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AggeDocScrutinizer05: or sixwheeledbeast any idea what it might meen when a N900 led is solid orange when conected to a charger but do not start?21:00
Humpelstilzchendid you try to turn it off and on again?21:00
AggeHumpelstilzchen: fails at turning it on21:01
Humpelstilzchenaah does not start as in does not boot21:02
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infobotRemove battery for 1 minute. Insert battery. Plug powered ***NOKIA WALLCHARGER*** to device. Watch steady amber. Let sit and charge. Do NOT try to boot. After 30 min, you got either a) a booted up N900, b) flashing amber which means you can boot, c) steady amber going off - in this case start over again with ~flatbatrecover. CAVEAT! Only works when ~rootfs is OK (no ~bootloop)!.21:02
wizbitDocScrutinizer05: i lost my phone :(21:03
wizbitgot another one now21:03
wizbitall i need to know is how to setup the repos again21:03
wizbiti remember i had to rewind the year back, but forgot what year21:03
DocScrutinizer05Agge: it basically means that your battery is so low on voltage that the CPU cannot boot and the bq24150 is charging the battery autonomously to pull the system out of this deadlock situation21:04
Aggeaha thanks doc. it is the China phone it was problem with on saturday. tested with a good batery to see if that worked. both batereys works in my old N900 but none of them in the new one21:05
Aggecharging right new from a samsung charger becouse I don't have the original charger with me21:05
DocScrutinizer05wizbit: you need to set system date to 2011 to get rid of warnings in apt about expired nokia signature in base repos. This is not really needed to set up the repos for a working system21:06
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wizbitDocScrutinizer05: the only repos i have on are: Nokia Applications & Nokia Software Updates21:07
wizbitcan i update from that once year is 2011?21:07
DocScrutinizer05you will want maemo-extras21:07
wizbitok ill stick that in21:07
wizbitDistribution: fremantle-1.3 <-- ?21:08
wizbiti will write this down this time21:08
DocScrutinizer05sorry, afk, bbl21:08
wizbitok dude21:08
wizbitis it worth using CSSU-Thumb ?21:32
keriothere's some minor speed increases21:32
keriothe big advantage is in the less space used in the rootfs21:32
wizbitright i see21:32
wizbitkerio: after the nokia security update, should i then add in the CSSU-Thumb repo then do a big update?21:37
kerioyou should follow the instructions in the cssu thumb topic21:37
wizbitay eok21:37
keriowait, nokia security update? :O21:37
wizbitits the latest firmware21:37
keriowhich one?21:37
sixwheeledbeast~tell wizbit about cssu-thumb21:37
wizbiti had the nokia repo left21:38
wizbitthen set my block back to 201121:38
wizbitthen it said maemo security update21:38
wizbitso i am installing it21:38
sixwheeledbeastwell that was interesting, 1 months rainfall in an hour and I get a call out21:39
wizbitMaemo 5 21.2011.38-1.205.121:39
sixwheeledbeastso much for this "heatwave"21:39
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sixwheeledbeastwizbit: 21.2011.38-1 is the pr1.3.1 update21:43
wizbitits nearly finished installing21:43
sixwheeledbeastso basically the last Nokia release21:44
wizbitis that good?21:44
sixwheeledbeastyou will need this or p1.3 before going CSSU21:44
wizbitso this update will give me PR1.3.1 so i should be good to go21:44
sixwheeledbeastthen go to CSSU page21:45
infobotwell, cssu is
wizbitis CSSU-Thumb stable to use?21:45
wizbiti dont do anything too fancy on the phone21:45
sixwheeledbeaster, well it's based on CSSU-Testing so you should "expect" the odd issue. The question is how confident are you with Debian, Maemo and useful bug reporting?21:47
kerioit's slightly edgier than cssu-testing, but not by much21:47
wizbitaye ok21:47
wizbitgood to know :)21:47
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wizbitdo you guys use CSSU thumb on your phones?21:48
sixwheeledbeastwizbit: I use CSSU-Stable for my day to day device but I have a Testing and Thumb device too :)21:48
wizbitis your CSSU-stable device pretty stable?21:49
wizbitor does it crash every now and again21:49
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sixwheeledbeastCSSU-Stable is well "Stable" there's the odd minor annoying bug that needs an update21:51
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Sicelotbh, i was on stable for a long time too, then eventually started using Testing. no complaints at all21:52
wizbitok ill install CSSU-stable on this phone then if i get another i will install CSSU-Thumb on it21:55
sixwheeledbeastYes, I agree everything in Testing currently is solid. However, that's not the idea behind our Stable/Testing/Devel method.21:55
wizbitwhat is a clean way to update to CSSU-Stable, im now on PR1.3.121:55
sixwheeledbeastwizbit: That would be the best idea. You can upgrade to Testing if you wish but you can't really downgrade21:56
wizbiti will follow instructions there21:56
sixwheeledbeastThere is only one way to install CSSU read and follow the instructions on the wiki page ^^^21:56
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wizbitfirst i will enable the repo and install backupmenu and do a backup :D21:58
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infobothmm... backupmenu is
wizbitbackupmenu is not in extras22:01
wizbitoh its in extra-devel22:01
wizbiti wonder if there is a quick way to add in all the required repos22:02
infobotmethinks jrtools is
Sicelothere should be a script there to do just that wizbit22:03
DocScrutinizer05ummm, rather please22:04
DocScrutinizer05my fault. fixed22:06
wizbitworks :D22:07
wizbiti didnt backup my phone last time, this time i will :D22:07
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sixwheeledbeastIt's a shame the latest bm is in extras-devel. It seems silly asking new users to install something from a -devel repo.22:16
kerioi wonder if backupmenu still works, considering my silly partitioning22:17
sixwheeledbeastyou can install the .deb directly with microb however it defeats the object of extras/testing/devel again... :sigh:22:18
wizbitshould i keep the Nokia Applications repo turned on?22:18
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DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast: we already promoted it to testing afaik, it just depends on other stuff that as well isn't available in extras (sans -*)22:37
DocScrutinizer05I opted for promoting the dependencies to extras as well, afaik it's just the i2c-tools, for charging22:37
DocScrutinizer05~seen robbiethe1st22:38
sixwheeledbeastDocScrutinizer05: nope I just checked the latest is devel22:38
infobotrobbiethe1st <~robbiethe@> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 35d 16h 33m 31s ago, saying: 'I swear, microUSB connections are way too tiny'.22:38
sixwheeledbeasta pkg can't be promoted to extras if dependencies are not there.22:38
DocScrutinizer05whatever, council *could* decide to override all quarantine and promotion rules and promote BM incl dependencies to extras repo22:39
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DocScrutinizer05maybe a nice topic for council meeting supposed to start in 20 min22:40
wizbiti am following the instructions here22:40
wizbiti clicked on that22:40
sixwheeledbeastare they safe on all versions of Maemo/CSSU?22:41
DocScrutinizer05wizbit: those are which instructions? CSSU installation?22:41
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wizbitdam now i have this22:44
wizbitUnable to update libqtm-bearer Conflicing application packages22:44
wizbitdoes this mean my phone has stuff installed on it already?22:46
wizbitand i will need to flash it :(22:46
wizbithow annoying there is maemo 4 stuff on my phone22:50
wizbitlook like ill have to flash it :(22:51
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wizbitfigured it out22:59
wizbitneeded to click on CSSU icon in setup :D22:59
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wizbitupdated to CSSU-stable23:09
wizbitone last thing23:10
wizbitto install extra stuff, like open-ssh23:10
wizbitshould i use the Community SSU devel repro or Meaemo Extras-DEVEL repro?23:10
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wizbitor neither of those?23:11
wizbitmaybe just Maemo Extras ?23:11
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sixwheeledbeastwizbit: <<Unable to update libqtm-bearer Conflicing application packages>> Did you fix this?23:37
sixwheeledbeastneither to the above question BTW23:37
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wizbitsixwheeledbeast: yes fixed that23:39
wizbiti clicked on the SSU community icon in setup23:39
wizbitthen it was all ok after that23:39
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sixwheeledbeastI see.23:40
wizbitwhat repro should i use for extra stuff?23:40
sixwheeledbeast"" aka "Extras"23:40
wizbitright ok ill use that :D23:40
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sixwheeledbeastNOT "extras-devel" or "extras-testing"23:41
infoboti heard extras is
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wizbitsixwheeledbeast: if i did want to install a few newer applications like opera, should i go with maemo extra devel?23:43
wizbitthen switch off the repo after23:44
sixwheeledbeastwizbit: that's up to you. Extras-Devel can lead to buggy software as per ~extras-devel23:45
sixwheeledbeastI found Opera 12 in Devel unstable for example23:45
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wizbitthats ok opera 12.1 beta was working fine last i used it23:45
wizbitwill it cause a big repro mess though if i do that23:46
wizbitdeb package hell?23:46
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wizbitim thinking of rpm hell23:46
Sicelobut yes, it segfaults for many.. i found if you strace it, it behaves for a while :p23:47
wizbitSicelo: what opera?23:47
sixwheeledbeastI have gone back to using microB TBH23:48
sixwheeledbeastipv6 FTW ;)23:48
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* Sicelo uses MicroB too. :)23:51
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infobotbackupmenu is, like,
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