IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2013-08-03

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LjLhmpf, lack of AP mode (and thus WPA as hotspot) is annoying. i'm so not comfortable with using WEP, yet i will need to provide computers with network access in the coming weeks00:33
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ecc2gI was using my eeePC as an access point once using BT/USB to the phone... since ath5k wifi supported AP mode...00:36
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SpeedEvilAndroid dropping ad-hoc makes it especially annoying01:36
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LjLSpeedEvil: ugh, they don't allow connecting to ad-hoc nets now? how heinous :\02:26
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LjLSpeedEvil: maybe it's just me being a conspiracy theorist, but aside from the obvious no-AP-so-you-can't-do-tethering thing in many phones, there is a fear from manufacturers that ad-hoc could allow mesh networks that could bypass the carrier02:56
SpeedEvilThat's rubbish.02:57
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SpeedEvilIt's basically impossible - mesh networks have fundamental flaws that mean wifi can never, ever do that.02:57
LjLSpeedEvil: can you explain in simple terms why?02:58
SpeedEvilThe probable reason was that there were lots of people complaining about bugs in ad-hoc mode that were in fact fundamental flaws.02:58
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SpeedEvilIn the protocl - namely there isn't a way of detecting when the network goes away and it drinks power as it has to keep the raido on all the time - versus a hundred of the time for AP mode.02:58
SpeedEvilIn simple terms - because you can't detect signals that are at a moderate distance, but they add significantly to your noise background.02:59
SpeedEvilConsider a football stadium.02:59
SpeedEvilIf everyone is absolutely silent - you can speak to your friend 10m away without raising your voice.03:00
SpeedEvilSimilarly - if there is some coordination system so only one person talks at once - anyone can speak to anyone 10m away03:00
SpeedEvilThis is - broadly - how cellphones work.03:00
LjLT/CMDA, yeah03:01
SpeedEvilThe problem with wifi is there isn't a central coordinating authority. Once traffic raises over a very, very small level, suddenly you can only hear the person 5m away03:01
SpeedEvilBut then when that happens in order to transmit a message a long distance - suddenly it needs to take twice as many hops.03:01
SpeedEvilOops - suddenly traffic just doubled effectively - meaning you can now only hear the person 2m away03:02
SpeedEvilOnce you get over a _very_ small traffic utilisation - things catastrophically fail.03:02
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LjLSpeedEvil: couldn't one possibly devise a network in which, initially, everybody is ad-hoc in order to handshake, but that's done with as little traffic as possible, and then a node is "elected" to act as AP (it would need to, of course, support AP mode), and from that on, that little clique in the network uses the AP to arbitrate (until it goes away, then another handshake needs to be made)?03:04
SpeedEvilIn principle - yes.03:05
SpeedEvilThe problem is fairness.03:06
SpeedEvilIt's always in your interests to cheat.03:06
HurrianSpeedEvil: AP mode is implemented in pretty much all Android devices now, though03:07
SpeedEvilThe other problem is that if you need 100 hops to get to your target - then the maximum bandwidth is obviously at the very most 1%03:07
SpeedEvil(as contention kicks in)03:07
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Hurriandoes anyone still use Ad-hoc mode nowadays?03:13
HurrianWiFi Direct or running a server over AP mode is the hot new thing.03:13
Luke-JrI would if stupid Android didn't prevent me03:14
ecc2gpeople are only interested in adhoc because m-h-s and the n900 driver only supports adhoc? :\03:15
Hurrianecc2g, correction, the N900 firmware only supports adhoc03:16
Hurrianthe driver in mac80211 already supports AP mode. we just need the wl1251 firmware for AP mode (which is under NDA)03:17
ecc2gstill, that's the only reason why anyone is remotely interested in adhoc...03:17
ecc2gI don't get why android did away with adhoc, it should be in the 802.11 standard...03:18
HurrianGoogle's "forcefully obsoleting" adhoc.03:18
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HtheBcan someone build a package for me please?03:21
ecc2ganyone run a USB wifi stick that supports AP mode? :D03:22
HtheBseems like everybody is sleeping ecc2g03:23
SpeedEvilecc2g: It uses lots of battery life, confuses people by showing networks as available when they're not, and has setup issues.03:24
SpeedEvilAnd no security at all03:24
HtheBSpeedEvil, can you make a package for me?03:25
ecc2g"it confuses people" <- only valid point, others are not an issue because that's what "adhoc" is for - to make an adhoc network...03:26
SpeedEvilecc2g: Oh - I agree.03:26
SpeedEvilHtheB: No.03:26
* SpeedEvil is not really awake at the moment.03:27
SpeedEvilAnd I haven't ever actually made a package.03:27
ecc2gdamn, I had a package request too...03:27
HtheBit's for this one03:28
ecc2gwhat I'd like to know is how the autobuilder works and how I can emulate that on the SDK03:28
ecc2gI still want to hack #@$% pidgin to save a bit of power...03:29
Hurrianecc2g: the autobuilder simply runs the debian packaging scripts.03:30
ecc2gI don't know debian packaging... :\03:30
ecc2gactually might be able to push this request probably could help out more than just maemo...03:31
ecc2gjust that if nobody's doing the maemo package anymore, I still wont get it updated :D03:32
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DrCodehi all05:11
DrCodehow can I import opml to feedingit?05:11
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HtheBanyone still alive?05:50
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HtheBgood morning10:55
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HtheBcan anybody please package something?11:04
HtheBinto a deb file11:04
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psycho_oreos1) you can't do it yourself? 2) is the package already packed in debian format? 3) what sort of package is it? or the name of the package.11:15
HtheB1) kinda hard without having a pc/laptop around. 2) no. 3) a couple of python files, for LiveView (smartwatch for Maemo)11:34
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psycho_oreosI believe you can install dpkg-dev or something which is a meta package that includes all the stuff necessary for building packages. Its more or less a pre-requisite for dpkg-repack anyway.11:37
HtheBso i can create a deb file on the go?11:43
psycho_oreosmmmh.. python stuff.. that may make dependencies a little hard to write out (apart from getting criticised if one makes a mistake).11:43
psycho_oreosYes, in theory. Though you'll be making it on N900 more or less.11:44
HtheBdid you check the link?11:44
psycho_oreosYes I did, the author didn't fully mention the dependencies which can sort of mess things up depending on how you look at it.11:45
HtheBmaybe the default python packages should be enough already11:46
psycho_oreosWhen I say mess things up I meant when making your own deb file. No dependencies, users probably whinge/moan about python not compatible, etc. Wrong python versions, users probably whinge/moan and then probably ask more.11:46
psycho_oreosThe clueword you had right there was maybe.11:46
HtheBit's more or less for myself11:46
HtheBbut hey, if they moan, we can find out what dependencies we're missing hehe11:47
psycho_oreosIn other words, that passes the work onto whoever wrote it, in other words apart from the developer h{im,er}self, they will be a maintaner which all bickering will be directed to.11:47
HtheBdoesnt' have to be uploaded to the repos (yet)11:48
HtheBjust a simple deb should be enough for now though11:48
psycho_oreosNo, but you can for example turn around and start sharing the alpha/beta build of it and then say questions should be directed to <insert_name>.11:49
HtheBno problems to help people11:49
HtheBpretty sure there aren't a lot of people with a LiveView11:49
psycho_oreosWell if you say that then you should take on the work as maintainer then :).11:49
HtheBneed a deb package only to begin with :D11:51
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psycho_oreosdpkg-dev, unpack a deb file and read up how to do it. That way you will learn what is required for making a nice (or at least a decent) usable deb file.11:52
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freemangordonkerio: need ideas what to thumbify next :)11:55
HtheBlets try to see it :)11:58
psycho_oreosHtheB, I could play really nasty and do a skill swap, you help me fix up flashing Samsung Galaxy S II using heimdall and stock jellybean firmware and I can then write up a quick and dirty deb :)12:02
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psycho_oreosGuess not eh? ;) lol12:12
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HtheBpsycho_oreos, sorry i had to help a customer (im at work, at Vodafone)12:37
HtheBso, tell me what you want12:38
HtheBi killed an Sii. but revived it back using heimdall some time ago :P12:38
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HtheBpoke me when you're ready12:40
psycho_oreosHtheB, :O rather convenient (imo.. LOL) I've got Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100T) which was vodaphone AU (vodaphone boot logo). I managed to get it to not show up vodaphone AU with the help of another person in <you_know_where> though now I'm getting "Unfortunately, Samsung services has stopped working." It keeps showing up that message without letting me get out of those default greetings.12:41
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infobotpsycho_oreos meant: HtheB, :O rather convenient (imo.. LOL) I've got Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100T) which was vodafone AU (vodafone boot logo). I managed to get it to not show up vodafone AU with the help of another person in <you_know_where> though now I'm getting "Unfortu...12:42
psycho_oreosTo be frank its not my phone and I don't intend to use it as main one. It was a hand me down to be passed onto another member of my family lol.12:44
HtheBso the phone boots just normally, right?12:45
psycho_oreosYeah, with a huge help from elsewhere I managed to get the phone to not go into "soft" freeze again.12:46
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gomiamhi everyone. I hope you are enjoying your holidays12:54
gomiamquick question: I get reception with one N900 (reheated in order to get the CMT back) and not with another one (which recognizes the SIM)... may the second one have some antenna problemas?12:57
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gomiamslow time of the day, it seems.13:15
gomiamI guess I'll try later.13:15
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sardinicrisis, maemo updtae cssu and now it reboot more than 7x  :(14:33
sardiniusb broken, n900 to the trash?14:33
jogafix usb14:33
freemangordonsardini: do you have u-boot installed?14:33
freemangordonnot good14:34
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freemangordondo not throw it in the trash, bring it to the nearest repair centre to fix your USB14:35
sardinianyone in the world can fix usb on n900?14:35
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freemangordonbut ofc even :)14:35
freemangordonof course14:36
freemangordonsardini: any scilled technician with appropriate tools can fix it14:36
freemangordona friand of mine got her USB broken a couple of months ago, she send the device to the shop she bought the device from, they fixed it for about 40 euro14:38
freemangordonshit, what's with me :(14:38
sardiniI will suicide, my only phone since 3 years14:39
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freemangordonsardini: I don;t think the technicians in Bulgaria have some extraordinary skills :D. The ones in the place you live should be capable, you only need to ask ;)14:40
sardinisure i will do14:40
jogabroken usb is common enough that probably many here can do it, but of course it depends on what way it broke14:40
freemangordonjoga: :nod:14:40
jogaif you just need to solder the connector back, not a big deal14:40
joga(not that I have done it myself though, I've been very tender to my n900)14:41
freemangordonjoga: though even if it is badly broken, an additional wiring is possible14:41
sardiniand this append at week-end, of course14:41
freemangordon(that is how my friends USB was repaired)14:42
jogafreemangordon, yeah I guess it's mostly a matter of soldering skills, phone scale stuff can be a bit finicky14:42
freemangordonsardini: there could be 24/7 repair centres, just look for them14:42
sardinihere impossible :)14:43
freemangordonwell, maybe not 24/7, but 8/714:43
freemangordonsardini: where is "here"?14:43
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jogago to some bar where electronics people hang out, bring them a soldering iron and buy some beer and they might fix it14:44
freemangordonor that one :)14:44
freemangordonjoga: hmm, better without the soldering iron14:44
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inzjoga, on has to go there quite early in the evening though14:45
jogayeah better :)14:45
inzjoga, otherwise they might ask hard questions like, which one of these ports is broken14:45
freemangordoninz: why, their hands will tremble less later on the evening :D14:45
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sardiniI would like to live in your town14:46
freemangordons/ on/ in/14:46
infobotfreemangordon meant: inz: why, their hands will tremble less later in the evening :D14:46
jogayou need to get there on time so they're getting a buzz but aren't too drunk that it's dangerous14:46
inzDecent buzz for steady hands and being gullible14:46
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sardiniohw a stupid update can broke a phone14:47
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*** uen| is now known as uen14:47
freemangordonsardini: did you try to remove the battery?14:48
sardiniyes after 10 reboot I change the battery14:48
freemangordondid you try to remove uSD and SIM card?14:48
freemangordontry it, worths nothing14:48
freemangordonhmm, my english is getting worse and worse :(14:49
sardiniremoce cards change nothing14:51
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freemangordonsardini: well, I'm afraid there is no option then but to repair your USB :(14:51
sardiniI think so14:52
sardiniIf I must buy a new phone adios jolla14:52
sardinionly the t-shirt to cry :/14:52
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HtheBcan you pacakge something for me into a deb file?14:54
freemangordonHtheB: hmm?14:54
HtheBthis :(14:54
freemangordonhmm, never packaged a python script, not sure I'll get the dependencies correct14:55
freemangordonlemme try to find if it is already packaged14:55
freemangordonHtheB: BTW what is that, I googled for it and found nothing14:56
HtheBliveview is a watch14:56
HtheBfrom sonyericsson14:56
freemangordonoooh, i see14:56
keriofreemangordon: [re: ideas for thumbification] xorg on gcc4714:57
freemangordonkerio: stop that !!! :P14:57
kerioit's the only thing i could think of14:57
freemangordonkerio: xorg on gcc 472 won;t happen anytime soon14:58
freemangordonwe'll gain nothing14:58
HtheBfreemangordon, would be awesome if its an easy installable deb file14:58
HtheB(maybe even in the repos?)14:59
keriois mafw thumbified?14:59
freemangordonHtheB: yeah, got that, but as I toldya I've never packaged a python script. And I guess I'll need an icon ;)14:59
freemangordonHtheB: also this guy progprog said he'll continue his work on that, I guess he'll package it eventually15:00
freemangordonI don;t want to steal his project15:01
HtheBhe'll be gone15:01
HtheBfor a couple weeks :(15:01
freemangordonwell, patience is the key word here :D15:02
HtheB(building a deb without uploading to the repos wouldnt harm i guess)15:02
freemangordonkerio: I know you're python fan, wanna do ^^^?15:02
*** Guest95605 has quit IRC15:02
freemangordon(package a python script in a .deb)15:02
kerioi can hardly package a single-binary c package in a deb15:03
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psycho_oreosIts not easy when trying to see what to include, pack, etc. Besides it seems to use some other hardware which makes difficult for one who doesn't even own such a device (apart from N900) to work out a installable package.15:25
HtheBpsycho_oreos, just pack as it is, and i'll report :D15:25
psycho_oreosThere's two python files mentioned, menu_* stuff is not mentioned exactly where, there's a binary firmware which who knows if python scripts needs it.15:25
psycho_oreosHtheB, that's very blindly packing, and there's no maemo icon so it will look a bit ugly with default hildon blue box thing.15:26
HtheBdont care15:27
HtheBi can provide an icon if u need one15:27
HtheBharmattanized icon15:27
psycho_oreosOk, but you still have missing issues to address, no menu_*.png as mentioned by author (I had quick glances in the two mentioned github repositories and found nothing related.). The firmware binary (??) needed?15:28
HtheBlet me quickly see15:30
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LjLcouldn't the N900 just get the time and date from the cellular and/or wifi network, rather than bugging me every time i remove the battery?15:57
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sardiniLjL, try to wait a few seconds when you change battery. Shutdown, wait 1 minute, put the new battery (speed as you can), wait 1 minute and start. That's work for me..15:59
sardinibut don't update! bullshit15:59
*** ketil_k has quit IRC15:59
sardinimaybe less than 1 minute16:00
LjLeh, i can't really change the battery very fast, because i don't have two batteries - i just remove it when i need to swap SIMs with another phone16:00
keriosucks to be you i guess16:01
kerioi don't even have that dialog installed anymore16:01
kerioif i lose my clock, i just NTP it16:02
LjLkerio: well, that was my question16:03
LjLkerio: in the control panel there's an "automatically update", but apparently it doesn't change my date/time... probably because it's too much off?16:03
LjLkerio: i would be fine with clock from GSM and/or NTP, and no dialog16:03
keriosudo ntpd -q -p -p -p -p && sudo hwclock -w16:03
SAiFif you do this once.. will it update automaticly everytime?16:04
LjLi don't think so, i imagine kerio has it in some init.d script16:04
kerioi run it manually16:05
LjLyesterday i wanted to install Mer so i'd have something to play with while on holiday, but it refuses to boot :(16:05
SpeedEvilLjL: Some providers apparantly don't properly broadcast time.16:05
LjLSpeedEvil: i think mine does, since iirc it works on other phones16:05
SpeedEvilI've just installed a ntpd client - when the n900 loses time - it soon syncs16:06
LjLheh there's a "sync time now" widget in extras-testing16:06
SpeedEvilUnfortunately, this causes wierd timestamps if texts come in first16:06
LjLSpeedEvil: which client is this that you have installed? just openntpd?16:07
SpeedEvilI forget - I think so.16:08
SpeedEvilI would answer you - but I'd have to get up and go inside out of this nice sun.16:08
LjLheh no problem16:08
LjLit's just a small nuisance in any case16:08
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newttiHmm, why does Conky show the cpu clock at 850mhz momentarily when the cpu-load is under 10... fact or fiction?19:00
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keriofiction, probably19:06
keriopowertop reports 1150MHz19:06
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kwtmO no! Does my use of SQLite3 to access the ~/.rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db block modifications to the database?  I happened to be executing a SQLite command, and a new SMS came in but won't show up on the database, nor does it display in a yellow window when I use the "present multitasking windows" view (whatever that's called).  And now CallNotify keeps ringing to remind me to look at that new SMS which I can't see.19:51
kwtmStrange, and I didn't make any changes to the eventlogger db, just queried it.19:52
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kwtmI can see the SMS through the conversations widget, but CallNotify is still dinging every minute.19:52
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kwtmOh, wait, I can't see the SMS. That was an old SMS I was viewing.  So another possibility is that CallNotify is wrong in thinking that an SMS arrived.  But the Maemo system itself beeped the "SMS sound" (not related to CallNotify, right?)19:54
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