IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2015-01-23

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APicI need the App to enable USB Host Mode, but cannot find it anymore.  Give me a Source, please.00:39
nox-hmm this?
nox-not tried it myswlf yet tho00:46
infobotnox- meant: not tried it myself yet tho00:46
ecc3gthat's what I'm using... seems to work, not great but the USB isnt that great either.00:47
merlin1991 is the better one00:48
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Sicelohow much would you be willing to buy an N900 with broken USB & no battery, but otherwise good condition?10:00
Siceloi have opportunity to buy such N900, and would aprreciate some pointers10:00
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Maxdamantusif you do buy it, one of the first things you should do is install u-boot, if it's not already there.10:11
MaxdamantusSo you can load kernels and arguments from an SD card.10:11
* Maxdamantus ' u-boot is modified to use Dvorak, so he'd replace it anyway.10:13
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muppethSicelo: since you can buy working n900 in good condition for a bit over 50euro, i guess 30-40e would be a price i would consider10:30
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kerioSicelo: buy it to fix the usb i guess10:34
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Siceloof course, :)10:41
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Sicelothe guy wants 20 euro, so i suppose we're good10:46
Sicelobecause we're some distance apart, he agreed for me to take it before paying, and pay once i'm satisfied10:47
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Maxdamantus$ find /mnt/sd/music/ -name \*.mp3 | while read x; do ffmpeg -i "$x" -acodec flac -f flac -y /dev/null </dev/null; done14:57
MaxdamantusUseful command.14:57
* Maxdamantus wonders how quickly he can run the battery down.14:58
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bencohbut .... why ?15:03
inzbecause it can be done!15:04
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bencohsure but why convert a mp3 to flac ?15:04
inzno point whatsoever15:05
MaxdamantusDon't worry. I'm writing it to /dev/null.15:05
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MaxdamantusSo with the bq27k thing, is it expected that people only use one battery?15:38
MaxdamantusDo other mobile devices tend to have a similar mechanism for measuring battery capacity?15:39
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MaxdamantusI suspect with laptops something like that chip will be inside the removable "battery" component.15:39
jake42others have the counter in the battery, e.g. in the openmoko ones15:40
MaxdamantusSo do those batteries have more than three contacts?15:40
MaxdamantusMm, some TI report says having the chip in the host is practical if you use batteries with the same capacity.15:48
Vajbsome guy is selling dead n900. Says that light lits when charger is connected, but otherwise it's dead. Is it worth buying?15:49
bencohcould be a disconnected screen (?)15:50
MaxdamantusProbably not.15:50
Vajbi thought like badly damaged os15:50
bencohhm, light would go white at boot, nevermind15:50
Vajband bring it up by reflash....15:51
Maxdamantusalso, vibration.15:51
Maxdamantusunless that's malfunctioning.15:51
Vajbi guess it just lits that yellow light which u have pulsing when loading15:52
MaxdamantusThe pulsating is done by the LED controller.15:52
Vajbdidn't say anything about vibration15:52
bencohquite a lot of sellers this days15:52
MaxdamantusWhat he's describing is probably the charger itself.15:52
Maxdamantuswhere it's just a solid orange.15:52
bencohVajb: at least the usb port is not broken :D15:52
Maxdamantusor "yellow"15:53
* Vajb thinks that one can never have too much spare devices15:53
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Vajbhah yeah!15:53
VajbMaxdamantus: yes i think that's the case15:53
Vajbwas thinking of possiblity of cold flash15:54
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MaxdamantusWhat does it mean when the battery voltage goes up?15:55
bencohdepends from how much to how much I'd say :)15:56
Maxdamantusmaybe it's just difficult to determine.15:56
Maxdamantus3628 mV to 3646 mV15:56
Maxdamantusin ten minutes.15:57
bencohcharging ?15:58
Vajbcan't it be just less load on cpu?15:59
Maxdamantusnot charging.15:59
bencohcould be ... or an artefact15:59
totalizatorbencoh: I have successfully patched feh for wmhints15:59
bencohtotalizator: yay, congratz :)15:59
bencohsorry I didnt dwelve into it :)16:00
totalizatorsure, still it's thanks to you - I had no clue what caused it :316:00
Vajbi asked the seller if that phone vibrates and offered one euro if it doesn't :D16:00
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Maxdamantus04:05 3179 7    7    -375 100  100  100  65535 16    42  117:07
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MaxdamantusSo where does bme-replacement get the maximum mAh from?18:30
Maxdamantus# cat /sys/class/power_supply/bq27200-0/charge_full18:30
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Maxdamantusbut the status menu says 128818:31
Maxdamantuspresumably that charge_full is wrong somehow.18:32
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VajbMaxdamantus: i read somewhere that it got it from some resistor on third battery connector18:56
Vajbthere was some gconf command to make it use value from bq2720018:57
Vajbtry searching for "bme replacement not showing correct battery capacity" or something similiar18:58
Vajbtho i didn't try it. I just live with the wrong value...18:58
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Vajbgreat. Newest update seems to have broken my yappari.20:03
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Vajbok just read through yappari post in tmo....20:24
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wizbitis yappari now dead?22:16
wizbiti think its just a 24 ban for alternative whatsapp clients?22:25
Siceloor rather cut out support for old protocol. time will tell really22:30
Siceloanyway, so that N900 i was expecting has arrived, and really looks good. USB tracks are all good, so repair should be easy22:31
Siceloeverything else works22:33
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SiceloMaxdamantus: that node doesn't exist on my N900 (cssu thumb)22:59
Sicelomy vanilla N900 is off, would check..23:00
MaxdamantusSicelo: you need to load the module for it.23:06
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MaxdamantusHm. Dunno. I think the bq27k chip is confused, and something normally fixes the numbers before it gets to the battery status thing, but not when it has to get the numbers from the kernel module.23:35
MaxdamantusI noticed one of Estel's posts mentioned some sort of calibration of the chip, could be that.23:36
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Maxdamantusthe script and the kernel module both indicate the last full discharge was 1486 mAh (1486191 µAh, from the kernel module)23:38
Maxdamantusbut it's a standard BL-5J, which is meant to be 1320.23:38

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