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freemangordonxes: ok, makes sense. is it optified?00:09
xesfreemangordon: yes00:10
freemangordonok, thanks00:10
xeshave you any issue with it?00:10
freemangordondidn't install it, when I saw that it wants to take 9 MB :)00:12
infobotfreemangordon meant: didn't upgrade it, when I saw that it wants to take 9 MB :)00:12
freemangordonwill do it, probably tomorrow00:12
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MaxdamantusHm. Now it's back up to 1238 mAh.03:44
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stryngsCan somebody plz do: which dpkg-preconfigure | xargs dpkg -S08:03
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stryngsI've evidently deleted it08:05
stryngsand am trying to trace where it comes from, it seems fakeroot killed it08:05
stryngsPlz help =)08:05
stryngsDon't want to flash to figure it out08:05
stryngsshould come from debconf08:07
stryngsbut evidently installing debconf from repos kills it=/08:07
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stryngsauenf: Hi08:08
stryngsauenf: Would u do me a big favor plz?08:08
stryngsdarnit =)  Anyone with an n900, plz wakeup08:11
infobotsomebody said dpkg was a bot, or the low-level command to install and manipulate Debian package files (.debs).08:27
infobotit has been said that dpkg-reconfigure is a tool used to reconfigure packages08:27
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stryngsHI Vajb08:31
stryngsVajb: Do u have an n900?08:31
Vajbhi stryngs, yes i have08:31
stryngsWould u do me a huge favor?08:32
stryngsDo u have it handy?08:32
Vajbtwo actually08:32
stryngsi'm trying to figure out if i broke my n90008:32
stryngsi'm missing dpkg-reconfigure evidently08:32
Vajbconnecting from it ;)08:32
stryngscan u do08:32
stryngswhich dpkg-reconfigure | xargs dpkg -S08:32
stryngsI would very much appreciate it08:32
Vajbwhat should i do?08:33
Vajbrun that command?08:33
stryngsbut it seems its ok to be missing evidently08:33
stryngsbut yes, that command will tell us if it in fact exists08:33
Vajbdpkg-reconfigure | xargs dpkg -S08:35
Vajb-sh: dpkg-reconfigure: not found08:35
Vajbdpkg-query: --search needs at least one file name pattern argument08:35
Vajbrunning cssu testing08:35
stryngsok, so i guess its cool for debconf then =)08:35
stryngsSure sure08:35
stryngsand u have08:35
stryngsand dpkg-dev installed, yes?08:35
stryngsand fakedebconf08:35
stryngsdpkg --list | grep fakedebconf08:36
Vajblol no08:36
stryngscan u do: apt-get install dpkg-dev?08:36
stryngsIt wont hurt yer box08:36
Vajbim not much of a developer :/08:36
stryngsI am08:36
stryngsTrying to port Scratchbox stuff to the n900 locally08:36
Vajbyes i was following ur conversation the other day08:37
stryngsYeah man, exciting stuff +)08:37
stryngsit's working too it seems08:37
stryngsi rebuilt via debuild -us -uc with no errors08:38
stryngsnow just wokring on dh-make and such08:38
stryngsBut Vajb If you wouldn't mind, apt-get install dpkg-dev08:38
Vajbgimme a few minutes if u r not in terrible hurry. I just woke up :D08:39
stryngsSure =)08:39
stryngsWrking on libpipeline =)08:39
Vajbok tried apt-get install dpkg-dev and it said not available08:43
Vajbtried it on my test device which run cssu thumb08:44
Vajbnow i have to get some breakfast. Bbl08:44
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zGrrmoin :)10:19
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VajbPali: two random reboots. Device was just laying on table connected to wlan.10:43
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PaliVajb: abnormal, HW reboot10:45
Palior kernel crash10:45
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Palicheck also /dev/mtd2ro10:45
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Palicreate dump of /dev/mtd2ro, copy to linux host and inspect it with tool sp-oops-extract10:46
Paliyou can download source code from
Paliif there are any kernel crash it should be stored in that mtd2ro10:47
Paliand sp-oops-extract convert binary structure in mtd2ro to readable text lines10:48
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uhhimherehi guys how do i turn off the splash screen on my android phone so that I can see all the bootup messages?11:41
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VajbPali: thx, i will try to investigate mtd2ro in few days time when i got time. How do i dump that file? Is copying it via ssh to desktop possible?12:03
Palicopying is not possible (it is character device)12:03
Palibut do some: cat /dev/mtd2ro > /home/user/MyDocs/mtd2ro.dump12:03
Pali(as root)12:03
Paliand then you can copy file from MyDocs normally12:04
Paliuhhimhere: wrong channel, there are only people with Maemo phone :-)12:05
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VajbPali: ok. My next question is, is that program source to be used on device or i can use it on my desktop?12:17
Palidata in mtd2ro dump are binary and for easy read you need to convert it to text data12:18
Paliprogram in that source code is C12:18
Paliso you can compile it and run either on device or desktop12:18
Paliour maemo in n900 is linux, so you can run it also on 900 directly :-)12:19
Vajbok. I think i'll try it with desktop. At least it wont crash on me :)12:19
Vajbi have crunchbang, but never compiled anything12:20
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