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kwtmHi. When I use the Terminal on my N900 to ssh into my home server and use ncurses-based programs like mutt, something changes so that [Enter] doesn't work, just Ctrl-M.  ([Enter] produces something like Esc-o or something.02:12
kwtmI thought it was a mutt/ssh/my server thing, but when I exited ssh, that same terminal session running shell/bash (natively on the N900) retained the setting that [Enter] did not produce 0x0d.  Is there some ANSI terminal sequence that causes this?  What do I do to reset it?02:13
povbotBug 6009: "Enter" key sends wrong keycode to console applications02:14
kwtmThx, nox-, will read up on that.02:14
nox-(its fixed in cssu i think)02:15
nox- has a deb02:16
povbotBug 6009: "Enter" key sends wrong keycode to console applications02:16
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kwtmnox-: Is it fixed in cssu?  Maybe I should just upgrade, then.  I'm trying to keep one of my N900's non-CSSU just for easy reversion, but maybe it'll just be easier to use the one with CSSU.02:19
kwtmOh, wait, I can just do echo -e '\033>'  .  Okay, I think we're good. :)02:21
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nox-i think you can just dpkg -i that deb in the ticket also02:24
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Snafu777Hey DocScrutinizer05: What part of the optification suite actually causes optification?03:24
Snafu777If you don't mind me asking03:24
Snafu777I Also found the problematic .deb causing erroneous text messages to get sent out03:24
Snafu777smscon =)03:24
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infobot[busybox] the swiss army knife of embedded linux.  It combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc.  See
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Snafu777Anyone here familiar with busybox-power -vs- busybox-power-althiest04:11
monogletsis maemo debian based?04:30
infobotmessy... err busybox is meant for lean scripting. Regarding all the missing options and immanent limitations (see su, passwd, nice, ps, ...) it's not really the interactive shell of choice. A lot of people hate busybox because a lot of system integrators don't understand the difference between busybox and a decent user interactive shell plus unix utils04:34
Maxdamantusdecent interactive shells let you write stuff like: array=("scale of dragon" "tooth of wolf" "witch's mummy" "maw and gulf of the ravined salt-sea shark"); for x in "${array[@]}"; do echo "$x"; done04:36
Maxdamantus"${array[@]}", "${array[1]}", "${array[@]:1}" .. funny bash04:36
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antithesisWill the neo900 use the same battery as n900?11:02
antithesisor does11:07
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antithesisDocScrutinizer05 but with the higher specs, won't the battery life be even worse then?12:01
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MaxdamantusShould be better if you run the same software, theoretically.12:08
MaxdamantusSince you'll be doing the same computations more power-efficiently, presumably.12:08
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Maxdamantusthough you might actually end up doing more because you can (eg, because better scrolling framerates would be made possible in the browser)12:09
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DocScrutinizer05yep, exactly. Usually the former effect should prevail12:29
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iuridovalguém aí?12:45
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Snafu777Hey Sicelo:  Did you ever recompile irssi with script support?20:54
infobotirssi is probably a modular IRC client for UNIX. See, or the door to the 133720:56
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Snafu777So........... Anyone doing anything cool with their N900 these days?20:58
Siceloyes Snafu777. i did20:59
Sicelohit a perl bug in scratchbox20:59
Sicelonot a bug per se.. but inconvenience21:00
Snafu777So, did it work?21:00
Snafu777i want sasl21:00 is the trick21:00
Siceloi was still going to try compile on the N900 itself21:00
Snafu777Did you just grab the source code itself?21:00
bencohI think there is some blog article regarding irssi/sasl and maemo21:00
Snafu777ah, sandbox *bonk*, i see21:00
Snafu777I'll grab the source and figure it out21:01
Snafu777I thought perhaps u had already did the work21:01
Snafu777As well, anyone familiar with a trusted version of wpa_supplicant for the n900>?<21:01
Sicelojust get that from repos.21:01
Snafu777Hell I'll port it and make it available, I really should get an account to upload my .debs21:01
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Snafu777wpa_supplicant is in the debs?21:01
Sicelorepos, yes21:01
Snafu777er, yeah, thats what I meant =)21:02
Snafu777wpagui, I see21:02
bencohwpasupplicant too (no underscore)21:02
Snafu777Anyone here ever remapped their n900 keys?21:02
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Snafu777Hehe, I should look harder I guess21:04
Snafu777I'm amazed at how many times I go to start doing something, only to be later told that "it's already in the repos"21:04
* Snafu777 bonks himself21:04
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Siceloby the way, whyyou need wap_supplicant?21:05
Sicelo< Snafu777> I'm amazed at how many times I go to start doing something, only to be later told that "it's already in the repos"21:05
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Snafu777I wrote a script around wpa_supplicant21:05
Snafu777Based on the timewarner surfboard modems21:05
Snafu777and how easily calculated the default wpa2 password is =)21:05
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Snafu777I use my n900 as a pentest tool21:05
Sicelotbh, i have wanted to say to you since last week that N900 has been hacked on a lot longer than you have.. so it is only to be expected that 'everything' is available by now21:06
Snafu777Figure I'll port my script to a n900 usable version21:06
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Snafu777Oh I believe ya21:06
bencohcuriously not everything, but yeah ;)21:06
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Snafu777It's just that I will look for something; and I kid you not, i'll search up and down, and it wont be there21:06
Snafu777But as soon as I ask on irc21:06
Snafu777the stuff magically appears21:06
Snafu777Perhaps I should ask about a winning lottery number creator .deb21:07
Snafu777Takers? =)21:07
Siceloyeah bencoh, lol, the 'everything' was only relative :p21:09
SiceloSnafu777: you just have to know how to use your 'apt-cache search'21:10
Snafu777Oh, I do21:10
Snafu777But I'm telling ya21:10
Snafu777I search for something21:10
Snafu777It's not there21:10
Snafu777I mention it here......  It appears21:11
Snafu777Evil little n900 thingie21:11
Sicelo19:02 < Snafu777> Anyone here ever remapped their n900 keys?21:13
Snafu777I was curious and hoping somebody would bite as to how to do it =)21:14
Snafu777I like helping =)21:14
Snafu777Alright Sicelo.......  Have you reconfigured your n900 to allow something other than DES for ssh?21:14
Snafu777I could use help on that....  And i'm running in circles trying to figure out pam21:14
bencohthis doesn't go in pam21:16
Snafu777Mind pointing me in the right direction then?21:17
bencohopenssh doc21:20
Snafu777I'm reading =)21:21
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Snafu777Restarting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd/etc/ssh/sshd_config line 79: Unsupported option UsePAM21:39
Snafu777.... =(21:39
Snafu777So it seems the sshd binary needs to be compiled to support pam21:43
sonowin 2521:44
Snafu777win 25?21:45
BelzebubSnafu777: he means /win 25 wants go to windows 25 in irc client21:45
Snafu777never used that command before =)21:46
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Snafu777bencoh: So from what I can see, the version provided in the repos was not compiled with pam support21:49
Snafu777Would you concur?21:49
Snafu77715:39:46] <Snafu777> Restarting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd/etc/ssh/sshd_config line 79: Unsupported option UsePAM21:50
Sicelowhat do you want to achieve with that.. N900 does not have multiple users anyway :/21:52
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Snafu777Well, my n900 is exposed to the internet via T-Mobile22:04
*** LauRoman has quit IRC22:04
Snafu777and granted, that's behind nAT i'm sure22:04
Snafu777i'd prefer they didn't have to only try 72^8 for ssh22:05
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bencohwoops. sigh.22:28
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int_uaHi. How do I actually mount external USB partitions? I've got USB mode from Pali and the pen drive is powered, but there are no new /dev/mmc* entries.22:47
int_uaI've tried google and TMO and found nothing really useful so far22:48
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NIN101maybe they aren't /dev/mmc* nodes.22:57
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jogacat /proc/partitions ?23:00
jogait's been ages since I last tried mounting a usb drive with n900, can't remember23:01
Sicelofor sure not /dev/mmc... they are usually /dev/sda..23:01
Siceloalso dmesg should show the node..23:01
int_uaI've tried it second time and now it's there23:05
int_uaanyway, thanks :)23:05
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