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ShadowJKSupposedly they're about to, or have broken those00:10
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RzRSicelo, when is it supposed to be unsupported ?00:41
Sicelono idea. i never even got any email. but my skype hasn't been working for at least 2 weeks on N90000:42
RzRand what about tox ?00:42
SosicaHoi, I've got some weird bootloop situation here. Tried to restore a backup with Backupmenu (which was successful), but after the mandatory reboot, my N900 just keeps rebooting itself after cca. 7-10 seconds. Weirdly enough (with full battery), the reflashing command will always stay at "Suitable device not found", keeping in mind that flashing the device previously worked flawlessly00:43
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Sosicaon the other hand, "sudo flasher3.5 -i" (bootloader check) and rescueOS method both work, so I'm out of ideas...00:44
Sosica(btw all this was done on Linux, Ubuntu 12.04)00:45
* Sicelo hasn't a tox account. might end up wanting to try it in future (if i can convince friends to use it, haha)00:47
SiceloSosica: do you perhaps currently have different kernel on N900 than you had when creating the BackupMenu backup?00:49
SosicaI thought that too, but it was stock maemo (before restoring backup) versus cssu_thumb (of the backup)... I didn't ever have problems with that combination00:53
Siceloaccording to the instructions for BM, that *should* be the cause of your grief00:57
Sicelo(never really had that situation myself, but i'd never try different kernel combinations with a BM backup)00:57
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Sosicawhat I was trying after I got the problem, was restoring a "clean" BM backup &  failing to do so, as the device reboots. But now that I know what the issue might be (or most likely IS) I'm gonna read a bit more through that topic. Thx for the fast reply01:04
DocScrutinizer05cya maemo, fed up with it01:04
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Luke-Jrtempting to do, now that there's a N900 killer in the works finally01:19
nox-which one would that be?01:20
SiceloNeo? Pyra?01:20
Luke-JrI was thinking Pyra01:20
Luke-Jrassumign they release it sometime this year01:20
Luke-Jrmaybe even next year01:20
nox-hmm first time i read of pyra, have a link?01:21
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Sicelothey don't say if their screen is capacitive or resistive01:25
Siceloah, i see01:26
nox-yeah not bad :)01:26
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ssr4testerhi all, was wondering if someone has experince with n900 and pwnphone image01:52
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ssr4testerhi all, was wondering if you know a channel where i could talk to somebody about nokia n900. Im having hard time with some installations02:19
florianthis one maybe :)02:20
florianGood Night02:22
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ssr4testerwhen try to install pwn phone image on nokia n900 im getting a few errors of missing backupmenu, boot menu and some others, hoever when i try to install the using the application manager it says packages are missing. Was wondering if I should treat the nokia like a linux machine and try installing them using the apt-get function or if there is another way entirely02:24
ssr4testerim new to the n900 environment and after flashing it kindof confused about the way the libraries and packages are installed on it, was wondering if someone has experience and could assist me in this issue02:25
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gogogogohello, what's the sd card size limit for a nokia n900?05:14
gogogogoI can only find old threads when 64gb sd card still weren't available05:15
gogogogotoday they are but I fail to find someone who had any experience about05:15
bef0rd128GB uSDXC works like a charm... just format it when you put it in, the N900 throws a few errors up but once formatted its AOK.05:16
gogogogogod, that's majestic05:17
gogogogothanks bef0rd05:18
gogogogoany heads-up for buying?05:19
gogogogothanks, I found this link from the wiki05:20
gogogogoare there downloadable dumps from this wiki? They would be great to use with Evopedia when on the go05:21
bef0rdmax capacity I used on my device was 16 GB, that 128 GB uSDXC is something from the TMO thread I linked05:23
gogogogoas I'm interested in 64GB at the moment I feel quite confident, there exists some reassuring feedback05:24
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gogogogome, I'd rather drop mobile phones forever than shifting to any other mobile phone. N900 for ever.05:43
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Luke-Jrbef0rd: eh, you sure it doesn't silently corrupt stuff? :P06:31
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raccoon_hey all. trying to score some replacement chassis screws for n900; managed to lose two of them... is stil recommended (old thread on maemo board), or is there a more reliable source?12:19
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stryngsAnyone else having issues with whois from busybox-power?14:59
stryngsii  busybox-power                                       1.20.2power515:00
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zGrrmoin :)15:10
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merlin1991stryngs: issues as in what?15:54
stryngsdoesnt work15:54
stryngsmerlin1991: It used to, on the older kernel kp-4615:54
stryngsI'm rocking kp-52 now, and for whatever reason it just hangs, as in: whois google.com15:55
stryngsNothing happens15:55
stryngsNot a big deal, just grab some sourcecode and compile15:55
merlin1991I tried just now and yep nothing happens15:55
stryngsJust wanted to mention it and see if anyone else experienced symptoms like mine15:55
merlin1991stock kernel15:55
stryngsand kernel?15:55
stryngswell, it worked before15:55
stryngsthat i know15:55
merlin1991and in any case kernel should not affect whois ...15:55
stryngsNot sure if I upgraded busybox-power though15:55
stryngsRight, but u never know15:55
stryngsEspecially with maemo's nonsense15:56
stryngsopt pymaemo and all the ilk15:56
merlin1991I wonder what exactly is wrong with whois15:56
stryngsI'm guessing its: 1.20.2power5 -vs- 1.20.2power415:57
stryngsbeing power5 thats broken15:57
stryngsCool, me found a bug =)15:57
merlin1991nah it's not the kernel, since it fails for me on non-power kernel aswell15:57
stryngsDocScrutinizer51: We need a prescription15:57
stryngsI didnt say kernel, i did mention it, i was describing the apt-get version15:58
stryngsI'm bettin power4 works15:58
merlin1991ah oops15:58
merlin1991power-anything is always kernel for me xD15:58
stryngsThats good though, I've been doing some deep mods to mine, so its nice to hear its not my fault15:58
stryngsI'll email dudeman in charge of dev15:58
merlin1991I had 1.22.1power1 though15:59
stryngsdpkg --list | grep busybox-power16:00
stryngswhich version do u have righ tnow?16:00
stryngsI'm going to email the maintainer16:00
merlin1991what I wrote16:00
stryngsIt'd be nice to ensure its only one version so to speak16:00
merlin1991you can list the available versions with 'apt-cache policy busybox-power'16:00
merlin1991and then install them via 'apt-get install busybox-power=VERSION'16:00
stryngsRight, but dpkg --list would show which version U have installed16:01
stryngswhich is what im curious of16:01
merlin1991I did have the 1.22.1power1 installed (removed it already again)16:01
stryngsOk, so confirmed for multiple revisions16:01
stryngsAlright, email sent16:02
stryngsWe shall see what happens16:02
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infobot'sth is poettering' means it acts invasive, possessive, destructive, and generally in an egocentric exacerbating negative way. ``this cancer is extremely poettering'', or you look here for Linus' notion on what's poettering:, or, or see ~systemd cabal17:35
PaliSee this:
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NIN101Pali: this site didn't got everything right.18:52
NIN101e. g. you can redirect journald logs to normal files.18:59
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sixwheeledbeastoh dear I think my battery is EOL.20:38
sixwheeledbeastwas 50% charged and died with the "Recharge now" banner.20:38
sixwheeledbeaston removing the back cover it has swollen up. basically you can't shut the back cover any more with it in.20:39
NIN101ouch :/20:39
* sixwheeledbeast looks around for his spares...20:40
keriosixwheeledbeast: yeah you don't want to use it20:40
sixwheeledbeastyep, it could go bang.20:41
sixwheeledbeastspare found. I will be investigating it's age when I have time later. I think it's approx 18 month old.20:42
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bencohwhere do you guys buy batteries nowadays ?20:51
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gogogogohello, what's the default file system for sd cards in Nokia N900?21:07
Paligogogogo: FAT3221:08
Paliby default only FAT32 is supported by Maemo in Nokia N90021:08
gogogogodoes this mean I can get it use other filesystems?21:08
Palibut with kernel-power other FSs are supported21:09
Paliand with CSSU also automouting is working21:09
Pali(of other FS)21:09
Paligogogogo: which FS do you want to use?21:09
gogogogoAnything that doesn't limit my file size to 4GB21:09
bencohfreemangordon: thx21:10
gogogogoI'm considering purchasing a large SD card for wikipedia dumps that may be larger than that21:10
bencohI think I need a new one as well :)21:10
Paligogogogo: ext2/3/4 or UDF21:10
gogogogokernel-power necessary right?21:10
Paliext is not supported by any windows (without 3rd drivers)21:10
HumpelstilzchenHow many n900 owners do mount their SD card under windows?21:11
PaliUDF is supported by Windows Vista+ Linux 2.6.32+ (kernel-power has backported patch) and by Mac OSX too21:11
PaliHumpelstilzchen: I sometimes: when using it as mass storage21:11
gogogogoI would, I'm not very linux literate but can format things under linux though21:11
gogogogoor you mean just plug it to a windows pc?21:12
Palianyway I'm think that for OS compatibility, UDF FS is the best option21:12
gogogogoI will install some 3rd drivers, Windows will bow or die XD21:12
Paliif you want to use SD card only in linux (e.g. Maemo) than ext3 (or better ext4) is the best option21:13
keriomy sd card *must* stay inside my n90021:13
kerioi don't have a swap partition anywhere else21:13
PaliNTFS/exFAT is not supported by linux (external semi-working drivers are not acceptable)21:13
gogogogoI can't be sure but I can organize my MyDocuments folder to keep ambigously-needed files and store only linux-reserved ones on the sd21:14
PaliFAT32 has problems (filename restrictions, file size restriction, poor fsck, slow speed....)21:14
gogogogoI should study some filesystem theory...21:15
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gogogogoI just noticed that the dumps I'm going to download are split into 500MB part files, so FAT32 would work. But might be slow...21:16
PaliI think that ext4 is good option for SD cards (which are NAND based) when you correctly format it (ext4 options: stride, stripe_width) to align for erase block21:16
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gogogogois there any way to know if a file system may influence your battery life over another?21:17
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo21:18
Paligogogogo: this is good question. theoretical it can, but I do not know about any tests...21:18
PaliIn my opinion problems can happen when too many files are fragmented21:18
Palithen file reading is slower and consume more I/O and CPU21:19
gogogogoI may understand that if ext4 is better for NAND memories, it may read/write in a more suitable/economic way.. so maybe save battery?21:19
gogogogoI never defragmented under linux, is it possible?21:19
kerioyou don't defrag extfs21:19
kerioyou don't defrag ntfs either21:20
kerioand you most definetely do not defrag a solid state drive21:20
Humpelstilzchenyes, you can defrag ext2/3/4 folders21:20
Pali1) you do not access raw NAND memory (on SD card or SSD disks)21:20
Pali2) In my opinion (I saw same tests), ext4 is better for SD cards as ext3 or ntfs21:20
keriowhy wouldn't it be better than ext3?21:21
Pali3) defragmetning (on linux) is possible: ext2 has offline defrag utility (offline - you need to umount FS), ext4 has online defrag utility (supported by kernel driver!)21:21
Pali4) but defragmenting ext* is not usually needed, structure of ext should prevent it and kernel driver is good at it21:22
Humpelstilzchenwell you mostly defrag with cp -ar var var_new ...21:23
kerioHumpelstilzchen: no you don't, you use e4defrag21:23
kerioand let the driver actually defrag stuff21:23
keriowhile keeping any file descriptor open21:23
Paliyes e4defrag call special ioctl which tell kernel driver to relocate & defrag file21:23
Humpelstilzchenkerio: sounds like it will work only on ext421:23
Paliworking only with ext4 (no ext3/ext2)21:23
kerioit does21:24
Paliext3 kernel driver does not have offline defrag support - for sure21:24
Palianyway, I would ask you, do you know any disadvantage for UDF FS?21:25
Humpelstilzchenwrite support maybe?21:26
Paliwin/linux/mac support writing to UDF21:26
Humpelstilzchenso everything but winxp21:29
kerioPali: what about btrfs?21:29
Paliphoronix shown that in some tests it was slower then ext4...21:30
Paliand I think that btrfs is too complicated21:30
Paliand supported only by linux21:31
Paliand it is oracle product21:31
Paliwhich I do not like :-)21:31
drathirNIN101: yes is possible to redirect what i hear, but it break normal systemd...21:34
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NIN101drathir: I dunno.21:44
drathirbreak how in default systemd store logs...21:47
NIN101yeah, I didn't know.21:49
drathirin different logs per service is much cleaner personally for me...21:49
NIN101I am sure you can filter journald logs per service.21:49
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keriooh btw if your journald logs get corrupted just ignore it21:53
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drathirtrue if corrupted all services logs lost...21:58
NIN101I just wanted to make point out not everything that site says is complete and true.22:01
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drathirNIN101: yes could be true not all mods/alternatives included...23:44
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ecc3ghmm cssu update down the airwaves..23:49
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bencohhmm ?23:55
ecc3gdunno, got a update over the air, not sure what triggered it23:59

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