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vdvis there any time tracking app for maemo?15:06
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Ashley` N9 :D17:44
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VaticanCameosDoes this channel cater to questions on the N900 as well?18:15
VaticanCameosWell I'll fire anyway. I have this weird bug where I'm not able to turn off Bluetooth. However, my phone is picked up by Bluetooth searches on other phones - meaning that bluetooth is always on but not showing on the status bar, thus constantly eating battery and yet inaccessible. I figured that something is messed up with the bluetooth kernel thread and if I managed to stop it, I would get things back on track. Stopping kernel threads isn't just a 'kill18:18
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VaticanCameos -9' job though.18:18
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ShadowJKhciconfig hci0 down18:38
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DocScrutinizer05did you check settings?19:08
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DocScrutinizer05in settings there's a BT entry too19:09
DocScrutinizer05not showing on status bar... hmm19:10
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VaticanCameosShadowJK: Thanks for that, but I'm still not able to turn on/off Bluetooth from the status panel.20:31
VaticanCameosIt just doesn't appear there.20:31
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DocScrutinizer05VaticanCameos: see chanlog20:36
VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: You mean changelog?20:38
VaticanCameosI'm sorry for being so nooby but what exactly am I supposed to look for in the changelog?20:41
DocScrutinizer51channel log20:50
DocScrutinizer05 ff20:54
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VaticanCameosHey DocScrutinizer05, thanks for the heads up. I'm going through that thread whose link you posted right now but my problem is a bit different. The bluetooth status symbol used to show earlier but now it doesn't, when I try to activate it from the status panel.21:19
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VaticanCameosEverytime I try to configure my Bluetooth settings there, it always starts with an empty Name field, and when I save with Bluetooth On, it never appears in the panel. When I go to those settings again, it's blank as before.21:20
VaticanCameosI guess a flash is in order then. I don't see any other way.21:21
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DocScrutinizer05yeah, a reflash most likely is the fastest and easiest fix to the issue, unless it's a hw defect (unlikely)21:36
DocScrutinizer05you could enable syslog and see if something blows chunks21:37
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DocScrutinizer05sounds to me like storing settings to gconf is somehow failing21:37
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DocScrutinizer05but of course when the BT configuration&management gear aborts on any other error before it even gets to storing the settings to gconf would result in a similar effect21:40
VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: Among other things, phone reboot did nothing either21:41
DocScrutinizer05aiui BT works but the icon doesn't show, right?21:41
DocScrutinizer05does the button in status menu show up?21:42
DocScrutinizer05the one showing BT icon and writing "Bluetooth" and a blue "on" or "off" ?21:43
VaticanCameosThe button is present in status menu. It takes me to the BT settings but those are always fresh - no entry in name field even if I save one. I cannot know whether BT is on or off, trying to change it from there has no effect.21:43
VaticanCameosIt's always Off.21:44
DocScrutinizer05aiui it must show, since you say you can open the config dialog with name field21:44
DocScrutinizer05name field not showing anything is quite strange21:44
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DocScrutinizer05you could try clicking "devices" button in bt config, then click "new" on list of configured devices. This is supposed to enable BT and search for visible peer devices on the air21:49
VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: Nothing happens if I press New.21:50
VaticanCameosDamn...this thing really is broken isn't it21:51
DocScrutinizer05nothing? that indicates that the "GUI" part gets errors when trying to talk to the BT "hardware" aka drivers aka bluez21:51
DocScrutinizer05maybe you updated bluez from a broken source, there are newer bluez versions around that don't work with maemo521:52
VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: It wasn't from an update. iirc, it started happening the day some messed up even occurred in my phone, probably something to do with a messed up reboot21:56
VaticanCameosI can't remember exactly21:56
VaticanCameosbut since then BT isn't working21:56
DocScrutinizer05sorry, I can't investigate this any further with reasonable expense on effort. Just reflash, I don't think we will be able to track it down to the root cause21:58
DocScrutinizer05doing a complete backup with BackupMenu before reflash will help to save all settings in case you later on need them, as well as the error so we could continue to investigate it when we feel bored21:59
infobotwell, backupmenu is
DocScrutinizer05and even in case of a hw defect (still unlikely) a BM backup would allow you to restore your complete system on a new device22:01
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VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: Are you one of the few active maemo devs still around?22:02
DocScrutinizer05install BM from Hildon "Application Manager" (aka HAM), reboot with kbd slide open, do a complete backup preferably to uSD22:02
DocScrutinizer05no, I'm not exactly a maemo developer22:02
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DocScrutinizer05I did some development a few years back, you might find H-E-N (and the tiny fancy "starhash-enabler)22:03
DocScrutinizer05you might have heard of22:03
infobotjrtools is probably
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DocScrutinizer05also (though that will end soon for me, sth I'm quite happy about)22:04
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infobotrumour has it, joerg is a natural born EE, ex HW-developer and engineer of Openmoko, now mainly involved in maintenance of maemo and N900. Usually known as DocScrutinizer22:07
DocScrutinizer05infobot: no, joerg is a natural born EE, ex HW-developer and engineer of Openmoko, now mainly involved in maintenance of maemo and N900. Usually known as DocScrutinizer. Initiator of http://neo900.org22:08
infobotDocScrutinizer05: okay22:08
DocScrutinizer05~factinfo joerg22:08
infobotjoerg -- created by jOERG <> at Thu Oct 23 12:00:02 2008 (2026 days); last modified 11s ago  by DocScrutinizer05!~saturn@openmoko/engineers/joerg; it has been requested 65 times, last by DocScrutinizer05, 1m 34s ago; it has been locked by jOERG.22:08
DocScrutinizer05~lock joerg22:08
DocScrutinizer05oops, already locked22:09
infobotwell, joerg is a natural born EE, ex HW-developer and engineer of Openmoko, now mainly involved in maintenance of maemo and N900. Usually known as DocScrutinizer. Initiator of http://neo900.org22:09
VaticanCameosI didn't know people were still working on the N900 after its unceremonious ditching years ag22:17
VaticanCameosThat used to piss me off a lot22:17
VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: Why don't you guys take part in Google Summer of Code as a mentoring organization? That way you could get stuff done by students22:18
VaticanCameosyou are an open source org after all22:18
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DocScrutinizer05VaticanCameos: that's actually a brilliant idea22:19
VaticanCameosDocScrutinizer05: In your first year, you'll get a max of two slots22:19
DocScrutinizer05at least worth pondering it further22:19
VaticanCameosbut will be a start, and a proper kickstart to your plan22:19
VaticanCameosIt will also bring your org and idea into mainstream consciousness22:20
DocScrutinizer05I never looked too close into proceedings of GSoC22:20
VaticanCameosDamn, had you guys appeared this year I would've gladly applied for you guys22:20
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DocScrutinizer05FPTF as part of GSoC, sounds reasonable22:21
infobotsomebody said fptf was the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
bencohfptpf as a gsoc ? seriously ?22:22
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DocScrutinizer05just an idea I think is worth pondering22:22
bencohwell it's worth trying22:22
bencohwouldnt expect much though22:22
DocScrutinizer05yeah, sure22:22
*** janemba has joined #maemo22:23
VaticanCameosbencoh: If you guys put yourselves across in the right way, there is every bit a chance of selection as a mentoring organization.22:23
*** vdv has joined #maemo22:23
bencohhmm, what is the right way in that case ?22:23
VaticanCameosGiven that this project is open source and is working to revive the glory of a truly OSS smartphone22:23
DocScrutinizer05maybe we need to pimp it up a bit - make that "secure OS for phones, based on maemo5", with cryptfs, ZRTP-based VoIP and other bells and whistels22:24
VaticanCameosApply as a mentor org in 2015. I don't have much idea about how mentor orgs apply, I'm a student. But I can find out for you guys from my mentor.22:24
DocScrutinizer05mentor: Neo900 group22:25
DocScrutinizer05could fly22:25
VaticanCameosIf you have mundane library system projects in gsoc, surely FPTF deserves a position22:25
vdvapt-get install libsqlite3-dev fails with message "Package libsqlite3-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.22:25
vdvThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or22:25
vdvis only available from another source22:25
vdvE: Package libsqlite3-dev has no installation candidate"22:25
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*** janemba has quit IRC22:26
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# apt-cache search libsqlite22:26
DocScrutinizer05libsqlite3-0 - SQLite 3 shared library22:26
DocScrutinizer05libsqlite0 - SQLite shared library22:26
DocScrutinizer05libsqlite0-dev - SQLite development files22:26
DocScrutinizer05sounds about correct22:27
DocScrutinizer05then otoh I don't see why a package on N900 would depend on libsqlite3-dev22:27
*** janemba has joined #maemo22:28
DocScrutinizer05in scratchbox SDK, you will find a way to install the -dev pkg from *somewhere*22:28
DocScrutinizer05actually the way is the standard supposed way of installing SDK stuff from SDK repo ;-)22:31
*** janemba has quit IRC22:31
DocScrutinizer05Fremantle SDK free armellibsqlite3-dev 3.6.14-1maemo4+0m522:31
DocScrutinizer05Fremantle SDK free i386libsqlite3-dev 3.6.14-1maemo4+0m522:31
DocScrutinizer05again, on target platform (N900) the *-dev packages SHOULD not be needed for any app/program to install22:32
*** janemba has joined #maemo22:33
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DocScrutinizer05IOW: either you did ""apt-get install libsqlite3-dev"" on N900 then I wonder why you did. Or you did it on your PC inside SB SDK, then you are missing the SDK repo in your sources.list22:35
*** florian has joined #maemo22:36
vdvDocScrutinizer05, ruby22:38
vdvand gem install22:38
vdvand i'm indeed on device22:38
vdvwould enabling SDK repo on my n900 help?22:40
*** kov has quit IRC22:40
*** githogori has joined #maemo22:40
DocScrutinizer05or simply click on the .deb link of in microB22:43
DocScrutinizer05might or might not start HAM to install the .deb, after downloading it. If it doesn't, install manually using cd <dir-to-download>; dplg -i *.deb22:45
DocScrutinizer05or do ` cd ~user/MyDocs; wget; dpkg -i libsq*.deb; rm libsq*.deb`22:47
*** BCMM has joined #maemo22:48
vdvenabling SDK repo worked22:48
vdvinstalled package22:49
*** _rd has joined #maemo22:50
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vdvDocScrutinizer05, thanks22:59
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