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zGrrmoin :)12:26
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txt-filewow … still so many people are using a maemo based device?18:17
keriowhy not18:17
kerioit's like the best mobile OS18:17
txt-filei know18:17
ecc3git has everything you need and everything you don't...18:18
kerioexcept for a recent firefox18:18
ecc3gI just dont want googled or appled18:18
txt-fileyeah … at least on android there is a huge speed improvement between the first fennec versions and the current version18:19
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txt-filebut currently I am trying to reactivate one of my two n900 and use it as sip telephone ;-)18:20
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txt-fileIs there a way to completely flash the n900 so that all old settings and file are overwritten?18:39
txt-fileI tried the combined image but it still loads some old settings.18:39
NIN101you need to flash emmc/vanilla18:43
NIN101oops, more preciesley:
txt-filethanks NIN101 … am downloading the image now18:46
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DocScrutinizer05on a sidenote: N900 is simply great as SIP VoIP phone, for me19:24
DocScrutinizer05other rare reports are vastly differing. Never got to the root cause of such differences19:25
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DocScrutinizer05I even use VoIP via UMTS data and it usually just works19:27
DocScrutinizer05one flaw: there seems no way to bind VoIP to WiFi connection only, so it doesn't try to operate via e.g. 2G data19:28
txt-filedoes VoIP work on an 32kbit/s connection?19:29
DocScrutinizer05on the limit19:29
DocScrutinizer05usually not19:29
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DocScrutinizer05it *could* theoretically work down to 14,40019:30
DocScrutinizer05with the right codec and no jitter etc19:30
DocScrutinizer05but usually you want 64k or even 128k to make it work19:31
txt-fileyeah … everything above 64k should be fine19:32
DocScrutinizer05uLaw and aLaw (the most usual codecs) need 64kb/s anyway19:33
bencohgsm needs less afair19:33
DocScrutinizer05GSM needs 960019:33
txt-filebut here in GER you mostly get contracts where you are shaped to 32kbit/s after a given amount of traffic19:33
* txt-file likes Ogg Opus.19:34
DocScrutinizer05iLBC is also a commonly used codec, which is designed for low bandwidth19:34
DocScrutinizer05it however depends on the set of codecs your peer station supports19:35
DocScrutinizer05I'm on and their gateways are kinda fine19:36
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: (GSM) though there's halfrate and enhanced full rate19:39
DocScrutinizer05HR 4800,  EHR 14400 iirc19:39
DocScrutinizer05the difference from 9600 to 14400 originally been error correction redundancy19:40
DocScrutinizer0514400 is the genuine 2G basic single-slot datarate19:41
DocScrutinizer05EFR yields better audio quality on channels with low error rate19:43
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bencohDocScrutinizer05: sipgate ... is that voipbuster20:14
DocScrutinizer05no, that's sipgate.de20:14
bencohhmm, never mind, I thought they were related but that was another company20:15
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nokiabot_home/user # apt-get --reinstall install mmmrpc Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: The package mmmrpc needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.20:18
nokiabot_how do i get rid of it20:18
nokiabot_it comes up everytine i try to install anything20:20
nokiabot_i think damm fam is culprit20:21
nokiabot_it messes things up20:21
nokiabot_mp community pr somehow got removed as nothing on about cssu20:23
nokiabot_camera isint working anymore20:24
nokiabot_now the system reboots suddenly and a banner warning an unexpected reeboot ouccord your custom kernel power settings were not loaded20:27
nokiabot_i dont want a reflash just want the camera working again for now20:28
ecc3godd... had a weird slowdown on my n900 that didn't get fixed by rebooting, but a power cycle seems to have fixed it...20:29
infobotfrom memory, fapman is Faster Application Manager, a frontend for apt which uses own repositories catalog, and shouldn't be used to do system upgrades (like CSSU), or actually for anything since ~speedyHAM. It also does "apt-get autoremove" after every operation, by default. In short, it's been identified as source of system corruption and thus deprecated, or see ~hamvsfam20:30
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infobotrumour has it, hamvsfam is, or
DocScrutinizer51~factinfo hamvsfam20:56
infobotDocScrutinizer51: there's no such factoid as hamvsfam20:56
infoboti guess hamvsfam is, or
DocScrutinizer51~factinfo hamvsfam20:56
infobotthere's no such factoid as hamvsfam, DocScrutinizer5120:56
DocScrutinizer51~factinfo #maemo hamvsfam20:57
infobot#maemo hamvsfam -- created by sixwheeledbeast <> at Sun Nov  3 21:56:06 2013 (295 days); last modified at Thu May 29 22:28:37 2014 by sixwheeledbeast!~paul@2a01:348:6:860a:accf:885c:b712:2623; it has been requested 12 times, last by DocScrutinizer51, 47s ago.20:57
DocScrutinizer51as a general rule when the factoid key itself is highly unique or significantly related to #maemo already, there's no need to make the factoid channel specific (prefix "#maemo ")20:59
DocScrutinizer51~hamvsfam is <reply> see #maemo hamvsfam21:01
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer5121:01
DocScrutinizer51~factinfo hamvsfam21:01
infobothamvsfam -- created by DocScrutinizer51 <~lagrange@openmoko/engineers/joerg> 23s ago.21:01
DocScrutinizer51~_default hamvsfam21:01
infobot#maemo hamvsfam is, like,, or
infobotmultiboot is, like,, or **DEPRECATED*, see ~maemo-multiboot21:02
DocScrutinizer51~literal multiboot21:03
infobot"#maemo multiboot" is ", or **DEPRECATED*, see ~maemo-multiboot"21:03
DocScrutinizer51~_default multiboot21:04
infobotit has been said that multiboot is
infobotfrom memory, elop is definetely a microsoft spy and one of the most successful corporate trolls21:06
DocScrutinizer51~literal elop21:06
infobot"elop" is "definetely a microsoft spy and one of the most successful corporate trolls"21:06
DocScrutinizer51~factinfo elop21:06
infobotelop -- created by Alex[sp3dev] <~alexander@> at Sat Jun 18 22:25:28 2011 (1164 days); last modified at Thu Aug 30 16:04:18 2012 by docscrutinizer05; it has been requested 4 times, last by DocScrutinizer51, 38s ago.21:06
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nokiabotany one here21:51
nokiabotmy device reeboted and ate the last bar:D21:52
bencohmmh ?21:53
nokiabotwhat should i do to get the cam working again21:53
nokiabotusyBox v1.10.2 (Debian built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.  /home/user # apt-get purge mmmrpc Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: The package mmmrpc needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it. /home/user #21:59
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nokiaboti used fam and now i have a broken system22:00
nokiabotabout cssu is blank trying to install any package tells to remove mmmrpc22:01
nokiabotcamera not working no errors just camera ui is blank22:02
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nokiabothow to get the cam working without a reflash22:06
nokiaboti am on thumb22:06
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nokiabothome/user # apt-get install blessn900 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: The package mmmrpc needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it. /home/user #22:09
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nokiabotnothing seems to get installed or removed all want this mmmrpc to be removed22:10
txt-fileand what is mmmrpc?22:11
nokiabotdpkg --force-remove dosent help either22:11
nokiabottxt_file:mmm remote phone control22:13
nokiabottxt-file: an utility to use any j2me ph as a keyboard22:15
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kerionokiabot: have you just tried dpkg -R22:20
nokiabotfam should be put to extras devel22:20
txt-fileand you should probably search for a repository which serves mmmrpc22:21
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nokiabotkeiro:home/user # dpkg -r mmmrpc dpkg: error processing mmmrpc (--remove):  Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal. Errors were encountered while processing:  mmmrpc /home/user #22:23
txt-filenokiabot, have you tried to do what dpkg tells you to do?22:25
nokiabotjust give me walls of text to put in xterm22:26
nokiabottxt-file: i dont know it dosent say a thing22:27
txt-filei cite „you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal”22:28
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nokiabot_again reebooted22:31
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txt-filei cite from your dpkg output: „you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal”22:32
nokiabot_txt-file: no same problem22:33
nokiabot_how one does that22:33
nokiabot_just to be sure22:34
txt-fileget the .deb from from somewhere and install it with "dpkg -i /path/to/deb"22:35
nokiabot_i just need the cam working for now as i am nowhere near a reflash22:35
nokiabot_wait trying that22:36
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nokiabot_cant seem to find still searching22:46
txt-fileyeah … dpkg also said „[…], but I can't find an archive for it.”22:52
nokiabot_is this deb22:52
nokiabot_mmmrpc_0.8-1_armel its the package name residing in my docs22:58
nokiabot_i cant seem to get it done22:58
nokiabot_dpkg -i mydocs/mmmrpc-0.8_1 armel23:00
nokiabot_is it like that23:01
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nokiabot_humm something i am doing wrong23:07
txt-fileif you tell us what you are doing we might be able to help you23:08
nokiabot_txt-file: can you write out the proper command pls23:09
txt-filedownload the deb and then install it with "dpkg -i /path/to/file"23:09
nokiabot_its in the root23:09
nokiabot_is cd necessary23:10
txt-filedpkg -i /mmmrpc_0.8-1_armel.deb23:12
nokiabot_so it should be like dpkg -i /mydocs/filename23:12
txt-file1. you need to append the filename23:13
nokiabot_home/user # dpkg -i /mmmrpc_0.8-1_armel.deb dpkg: error processing /mmmrpc_0.8-1_armel.deb (--install):  cannot access archive: No such file or directory Errors were encountered while processing:  /mmmrpc_0.8-1_armel.deb /home/user #23:13
txt-filewhere have you saved the file?23:14
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nokiabot_i saved it to the root dir in emmc23:16
txt-fileah …23:16
nokiabot_ok you make up a dir i will create it much easier:D23:17
nokiabot_@txt its not inside any folder23:18
txt-filethen it might be the best idea to cd to that dir and then do a "dpkg -i ./mmmrpc_0.8-1_armel.deb"23:18
txt-filefor the operating system it is always in a folder23:19
nokiabot_cd :/damm/filename like this23:20
txt-fileplease paste the output of "pwd"23:22
txt-file(without the "")23:22
nokiabot_in/sh: cd: can't cd to : /home/user # cd :home/user/mydocs /bin/sh: cd: can't cd to :home/user/mydocs /home/user # cd : home/user/mydocs /bin/sh: cd: can't cd to : /home/user # cdpwd :home/user/mydocs /bin/sh: cdpwd: not found /home/user #23:24
nokiabot_oh too much noise:d23:25
nokiabot_its not getting posted here23:28
nokiabot_anyway it dosent have a output23:28
nokiabot_got any other idea23:30
nokiabot_ok bye23:34
nokiabot_thanks for help23:34
nokiabot_need some sleep now23:35
nokiabot_try again lafer :)23:35
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