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lufuI'm using CSSU right now but want to use some package from extras-devel... do I just have to add the extras-devel repository?00:12
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merlin1991lufu: yep00:20
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lufumerlin1991: So I don't have to add the devel repository before adding the extras-devel repository?00:23
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Wizzupcan anyone help me find out where udev (or something else) loads the headphone+mic+button (default with n900) as /dev/input/eventX00:32
WizzupOr is that done by an existing module?00:32
Wizzup(I want to hook in into it)00:32
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* Wizzup sees headphone: GPIO 177 is now connected00:35
Wizzupsomething related to nokia_av?00:38
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Wizzupah...something with dbus00:54
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DocScrutinizer05[notice] Council Voting open! Please vote!05:46
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brolin_empeyCan a Nokia N900 recover from a flat battery by using a charger with 12V DC input instead of a charger with AC input?11:36
* brolin_empey is asking because his Nokia N900 seemed to not charge enough from the Gomadic 12V DC to microUSB charger he uses in his car.11:40
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brolin_empeyI mean that, with the Gomadic 12V DC to microUSB charger powered by my car, my Nokia N900 seemed to not charge enough to ever finish booting.11:43
ShadowJKIn theory it could recover enough from a charger powered by 2 AA batteries11:46
ShadowJKBut not all chargers are created equal11:46
ShadowJKDid it charge it when not flat?11:47
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brolin_empeyOf course, I had a Nokia AV cable with me but not a Nokia AC to microUSB charger so I could not leave my Nokia N900 charging whilst I stayed overnight with an acquaintance.  I tried to leave my Nokia N900 charging overnight from a desktop computer but my Nokia N900’s battery was flat by the time I was finished sleeping.  I just realised that it may have prematurely stopped charging because of power management on the desktop computer.  I forgot that not11:55
brolin_empeyeveryone leaves their desktop computers always running.11:55
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ShadowJKyou dont have backupmenu installed, do you?12:02
brolin_empeyShadowJK:  My Nokia N900 charged from my car enough that I could try to boot but it never finished booting.  The LED was flashing orange but never became green until after I left my Nokia N900 charging from a Nokia AC to microUSB charger after I was back at my apartment.12:03
ShadowJKoh so it's alive now?12:03
brolin_empeyShadowJK: Yes, it is running Maemo 5 again.  I could not use the IRC to ask about recovering from a flat battery whilst my battery was still flat. :-P12:05
brolin_empeyShadowJK: If the installation instructions for the stable CSSU on the official Maemo wiki recommended to use backupmenu to back up my Maemo 5 installation before installing the stable CSSU, then yes, I do have backupmenu installed.12:08
ShadowJKI once plugged in charger with keyboard open, and when menu came I booted to backupmenu and selected option for console12:10
ShadowJKThe author of bacmupmenu appears to have incorporated an early version of my charge script, which normally isn't too fussy about the type of charger12:10
ShadowJK(and then it spams console with status)12:10
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brolin_empeyIs there any advantage to using an inverter (correct term?  or a rectifier?) to convert the 12V DC accessory power from my car to 120V 1-phase AC to power a Nokia AC to microUSB charger to charge my Nokia N900 instead of using a 12V DC to microUSB charger for direct charging?12:16
ShadowJK12 - 120 - 5 wastes more power12:17
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ShadowJKTechnically, I'd say 12 to 5V is easier to do12:19
ShadowJKIn the real world, quality of random converters and chargers matters more than the source voltage or technology used to get to 5V12:20
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brolin_empeyShadowJK: In the real world, some persons seem to seriously incorrectly assume that my 1998 Volkswagen New Beetle TDI with the loud but distinctive sound of its compression-ignition engine uses gasoline. (fail)12:30
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brolin_empeyShadowJK: Anyway, the simple hardware solution is to ensure that I always have a Nokia AC to microUSB charger in my briefcase.  Maybe I should even get another such charger to leave in my car so I will still have such a charger even if I do not have my briefcase in my car.12:47
ShadowJKI have a nokia car chargers, it's capable of the same current as the AC charger12:48
ShadowJKthere are lots of half-power car chargers out there though :/12:48
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brolin_empeyShadowJK: I could have prevented a flat battery if I had a Nokia AC to microUSB charger in my briefcase or in my car.12:51
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LinuxCodeget another battery and put it in your wallet13:01
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brolin_empeyLinuxCode: I actually already have 2 spare Nokia BL-5J batteries I carry in my briefcase but I was too idealistic to resort to using them. :-P13:04
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* brolin_empey should use bitlbee on his VPS so he can use IM (not IRC) while he is away from his desktop computers but he does not want to switch IM clients Yet Again™. :-/13:09
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brolin_empeyThat is why I wanted to run Finch instead of Pidgin on Windows 7 on my desktop computer.13:12
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anYcI also use finch with screen on my 24/7 machine14:06
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qwazix_I didn't know there were operator locked N900's (
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DocScrutinizer05there were19:08
DocScrutinizer05either operator locked or SIM locked19:09
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qwazix_I learn something everyday :-)19:16
qwazix_btw DocScrutinizer05 the touch thing you posted is it a digitizer or a chip which will be connected to the existing digitizer?19:17
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DocScrutinizer05the latter19:31
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deepy-mobilewhat package do I need to install to get a kernel that Cleven & friends like?22:31
deepy-mobilebeing able to make a wifi hotspot would be neat too22:31
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infobotfrom memory, kp is
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