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VajbSicelo: yes, but it still is low ress image. 177x13300:36
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Vajbim speaking about images posted in facebook00:40
ShadowJKfacebook does so much messing itself00:53
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sixwheeledbeastgrr, killall trackerd01:19
sixwheeledbeastoh well, hopefully tracker will be finished by the morning...01:20
sixwheeledbeastif the watchdog doesn't kick in again01:21
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KotCzarnyf*ck this gcc 4.6 is unstable. lets see how 4.2 fares08:39
KotCzarnyrighty-o, no more segv08:54
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KotCzarny  |> rock and bonk (rockandb.mod) (8992, 1, Protracker M.K.)08:59
KotCzarnyrock on!08:59
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kerioKotCzarny: why are you even using 4.610:21
kerioeither keep 4.2 for the historical stuff, or use 4.710:21
KotCzarnybecause it was in the repos10:21
KotCzarnywhich repo has 4.7?10:21
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kerioKotCzarny: no, you install it in scratchbox10:32
kerioas per freemang0rdon's instructions10:33
KotCzarnykerio: im doing ondevice dev10:40
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KotCzarny  |> Jochen Hippel (ARCANE - New Stuff intro.sc68) - VrS! (11305 1/1, Jochen Hippel, 001 Amiga/Pau12:25
KotCzarnyand my n800 is 95% idle12:26
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KotCzarnydo i hate useless symbols added to libs? yes, i do15:58
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KotCzarnyha. finally16:40
KotCzarnyone binary for maemo4 and 516:40
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KotCzarnynow, anyone knows how to access volume slider in n900 without calling heavy guns (qt, dbus, pulseaudio)16:42
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PaliKotCzarny: grab X11 keys (or what it is) and then volume up/down keys will be reported as some F* kyes16:52
Pali(F6/F7 or F11/F12? something like that)16:52
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KotCzarnythat would need xlib as dependency16:52
KotCzarnyright now im using alsa mixer, which somehow works, but im not sure if it doesnt set volume too high16:53
Paliif you are not using X11/xcb, then open /dev/input/eventX device16:54
Paliand listen for key events16:54
KotCzarnyhum, but how do you read volume level via this method?16:54
Palion n900 there is preinstalled pulseaudio alsa plugin, so alsa default device is just support for pulseaudio16:54
Paliand you *should* use pulseaudio for audio output!16:55
Pali(ether nativelly or via that alsa plugin which via default device)16:55
KotCzarnyim using esdcompat, which simply feeds pulseaudio16:55
Palithats ok too16:55
Palivolume level you need to read from alsa or pulseaudio (or that esd layer if it supports)16:56
KotCzarnybut its ok if alsamixer doesnt break things16:56
KotCzarnyesd doesnt have mixer support :/16:56
KotCzarnyso im using oss mixer on n8x0 and alsa mixer on n90016:57
KotCzarnyugly, but works16:57
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bencohhmm, I cant find in maemo18:16
bencohwhere does that code from ? is it actually used ?18:17
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Palibencoh: I think yes, it is used19:07
Palibut do not remember correct name of package and library...19:07
bencohcouldnt find it ... and we're missing deps to build it (there is a libomap3camd-dev headers RE project in gitorious, among others)19:15
bencohit doesnt look like it was for maemo, considering the linux-kernel requirements (>= 2.6.32)19:16
bencohtrying to build it nonetheless in sb leads to weird automake errors19:16
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Palihm... maybe its possible it is not used19:21
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bencohlooks like it's a "new" camsrc (compared to v4l2camsrc) with white-balance (among others) support19:22
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stryngsDoes anyone in here use scapy?19:27
stryngsI believe pythom2.7 to be broken in maemo =(19:28
stryngsAm currently compiling 2.7.9 to see if it fixes scapy filter issues19:28
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stryngsif anyone is interested =)19:28
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mirdahi, i have N900 with bme-replacement and usb mode switch20:00
mirdais okay to have blue led notification diode on after mode change peripheral → host with boost → peripheral?20:01
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mirdai think blue led should lit only when host modes are active, or am i wrong?20:02
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Paliyes, blue led is when host mode is active20:14
Palichange it back to peripheral20:14
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mirdaPali: but i already changed to peripheral mode and blue led still lit20:22
Palichange back to host and then change back to peripheral20:22
Palimaybe some bug20:22
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mirdai tried many variants (switch between host modes (boost or charging) mutually or with peripheral mode, with usb keyboard or without) and blue led is still lit on peripheral mode20:49
mirdaso i can do reboot to turn off blue led20:49
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Palimake sure you have last version of kernel-power, bme replacement and usbmode!21:03
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mirdausb mode version is 1.0-421:15
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mirdakernel-power is 2.6.28-10power53, updated circa 2 weeks ago21:31
mirdai installed bme-replacement from it's repository 2 weeks ago21:32
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Palidid you used apt-get update && apt-get upgrade for installing bme-replacement?22:11
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mirdais problem if i had usb mode installed before bme-replacement install?22:28
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Paliorder does not matter22:36
Palijust need to be sure that everything is installed correctly22:37
Palitry to reinstall all packages22:37
Palior try to call: sudo peripheral22:37
Paliin xterm22:37
Paliit should provide some output22:37
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mirdathere is only "Setting usb mode to peripheral" in xterm22:46
mirdablue led sometime blinks in that mean that it turns off for few ms22:48
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Paliplease check /sys/class/power_supply/bq24150a-*23:03
Paliwhat is enabled and what not23:04
Palimaybe led is just broken...23:04
Palialso reboot device and try again23:04
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OksanaHmm... My SMS-Chat messages are not readable. I mean, when I open conversations app, I see the last SMS-or-IM from each person, alright (72 characters or so). But when I click on it, to see the list of messages to-from the person, it's black-blank. I can still send alright, though. And, notifications are fine. Just this one window, SMS-or-IM to-from a single person, does not work.23:44
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bencoh( The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address:
bencohlooks like china mobile is bruteforcing tmo23:46
OksanaI have done: rm -rf .mozilla/rtcom and reboot ; I have done removal of .rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db and starting a new database ; reinstall of rtcom-messaging-ui and rtcom-messaging-ui-portrait ; and it still does not work.23:47
bencohdid you break anything ?23:49
OksanaI don't know. Maybe, there was a recent CSSU-Testing update. I certainly wasn't tinkering with anything when it happened.23:50
OksanaHaving some error logs from rtcom, or some modified-files-conflicts log from CSSU-Testing update, would be helpful. I just don't know where to find either of them.23:51
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* Oksana also has troubles with virtual keyboard, and special symbols keyboard, hiding away as soon as it appears, making it extremely difficult to input a special character - it's the second problem to be solved... Also, most likely related to CSSU-Testing upgrade. Or just general lack-of-space in home?..23:53
bencohlack-of-space ?23:57
bencohwell, df -h ? :)23:57

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