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kerioyo DocScrutinizer00:56
keriohow much is EDV1?00:56
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kerio3248 apparently00:56
DocScrutinizer51how half is moon in Spain, over the Atlantic?00:57
keriofuck units of measurement00:57
kerioi'm a math student00:57
DocScrutinizer51you know what really sucks: nicocam acting up in holiday00:58
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: come on, I really hate it when someone feeds nicocam without actually telling what the real problem is and how to reproduce it :(01:30
freemangordonBTW, hi guys, I am back from holiday :)01:30
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dos1freemangordon: well, I hate it when nicocam fails, and then I try to reproduce to at least understand what the problem may be and I simply can't :P01:36
dos1it always works properly when I want it to break, and breaks only when I want it to work properly ;]01:37
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dos1some logs in nicocam would sure be handy01:38
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DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: night mode viewfinder is great, pics taken are black01:40
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: did it work with stock cam?01:47
freemangordonas nicocam is just an ui01:48
freemangordonthe real job is done by a different piece of SW01:48
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keriorecalibrated my battery11:12
kerioi lost like 20mAh11:12
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DocScrutinizer51kerio: that's below even accuracy of the process when done under tightly controlled conditions (temperature, system load aso)12:34
kerioDocScrutinizer51: but it dropped :C12:53
keriothat's my sad face12:53
kerioalso i thought it was more precise than that12:54
kerioand it *was* controlled12:54
kerioconstant power draw, no spikes12:54
keriono system load12:54
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ShadowJKAlso required during charging :)13:19
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ShadowJKdealextreme japod cycle vs capacity history:
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DocScrutinizer51saludos del costa de la luz! ;D13:32
dos1puedo usar el traductor de google! :)13:37
kerioShadowJK: :(13:52
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DocScrutinizer51dos1: google is ytour friend, but mainly for the *name* 'costa de la luz' despite you actually _can_ translate that name13:56
DocScrutinizer51~wiki costa de la luz13:57
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: " beach, Cádiz]] The 'Costa de la Luz' ({{IPA-es|ˈkosta ðe la luθ}}, "Coast of Light") is a section of the Andalusian coast in Spain facing the Atlantic; it extends from Tarifa in the south, along the coasts of the Province of Cádiz and the Province of Huelva, to the mouth of the Guadiana River. A popular destination for vacationing Spaniards, in recent years the Costa de ...13:57
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jaskacosta de la lulz13:58
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DocScrutinizer51~seen javispedro14:19
infobotjavispedro <~javier@Maemo/community/contributor/javispedro> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 50d 13h 11m 13s ago, saying: 'as of lately I have more time and I'm more on this channel, so feel free to ask'.14:19
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DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: htop says usr/bin/cameraui 98% CPU, Despite it should be closed >:-(14:46
DocScrutinizer51sigterm helped, before my N900 melts14:47
DocScrutinizer51no surprise it killed my battery in 2h yesterday14:48
DocScrutinizer51how to reproduce? try making a few photos and an occasional nightmode video14:49
Humpelstilzchenat least it was warm in your pocket14:52
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DocScrutinizer51yep 55Centigrade, 25 more than air15:02
keriothat's a lot15:03
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DocScrutinizer51and 2 h is really bad15:09
HumpelstilzchenOne could make a daemon to check for situations like this...15:10
DocScrutinizer51thata a literally years old point on my todo list15:15
DocScrutinizer51sanity checker daemon15:16
Humpelstilzchenits probably already part of SystemD :D15:16
DocScrutinizer51KDE had srh similar ye4s ago15:16
honestlywhy not spend the time making a sanity checker daemon on fixing whatever bug makes cameraui not close >_>15:17
Humpelstilzchenbecause its only one bug in one program to fix that is probably really bad to reproduce15:18
DocScrutinizer51probably simple to reproduce, I suspect storage full as reason15:19
DocScrutinizer51fekkin thing says I got space fro 37 photos. THIRTYSEVEN15:20
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DocScrutinizer51then it nafs up when I try to delete a photo from camui preview: 'object noy found, cant delete' and refuses to go back to viewfinder15:22
DocScrutinizer51barfs up*15:22
DocScrutinizer51as soon as I try to start a video capture, it freezes completely15:24
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: ^^^15:25
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kerioDocScrutinizer: so you're saying it's your fault for not having enough space15:33
Humpelstilzchenits nokia fault for not testing this case15:36
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DocScrutinizer51well, or cameraui2 fault for not testing return codes16:32
DocScrutinizer51well, df -h tells me there a GBs of free stroage on /home and on MyDocs16:36
DocScrutinizer51and some 50MB free /16:36
*** Malinux_ is now known as Malinux16:42
*** Malinux has joined #maemo16:42
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:47
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DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: further diagnostics: literally *every* picture in galery has a dup version that's 'no longer available'. last few photos not only have a non-available version but also a non-displayable broken writeprotected one (no working version) - I guess those are the ones I tried to delete in camera 5s review (the gallery invoked from camera immediately after shooting)17:57
*** GeneralAntilles has left #maemo17:57
DocScrutinizer51tracker reindexed everyting 3 times now after 3 batt swaps17:58
DocScrutinizer51gonna kill trackerdb17:59
*** ced117 has joined #maemo17:59
*** VDVsx has quit IRC18:01
*** vakkov_ is now known as vakkov18:03
DocScrutinizer51hooraah Tracker Cfg18:03
DocScrutinizer51let's see how long fwkkin trekker takes to rebuild db... And how hot my N900 wil get during it18:06
DocScrutinizer51LOL, gallery says ' data fetching, remaining time 58:4418:08
DocScrutinizer5138:44, 43. 42, 41, 40, 39:48, 47, 46, 40:11, 40:10, 40:09, 08 07 42:52, 51, 50....  LOOOOL18:13
*** konelix has joined #maemo18:18
*** konelix has quit IRC18:20
*** konelix has joined #maemo18:20
DocScrutinizer51and now the other way around 33:06 05 04 3144 43 42 41 3033 32 3118:21
DocScrutinizer51LOOOOL 0021 0020 0019 0018 5944 5953 ...18:26
DocScrutinizer51obviously theres missing the hours digits18:27
DocScrutinizer51???:49:38 and counting18:29
DocScrutinizer5145 ohmy18:30
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: are you sure your FAT fs is ok?18:38
DocScrutinizer51how could I?18:38
freemangordonthere should be boot fsck result somewhere in /var/log18:40
DocScrutinizer51tell me where and I'll have a look18:40
freemangordon/var/log/fsck.log and /var/log/fsck_home.log18:41
*** ab has quit IRC18:42
*** ab has joined #maemo18:42
kerioDocScrutinizer05: are you sure your fat is ok?18:44
kerioare you eating well?18:44
DocScrutinizer51IroN900:~# ll /var/log/fsc*    ls: Zugriff auf /var/log/fsc* nicht möglich: No such file or directory18:44
freemangordonwell, I guess you need to install latest cssu-t18:44
freemangordon/var/log # ls -al /var/log/fsc*18:45
freemangordon-rw-r--r--    1 root     root        86960 Aug  2 18:10 /var/log/fsck.log18:45
freemangordon-rw-r--r--    1 root     root        26224 Aug  2 18:08 /var/log/fsck_home.log18:45
freemangordonnot sure about stable18:45
DocScrutinizer51no way18:45
*** rcg has quit IRC18:46
*** ab has quit IRC18:46
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: at least make sure you have dosfstools installed from cssu-t18:46
*** ab has joined #maemo18:46
freemangordonit fixes a severe bug in stock dosfstools18:46
freemangordonleading to segfault while doing fsck ;)18:47
DocScrutinizer51Im abroad18:47
freemangordonI see18:47
*** vakkov has quit IRC18:49
*** e2718 has joined #maemo18:50
freemangordonor was that segfault in e2fsprogs? anyway, I'd strongly recommend to install both packages at opportunity18:50
kerioDocScrutinizer51: i'd tell you something like "if you're abroad why are you on irc"18:50
keriobut then again, i pride myself in always having at least two ways to connect to the internet18:51
DocScrutinizer51because I can ;-P18:51
*** ab has quit IRC18:51
*** ab has joined #maemo18:51
DocScrutinizer51and because I have no *decent* camera with me18:52
DocScrutinizer51so I hope to fix camera(ui2) to allow me taking a few holiday snapshots18:52
keriouse fcam18:53
* kerio flees18:53
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: I guess you can unmount MyDocs and run fsck.msdos against it18:53
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo18:54
*** vakkov has joined #maemo18:56
DocScrutinizer51oh this suspense, just to see another 59:4818:59
DocScrutinizer51I BET19:00
DocScrutinizer51knew it19:01
DocScrutinizer51I'll give it another 30min while having a coffee and a shower. Then it has to die since I need a fully charged abtt then and that means swap19:13
DocScrutinizer51I could try if uSD is rw19:14
*** BCMM has joined #maemo19:19
*** ciroip has joined #maemo19:25
sixwheeledbeastHopefully dosfstools etc will be in next CSSU-S when that happens.19:29
DocScrutinizer51hmmpff 27:2219:31
*** stef_204 has quit IRC19:39
bencohDocScrutinizer51: that's how your n900 told you that you should enjoy your vacations :p19:46
*** fuz_ has quit IRC20:07
DocScrutinizer51that's how it spoils my hoidays :)20:08
DocScrutinizer51I pondered gtaking a *rela* camera with me, but...20:09
* DocScrutinizer51 <- fool20:09
DocScrutinizer51amywait frecker reinfixed, everything *looking* fine now20:10
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: what stops next cssu-s from happening?20:13
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: Well after I built those packages in the incorrect order, merlin said he had most of the packages and then .... nothing.20:16
DocScrutinizer51seems even vidoes work now, after cracker refixing20:20
*** Snafu777 has joined #maemo20:21
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: oh, so we wait for merlin1991. I see :(20:21
DocScrutinizer51uploading that 35MB mp4 however been a tad... slow20:22
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: I suppose, I haven't had time to look at it since. I figured it would be better for someone with better knowledge to build the packages, after you explained the issue with building those awkward packages.20:28
*** jmlich has quit IRC20:29
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ShadowJKkerio, why the sad face at japod log?22:50
kerioi wanted my battery to be eternal22:54
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo22:55
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo22:57
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:57
*** erlehmann has joined #maemo22:57
*** erlehmann has joined #maemo22:58
DocScrutinizer51incredibe, here you got real connectivity blackholes, for several km of road22:58
*** RzR has joined #maemo23:03
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