IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2015-01-24

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antranigvanyone knows where I can buy a new N900? :)00:35
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* Maxdamantus wonders how to take a proper photo without the camera-ui.04:57
MaxdamantusThis is a bit silly:
Maxdamantusit just reads it as a video source, upscaling the first frame.04:58
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Maxdamantusugh, wtf05:25
Maxdamantusno wonder the default camera application is so laggy.05:25
Maxdamantusit reads images and other application resources when you take a picture?05:26
robbiethe1stHow does fcam do it?05:55
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uhhimheredoes maemo5 run on n800?06:06
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* Maxdamantus wonders how the camera-ui decides to produce the "Memory Full" error.11:03
* Maxdamantus wonders if it has to do with ke-recv.11:04
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keriomaemo is full of stupid shit11:56
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keriobecause user interface simplification11:56
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MaxdamantusUI simplification vs. modularity12:06
MaxdamantusI'd go with modularity, but phone producers probably don't usually care about me.12:06
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MaxdamantusYay. Got it to stop trying to mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 without recompiling ke-recv, and the camera still works.12:22
MaxdamantusWill use it as a boot partition instead.12:22
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* Maxdamantus wonders if anyone's tried GRUB on u-boot on the N900.12:27
keriowhy bother?12:28
keriouboot is pretty good12:28
kerioisn't ke-recv just some shell scripts12:28
MaxdamantusIt seems tedious to configure.12:28
MaxdamantusNo. It's a program written in C.12:28
Maxdamantusbut it comes with some shell scripts.12:28
kerioalso what i'd like is to be able to open the back panel without forcibly cutting off the uSD12:29
keriopls giff solution12:29
Maxdamantushacky solution, but it seems better than no solution.12:29
MaxdamantusI think I'm meant to be using kernel-power, rather than the cssu1 thing.12:30
Maxdamantusbetter for me anyway, as I don't have much interest in swapping SD cards.12:32
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keriowhy even bother with the "if"12:32
keriojust to keep the patch small?12:32
MaxdamantusWhat would you do? Comment it out? Delete the line?12:33
keriodelete it12:33
keriothe source is not the place for removed code12:33
keriothat's the VCS' job12:33
MaxdamantusThen it's not obvious what the original code was.12:33
keriowho gives a shit12:34
kerioit's right there in the history12:34
kerioyou're one of *those* aren't you12:34
MaxdamantusMy text editor doesn't show the history.12:34
kerioyou comment huge blocks of code and put "// maybe we'll need this later"12:35
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* Maxdamantus would rather use a /* */ comment12:35
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kerio/* */ doesn't work with nested comments12:35
Maxdamantusbut that requires insertions in two places.12:35
kerioyou should use #if 0/#endif12:35
kerioand even then12:35
keriothe source code isn't meant for storing old text12:36
keriothat's the VCS' responsibility12:36
Maxdamantusbut it's not really old.12:36
MaxdamantusSince the rest of the code that uses that mechanism is still there.12:37
MaxdamantusThat code essentially becomes dead too.12:37
kerioyou can remove that too i guess12:37
kerioif it's not in the API12:37
MaxdamantusThat's difficult.12:37
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keriowhat's gpio_is_valid?12:38
kerioi don't have the source handy12:38
MaxdamantusIt's part of the current mainline tree.12:39
* Maxdamantus doesn't want to switch branches atm12:39
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kerioyeah but13:10
keriocan we just make the gpio invalid13:10
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MaxdamantusIt's not particular to the mmc driver.13:21
Maxdamantusbut yes, you could probably just modify the gpio_is_valid function and say no when given the identifier for the cover.13:22
Maxdamantusthat might have negative effects on the OS.13:22
MaxdamantusIt wouldn't indicate that the cover is closed. It would say the GPIO indicating whether or not it's closed no longer exists.13:23
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ShadowJK(this is why I don't publish patches)14:15
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GNUtoo-irssimy n900 battery is empty and I can't start the n900 at all, so I've succedded to boot it trough an external battery:15:20
GNUtoo-irssiI keep the nokia battery in and trough wires I also connect an external battery15:20
GNUtoo-irssiand I monitor voltage trough a DMM15:20
GNUtoo-irssinow if I remove the external battery power source it shuts down15:21
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GNUtoo-irssiI guess the proprietary charger daemon/script doesn't like the external battery15:21
GNUtoo-irssiIf I put the charger15:21
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GNUtoo-irssiit keep beeing on15:21
GNUtoo-irssibut it won't charge either15:21
GNUtoo-irssiso I wonder what the best strategy is15:22
GNUtoo-irssiI've at my disposal (beside the hardware that I just mentioned):15:22
GNUtoo-irssia) a setup to compile mainline kenrel, I've a black screen when I launch it15:22
GNUtoo-irssib) a setup to compile uboot15:22
GNUtoo-irssic) an SHR image but no setup to compile it15:22
GNUtoo-irssi(my toolchain is an arm-none-*)15:23
GNUtoo-irssiI see nothing on lsusb15:23
GNUtoo-irssiI mean: I see nothing on usb once the kernel is "booted" but 0xFFFF does work with nolo15:24
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GNUtoo-irssiahh ok the kernel panics15:24
GNUtoo-irssimaybe bad microsd partition15:25
ShadowJKSounds to me like the battery is dead?15:25
GNUtoo-irssinot totally dead15:25
GNUtoo-irssiit's not 0v15:25
GNUtoo-irssiI want to jumpstart it15:25
GNUtoo-irssilet me explain a bit more background15:25
GNUtoo-irssiless than one week ago I used this very same battery to jumpstart another phone15:26
GNUtoo-irssiand I didn't charge it after15:26
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GNUtoo-irssiand now I'm ending up trying to jumpstart this n900 battery...15:26
GNUtoo-irssifirst the jumpstart was to save my C155 battery (an osmocombb compatible featurephone)15:27
GNUtoo-irssiand the n900 battery isn't flat at all15:27
GNUtoo-irssiSince the mainline kenrel now has charging and so on15:27
GNUtoo-irssiwould it charge the battery during a kernel panic?15:27
GNUtoo-irssior while waiting for a rootfs15:27
ShadowJKwhat's the voltage of the batteries involved?15:27
GNUtoo-irssihere the total voltage is 3.58 with a nexus s battery and the n900 battery15:28
GNUtoo-irssithey're both in parallel15:28
GNUtoo-irssithe + is connected to both batteries's +15:28
ShadowJKthat's in the low end15:28
GNUtoo-irssiand same for the GND15:28
GNUtoo-irssiwhat do you mean by that's in the low end?15:28
GNUtoo-irssiah ok15:28
GNUtoo-irssi3.7v required I guess15:28
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ShadowJKclose to shutdown.15:29
ShadowJKIf the nokia batery is very old and worn, it might drop too low once the other battery is disconnected15:29
GNUtoo-irssithat's when connected to the n90015:29
ShadowJKas for charging, you'll see for yourself if voltage rises or not15:29
GNUtoo-irssiit does15:30
ShadowJKif that's 3.58 while charging at full rate, the battery is extremely empty15:30
GNUtoo-irssithat's what it drops too15:30
GNUtoo-irssilet me boot under maemo15:30
GNUtoo-irssiI connected the charger15:31
GNUtoo-irssiand I'll let it bot15:31
GNUtoo-irssiwhat happens if nolo charges the battery?15:32
GNUtoo-irssiis there some light emmited?15:32
ShadowJKIf the two are very far apart in voltage when you parallell them, there could be large amount of current flowing between them, which could trigger the battery's protection circuit, effectively disabling one of them15:32
GNUtoo-irssinow I've a light under nolo15:32
GNUtoo-irssiand the voltage is at 3.50v15:33
GNUtoo-irssiso I'll keep it there15:33
GNUtoo-irssiorange light15:33
GNUtoo-irssithe voltage is at 3.50v with the charger and only the nokia battery15:34
GNUtoo-irssibeside the DMM I didn't succeed at knowing if the internal battery is connected15:35
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GNUtoo-irssi(I've prevented it to boot from nolo)15:37
ShadowJK.93 is too low, in the sense that the protrction circuit kicks in at 2.8 or so15:38
GNUtoo-irssiShadowJK: ok15:38
GNUtoo-irssinow the led is orange in nolo with only nokia battery and charger15:39
ShadowJKand that li-ion batteries get severely worn for every day at 2.8V already, let alone lower voltages15:39
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GNUtoo-irssisince the wiki is down I've no idea of what it means (the orange led)15:39
ShadowJKrecharging li-ion that's dropped to .9V could be dangerous, so dont leave it unattended (ever)15:39
GNUtoo-irssiI did once15:40
GNUtoo-irssiit didn't charge at all15:40
GNUtoo-irssiI left it in maemo15:40
GNUtoo-irssiwith the battery and the charger15:40
GNUtoo-irssinow it's in nolo15:40
GNUtoo-irssiI keep monitoriing but still 3.50/3.5115:40
GNUtoo-irssiI guess I need linux, and an initramfs15:40
GNUtoo-irssiI didn't succeed to boot something else than maemo15:41
ShadowJKI'm not sure what mainline does, if it needs software to turn on charging or not15:41
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GNUtoo-irssielse there is SHR15:41
GNUtoo-irssibut I didn't succeed either15:41
MaxdamantusMainline works for me.15:41
GNUtoo-irssiit bet it didn't find mmc15:41
GNUtoo-irssiMaxdamantus: how do you boot it?15:41
GNUtoo-irssicombined kernel+uboot?15:42
MaxdamantusI can give you a kernel you should be able to use to load the shell from ubifs, if you want.15:42
GNUtoo-irssiif so how to produce that, the python script that did it is done15:42
Maxdamantus(no modules needed)15:42
MaxdamantusYes, uboot.15:42
GNUtoo-irssiI have that15:42
GNUtoo-irssiI have mainline too15:42
GNUtoo-irssibut I need to make them boot15:42
MaxdamantusOh, wait, my kernels have Dvorak hardcoded.15:42
GNUtoo-irssiI have that working:15:42
GNUtoo-irssinolo->kernel->nothing on display15:42
GNUtoo-irssinolo->uboot->2.6.37 on mmc15:43
GNUtoo-irssiand doesn't find rootfs15:43
GNUtoo-irssiso I need:15:43
keriodoes mainline have Pali's modules for bq24150?15:43
GNUtoo-irssiI know how to compile mainline15:43
GNUtoo-irssiI did it in fact15:43
GNUtoo-irssiI lack:15:43
GNUtoo-irssi1) the script to assemble the mainline+uboot image15:43
Palikerio: yes:
GNUtoo-irssi2) good cmdline args15:43
GNUtoo-irssiI have that currently:15:43
GNUtoo-irssiCONFIG_CMDLINE="omapfb.vram=0:2M,1:2M,2:2M snd-soc-rx51.hp_lim=42 snd-soc-tlv320aic3x.hp_dac_lim=6 root=/dev/mmcblk1p1 rw console=tty0 panic=1"15:44
MaxdamantusI copied the cmdline from
GNUtoo-irssiwith CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE=y15:44
GNUtoo-irssiand I boot with DT15:44
GNUtoo-irssiso I've the combined zImage15:44
keriocan't you get emergency charging from just nolo or uboot?15:44
Maxdamantusare you sure the mmc device is right?15:44
GNUtoo-irssiany idea on what keystroke to make the bootloader boot maemo?15:44
GNUtoo-irssiMaxdamantus: of course not15:44
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: 1) script is part of u-boot-tools extras package (/usr/bin/u-boot-gen-combined)15:45
GNUtoo-irssiok thanks a lot!!!!15:45
MaxdamantusI've noticed with 3.14–3.18, mmcblk0 is SD15:45
kerioGNUtoo-irssi: any reason why you're not booting rescueOS?15:45
GNUtoo-irssiI've tried both mmcblk0 and mmcblk115:45
GNUtoo-irssikerio: yes, I've not ever eared of it15:45
keriommcblk0 is SD if there's a SD15:45
infoboti guess rescueos is
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: you can use my linux-n900.git branch which contains patches which are not in mainline15:45
kerioloadable via usb15:45
kerioflasher-3.5 -k 2.6.37 -n initrd.img -l -b"rootdelay root=/dev/ram0"15:45
PaliMaxdamantus: mmc0 device is always uSD card, but mapping mmc0 to mmcblk0 or mmcblkd1 is not race free15:47
Palifor that reason there is udev rule in maemo which maps eMMC (mmc1) to mmcblk0 and uSD (mmc0) to mmcblk115:47
GNUtoo-irssithanks a lot15:47
GNUtoo-irssilet me try it15:47
GNUtoo-irssibtw I use 0xFFFF and the new features are so nice15:48
GNUtoo-irssithanks a lot for them15:48
GNUtoo-irssithere is even coldflashing now15:48
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: on linux-n900 there is branch v3.19-rc5-n90015:49
Paliwhich I updated *now*15:49
Palibut I (auto)tested it only in qemu15:50
GNUtoo-irssiI was on 3.1815:50
Paliit boots to busybox shell15:50
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* Maxdamantus has had problems with 3.18, relative to 3.1415:52
Maxdamantuslooks like ones people are aware of though.15:52
Maxdamantus(USB not working, doesn't seem to shut down properly—screen goes blank and have to just take out the battery)15:54
Paliin my git repo is some hack patch which could fix usb problems15:55
MaxdamantusI think it happened in your repo too.15:56
Maxdamantussomething about musb core not ready. Dunno.15:56
*** _rd has joined #maemo15:57
Maxdamantus(n900 repo, 3.18-rc6)15:57
GNUtoo-irssiok, networking problem, since the n900 is
GNUtoo-irssiI'll fix that later16:02
GNUtoo-irssiI found that: ./rescueOS/charge21.bash16:02
Maxdamantusif that's over usb, ifconfig usb0
Maxdamantus(the networking problem)16:03
GNUtoo-irssidone anyway16:05
Maxdamantus(or 10.123 for short)16:05
GNUtoo-irssiyes, here's what I have:16:05
GNUtoo-irssiStatus: 0x10 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 3668 NAC: 0 level: 0 % Rate: 0 System: -950 Ch: 95016:06
GNUtoo-irssiNAC means?16:06
GNUtoo-irssiI guess NAC != NAK16:06
Maxdamantusnominal available charge16:06
GNUtoo-irssiI'll check sysfs16:06
GNUtoo-irssistatus discharging16:07
GNUtoo-irssipresent 116:07
GNUtoo-irssiI'll look if I can get an ID16:07
GNUtoo-irssiStatus: 0x10 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 4118 NAC: 0 level: 0 % Rate: 0 System: -625 Ch: 62516:08
GNUtoo-irssimaybe it still charges?16:08
GNUtoo-irssibeside wat the battery gauge driver says16:08
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo16:09
GNUtoo-irssilet me look16:10
GNUtoo-irssiI forgott the other battery on16:10
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*** kerio has joined #maemo16:12
GNUtoo-irssiwhere's the . on the keyboard?16:18
*** xes has joined #maemo16:21
ShadowJKcharge script probably interacts badly if there's kernel charging modules16:28
ShadowJKor kernel battery gauge module16:29
ShadowJKmiddle row third last key, my guess16:29
ShadowJKit's weird that it shows somewhat credible voltage, but everything else is 016:31
ShadowJK... and where the hell did 625 come from D:16:32
ShadowJKOh, I see16:33
GNUtoo-irssiShadowJK: ok16:39
GNUtoo-irssiI boot16:39
GNUtoo-irssiis there a way to setup the rescueOS to boot directly from flash16:39
GNUtoo-irssi(with reguard to kernel parameters)16:40
GNUtoo-irssibtw, I booted trough dual-batteries16:40
GNUtoo-irssienabled charging16:41
GNUtoo-irssiswitched to charger cable after enabling wifi16:41
GNUtoo-irssithen stopped charging16:41
GNUtoo-irssiit powered off16:41
GNUtoo-irssiI didn't restart charging fast enough to keep it on16:41
GNUtoo-irssiI'll tr again16:42
GNUtoo-irssiI guess the bootargs are in nolo, right?17:01
*** RiD has joined #maemo17:04
GNUtoo-irssiis it problematic if the charger script stays in 0x10?17:15
GNUtoo-irssiif I remember well 0x10 is usb charging trough a computer17:15
*** wizbit has joined #maemo17:16
GNUtoo-irssican I try to force 0x90?17:16
GNUtoo-irssilike by i2cset?17:16
keriowhat for17:17
ShadowJKi would have said other way around17:17
GNUtoo-irssiright, safer17:17
kerioafaik the charge21.bash script in rescueOS assumes you're using a wallcharger17:17
GNUtoo-irssiI don't remember well the status values17:17
GNUtoo-irssiit's been years...17:17
GNUtoo-irssiStatus: 0x10 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 4172 NAC: 0 level: 0 % Rate: 0 System: -213 Ch: 21317:18
GNUtoo-irssithe DMM says 4.17/4.1817:18
GNUtoo-irssiand the screen says something about stfu17:18
GNUtoo-irssiI've not yet looked at stfu17:18
ShadowJKrate 0 is weird.17:18
GNUtoo-irssibeside the fact that it disables the message17:18
GNUtoo-irssiright now after booting it trough a second battery, it now has only the charger and the internal battery17:19
GNUtoo-irssiand it's available trough wifi17:19
ShadowJKIf there's battery gauge kernel module loaded, the script wouldn't be able to get that data17:19
GNUtoo-irssi(the shell)(17:19
ShadowJKwhat's voltage with one batt? with two battery?17:20
GNUtoo-irssione batt: the ones that I just gave (4.16/4.17/1.18)17:20
Maxdamantus03:39:47 < GNUtoo-irssi> is there a way to setup the rescueOS to boot directly from flash17:21
GNUtoo-irssiMaxdamantus: should I recompile the kenrel or should I instead boot trough uboot?17:21
Maxdamantususing mkimage from u-boot-tools, yes.17:21
GNUtoo-irssiuboot then17:21
MaxdamantusDon't need to recompile the kernel.17:21
GNUtoo-irssiwell the fastest boot way would be better17:22
GNUtoo-irssibut that can work too17:22
Maxdamantusif your uboot menu has something like "run emmcboot" in it, that looks for boot.scr on ext2 partitions on the eMMC.17:22
MaxdamantusTo make the uboot kernel image: mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 80008000 -e 80008000 -n rescueOS -d 2.6.37 rescue.u17:24
Maxdamantusand the commands to boot it, I think: ext2load mmc 1:2 $loadaddr /rescue.u; setenv bootargs 'init=..'; bootm17:25
GNUtoo-irssiit also often disconnect wifi-wise17:25
GNUtoo-irssiI could also modify the initramfs to have some more automatic boot17:25
GNUtoo-irssilike connect to wifi17:25
MaxdamantusYou write those commands into a file, say, foo, then: mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -n boot -d foo boot.scr17:26
* Maxdamantus wonders why it has to be so tedious.17:26
Maxdamantus(the 1:2 above is assuming the ext partition with /resue.u is the second one)17:26
GNUtoo-irssicompressed rom fs is CRAMFS?17:27
MaxdamantusI think "compressed rom fs" refers to something other than cramfs.17:27
Maxdamantusbut will be conceptually similar.17:27
GNUtoo-irssitype cramfs17:28
MaxdamantusYeah, cromfs, not cramfs.17:28
GNUtoo-irssiit says cramfs17:28
GNUtoo-irssiif I do mkcramfs and so on, would it work?17:28
MaxdamantusDoes the kernel have cramfs built-in?17:29
GNUtoo-irssito be more precise:17:29
GNUtoo-irssi.../initramfs/rescueOS-1.1.img on .../initramfs/tmp type cramfs (ro,relatime)17:29
GNUtoo-irssithat's what mount shows17:29
MaxdamantusYeah, that should work then.17:29
GNUtoo-irssianyway I'm recompiling it, souds more simple than uboot17:30
GNUtoo-irssibecause uboot is yet one more interaction/hop17:30
MaxdamantusWhat does recompiling it achieve?17:30
MaxdamantusOh, you mean recreating the cramfs?17:30
GNUtoo-irssiand hardcoding the CMDLINE17:33
GNUtoo-irssiI'm doing both17:33
GNUtoo-irssifor the compilation I've just to wait it to finish17:33
GNUtoo-irssiI'll see if it didn't finish in time for uboot17:33
GNUtoo-irssiautostart_script=`grep -q autostart /proc/cmdline && cat /proc/cmdline | sed -e 's/.*autostart=\(.*\)/\1/'`17:35
GNUtoo-irssiso I could just put some commands in the cmdline?17:36
GNUtoo-irssiand it's cramfs17:40
GNUtoo-irssithe images looks the same under file17:40
*** Vajb has quit IRC17:44
GNUtoo-irssiok my cramfs work17:51
GNUtoo-irssibut not my kernel17:51
GNUtoo-irssilet me relook17:51
*** Vajb has joined #maemo17:51
GNUtoo-irssianyway, while a cramfs is read only, it's way easier than a classic initramfs to repack17:53
GNUtoo-irssiclassic initramfs is gunzip + cpio -idv < ./the_image + cpio somestuff17:53
Maxdamantusfind . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip -9 >foo.gz17:54
MaxdamantusI think.17:54
GNUtoo-irssibut I often have issues17:54
GNUtoo-irssieven if I do newc17:54
GNUtoo-irssilike I never remember how it works when including it inside the kernel17:54
GNUtoo-irssibut that's another story17:54
MaxdamantusI'm not sure you're going to be able to include the cramfs in your kernel.17:55
Maxdamantusif you're intending to flash the kernel.17:55
GNUtoo-irssinow I have:17:55
GNUtoo-irssiStatus: 0x10 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 4172 NAC: 0 level: 0 % Rate: 0 System: -213 Ch: 21317:55
GNUtoo-irssiI was talking about the usual way of doing repack17:55
GNUtoo-irssiand I was praising the easyness of this way17:55
MaxdamantusI think it has to be less than somewhere around 4 MiB.17:55
MaxdamantusPali: is your bootmenu thing able to be reused?18:05
Palireused for what?18:05
*** GNUtoo-irssi has quit IRC18:05
Maxdamantuseg, from the default menu, loading a script using the eMMC entry that does something like: bootmenu_0=foo=bar; bootmenu18:05
MaxdamantusThat would at least not clear the other entries, I'd imagine.18:06
*** GNUtoo-irssi has joined #maemo18:06
GNUtoo-irssisorry, some router issues18:06
GNUtoo-irssianyway I'll use uboot18:06
*** _rd has quit IRC18:06
GNUtoo-irssithe compiled kernel didn't boot...18:06
PaliMaxdamantus: if you overwrite uboot env then it should work18:07
Palijust run command bootmenu again18:07
Maxdamantusuboot env?18:08
Palibootmenu_X is uboot env18:08
MaxdamantusOh, right, each one.18:08
* Maxdamantus wonders why he didn't put an underscore in his uboot keyboard layout.18:09
* GNUtoo-irssi wonder where the dot is in the rescueOS18:10
MaxdamantusOh. I probably do have an underscore, in the usual position.18:11
GNUtoo-irssibtw, I didn't find /usr/bin/u-boot-gen-combined18:13
GNUtoo-irssiis that a package of maemo?18:13
GNUtoo-irssiI looked in uboot source18:13
GNUtoo-irssi(upstream uboot)18:13
Paliit is only in maemo extras u-boot-tools package18:13
Paliit is shell script (busybox enabled :-))18:14
MaxdamantusAhah. I've been doing it completely wrong.18:14
GNUtoo-irssibusybox shell is fine18:15
MaxdamantusMk, that does work.18:15
GNUtoo-irssiI've busybox on the rescueOS anyway18:16
GNUtoo-irssiwhere are the CSSU repos so I can download it?18:16
GNUtoo-irssiwiki is down, so I'm a bit out of documentation18:16
infobothmm... pkg is
*** sq-one has joined #maemo18:24
*** FReaper-PC has quit IRC18:30
*** vakkov has quit IRC18:35
*** _rd has joined #maemo18:40
*** _rd has quit IRC19:00
*** vakkov has joined #maemo19:08
GNUtoo-irssibtw, just out of curiosity, was there some research to run uboot earlier than after nolo19:12
GNUtoo-irssilike to replace nolo19:13
GNUtoo-irssiI guess that no one tried to replace the xloader since it's signed19:13
GNUtoo-irssibut since there is coldflashing in 0xFFFF19:13
GNUtoo-irssimaybe some people started working on that?19:13
PaliI tried to do in qemu, but there were 2 problems19:16
Pali1) uboot is too big OR size for secondary nolo is too small19:16
GNUtoo-irssiah right19:16
Pali2) it does not worked19:17
Paliuboot spl was unable to initialize something and so hangs19:17
GNUtoo-irssibtw since you work on the kernel, any hints on how to get some outputs on it19:17
GNUtoo-irssithe mainline has no output19:17
GNUtoo-irssidisplay: nothing19:17
Palisee cmdline which is in -n900 branch19:17
Palitty options19:18
Palithey redirect output to both screen and serial console19:18
GNUtoo-irssiv3.18 or v3.1919:18
GNUtoo-irssiI've on 3.1819:18
GNUtoo-irssiI'll look19:18
Paliconsole=tty0 console=ttyO219:19
Pali(in this order)19:19
freemangordonPali: I am still unable to figure out what *exactly* that new xloader does compared to stock. I see 2 more functions on addresses starting at 0x20xxxx are called, along with 2 more SMC calls19:23
freemangordonbut I can't find the code behind those functions :(19:23
freemangordonPali: do you have any idea if xloader is linear? i.e. is it possible that different parts are put on different addresses?19:24
PaliI guess it is linear19:25
GNUtoo-irssican we coldflash different xloaders than nokia's signed ones?19:25
freemangordonGNUtoo-irssi: coldflash? why coldflash?19:26
GNUtoo-irssiwell, flash19:26
Paliwe can store to nand what we want19:26
GNUtoo-irssiyes, but will it boot then19:26
freemangordonPali: do you know if flasher (or 0xFFFF) wraps the xloader.bin with some additional data?19:26
Palidifferent question is if omap bootrom it accept for booting19:26
GNUtoo-irssiin other words is there some way arround the secure mode19:26
GNUtoo-irssiyes, was there some research in that area?19:27
GNUtoo-irssithe Android motorolas phones also had omap19:27
Palifreemangordon: all images for flashing are sent together with fiasco header to NOLO via usb19:27
GNUtoo-irssiand there was some key to sign the bootloaders that was part of some lg source code dump19:27
*** sq-one has quit IRC19:28
Palibut xloader and secondary images are stored without it19:28
*** _rd has joined #maemo19:28
GNUtoo-irssiso I was wondering if people figuredout how to make the bootrom run a replacement for nokia's xloader19:28
freemangordonPali: I am asking, because qemu (for example) searches for some sections (those with RAM/GPMC/etc) parameters which are missing in xloader.bin19:28
Paliraw dump from /dev/mtd0 is same as orignal image (after deleting padding)19:28
freemangordonhmm, weird19:28
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: replace omap hw chip19:29
freemangordonPali: see
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: not possible19:29
freemangordonand those must be present according to TRM19:29
freemangordonbut they are missing in xloader19:29
Palithose strings must be in xloader image??19:30
freemangordonyep, see in TRM19:30
freemangordonbut they are missing19:31
Paliit is missing also in xloader-qemu.bin19:31
Paliand xloader-qemu.bin is booted by qemu19:31
freemangordonI know, already checked and REed19:31
freemangordonwe miss something there19:31
freemangordonBTW ever tried qemu with xloader for the device?19:32
Paliyes, years ago and qemu crashed19:32
Palibut can try it again :-)19:32
freemangordonI guess it doesn't like SCM calls and writes to co-processors19:33
freemangordonSMC that is19:33
Paliin qemu source code is written that smc instrucntions are noop in ROM vector19:33
Palimaybe it is bug in qemu and implemented incorrectly19:34
freemangordonyeah, but if you try to write to non-emulated CP it bails out iirc19:34
Palior someting change that ROM code (xloader? nolo? kernel?)19:34
freemangordonMaybe I should try to dump bootrom and see what happens there19:35
Paliqemu-xloader with 2101 seconary booted kernel in qemu19:36
freemangordonPali: BTW what I am trying to achieve is to enable AES, not simply detect if it is enabled  :)19:36
freemangordonsecondary == NOLO ?19:37
Pali2101 xloader with qemu seconary cause qemu crash19:37
freemangordonfrom the device?19:37
Paliyes seconary == NOLO19:37
Palifrom FIASCO image19:37
Palicrash: (qemu) qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0x000025a419:37
freemangordonat what stage is the crash?19:37
Paliprobably xloader19:38
freemangordonyeah, most probably19:38
Palibecause it did not print anything to serial console19:38
freemangordonthere is some ROM code qemu is missing19:38
freemangordonwait, xloader has some strings in it19:38
Palicurrent state of non zero registers: R00=40014044 R01=000025a4 R13=4020fcb0 R15=000025a4 PSR=400001df -Z-- A sys3219:38
PaliPC is R15?19:39
freemangordonR13 is in xloader19:39
freemangordonnot sure19:39
*** sq-one has joined #maemo19:39
freemangordonlemme check19:39
Paliyes, R15 is PC register19:40
freemangordonand R14 should be LR?19:40
Paliso secure xloader is really calling something at 0x2xxx19:40
Paliyes, R14 LR19:40
freemangordonand it is zero?19:41
freemangordonR13 is SP19:41
PaliR14 is zero19:41
freemangordonthe fuck?19:41
PaliI can connect gdb and see more19:41
freemangordonok, so SP in xloader (xloader sets SP to start at the end of the image iirc) means that it is really xloader crashing19:42
Paliit started execution at 0x4001400019:42
freemangordonPali: you'd better dump the memory from 0x000000 to 0x20FFFF19:42
freemangordonthis is bootrom19:42
freemangordonxloader is loaded at 0x4020800019:43
freemangordonxloader-qemu at 0x4020000019:43
freemangordon(those come from the header)19:43
freemangordonPali: first function is at address 0x208F05, the second on 0x208DFD19:45
GNUtoo-irssiPali: what is your last known booting branch (gitorious)?19:45
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: in qemu is working also 3.1919:46
Palion my n900 is working 3.1219:46
Pali(do not remember if new branched working with maemo)19:46
freemangordonPali: maybe xloader detects this is GP device and doesn't behave the same as on the real HS HW19:46
Palifreemangordon: see step by step log19:47
Palijust few instructions are done before crash19:47
freemangordonyep, saw it, maybe qemu can't parse xloader header19:47
Paliyes, maybe this is reason19:48
Palithere is block of public key and certificate...19:48
freemangordonanyway, gtg, will continue on that tomorrow19:48
GNUtoo-irssiPali: you use dtb in your branches?19:49
* GNUtoo-irssi guesses so but just wants to check19:51
*** aaaaaa_ has joined #maemo19:53
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: DT is used only in new19:53
Pali3.19 is DT19:53
*** incrys has joined #maemo19:53
Pali3.12 is not DT for sure19:53
*** aaaaaa_ is now known as ceene19:54
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:55
*** hhhh has joined #maemo19:56
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:58
*** incrys has quit IRC19:58
*** GNUtoo-irssi has quit IRC19:58
*** _rd has quit IRC20:04
*** hhhh has quit IRC20:07
*** sq-one has quit IRC20:08
bencohwooh, gnutoo is back on the n900 ? :)20:08
*** GNUtoo-irssi has joined #maemo20:10
*** sparetire_ has joined #maemo20:11
*** obsed has joined #maemo20:18
*** _rd has joined #maemo20:19
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*** pdz has quit IRC20:26
*** pdz has joined #maemo20:29
*** blotter has joined #maemo20:37
GNUtoo-irssiok, I now have: Linux rescueos 3.19.0-rc5+ #14 PREEMPT Sat Jan 24 19:51:56 CET 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux20:57
GNUtoo-irssiI must wait to see if the mainline drivers charge?20:57
GNUtoo-irssithe sysfs says charging20:57
*** _rd has quit IRC20:59
*** maybeWTF has joined #maemo21:06
*** maybeHere has quit IRC21:10
GNUtoo-irssi     from power supply in mA.21:22
GNUtoo-irssi- ti,weak-battery-voltage: The chip will use slow precharge if battery voltage is below this value.21:22
*** nox- has joined #maemo21:22
GNUtoo-irssisorry for the first wrong line21:22
GNUtoo-irssiI've also shortened the second21:22
GNUtoo-irssiso I guess it will charge very slowly21:22
*** maybeWTF has quit IRC21:23
*** maybeHere has joined #maemo21:23
GNUtoo-irssiI'll eat and shut down the charge during that21:23
bencohwhy shut it down ?21:24
GNUtoo-irssisafety reasons21:25
*** _rd has joined #maemo21:26
PaliGNUtoo-irssi: kernel driver should autodetect wallcharger and automatically charge battery21:29
Paliwithout any userspace support21:30
*** obsed has quit IRC21:34
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:35
ShadowJKi still think the bl-5j he's using is broken21:38
*** obsed has joined #maemo21:42
*** vakkov has joined #maemo21:43
GNUtoo-irssiyes, that's what I did21:54
GNUtoo-irssiI disabled the charger script21:55
*** obsed has quit IRC21:56
*** obsed has joined #maemo22:00
*** b1101 has joined #maemo22:09
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:11
*** r00t|home has quit IRC22:45
*** babytoes has joined #maemo22:50
wizbitwhat is the 2nd most open user friendly phone apart from the n900?22:51
bencohn9 isnt too bad as well22:53
GNUtoo-irssigta04, indeed22:56
GNUtoo-irssithen there is also the lg optimus black in the works22:56
GNUtoo-irssicheck he is porting uboot to it22:57
*** blotter has quit IRC23:00
*** githogori has quit IRC23:32
*** githogori_ has joined #maemo23:32
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