IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2012-08-11

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jogait's the program that would save you the bother of manually editing transitions.ini00:01
jogaiirc the package name is transitioncontrol00:01
jogacan't remember which repo it's in though00:01
bennypr0fanehmmm. let's see. it looks like00:02
bennypr0faneit only changes overall settings00:02
bennypr0faneinstalling it anyway00:03
jogaI've used it to disable all unnecessary animations I don't want like the zooming, snappier that way00:03
bennypr0fanei've looked through a dozen threads about tweaking transitions, and nobody ever mentioned this though00:03
jogaoh, that's odd00:03
bennypr0fanewow, what about cssu transitions tuner?00:04
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bennypr0fanelooking into both now00:05
bennypr0faneyou heard about the latter?00:05
bennypr0fanetransitions without the zooming are faster?00:05
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jogahaven't heard about that, I haven't touched them since I found something I like00:09
jogabut yeah I think it makes a very significant difference when using the device00:10
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jogaI haven't disabled 100% of them but most I've either disabled or made very fast so there's maybe just 1 frame in between or something00:11
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jogathere was just something I remember leaving alone because it was a bit confusing if it was very fast00:12
bennypr0fanetransition control doesn't let me edit the blacklist...00:13
bennypr0fanereally I often wonder, why they didn't make them faster in the first place00:13
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bennypr0faneI get the impression most people were bothered with how slow transitions are at default settings00:14
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jogayeah, dunno. if I turn all the bling back on or see them in another n900 it looks sort of neat for a few seconds but then it starts bugging me again00:17
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jogamaybe jolla has time for cosmetics too? ;) heh we'll see00:18
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bennypr0faneWell seems to me that you don't need to do away with the bling completely if it can be made faster to a decent degree00:19
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bennypr0faneI just hope Jolla are going to make sonething with a QWertz keyboard00:20
bennypr0faneIf they only go make just another giant slab of screen with no buttons, it'll have been in vain00:22
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jogato me it sounded like they would realize there's need for such phones, we'll see eventually00:28
bennypr0faneyes, the latest interview was funny: "If you look at what's available at the market today, it's not hard to stand out in terms of hardware design"00:32
bennypr0fanehow can I tell which transitions file is currently in use, the one in hildon-desktop or the one from the theme00:33
merlin1991bennypr0fane: theme overrides the one in hildon-desktop if you have an active theme00:34
bennypr0faneis it possible to not have an active theme?00:35
bennypr0fanewhere would the theme-specific transitions file be located?00:35
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merlin1991bennypr0fane: /opt/usr/share/themes/[name of the theme you're using]/transitions.ini00:39
bennypr0fanegenerally, knowing the name of the file, it should be easy to find even if I don't know its location, right?00:40
bennypr0faneI tried the file search, but it doesn't show the location of search results00:41
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bennypr0faneif I uninstalled the theme I was previously using, does that mean that now I'm not using any theme? and the transitions file in hildon-desktop is in use?00:43
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DocScrutinizer05((<joga> yeah, dunno. if I turn all the bling back on or see them in another n900 it looks sort of neat for a few seconds but then it starts bugging me again)) yeah. The HARM effect. It's all about blinding effects and chrome, and after a few days the latest ist just friggin annoying00:48
DocScrutinizer05o/ merlin199100:50
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: you know how KDE stores their app settings? In the end you don't have a bloody idea which setting from which branch is in effect for a particular property. And when something breaks you better reset ALL that shite and start from scratch. \o/00:51
jogaheh reminded me of quakeworld or similar online shooters, when you want even tiny fps gains and all the textures are just distracting and useless, and you end up using flat shading with minimum effects and clutter on a high-end pc, heh00:52
bennypr0faneanybody know about my previous question? I'm not sure which transitions file I have in use right now.00:52
DocScrutinizer05bennypr0fane: merlin1991 answered that00:53
DocScrutinizer05or use lsof ;-P00:53
DocScrutinizer05or strace00:53
bennypr0fanethen what's happening on my device kinda doesn't make sense00:53
bennypr0fanei.e., no, I haven't seen an answer. the question was, I just uninstalled the theme I was using, the files are still there though, including the transitions.ini I made changes to it and I can see them, but it doesn't have the CSSU section with the blacklist. the blacklist seems to be operating though00:56
vi__bennypr0fane: in the themes directory there is a bunch of themes AND a dir called default.00:57
vi__when you choose a new theme, it gets copied to default.00:57
vi__therefore, what is in dir default is the current theme.00:58
vi__also, harmattan can suck my nuts.00:58
vi__swipe is fucking gay and pointless.00:58
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jogaah, the glory of shortcutd00:59
jogamy cam key marking is probably very worn out01:00
vi__if only it did not start proximityd by default.01:00
vi__or even offered 2 'shell commands'01:00
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bennypr0fanehow do I make sure the default transitions.ini is used?01:06
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ikarussilly quick question is there a lib for Qt or Gtk on Maemo with a scrollable, overlayable map widget (possibly more features, but this would save a lot of time developing)01:31
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merlin1991i think there is a hildon gtk thingy01:52
merlin1991not entirely sure though01:52
ikarusany hints of where ?01:58
KilrooHow the iPhone did I miss that before? I was looking yesterday for the instructions to build and flash a combined u-Boot image, since with the thumb repo enabled I can't boot from the default attached kernel anymore. The instructions are on the first page of the thread, in post 6. I spent 20 minutes looking before I decided to put it off for a while. I must be blind.02:09
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HurrianKilroo, since u-boot always loads the bootmenu.scr file, I think you can try editing the script so that the attachboot entry comes last.02:20
HurrianThere, no more need to manually combine and flash kernels.02:21
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KilrooHurrian: I already made the symlink so that it boots kp51 by default, as described in the first post of the u-boot thread. I'm just considering making a combined image from it because as it stands, the attachboot doesn't work. It just provides me with a convenient means of failing to boot the phone.02:23
HurrianKilroo, just in case mmcblk0p1 bombs?02:24
Kilroo...I wouldn't be able to boot an attached kernel either in that case, would I?02:25
Hurrianmeh, the whole purpose of u-boot was so that you'd never flash another kernel ever again. until recently, u-boot kept running attachboot and that's why I had to combine it with KP because my /home is EXT4.02:25
Hurrian(and because I can't be arsed to open my keyboard every boot)02:26
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KilrooI think the only advantages of doing what I'm considering would be: (aesthetic) it appeals to my sense of cleanliness; (practical) it would allow me to save a miniscule amount of file space; (practical) it would prevent the admittedly unlikely possibility of rendering the phone unbootable by fouling up the kp51 files without screwing up anything else significant.02:28
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KilrooSo I may just not bother.02:28
KilrooI was having a chuckle earlier today at my belt-worn gear.02:29
HurrianKilroo, heh, I treat KP as my main kernel. I've actually uninstalled kernel and kernel-modules.02:29
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merlin1991well it's straight forward, get uimage, combine it using the pyhton script, flash it :D02:30
KilrooI carry the n900 (with one of those somewhat floppy silicone slide-on protectors on it) in a belt case that came with a 110-film camera. I carry my Internet-To-Go hotspot crammed in a belt holster that I bought for my old n82. It all looks so amusingly ghetto and yet works so well.02:31
KilrooMerlin: Yes, I just discovered how easy it is a little while ago; I was just marveling at how I managed to spend 20-30 minutes NOT finding that the other night, and then found it in less than two minutes today.02:31
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Hurrianonce I build a big battery pack, I'll probably use my N900 as a mobile hotspot of sorts.02:34
KilrooI've been trying to squeeze by paying as little as possible for service since...well, actually since I was using the n82.02:34
KilrooThe "golden age" of that would have to be while t-mobile's IPv6 service was still in beta. As far as I could tell, someone forgot to code for an edge case.02:35
KilrooYou had to have access to use data normally in order to be in the beta. But if you were using prepaid minutes, they didn't bother to make it necessary to buy the $1.49 data day pass to access ipv6.02:36
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KilrooInteresting side note: This Opera plugin that lets me ctrl-mouseover a link to display it as a qr-code, combined with mbarcode, makes it very easy to download things to the n900 that I found while browsing on my desktop.02:41
HurrianKilroo, holy crap, Opera has a plugin for that?02:52
HurrianThat would've saved me hours typing URLs for wget.02:53
HurrianIf I don't find a Firefox extension for it, I'm switching to Opera.02:53
KilrooI switched over a while back for reasons I no longer remember. There is much about Opera that I like. There are some things I don't. Such is life.02:55
KilrooIt was partly out of frustration with the fact that I couldn't find a Webkit-based browser with a combination of UI + extensibility that I found acceptable.02:55
Wizzup_Hurrian: why do you need a big battery pack for that? just plug n900 in as usb?03:01
HurrianWizzup_, portable hotspot03:02
Wizzup_I don't understand, you use the hotspot for a laptop right03:03
Hurriannah, for my N9, vita and various other toys... I mean devices I keep around me constantly.03:03
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Wizzup_well, when you have a laptop of some sorts with you, connect the n900 to it over usb to charge it again03:04
Wizzup_I actually have four batteries... but I only need one really03:04
KilrooThat reminds me. For one thing, I haven't set up ipv6 since I reflashed; I should do that. Second, even with the ITG, I might still prefer switching to the $3/day plan from T-Mo for some purposes; I should make another attempt at getting to where I can share that connection with my Transformer Prime over bluetooth for those occasions.03:05
HurrianKilroo, bluetooth PAN is horrible on Android. Just patch your wpa_supplicant to accept ad-hoc networks.03:06
Hurriantbh, I sometimes fire up a VNC server on my N900 and use XFCE on my Tab 8.903:07
KilrooOh, really? Bummer. I'd gathered that with respect to laptops bluetooth was better in terms of both speed and power consumption; hadn't occurred to me that might not hold for android devices.03:08
Kilroo...Ha, I wonder if I could get USB tethering to work.03:08
HurrianPower consumption, yeah, better. Speed? Bluetooth EDR is a farce.03:09
KilrooDuly noted.03:10
KilrooOh yes. I should also look into these various swap-manipulating experiments. Come to think of it I should also try to ascertain what effect, if any, setting up additional swap and enabling smartreflex has on what settings are a good idea in swappolube. And I may as well stop using maxCPU since with smartreflex enabled I doubt I would ever want a convenient widget for changing away from 805.03:24
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HurrianKilroo, CSSU-Thumb at 600MHz with SR is good enough for me03:44
RST38hMicrosoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'03:47
RiD - what?03:47
RiDRST38h: lol. Too late for them03:48
RST38h[4:48:47] Marat Fayzullin: poor fucks and their last ditch attempts to make everyone believe this thing was *not* shoddily pasted on top of Win32 UI03:49
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KilrooI'm actually looking forward to windows 803:56
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Kilroobecause according to what I've read, I can buy a cheap upgrade license for the copy of Windows XP I use on my VM.03:57
Kilroo...Then I'll clone the VM and upgrade one of it.03:57
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Wizzup_Kilroo: I'm looking forward to it too, it'll cause much more people to go away from windows04:04
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HurrianKilroo, I'm running the Windows 8 RTM, and all the controls are ugly compared to Windows 7.04:04
HurrianRemember those crappy .NET apps using the default styling? Yeah, it's like that.04:05
HurrianIt just looks so unnatural and out of place.04:05
KilrooI don't particularly care what it looks like, to be honest.04:05
Hurrianthe only main draw of Win8 is supposedly Hyper-V and under-the-hood improvements, which I could care less about because I run it under Xen VT-d for games.04:06
KilrooBut I suppose I should set up a VM of the preview and take a look at it.04:06
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HurrianRST38h, "Immersive UI" is what the OS internally calls it04:09
petey_My g/f got into my Nokia N900 yesterday and read all my emails and texts. What what's a good app to download to lock it? I want something like Androids pattern swipe.04:09
Hurrianpetey_, set the regular lock code?04:10
Hurrianit's written into CAL, so unless your GF knows how to flash your phone/load up a recovery system it stays locked04:10
Hurrianjust remember to lock your phone04:10
Hurrianthe applocker app to prevent app launches can break some stuff, so I don't recommend using itr04:10
petey_I've never used it.04:11
HurrianPower menu -> Secure Device04:12
Hurriandefault lock code is 12345, dig in Settings to change it04:12
petey_Got it.04:13
petey_It just stays with the numbers screen?04:13
petey_Until I unlock it?04:14
petey_Better than nothing.04:14
petey_Thank you. Now I've got some more explaining to do.04:15
HurrianIf you want to be ultra-paranoid about it, you can additionally put in a SIM lock and encrypt the eMMC.04:16
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petey_Or just keep my phone in my pocket. Even when I'm in the shower.04:16
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petey_Have a good weekend guys.04:17
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LaoLang_coolanyone uses out-call-vibro? seems it has some lag to vibrate after a calling is connected04:53
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LaoLang_coolI want to use ffmpeg to record sound, but I don't know where the input is in n900. On pc, the cmd is 'ffmpeg -f oss -i /dev/dsp output.wav', don't know how to adjust it to work on n900?06:13
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archeyDevilNokia-N900:~# apt-cache search irw06:42
archeyDevilE: Encountered a section with no Package: header06:42
archeyDevilE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/
archeyDevilAnyone have any ideas?? ^06:42
archeyDevilWas working yesterday..06:42
archeyDevilCan't update either06:43
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Estel_Mayday Mayday...07:41
Estel_I've just written *very*, as per "important life things" important letter, and freaking long one, via some web form on microB07:42
Estel_call me idiot hundred times, with pleasure from my side, as I'ven't used libreoffice or conboy or whatever...07:42
Estel_And on last sentence, some fuckin shortcut or whatever deleted content via moving page back07:43
Estel_now my help request - is there any, humanly possible, way to get keyboard press'es log from N900?07:43
Estel_some kind of low level log, whatever?07:43
Estel_It's very, very, very, very, very, very *catches breath* important stuff, and I'm next to unable to re-write it07:46
Estel_if anyone know a way that I can use to restore what I've written, even partially (in big parts), via some log or whatever, I'll be eternally grateful *desperate*07:47
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EVIL_CLXrecomend overclock n900?07:50
* Estel_ is in despair08:07
Estel_really, I'm afraid it's lost beyond recovering... There is not a single way to recover such content written via N900 keyboard, kinside microB?08:08
fluxestel_, well, X server has a 1024 event buffer08:08
fluxestel_, so in principle a debugger would be able to retrieve 512 or so last characters entered08:08
fluxestel_, but I doubt it's worth the trouble08:09
fluxas I doubt 500 characters covers pretty much nothing of your whole text, if it took you a while to write it08:09
fluxI suggest you take a good night sleep and write it again. you will probably do it better anyway.08:10
fluxeven if it now seems difficult..08:10
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Estel_flux,  yea, You're probably right, thanks a lot11:24
Estel_X buffer would let me reclaim my questions on how to retrieve :P11:24
Estel_need to make brain effort again. Damn hard on vacation :P11:27
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teotwaki_I just went and type a much longer comment than I had planned for on /.11:32
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jogabtw changing agps addr to did help for me with the really slow gps fix, now it took about 3s to get a fix12:01
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teotwakihi Tofe13:43
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sdfanqI'm making a Maemo app, I can link to a shared library on the simulator but I can't package for the actual device, I get the error: "Packaging Error: Command '/home/sdfanq/Dev/QtSDK/Maemo/4.6.2/bin/mad dpkg-buildpackage -nc -uc -us' failed.Exit code: 2". What could be the problem ?19:55
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merlin1991sdfanq: there must be an error further up in the build log19:55
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njsfDocScrutinizer05: So I got a new battery and wasn't it20:05
njsfit seems I had upgraded to the latest power kernel and that went badly20:05
njsfflashing just the kernel solved it20:05
sdfanqSo this is the exact same problem I have:
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njsfIt is a pitty flasher-3.12 removed the -u option :/20:11
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DocScrutinizer05err wut?21:15
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DocScrutinizer05either ECHAN or me got a parity error in wetware main storage, but afaik flasher-3.12 never been meant for fremantle/N90022:54
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infobotDocScrutinizer05: aw, gee23:30
DocScrutinizer05quiet earth, eh?23:30
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