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KotCzarnythe f*ck03:22
KotCzarnysame code, just included in two different file, one works, one gives pa_simple_new() failed: Internal error03:22
KotCzarnyi hate pulseaudio03:24
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KotCzarny<pulseaudio hating intensifies>11:59
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KotCzarnywtf, i got pulse plugin running15:48
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KotCzarnyheh, i hate pulseaudio a bit less, oscp produces sound now on n90017:15
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Sicelodoes anyone know if Opera Mobile on N900 can use a proxy, e.g. a socks proxy, or even 'normal' proxy like polipo18:05
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krushiai have an old x86 tablet (viewsonic viewpad 1000), and i'm looking for an operating system or linux desktop environment thats friendly with single-touch stylus-using hardware... any advice?18:13
krushiabasically i want to use this old tablet as a sketchpad and document reader18:14
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hxkaHello, I'm getting 403 Forbidden error on TMO and WMO18:19
xorlykrushia: a have no exact distro in my mind, but look at Enlightenment DE18:27
keriohildon-desktop or death18:33
KotCzarnyhah, oscp + works nicely on n90018:45
KotCzarnyfinally a decent audio player18:45
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kerioapparently there's some java google authenticator18:56
kerioi wonder if it's worth it18:56
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KotCzarnyhow do i do screenshots in maemo?19:20
KotCzarnyand how do i restart window manager? because apparently it got hung19:25
KotCzarnyok, it unstuck by itself19:25
KotCzarnythe heck, why did they limit max image width on to 600px when device has 800px screen size19:29
keriooh that's even better19:33
KotCzarnyhow does it look?19:34
keriohxka: how do i use it for, say, github19:34
hxkaIf it's like google,
kerioyay, i has authentication19:43
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hxkaSo, does not anybody knows what's with and wiki.maemo .org21:07
bencohwhat's with those two ?21:08
bencohworks here21:08
hxka> I'm getting 403 Forbidden error on TMO and WMO21:08
ShadowJKme too21:09
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bencohtor ?21:10
bencohI'm not a admin, so I dunno21:10
bencohhxka: no I mean, are you using tor ?21:10
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bencohthey might have blocked some exit nodes21:10
hxkanot as an exit node21:10
ShadowJKI am not21:10
hxkaalso bugs.maemo.org21:14
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keriobut i'm not logged in21:20
bencohhmm, who is admin on ?21:21
bencohat least on talk/wiki ?21:21
xesafter last spammers attack, wiki and have a new blacklist composed merging more blacklist to provide a good protection. Since many attacks start from tor network, _maybe_ some tor exit points ip are blocked21:26
bencohlooks like some genuine community members are blocked as well21:32
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bencohxes: do you have access to the acl ?21:33
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hxkaSicelo: in case you haven't found this yet, open opera:config, section "Proxy"22:17
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Sicelohxka: doesn't seem to work for me. will retry22:41
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Sicelolol, seems to be working now.. funny thing is i've tried before22:51
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Sicelono. not working as expected yet.22:59
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Sicelogot it now :)23:04
Sicelomuch easier on microb however. opera mobile is convoluted here23:08
Sicelothx hxka23:09
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bencohSicelo: hmm, how do you set a permanent proxy in microb without going through the per-connection setting mess ?23:10
Siceloguess i should qualify that ... "for my use case"23:11
Siceloi don't need permanent proxy23:11
bencohoh, okay :)23:12
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