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antranigvany idea if I can reflash it without connecting it with that heat thing ? :D00:00
antranigvsoldering! that's the word! :D00:00
MaxdamantusWhy do you actually need to reflash?00:02
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antranigvMaxdamantus: I have broken busybox :( I'm stuck in a booting loop00:02
keriodo you have uboot installed?00:09
* Maxdamantus guesses not.00:12
Maxdamantus(if you do, you'll probably see a picture of tux as you turn it on)00:13
Maxdamantus(the Linux penguin)00:13
antranigvnop :(00:14
MaxdamantusI suspect the easiest thing to do is attach the USB to the back using (as mentioned before)00:16
Maxdamantusthen just flash uBoot, because it won't take long (if you have to hold the device while it's attached it shouldn't be inconvenient)00:17
Maxdamantusthen load rescueOS off an SD card:
keriodoes it actually work00:17
kerioi thought the pads below the battery were rapuyama's usb00:17
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MaxdamantusWell, supposedly some of them should make up a serial port, which you supposedly can flash with.00:19
antranigvso I'm thinking to cut one of my USB cables, and "touch" them to the device from that dots, (I have it deassambled now), and then reflash it, (I have the images) and then flash uBoot for the future :)00:20
MaxdamantusIt looks like that won't work because of what kerio said.00:22
kerioi dunno00:23
keriomaybe there's two sets of pads?00:23
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MaxdamantusHow did you break busybox btw?00:24
antranigvMaxdamantus: changed the default ash to bash :)00:25
Maxdamantusdid you already know the USB port was broken?00:26
antranigvI'm looking forward to buy neo900 or a new N900 (if I find one).00:26
antranigvMaxdamantus: yupp, I bought it second hand :P00:26
antranigvfor like 50$00:26
antranigvno one is fixing it >_<00:26
MaxdamantusI would've looked into being able to running kernels from the SD card ASAP in that situation. :\00:27
antranigvso it's possible00:29
MaxdamantusAh, hm.00:30
keriomh, can't you get something 3d-printed for that00:30
kerioa piece of plastic to shove wires in00:30
antranigvshove ? define shove ?00:30
keriowell how are you going to hold the wires in place?00:32
antranigvI dnno :-/ I'll connect them with heat00:32
antranigvI'll put a knife on fire :P00:32
antranigvthen then touch em all00:32
Maxdamantusthat's not how soldering works.00:33
antranigvit used to work with gold back in Syria :P00:33
Maxdamantusyeah, with a really hot fire.00:33
Maxdamantusprobably easier to find a soldering iron.00:33
antranigvI'll check out the market tomorrow, until then, I'll try just by touch and holding with lot's of stickers00:34
* antranigv feeling stupid00:34
MaxdamantusI think it could work with tape.00:35
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antranigvtape! I have lots of em! I'll give it a shot! ^^00:35
Maxdamantuspreferably clear tape.00:36
antranigvsince it's all deassambled now00:36
Maxdamantusit doesn't really need to be disassembled.00:36
antranigvit's just easier to work00:37
antranigvouch! my hand00:39
MaxdamantusMm, it probably would actually be easiest to flash using just the motherboard.00:50
MaxdamantusI don't think the screen needs to be connected.00:51
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antranigvMaxdamantus: yup yupp00:55
antranigvhere we give a try00:55
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Maxdamantusimo don't flash the whole OS.00:58
Maxdamantusdo you know if you've installed CSSU or kernel-power? not sure if CSSU necessarily comes with that kernel.00:59
Maxdamantusmeh, either way you should be able to just use a uBoot image from that post.01:00
antranigvno CSSU and now power-Kernel :)01:02
MaxdamantusIt would've been fine even if you did use them, since the kernel modules for 2.6.28-omap1 should still be there.01:02
Maxdamantusalthough there is a `current` symlink .. not sure what that's for.01:03
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bencohinstead of flashing uboot you can try and load it first01:18
bencohto test your usb ""link""01:18
Maxdamantusif the screen is connected.01:20
bencohhm right01:22
Maxdamantuswould it actually be worth testing that anyway?01:23
APicBut i am sure.01:24
Maxdamantusit doesn't really take much time to transfer just uBoot (and maybe an attached kernel), and there'll've already been communication before the actual transfer.01:25
MaxdamantusActually, not sure. I'm judging from using -b, but flashing will probably be writing to the NAND during the transfer.01:26
kerioif uboot is loaded you can just use it to do whatever01:26
Maxdamantuswhich I'd expect to take a second.01:26
kerioflashing the bootloader is really fast, yes01:26
Maxdamantuswith the kernel attached?01:27
Maxdamantus(should be about 3.5 MiB)01:27
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bencohantranigv: btw, you do have a service manual, rigt ?01:45
bencoh(the one with n900 schematics)01:45
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antranigvbencoh: nop :-/01:53
antranigvI'm trying to connect it with tapes now :)01:53
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bencohAPic: wtf :D01:56
APic;-PP even01:59
antranigvbencoh: thanks!02:05
* Maxdamantus wonders if that link was meant to be temporary.02:10
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MaxdamantusHm. With newer versions of Linux (say, 3.14 and above), it looks like the kernel keeps the watchdog alive automatically, until some process opens the device or something.09:11
MaxdamantusIs that not the case with the current maemo kernels? (eg,
* Maxdamantus wonders if the interface is different for /dev/twl4030_wdt09:17
MaxdamantusI think in the newer kernels it just unifies into a single watchdog using /dev/watchdog09:17
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MaxdamantusAh. There's no twl4030_wdt device in by filesystem's /dev .. that might be why busybox's `watchdog` doesn't work.09:30
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MaxdamantusYay. It gets past an fsck now.09:35
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APicI love Filesystemchecks.  ;-)09:36
MaxdamantusI don't.09:36
MaxdamantusI like btrfs, but that's not easy to run on
APicext* > btr09:37
APicext* > RAZOR09:37
MaxdamantusThe reason people usually won't have to do an fsck in that instance is that other people will be using ubifs for their root.09:37
APic(aka reis0r)09:37
APicYou are very right.  Sorry.09:38
APicI use to do tune2fs -c 0 -i 009:38
APicWhen i get around to Thinking of it.09:38
APic.o0(But you _cannot_ Tunafish, even though they may taste like Dolphineggs…)09:38
Maxdamantus/dev/mmcblk0p2           27.4G     18.0G      8.0G  69% /home09:38
Maxdamantusbecause a separate /home and /opt is silly.09:39
APicI see09:39
APicPlanetary Collisions09:39
APicBut they oughta have thought of _something_ in the Past when introducing Partitionseparation on Muli{ces,Uni{}09:40
APicI will shut up now.09:40
MaxdamantusMaking a block device available over UMS is also silly, in a relatively Linux-like environment like Maemo.09:40
APicAnd vatch tehâ„¢ nic3 Snowdenfilm.09:40
* APic mutes.09:40
* Maxdamantus will go afk now.09:40
* Maxdamantus will soon see if he can kill the supposedly superfluous `watchdog` processes left from boot.09:41
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Maxdamantus20:36:42 < APic> I love Filesystemchecks.  ;-)10:26
MaxdamantusA filesystem having a check that's meant to be done pretty much every mount indicates it's a filesystem open to inconsistencies.10:26
Maxdamantusactually, the check can fix the inconsistencies.10:26
Maxdamantusbut it's a filesystem open to data loss.10:27
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Maxdamantusunless you run it in a crazy way, eg, `-o data=journal` on ext3/410:28
Maxdamantusmeh, I think inconsistency was the right description.10:28
Maxdamantuswith ext, you can end up with a filesystem in a state you never actually put it in, unless you use `-o data=journal`, which causes all data to be journalled, halving write performance.10:29
uhhimhereso has maemo run on anything other than n90010:30
MaxdamantusIt runs on x86.10:35
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uhhimhereMaxdamantus: really?10:46
uhhimhereMaxdamantus: like what10:46
MaxdamantusIt runs in scratchbox.10:46
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Luke-Jrwho cares? maemo is dead.11:08
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kerioscratchbox uses qemu for some stuff i think11:38
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MaxdamantusI think it uses it for building stuff.11:49
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Maxdamantusbecause crosscompiling is difficult for some reason.11:50
* Maxdamantus thinks something like the nix package manager should solve it, but they started doing it wrong at the beginning -_-11:51
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kerioyeah, nokia fucked us up really hard in that regard12:02
MaxdamantusIt's not really Nokia's fault.12:03
MaxdamantusCross-compiling is hard because people haven't come up with the right packaging system for it yet.12:04
bencoherm ... :)12:04
MaxdamantusI think nix leads the way for such a system, but they didn't take it into account when first writing nixpkgs.12:04
Maxdamantusa few years later when they had already written most of the packages they realised they could've made it easy to crosscompile everything.12:05
bencohit has nothing to do with packaging system12:05
bencohit does have to do with broken build systems though12:05
Maxdamantuswhich the packaging system can fix.12:06
MaxdamantusI'm using "packaging system" broadly.12:06
Maxdamantuswhere it would include things like portage.12:06
bencohactually that's not a "fix"12:06
keriono it wouldn't12:06
kerioit would include stuff like apt12:06
keriobecause maemo is debian-based12:06
bencohthat's more of a kludge where you trick the build system into thinking it can use a whole tree as a "native" sysroot12:07
ShadowJKthis is weird, my MyDocs is mounted without permissions for 'user'12:07
MaxdamantusI'm not only talking about Maemo.12:07
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MaxdamantusAn important thing with nix is that native packages shouldn't get special treatment.12:08
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Maxdamantusif you're building on x86_64 targetting ARM and you need to use bison, you'll address an x86_64 build of bison, which is still just contained in /nix/store/abcdefg-bison12:10
Maxdamantusif the ARM program needs to run bison, it'll refer to /nix/store/gfedcba-bison12:13
Maxdamantustraditionally, both will want to use /usr/bin/bison12:13
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bencohhm, what happened to alopex ( ) ? anyone knows why it hasnt made it to extras-devel ?13:32
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bencohqwazix: any idea (regarding alopex ^) ?13:44
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qwazixIt died14:12
qwazixIt wasn't in very good state, I stopped being overly interested and qmlmozembed didn't get too far either14:12
qwazixIt didn't get to extras devel because it requires thumb14:13
qwazixbencoh, ^14:14
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* Maxdamantus would quite like a new version of xulrunner, so he can just run conkeror.14:37
Maxdamantusconkeror seems like about as reasonable a browser to use on the N900 as a normal computer.14:38
Maxdamantusdoesn't need much UI optimisation.14:38
* Maxdamantus wrote some script for it that gives it kinetic scrolling anyway.14:38
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bencohqwazix: oh ... how comes it needs thumb?15:13
kerioit doesn't require thumb, but it requires some updated qt stuff15:14
keriothat, so far, is only in cssu-thumb15:14
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useretailhello. does anyone know how to format 'fake' sd card properly to reveal it's true size?19:05
stryngsuseretail: Not sure i understand what u mean.  fdisk -l might be helpful?19:12
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useretailfake sd cards described here:
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