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erlehmannso GF has a n900 and it does have old firmware00:31
erlehmanncan we use 0xffff to flash that? 0xffff is in debian!00:31
erlehmannfirmware is from 2009 it seems00:32
APicBerlinbernd eignet wieder!00:32
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erlehmannach APic00:32
erlehmannthis does not mention 0xffff
ShadowJK"old firmware"?00:35
ShadowJKI mean, if her N900 has been in active use, I would've thought it would have received updates to the most recent Nokia firmware00:36
erlehmannShadowJK she told me that in “product info” version contains 200900:38
erlehmannsince she is currently talking to someone on this phone, i cannot check00:38
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erlehmannShadowJK it apparently was not in active use00:53
erlehmannbought on ebay00:53
erlehmannlast owner apparently phoned often with his or her mom00:54
erlehmannin 2011 or before00:54
infobothmm... tabletsdev is , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or
ShadowJKoh great, wiki is giving me premission denied00:55
ShadowJKoh that last link still works00:55
ShadowJKThough has no firmware... wonder if parent directory link works. yes, but no firmware00:56
erlehmannwhat does that mean?00:56
Sicelo just see /topic for those things ;)00:57
erlehmannoh very funny
ShadowJKSicelo, I was doing that00:57
infobothmm... combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
ShadowJKSo 38-1 from 2011?00:58
erlehmannsounds legit.00:58
erlehmannis that the newest?00:58
ShadowJKAnd then,
ShadowJKThough the wiki is down for me?00:59
Siceloopens fine for me00:59
erlehmannopens for me as well01:00
M4rtinKhmm, I might have just built a modRana package for Fedora :D01:00
M4rtinKany testers ? :D01:00
erlehmann; md5sum RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin01:01
erlehmann095259c2380e894dc1d6a2999526ec9f  RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin01:01
erlehmann095259c2380e894dc1d6a2999526ec9f  RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin01:01
erlehmanngreat success01:01
erlehmannShadowJK thx. why do UK devices have a differing firmware?01:01
ShadowJKSome operator crap, iirc01:02
ShadowJKI'm still getting 403 forbidden on wiki :(01:03
ShadowJKglobal works on all devices01:03
erlehmanndoes 0xffff work as a flasher tool?01:04
ShadowJKI've never used it01:04
fmunozsI think it does01:04
erlehmanndoes any one of you have experience with screen replacements?01:05
erlehmannor know how to source a spare screen?01:05
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erlehmannscratched screen is ugly01:05
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kolperlehmann: you just need the touch thing, not the actual display01:10
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erlehmannkolp where could one source the patr?01:14
kolpI got mine off ebay, but it's getting difficult these days01:14
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erlehmannthanx and good night01:59
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erlehmannha, GF just bought another n900. display problems begone!02:52
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ShadowJKerlehmann, dude, I wamt your gf03:28
ShadowJKHope she dumps you03:28
ShadowJKj(k lol :D03:28
ShadowJKJokes aside,03:29
erlehmannshadowjk, we are not monogamous03:29
erlehmannso thats not strictly necessary03:29
ShadowJKIf she has unupgraded N900, with issues, and buys another one, she probably appreciates the keyboard or something?03:30
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erlehmannyeah, that and the maemo interface.03:30
ShadowJKAlso kinda weird that her bf would appear here03:30
erlehmannwhy, i had a n900 first!03:31
erlehmanni am typing on it right now03:31
ShadowJKDid you both have N900s and randomly meet or what's the story here03:31
erlehmannmeet first, separately from each other buy n900 later.03:32
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erlehmannsometimes people who like each other have similar tastes03:32
erlehmannit happens!03:32
erlehmannwe both use the neo2 keyboard layout for example03:33
ShadowJKThen spend years without ever visiting #maemo, and suddenly turn up one day?03:33
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erlehmanni used a htc dream and used it until recently03:33
erlehmannandroid is pig disgusting03:34
erlehmanni cannot even change font03:34
ShadowJKis kinda same time period, iirc03:34
erlehmanni have to go to sleep03:34
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ShadowJKawesome, really03:34
ShadowJKtoo bad he quit :(03:35
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alien2003anybody use EasyDebian?15:43
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Siceloalien2003: yes17:20
alien2003Sicelo: do you know how to input russian letters in LXDE in EasyDebian?17:21
Sicelounfortunately no. how do you do it on Desktop?17:22
Siceloand how do you do it in Maemo?17:25
Siceloif you're able to do it in Maemo, copy its keyboard layout file onto your EasyDebian install. will help you see which files are involved17:26
Vajbis it possible to hide task switcher button and only bring tasks up by pressing ctrl+backspace?17:30
alien2003Sicelo: I want to have 2 switchable layouts: russian and english. I need it to work in LibreOffice f. e.17:30
Vajbi mean the "button" on top left corner...17:30
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Sicelowhy Vajb :P17:37
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Siceloi really have no better idea alien2003 than what i've already mentioned. maybe someone else here knows .. keep checking. but i think the same method you use on your Desktop computer should work in EasyDebian with few modifications17:39
MrPinguRead the easy debian wiki17:42
MrPinguuse setxkbmap ;)17:43
MrPinguAnd ofcourse copy keyboard file from maemo to ED first17:44
MrPinguFor that I refer to sicelo17:44
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alien2003MrPingu: what files i should copy? and where? th17:46
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alien2003MrPingu: no... I think it's not that I mean. I mean I want to have two input languages in EasyDebian. I've set russian keyboard layout (with two arrows instead of four) with setxkbmap but I still have English input language and don't see any way to switch it.17:51
MrPinguaah then you need to issue setxkbmap at lxde startup17:52
VajbSicelo: just because i wanna see my menu instantly when i press there not all the programs im running :p17:52
MrPinguSee easy debian wiki ;)17:52
MrPinguunder keyboard issues17:53
alien2003MrPingu: I've set @setxkbmap ru17:53
alien2003Keyboard layout is "russian" - with only left and right arrows instead of up-down-right-left in English17:53
alien2003But it still inputs only english letters17:54
MrPinguI see but ED does not read that?17:54
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alien2003MrPingu: what do you mean by "read"?17:55
MrPinguYou did change /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart?17:55
alien2003MrPingu: twa17:55
alien2003alien2003: yes17:56
MrPinguBut it still uses US layout?17:56
MrPinguOr does it used ru layout?17:56
alien2003MrPingu: it uses english input method on russian keyboard layout. Russian keyboard layout is a little different. As I understood setxkbmap only changed keyboard type to russian but not the input language17:57
MrPinguI see, can you open up settings in LXDE?17:57
alien2003the only russian letter I can type is "б"17:57
alien2003MrPingu: which section?17:58
alien2003MrPingu: sorry, brb, need to go to shop17:58
alien2003MrPingu: what do I need to change in settings?17:58
MrPinguSee if you can change language there17:59
alien2003MrPingu: which section of settings?18:00
MrPinguadd setxkbmap -layout "ru,us" tot autostart file18:00
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MrPinguThen reboot ED18:00
MrPinguthen in add panel in LXDE; Keyboard layout switcher18:01
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MrPinguI really never messed with languages so I am not sure either. Good luck though18:02
MrPinguJust trying to help you as much as I can18:02
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alien2003MrPingu: that applet shows only NOKIA18:21
alien2003and doesn't switch anything18:21
MrPinguSorry, Idk then18:21
alien2003MrPingu: I will try to do something with X11 config... maybe it will help18:22
MrPinguMust be someone who knows how, otherwise you could post your question on TMO (forum)18:22
alien2003MrPingu: I'm glad that Maemo 5 community is still alive and active. I think I will post. Thank you.18:26
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kolpIs anyone using 'fahrplan' here? Has displaying the details stopped working for you too?20:32
kolpwith the DB backend, that is20:33
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