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TheOnlyJoey|deskOhai, question, does anyone has a working debian-weezy image for easy debian boot? i tried updating a squeeze image for 1 whole day, the n900 crashed and rebooted and i could not save it anymore, would save me a lot of time00:37
TheOnlyJoey|deskthe version hosted by Qole is armhf zo can't use that00:37
ShadowJKMight work with kernel-power?00:39
TheOnlyJoey|deskkernel power?00:39
ShadowJKThe enhanced kernel00:39
ShadowJKfor power users00:39
ShadowJKIt has errata workarounds to make hf mostly work00:39
TheOnlyJoey|deskah cool00:40
ShadowJKThough I guess that's a maemo thing and not a debian thing?00:40
ShadowJKFor some reaosn I read your "boot" as "chroot" :)00:40
TheOnlyJoey|deskwell, i ment chroot actually00:40
TheOnlyJoey|deskso i think i will first install kernel-power then, any disadvantages?00:41
ShadowJKAs always, make backups first?00:43
ShadowJKIt replaced the original kernel. It can not be installed (but you can install the nokia kernel again if you want)00:43
TheOnlyJoey|deskof course, but any known regressions with kernel-power?00:44
ShadowJKmm Not that I know of00:44
freemangordonShadowJK: hmm, I think you mixed thumb2 with hardfp :)00:44
ShadowJKlol oops00:44
ShadowJKNevermind me then :)00:44
ShadowJKfreemangordon, please correct my ramblings :D00:45
freemangordonhardfp should "just work", afaik it is not related to the kernel00:45
ShadowJKAs for crashing, stock N900 config is prone to doing that during heavy I/O. I do "echo 1024 > /sys/block/mmcblk0/queue/nr_requests" after boot, also for mmcblk1 if I have microsd. Seems to make the situation much better00:46
freemangordonbut if that "hardfp" image is also thumb2 compiled, kernel-power is a must00:46
freemangordonTheOnlyJoey|desk: which kernel do you boot with that image?00:47
ShadowJKIf you're going to be doing alot of I/O or RAM heavy stuff, I would definitely recommend getting a fast memory card, Samsung MicroSDHC Pro is known to be fast, and put your chroot fs and swap on there.00:47
kerio"fast" as in throughput or as in IOPS?00:47
freemangordonkerio: both00:48
ShadowJKI don't really remember or look at throughput00:48
TheOnlyJoey|deskfreemangordon, when i boot that image, i get errors about arch mismatch and such, so i think i need a different kernel to do that00:49
freemangordonTheOnlyJoey|desk: hmm, are you sure you boot it with the correct kernel? also, iirc qole's image is for chroot, not for booting00:49
TheOnlyJoey|deskfreemangordon, i ment chroot00:49
freemangordonor this is another "image" I am not aware of00:49
TheOnlyJoey|deski am trying to boot debian_wheezy3sulu_armhf.img which is the latest wheezy00:50
freemangordonthen you'd better ask sulu how to do it, there is a thread on TMO00:50
TheOnlyJoey|deskwell as long as my kernel supports armhf it should work00:53
TheOnlyJoey|deskso i think i just need another kernel00:53
freemangordonTheOnlyJoey|desk: hardfp is not a kernel thing afaik, it is how the FP arguments are passed when you call a function - it is either via integer registers (softfp) or FP registers (hardfp)00:55
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freemangordonanyway, you may want to install kernel-power and test with it, though I doubt it will help00:55
TheOnlyJoey|deskwell if kernel-power is beter anyway, no harm in doing that as well00:56
TheOnlyJoey|desknow running kernel52 :)01:03
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arceanfreemangordon: iirc from harmattan times you can't run hardfp software on softfp system01:04
ShadowJKchroot should be fine01:04
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TheOnlyJoey|deskhmm can i savely format my emmc to ext3?01:15
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TheOnlyJoey|deskmeh, stupid fat01:28
ShadowJKSeriously, the emmc is so "slow", anything beyond storing mp3s and movies, you want to get a fast microsd, like the Samsung Pro MicroSDHC01:29
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ShadowJKBut also, maemo init scripts assume fat, and some apps break when permissions start working01:29
TheOnlyJoey|deskah k01:29
ShadowJKin cssu, ext4 microsd is automounted too01:30
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TheOnlyJoey|deskah it works on the other kernel!01:34
ShadowJKWell, cssu is more than kernel upgrade01:38
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DocScrutinizer05actually cssu is no kernel update at all06:24
DocScrutinizer05unless that changed recently06:26
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freemangordonchem|st: are you aware that has problems with SSL certificates and is unusable? If yes, what is the progress on that, if any?11:31
freemangordonchem|st: asking you, as I was told it is HiFo's job to take care about it, correct me if I got it wrong11:32
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newbieAlerthey , need help with superblock corruption of usb stick.12:45
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rZrDocScrutinizer05, btw any news on openmoko I havent booted my freerunner for years now16:01
DocScrutinizer05well, I guess that's the wrong channel. Anyway I'm not up to date what the various distros and their developers do. I know dos1 has recently done some work on SHR16:05
DocScrutinizer05maybe /join #opemoko-cdevel16:06
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Siceloi have the script indicated here:
Sicelois this a 'stock' script? does everyone have it?16:12
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TheOnlyJoey|deskhmm any known applications for youtube that actually work? tried 2, both hang on playing video or crash18:35
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arceanTheOnlyJoey|desk: cutetube?
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TheOnlyJoey|deskarcean, already tried, not working, i tried everything from the app repository, all broken18:45
arceanworks fine here18:45
arceantried version from extras-devel?18:45
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TheOnlyJoey|deskarcean, i guess its from extras-devel? it could not find any video's18:47
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TheOnlyJoey|deskarcean, i got version 1.9.1 should i try the QML version?18:49
arceanhmm nope18:49
arceanenable extras-devel18:49
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arceanupdate to 1.10.3 and then disable -devel repo18:50
sixwheeledbeastTheOnlyJoey|desk: cutetube definitely works. 1.10.318:50
TheOnlyJoey|deskhmm k18:50
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sixwheeledbeastQML version isn't updated AFAIK18:52
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TheOnlyJoey|deskhmm i guess there is no option to alter the quality? 240p is hurting my ears19:04
spoofyHello, about qml - anyone experienced that modrana qml does not loading maps?19:05
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Ras_OlderHey everyone! Sometime earlier this week I was asking for help with my N900's GPS lock problem. I have been running the Location Test app in different places (outdoors mostly) and witnessed that the carrier to noise density ratio for satellites is _always_ at 6 dBHz. However the satellites list does update all the time so it does see / hear them but no lock whatsoever.19:42
HumpelstilzchenRas_Older: did you try to disable a-gps?19:45
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Ras_OlderThe time and date is correct too. I have tried enabling mobile connection to boost the signal as someone told me to try it out but no cigar here so far.. Is there anything left to try or should I just give up? No there is no practical reason for me to get it working but I just wanted to dwell into this to learn about it. Yes the AGPS is disabled atm. When its enabled I get rough +300m radius location its almost everytime the local cell tower.19:46
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sixwheeledbeastspoofy: I use the GTK version on N90019:56
sixwheeledbeastRas_Older: well with AGPS on you should get a "course accuracy" GPS and then after about a minute outside you should get "fine accuracy" GPS.19:58
sixwheeledbeastwhereas with AGPS off you can hang about for upto 30 minutes or more waiting for GPS to lock.19:59
sixwheeledbeastNormally in the van it takes about 8-9 minutes to lock with A-GPS off.20:00
Humpelstilzchensixwheeledbeast: where did you get that number from?20:00
Ras_OlderWell currently two hours outside without AGPS. I am monitoring the signal level over VNC and they have stayed at 6 dBHz.20:00
Humpelstilzchensixwheeledbeast: you "only" need 13 minutes20:01
Humpelstilzchenwith plain gps20:01
spoofysixwheeledbeast: qml version seems to be nice and fast.20:04
spoofybut it's not loading maps20:04
spoofydunno why20:04
sixwheeledbeastwell that's not what I have found, out in the field. It happens occasionally where I get no lock for a least 30 minutes.20:05
sixwheeledbeastspoofy: any output if run from terminal?20:05
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Humpelstilzchensixwheeledbeast: antenna problem?20:06
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sixwheeledbeastHumpelstilzchen: possibly, it has never been a big enough issue for me to investigate. Woul20:07
sixwheeledbeastWould anything else cause that?20:08
Humpelstilzchenwell to get a fix without any prior data you need information from the satellites that is periodically send over about 13 minutes, if some bits are missing you need to wait longer20:09
sixwheeledbeastmaybe this is the case then.20:12
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Humpelstilzchenbtw don't hold the n900 in your hand if you need to get a fix ;)20:13
honestlyyep, n900 gps chip is old and doesn't have good algorithms for getting initial fix20:14
honestlyso it takes a while20:14
honestlymy old navigation thingy is the same20:15
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Ras_OlderI now enabled the AGPS with since the never seems to get a fix for me. I have the certman updated too. The N900 now got a cell tower location again but nothing on the GPS side as the signal levels are still non existent basically.20:16
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sixwheeledbeastRas_Older: well maybe it is a aerial issue like mentioned above.20:21
sixwheeledbeastRas_Older: this is the aerial part
Ras_OlderAh yes. Going to keep it running for an another hour just to be sure and then call it quits. So guys how is the Neo900 going? Starting to feel like getting a new toy soon :)20:25
honestlyit's going well, go donate ;-)20:29
Ras_OlderI'll do just that the first thing I get my own finances sorted out :'D20:31
honestlyyeah, having that problem too...20:32
spoofysixwheeledbeast: I'll paste it later20:32
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DocScrutinizer05Humpelstilzchen: 2*13min = 26min ~=30min. sounds absolutely correct. with much bad luck two dropouts after 12 and 24 minutes garble same databits of almanac, and you will need a third 13min round to get a complete dataset without dropouts20:55
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sixwheeledbeastdo you need the full almanac data in one go, or can it piece it together?21:04
DocScrutinizer05of course you can get redundancy from multiple receptions21:08
DocScrutinizer05thus I said "with bad luck you have two dropouts in two turns on *the same* data bits..."21:09
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sixwheeledbeastah, a see. sorry I read that differently21:15
DocScrutinizer05the dataformat has already some code spreading and forward error correction, so short dropouts shouldn't hurt. However all this can also aonly handly a certain amount of dropouts/noise during iĀ“one 13min dataset21:15
DocScrutinizer05also only handle*21:16
DocScrutinizer05there's a really excellent website explaining the technical aspects (really all of them)21:20
DocScrutinizer05>>If you link to or cite these materials, please credit the author, Peter H. Dana, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder.<<21:22
DocScrutinizer05kudos to this guy21:22
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DocScrutinizer05however you don't really need the almanac data to get a fix. You could as well be lucky and find the right encoding and doppler etc by mere try&error (you=chip)21:44
DocScrutinizer05which *should* be faster than 12min usually, aiui. At least on modern chips with many correlators21:45
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DocScrutinizer05with almanac however you can pick the richt encoding aka SV and doppler etc instantly and thus get a first fix relatively fast (10..20s) - or you have an incorrect almanac or an incorrect time setting or corse location estimation and search the 8 wrong channels for hours without ever finding a signal21:47
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: with almanac however you can pick the right encoding aka SV and doppler etc instantly and thus get a first fix relatively fast (10..20s) - or you have an incorrect almanac or an incorrect time setting or corse location estimation and search the 8 wrong ch...21:48
DocScrutinizer05note that every SV sends its own ephemeral data in each set of 5 frames during 30s, so after 30s the chip has enough data to do a fix, after it found 3 sats21:50
DocScrutinizer05for time it needs max 30s after finding first SV21:51
DocScrutinizer05though that time "isn't accurate" yet, it still has an offset depending on receiver<->SV distance21:52
DocScrutinizer05but actually I have no clue how GPS works. Rather ask somebody who does: SpeedEvil21:53
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