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MaxdamantusNow LMD is 1161 mAh.05:05
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Vajb1486 here05:24
Vajbapplet shows 1303 so it's getting closer, but ci is still 105:24
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zGrrmoin :)11:43
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Luke-Jris there a way to get an updated browser on Maemo? :/19:26
Luke-JrUber Mobile does not like the current one19:26
bencohLuke-Jr: wait, we dont need an app to use uber anymore ?19:28
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Luke-Jrbencoh: works by manual approval19:29
kerioLuke-Jr: fennec 17 is pretty recent19:30
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bencohLuke-Jr: manual approval, as in "user approved from the app" ?19:30
Luke-Jrbencoh: as in you need to send a support request asking them to enable it19:31
bencohwell, that's still better than not being able to use it at all ... thx for the tip :)19:32 doesnt seem to load in qmlbrowser19:33
Luke-Jrcan't figure out how to get extras-devel to work19:34
Luke-Jr/etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list has: deb fremantle-1.3 free non-free19:34
Luke-Jrbut aptitude update doesn't mention it19:34
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bencohthat's extras, not extras-devel19:35
bencohcreate a new .list next to it with -devel ... but set apt-pinning before updating/upgrading19:35
Luke-JrI guess if QMLBrowser doesn't work I don't need it anyway19:35
bencohlooks like we might be able to do something :)19:38
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Luke-JrOS: - CPU: 0 x  ( MHz) - Processes: 154 - Uptime:  12:43:14 up 16 days, 14:36, load average: 0.68, 0.45, 0.28 - Memory Usage: 299MB/229MB (130%)19:42
Luke-Jris there a SUPL server that works with N900 these days?19:45
bencohgoogle's supl, or your mobile service provider19:45
Luke-Jrany way to confirm when I have one that works?19:46
bencohif your time to first fix is lower than 12mn it prolly means it works19:47
bencoh(first cold fix)19:47 ?19:49
bencohdefault port (none specified here)19:50 stopped working on N900 ages ago19:51
Sicelouse ...19:51
Siceloyou will need the certificate fix as well, which will already be installed if you're on CSSU19:51
bencohSicelo: hm, it works here (?!)19:52
Sicelowow. you sure? it could simply be that you have working SIM card on the N900, which makes a biiig difference in getting unassisted GPS lock on N90019:53
Luke-Jris there a safe/clean way to update to CSSU?19:53
bencohSicelo: working card what ?19:53
Siceloyes bencoh. Docscrutinizer has a name for that .. RRLP or some such.19:54
bencohSicelo: and I double-checked recently by disabling it afterwards19:54
bencoh(actually it was a discussion with Doc on #neo900 ;)19:55
Luke-JrI'm not seeing any attempts to talk to at all19:55
Luke-Jroh, there it goes19:55
Luke-Jrbut no response to SYN :p19:55
bencohLuke-Jr: I dunno about the safe part, but there is a working step-by-step in wiki19:56
Siceloit's very safe. just updated my 2nd N900 to CSSU-T yesterday19:56
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Luke-Jris it safe even if I have a boot menu with Gentoo? <.<19:58
Sicelosure. it doesn't touch that :)19:59
Sicelobtw, you should make an image of your gentoo and share19:59
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Luke-JrSicelo: has existed for quite some time20:00
Sicelothanks. never seen it before. i just knew about your gps.c20:02
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bencohLuke-Jr: "Note the other end will probably get silence, and you won't hear them either. I'm working on an ALSA plugin to fix this" is that still true ? :)20:03
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Luke-Jrhm, I changed SUPL to and it is still trying google20:04
bencohmeaning it does work, or you're not working on it anymore ? :)20:04
Luke-Jrbencoh: not the latter at least20:04
bencoh"That's really all I use a phone for besides ordering an Uber, which I can user for."20:12
bencohI guess you should ask him :)20:12
Luke-JrFennec seems to work, though not with GPS yet(?)20:13
bencohdunno, the maemo location extension might use a custom api20:13
Luke-Jrnah, I just can't get a GPS fix :p20:14
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Luke-JrCSSU instructions did not work20:25
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Luke-Jr"5. Hildon Application Manager (HAM) will launch and begin processing (be patient as nothing seems to happen for some minutes). There are a series of installations for which it will prompt you with messages and warnings. Click "Accept" and "Done" for each to install."20:25
Luke-JrI only got the initial prompt to add the repo, then a longish wait, and nothing20:25
Luke-Jrthere is no Community SSU icon in the app menu20:25
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Vajbi kinda feel that u didn't wait long enough20:35
Vajbit is literally several minutes20:36
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Luke-Jrat the default HAM screen?20:38
Luke-Jrie, no indication of anything going on20:39
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freemangordonLuke-Jr: yeah, stock HAM is veeeery slow21:06
freemangordonyou need about 7-10 minutes, depending on the repos you have enabled21:06
freemangordonalso, Nokia supl sever works21:07
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freemangordon(with CSSU that is)21:07
freemangordonPali: still no reply from FatPhil :(21:09
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Luke-Jrhow do I know when/if I get CSSU on there successfully?21:11
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freemangordonyou should have "About CSSU" in settings :)21:15
freemangordondo you have mp-fremantle-pr uninstalled by chance?21:15
freemangordonLuke-Jr: ^^^21:15
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Luke-Jrjust /var/lib/dpkg/info/mp-fremantle-community-pr.21:16
freemangordonwhat "dpkg -l | grep mp-fremantle" says?21:17
Luke-Jrii  mp-fremantle-community-pr                           21.2011.38-1Smaemo7              Community SSU package, includes latest fixes from Gitorious an21:17
freemangordonseems you have it21:18
Luke-Jrany idea what power kernel has the Thumb2 workaround?21:18
infobotfrom memory, cssu-thumb is <Doc_Scrutinizer05> [thumb2 microb] indeed seems to render like mad, subjectively, or, or
freemangordon"...If you have kernel-power v51r1 or above..."21:19
Luke-Jroh well, seems stable is only 5021:19
freemangordonhmm, no, KP53 is in extras21:19
freemangordonand it is stable21:20
freemangordonat least I am not aware of issues21:20
freemangordonLuke-Jr: does Nokia supl server work now?21:21
freemangordon(it should)21:21
Luke-JrI have no way to reliably determine that afaik21:21
freemangordonoh, you have, look in the syslog21:22
freemangordonput location widget on your desktop21:22
Luke-Jrthere's a syslog? :p21:23
freemangordonthen check the messages in the syslog21:23
freemangordonif you have it installed :P21:23
keriosure, in busybox-power :>21:23
freemangordonkerio: what?21:23
kerioyou heard me21:23
freemangordonI don't have bb-power, yet I have syslogd (and klogd) installed21:23
keriosure, there's also *the* syslog available as a package21:24
freemangordonand (how weird) I have /var/log/syslog ;)21:24
keriobut busybox-power is probably more popular21:24
Luke-Jrdo any of these have a RAM-only syslog? :p21:24
freemangordonLuke-Jr: ok, scratch that syslog thingie - if you can gat a lock in 10-15 seconds, then *most probably* the supl server works21:25
Luke-JrI doubt I can21:25
freemangordontook 5 seconds here, indoors21:25
Luke-Jrbah, CSSU broke my Gentoo chroot21:28
Luke-Jrnm, reboot fixed it21:28
Luke-Jrnothing in syslog, but it did get a fix in ~60 sec21:29
freemangordonhmm, that's slow21:29
freemangordonshould be way faster21:29
Luke-Jrheh, it's fast for me21:29
Luke-Jrusually I get to my destination before I get a fix21:29
freemangordonnothing in syslog?21:29
Luke-Jrnot about GPS21:30
Luke-Jrlots of glib warning bs21:30
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Luke-JrFeb  2 14:30:46 sanji user.debug location-daemon[2082]: GLIB DEBUG default - GPS STATE: search21:30
*** nox- has joined #maemo21:30
freemangordonyep, location-daemon it is21:30
Luke-Jrmaybe it didn't get a fix21:31
*** vakkov has joined #maemo21:31
freemangordon"GLIB DEBUG default - location-sb: fix status changed: 1->2"21:31
Luke-Jrits icon went solid, but AGTL says no fix21:31
freemangordonif the icon is solid, then you have a fix21:31
freemangordonLuke-Jr: BTW, if you want geolocation working as well, you need to either install CSSU-t/thumb or manually install nokiamaps-navigation-provider 0.200-2+0m521:33
Luke-Jreh, it's always worked for me, so I must have the latter21:34
freemangordonhmm, I meant geotagging (in camera, etc)21:34
Luke-JrOS: GNU/Linux - CPU: 0 x  ( MHz) - Processes: 154 - Uptime:  14:38:32 up 16 min,  0 users,  load average: 2.14, 2.64, 1.73 - Memory Usage: 366MB/229MB (159%)21:38
* Luke-Jr wonders how risky Thumb2/testing would be21:38
freemangordonwell, I guess i am not the one to answer :)21:38
freemangordonbut it should be safe and stable for everyday use.21:40
Luke-JrGet:41 fremantle/free modest-l10n-frca 6.11+0cssu4 [11.1kB]22:06
Luke-Jrcan I tell Maemo I don't need non-English? <.<22:06
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Luke-JrOS: GNU/Linux - CPU: 0 x  ( MHz) - Processes: 132 - Uptime:  15:21:40 up 1 min,  0 users,  load average: 4.04, 1.82, 0.67 - Memory Usage: 110MB/229MB (47%)22:21
Luke-Jrmuch better22:21
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Sicelowhat command produces that output Luke-Jr?22:39
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bencohhmm, is it just me, or fennec is freaking slow ?22:58
nox-last i knew fennec was "eating ram like candy"23:04
nox-so maybe you're swapping23:04
bencohyeah, I am (heavily)23:05
bencohand it does eat it23:05
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