*** arist0v-work has joined #maemo19:35
KotCzarnyin the second, you live in constant fear19:35
KotCzarny(or false sense of security)19:35
KotCzarnyyou patch one hole, bunch of 0day ones crop up next month19:36
* stryngs_ pokes arist0v-work 19:38
arist0v-workhey don't poke me stryngs_ i just eat.....19:39
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC19:39
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KotCzarnystryngs: pic related:
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stryngs_Can someone please do: head -n 30 /usr/include/linux/if_arp.h | nc 999923:44
stryngs_Please and thank you post the URL =)23:44
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo23:54

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