IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2012-08-27

sambo7hw-revision could not be read00:00
DocScrutinizer05sure, since it's in CAL00:00
sambo7Found device RX-51, hardware revision 000000:00
sambo7I got the error messages when flashing00:01
sambo7Bootloader error log follows:   ERROR: invalid header magic at addr 0x00000000: c0911a26   ERROR: invalid header magic at addr 0x00000000: ce9fb9e6   ERROR: Error processing request, stalling   ERROR: EP0 STALL sent Error getting version of 'sw-release' Overriding revision information given by board.00:01
Sicelophoenix didn't need some special cable?00:01
DocScrutinizer05phoenix can do what flasher does00:01
DocScrutinizer05via USB00:01
DocScrutinizer05not more00:01
DocScrutinizer05for anything beyond, you need special 'cable'00:02
* Sicelo still wishes to revive his WSOD-stricken N-Gage00:02
sambo7I found some tutorial in youtube & tried it...but I guess that like in flasher only the first part of the cold flashing was successful00:03
keriosambo7: your n900 will probably malfunction, though00:03
kerioa bunch of informations were lost00:03
kerioeven if you bring it back to life00:04
sambo7I guess,it will...00:04
sambo7I already got some CAL errors messages in terminal...00:04
sambo7and when I go on product info I get Nokia N900 <unknown> & Version:<unknown>00:05
keriowell, at least it fails gracefully00:06
keriodoes the phone work?00:06
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sambo7haven't treid it yet...00:07
Sicelosambo7: i also have version unknown for product info00:07
kerioSicelo: on your n-gage?00:08
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DocScrutinizer05sambo7: so probably time to try restoring CAL from an image, with nandwrite00:10
sambo7is nandwrite part of the mtd-tools?00:10
keriothe phone should really not work00:10
Sicelokerio: i have an N-Gage that no shop here can flash. i have N900 too, and another working N-Gage :P00:10
DocScrutinizer05there's nandread/write and there's mtd_debug00:11
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DocScrutinizer05for sure not preinstalled though00:11
sambo7will test if phone works first00:12
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sambo7wifi is working00:12
DocScrutinizer05well, sure you may test if phone works, but in the end you want to try and restore CAL somehow, since it can't get worse than it's now00:15
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DocScrutinizer05and at very least hw-version should get set to some sane value - otherwise you might expect problems on every simple reflash00:16
DocScrutinizer05maybe you could find out about your hw revision via the device's serial number00:17
DocScrutinizer05or with even more luck, hw rev is stored to modem filesystem as well00:18
DocScrutinizer05and you *might* find out about it via pnatd00:19
DocScrutinizer05(just handwaving, I never checked what you could find out from modem regarding hw rev)00:19
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sambo7@Doc ... maybe you can give me some support on which commands to use in the terminal to advance...00:22
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sambo7sorry,have to quit for now...maybe I'll be back later or tomorrow00:30
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bullxhello everybody00:33
bullxI am a N9 user00:33
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bullxresently i try to write some script00:34
bullxi want it auto run after system startup00:35
bullxbut i can't find the rc.local file00:35
bullxis N9 has some after file for configure autorun?00:36
Sicelosee /topic00:36
bullxthx for respond~00:37
teotwaki__I still can't believe Armstrong is dead.00:39
Sicelomaybe DocScrutinizer05, MohammadAG and others know .. but i'm sure they are in #harmattan as well00:39
DocScrutinizer05teotwaki__: actually I already tried (in vain) to give a farewell bonmot00:40
teotwaki__there's a space missing :P00:40
teotwaki__it's "bon mot"00:40
teotwaki__but in this case, "mot juste" would be more appropriate00:40
DocScrutinizer05for what I came up with, neither is appropriate00:41
DocScrutinizer05"ouch!" probably is most appropriate ;-D00:41
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teotwaki__Well, I'd simply say that the man who accomplished mankind's greatest leap just embarked on man's greatest journey.00:42
teotwaki__anyway, gotta go feed a colleague's cat. 'later00:44
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chem|stgood morning!11:16
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freemangordonzeq1: hi11:28
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freemangordonmerlin1991: ping11:54
freemangordonoops, echan11:54
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ivgalvezto everyone: please take a look at bylaws proposal in this thread:
ivgalvezwe need your feedback12:07
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zeq1freemangordon (or anybody else if you want to try): can you try following the instructions here: if you get a chance.  Romaxa has updated it, but it's still not working for me. It's as if it's updating to the wrong revision.  Maybe it's just my setup? I'll try to ping romaxa later.  I need to get back to decorating now though...12:50
freemangordonzeq1: wtf are you decorating, are you going to get married or what? :P12:53
freemangordonzeq1: I won't be able to do that soon, it is kernel-cssu and new -thumb update in my TODO list12:54
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RiDanyone knows the *current* LG dead/stuck pixel policy?13:54
RiDall i find are 2009 or older results13:54
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RiDoh, wrong channel13:54
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nzeroxhey guy, i have a nokia n900, i added my Skype login, but i can't see my skye contacts17:19
nzeroxcan anyone help?17:20
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nzeroxhey, my Skype contacts are missing on my m90019:09
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joganzerox, do you have "availability" tab selected in the contact list?19:11
*** MrPingu has joined #maemo19:12
joganot sure if it matters actually, I seem to remember having some problem with it too19:12
nzeroxjoga: nope, i'm on the Skype group19:12
jogahmm, oh! I haven't even noticed the whole groups thing I think :D19:12
*** ferdna has joined #maemo19:13
jogado any of them show up in the all contacts list?19:13
nzeroxjoga, nope19:14
nzeroxyoga, i can receive messages, but i can't send any as it says no contacts19:14
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jogadoes going offline in skype affect it?19:15
*** NIN102 has joined #maemo19:15
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jogaI haven't tried skype with my phone in a while19:15
nzeroxlet me try it one sec19:16
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nzeroxjust installing community ssu, will try Skype again after19:19
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Palibye, I'm going offline for week or more...19:21
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teotwakiFuck this, sometimes English is just weird. This, is a valid sentence in English: "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"19:21
nzeroxDo I need to have contacts with Skype information in them or does the n900 download my contact info?19:24
nzeroxMaybe I'm expecting it to do something it doesn't.19:25
freemangordonnzerox: contacts should be pulled from skype servers19:25
nzeroxfreemangordon: ok thanks19:26
freemangordonzeq1: unfortunately hg refuses to apply the patches here as well. though i forced it, now trying to compile :D19:26
freemangordonzeq1: did you contact romaxa?19:27
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nzeroxjoga: hey, signed in again and i still can't see any of my conatcs19:41
nzeroxwhen i do new conversation it says no contacts19:42
joganzerox hmm, can't help much there, my contacts seem to show up there, I didn't try logging in though19:43
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joganzerox if you receive a message, can you answer back?19:44
nzeroxjoga yep19:45
jogaor does it show the right contact name in the message window19:45
nzeroxok i manually added a contact with a sykpe id, and i can message them19:45
jogahmm, k19:45
nzeroxbut i can't do it via new conversation19:47
nzeroxi only got this phone yesterday, so i have no idea19:47
jogahmm, I'm using pr 1.3 I think19:48
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jogaanyway, skype has sometimes been flaky for me too with at least showing the online status of some users, but generally has worked pretty well19:49
nzeroxi'm on 1.319:53
nzeroxi flashed it this morning19:53
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nzerox_I'll add them manually for now20:02
nzerox_maybe its a network issue or something20:02
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keriowhat takes care of making the silly "mac os" links in MyDocs?21:35
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo21:47
*** flo_lap is now known as florian21:48
DocScrutinizer51kerio: the eMMC flashing?21:48
kerioDocScrutinizer51: there's nothing that remakes them?21:48
kerioi distinctly remember deleting them more than once21:48
DocScrutinizer51prolly not21:48
kerioalso, will ass rage mode export mmcblk1p1 even if it's not a vfat partition?21:49
DocScrutinizer51though probably your mac would recreate some of thise ;)21:49
DocScrutinizer51not with original scripts I guess21:50
keriohm i wonder if you can choose a fixed mac address for g_ether the same way as you'd do with g_nokia21:52
*** iDont has quit IRC21:53
DocScrutinizer51for MSM see (and edit) osso-usb-mass-storage-enable.sh21:53
keriohm, apparently it does21:54
keriook, i need a funny mac address21:54
*** dafox has joined #maemo21:55
*** dafox is now known as Guest7686721:55
*** Darkchaos has joined #maemo21:55
kerioi suppose i'm partial to DE:AD:BE:EF:CA:FE21:55
keriobut it's probably overused21:55
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*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo22:02
DocScrutinizer51not on that NIC ;-P22:02
*** zeq1 has joined #maemo22:07
kerioaww, it's just the mac address presented to the computer22:07
keriook, i need *two* funny mac addresses22:07
*** Vilsepi has left #maemo22:08
*** Darkchaos2 has joined #maemo22:08
zeq1freemangordon: not had a chance to contact romaxa, been busy decorating all day again! Stripped, papered, painted...22:08
*** Darkchaos has quit IRC22:10
kerionow my n900 is on force-power-key mode :D22:12
kerioi'll probably disable it22:13
keriothe kbd backlight is fixed on :/22:13
*** iluminator105 has joined #maemo22:19
zeq1freemangordon: I didn't try too hard to get the patches merged this time after I spent over an hour fixing it up with the previous patchset only to have the build fail.22:19
iluminator105DocScrutinizer06, factory setting got rid of those things appearing in internet connections22:19
iluminator105DocScrutinizer06, thanks for yourhelp22:20
iluminator105where would i download 900mzh kernel?22:20
keriooh god22:21
kerioiluminator105: you don't want to OC22:21
kerioOC is bad22:21
kerioOC will come to haunt you in the night22:21
iluminator105for thumb you need testing or stable does thumb now right?22:23
zeq1iluminator105: you really would be better of just using cssu-thumb rather than overclocking, you'll find most things are much faster due to the newer compiler22:24
iluminator105yea thats what DocScrutinizer06 said22:24
kerioiluminator105: community-thumb requires community-testing to work properly22:25
keriojust follow the instructions on that TMO thread22:25
zeq1iluminator105: and make sure you use HAM22:25
iluminator105what is ham22:26
kerioa bad package manager22:27
keriosadly, it's also the preinstalled one22:27
*** sq-one has joined #maemo22:27
kerio(Hildon) Application Manager22:28
zeq1iluminator105: it's the standard application manager on Maemo, it's horribly slow, but it's *safe*22:28
zeq1kerio can testify about the horrible slowness ;)22:29
*** qwazix has quit IRC22:29
keriozeq1: actually, not showing all packages makes it much faster22:29
kerionot using it makes it incredibly much faster22:29
iluminator105flash rootfts if you have cssu kernel installed it already flashed though?22:32
zeq1iluminator105: I can't parse what you just wrote22:35
iluminator105so inorder install thumb install cssu testing then install thumb is that correct22:36
zeq1that would be fine22:36
kerioiluminator105: you don't need to do that22:37
keriojust follow the instructions22:37
kerioit'll automatically enable the correct repo and run the enabler22:37
iluminator105can you link me to the instructions22:37
zeq1that's definitely the best way :)22:38
*** ferdna has quit IRC22:38
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*** toxaris has joined #maemo22:46
* DocScrutinizer51 sneezes, then yawns like a dog22:47
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo22:55
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