IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2013-04-25

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Drathiris any alternative to run java midlet on n900 except microemulator?00:30
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Sc0rpiusI don't think there's another J2ME implementation00:32
Sc0rpiusthan MicroEmulator00:32
bef0rdwhat about that other project?00:33
bef0rdby david something00:33
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Woody14619Drathir, there is also icedtea... Thats Java though, not J2ME.  Depending what you're looking for, that may help?00:51
Woody14619I think the package is icedtea6?00:51
Woody14619I use it to run my java accounting program on my N900.00:51
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kerioi wonder how badly a minecraft server would run, on a n90000:56
DrathirWoody14619: thanks i check also that... i looking something for .jar programs... interesting that on 6230 thats programs also works - little old phone:p00:57
Drathirkerio: not possible i think minecraft need if good remembr min 2gb of ram 3 recconmend:/00:58
Woody14619That's J2ME.  I have a 6230i before the N900 as well. :)  J2ME is a long-lost format these days.00:58
bef0rd .jar doesn't says much, if its j2me you need microemulator or phoneme, if its j2se icedtea00:58
Woody14619kerio, someone already did it as I recall, but it was quite slow.00:58
freemangordonWoody14619: you were faster :). yep, this is j2me00:58
Woody14619bef0rd, IF the 6230 ran it, it was J2ME. ;)00:59
Drathirbef0rd: thanks this app also check...00:59
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freemangordonbef0rd: phoneme if just fine, I was using opera with it, it is slightly slower than native00:59
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infobotfreemangordon meant: bef0rd: phoneme is just fine, I was using opera with it, it is slightly slower than native01:00
Drathirmicroemulator works but keybind works not in all places...01:00
bef0rdyea, it's a nice project, it's good that davyp spent some time on porting it to the n9/n90001:00
Drathirand yes that proppably j2me...01:00
freemangordonnot probably, for sure01:00
freemangordonooh, 6230, I got that one too :)01:01
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Drathirok good to know01:01
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freemangordonthe wone with rotating screaan, ain't?01:01
freemangordonshit :(01:01
Woody14619Well, you could.. it was 128x128.  One of the candybar phones.01:01
freemangordonhmm, maybe it was 626001:02
Drathirlol i have 6230i better screen res in use now too :p second number on it...01:02
Woody14619But it didn't move...  :)  Short of you twisting it. ;)01:02
freemangordonyep, 626001:02
Drathirthats a rock phone...01:02
Woody14619Yup.  Mine finally gave up after 7 years... stopped charging it's battery.  But you could swap out w/ external charger. :)01:03
freemangordonyeah, 6260,
Woody14619Used the same battery as the OpenMoko a well.01:03
sixwheeledbeastkerio Pali: Reports are the colors are fixed but backupmenu still freezes at chrooting.01:03
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Woody14619So, mine still works.. I use it when I travel mainly...  Runs 7+ days on a charge usually...  Take a spare battery & a charger... done. :)01:04
DrathirWoody14619: try to alcohol clean charger pins...01:05
Woody14619Did... no luck... The adapters still talk to it, and it know's it's getting power.  It just doesn't charge.01:06
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Woody14619Says charging, but never does, and dies... But batteries (and their pins, both sides) are all fine.. so.  Something dead inside.  And really, it gave me 7 years (plus some).  More than expected for a phone.01:07
Palican somebody debug that backupmenu?01:08
Pali*what* freezes?01:08
Palitext2screen crashing?01:08
Palior what?01:08
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DrathirWoody14619: yes mine works with bombus gprs connection little more than 12h ...connection on all the time...01:08
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DrathirWoody14619: charger broken or battery if say that charging...01:10
sixwheeledbeastPali: All I know is installing initrd-progs from devel causes the device to hang on loading backupmenu.01:10
Drathirmy 3210 work only old chargers dont like more of new chargers...01:11
DrathirWoody14619: for old nokias 7 years is like child :p01:12
Drathirnew nokia phones i think dont life 7years in one peace :/01:13
freemangordonPali: I guess you can ask Raimu for help(debugging). Or Reinob01:13
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FIQhmm, I wonder something02:06
FIQwhen I try to play stuff with mplayer, it works fine, but I always get this: "[AO OSS] audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: No such file or directory"02:06
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eccerr0r/dev/dsp is for traditional OSS system, thought the N900 uses pulseaudio/alsa02:24
nox-it does, the message is harmless02:27
eccerr0rso it was probably just checking all the devices one by one and printing the warning out just because it felt like it?02:27
nox-pretty much02:27
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nox-whoever ported it probably didnt change the default audio device to pa...02:28
eccerr0rand I wonder what I can do with a Nokia 5230 that also has a bad charging circuit, phone works fine otherwise...02:34
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nox-second battery + external charger?02:38
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DocScrutinizer05qwazix: please add your data and statement to
DocScrutinizer05chem|st: please add your data and statement to
DocScrutinizer05kerio: please add your data and statement to
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: please add your data and statement to
DocScrutinizer05sixwheeled (not here): please add your data and statement to
DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: please add your data and statement to
DocScrutinizer05if you need any template or example:
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keriospam, much?13:15
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kerioDocScrutinizer05: i don't know why people should vote for me D:13:20
DocScrutinizer05kerio, are you willing to help maemo to continue exist?13:23
keriomost definetely13:23
DocScrutinizer05are you interested in HiFo getting to pace and manage your donations?13:23
jacekowskihifo should be merged with CoCo13:24
jacekowskicommunity council13:24
DocScrutinizer05do you think you have an open ear for what "the community" at large is thinking, where problems exist or get discussed, and how to help solve them?13:24
DocScrutinizer05MCC is the term13:25
keriowell, i don't go much on tmo... :P13:25
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DocScrutinizer05kerio: me neither13:25
jacekowskiMCC in here means motor control center13:25
keriowhere's "here"?13:25
jacekowskiat work13:25
keriowhat kind of work?13:25
Palijacekowski, did you looked at non working package promotion?13:25
jacekowskiPali: it's in Works For Me state13:26
DocScrutinizer05I hope for community directly pinging me when sth important is happening that community procy MCC should take care of or at least take notice of13:26
Palijacekowski: not working, see:
DocScrutinizer05jacekowski: CoCo here is the name of a silly gimp in kids TV13:27
Paliusbmode 1.0-4 Package promoted13:27
Palibut nothing in extras-testing13:27
jacekowskii'll look at that again13:27
DocScrutinizer05jacekowski: thus I prefer motor control center13:27
Palijacekowski, and another problem: all kernel-power packages v52 missing at package interface13:28
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Palijacekowski, can you add CSSU repositories to package interface?
jacekowskinot at the moment13:50
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n900-dkDoes a RSA SecurID app exist for maemo?17:37
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freemangordonPali: any clue why VFP emulation is enabled in the kernel?18:18
Palino, I think I never touched it18:18
freemangordonhmm, Iguess we should disable that18:19
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freemangordonPali: CONFIG_VFP=y is he offending flag18:20
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freemangordonhmm, wait, that flags description is unclear to me18:22
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Skrywhy would you want to disable that?18:25
kerioadd *all* the flags _ò/18:26
freemangordonSkry: I was thinking that one is just adding softfloat support to the kernel, now I am not sure18:26
freemangordonSkry: but it looks to me like this is just an undefined instructions handler18:27
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SkryI think the description is quite clear, "This is needed if your hardware includes a VFP unit" :)18:28
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freemangordonSkry: yep, I saw that, but I looked into the code too ;)18:29
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freemangordonSkry: actually we have VFPv3 not VFP :P18:31
freemangordonand there is a flag for that, CONFIG_VFPv3, along with CONFIG_NEON18:31
freemangordonoh, depends on: ( CONFIG_VFP ) && ( CONFIG_CPU_V7 )18:32
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freemangordonI still see no reason why emulation code is included though18:33
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* DocScrutinizer05 HEADDESKS18:50
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: ask him to donate 500 euro and we'll tell him :D18:51
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC18:51
DocScrutinizer05go ahead ;-P18:52
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freemangordonnaah, I don;t want to post OT shit on that thread18:52
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kerioDocScrutinizer05: btw, shouldn't you update the top post to say "ok, our infra now is hosted for free by the awesome IPHH dudes"?19:35
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keriohm, i wonder why yappari isn't in the repos19:53
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DocScrutinizer51kerio: eh? top post?20:07
kerioon that thread20:08
DocScrutinizer51I'm about to try and get that done on a way more global scale20:08
DocScrutinizer51but admittedly completely missed out on tmo20:09
DocScrutinizer51chem|st: could you add an eternal praise to IPHH to show up on every tmo webpage?20:10
DocScrutinizer51next to 'powered by vBulletin' or sth20:10
kerio"powered by IPHH"20:11
DocScrutinizer51sth like "thanks to <a>the incredible guys at IPHH</a>for all their support"20:13
DocScrutinizer51GeneralAntilles: I heard you're CO of HiFo, could you please take care about similar mentioning of IPHH on HiFo support/credit page?20:18
DocScrutinizer51btw I want to discuss sth with community:20:19
* DocScrutinizer51 put council hat on20:19
GeneralAntillesYeah, I'll look at it.20:20
* kerio puts silly hat on20:20
DocScrutinizer51a while ago HiFo BoD discussed to move their page to infra and let it 'host' by techstaff basically20:20
DocScrutinizer51I feel like that shouldn't get done, it gives council and techstaff too much power over HiFo20:21
DocScrutinizer51what's your (all of you) take on that?20:21
Woody14619My concern is more "all eggs in one basket".  IPHH has some issue and all goes dark.20:21
Woody14619Like having at least one site somewhere else, so if something goes south, we can indicate what's going on there.20:22
DocScrutinizer51that too, woody20:22
Woody14619And/or quick host a static "Crap broke, we're working on it" page. :)20:22
kerio"it gives council and techstaff too much power over HiFo"20:23
keriofuck yeah, i approve20:23
Woody14619We should, in fact, setup just such a multi-home/vhost page on each site, so if someone hits it with the other's name, it auto-replies with said static pages.  Then in emegency all we need to do is repoint DNS till things are fixed.  Just saying. :)20:24
DocScrutinizer51I mean, we seen HiFo almost got derailed, council isn't immune against similar problems20:24
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DocScrutinizer51Woody14619: simple to do, just we need constrol over DNS server for that ;-P20:25
Woody14619Right... Just saying, doing the prep of adding a vhost now to answer to something we should never be called as, not a bad idea. ;)20:26
DocScrutinizer51while TimS probably has over, we're in a pinch with maemo.org20:26
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keriowas the domain transfer ever completed, btw?20:28
Woody14619well.. once we take that.. yes.. right now...  :P20:28
DocScrutinizer51I might do that lttle fancy after 8 beer tonight ;-D20:28
Woody14619kerio: not quite yet.20:28
kerioWoody14619: anyway, we should probably use a CDN, for all sorts of static content20:28
DocScrutinizer51we have no static content20:29
DocScrutinizer51and CDN requires transfer of SOA to them aiui20:29
keriono it doesn't20:30
kerionot all CDNs, at least20:30
kerioDocScrutinizer: dude, the almost totality of repository. is static content20:31
DocScrutinizer51anyway, we on't need cdn20:31
DocScrutinizer51repo is static til next update of whatever pkg20:32
keriowhich is perfect for a cdn! :D20:32
keriowe don't need a CDN until the next friendly ddos hits20:33
DocScrutinizer51no way we increase our techstaff's headache by going to host those 30Mbit via CDN20:33
DocScrutinizer51ddos hits on www20:33
kerioi thought that the big ddos during the migration was all the n900s hitting repository for the Packages files20:34
DocScrutinizer51*locally* via cron + lynx ;-P20:34
*** valerius has quit IRC20:35
DocScrutinizer51it was all the nokia 'cdn' servers20:35
keriostill counts!20:35
*** Win7Mac has joined #maemo20:35
DocScrutinizer51akamai serverfarm tryng to sync repo to stage20:35
Win7MacKi guys!20:36
DocScrutinizer51THAT been what killed us20:36
*** XATRIX has quit IRC20:38
*** eMHa__ has quit IRC20:40
*** hardaker has joined #maemo20:40
Win7MacWhat about the banner for Referendum & Elections? - qwazix already has one ready to use: (from last elect.)20:44
Win7MacIf that's still supposed to be placed, it should be done now, I me thinks20:45
Win7MacI might be able to help if you want changes to it20:45
*** BigBoxDr_ has joined #maemo20:46
DocScrutinizer51we need to figure how to place banners anywhere20:47
DocScrutinizer51the guys who did this before are no longer available20:48
*** darodi has quit IRC20:49
Win7Macstill... :-(20:49
DocScrutinizer51btw we already placed a few fat notices (according to our knowledge) on http://maemo.org20:50
Win7Macpm the ex-banner-maintainer? ;-)20:50
Win7Macstill need to figure how to place a banner20:51
DocScrutinizer51X-Fade: PM!!20:51
Win7MacOh, I have no clue...20:51
DocScrutinizer51~seen X-Fade20:52
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo (6h 20m 6s) #harmattan (6h 20m 6s) #meego (6h 20m 6s) #maemo-ssu (6h 20m 6s), last said: 'ZogG_laptop: ?'.20:52
DocScrutinizer51well, last join I guess20:52
DocScrutinizer51check chanlog for last time he answered, must've been early 201220:53
Win7MacLast Activity: 11-27-2012 and no contact-info on tmo-profile...20:54
Win7Macsomebodey must have an email of him?20:54
DocScrutinizer51sure, but that doesn't help either20:55
Win7Mache left for no godd?20:55
GeneralAntillesGet one of the Jolla guys to go stab him.20:55
Win7MacAnyway, just proposals20:55
DocScrutinizer51he won't care20:55
DocScrutinizer51he didn't care about autobuilder for 4 months20:56
DocScrutinizer51despite several mails and pings20:56
Win7MacOK, then lets forget about X-fade.20:57
DocScrutinizer51when I say 'guys are not available' I mean we already tried that20:57
Win7MacProbably you could simply replace the CSSU-banner for the time of elections?20:57
DocScrutinizer51sure, as soon as we figure how to do that20:58
*** valerius has joined #maemo20:58
DocScrutinizer51we're at it!20:58
Win7MacFind the place where this is embedded:
DocScrutinizer51it's kinda place 2 of our todo list20:59
DocScrutinizer51we're no noobs20:59
DocScrutinizer51(except me maybe ;D)20:59
DocScrutinizer51this is midgard21:00
DocScrutinizer51midgard ONE21:00
Win7MacFirst things first!21:00
infobotA PHP Application Server Suite - Web building with Web-based tools. URL:
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:02
DocScrutinizer51I'm bickering about midgard and how to edit frontpage since ~24h now, ask warfare freemangordon thedead1440 jacekowski21:02
Win7Macmidgard atready updated?21:02
DocScrutinizer51you think updating midgard is a simple thing to do? it will most likely break everything on garage and www and repo21:04
DocScrutinizer51if midgard one could easily get updated to midgard two, then probably Nemein (inventor of midgard?) had done it years ago21:05
keriosudo apt-get upgrade midgard21:06
DocScrutinizer51an I doubt editing pages and adding/swapping banners is *any* simpler under midgard221:07
Win7MacWell, from I got, it should be done anyway, because support for V1 ends soon21:08
Win7MacWill Nemein be helpfull with this?21:08
*** Woody14619 is now known as Woody14619a21:09
DocScrutinizer51see above21:10
DocScrutinizer51we live without midgard support since ages21:10
Win7Mactoo bad... hmpf...21:10
DocScrutinizer51midgard support == ask nemein21:10
*** Ethernin has joined #maemo21:11
DocScrutinizer51nelieve me, we kinda know our business21:11
DocScrutinizer51and we'd upgrade to midgard2 rather today than tomorrow if we'd see a chance for this to pan out21:12
Win7MacI absolutely DO! Just trying to help21:12
*** valeriusL has joined #maemo21:12
*** hardaker has joined #maemo21:13
*** eMHa__ has joined #maemo21:23
*** bef0rd has quit IRC21:24
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo21:24
*** rcg has joined #maemo21:28
*** BigBoxDr_ has quit IRC21:30
DocScrutinizer05asking for community help!21:35
DocScrutinizer05<warfare> I think a "repligard -m" could help.21:35
DocScrutinizer05alas we can't find any repligard binary anywhere21:36
DocScrutinizer05any pointer welcome21:36
DocScrutinizer05all I could find at aunt google's is sth like "/midcom/lib/repligard" but just as string in a comment21:37
*** StyXman has joined #maemo21:45
*** StyXman has joined #maemo21:45
*** florian has joined #maemo21:45
*** florian has joined #maemo21:45
*** ab has quit IRC21:49
*** Termana has quit IRC21:53
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*** darodi has joined #maemo22:34
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:38
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer05, should we use the IPHH logo for the thank you notice?22:40
DocScrutinizer05sure, I bet they love that22:40
GeneralAntillesPinging the board about the relevant changes so Rob doesn't can me for acting without the board's consent. :rolleyes:22:41
Siceloi've been absent too long. what is happening? i see you're working on midgard, etc..22:41
*** florian has quit IRC22:47
DocScrutinizer05great read why we *don't* want to migrate to midcom2:
DocScrutinizer05simply because bergie/nemein didn't want either22:49
*** florian has joined #maemo22:50
*** florian has joined #maemo22:50
DocScrutinizer05anybody spotted repligard binary meanwhile?22:56
DocScrutinizer05(or script, or whatever)22:56
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo23:01
DocScrutinizer05GeneralAntilles: ask warfare23:02
DocScrutinizer05warfare: ...about logo etc23:02
DocScrutinizer05if somebody here knows then it's him23:02
*** mhoye_ has quit IRC23:04
*** mhoye has joined #maemo23:10
warfareGeneralAntilles, DocScrutinizer05: - Just use the logo from their website.23:13
DocScrutinizer05and that URL for href23:13
*** bef0rd has quit IRC23:13
*** _rd has quit IRC23:15
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC23:19
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