IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2014-12-18

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OksanaMaxdamantus, how did you get your N900 to be waterproof? Curious... Do you have a how-to guide?00:27
MaxdamantusI just put it in a zip-lock bag.00:28
bencohno kidding ?00:35
OksanaHeh... At least, that way camera works, too.00:35
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MaxdamantusIndeed, though some thing I installed that controls the flashlight messes it up because the proximity sensor is confused.00:36
Oksanalfocus, or how was it called?00:37
MaxdamantusYeah, something like that.00:37
Vajbhooray i got mplayer dumb working with alarmed, but there is one issue left. Anyone care to help?00:38
Vajboops sorry00:39
Vajbtoo late in here00:39
bencohhow is mplayer -dumpstream related to alarmed ?00:39
Vajbanyways i did shell script to start mplayer dumpstream at certain time00:40
Vajbbut it doesn't stop00:40
Vajbscript has line for mplayer then sleep and after that killall mplayer, but they r not launched00:41
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Vajbok solved this by making another script for killing earlier one00:58
bencohmplayer; sleep; killall wont work, since mplayer will never terminate00:58
bencohyou need to mplayer &; PID=$!00:58
bencohinfobot: where are you now ?! :p00:59
infobotbencoh: what are you talking about?00:59
bencohmplayer &00:59
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Vajband will this pid be seconds?00:59
bencohseconds ?01:01
bencoh$! is the pid of the last forked process in your script01:01
bencohin this case, mplayer01:01
bencohI dont really know what you want to achive01:01
bencohyou do know that mplayer has -endpos btw ?01:02
bencoh(man mplayer)01:02
Vajblol ok lemme try to be clear this time. I want to make script which dumps mplayer stream for say 2 hours and then stops01:02
bencohthen try -endpos01:02
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Vajbthx, with that PID thing added to script it worked as expected01:16
Vajbendpos didn't work or i used it wrong01:17
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bencohit should work afaik, check your timestamps and/or the way you specify it01:18
Vajbi tried mplayer url -dumpstream -dumpfile file -endpos 301:21
bencohand it didnt work as expected ? :]01:22
Vajbnope it just kept going01:22
bencohwell then you might want to try some real encoding with mencoder01:22
bencohinstead of -dumpstream01:23
Vajb expected it to terminate at 3secs or at least 3min01:23
bencohor maybe just remmuxing with codec copy/passthrough01:23
Vajbi have it working the way i first wanted by your first solution01:23
bencohyeah but that's a quick&dirty solution :)01:24
Vajbwell outcome is what matters to me atm :p01:25
Vajbmaybe i will revisit it later if i learn more scripting01:26
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MaxdamantusHm. What's that program that gets lots of information about the system?05:49
Maxdamantus(something Maemo-specific)05:50
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sixwheeledbeastMaxdamantus: healthcheck10:07
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MaxdamantusThat wasn't it.10:08
MaxdamantusIt's something installed by default.10:08
MaxdamantusIt just prints stuff to stdout.10:08
Maxdamantusdoesn't show it graphically.10:08
MaxdamantusHm. It might be similar to `lshal`10:10
Maxdamantusbut I think it had a longer name, and output stuff slightly more nicely.10:10
Maxdamantusactually, I think it was just lshal.10:11
Vajbconky shows lots of info, but graphically10:12
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infobotcombined is probably the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
infobotfrom memory, emmc is is or see ~emmc212:12
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Horcruxguys how do I know if my N900 needs the UK or international version. Also does it really matter?12:42
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VajbHorcrux: i guess it doesn't matter, but that's just a guess...12:55
* kolp guesses the same12:55
* bencoh too12:56
HorcruxI'll try flashing international onto a device from the UK and see what happens :P12:56
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sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: it doesn't matter13:42
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Horcruxthanks sixwheeledbeast. I have the phone flashed with both combined and the (EU?) eMMC image and am doing the CSSU stuff atm.13:44
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: remember to remove cherry too13:45
infobotrumour has it, cherry is
Horcruxis cherry included on the PR1.3.1 image13:46
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: I believe so, you will be able to check13:49
Horcruxsixwheeledbeast: thanks for the tips, and it seems cherry is still present (I didn't get the contract popup though)14:01
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Horcruxerr, why does apt-get dist-upgrade want to remove 370 packages? O.o14:04
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sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: never do apt-get dist upgrade on Maemo ever!14:12
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: I guess your new to Maemo?14:13
Horcruxwell, new to messing with stuff under the hood yes14:13
sixwheeledbeastRecommended to only use ~ham or ~speedyHAM for package management.14:14
infobotrumour has it, ham is Hildon Application Manager.  Slow as molasses. Anticipate you got time for a beer or two until it finishes whatever it does, or see ~speedyham14:14
infoboti guess speedyham is 30 times faster than HAM
infoboti guess hamvsfam is, or
antranigvor just using the terminal ? :)14:15
Horcruxare either of those cli based?14:15
antranigvnon of these are... they are GUIs14:16
antranigvas much as I remember14:16
Horcruxerr, I mostly SSH... Is there reasoning other than the dist-upgrade thing as to why using apt is a bad idea?14:17
sixwheeledbeastAll GUI's, if you use terminal there is a slim possibility of a dependency mess. as you can see from the link above
antranigvany idea why is this happening ? isn't HAM just a GUI for apt ?14:21
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Horcruxsixwheeledbeast: I am pretty new to linux and only sort of know how package managers work. That being said, why do apt and HAM behave differently? Don't they use the same dependence logic?14:26
kerioHAM is "special"14:28
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: There are multiple factors I believe. the metapackage/dependency ball that is Maemo, the extra layer of security using domains that HAM has, the system upgrade recovery that ham has... basically yes, ham is "special".14:33
sixwheeledbeastif you read the thread above you may understand it better.14:34
HorcruxI've been looking but it's largely greek to me... post #14 kind of makes it sound like HAM prevents Nokia packages from being replaced14:36
Horcruxalso I'm not too interested in the Ovi apps14:36
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sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: yes different repositories so if some packages was pushed to the repos with the same name as a system package apt would replace it (following the rules of dpkg compare version) however HAM recognises it's not a system package so the original is kept14:39
sixwheeledbeastwell explained basically anyway14:39
HorcruxOh, that makes sense. Is there a situation where this is a bad thing, though? Assuming the repos are kept clear of packages that'd not reliably replace system packages, ofc14:41
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: that's only number one of HAM's special abilities ;)14:43
bencohthat case can be fixed with pinning ;)14:44
Horcruxokay, HAM is too slow. If I brick my system with apt I'll reflash. xD14:45
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: ~speedyham14:45
infobotit has been said that speedyham is 30 times faster than HAM
Horcruxooh, I thought speedyham was FAM, but it's not?14:46
sixwheeledbeasthopefully it will be in CSSU in the near future14:46
sixwheeledbeastHorcrux: no fam is a apt gui, speedyham is ham fixed by fmg14:46
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, fmg is the greatest14:47
* sixwheeledbeast bows14:47
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Horcruxsweet, ty14:48
Vajbim not entirely sure if it was partly me or speedyham install, but after all it ended to reflash for me15:10
Vajbi tried to install it through ham, but it failed and that broke something. Then i tried through apt and it failed too.15:11
Vajbthen i tried to fix it with apt because ham wouldn't work because of dependency issues15:12
Vajbi solved them through apt, but in the end something was not right15:12
Vajbbecause after that my device didn't recover fom reboot15:13
Vajbi had cssu-stable if that matters15:13
Horcruxuh, Vajb I think I have exactly the issue you do15:16
Horcruxmy device is bootlooping :(15:16
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Horcruxthis is what I get for doing that autoremove earlier I suppose15:20
Vajbwhile i tried to fix my system apt suggested to autoremove cssu enabler...15:21
HorcruxI think that's partly what happened here too15:21
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Veggenimho, it's a bug that the system don't support apt-get upgrade.15:21
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Horcrux@Veggen: I feel ya15:22
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Vajbbut in the end this is the best nokia phone i ever had15:25
Vajbmy first was 311015:26
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antranigvquestion, are the .bin files for combined and VANILLA the same ? :-/15:26
sixwheeledbeastVajb: sounds like the dependency mess was already there, speedyham was just the nail in the coffin.15:30
Vajbsixwheeledbeast: well ham didn't complain anything nor did apt.15:33
Vajbi regularly check updates through ham + apt15:33
Vajbham doesn't show all updates15:33
Vajbbut well truth is i used fam before so maybe thats the one to blame15:34
antranigvso there is no sollutions for good package manager, ha?15:34
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antranigvHAM is slow (I'm ok with that), but still doesn't show all updates ? not good.15:35
sixwheeledbeastEr, it will be "hiding" the updates for a reason. Remember special powers15:36
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infobotcombined is, like, the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
antranigvso central europe and vanilla are for EMMC, I should do that first... then do Combined, PR 1.3.1, ha ? :)16:36
antranigvI just don't get why Central Europe is 600MB while Vanilla is 260MB :-/16:37
antranigvgalif thank you, who ever you are :)16:38
Horcruxit is? you mean I downloaded an extra 300mb for nothing? :O16:38
antranigvHorcrux: I have no idea :-/ I also have limited data, that's why I'd like to know :)16:39
antranigvyou see there are 4 files16:40
antranigvPR 1.316:40
antranigvPR 1.3.116:40
antranigvVanilla - 260BM16:40
antranigvand Central Europe - 600 MB16:40
antranigvVanilla vs Central Europe... any idea ?16:40
Horcruxvanilla and CE are both eMMC images and honestly there's not too much useful that I've found in the CE image16:41
antranigvso I downloaded 300 MB for nothing....16:42
antranigvI still need combined16:42
antranigvI need a day to download that... so16:42
sixwheeledbeastbundled videos depending on region, UK version had a video called '9' IIRC16:42
Horcruxoh, that one about the kids and the camcorder?16:43
antranigvVanilla, then should be :)16:43
antranigvsixwheeledbeast: there are 2 files, SE_21 and SE_20... newer the better ? btw, I'd like to install CSSU after reflashing :)16:44
sixwheeledbeastantranigv: I don't know what the difference is apart from "21" being newer. I have never needed to flash eMMC to compare.16:47
antranigvit's the combined, not eMMC16:47
infobotsomebody said combined was the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
antranigvthanks infobot :)16:48
antranigvso 21 is 1.3.116:49
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Horcruxoh THAT 917:25
sixwheeledbeastantranigv: oh17:28
sixwheeledbeastuse the latest one, they are different releases17:28
sixwheeledbeastpr1.3 or pr1.3.1 are fine, CSSU contains the 1.3.1 update anyway17:31
Horcruxokay the EU eMMC image contains 9 and some electro music which is where the extra space goes I assume17:32
antranigv300 MB o.O damn it17:33
Horcruxand some wallpapers :D17:33
antranigvI just care about the Debian part :) no GUI needed for me17:34
antranigvthe main problem17:34
antranigvis my connection17:34
antranigv45KB/S download damn it :-/17:35
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gabriel_schulhofHi, all! If anyone's around: Neither irreco nor qtirreco can find the host with the remotes database. Does anybody know how to fix that?20:18
joganah I had the same prob... sounds like manual fix or complaining to the author20:20
gabriel_schulhofjoga: If I knew what the structure of ~/.irreco I could fill it up myself.20:23
gabriel_schulhofjoga: ... but I dunno what kinds of files are supposed to be in there.20:23
gabriel_schulhofjoga: Do you have anything in ~/.irreco?20:23
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jogagabriel_schulhof, nah I don't even have that directory..21:06
gabriel_schulhofjoga: Alright. Thanks!21:07
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HorcruxSo it seems the 720p video hack has bootlooped my phone22:16
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fmunozsHorcrux, is that freemangordon's stuff? I think a lot of people use it22:33
*** Horcrux_ has joined #maemo22:34
Horcrux_yep it's his stuff... any ideas as to why it borks things?22:35
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sixwheeledbeastgabriel_schulhof: what do you need irreco for?22:37
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stryngshe has it laid out nicely22:54
* stryngs acks22:54
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bencohHorcrux_: have you overclocked the dsp ?23:09
bencoh(and/or the cpu)23:10
Horcrux_bencoh: no overclocking, reflashed earlier today and installed openSSH, CSSU, the speedyHAM and the 720p codecs/libraries23:12
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OksanaopenSSH should not bork anything, in any way. CSSU by itself should not bork anything, either - I have CSSU-Testing. But, I have never installed speedyHAM, or 720p.23:17
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bencohHorcrux_: but ... doesnt it need some overclocking ?23:37
bencoh(720p playback)23:37
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RiDDany way to force https connections or everything in n900?23:48
RiDDon everything that is possibe*23:48
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