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APicCelebrate Zaraday!10:12
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infobotrumour has it, tabletsdev is , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or
infobotemmc is probably magnet:?xt=urn:btih:402fb5cc8a48ecbc18a77c9cf70d869a775bcf53&dn=RX-51%5F2009SE%5F10.2010.13-2.VANILLA%5FPR%5FEMMC%5FMR0%5FARM.bin or, or
keriooh we bittorrent now16:15
Ras_OlderJust an idea for those long links that could they be updated with somekind of short url? They would just look a bit neater like that - unless those are supposed to be that long for some practical reason that I am not aware of.16:16
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* Sicelo is one of the fools who diislikes all the 'short' urls17:54
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* DocScrutinizer51 too18:30
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DocScrutinizer51the URL not only provides a function, it also transports info to the reader18:31
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Ras_OlderIts alright :D we all have different likings of these things ^^18:53
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honestlyis between 400mA and 450mA a normal input current for charging a n900 that is turned off?21:15
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Siceloiirc it changes at different points along the charge cycly21:38
honestlywell, it's not in emergency charging mode21:38
honestlybut it was pretty empty21:39
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infoboti guess joerg is a natural born EE, ex HW-developer and engineer of Openmoko, now mainly involved in maintenance of maemo and N900. Usually known as DocScrutinizer. Initiator of, or _the_ N900-Wizard!   <>21:47
infobotrumour has it, jrtools is
drathirafter emegrency if good remember switching to normal mode charging but good to confirm...21:48
Siceloanyway, DocScrutinizer51 should be able to explain better ;)21:49
DocScrutinizer51first of all: where from comes that number of 400 to 450?21:51
honestlyfrom measurement.21:52
DocScrutinizer51sorry, of WHAT?21:53
honestlymeasurement of the current going through the usb cable21:53
honestlyI don't have any fancy bme scripts21:54
honestly(or nonfancy ones)21:54
DocScrutinizer51this sounds pretty ok when USB is hooked up to a PC21:54
honestlyok (:21:54
honestlyI poked at the usb receptacle with a soldering iron and it *seems* like the usb connection is stable now21:55
honestlybut I could be imagining that of course.21:55
Sicelowhat was the problem?21:55
* Sicelo still needs to change his receptacle (although can charge at least, with a bit of patience)21:56
honestlythe original problem that caused me to poke at the usb receptacle with a soldering iron? that the usb connection was incredibly unstable and kept dropping21:56
Siceloi'm happy for you then :)21:57
Sicelo'fixed' mine, only to find out that it is actually the receptacle which is bad :'(21:57
honestlywhile I was at it I also scratched off a bit of the pcb screen and put a big blob of solder on there connected to the receptacle21:58
honestlywell, you probably shouldn't try this at home, but I ripped off the sdcard-holder and the EMI cage around the chip under it and then poked at the pins of the receptacle with my soldering iron21:59
* Sicelo did the same, haha .. it helped at least with charging22:00
honestlyah, good22:00
infobotusbfix is probably - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one and a 60+ Watt22:00
honestlywell it's charging with 400mA now and seems pretty stable22:00
honestlyso until it stops working I'll call it fixed22:01
Sicelothere aren't any shops here which i could trust with replacing my receptacle, so i will have to brave this myself some day soon22:01
honestlyI wonder if there are affordable desoldering irons with flexible clamps22:01
honestlywould make that a lot easier22:02
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Siceloi've looked at some youtube videos of replacing the receptacle on some samsung phones .. with a bit of care i guess i will be able to pull it through22:03
DocScrutinizer51Sicelo: desoldering the USB without ruining the PCB might get tricky. You should use hot air until receptacle simply falls off the PCB22:04
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Siceloi have been looking for places where they can lend me one ;)22:04
honestlyhot air would be the best probably22:05
honestlySicelo: any hackerspaces near you?22:05
DocScrutinizer51or... you literally cut the old receptacle into pieces22:05
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DocScrutinizer51but that's not recommended method22:06
DocScrutinizer51when you can reach to them, you could mill off the 5 contacts from the receptacle22:07
DocScrutinizer51so you don't tear off the PCB pads when unsoldering the USB body22:08
honestlyyeah, but then you still need to solder a new one on somehow22:10
DocScrutinizer51the problem is: you can heat up the steel sleeve to make all 4 mech posts' solder melt. But you need to take care of the 5 contacts same time22:10
DocScrutinizer51otherwise you WILL tear off the pads of the 5 contacts22:11
DocScrutinizer51dremel helps a lot22:12
DocScrutinizer51or just hot air, and cover the neighbor stuff with alu foil22:13
Siceloperfect idea with aluminium foil ;)22:14
Sicelobecause the videos mentioned some tape, but that's very expensive here22:14
honestlyneed an industrial hot air gun though22:17
honestlycan't do that with a hair dryer (:22:18
DocScrutinizer51atten 801D22:18
Sicelohehe, i found one today actually .. but didn't borrow it yet because i want to the job when i have enough time, patience, and steady hands ;)22:19
Sicelosomething like this one:
Siceloyou think it's overkill?22:22
DocScrutinizer51this sort of hot air gun will most likely fry your whole PCB22:27
DocScrutinizer51way too much air flow, and barely any *idea* of temperature22:28
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Siceloguessed so22:30
Sicelowill check if i can get smaller one. if not, dremel then22:31
DocScrutinizer51sory it's atten 858D22:33
DocScrutinizer51cheap even22:35
DocScrutinizer51and a friggin useful tool22:36
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PepekHi, after upgrade to 1.10.5 cutecube me during download videos restarts phone nokia n900, comes some repairs and versions that and we'll go at least as well as the previous version?23:09
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Sicelono offence Pepek, but it is not too clear what you are saying (at least to me)23:16
bencoh(not to me either)23:17
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Siceloif you're looking to install previous version, you have to use `apt-get`23:21
Pepekupgrade to cutecube is quite wrong, because then you can not download videos from youtube from my phone23:24
PepekI tried to downgrade again and managed without rebooting download video :) apt-get install cutecube=1.10.423:24
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