IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2014-10-20

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gogogogohello everybody05:32
gogogogoin my X-terminal I keep getting an unmet dependencies error whenever I try to install something05:32
gogogogoI tried "apt-get -f install" as prompted but it didn't work05:33
gogogogoI also tried out "apt-get autoremove"05:33
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gogogogoI understand that my FlashPlayer is to blame05:34
gogogogobut I can't get rid of it in any way05:34
gogogogoBoth hildon and x-terminal get stuck because of the dependencies05:35
gogogogowhat do you think I should do?05:35
gogogogohildon says my home-tutorial-applet needs FlashPlayer installed so I can't uninstall it05:37
gogogogoX-Terminal says "The following packages have unmet dependencies: mp-fremantle-generic-pr: Depends: adobe-flashplayer (= but 11.4.94 is installed05:38
gogogogoit must be something stupid but I'm not very good at this kind of things unfortunately05:40
gogogogowell.. I'm leaving due to timezone. Please if anybody knows how to help just write something. I'll read tomorrow morning05:43
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OksanaTry 'apt-get --reinstall install adobe-flashplayer'06:13
OksanaAnd tell the error(s), if any.06:13
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Vajbwhat would it take to get scandic letters (äö) support for qquiz?10:51
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zGrrmoin :)13:17
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gogogogohello, I'm the guy with the unmet dependencies error who wrote you last night. I read Oksana's suggestions and tried "apt-get --reinstall adobe-flashplayer"15:09
gogogogounfortunately I got "Invalid operataion adobe-flashplayer"15:09
capsuletry to install it with opk or search with software application center15:11
gogogogoI'm actually trying to install "gstreamer-tools" but adobe-flashplayer dependencies issues always get in my way15:11
gogogogoI can't uninstall flashplayer trought hildon15:12
gogogogomm.. what do you think I should try?15:12
gogogogoI think I can do without flashplayer, I don't care about YouTube or else..15:13
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capsuleuninstall adobe flashplayer , and re-install him from apt-get / opk / Application center15:13
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capsulewith terminal , you can check adobe flashplayer version15:16
capsulewrite : $dpkg --get-selections15:16
capsulefor make list , find it , uninstall him wit :15:16
capsulegogogogo , go to :
gogogogook I'm trying15:19
gogogogo$dpkg --get-selections -> not found15:20
capsuleput name off flash player adobe15:20
capsuleafter --15:20
capsulelike dpkg --Adobe15:21
capsulebut i am not sure15:21
gogogogoagain, not found15:21
capsulei am on windows -______- at this moment , i can't try with u :/15:21
capsuleu need to replace --get-selections15:21
gogogogodon't worry, you're being useful anyway15:21
capsuleby paquet name15:22
capsulepackage name15:22 teaches how to uninstall via terminal15:22
gogogogoI will try15:22
gogogogooh ...15:23
capsulefirst steps , just for chek if u have adobe flash player on ur computeur ;) and what version15:23
gogogogoit gives a long error15:23
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gogogogoI'm writing from Windows, and I have the latest version for sure15:24
gogogogoanyway the error is "dependency problems prevent removal of adobe-flashplayer"15:24
capsuleu are on maemo chan ?15:24
gogogogomy n900 is what I'm talking about15:24
capsulemaemo is linux o.s15:25
capsulei have buy one , since 1 month15:25
capsulei love it !!15:25
gogogogoI am confused but NOT that much yet XD15:25
gogogogoI'm sure you do, it's the best phone ever15:25
capsulebut now we need to make perfomance to linux world15:25
gogogogoI just stupidily installed flash player D:15:25
capsuleand when u from windows is hard :p15:25
capsulelook about apt-get15:26
capsuleand dpkg15:26
gogogogoI did, it's just I can't get rid of this problam15:26
gogogogowith unmet dependencies15:26
capsulego in application center15:27
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capsulewithout terminal15:27
capsulegraphical mode15:27
capsuleand check installed application15:27
capsuleif u see adobeflash :/15:27
gogogogoit will take really long, I do find it installed15:27
gogogogoand can't uninstall via gui either15:28
capsule try to close all aplication ?15:29
capsuleand try again15:29
gogogogoI did15:30
gogogogoall the same :\15:30
capsuleare u french ?15:30
gogogogonope but I can read French15:30
capsuleokok :)15:30
capsuleparceque je te comprend sans probleme , et je m'étonne moi meme ...15:31
capsuleu can read french with translate ? :p15:31
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gogogogoI can read it without translating it first, don't worry15:32
capsuleje ne m'inquiete pas ;)15:32
gogogogoje ne sais pais quoi je doirai faire15:35
gogogogoje ne voudrai pas reinitialiser mon telephone15:38
gogogogoje seuis entrant de dejeuner, a bien tot15:41
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gogogogoje vien de dejeuner16:19
gogogogoI will shift back to English, I just can't speak French anymore ;)16:20
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capsuledo you know if i can use n900 as microphone on my computeur ??16:59
kerioidk if pulseaudio can do network audio transfers17:05
kerioiirc it had some problems17:05
Humpelstilzchenstream the mic with gstreamer/udp17:05
Humpelstilzchencapsule: you could do something like gst-launch pulsesrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! nokiaaacenc ! udpsink host= port=500017:06
gogogogothat would be awesome17:09
gogogogolucky you, I can't install gstreamer :)17:09
gogogogoadobe is in the way goddamn it17:09
Humpelstilzchenyou can't install gst?17:10
freemangordon_it is already there17:10
freemangordon_(on n900)17:10
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gogogogoI read on the SmartCam tutorial that you should get it from terminal..17:10
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freemangordon_get what?17:11
gogogogowell, even better if it's already there, but still I have to unblock my apt-get17:11
freemangordon_and... why is your apt-get blocked?17:11
gogogogounmet dependencies with adobe-flashplayer17:11
gogogogothat I can't fix in any way17:11
Humpelstilzchenshould be fixable17:12
gogogogoneither through hildon nor x-terminal17:12
Humpelstilzchenwhats the output?17:12
gogogogoThe following packages have unmet dependencies: mp-fremantle-generic-pr: Depends: adobe-flashplayer (= but 11.4.94 is installed17:13
gogogogohildon says that also home-tutorial-applet or something depends on flashplayer17:13
freemangordon_where did you get that flashplayer from?17:13
gogogogoit was a long time ago, I can't really remember17:14
Humpelstilzchenapt-cache policy adobe-flashplayer17:14
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freemangordon_well, you can try to "apt-get install adobe-flashplayer="17:14
gogogogoI'll try it right away17:14
gogogogoboth things17:14
gogogogothe output from apt-cache is quite long17:16
gogogogoversion table lists 2 different versions17:17
Humpelstilzchenthe output from apt-cache is to answer the question where your flash is coming from17:17
gogogogooh sorry17:17
gogogogoI have a link17:17
gogogogo ./ Packages17:18
gogogogothat's the link in the output17:18
Humpelstilzchenthats the one you should have installed17:18
gogogogothen I'll try the second advice17:19
Humpelstilzchen(and not the one that is)17:19
gogogogotried apt-get install adobe-flashplayer=3....17:20
gogogogoit aborts in the end17:20
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Humpelstilzchencan you pastebin?17:21
freemangordon_what's the error?17:21
*** em has joined #maemo17:21
gogogogoit's a pretty long one17:21
Humpelstilzchenuse a pastebin17:21
gogogogoif you can wait a few minutes I'll copy and paste it on a note17:21
gogogogoI'm from my pc17:21
gogogogoand will use pastebin17:22
gogogogocan I copy text from x-terminal?17:22
gogogogoI can select it but ctrl+c doesn't do anything17:23
Humpelstilzchengogogogo: go to menu->copy17:23
gogogogook there was a button in menu - copy17:23
gogogogoyeah got it thank you17:23
gogogogohere it is
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Humpelstilzchenthere is just an abort?17:26
gogogogowhen I press Y17:27
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freemangordon_broken apt cache?17:29
gogogogois there a way to find out?17:30
Humpelstilzchengogogogo: did you just try <enter> without Y?17:30
Humpelstilzchenwhy the hell does it abort?17:30
freemangordon_gogogogo: also, do you have free space on rootfs17:31
gogogogoit gives "WARNING: the followin packages cannot be authenticated! adobe-flashplayer"17:31
Humpelstilzchenthats no error17:31
freemangordon_no, that's fime17:31
freemangordon_what about free space on root?17:31
gogogogoyes I guess so, but let me check Conky17:31
freemangordon_df -h17:31
gogogogorootfs 161M/228M (63M)17:32
*** em has quit IRC17:32
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gogogogois that enough?17:33
freemangordon_should be17:34
HumpelstilzchenI have less and my apt works17:34
freemangordon_gogogogo: what about /opt ?17:35
gogogogoI don't know that :S17:35
gogogogoopt in df -h has 1.1GB available17:35
freemangordon_toldya, pastebin the output from "df -h"17:35
gogogogobut I don't know that is17:35
freemangordon_gogogogo: try "apt-get clean"17:36
gogogogodo you still need the pastebin?17:36
freemangordon_and "apt-get install ..." after that17:37
gogogogook, hold on a minute17:37
freemangordon_also, I need the output of "mount"17:37
* freemangordon_ is going afk, will continue when I am back home17:38
gogogogoI'm going to apt-get clean now17:39
capsulehi freemangordon_ :)17:39
gogogogo"apt-get clean" displays nothing17:40
Humpelstilzchenthats fine clean has no output17:40
capsulegogogogo you can follow freemangordon_ steps ;) he know :)17:40
gogogogothanks capsule17:40
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gogogogowould you suggest that I flash my phone?17:43
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capsuletry to find how fix that17:59
capsuleor you risk to flash all time u meet problem :)17:59
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freemangordongogogogo: try again with apt-get install18:12
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gogogogoapt-get install adobe-flashplayer18:38
gogogogodo you mean this?18:38
Vajbsorry to interrupt, but i asked earlier what would it take to make qquiz to support scandic characters (äö)?18:38
gogogogothis is a free chan :)18:38
gogogogorun over me anytime XD18:39
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Vajbthx i will :p18:42
Vajbtho im at work now so won't be too intrusive.18:42
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gogogogothank you kindly mate18:45
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seemiyahunbelievable! I did not got in here for about 6 years. I am glad to see that it still exists! Hi to everyone :)18:48
ecc3gyep, still people using these devices...18:50
seemiyahi realised a project for my n800 in 2007 and just finished its "rebirth" these weeks. Two days ago i had my n800 in my hands and when i popped up the camera i realised how breakthrough the design of the device was. had tears in my eyes ;)18:51
seemiyahi will do a teaser-video these days and present the n800 as from my pov it rocked a lot that time.18:52
seemiyahecc3g: can you tell me if the n810 or n900 is capable of playing jquery animations?18:53
seemiyahsorry, forget the "animations" thing. Is the browser capable of javascript?18:53
seemiyahecc3g: one of my projects at that time:
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zGrrgood old days18:57
*** dhbiker has quit IRC18:59
seemiyahyeah. i yet remember the discussions we had in here when QT appeared on stage. The more i do love to see so many still in this channel.19:01
freemangordongogogogo: yes, with the correct version19:02
gogogogoI will try in a few minutes, thanks freemangordon19:06
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* sixwheeledbeast contemplates if the ML is now just for random bitching sessions.19:36
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infobotsomebody said nokiabot was so damm sexy !21:21
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NokiabotDang my net seems to be alive its past 12 !21:35
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NokiabotAnybody here whose also in #neo90022:01
*** infobot has quit IRC22:02
NokiabotPlease respond22:02
*** infobot has joined #maemo22:13
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Siceloi am, and i think i'll add you on ignore too22:20
*** seemiyah has quit IRC22:26
NokiabotSileco:p why btw doc is on fire i donn know why he reacted to the facto so much :(22:28
Siceloit's noise22:30
Siceloyou have network problem? why don't you look for a bouncer then?22:31
NokiabotSicelo:whats a bouncer22:32
Siceloa program that allows you to be online on IRC 24/7. google znc for example22:32
NokiabotSileco:well true btw i didnt think like that previously22:33
NokiabotSicelo:thanx will se how to use it :)22:34
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gogogogosorry for taking so long, I'm trying now and I get "Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?23:40
gogogogoI'm not using the hildon application manager23:41
gogogogoI'm trying* to "apt-get install gstreamer-tools" first to detect the exact version of adobe-flashplayer to downgrade to23:41
gogogogoafter the error I would try to install it but I can't use any apt-get..23:42
gogogogoin top list  hildon is mentioned twice :hildon-status-menu and hildon-desktop23:44
gogogogothen I read /usr/lib/apt/methods/http23:44
gogogogoI happen to have just rebooted my phone and all I did afterwards is playing a game and sending a few sms. I didn't use any installation-related program23:46
Siceloare you root?23:48
gogogogoI checked with "id"23:50
Siceloby the way, why are you even using apt? (i'm not saying it's 'wrong' as such [i use it], but you have to have good reason to .. hildon application manager is the recommended way to install sofware)23:52
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Siceloand i'm not sure i understand "20:41 < gogogogo> I'm trying* to "apt-get install gstreamer-tools" first to detect the exact version of adobe-flashplayer to downgrade to"23:53
gogogogoit's a long story :D23:54
gogogogohildon gets stuck due to flashplayer dependencies23:54
gogogogoand gstreamer-tools (which I'm trying to install) is not available within hildon list23:55
gogogogoI read that I had to use apt-get in SmartCam installation tutorial23:55
Siceloin your case, i'd simply get the default flash player first. there is only one version23:56
gogogogoI can't get rid of it either23:56
gogogogoit's completely stuck23:56
gogogogoI'm using Flash11 when I'm prompted by the terminal to use Flash323:57
Sicelowhat's stuck? paste your error in a pastebin somewhere23:57
gogogogoso I should downgrade but it doesn't get to the end23:57
gogogogowait, I wrote that before today, I'll look in logs23:57
gogogogoI get "Abort" after typing "Y"23:59
gogogogoI have no clue what's going on, but I'm much of a newbie too..23:59

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