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deepyis there any graphical sql client for the n900?10:26
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jonwilwhich database are you talking to?15:04
jonwilOracle? Microsoft? MySQL? IBM? Something else?15:04
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deepyIs there any python module available which does webservers in a nice way?15:43
keriodeepy: which kind of webservers15:46
kerioserving which web?15:46
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deepyJSON and some minor static content at first access15:47
deepythe static content could be limited to html/js15:47
keriois this a wsgi app15:48
kerioor something you'll write from scratch?15:48
deepyNo, it's a standalone thing. I want to send SMS from my browser on my local network15:48
kerioi dunno, i quite like twisted15:49
keriobut it's pretty weird15:49
deepyI seem to remember not managing to get twisted on my phone15:49
kerioalternatively, some CGI stuff15:54
kerioperhaps, with cgihttpserver15:54
deepyI'd much rather not have it CGI15:55
deepyto be honest I'd prefer to not need another webserver at all15:55
keriodo you already have one?15:56
keriothen it's not another webserver15:57
kerioit's just a webserver15:57
deepycan I get python 2.6?16:07
deepyI want to use virtualenv16:08
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deepycan't pip install flask :-/16:13
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vakkovthere is no scratchbox 1 for ubuntu 14.04 ? :(16:16
vakkovhow should i install the maemo sdk16:16
vakkovcan i use it with scratchbox216:16
deepykerio: flask requires 2.616:18
keriodeepy: sucks to be you16:19
kerioi mean16:19
kerioinstall 2.716:19
FatPhilGiven that sqlite3 draws bars between the fields in its responses, I'd call that a graphical database client!16:40
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freemangordonvakkov: hmm, I am on ubuntu 14.04 and have no problems with fremantle SDK20:29
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infobotDocScrutinizer: infobot joined!20:32
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Nokiabot*******Feeling erotic *******21:01
Nokiabot~Infobot fuck21:03
Nokiabot~Wiki fuck21:03
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{About|the English language word}} {{refimprove|date=February 2014}} {{pp-semi-vandalism|small=yes}}{{pp-move-indef}} "'Fuck"' is an English-language word, a profanity which refers to the act of sexual intercourse and is also commonly used to denote disdain or as an intensifier. Its origin is obscure; it is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475, but may be considerably ...21:04
NokiabotAha !21:04
NIN101today lennart said something about the open source community here: . Saying some people are hiring money over bitcoin fora a hitman. And now, people think it's related to this:, where kerio made a joke about that.21:04
Sicelohehe :D21:04
NokiabotNin01:read that whatever nice article btw apart from creepy side21:06
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freemangordonyep, it really seems that kerio's usual trolling has frightened the guys :D21:18
dos1now that's hillarious :D21:20
freemangordonthough, honestly, I see nothing in that linked log. It could be my eyes21:24
freemangordonoh, I saw it21:24
NIN101ctrl +f hitman21:24
freemangordondid that alreay21:25
freemangordoncome on, gimme a break21:26
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freemangordonI kept out of gunfire against his majesty as I don;t have deep enough technical knowledge on the matter, but really, this is creepy :(.21:29
vakkovfreemangordon: yeah, i fixed the problem here... nvm21:30
vakkovcan i have the harmattan and fremantle sdks with one scratchbox installation21:30
freemangordonblaming the "linux community" as a whole because of a 19 (or less?) year old script-kiddie has spew some bullshit online...21:30
freemangordonvakkov: no idea21:31
freemangordonthough I guess yes21:31
vakkovi now have the harmattan sdk and i guess i should just install the fremantle bootstrap21:31
freemangordonnot sure this is the only thing needed21:31
freemangordonfrematle SDK needs some more stuff iirc. and not 100% of the packages are compatible21:32
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