IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2014-10-21

Sicelohow did you install the newer flashplayer?00:00
gogogogoI can't remember because it was a long time ago but I guess I just downloaded it through hildon00:02
gogogogono wait00:02
gogogogonow I remember installing it from a .deb00:02
Siceloon mine it's installed differently..00:02
gogogogoI downloaded a .deb from somewhere in the wiki or the forum00:03
NokiabotApt-get purge libflashplayer.so00:03
gogogogoNokiabot, is that a real message?00:04
NokiabotApt-get purge flashplayer00:04
gogogogoSicelo, what should I understand from your paste?00:04
NokiabotGogogogo you can try the one after it00:05
NokiabotSicelo:tell him to purge it then install again00:06
gogogogoNokiabot I can read you, I'm trying00:06
NokiabotI fixed mine that way when mine got wonky00:06
gogogogoI tried both your strings but those packages weren't detected00:07
gogogogoso I tried "apt-get purge adobe-flashplayer"00:07
gogogogoand it still stays I have unmet dependencies and get stuck00:07
NokiabotGogogogo:thats why i was asking sileco to give you exact package names00:08
Sicelowhat are the dependencies.. you din't give us that..00:08
gogogogo1) mp-fremantle-generic-pr 2) tutorial-home-applet00:08
gogogogo"Depends: adobe-flashplayer (>= but it is not going to be installed"00:09
Siceloit wants to install those? or to remove them? or says it doesn't find them? maybe a paste will help :)00:09
gogogogoI will paste, wait a minute00:09
NokiabotGogogogo:if you can flash it as it would be even better to have a fresh device after all these years00:10
gogogogoI flashed it only last year..00:10
gogogogowell, I know that is a nice thing to do anyway.. I was trying all I could to avoid that first00:11
* Sicelo flashed his N900 only once. July 2011 when I bought it. still working fine as a daily (and only) device00:11
gogogogoSicelo, that's my plan as well00:12
gogogogoI'm just not sure I will still find a flash-image easily00:13
gogogogoor I'm maybe wrong00:13
Sicelothey are available.. see /topic00:13
Sicelowhat is the current version of maemo you have?00:13
gogogogosorry to ask, how can I figure out?00:14
M4rtinKwell, I haven't reflashed my N900 since I bought it in 2010 :)00:14
*** shentey has quit IRC00:14
gogogogoreflashing is nice.. it all feels more responsive afterwards00:14
Sicelo \m/ M4rtinK ;)00:15
Sicelogogogogo: control panel > about device (and about cssu if you have that)00:15
gogogogoeven though I know what a noob I am and if I ever happened to brick my phone I would resent it. It's not an iPhone or an Android, I like it! :D00:15
gogogogook, I don't have cssu00:15
gogogogoMeamo 5 21.2011.38-100:16
gogogogois that good ? :-)00:17
gogogogomy n900's selfesteem is at stake now. Be kind.00:17
Siceloyes. you're on 'latest' stock system.00:18
Sicelolol, yes. last00:18
gogogogoahahah I got it now, sorry00:19
gogogogoI'm no mothertongue annd no genius either XD00:19
Siceloi'm not too sure what you should do now.. but the real problem is not in the purge attempt, but rather, why apt-get aborts. i would trying forcing, but i'm not saying it will work fine for you :/00:23
Oksanagogogogo: You tried  'apt-get --reinstall adobe-flashplayer' instead of ' 'apt-get --reinstall install adobe-flashplayer', that's why it complained that it does not know an operation adobe-flashplayer00:23
gogogogowhat should I do instead? I didn't understand00:24
OksanaWhat will apt-get say now if you try 'apt-get install adobe-flashplayer'?00:24
gogogogolet me check00:25
gogogogoagain, unmet dependencies :\00:26
OksanaAnd if you try 'apt-get --reinstall install adobe-flashplayer' ?00:27
*** Nokiabot has quit IRC00:27
gogogogoinvalid operation adobe-flashplayer00:27
freemangordonit is the other way around00:28
freemangordonapt-get install --reinstall $whatever00:28
freemangordongogogogo: try "apt-get install --reinstall adobe-flash-player="00:29
freemangordongogogogo: did you disable nokia and ovi repos by chance?00:30
*** stef204 has joined #maemo00:31
gogogogo1) couldn't find adobe-flash-player package00:31
gogogogo2) I'm going to try again with "adobe-flashplayer"00:31
freemangordonoh,ok, I mistyped it00:31
gogogogo3) I'm going to check repositories status in hildon00:31
gogogogo2) -> Abort.00:32
freemangordonwhat is in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list00:32
*** stef204 has quit IRC00:32
freemangordonalso, what does apt-get update does?00:32
OksanaSorry about order of 'install --reinstall', I should not have believed this source without checking it:
*** shamus has quit IRC00:33
*** shamus has joined #maemo00:33
gogogogoit takes me a while to make a pastebin..00:34
gogogogocat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list gives me 5 lines00:34
gogogogodeb + url00:34
freemangordonsure, what are those lines?00:35
gogogogo3 of them start with "" then add "freemantle/ssu/apps", "freemantle/ssu/mr0", "freemantle1.2/ovi/"00:36
gogogogothen the 2 last start with "" and add "/extras/ fremantle-1.3 free non-free"00:37
freemangordonok, please run apt-get update and pastebin the result00:37
gogogogoand the last "/extras-devel fremantle-1.3 free non-free"00:37
gogogogoit's downloading a lot of things00:38
gogogogoit's downloading a 10MB file at 15kb/s...00:39
gogogogoit will take a while, sorry :(00:39
freemangordonwell, maybe you should disable extras-devel00:40
freemangordonnot now ofc, it is a bit late00:40
gogogogothe scarlet letter N00:40
freemangordonwhy so slow?00:40
freemangordonare you on 2G?00:41
gogogogoitalian connections00:41
gogogogono, wi-fi :)00:41
gogogogoyou can cry00:41
*** discopig has joined #maemo00:42
gogogogowell.. sometimes I get to 50-60 KB/s00:42
freemangordonnice :)00:43
gogogogoyou aren't serious, are you? XD00:43
gogogogomobile connections can be faster in town00:44
gogogogo50% :)))))00:45
gogogogo5mins left00:45
gogogogoconnection boost time. I'm getting 60KB/s now00:47
gogogogook. Done.00:47
gogogogoand there it is
freemangordonaccording to (which is heavily CPU-bound) my N900 downloads with 6Mbps and uploads with 10Mbps00:51
freemangordongogogogo: are you root?00:51
freemangordondo you have hildon-application-manager opened?00:52
freemangordonE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:52
gogogogoI know!00:52
freemangordonis there any process listed after "ps | grep apt"?00:53
gogogogois that a command?00:53
*** Jef91 has quit IRC00:53
gogogogoI have 2 processes00:54
gogogogo /usr/libexec/apt-worker00:54
freemangordonwell, you should wait until they finish00:54
gogogogo /usr/libexec/apt-worker backend /tmp/ /t00:55
freemangordonand run "apt-get update" again00:55
gogogogoI'm not installing anything at all right now00:55
gogogogoI'm going to wait forever00:55
freemangordonwell, I *think* we can safely kill those00:55
freemangordonPali: is it safe to kill apt-worker on non-cssu device?00:56
*** hurrian has quit IRC00:56
gogogogo2493 root 2088 s grep apt00:56
gogogogoI already killed it, I hope so00:56
freemangordonnow do "apt-get update"00:56
Palifreemangordon: if you kill both HAM & apt-worked it could be safe00:56
gogogogolet me disable extra-devels first00:57
freemangordonHAM does not work (you we believe gogogogo), only the background update00:57
freemangordongogogogo: nooo00:57
Paliwhat can happen is only inconsistant state, like killing apt-get00:57
freemangordonapt-worker will start again00:57
freemangordonPali: ok00:57
gogogogoI'm going to apt-get update again00:58
gogogogoI disabled extra-devel00:58
freemangordonPali: BTW do you follow pulseaudio-nokia development?00:58
freemangordongogogogo: ok00:58
freemangordonmake sure there are no apt-worker processes00:58
gogogogops | grep apt?00:59
Palinot too much00:59
freemangordongogogogo: yes00:59
gogogogops | grep apt -----> 2624 root 2088 s grep apt00:59
gogogogois that ok?00:59
gogogogoapt-get update was launched01:00
gogogogo"W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems"01:01
gogogogonice from apt-get itself01:01
gogogogonice from apt-get update* itself01:01
freemangordoncould you pastebin the output?01:02
gogogogook, just hold on a minute01:02
freemangordongogogogo: ok, now try to install flashplayer01:05
*** nox- has joined #maemo01:05
freemangordon(whatever the package name is)01:05
gogogogofrom apt-get install adobe-flashplayer?01:05
freemangordon"apt-get install --reinstall adobe-flashplayer="01:05
freemangordontype 'Y' and press enter when asked01:06
*** hurrian has joined #maemo01:06
*** hurrian has quit IRC01:06
*** hurrian has joined #maemo01:06
gogogogoAfter this operation, 1491kB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue [Y/n]?01:07
freemangordonand enter01:07
gogogogoI'm going to type "Y"01:07
gogogogo... and01:07
freemangordonanything in dmesg log?01:08
freemangordonanything suspicious that is01:08
freemangordongogogogo: well I see 2 options from here 1) reflash 2) run strace against apt-get to see what exactly aborts01:09
gogogogogod himself was popping a pimple of his and swore to himself.01:09
gogogogo"strace against apt-get" ?01:10
freemangordonyep, "strace apt-get install --reinstall adobe-flash-player="01:10
freemangordonbut you need to install strace first01:10
freemangordongogogogo: or...01:10
gogogogoyou're kidding me01:10
freemangordonyou can wget and dpkg -i the package01:11
gogogogosorry, I need you to spell it out for me :\01:11
*** Venusaur has quit IRC01:12
infobotmethinks wget is an excellent file retrieval utility (HTTP and FTP) with many options, or the command `apt-get install wget wget-ssl`, or virtual bacon01:12
gogogogoI can't install wget either01:12
freemangordonyou can download the needed fil with wget01:12
freemangordonyes, you can01:12
freemangordondownload it on your ps and scp it to the device01:12
*** jonwil has joined #maemo01:13
gogogogoI don't know what that means :( I'm sorry01:13
freemangordonor connect the device in mass-storage mode01:13
gogogogowhat then?01:13
gogogogoAm I going to download a .deb file somewhere?01:14
freemangordondownload armel .deb on your pc and copy it to n90001:16
freemangordonok, now disconnect the usb cable01:17
freemangordoncd to the directory you copied that .deb01:17
freemangordonand type "dpkg -i wget_1.10.2-2osso3_armel.deb"01:17
gogogogono error as far as I know01:18
freemangordonok, now you have wget01:19
gogogogowget strace?01:19
gogogogook. It will take some time and some eyesight loss01:20
gogogogohold on01:20
*** Natch has quit IRC01:20
freemangordoncan't you just copy/paste?01:20
freemangordonor open that link with microb?01:21
gogogogoI'm half the way01:21
gogogogoit was about the time to learn a thing or two about n900 symbols.01:23
freemangordonok, now run "strace apt-get install --reinstall adobe-flash-player="01:23
freemangordonit will spit lots of things01:23
freemangordonI need the last 20-30 lines01:23
gogogogo /bin/sh: strace: not found01:25
*** guerby has quit IRC01:25
gogogogodpkg -i strace_4.5...?01:25
freemangordonoh, but ofc01:25
gogogogoI don't know what wget does..01:25
freemangordondownload a file :)01:26
gogogogoand does not install it01:26
gogogogook installed, now strace + ***01:26
*** guerby has joined #maemo01:26
gogogogoit's... rampaging.01:27
gogogogoand seems stuck now but I'm not sure01:27
freemangordonmaybe it waits for you to type 'Y'01:27
gogogogoif I don't get /home/usr/ # it means it's not done yet01:27
gogogogooh ok01:27
gogogogoI did and it aborted again01:27
gogogogonow I will copy a bunch of lines and make a pastebin out of it01:28
*** Venusaur has joined #maemo01:28
gogogogowhat is "strace" btw?01:28
*** florian has quit IRC01:29
freemangordontraces system calls01:29
gogogogosystem "actions"?01:29
freemangordonsystem functions01:29
gogogogowhat's the difference?01:30
freemangordondefine actin :)01:31
freemangordonseems like apt-get doesn't recognize 'Y'01:34
freemangordonthat's weird01:35
nox-cant you just hit return?01:35
freemangordonsame happens iiuc01:35
freemangordondoes apt-get accept -y?01:37
freemangordonseems like01:38
nox-can be dangerous tho01:38
freemangordonbut the point is - why it doesn't like it?01:38
freemangordonfrom strace it is clear that it thinks 'Y' was not typed01:39
*** b1101 has joined #maemo01:39
*** b1101 has joined #maemo01:39
nox-yeah thats quite strange01:39
nox-hm or was that proposing dangerous things like removing lots of packages...?01:40
gogogogoI'm there01:40
freemangordon"After this operation, 1491kB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue [Y/n]?"01:41
gogogogoI should have installed adobe-flashplayer01:41
freemangordonwhich is wuite normal for flashplayer01:41
freemangordongogogogo: you have it installed now01:41
freemangordonand dependencies should be in place01:41
freemangordonyou may try to install something by using HAM01:42
infobotwell, ham is Hildon Application Manager.  Slow as molasses. Anticipate you got time for a beer or two until it finishes whatever it does, or see ~speedyham01:42
gogogogowhat do you think was wrong with my device anyway?01:42
freemangordonnox-: so it doesn't want "Yes, do as I say" :D01:42
freemangordonno idea01:43
gogogogoI'm going to try and search for "gstreamer-tools"01:43
freemangordonand I think it is still not fixed01:43
freemangordontry to "apt-get install gstreamer-tools"01:43
gogogogoflashing would be smart, wouldn't it?01:43
freemangordonoh, wait01:43
freemangordonit is not gstreamer-tools iirc01:43
freemangordongogogogo: "apt-get install gstreamer0.10-tools"01:44
gogogogoreally? that tutorial must be updated01:45
freemangordonwell, mybe without 0.10 wil work too01:46
*** Pali has quit IRC01:46
* freemangordon needs some sleep :)01:46
gogogogocouldn't find package01:46
gogogogoextra-devels must be up?01:46
freemangordonyou sure you typed it correctly?01:47
*** xes has quit IRC01:47
gogogogoI'm double-checking though01:48
freemangordonapt-get install gstreamer0.10-tools01:48
freemangordonReading package lists... Done01:48
freemangordonBuilding dependency tree01:48
freemangordonReading state information... Done01:48
freemangordongstreamer0.10-tools is already the newest version.01:48
arceanit's everywhere :P
freemangordonon my device01:48
freemangordonarcean: yeah :D01:48
gogogogoit works now, I must have mistyped01:49
gogogogoerrors were encountered while processing: catorise01:49
freemangordonwhat?!? SDK version is newer that repo version? O.o01:49
freemangordonor rather the version in extras repo01:49
gogogogoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:49
gogogogowas catorise to blame for all this sh*t?01:50
freemangordontry with "apt-get -f install"01:50
freemangordonno idea01:50
gogogogoit's working..01:50
gogogogocatorise again01:51
freemangordontell if it asks you something01:51
gogogogono, it doesn't01:51
gogogogosame ending lines as before01:51
gogogogobefore=apt-get install gstreamer0.10-tools01:51
freemangordonwell, you can apt-get remove --purge catorise01:51
freemangordonand install it again later01:52
gogogogook, gladly01:52
gogogogoit never worked for me btw01:52
gogogogoahahaha, please kill me01:52
gogogogo[Y/n] ? ---> ABORT01:53
freemangordondpkg -r catorise :)01:53
gogogogoI like people who don't give up01:53
gogogogowill try01:53
gogogogoI think it worked, screen went dark twice though during the operation01:54
freemangordonmaybe it restarted hildon-desktop01:54
freemangordonok, what you can do (if apt-get still refuses to install gstreamer-tools) is to:01:55
gogogogoif I understood right anytime I'm prompted to answer Y/n I will get the "Abort." error, right?01:55
freemangordonseems like01:55
freemangordonno idea why that error01:55
gogogogoI think it worked01:55
freemangordondoes it?01:56
freemangordonbtw, what exactly worked?01:56
gogogogoapt-get install gstreamer0.10-tools01:56
freemangordondid it ask you Y/n?01:56
gogogogono, it suggested that I did apt-get autoremove for some unneccessary files but that asked Y/n01:57
gogogogoand I again killed a fetus01:57
freemangordoncan't parse01:57
gogogogodo you believe that if I'm going to reflash my phone with the same exact image I'm going to get the same problem?01:58
freemangordonbut you'd rather try to fix it first01:59
gogogogothis error came later, right?01:59
gogogogooh I'm never managing to, if you have no idea how am I supposed to do?01:59
freemangordongogogogo: I have no ide because I have no data :)01:59
gogogogoI can hand you all you ask02:00
freemangordongogogogo: ok, back to gst, do:02:00
freemangordonoh, wait02:01
freemangordonthat one02:01
freemangordonand then dpkg -i it02:01
freemangordongogogogo: re further fixing - it is a bit late here and I need to have some sleep02:02
freemangordonwill continue tomorrow02:02
freemangordonin the meanwhile you may want to install syslog02:03
freemangordonand check it after reboot for errors02:03
gogogogoI already have gstreamer0.10-tools, do I need to wget it again?02:04
gogogogoand okay, of course, you've been way more kind than you had to :)02:04
freemangordongogogogo: oh, no, seems I misunderstood you02:04
freemangordonI thogh that it failed to install gstreamer tools02:05
gogogogoit made it :)02:05
freemangordonso, start using HAM, not apt-get02:05
freemangordonif HAM does not fail then you don;t need to reflash02:05
gogogogoI will install syslog then?02:06
freemangordonyou can't do it from HAM, you should either apt-get it ot wget/dpkg -i it :)02:08
gogogogoso I won't, or I need it for debugging?02:09
freemangordonwell, if things work in HAM, there's no need for debugging02:10
gogogogowe just don't know the abortion issue02:10
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raccoon_where can one get a 'token' for the maemo 5 sdk nokia binaries?13:22
raccoon_ is 40413:22
raccoon_infobot: ~tablets-dev13:22
bencohon your device iirc13:22
bencoh/etc/apt/auth maybe ? not sure13:24
bencohyeah that's the one13:24
*** Pali has joined #maemo13:25
jonwilgo to and you will see the key you need13:27
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo13:27
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capsulegood morning all13:38
capsuledo you know something for make more desktop on N900 ?13:38
zGrrMore than four?13:39
capsulenaemo give 4 screen , it's possible to add more ?13:39
capsuleyes :)13:39
zGrrNope. Should be possible.13:39
capsuleor tools similar to multiboot , for use different13:39
capsulenot understand nope = no , sould be possible = maybe ???13:40
zGrrI do not know how to do it, but I think it sould be possible.13:40
*** mkaindl has left #maemo13:41
zGrrI would fiddle with configuration files.13:41
zGrrAfter backing up the system.13:41
capsulei will ask later ;) or google search13:41
capsulethx you13:41
zGrror search13:41
capsuleand about :)13:42
capsuleabout skype one maemo13:42
capsuleon maemo13:42
capsuledo u know something ?13:42
zGrrI don't know.13:44
zGrrIt is probably very old version of skype.13:44
zGrrI avoid skype.13:44
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Vajbcapsule: it is possible to add more desktop13:59
*** heroux has quit IRC13:59
*** heroux_ is now known as heroux13:59
*** heroux_ has joined #maemo14:00
Vajbjust tap empty space on screen and choose settings button and open the menu and choose desktops and slide on right till u see images without check mark. Tap them and they will come active14:00
Vajbhope this is what u asked :D14:01
*** seemiyah has joined #maemo14:01
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seemiyahgood morning everyone.14:13
*** capsule has quit IRC14:14
*** astr has joined #maemo14:19
*** jmlich has joined #maemo14:20
seemiyahcan anyone test out my project on its device? I realized a project in 2007 for my n800 with adobe flash. And though it worked nice, i would like to know if the n8xx or the n900 is capable of playing javascript animations.14:20
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Vajbi tried to launch mediaplayer from terminel to see what causes mediaplayer to stop plying after few minutes when starting to listen something new, but i just can't get it to open16:24
Vajbor is there solution for that already?16:25
*** freemangordon_ has quit IRC16:31
*** seemiyah has quit IRC16:32
*** zGrr has quit IRC16:40
*** peetah has quit IRC16:45
Vajbi tried typing /usr/bin/mediaplayer and it kinda launches mediaplayer, but it's not visible anywhere and after i close terminal it says "internal error mediaplayer closed"16:45
Vajbis there something more to add that string or what?16:45
*** peetah has joined #maemo16:47
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SiceloVajb: likely dbus...18:11
*** zGrr has quit IRC18:13
Sicelobut i doubt that will tell you real problem18:13
Siceloi'd personally suggest you install a syslog daemon on your N900, and see what is logged...18:14
* Sicelo won't be surprised if it's something related to PulseAudio18:14
*** astr has quit IRC18:14
Vajbyes i saw that wiki earlier, but i thought i could pop it open like it does from menu18:15
Vajbbut why it does it only when starting to play new album or artist and does it only once?18:16
Vajbi guess syslog is on developers tools?18:16
Siceloyes. sdk repository18:17
*** florian has quit IRC18:20
Vajbok thx.18:20
Vajbmaybe u know about qquiz too? is it possible to make it support ä and ö character? Or does it need to be compiled again from source?18:21
Sicelono idea. i don't even see the characters you typed, or what qquiz is18:25
*** stef204 has joined #maemo18:27
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*** astr has joined #maemo18:27
Vajboh i see18:30
Vajbi typed a with dots above and o with dots above18:31
Siceloumlau thing? ;)18:31
Sicelo*umlaut .. or similar?18:31
Vajbhmm not familiar with the word18:31
Vajbbut those letters r used for example in finland18:32
Vajbqquiz can be found from maemo.org18:33
Vajbi've made some quizes but because some are finish they r not too usable18:33
Vajbyes thats it18:34
Vajbso diaresis, umlaut18:34
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sixwheeledbeastinfobot: where are you?19:06
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