IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2012-04-13

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peterbjornxjeez i just got a kernel oops on my dev machine00:26
peterbjornxnever had that before00:26
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peterbjornx i think i did it01:07
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peterbjornxdoes anybody here have a maemo compatible kernel with fbcon and watchdog built-in?01:23
MohammadAGpeterbjornx: Think I have one on
DocScrutinizerdoesn't PK meet all those criteria?01:35
NIN101at least fbcon, iirc, is not built-in01:35
MohammadAGNot fbcon01:35
MohammadAGIt's omap1 so existing modules should work01:35
DocScrutinizererr wut?01:36
infobotwell, fbcon is a graphics driver built into the kernel that accesses the video cards memory directly in a linear io, framebuffered X is just a way of using that kernel's framebuffer for graphics instead of the application itself having to know how the card works.. executive summary: it's hardware abstraction of the video, or slow, slow, slow...01:36
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DocScrutinizerso, no bootmsgs on pk?01:37
NIN101only if you edit /sbin/preinit01:37
NIN101and add modprobe fbcon somewhere.01:37
DocScrutinizermhm, maybe my ancient kernel is a bit special in that regard01:37
DocScrutinizerLinux t900 #1 PREEMPT Sun Dec 12 03:11:24 EET 2010 armv7l unknown01:38
DocScrutinizeralways thought it does bootmsgs "OOTB"01:38
DocScrutinizernot that I'd boot this device frequently01:39
DocScrutinizerI actually did 13 days ago, with an uptime of >200 days iirc01:39
DocScrutinizerhaven't watched the bootprocess though01:40
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useris there any way to force the 3G connection to automatically reconnect after it has dropped?03:01
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usernot all applications seem to make it reconnect when it is configured to automatically connect in the settings03:02
userthis IRC client is an example03:03
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GeneralAntillesIf there's anything to truly recommend about it's the persistence and tenacity of its trolls.04:39
GeneralAntilles /Coucil election Talk thread.04:39
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FIQ|n900I don't like that if I ever fail with something that requires a reflash, my N900 is pretty much bricked due to a broken UsB port... i've considered installing uboot (I have a functional archlinux install on SD card), but the fact that uboot in itself can break things doesn't make me feel more calm :p04:42
infobotFIQ|n900 meant: I don't like that if I ever fail with something that requires a reflash, my N900 is pretty much bricked due to a broken USB port... i've considered installing uboot (I have a functional archlinux install on SD card), but the fact that uboot in itself can ...04:43
FIQ|n900does infobot really need to inform that..?04:43
jpinxFIQ|n900: there was someone here yesterday who was getting his usb-less n900 to boot off the sdcard04:48
FIQ|n900ok.. let's pretend that my kernel is completly destroyed making load of default maemo impossible - how to boot off sdcard?04:49
FIQ|n900I assume you need some bootloader for it (like uboot for example which I said above)04:49
jpinxhe was using uboot04:50
FIQ|n900yeah, that's my point04:50
FIQ|n900having a working uboot would be all fine, but that requires installing it.. and I would like having it for the power kernel, for which a package doing it for me is non-existent04:51
FIQ|n900if I'm not into downgrading to V46 instead of 4904:51
FIQ|n900and installing manually... what can not go wrong if I'm not that comfortable with how uboot works? :)04:52
FIQ|n900[03:51:33] <FIQ|n900> if I'm not into downgrading to V46 instead of 49 - there's a package named "uboot-power" in the repositories that does this, but it's for V4604:53
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DocScrutinizerFIQ: uBoot installes into one same partition together with default kernel. This means two things: you need to either get the proper combo-image with the default kernel you want, to flash to your "kernel" partition. or you build such package yourself. Or you configure uBoot with stock kernel so it boots alternative kernels from "elsewhere" and still uses the stock rootfs, e.g to get a powerkernel with maemo. ... and B) when you messed up06:24
DocScrutinizeryour kernel completely like you said, then odds are uBoot got nuked together with it06:24
DocScrutinizeranyway there's a theoretical way: the ROM Bootloader checks for - and loads - stage-1 BL called xloader. stage-1 tries to load stage-2 called NOLO (the 'real' bootloader) from NAND partition "boot"06:27
DocScrutinizerNOLO in turn loads kernel (and maybe uBoot) from partition "kernel"06:27
DocScrutinizerBUT: rom-bl stage-0 checks for xloader on several locations: USB, tty (under the battery), all mmc controllers (afaik all), so at very least uSD and probably also eMMC.06:30
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DocScrutinizeryou could - *theoretically* - place xloader on a uSD, and make that xloader so that it loads NOLO from uSD as well rather than from NAND. Now if you get a patched NOLO there as well, you could load kernel (and uBoot) from whatever you can teach NOLO to do06:31
DocScrutinizernobody ever tested that approach afaik06:33
DocScrutinizermaybe the serial alternatives for flasher are more like it, you can reach USB under battery, and there's the console tty also, on some other testpads06:34
DocScrutinizeryou "just" need to conect USB D+/- to the two separate testpads next to the battery contacts, and connect USB VBUS to the right testpad as well (maybe), and flashing should work06:35
DocScrutinizerNokia care has special testbed contraptions to flash device via "FBUS", that's probably the tty under the battery. This will also work with broken USB06:37
DocScrutinizerbut your best option would quite probably still be:06:38
infobot[usbfix] - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater)06:38
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jpinxYaY \o/ got the damn slider fixed at last09:31
jpinxit had been put together badly a long time ago and the plastic kbd surround had no gap for the metal hook on the slider, but all good now :)09:32
jpinxnow to re-flash...09:33
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domedanis there any good application to test the battery on a n900 with? to get information on how long the battery will last when under load / normal usage / active display etc12:21
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DocScrutinizerneeds I2Ctools12:27
qchnMy N900 is alive. Hurray!12:29
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domedanDocScrutinizer: thank you! btw. did you check the broken links to sflphone?12:33
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DocScrutinizersorry, nope12:38
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DocScrutinizersomehow I forgot about it12:39
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DocScrutinizerthere's also ShadowJK's which doesn't need bash, and has nice concise loopmode12:39
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DocScrutinizerthe downside: it's not as comprehensive and way less nifty ;-P12:41
domedanok, bash was about the first things I installed on my n900 :) gonna check that one out too12:41
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Evanescencewhat is the command for Maemo5 "Recorder" ? I want to execute it in terminal.13:23
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peterbjornxtry osso- and then <tab><tab> , see if its in the list13:24
peterbjornx*try osso<tab><tab>13:24
peterbjornxor maemo<tab><tab>13:24
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peterbjornxwhats up with Xorg in maemo13:29
peterbjornxit keeps segfaulting when run in a chroot13:29
peterbjornxdbus also throws out of memory13:30
peterbjornxwhile i got swap enable13:30
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DocScrutinizer51no idea13:30
peterbjornxno one has had any problems with using Xsgx on a alt. os?13:31
DocScrutinizer51I think you want to read in wiki about gfx accel etc13:33
DocScrutinizer51it's a bit weird, since it's done in a userland closed app afaik13:33
peterbjornxi got it running, and working but if any app tries to use and cpu/mem it segfaults13:34
DocScrutinizer51well, X also is userland. Nevertheless13:34
DocScrutinizer51I think it works flawlessly in e.g. easydebian13:35
DocScrutinizer51at least that's what I heard13:36
peterbjornxwhat i am doing is chrooting to maemo for X then exitting , switching to ezdebian13:36
peterbjornxwould ez debian work as a root fs? or is it missing crucial parts for standalone usage13:36
DocScrutinizer51err wut?13:37
peterbjornxwell, is it a full debian rootfs or is it just the end user shit + libraries13:37
DocScrutinizer51I dunno, never touched it13:38
DocScrutinizer51never felt like needing a debian chroot13:39
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ShadowJKThere's one value in eeprom still that I found useful to know from bq27200, I had code written but then nano crashed :(14:14
ShadowJKand I didn't bother rewriting14:14
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Sicelochecked tmo?15:40
Sicelolots of things could cause that.. and silly ones such as 'clogged' mic hole15:41
tadzikhello. I've seen that a number of people have had problems with dead microphones on their n900s; mine's not dead but people tend to complain that they barely hear me. Have you heard of such symptoms before?15:41
tadzikSicelo: tmo?15:41
infobot[tmo], or trolls, morons, oxes15:41
tadzikyeah, tmo has about 20 pages long discussion about a broken mic in units from UK15:42
tadzikmine's from UK too, but the mic is not completely broken15:42
Sicelowhat do you mean mic is broken?15:43
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tadzikbroken as in "not working at all", that's the decription I've found on tmo somewhere. Mine is working, but not perfectly15:45
tadzikI've now found some new discussions, will look through them15:45
SpeedEvilIn principle, you can replace the mic15:46
SpeedEvilin practice, it may be tricky15:46
SpeedEvilDoes sound recording - with say 'sound recorder' - work?15:46
tadzikI didn't check, I'll try after work15:47
SpeedEvilAlso - does the headset work15:49
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tadzikI'll check it out once I get back home and report here. Thanks for pointers15:58
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DocScrutinizerwhat did they do to those mics?16:27
DocScrutinizerxray to death?16:27
DocScrutinizersth I could imagine well in UK16:27
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DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: isn't the mic soldered to FPC?16:28
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udovdhI plan to to use my N810 again for a bit, mainly for running Navit16:41
udovdhmaybe for using wifi while on the road16:41
udovdhanybody has the latest on the state of maemo16:42
udovdhand caveats w.r.t. crosscompiling navit?16:42
udovdhI was able to do that 2 years ago or so16:42
udovdhhas anyhting changed, progressed, etc?16:42
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narcosHi there. I have an N900 that I'd like to ssh into over the USB cable (to my Mac). I plug the device in and select PC mode, and then on the phone do "ifconfig usb0 up netmask" and on the Mac "ifconfig en4 netmask". All is well and I can connect between the two. However, when I unplug the cable (to move my laptop or something) I cannot re-establish the connection.16:53
narcosI take the network interface down on both phone and laptop, and bring them back p16:53
narcosBut there's no connectivity.16:53
narcosIf I reboot the laptop it works  - but that's a pain16:53
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udovdhnarcos, routing is OK?16:56
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DocScrutinizerudovdh: check your supl setting for N810, there's a thread on tmo about it17:34
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ampharosOh sonnabitch. You N900 users get 4.0 ported and active while we N800 users are stuck on a dead half-assed Android 1.6 - and no one makes anything for the OS2008 either :(17:55
tadzikcan the android phone make phone calls?17:55
infobottadzik meant: can the android port make phone calls?17:55
tadzikooh, infobot++17:55
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ampharosAlways N900, never N80017:56
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DocScrutinizerampharos: please go wining at #android or wherever18:12
DocScrutinizerthis is #maemo18:12
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gulycan't believe someone blame who buy good devices while she bought worse one18:14
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tadzikSpeedEvil: okay, back home. I don't know how loud is recorder supposed to be, but I can hear myself just fine, without having to hold the phone near my ear or anything19:05
tadziktrying the "headset" now19:05
*** uen| has joined #maemo19:06
tadzikokay, recording is by all means fine. Unless it's due to the fact that I'm charging my phone right now19:07
*** guampa has joined #maemo19:07
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tadzikI've now phoned a friend twice, and it seems to be that the phone "warms up". After about 10-15 seconds he hears me well, before I'm barely hearable19:15
tadzikhas anyone heard of such an issue?19:15
*** piggz has joined #maemo19:21
jpinxtadzik: tried other networks?19:22
tadzikjpinx: tried both 2G and 3G if that's what you mean. I didn't try another provider, no19:23
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:23
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:24
jpinxtadzik: I meant provider ;)19:25
* jpinx gets very different "effects" from diferent providers in the same location sometimes19:26
tadzikhuh, how often do you switch the provider? :)19:28
jpinxlots ;)19:28
jpinxpita having to reset the date when I change SIM19:29
tadzikheh, even Nokia 3210 had this :)19:30
jpinxand the chinese never bothered to try to make a twin SIM N900 --  only a twin SIM iPhone ;)19:30
*** esaym153 has quit IRC19:30
tadzikI guess I'll start a thread on tmo19:30
SpeedEvilI'm sure I saw...19:30
jpinxtadzik: yes - the N900 is a bit retarded in some ways19:30
jpinxSpeedEvil: what did you see - date/time retention or a 2xSIM  N900 ?19:31
*** mardi has joined #maemo19:32
tadzikjpinx: what do you mean?19:32
jpinxSpeedEvil: Item is temporarily sold out. :(19:33
Vib3it was so popular19:34
jpinxSpeedEvil: Operating System: Proprietary - wtf does *that* mean ? ;)19:35
DocScrutinizerwtf is NOKLA?19:35
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: I dunno, but I just checked, and its stock price is higher than Nokia.19:36
* jpinx will check the markets to see if it actually exists19:38
*** florian has quit IRC19:39
Vib3it tries to be copy device19:39
Vib3dx copy devices are shit quality..19:39
jpinxdoesn't look anything like an N900 - small screen and buttons on the front19:40
*** Radium has joined #maemo19:40
SpeedEvil(I assume it doesn't exist - that was merely a comment on nokias price)19:40
Vib3that MINI text is also terrible..19:40
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo19:40
Vib3why to put a text like that in there..19:41
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC19:41
*** Timmy has quit IRC19:41
tadzikthread opened: Feedback would be much appreciated19:42
SpeedEvilDX has wacky stuff19:43
SpeedEvil1850mAh battery - and an atom.19:44
jpinxtadzik: eliminate any network or providers hiccups ;)19:44
Vib3so n900 can't support multisim?19:45
SpeedEvilVib3: No.19:45
*** piggz has quit IRC19:46
jpinxVib3: we were talking about that the other day and it would be a lot of work to un-hack that19:46
* jpinx totally mis-read that19:47
jpinxbrainfart :/19:48
Vib3by simple just select which sim to use19:48
Vib3sounds simple ;p19:48
Vib3but I can believe that it isn't19:48
jpinxVib3: afaik the OS needs to reboot on changing the sim19:49
Vib3linux needs never to be booted :p19:49
Vib3sometimes with kernel updates ofcourse19:50
tadzikyou could use kexec for those19:50
Vib3just saying not with debian19:50
Vib3ohh kexec is for all linuxes, mmm19:51
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ShadowJKHeh, there's more ads on tv for Nokia tyres than Nokia phones :)22:21
ShadowJKPeople (kayakers?) sitting on cliffs by a river, in summer, when suddenly a lunatic on a snowmobile drives out of the woods, and aquaplanes onto the river then turns around halfway across river and goes back into the woods.22:24
SpeedEvilSnowmobiling on water looks like fun.22:24
ShadowJKIf it goes wrong you lose an expensive vehicle :)22:25
SpeedEvilAlso - turning?22:25
ShadowJKthere are some waves, I think he's using those to assist turning22:29
*** msanchez has joined #maemo22:29
ShadowJKthe belt does have some traction, thought not alot22:30
SpeedEvilyeah - not much 'keel' thogh22:31
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RST38hlooks like the "analysts" started smelling blood in the water22:35
RST38hmore and more pieces on Nokia's imminent smartphone market failure22:36
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peterbjornxhello again23:12
peterbjornxso i decided to use a real maemo kernel instead ofa generic one for my project, but uboot wont boot it23:13
peterbjornxi used mkimage, it goes on to load it, start it but then it just lets the wd time out23:13
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