IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2015-02-10

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KotCzarnyis there a way to have n800 reconnect wifi automatically?08:00
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KotCzarnynvm, found it08:14
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erlehmannKotCzarny show and tell?08:15
KotCzarnyjust forgot about 'connect automatically' slider in 'connection settings'08:16
KotCzarnyi've set it to 'wlan', will test when my crappy router reboots sometime today08:17
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KotCzarnystupid castrated maemo. eh.10:50
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KotCzarnyanyone here knows graham cobb?11:34
uhhimhereis he that guy on tv?11:36
KotCzarnynope, the guy that hacked libesd into maemo511:36
uhhimhereim pretty sure he's the guy on tv11:36
uhhimhereoh wait thats heather graham11:36
KotCzarnyso, anyone been able to use esd on n900?11:43
bencohdoes the esd daemon run ?11:47
KotCzarnywell, i start esdcompat wrapper11:47
KotCzarnyit creates socket11:47
bencohoh, right, that11:48
KotCzarnyesdcat connects to it but says 'no device' or something11:48
KotCzarnystrace says it fails with mmap11:51
KotCzarnymmap2(NULL, 4096, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0x4002000011:51
KotCzarnywrite(1, "WARNING: sound not available", 28WARNING: sound not available) = 2811:51
KotCzarnyor maybe not11:52
KotCzarnynow it works11:54
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xorlyKotCzarny: that is probably why I can't make your player to produce any sound on my alsa only system unning on N90012:45
KotCzarnyxorly: i got it working12:50
KotCzarnyjust finishing error handling and will upload new build12:50
KotCzarnyahm, your system has alsa and not pulseaudio?12:52
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KotCzarnyso many audio systems to compile in, alsa, esd, pulseaudio13:01
KotCzarnywhy couldnt they keep to oss or alsa only, </rant>13:02
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KotCzarnyxorly, if you have a bit of time, i might ask you to test one thing (putting: default_driver=esd into ~/.libao13:03
xorlywhoops, sory, I have alsa only13:04
xorlyyou mean just# echo "default_driver=esd" >> ~/.libao ?13:05
KotCzarnybut you have installed libesd, maybe it will 'just work'13:05
KotCzarnyanother possibility will be putting oss instead of esd in that file13:05
KotCzarnyassuming you have oss modules for alsa loaded/handy13:06
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KotCzarnythough for esd you might have to run esound daemon too, if it's debian or something13:09
xorlyKotCzarny: give me a second, I'll compile it13:12
Vajbim still puzzled with bme replacement. CI:0. Last measured discharge 1450mah. Applet shows 1297mah. What happened to 200mah? Is it saved as some just to be on safe side stuff or what?13:15
KotCzarnymayb 1297 is the max in software13:16
KotCzarnymeasured discharge could differ from the one stored in battery13:16
* KotCzarny remembers discharging thinkpad batteries while battery showing 0mAh13:16
KotCzarnyfor 5-15min13:17
KotCzarnycould be that you are discharging battery too deep13:17
KotCzarnythe heck13:26
KotCzarnydecoding thread takes 7% of cpu, pulseudio.. 91%...13:26
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KotCzarnythat's stupid..13:27
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KotCzarnyffs, whoever wrote the code forgot about select, i see bazilions of polls via strace13:31
bencohthere's prolly no difference regarding this13:34
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KotCzarnyyou can react to things in select more intelligently13:35
bencohit's roughly the same, what you really need is an event-driven design13:35
xorlyok, I have esd installed and deamon is running, any idea how to test it?13:37
KotCzarnyxorly: esdcat or esdplay13:37
KotCzarnywith esdcat just use any short file13:37
KotCzarny~30kB of noise will do13:38
KotCzarnyesdplay uses wavs13:38
KotCzarnybencoh: you can sleep indifinetely with select and still get instant event response13:39
bencohyou mean, timeout=0 ? you can do that with poll() as well13:39
bencoherr, -113:40
KotCzarnyhmm, a bit better, now decode thread eats 17% and pulseaudio eats 17% too13:40
bencoh(-1 in poll)13:40
ShadowJKpoll is mostly same as select13:44
KotCzarnystill, esdcompat goes nuts when i try to fork it with stdout closed13:45
KotCzarnyk, fixed that13:46
KotCzarnythat pulseaudio thing is fun killer13:46
KotCzarnyeating almost 20% cpu just by playing regular audio13:47
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KotCzarnyoh, right, that 18% is at 250mhz clock14:57
KotCzarnyso, not that bad14:58
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wndpersonally I can't think of anything positive to say about pulseaudio17:17
wndnever caused me anything but trouble17:18
wndate my n900 battery a few times, the only device on which I have that abomination installed17:20
ecc3gpulseaudio works fine for most other people however... and finally works fine on my PA-enabled desktops...17:22
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sixwheeledbeastgenerally when it come to N900 and audio I have more issues with the tracker than anything else.17:40
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bencohtracker .... bleh17:43
KotCzarnyi liked the idea of libao, one lib to rule them all17:48
KotCzarnypity it's not installed by default on n8x017:50
KotCzarnystill, right now my app works with n8x0 and n90017:53
KotCzarnywhat else shall it support?17:54
KotCzarnytheoretically it can even work on 770, but i dont have one to test17:55
KotCzarny(not to mention it would require recompilation, but still, could work)17:56
bencohKotCzarny: make a debian source package and upload to extras ! :)17:59
KotCzarnythat would be problematic18:00
bencohwhy ?18:00
KotCzarnyidea was to be FREE of deps18:00
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bencohand ?18:00
KotCzarnyie. it links to several libs18:00
KotCzarnybut i linked them statically18:00
bencohbleh :)18:00
KotCzarnyso it works without sucking hundreds of megs of deps18:00
bencohthat's not "free of deps"18:00
KotCzarnyfree in the sense you wont have to download anything else from repos18:01
KotCzarnyimagine playing ANY audio file18:01
bencohanyway, if it's kewl, you can still make a package out of it18:01
KotCzarnywill do once it reaches beta quality18:01
bencohpeople prolly have most of those libs already installed anyway18:01
KotCzarnyie. gets tested by other people18:01
KotCzarnybencoh: seen my libs list?18:01
bencohhmm, yeah, ok, some of those :)18:02
KotCzarnyand those are only media libs18:02
KotCzarnyalso, i've patched few of them to be able to use them18:03
KotCzarnymost notably sidplay, ao and uade218:03
KotCzarnyso i would need to include modified sources for them in pkg18:04
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KotCzarnywth is osso-addressbook20:01
KotCzarnyand why is it running without my consent20:01
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KotCzarnyis there any similar way to n800's '.nomedia' to mark dirs i do not want to be scanne automatically?20:04
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KotCzarnytracker-cfg, woo20:11
bencohosso-addressbook is Contacts, iirc20:11
bencohit's prelaunched20:11
KotCzarnybencoh: why did it launch when tracker launched when i copied few zips ontoo device?20:13
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Melissa_Is it normal that my n900 is so slow that I can't browse the web on it?20:16
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KotCzarnymelissa: can you launch xterm and run 'top' ?20:19
KotCzarnythen see which app eats cpu20:19
KotCzarnybut keep in mind sites are packed with flash/javascript nowadays, so disabling flash/ads would be preferred20:20
freemangordonMelissa_: also, post the output of "free" command in xterm20:20
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freemangordonKotCzarny: unfortunately adblock on n900 does more harm than good :(20:20
bencohunfortunately you cant "disable ads" on n90020:21
bencohheh :)20:21
KotCzarnyfreemangordon, bencoh: i've written my own c-proxy20:21
KotCzarnylightweight and cuts most ads20:21
KotCzarnythose that punch through are usually domains in the pattern jkljlkajalk.com20:21
KotCzarnybut i add them as i go20:21
freemangordonKotCzarny: is it integrated with microb or is standalone application?20:22
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: its standalone proxy, ~200kb, pure c20:22
freemangordonBTW, how hard is to rewrite adblock with something else, not js?20:22
KotCzarnyhandles http, https and ftp20:23
bencohKotCzarny: please do share :)20:23
bencohdoes it run on your server or on your n900 ?20:23
freemangordonI mean, I can write very very fast code in c/++ for domain matching, but miss the info on the glue with gecko20:23
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KotCzarnybencoh: pure c, you can compile it anywhere20:23
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: i use shell matching available in libc already20:24
freemangordonKotCzarny: can't it get the domain info from adblock servers?20:24
KotCzarnyyou can write some converter i guee20:24
bencohfreemangordon: I know mozilla has some builtin "policy" rules, not sure you can use that20:24
bencohI think noscript uses it, somehow20:24
KotCzarnyusing adblock lists would require using perl regexp lib20:25
bencohbut you can at least see what they do there, maybe20:25
bencohKotCzarny: yeah but where do you run it ? :)20:25
freemangordonKotCzarny: well, I guess a hash table or somesuch, esp optimized for domain matching will beat the standard functions :)20:25
KotCzarnybencoh: i compiled it for windoze and linux20:25
KotCzarnywhen im at home i use the one on my router20:25
KotCzarnywhen im roaming i just launch one locally20:25
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: i tell you, ad*.com grabs many20:26
bencohad*.com seems quite greedy20:26
KotCzarnyyou can add in the list to make exclusions20:26
bencohadmin*.com would match ;)20:27
KotCzarnyadd ~admin*.com, done20:27
KotCzarnyand it doesnt need to be restarted as it watches the block file20:27
freemangordonqt has regexp matching20:27
KotCzarnyqt is heavy20:27
freemangordoncore is not that much20:28
freemangordonqtcore that is20:28
KotCzarnyim talking about something that i ran on my linksys (200mhz mips)20:28
bencohlibc has regex as well20:28
freemangordonI am talking about n900 :)20:28
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KotCzarnyn900 need cpu power for rendering sites ;)20:28
bencohwe can use REG_EXTENDED20:28
freemangordonyep, but matchin how much? 10000 sites? should be not that heavy20:29
KotCzarnyif you need to compile 10000 regexps?20:29
KotCzarnyand you have to keep them in memory or compile again20:30
freemangordonwell, I bet this can be optimized20:30
KotCzarnyi use fnmatch() from libc20:30
KotCzarnyjust checked20:30
freemangordonI am sure a hash table will do it in 15 iters, regexp matching included20:31
KotCzarnyif you want regexp junk blocker you can see privoxy20:31
freemangordonsee, I don;t care wether it will do regexp or whatever, all I need is a working adblock on n900 :)20:32
freemangordonmaybe I shoudl look at adblock and see what it does and if it can be optimized20:32
KotCzarny[root@Nokia-N900:/home/src/oscp]# apt-cache search privoxy20:33
KotCzarnyprivoxy - Privacy enhancing HTTP Proxy20:33
KotCzarnysomeone already put it in repos20:33
freemangordoneven moving the regexp matching out of the js to even standard c implementation should make a difference20:33
KotCzarnybut having proxy means you cant match url part anymore, only domain20:34
KotCzarnybut usually its enough20:34
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erlehmannfreemangordon i use polipo20:47
KotCzarnyhrm, zziplib crashes with gcc-4.6 on n90020:53
bencoherlehmann: with or without disk caching ?21:01
KotCzarnyisnt disk caching expensive on nit?21:01
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bencohKotCzarny: that's what I experimented, but others might have a different experience21:02
*** shentey has quit IRC21:02
KotCzarnyunless you have random 4k iops on your sd card >10021:03
KotCzarnyusually its in 0.1-2.0 range21:03
KotCzarnyor use some smart algo to change it into circularbuffer or something21:04
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erlehmannbencoh without21:07
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*** erlehmann has joined #maemo21:22
Vajbi use custom hosts file for adblocking21:24
Vajbworks well enough for my taste21:24
KotCzarnyif it works, ok21:24
KotCzarnyi like ad*.com fnmatch21:24
Vajband also css block21:25
bencohcss block ?21:28
KotCzarnyblock by media size21:29
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bencoherlehmann: hmm does polipo has ssl support in maemo ?21:33
bencoh(doesnt look like it does, to me)21:33
KotCzarnycodeblock works when compiled alone, runs when compiled in app, yet i get segv in lib21:35
bencoh(at least judging at ldd)21:35
KotCzarnybencoh: you dont have to link to openssl to be ablo to connect21:36
KotCzarnyand pass data to client21:36
KotCzarnybut then you can only filter by domain name21:36
bencohhmm right it might passthrough21:36
xorlyPali: in kernel 3.19 is module called nokia_h4p isn't this module supposed to work with N900 BT hw?21:36
Palinokia_h4p or hci_h4p is bluetooth module for n90021:37
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KotCzarnyi hate obscure bugs21:39
KotCzarnyanyone has an idea how to debug something that fails deeper in libs?21:39
xorlyPali: it is not even complaining about missing fw and there is no bt adapter avilable after loading21:40
Paliask pavelm, he is working on bluetooth driver21:40
bencohKotCzarny: coredump and gdb ?21:41
KotCzarnyextract_file_zip is func in my program21:42
KotCzarnyrest is libs21:42
bencohbuild with -g (without -O2, or force -O0), and check your pointers :)21:43
KotCzarnymight as well do that21:43
*** arcean has joined #maemo21:43
KotCzarnyas i have no other ideas (apart from digging in zzlib)21:43
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:44
KotCzarnyim already using -O2 -g apparently21:44
KotCzarnylets check O021:44
Vajbbencoh: css block is in extras i think21:45
bencohVajb: ?21:45
Vajbit just removes those empty banners on browser21:45
*** paulie_a has quit IRC21:45
Vajbseems like it21:46
bencohI forgot how setting a proxy with microb can be a pain21:47
bencohthis *shit* insists on overriding my settings21:47
KotCzarnywhy not fennec?21:47
bencoheven in user.js21:47
bencohfennec is freaking slow21:47
KotCzarnyamazingly with -O0 it didnt crash21:47
KotCzarnymaybe i should rollback this gcc 4.6 back to 4.221:48
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Vajbfennec is unusable slow to start21:53
*** eMHa has quit IRC21:53
Vajbopera is soso21:53
KotCzarnythere was also 'tear' browser21:54
Vajbonly problem with opera is that it shows only thumbnails of pics21:54
Vajbhmm didn't try tear21:54
KotCzarnywasnt opera browser just a 'proxy' to their service?21:55
Vajbtried links but it crashes too much21:55
Vajbno idea21:55
KotCzarnycould be mobile version for dumb phones tho21:55
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ShadowJKThree levels of "boost" in opera, more or less23:08
*** LauRoman|Alt has quit IRC23:08
ShadowJKThe "mini" version for not-smartphones, rendering in opera servers23:08
ShadowJKMobile has "turbo" mode, where opera servers downloaded a webpage, compressed it into a single file, and sent to user's phone, where opera unpacked and rendered it23:09
ShadowJKand without turbo, it fetched the weboage from phone directly23:09
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Siceloopera mobile on N900 can use a proxy? e.g polipo?23:13
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SiceloVajb: iirc in opera you can long press on images and get them to open in full23:48

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