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M4rtinKeverything you ever wanted to know about modRana 0.49.2, but were too afraid to ask:
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deepycan I get alpine to save my password?10:26
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Sicelomutt can. i think alpine should be able as well. not sure however (never used alpine)13:41
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drmagooHi. Anyone here who knows where I can download the flasher for linux and the latest maemo version for my N900 ?19:15
infobotmethinks flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
infobotcombined is probably the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
infobotit has been said that emmc is is or see ~emmc219:15
bencohsomething like that19:15
stryngsWhy is the device passlock hardcoded?19:16
stryngsHow do i truly reset it to 12345?19:16
stryngseven erasing /etc before a reflash did nothing to fix it19:16
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drmagoobencoh: thank you very much =)19:17
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drmagoodumb question, which image do I flash it first with? if I want it to be reset to factory defaults ? Or will the emmc-image do that ?19:36
stryngs_2* is secondary19:38
stryngsdon't have it memorized =-)19:38
bencohsee wiki19:40
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Ras_Olderstryngs: Install John the Ripper to your N900 and bruteforce your current lock code then you can set it to whatever you like it to be.19:44
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stryngsRas_Older: I know how to do it, what i want to know is how to clear, not how to bruteforce19:45
Ras_OlderWell after you know your current one you can set it off?19:46
stryngsWhat if i didnt know the current one Ras_Older =)19:47
stryngsI do ofc, but i've never been able to reset to 1234519:47
stryngswhich is weird19:47
Ras_Olderwat :D I just said that bruteforce your current one so you can set it off after that19:47
Ras_Olderas in19:47
Ras_Older"echo root:$(grep -A 13 lock_code /dev/mtd1|tail -1): > /root/phone_lock_hash"19:47
Ras_Olderand then "john -i:digits phone_lock_hash"19:48
Ras_Olderfor that you need to have John the Ripper installed19:48
stryngsRas_Older: I'm not trying to figure out how to bruteforce the phone, I understand that part.  What if I buy an n900 on ebay that is locked19:48
stryngsI'm assuming if you lock it and it dies, that it stays locked19:48
stryngsive never tried19:48
stryngsbut if the lock doesnt stay after powerdown then yes i guess u could unlock it19:48
Ras_OlderYes I think that the lock will stay after power down but it should be resetted after a reflashing the phone? If someone knows for sure feel free to correct me. I've never needed to truly reflash my phone.19:51
Ras_Oldergah typos :D sorry I'm in a bar at Jyväskylä (FIN) and feeling a bit tipsy *cough*19:52
Ras_Olderstryngs: ah damn it yes of course now I got your meaning :D In my case there was a lock code (like 47825 or something like that) set by the old user but it was disabled. So I needed to figure wtf it was to re-enable it again without flashing the phone.19:55
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stryngsInteresting Ras_Older19:59
stryngsty, ill check i tout19:59
Ras_OlderNot a problem!20:00
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stryngsHeh, leads to :
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Ras_OlderYeah well reflash the phone, install your tools and get the key. Then you can do whatever you like with it.20:06
stryngsill have to play with it the next time i decide to refresh20:07
stryngsdefinately curious now =)20:07
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bencohcant you just clean/reset/reflash the cal partition ?20:10
Ras_OlderIts never meant as serious safety measure but atleast it will keep your data protected from someone who has access to your device briefly (jealous girl/boyfriends for example!).20:10
stryngsoh yeah, i would never look at it as such.  unless something is encrypted, once it is physically owned, it should be considered pwned20:11
Ras_Olderyep agreed with that20:12
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jake42somewhere in the maemo wiki there was a page about the test points of n900 (USB, possible Serial..) , but I can't find it now. could someone point me to it please? :-)21:45
jake42Sicelo: ah, thanks!21:48
Sicelothe serial really works, as long as you remeber it is not 5V ;)21:50
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jake42I soldered a new microUSB receptical to a broken n900. I'm a n900 noob. What is expected behavior when plugging a n900 to a pc running linux?22:26
jake42nothing happens so far, which is probably a bad sign regarding my soldering :-)22:26
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capsuLeHello !! :D22:47
capsuLenice evening all22:47
capsuLelittle holiday without web , but with my N900 maemo ;) recently flashed with ur help ! ( usb cable from box , didn"t work :)22:49
freemangordonjake42: yeah, bad sign22:49
freemangordonn900 should ask you about mass storage/pc suite22:50
capsuLedo you know software maemo application for read *.pgn (chess game /database)22:51
capsuLeminiture and chess haven't this option22:51
jake42freemangordon: ok, so I'll probably have to  the hot air station out again, but first I'll try to measure between D+/- on usbcable to those D+/- testpoints22:52
freemangordonjake42: make sure your cable is ok22:53
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jake42freemangordon: a nexus 4 shows up at lsusb22:54
jake42so should be working..22:54
freemangordonanything in dmesg when you connect n900?22:54
jake42not at all22:54
freemangordonyeah, I guess then you have no option :)22:54
jake42maybe it needs alittle more solder paste22:55
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