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peterbjornxfinished my measurements and entering them into the pc, now printing a test battery cover00:00
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raid_Google Authenticator in Fremantle -
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Drathir~[6~/w 2200:18
Drathirim sorry fail00:20
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lufraid_: thanks00:24
raid_luf: np00:24
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infobotrumour has it, cssu is
Maceris there a way to disable the modem altogether?02:52
Macerso it doesn't even show the no-sim part?02:52
MacerMake sure you have no too weird catalog settings in Application manager, esp it's recommended you never disable the core Nokia SSU repositories.02:54
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Macerblah. i just ordered another n900. they're only $200 nowadays03:05
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MacerN900s are dirt cheap nowadays03:26
SpeedEvilfrom $14503:26
SpeedEvilI would not call that dirt cheap03:27
Maceri guess i would heh03:27
Macerconsidering not too long ago they were hovering around 30003:28
Maceri just ordered one and a snap on hard rubber cover for it03:28
Macerif i don't get telepathy back i'm just going to die... i jsut hope the thing doesn't break on me :-/03:28
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peterbjornxwhats funny is that most new phones in that price range are still running armv5/v6 processors at 300-500 mhz , barely managing with android03:28
Maceri thought that was rather cheap for in the box still03:28
Maceryou can find some used scratched up messed up ones for cheaper03:29
peterbjornxwhy didnt nokia make a better usb port :S03:30
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eccerr0rI wonder if the not-so-clean switchover caused some depreciation of n900s...03:37
eccerr0rthinking about getting another as spare...tempting...03:38
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* Drathir have working archlinux on n900...03:45
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eccerr0rI use mine as a phone, unfortunately, it will be a requirement to work as a phone for a while...04:03
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robbiethe1stI need to get a spare good one04:20
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Maceris there sports-tracker in the ovi store for the n900?08:23
Maceri didnt even think about that. swapping sims to run would suck heh08:23
Macermaybe i can get some prepaid data only sim08:23
Macerfor the e7 when i dont use it08:23
Macercan someone with an n900 and ovi store let me know?08:27
Maceri know there is ecoach08:29
Macerbut it just isnt the same :-/08:29
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bef0rdyou can probably run it with meecolay08:49
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Maceri dont know what that it heh08:58
Maceri hope  i can run it with something08:58
bef0rdmeecolay = run harmattan apps on n90008:59
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XATRIXHi , is there any good HTML5/FLASH capable browser in maemo ? except fennec11:15
XATRIXI tried to install Hellium, but it doesn't want to run on my phone11:15
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thedead1440XATRIX: did you try apolex it should be good with html5 but no flash iirc11:21
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infobotthedead1440 meant: XATRIX: did you try alopex it should be good with html5 but no flash iirc11:21
XATRIXNo, but is there combined ? Like HTML5+FLASH ?11:22
XATRIXOr maybe i can integrate somewhere to??11:22
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keriohtml5 isn't "a thing" like that12:15
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XATRIXCurrently i have Feenec as HTML5 and native web browser for FLASH14:29
XATRIXThat's why i search 3-in-1 solution14:29
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Macerinstalling cssu on my old broken pos n900 heh15:17
Macermaybe i can see if i can get sports-tracker working on it15:17
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GhostRiderMacer what's broken in it?15:37
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deepyYou can buy my mostly working N900 so I can buy a fully working N90015:38
deepyit's just the slider sensor that's wonky for me15:38
GhostRidermine is mostly working too. how about you buy mine15:39
deepyMine is in better condition, buy mine instead15:39
deepyAlso I was first15:39
GhostRideryours has a broken keyboard sensor15:40
GhostRiderit will turn on/off screen and eventually call people itself15:40
GhostRiderno ty, i watched Hell phone15:40
deepyYours has a nondescript issue, it's obviously possessed by demons15:42
GhostRideroh oh wrong nick15:42
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deepyResearch in Demons? Even worse15:42
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RiDRiD doesn't stand for anything, but thanks for Research in Demons15:43
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Macermy modem in this one15:44
Maceri just ordered a new n900 but it won't get here for a while15:44
RiDnew as in brand new?15:44
RiDor chinese refurbish with new parts15:44
Macerwho knows nowadays15:45
Macerit said "new in box" from an amazon seller15:45
RiDold mobo new case D:15:45
Macerso we'll see15:45
Macerhey if it works i'm happy heh15:45
RiDmight i ask how much?15:45
RiDthat's $$omething15:45
RiDthat's not so much15:45
Macerno not too bad15:46
Macerso long as it is functional15:46
RiDyep, 153€ sounds good for a *brand new* n90015:46
RiDif not brand new, extreme bling bling condition15:46
deepyI got a brand new for 95EUR ;_;15:46
Macerdeepy: lies!15:46
RiDdeepy wait what where when15:46
rikaneebrand new N900s still exist?15:46
deepyyes it's lies, I got it for 12015:46
RiD95€ was the price without shipping15:46
deepy120EUR yeah15:46
rikaneeI assembled my last N900 from "brand new" spare parts.15:46
Macerso about 200US ;)15:46
deepyRiD: I had to pick it up in town15:46
RiDMacer 156$15:47
Macer156 today ;)15:47
MacerEU was probably worth a bit more when he got it heh15:47
Macereither way. i paid 200... considering the garbage they're selling for 900 nowadays...15:48
Macerit didn't seem too bad of a price15:48
Macerit's just a shame my 1st one had the usb port fall off... 2nd one had the modem die15:48
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RiDMacer my usb fell out :P15:53
Maceryeah it happened to a lot of people :(15:54
Macerthe modem death was another big one15:54
Maceras there is really no viable way to fix that... some people had luck with springs but i mean cmon :)15:54
Macerthe usb port was a huge issue tho15:55
Macerit's a shame because other than that the phone was amazingly solid15:56
Macer:-/ damn you nokia!15:56
Maceri might try nemo on the new n90015:56
Macerif anything just for sports-tracker heh15:56
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peterbjornxHave there been any developments regarding the testpads?16:40
peterbjornxany known buses/ports besides USB and ttyS016:41
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peterbjornxanyone got a clue what ttyS1 and 2 are connected to17:35
peterbjornxDocScrutinizer05 , DocScrutinizer51 : got any clue whether there is an i2c bus on the testpads?17:37
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DocScrutinizer05I don't think so. I'd guess there's a JTAG bus17:38
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peterbjornxYou never used an conductivity tester with those unpopulated boards you've got?17:43
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jonwilIt wouldn't help unless you had the full pin-outs of the various chips used (i.e. you could tie test point xyz with pin abc on chip def and know what pin abc on chip def actually did17:45
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peterbjornxi thought the pinout of the OMAP was known17:56
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peterbjornxjust discovered something really useful18:17
peterbjornxi2c_2 is on the main cam connector18:18
peterbjornxwhich uses a wide pitch so it is eassily solderable18:19
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DocScrutinizer05peterbjornx: I used a conductivity tester on the unpipulated board, but only for finding alternative solder points for USB-fix18:25
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DocScrutinizer05if you tell me what to check, I could probably do it, but I'm not going to find out the pin of OMAP finepitch BGA grid that any testpoint possibly is connected to18:26
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peterbjornxDocScrutinizer05: theres i2c buses on r4805,r4808,r806,r4807 if any of those are on a testpad18:32
DocScrutinizer05I'll try to find a spare minute to dig out needles and tester and PCB, then locate those Rs on schematics and component location plan, then trst each one against all ~30 testpoints18:37
peterbjornxthanks in advance18:38
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* DocScrutinizer05 idly wonders if it was a nice occasion to push his plans about automated needle testbed PCB RE machine18:38
* DocScrutinizer05 should try to find a nice printer for carton, CDs etc, with defect printhead18:39
peterbjornxor a CNC with replacable head if you have one lying around18:40
DocScrutinizer05what I'd need is a electroluminescent transparent foil18:40
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DocScrutinizer05then inject ~5MHz at several Volt into one pad, and see where the foil starts glowing18:42
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peterbjornxbrb 40min18:59
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Macerguess no sports tracker for n900 other than ecoach :(19:47
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Uno-mastengo problemas con kp52 y wifi19:55
Maceri might ust have to get another prepaid sim to put in the e7 for working out :-/19:55
Uno-masifconfig wlan0 up19:57
Uno-masifconfing: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device19:58
Uno-masmodprobe wl1251_spi19:58
Uno-masFATAL: Module wl1251_spi not found19:59
Uno-mashow install the module wl1251 in console?20:00
Uno-masaptitude search firmware20:01
Uno-mas i wl1251-firmware20:02
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sixwheeledbeastMacer: OOI what's wrong with ecoach?20:08
Maceri have a sports-tracker hrm ;)20:09
Macerit also doesn't upload to fb afaik20:09
Macerthe interface isn't as good20:09
Maceri may just try to use nemo20:10
Macerthere is a meego version of it20:10
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sixwheeledbeastOIC see I don't use a sport-tracker so just wondering if something was broken with ecoach20:15
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freemangordonguys, what was default pulsaudio bitrate?22:09
*** sardini has joined #maemo22:11
keriothe what22:11
freemangordonkerio: default PA playback buitrate, was it 44100 or 4100022:12
kerioSAMPLE rate22:12
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kerioi think i changed it at some point, it's 44100 for me22:12
freemangordonkerio: ooh, I know you are smart :P. anyway what was the value?22:12
keriobut i can't remember if i changed it back or not22:13
freemangordonkerio: and what about the default?22:13
freemangordonhmm, ok22:13
kerioit was 48k and i said "wtf, all my music is 44.1k" and changed it to 4410022:13
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freemangordonkerio: hmm, so you think the default is 48000?22:14
kerioit's kinda easy to check, though, just download the deb22:14
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freemangordonkerio: you know I am lazy ;)22:17
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infobotsomebody said maemo-flashing was
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