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SAiFcan anyone identify which browser this is .?
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warfareSAiF: Firefox Mobile?15:47
warfareSAiF: IIRC it's called fennec.15:48
SAiFthere is no fennec currently right?15:48
r00t^d430there is an (old?) binary package for maemo somewhere... it's barely usable with swap enabled15:48
SAiFso I think that listed phone was not used for quite some time..15:50
r00t^d430that page does not work for me... can you link the image directly?15:50
SAiFmay be this one will work..
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r00t^d430SAiF: nobody stops anybody from installing an old browser onto a phone...15:53
winocmby any chance, does the n900 only charge in a working OS?15:53
winocmwell, charge properly15:53
merlin1991if the battery is too low the loading chip does a short emergency charge, but after that you need a working os16:04
hxkaThere is fennec in cssu-thumb repository iirc16:08
hxkaYup, 17.0a1-maemo-thumb016:10
fralscant you do flasher -Owait-for-charge or whatever, or was that added for harmattan?16:11
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hxkaI think it's the feature on N9 and N950 boards rather then harmattan's16:30
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hxkaIf it's even a fature and flasher is not waiting for harmattan to charge the battery16:31
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merlin1991frals: that's a harmattan thing16:45
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Snafu777Does authconfig or something similar exist for the n900?19:12
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Snafu777Does anyone know how to change the N900 from using DES in passwd to something else?  As well, any thoughts on /etc/shadow?21:11
Snafu777Please and Thanks21:11
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wndSnafu777, autoconfig? My N900 does get a (valid) IPv6 address with (IPv6) autoconfiguration.21:41
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Snafu777nono wnd: not that22:02
Snafu777I'm wanting to change my DES encryption for passwd over to something like sha-512, etc...22:02
Snafu777I know I could manually throw in a hash for like sha512 or whatever, but i dunno if it would work22:03
Snafu777i would like to create sha-512 password hashes (anything other than DES @ 8 chars) into passwd upon creation of new accts22:03
Snafu777reason being22:03
Snafu777i use it when i am tethering22:03
Snafu777and since its hooked into the phone lines via GSM, that leaves me vulnerable aside from doing iptables, which im not that good at22:04
Snafu777so lets say user bob's password is 12345678922:04
Snafu777so long as the attacker gets 12345678 they are logged in22:04
Snafu777because DES only cares about the first 8 chars22:04
Snafu777hence, why I would like to change it22:04
Snafu777Make sense?22:06
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wndI understand your concern, but firstly I wonder if you're even accessable from internet. It's not unthinkable that your ISP blocks input ports, especially if you're running ssh on privileged port.22:22
Snafu777ISP = Tmobile = I am Nat'd = I'm susceptible to anyone in the subnet I'm in22:23
wndand for the record, I didn't manage to convince maemo (with mostly a default system) to use hashes other than des, in passwd or shadow22:23
Snafu777wnd - you did dev work with maemo?22:24
Snafu777See, I can use iptables yes, but that still leaves me vuln to a brute force22:24
wndstarted before 770's hardware was ready, but it wasn't called maemo back then :-)22:25
Snafu777Cool =)22:25
Snafu777So 2 questions for you then.22:25
Snafu777Can we switch the hash from DES to something else?  If not, how would u recommend hacking it?22:26
Snafu777And, can we implement shadowing of passwd natively in the n900?22:27
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Snafu777I'm pretty linux saavy, just still a beginner nonetheless though ya know?22:28
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wndseems that n900 doesn't use (standard) pam for authentication22:30
wndin other words, I don't really know how fremantle authenticates users22:30
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wndpam is available, though22:32
Snafu777I've some work to do =)22:33
wndthere must be an easier way, though22:33
wndwithout knowing any better, I'd probably start with that path though22:35
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Snafu777Oh well, guess I need to learn about PAM then22:37
Snafu777Hell, I have linux+, I guess I should make use of my cert and actually claim the title =)22:38
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Snafu777lynx --dump checkip.dyndns.org23:23
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