IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2012-12-14

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FIQnow can anyone tell me why the browser restarts its' process when you kill it?01:13
FIQif a process is killed, it's usually for a good reason.. restarting is just silly01:14
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FlyserFIQ: It restarts because it might have crashed01:16
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FIQok so how do you kill it for real?01:17
FIQmicrob is being silly and taking 30+36% cpu atm01:17
FIQand over half of RAM01:18
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GeneralAntillesFIQ, it keeps itself in RAM all the time for quickstart.01:43
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cehtehdid nokia pulled the plug on too?05:09
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robbiethe1stI've just donated to the hildon foundation; have you?06:05
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* ShadowJK wonders how much running extras builder on AWS would cost13:13
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RST38hShadowJK: In kittens killed?13:18
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DocScrutinizer05why AQWS?13:22
DocScrutinizer05moo btw13:22
DocScrutinizer05there's a hefty discussion going on behind the scenes whether we should rent a server just for tmo now, or rather get a big iron with unlimited traffic and sufficient storage (>=2TB) and RAM (>=16GB) and CPU grunt, and run VMs on that13:24
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DocScrutinizer05I'm all for the latter, since administration would be way easier, for the whole thing13:25
DocScrutinizer05also it's for sure cheaper13:25
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DocScrutinizer05main cost factor however is administration, since you need a dedicated responsible expert to deal with backups, updates, security threats, hw defects, whatnot else13:26
DocScrutinizer05this is *not* a task for casual admin volunteers, however willing they might be to help13:27
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DocScrutinizer05requirements for such an administrator are: 24/7 available, daily checks of CERT warnings etc, daily checks of server's syslog, munin/other-diagnostic-tool, regular updates of system. etc pp13:30
DocScrutinizer05for migration the tasks also include setup of the new system, which is a fulltime job for several days, even weeks13:31
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DocScrutinizer05there's the theoretical option to get managed servers, where a part of those recurring tasks is done by the hoster. But those are so expensive that you could find your own admin and pay him for doing that job for you. and main argument against managed servers: you don't have full control over your server, means you're not free to install/configure whatever you like on it13:42
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DocScrutinizer51ok, modem once more doesn't connect data/GPRS when on 2G. What's been your suggestions? restart sccd?15:50
ShadowJKcycle via offline mode15:53
ShadowJKVMs are nice in the way you can quickly move entire system from one plac to another15:53
DocScrutinizer51didn't work last time15:54
DocScrutinizer51i'll try again, bbiab15:54
keriotry restarting sscd, it should be a bit more than offline mode15:54
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* ShadowJK can switch between 3g and 2g and back without losing the connection15:55
kerionever actually tried that on the n900, my operator is 3g-only15:55
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DocScrutinizer51no luck16:00
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DocScrutinizer51I'll reboot, known to cure this :-/16:02
Aoyagi_joytoprestart, reboot, reinstall16:03
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lufDocScrutinizer51: who is winning?16:07
DocScrutinizer51luf: boot16:08
kerioso... cellmo won16:08
kerioi bet he did that on purpose16:09
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suidhmmm... i accidentally deleted my whole MyDocs-folder, so now everything looks a bit odd :). any suggestions? is there some fancy package i can install?16:16
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kerioMyDocs contains user data16:17
keriowhat do you mean everything looks odd?16:17
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keriothe directories are recreated at boot time, so just reboot16:18
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #maemo16:19
suidok, then i've messed something else up16:19
suidi've got no fonts16:19
suidand no icons16:19
ShadowJKi guess you deleted more than just the MyDocs directory :/16:21
cehtehjust restore your backup from the day before16:21
suidi was trying to setup a development environment on my phone, and something must have went wrong16:21
kerioyep, something seriously wrong16:23
keriosuid: restore a full backup16:23
keriolike, a backupmenu backup16:23
suidyeah, i guess i'll have to do that when i get back home16:23
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DocScrutinizer51suid: you probably nuked /home or /opt16:31
suidyeah, i think so too16:32
suidactually, i'm sure of it, since i moved stuff around to make room16:32
DocScrutinizer51check 'mount'16:32
suidcan't check anything, since i don't have any fonts, i can't see anything16:33
DocScrutinizer51you might be able to undo what you did16:33
DocScrutinizer51via wlan?16:33
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DocScrutinizer51or BM shell16:33
DocScrutinizer51or rescueOS16:34
suidyeah, but i'm not at home, so i don't know which ip the phone has16:34
suidi'll probably just reflash it. it's full of crud anyhow.16:34
DocScrutinizer51good plan16:34
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* chem|st_ has not volunteered, he was volunteered16:35
*** chem|st_ is now known as chem|st16:35
DocScrutinizer51chem|st: :-)16:36
* chem|st is finally on vacation now16:36
lufchem|st: so you'll work 12 hours per day on N900 now. Good :)16:37
chem|stluf: your aunt is!16:37
DocScrutinizer51seems luf beat me on that comment16:37
chem|stI will get my sister to do that next week while i'm surfing dungeons in diablo3!16:38
DocScrutinizer51already divorced? ;-D16:39
chem|stnope, she's coming over to my place 2morow16:40
chem|stand pls don"t make fun of that16:40
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DocScrutinizer51not exactly meant as fun16:43
merlin1991somebody got a definite guide on using the dummy network plugin to use and over usb connection?16:43
DocScrutinizer51merlin1991: only seen one for diablo16:44
merlin1991chem|st: so in  other words you took vacation when your sister is over so she can cook for you do your loundry do your cssu work whilst you play diablo3?16:44
lufmerlin1991: there is one on wiki16:44
infobotmerlin1991 meant: chem|st: so in  other words you took vacation when your sister is over so she can cook for you do your laundry do your cssu work whilst you play diablo3?16:44
lufI want such vacation too :D16:45
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merlin1991hm theres
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luf chapter Using USB networking for Maemo applications16:53
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chem|stmerlin1991: exactly!17:28
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poghello, I tryed despotify and while login in it seem's to freeze. I tryed it several times.17:47
pogI have to kill the xterm to exit the applicaton.17:48
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pogI don't see, what can be wrong (after this description
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RzRdo u know how to use a lumia on a gnu/linux env ?21:39
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keriohm, what creates the ham_updates_status_menu_item// alarmd cookie?22:11
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jogaRzR somehow... I wouldn't expect much from a windows phone with regard to gnu/linux compatibility22:19
jogamy friend who had some older lumia whatever told that it required some shitty 250MB zune package to even transfer a single mp3 file on it22:19
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RzRjoga: and off course zune wont work in wine ?23:29
jogaRzR, dunno23:30
jogaI would assume there has to be some way without a vm and a windows license, but not sure23:30
jogawell, wine doesn't look encouraging :)23:31
jogaand neither is this:
jogaRzR, which lumia model do you have?23:32
RzR800 donno about the bootloader23:33
*** Martix has quit IRC23:34
RzRthe fake n923:34
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jogaseems that at least 710 works with ubuntu 12.04
*** ilink_system has quit IRC23:35
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RzR 2.4 hw23:37
*** Martix has joined #maemo23:37
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DocScrutinizer51seems I'm going to set up a server at and 'donate' it to maemo.org23:48
DocScrutinizer51got a friend to help me with system administration23:48
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Palisomebody still developing MCE, see:
Palilast commit from Dec 10, 201223:50
* ShadowJK is vaguely reminded of his past involvement in shady interwebs where everything ran on donated hw, much of it changing monthly if not daily, but stitched together with ssh tunnels and magic in such a way that such changes were invisible to users23:51
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