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hxkaxes: the problem is, my provider assings ips randomly every connection. I tried reconnecting, getting different ip, and checking T/WMO several times, and I'm always blocked. Does blacklist contain my whole subnetwork for some reason?01:25
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xeshxka: ok, now should be fixed01:43
hxkaShadowJK: do you have probles still?01:44
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xesShadowJK: also your problem should be ok01:54
ShadowJKyes, thank you :)01:54
xesif someone else receives an error "403 Forbidden" using a plain internet connection without proxies/anonymizers/tor/accelerators ecc... can ping me or techstaff to check what is wrong in actual blacklist. Thanks for the patience01:57
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Luke-Jrhm, apparently since updating to CSSU, phone calls no longer work reasonably02:41
Luke-Jr100% CPU, choppy audio, have to hold power button to reboot :/02:41
Luke-Jrdisabling Recaller's Autorec feature helps a little, but I didn't have to do that before :/02:42
bencohcssu stable ?02:44
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Luke-Jrbencoh: no, Thumb08:07
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MonkeyofDoomdoes anyone know why the battery/network indicator might go invisible?11:00
MonkeyofDoomif I tap it, a solid black rectangle comes up11:00
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MonkeyofDoom"charging" notifications are also black rectangles instead of readable (though they fade in/out as expected)11:31
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MonkeyofDoomit seems likely that whatever program manages that stuff would be spitting out messages--does anyone know which program is responsible and where logs might be?11:33
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KotCzarnyerm, wrong window12:52
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bencohstill funny :)13:00
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WizzupIs there some guide to running mainline linux on a n900?18:45
Wizzup(Don't need maemo or a particular DE, just working kernel and fb/wifi?)18:45
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WizzupI guess this helps
KotCzarnypity drivers are closed18:52
KotCzarnyeven after devices go obsolete18:53
Wizzupsorry, what?18:53
KotCzarnysee all those red/yellow boxes on that site?18:54
Wizzupyes, and a lot of green ones too18:54
KotCzarnystill, some esential ones are unavailable in recent kernels18:55
bencohthey're not "closed"18:55
bencohthey're just not merged yet18:55
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WizzupKotCzarny: such as?18:56
bencoh(apart from gps which was RE-ed)18:56
KotCzarnyfor example18:56
bencohand powervr, but ... that cant be helped :)18:56
KotCzarnyand i think camera18:56
KotCzarnybencoh: i think there was opengl lib that translated calls to gles18:57
bencohhm ?18:57
WizzupThe issue with powervr is not that it does opengles only18:58
Wizzupbut that it's closed18:58
Wizzupand you mean gl-shim18:58
bencohdoes gl-shim actually work ?18:59
Wizzupa bit18:59
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MonkeyofDoommy black/frozen hildon-status-menu issue seems to be related to volume_status_menu_item.so20:48
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MonkeyofDoomit's caused by PULSE_SERVER=localhost in .profile21:17
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bencohwhy did you have that ?21:36
MonkeyofDoomfrom another distro21:38
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MonkeyofDoomstill, maemo should do better than completely shitting itself when pulse can't connect21:38
MonkeyofDoomfalling into a busy-loop using 100% cpu and preventing other things from working is pretty weak21:39
bencohthat's what you get when you implement everything as "plugins"21:39
bencohwith no process isolation whatsoever21:40
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MonkeyofDoomprocess isolation doesn't prevent busy loops from killing your battery, nor from consumers handling producer failure poorly21:42
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KotCzarnyat least after reboot it goes back to normal?22:02
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MonkeyofDoomKotCzarny: no, I had to fix the file22:12
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KotCzarnyhow can i check dsp usage similar to cpu usage in top?23:09
KotCzarnyapparently libav uses dsp for mp3/aac decoding23:10
KotCzarnyso my player shows almost 0% cpu usage o.o23:10
KotCzarny(on n800)23:10
KotCzarnyand ~7% for midi play23:10
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bencohI dont think you can actually report "dsp usage similar to cpu usage"23:16
KotCzarnyso, anything to approximate dsp usage?23:17
bencohoh and .... I doubt avcodec can use the OMAP dsp (?)23:19
KotCzarnybencoh, decoding mp3 should show on top, right?23:20
KotCzarnyespecially 320kbit ones23:20
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bencohmp3 decoding doesnt cost that much if done properly (fixed arithmetic) and optimized carefully23:21
bencohdo you have libmad btw ?23:21
KotCzarnynope, told you, libav23:21
KotCzarnywithout additional libs23:21
bencohthey have a fixed-point implementation as well23:21
KotCzarnyi like libav because its one-to-decode-them-all23:22
bencohit has its uses (and drawbacks)23:22
KotCzarnywhat drawbacks? apart from having to use --disable-asm on n800 to get it to compile at all23:22
KotCzarnydidn't notice any23:23
bencohbut it's not that bad for playback23:23
KotCzarnyyeah, playback only23:23
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