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OksanaYes, have seen it. Question 1: how do I test to what extent my camera was already damaged? Question 2: how difficult is it for those affected to replace their cameras with new ones? Side-note: my camera is as near-sighted as I am ;-)01:40
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OksanaAs in, I never could get Macro to work better than Automatic; Automatic is already good enough.02:04
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CapsulisCharlieokey , i will go google ;)15:05
keriothat could be for the best15:05
infobotit has been said that maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download, cd into it, do ./flash-it-all.sh15:05
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CapsulisCharliethx you :)15:11
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CapsulisCharliei just find little french tuto , i will try with this . (nokia n900 , i have firmware and EMMC )15:12
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keriodo you want to save what's on the n900 right now?15:14
CapsulisCharliei was installed application from store , for use $bash , and after i never want start again ...15:16
CapsulisCharliei was flash him one time15:17
CapsulisCharliebut not yesterday -__-15:17
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CapsulisCharliei will try to flash my nokia N900 , but flasher have problem when i plug my phone for emmc17:41
CapsulisCharlieit told me : " ERROR: APE algorithm has to be provided to flash all the subimages17:42
CapsulisCharlieVersion of 'sw-release': RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_MR017:44
CapsulisCharlieImage SW version <none>17:44
CapsulisCharliewhat i sImage SW ?!17:44
bencohdid you follow the wiki instructions ?17:47
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CapsulisCharlienot very difficult , put : $flasher -F RX######PR_EMMC.bin -f -R , and down phone , plug it with "u" key , and i have error , not emmc install17:59
bencoh<Note however that eMMC flashing will fail when your rootfs is completely messed up, the recommended flash sequence then is rootfs, eMMC, rootfs *again*.18:02
bencoh(that was a quote from
bencohI dunno in which state your nand/mmc is18:02
bencohbtw where/when do you get the APE error ?18:02
CapsulisCharliei will go translate your think bencoh , i not understand :(18:06
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CapsulisCharliei was flash before my n900 , and no problem . after few month , i try to use bash script and i was download application from extra-devel . and it work , but after 1/2 week without used it , i try to start it and that don't go after start video .18:10
CapsulisCharlieso i try to flash him again18:10
CapsulisCharlieit's problem with my flasher , version 3.12 :)18:16
CapsulisCharlienow i need to find how uninstall him lol18:17
CapsulisCharlieapt-get --help18:17
CapsulisCharlieoops :p18:17
infobotflasher is, like, at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
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CapsulisCharlieBooting device into flash mode.18:32
CapsulisCharlieSuitable USB device not found, waiting.18:32
CapsulisCharlieand 2 sec before it told me USB device found found at bus 001 , device adress 01218:33
CapsulisCharliethat smelt hard :(18:33
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CapsulisCharliei fear :(18:35
CapsulisCharlieto never be use my n90018:35
sixwheeledbeastso you have flasher 3.5 now?18:50
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bencohTsutomuShimomura: free kevin!18:52
TsutomuShimomuraI'm tracking him right now!18:52
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TsutomuShimomuraSo I'm thinking about starting an n900 bitcoin mining pool.19:01
keriobrilliant idea19:02
keriodoes the blockchain even fit on a n90019:03
secYes, it can19:03
secIt's not 2009 sadly, so no coins even if you tried forever19:03
keriomaybe you'll get lucky!19:04
bencohCapsulisCharlie: so, how did it go ?19:04
keriohow often are blocks mined?19:04
sec10 minutes19:05
keriohow many hashings can the n900 do in 10 minutes?19:06
secHah, I couldn't say, but pretty insignificant I would assume19:08
TsutomuShimomuraWe can do it gents!?!19:08
TsutomuShimomuraIf we pool all the world's n900 resources together, we can become the 51%!@19:08
secJesus, here, look at the search results -
secSpam, all of it clickbait19:09
secProbably running a shitload of exploits in the background as well19:09
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newbieAlerthi..does n900 power kernel contains fuse.ko?19:57
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infobotit has been said that tabletsdev is , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or
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newbieAlertscratchbox has fuse ??20:55
newbieAlerti could not find it ( python-fuse setup )20:56
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bencohnewbieAlert: I dont see python-fuse in extras21:08
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secTor too old to be usable :/21:22
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keriosec: maemo is OLD AS FUCK21:23
kerioit's like three debian stables ago, or something21:23
sixwheeledbeasttor applet does need updating21:24
secYeah I know kerio, I feel like venting my sadness in the channel every time I encounter an old as fuck package. My apologies.21:24
secWhat's neo900 going to run? I haven't kept up to date with its progress..21:25
secI know they were trying to port maemo over or something21:25
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keriosec: i tried saying "surely the maemo port for the neo900 will at least get rid of the /sbin/preinit bullshit"21:27
keriothe answer was 'well we'll have to keep the "api" there for bootmenu and the like'21:27
secLol, I can't understand why they want to use maemo, surely there have to be better alternatives even if it involves in house development, the effort can't be more than the work it'll take to port maemo over21:29
SicelonewbieAlert: what are you trying to do?21:29
keriosec: it's actually an insane amount of effort not to use maemo21:31
keriothat's why we use maemo21:31
kerioit's literally the reason you're using maemo right now, instead of a distro you made yourself21:31
secHm, I wouldn't know, but I suppose the rate at which mainline linux is getting n900 support included, maemo is probably the easiest option for the N900. I can't say for the neo900 ..21:33
kerioi have to say, at this point extras-devel is much less of a resource to me21:34
secI would love to have pure Debian on this thing though21:36
secBut that'll never happen21:36
keriofreemangordon: how much is supported by mainline linux?21:37
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secAlso, my GPS never seems to work .. ever.. is there a way to check if this is a hardware or a software fault?21:39
secI have flashed a few times, never has worked21:39
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Sicelolocation-test-gui would be a good start21:41
keriowhat's your agps server?21:41
kerioor gpsrecorder21:41
Sicelodoes gpsrecorder allow you to cycle through all the different GPS modes?21:41
secI've tried both Nokia and Google supl servers21:41
secLet me try gpsrecorder and location-test-gui21:42
kerioif you have a recent enough cssu, you should use doesn't work anymore21:42
secI am running stable sadly21:42
kerioyou're capable of opening an irc client21:42
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Siceloeven on stable you can get the gps/certman update21:42
secI was running Testing, but it was horribly laggy21:43
secThumb even more so surprisingly21:43
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secAlright, GPS Recorder is on "Stopped, Acquiring" 0/12 satellites21:46
secI'll give it a few minutes21:46
keriominutes? what21:46
kerioi get a fix in 7 blinks of the gps icon21:46
secTo get a lock21:46
secI left it on the window a whole night once21:46
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secFunny, the lock icon stops blinking as soon as I start gpsdata (two or three ticks) but the status says GPS isn't locked yet21:56
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secI'll test this outside later. bbl21:58
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