IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2015-01-20

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Vajbi have another question about mplayer. Maybe someone knows how to enable volume rocker for mplayer while screen is locked?06:42
Vajbmplayer in terminal if that matters...06:43
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Siceloi wonder .. the thing is volume keys seem to be hard-coded for font resizing07:32
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Vajbyep.... thats why i asked07:40
Vajbhmm another thought came to mind. Is there a way to change omp cache size?07:40
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bencohVajb: I think you'd need to patch osso-xterm11:05
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Vajbbencoh: i was thinking about running mplayer in -slave mode to see if it could work that way, but didn't test it yet11:55
Vajbbut if there is a way to unlock volume key when desktop is shown i guess that should be enough too.11:56
Vajbmeaning that mplayer is running background11:57
jogayou use it to play audio?11:58
jogaI had a feeling the vol keys would work when locked but apparently it was some android tablet that worked like that11:59
jogaif I need to adjust volume when having a terminal on the foreground I just flick the camera key (to start task switcher) and then adjust the volume12:00
jogaah, no, it does work like that... if using the media player12:01
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bencohVajb: do you want to pass the vol+/- to mplayer or just adjust system volume ?12:04
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Vajbi just want to be able to adjust volume while screen is locked. Or rather to be able to choose when it is locked and when not.12:33
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jogaheh... make media player play a silent .wav on repeat12:49
jogaseems it needs to be playing something for the volume to change12:50
bencohVajb: what do you use mplayer for btw ?12:59
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Vajbbencoh: i stream radio. And reason why i use mplayer is that i want to be able to pause broadcast when there is coffee break at work.13:07
bencohhence the omp cache question ?13:08
Vajbmplayer allows me to set cache big enough to allow break13:08
Vajbhence the question about mplayer cache file location two days ago13:08
Vajbi could use dumpsteam but problem is that is stops playing at the end of file rather than updating file length at fly.13:09
bencohwell, you could also dump to a fifo13:14
bencohand read the fifo13:14
bencohbut that's ugly13:14
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MaxdamantusYay. Can take the back cover off while running Maemo and still use the SD card.13:56
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totalizatorbencoh: well, I have no clue how to fix feh so feel free to patch it / upload15:01
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bencohtotalizator: setting WM_HINTS doesnt help ?15:03
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totalizatorbencoh: it should but I don't speak C unfortunately :3 and the code is a bit different from your example so I don't know where to apply this18:51
bencoh'mkay I'll see what I can do18:52
bencohit should probably go in in winwidget_create_window18:54
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totalizatortried that19:11
totalizatorin many ekhem, ugly ways - none worked19:12
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totalizatortime to learn to code, seriously this thime19:17
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infoboti guess usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt20:55
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antranigvanyone ever tried  to fix their own N900 ? the USB port I mean21:06
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antranigvstryngs: any good post or video for that ? :) I have time and (that gadget to open the device), I just want to reflash :-/21:09
bencohtotalizator: would you please send me your debian/ for feh ?21:09
bencoh(for fremantle)21:09
stryngsi did it by trial and error21:09
stryngsopen and play =)21:09
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stryngswhat else ya gunna do21:09
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antranigvdear users who ever dessembled the N900, that keyboard-screen cable, how can I deattach it ?21:38
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RiDcarefully, lol21:51
RiDputting it is harder21:51
antranigvRiD: I just opened, ahh21:54
antranigvnow, I'll test the USB21:54
antranigvI don't have another one :-/21:55
RiDI do. Broken USB though LOL21:56
antranigvwell, lsusb didn't find anything, :(21:56
antranigvI want my phone back :'(21:57
antranigvRiD: any ideas ?21:57
RiDdid you solder it back in the same place21:57
RiDor did you create an alternative connection using the back "dots"?21:57
antranigvsolder ? that thing with heat ? nop :P21:57
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RiDoh what did you do then? lol21:57
antranigvjust diassamble :D21:58
antranigvnow I'm thinking what to do21:58
RiDwell, if you just want to reflash i think the back dots might be easier to deal with21:58
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antranigvRiD: back dots ??21:58
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RiDyeah im sorry its not the best explanation... hold on21:58
antranigvhehe :D this made my day21:59
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antranigvIf I can reflash it, at least I can use it, and charge it with a universal charger :) I have 5 batteries :P22:03
RiDi have 3, but they're far from their original capacity22:03
RiDbut dont trust the first posts, i think the scheme was wrong.22:04
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antranigvRiD: so it is possible ? just by tuching the cables ? o.O22:10
RiDyep, as long as they're in the right places22:11
RiDPM Estel for example, he knows much more than I do22:11
RiDhe'll guide you to the right direction :322:12
antranigvRiD: thanks !!22:12
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RiDif all you want is reflash, i guess that is a much easier option :P22:15
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antranigvRiD: back, now, let's continue, :P23:06
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RiDi can't help you more than that :v23:11
antranigvanyway, I'll burn one of my cables now :P23:12
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Maxdamantusantranigv: I'd suggest flashing uBoot, so you don't have to do it again.23:31
antranigvMaxdamantus: any posts for that ? (new here (:)23:32
MaxdamantusThen you can boot something like that recovery image off the SD card if the OS fails.23:32
MaxdamantusHm. There's
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Maxdamantusif you're using the standard kernel, you should be able to find the image somewhere in those packages and flash it as a kernel using flasher.23:40
* Maxdamantus is sceptical about installing kernels through package managers.23:41
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antranigvMaxdamantus: I'll try that too!23:59

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