IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2014-09-24

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freemangordonhmm, is location widget supposed to launch ovi maps when clicked?01:27
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drathirmplayer+mpv support at n900 will be great...02:07
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keriono it won't02:08
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drathirkerio: i know not possible gpu accelerate...02:09
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drathirkerio: but from console always most smoothly play at linux there not always because of not hw acceleration, but me mostly play audio from console minus of that sometimes mplayer freeze...02:14
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drathirPali: there is possible tp chose which item in boot menu is default marked?03:06
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sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: I assumed so yes09:51
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: could you try it?09:57
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Palidrathir: I do not remember10:57
Palineed to look at source code10:57
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* jonwil has just about finished pulling location-proxy to bits11:10
* jonwil now understands pretty much exactly what its doing11:10
* freemangordon_ is about to finish nm-navigation provider11:11
drathirPali: ok thank a lot its no problem, if You will have some free time to check i will be apreciated,ofc this isnt very important no rush needed...11:12
freemangordon_yep, everything works on the device, I need to do one more function, which does the network connection (conn_ic_connect), but that is easy11:13
drathirjonwil: location-proxy mean assist of tracking by phone network location?11:14
jonwilWhats your next target after nm-navigation-provider?11:14
jonwillocation-proxy handles AGPS11:14
jonwilmore specifically it acts as a proxy between the cellular modem and the supl server11:14
drathirjonwil: nokia.suspl or something similar if good remember?11:14
jonwilWith the info I have posted and will be posting enough information will be known to replace the N900 GPS subsystem for the Neo900 and keep all the users of it (including nokia-maps) working 100%11:15
* drathir wonder if provider share location of bts publically or only for nokia positioning server use only...11:16
drathireg. google maps in old e51 show correct the closest one bts w/o gps available...11:18
jonwilI think the tower locations are sent by the towers11:20
jonwiland the SUPL server has no knowledge of that11:21
jonwilthe SUPL server seems to be a faster way to pull down certain data that would otherwise be pulled from the slow GPS satellite link11:21
jonwilBefore I can finish location-proxy I need to reverse engineer whatever handles (probably
jonwiland work out the dbus stuff for that11:22
jonwilI also need to dig back into wappushd11:22
jonwilsince location-proxy uses that11:22
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mortakhi all11:28
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mortakare there any premade projects to use my old n900 into a bluetooth audio reciever? (to use it in my car with aux output). i searched the webs but didn't found anything so far.11:34
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freemangordon_jonwil: not sure, Pali asked me to RE jabber-plugin, maybe that one12:05
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jonwilyou could target some of the things the Neo900 FPTF project needs...12:08
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freemangordon_jonwil: sure12:20
freemangordon_but I am CSSU developer still :)12:21
drathirjonwil: gz for skills and good work...12:21
freemangordon_jonwil: do you have a concrete candidate (re fptf needs)?12:21
drathirjonwil: i know that tower sending LAC + Cell ID but even dont think that bts could send to phone gps coordinates of own location too... i known that is possible to locate the tower by netmon, but not think and sure the apps like google maps can do that...12:25
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* drathir even at 3210i plays with detect towers in area, and connect by hand to chosed one when all ppl dont have net because bts problems i have connectin to more far away one (ppl cant because broken on have stronger signal and calls+sms works)12:27
drathirlittle missing that powerfull net monitor which was in the 3210i...12:29
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jonwilfreemangordon_:sysinfo* would be a worthwhile target that would help FPTF12:32
freemangordon_jonwil: may RE it12:34
freemangordon_well, most probably will :)12:34
jonwilosso-applet-device also looks useful for FPTF12:35
jonwilsince the info it displays will need to change12:35
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jonwildo you know of any kernel interfaces (e.g. /sys/blah or the like) that are going to be different on the Neo900?12:54
freemangordon_most of them :)12:54
freemangordon_upstream kernel that is ;)12:54
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jonwiloh something else that would be REALLY helpful to me right now would be a reverse engineering of the GPS status bar widget (something I will probably have to start playing around with soon if I am to figure out this GPS stuff)12:57
drathirjonwil: You know maybe how to force sync time from gps at n900?13:00
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jonwilDon't think N900 can use GPS for time13:33
jonwilit can pull time from cellular network though13:33
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drathirjonwil: Yes from cellurar too, but not sure it also w/o that synchro time/date by gps, but not sure that atm...13:34
jonwilgiven that GPS is part of the cellular modem its possible cellular modem firmware can get time from GPS as well as from cellular network13:36
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wndI don't really know why N900 does not get the time from GPS. Back then it was part of the plan. Maybe it's a timezone issue of sorts, I really have no clue.13:39
wndthen again, I think they explicitly wanted/had to hide cellular link info from userspace13:40
wndI mean, to give info only about the station the radio was currently talking with13:41
drathirwnd: gps is much power drain... and gps satellite sync take some time too sadly...13:42
Paliyou can read gps time with one of that closed location library13:43
wndI know that, but if and once you have the fix, why not take full advantage of it?13:43
Palisee location-gui app13:43
drathirwnd: no info about priority of sync sadly...13:43
Palianyway it would be cool to have support for NTP or gps time in clockd daemon13:44
Palibut that daemon is closed :-(13:44
jonwilI would reverse engineer it but its too complex for me to do13:47
jonwilclockd that is13:47
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ShadowJKgps recorder syncs system time to gps14:40
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sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: Yes, touching the map in the location widget opens ovi maps application15:19
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jonwildamn, I cant find who handles
jonwilliblocation seems to do something with it, let me check there15:40
jonwilaha wait its location-ui.launch15:40
jonwilI thought it was location-home-applet15:40
jonwilmight have to play with sending things to location-ui via dbus-send and see what happens15:43
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jonwilbah this is annoying.16:33
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freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: thanks, it started to work here as well, after a reboot :)18:32
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freemangordonshit, seems ovi tiles have alpha channel and stock nm-navigation-provider cannot deal with it :)19:36
freemangordonSep 24 19:37:03 Nokia-N900 nm-nav-provider[9281]: GLIB CRITICAL ** default - _pixops_scale_real: assertion `!(src_has_alpha && !dest_has_alpha)' failed19:40
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Ras_Older FYI21:52
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FreemantleKid'evening guys :)22:30
stryngsSo.....  bash....22:40
stryngsI wonder how much stuff on the maemo side is vuln22:40
FreemantleKidwhat do you mean?22:42
stryngsthe bash bug22:43
FreemantleKid?it i new for me22:43
FreemantleKidsource?link? the bash version is vulnerable?22:44
FreemantleKidi'm here to find out some info about harmattan and the N9, one the things i wanted to ask was about upgrading existing software22:45
FreemantleKidok so it's not a harmattan bug,it's a bash one22:45
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FreemantleKidi was wondering if is it possible to pgrade apt-get..22:50
FreemantleKidis itpossible?22:50
FreemantleKidcause old software we know can be easy exploited22:50
NIN101maemo is full of old software22:50
NIN101and full of exploits thus too22:50
FreemantleKidi think you mean even the system one is22:51
FreemantleKidso any way to get the system software be updated?22:51
NIN101well, I compile openssl and openssh myself22:52
stryngscompile =)22:52
NIN101but that's not nearly enough for a secure system.22:52
* stryngs nods at NIN101 22:52
stryngsI make my own debs22:52
stryngsone at a time...22:52
FreemantleKidwait i'm pretty noob,how you compile?have you a script for doing that specifically for harmattan?22:52
NIN101oh you were talking about harmattan.22:53
NIN101well there certainly is no script that compiles for you.22:54
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FreemantleKidany N9 owner here?23:37
SiceloFreemantleKid: you sure your questions don't have answers on the forum? there is a search function there, and i would like to suppose you'll get at least 80% answers23:42
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FreemantleKiduser experience it's not in  forum..23:45
FreemantleKidthat i need: some experience of somebody sing&hacking the N923:46
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FreemantleKidon the forum there are guides,but just on some random post you can find alittle about they usage23:46
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