IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2012-03-02

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LaoLang_coolhello, I need help with email app, modest -s says "Bus error", what's wrong?01:45
jacekowskibus error ussualy means something went seriously wrong with memory01:58
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LaoLang_cooljacekowski: memory? So it could be a hardware error?02:01
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SpacedOutLaoLang_cool: I believe bus error used to mean you did a non-aligned load, like loading an int from an address that isn't a multiple of the address of an int.  Doesn't matter though, if that's the only program crashing, it's probably just that program.02:35
SpacedOutI have some rather extensive patches for adding idle mode support to be notified almost immediately when you get e-mail, but it brings its own issues.  Like it will act as if it received two messages instead of one.02:36
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: but I want to have a try with maemo's email02:36
SpacedOutI don't get your statement, what do you mean by have a try?02:37
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: and also setting -> My Nokia also leads settings closed...02:37
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I mean I want to use built-in email application02:37
LaoLang_coolsorry for my poor English :(02:38
SpacedOutDoes modest crash as soon as you start it?02:38
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SpacedOutOr just once and a while?02:39
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: yes, immediately02:39
LaoLang_coolevery time02:39
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LaoLang_coolrun modest -s, then it says Bus error02:40
SpacedOutIt's Linux, so it usually isn't the answer, but have you rebooted?  When did it start happening?02:40
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I've tried it again and again, even after reflashing a new official rom..02:40
SpacedOutRoot or emmc?02:41
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LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: both of them..02:41
SpacedOutIs this a used phone, did it come not able to run?02:43
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: sorry, I don't understand your question.. it's a working cell phone, I use it every day02:44
SpacedOutDid you buy it new, was modest able to run then?02:44
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LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: it's a second-hand, but email running well when I get it, I can't remember when it can't run though :(02:45
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SpacedOutI would have thought that flashing the both the emmc and rootfs would have undone anything in software that could be wrong because there shouldn't be anything left.  After you flashed it, were any of your old settings or anything still around?02:47
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LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: no, after reflashing, everything old has gone02:48
SpacedOutI've seen it misbehave if the local cache (config data) was corrupt in a way it didn't expect, but a reflash should have taken care of that.02:48
LaoLang_coolit acts like a new phone02:48
SpacedOutIf you go in software updates does it show any available?02:50
LaoLang_coolThe file I use is: RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin and RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin02:50
LaoLang_coolThey are both from the offical site of nokia02:50
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: yes02:50
LaoLang_coolIt shows 2010.38 update is available02:50
LaoLang_coolupdate commands is:  flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin -f and flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin -f -R02:51
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LaoLang_coolMaybe I should try some other rom?02:51
doleLaoLang_cool: no, it should work with the files you listed02:52
SpacedOutInstall the update and see where that gets you.02:53
LaoLang_cooldole: so weired... email will be closed even a new reflashing02:53
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I've installed it already..02:53
doleI haven't really followed your problem, but if you flashed your phone with both this files correctly there shouldn't be any settings or data left02:53
LaoLang_coolI'm confused02:53
SpacedOutDo you have the extras repository enabled, I would install strace and see what files it is accessing before it crashed.  Maybe it doesn't like some config file.02:54
LaoLang_cooldole: yes, no any settings left02:54
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: no, it's not enabled02:55
doleLaoLang_cool: Have you tried to flash the rootfs first, then emmc and then rootfs again?02:55
LaoLang_cooldole: no, I always emmc then rootfs02:55
dolewell, I don't think it should make any difference but it is worth a try I guess02:55
doleis it your email-client that crashes?02:56
dole(the built-in email-client)02:57
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LaoLang_cooldole: yes, modest -s02:57
doledo you install something before you setup your email-account?02:57
LaoLang_coolif I run it by clicking icon, it will say internal error, application "email" closed02:57
LaoLang_cooldole: no02:58
dolethats odd02:58
LaoLang_coolI've tried run it after a reflashing02:58
LaoLang_coolno any operations except rebooting02:58
doleI don't think you will be able to flash your phone with broken files, but you can try to download them again02:58
LaoLang_coolno any contacts, conversations left, so I believe old data has all gone02:58
doleand flash again02:59
LaoLang_cooldole: ok, I will try02:59
doleyeah, if you flashed your phone as you described everything should be gone02:59
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LaoLang_cooldole: thanks, I will have a try to re-download the roms03:00
doledo that03:01
SpacedOutLaoLang_cool: before you reflash, go in and `rm -rf /home/user/.modest`03:01
LaoLang_coolRX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin and RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin is ok?03:01
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I've tried that also..03:01
SpacedOutDo you have a micro-SD card in?03:01
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I've tried with removing it too03:02
doledo you have a n900 from US?03:02
LaoLang_cooldole: I don't know, my imei is 35693803145850903:02
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doleyou may have the wrong file03:03
dolewhere did you bought the phone?03:03
LaoLang_cooldole: it's a second-hand, I can't know the details of it now...03:03
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SpacedOutThe usb flasher can give some information about the device, but I don't know if that will list what country it was designed for.03:04
doleit's worth a try03:04
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: it will list the rom I'm using I remember and the file I try to reflashing, no the real data, but I will try again03:04
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LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: how to run flasher to show the info without reflashing?03:06
doleI'm not sure what damage it can do if you flash your phone with the wrong flash, is it possible to break the baseband? Or why do Nokia use specific files for specific locations?03:07
SpacedOutflasher --read-device-id03:08
doleI wouldn'f flash my phone before I know where it comes from03:08
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SpeedEvildole: Nokia may use specific variations to comply with local regulatory requirements.03:09
SpeedEvildole: For example, everywhere outside Ghana the 3d holographic display is disabled.03:09
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dolemaybe that's why03:10
dolebut what if it isn't?03:10
SpacedOutSpeedEvil: Do they also include a terrabyte of ram to support that display, sweet.03:11
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LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I've tried, it gives rom's version, no info about the product location :(03:12
doleDocScrutinizer may know something about this03:14
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LaoLang_cooldole: Thanks, I will wait for DocScrutinizer or DocScrutinizer51 :)03:15
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SpacedOutIn the mean time try using strace/gdb to see if you can learn anything, and possibly the newer modest from the extras version 3.90.7-1103:16
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I can't know the version I'm using, modest -v will lead to bus error too03:18
SpacedOutdpkg -l modest03:18
LaoLang_coolMy maemo is the testing cssu version03:18
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: 3.90.7-1103:18
doleLaoLang_cool: do you have the box for your n900?03:18
LaoLang_coolit's the latest03:18
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LaoLang_cooldole: yes, but not at present..03:19
SpacedOutI'm running testing cssu as well.03:19
LaoLang_coolbut I don't know if it's the one with my N90003:19
doleLaoLang_cool: that's easy to check. The IMEI is written on both the box and your phone03:19
dolemine N900 is from Sweden03:20
LaoLang_coolSpacedOut: I've tried: 1. run modest with a new reflashing of offical rom, 2. run modest with  a new reflashing and updating to offical update03:20
doleSo the text on the box is in swedish03:20
doleI guess that's a way to find out where your phone is from03:20
dolejust hope it isn't written in english :p03:20
LaoLang_cooldole: it's written in English...03:21
LaoLang_coolit says it'd mode in Korea03:21
LaoLang_coolit's made03:22
dolesame here03:22
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LaoLang_cooldole: I've found some info from internet: 0593611: RX-51 UK CV03:29
LaoLang_coolmaybe it's a location is UK03:30
LaoLang_coolso I will try with UK version03:30
doleare you sure?03:30
dolewhere did you found that info?03:31
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LaoLang_cooldole: it's a chinese website:
doleit sure looks like UK then03:32
LaoLang_cooldownloading is slow here... I will try after that03:32
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doleyeah, I have to sleep though (it's 02:34 here)03:35
dolehow did you get "0593611" from your phone?03:35
dolefound it03:36
LaoLang_cooldole: it's behind the battery :)03:37
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LaoLang_cooldole: thank you, and have a good night!03:37
doleGood night! And good luck LaoLang_cool :)03:37
LaoLang_cooldole: good luck for you too :)03:38
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shamushow dose one go about adding the en_DK local to an n800? was im sick and tired of not having a 24hour clock and fi_FI and de_DE both mess with the days of the week04:46
shamusoh and is anyone else having the issue of a lot of the repositories failign to refresh?04:47
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shamusalso what ever became of the fremetalthing the mer thingy for the n8xx?05:08
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DocScrutinizeryay, friday08:21
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LaoLang_coolSpacedOut, dole: after reflashing a right rom, email can start now!08:43
LaoLang_coolI can't believe it's relative to a wrong version of rom...08:43
LaoLang_coolThank you all!08:44
LaoLang_coolThank you SpacedOut jacekowski dole SpeedEvil08:44
LaoLang_cooland others I can't remember...08:45
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Sicelohuh? that's even more weird - what does country have to do with email?09:02
LaoLang_coolSicelo: I get confused too09:04
LaoLang_coolBut after I change from USA version to UK version, everything goes right..09:04
Sicelomost possibly your initial images weren't downloading correctly09:04
Sicelowhy aren't you using global, btw?09:05
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LaoLang_coolSicelo: I don't know the difference, but I just try to use the one corresponding to my n900...09:08
Sicelook. :)09:09
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DocScrutinizernice effect. much guessing and voodoo resulting in finally something works, leads to even more voodoo legends spreading as the true remedy09:13
Sicelo03:09 < SpeedEvil> dole: For example, everywhere outside Ghana the 3d holographic display is disabled.    <<<<< what's this 3d holographic display?09:14
DocScrutinizeryou haven't seen it yet? you probably should plan to visit Ghana during your next holidays09:14
Sicelodamn! i'm an africa but you seem to know it better than I09:16
Siceloanyone has a link for this? [looks like my google keywords aren't good enough]09:18
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doleLaoLang_cool: hi09:50
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LaoLang_cooldole: hi, I've solved the issue!09:53
LaoLang_coolAfter trying the rom for UK09:53
LaoLang_cooldole: thank you for help!09:53
doleI'm glad :)09:53
LaoLang_cooldole: morning, you have too few sleep...09:53
doleyeah, woke up 3h ago :/09:54
LaoLang_coolwow, take care...09:56
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gormuxhi all10:19
gormuxanyone using a wiimote to play games on the N900 ?10:19
gormuxespecially with the classic controller ?10:19
DocScrutinizer51using 'rom' (actually fiasco image) for UK isn't 'solving the issue'10:20
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LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer51: but at least I can run email now...10:24
LaoLang_coolAnd I can run settings -> My Nokia too :)10:24
LaoLang_coolBut maybe I used a crupted fiasco image too, anyhow, it works now :)10:25
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gormuxhum, seems down again11:49
gormuxis it frequent ? I have my N900 since saturday, and it's frequently down since :)11:50
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x29agormux: na, usually works but does have some hickups12:00
x29amaybe, google cache works for you meanwhile?12:00
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gormuxx29a: yeah sure, I was just wondering12:13
LaoLang_coolIt would be better if rotation of screen can be 360 degree12:17
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gulyi need once a month, when it's down12:25
magic_docthat is really annoying since it was down yesterday too.12:26
magic_docalready sent an Email to the servers owner but not reply :(12:26
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* gormux still trying to get NITDroid working12:29
*** Muelli has quit IRC12:29
Sicelowhy don't you just buy a cheap android?12:30
infobotnitdroid is, like, Nokia Internet Tablets with android OS. Support on nitdroid is provided in the channel #nitdroid and #nitdroid-help and Nokia does not officially support owners with android OS on their tablets. For more information read here: If you have bricked your N900 device and have installed nitdroid, flash with both eMMC and fiasco.12:30
gormuxSicelo: it's just for fun :)12:30
Siceloi have a lot more fun with debian ;)12:31
gormuxI don't want to use it on a daily basis, but still i'd like to try it, maybe reboot sometimes to play android games...12:31
gormuxI had an android phone, and just exchanged it for a n900 :p12:32
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gormuxI made some scripts and all, and got very cool functions already. Maemo is really better for a user like me :)12:33
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StyXmanSicelo: are you in the maemo-over-debian development?12:34
*** gn00b has quit IRC12:34
Sicelonop. i'm not a dev at all, but i closely follow and similar projects12:35
ruskieConfusingly, not all apps appear in the chunky Start screen by default. You need to swipe up and tap "All apps" for the full set, <-- I wonder where microsoft got that idea ;)12:36
psycho_oreosmicrosoft mobile world's offsprings will bear nokia genes (amongst others)12:38
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LaoLang_coolHow to see a time length of a call?13:20
LaoLang_coolSeems I just can see the date time of a call in phone application13:22
*** Hurrian has joined #maemo13:22
Hurrianhmm, too is down again13:23
LaoLang_coolhow to see the duration of a phone call?13:23
merlin1991LaoLang_cool: not saved for some reason13:24
LaoLang_coolI think this time I express myself much more precise :)13:24
merlin1991there is a fix somehwere on tmo13:24
*** valerius has quit IRC13:24
LaoLang_coolmerlin1991: oh, it's sad that tmo is down :(13:24
*** koo4 has joined #maemo13:28
*** k1o has joined #maemo13:28
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HurrianWhat's happening to TMO?13:29
HurrianI haven't heard of any scheduled maintenance13:29
*** valerius has joined #maemo13:31
merlin1991Hurrian: tmo has regular unscheduled downtimes13:33
Hurrianonly recently, though13:33
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raandoomTMO is up14:11
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pigeonah... fun...14:43
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pigeongot a vst loaded \o/14:43
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LaoLang_coolmerlin1991: I think phone call duration should be added in cssu version :)15:27
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fredichanI have just come to wonder. Has anyone have tried to get Android on to the Nokia N900? From my experience, first thing that comes to mind, architecture, then, licensing, but I think Android is freely licensed? Then I come to think, has anyone tried and where have they stumbled upon a problem?17:31
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC17:35
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psycho_oreosthere's a channel for android on N900, its called nitdroid and there's a channel for that specifically17:37
*** npm has quit IRC17:41
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Pali~seen jonwil18:46
infobotjonwil <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 31d 5h 12m 47s ago, saying: 'anyone here know anything about QT programming on the N900?'.18:46
*** gn00b has joined #maemo18:47
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Palihi jonwil19:17
*** gn00b has quit IRC19:18
jonwilI saw your message19:20
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:22
*** arno0ob has quit IRC19:24
jonwilI think what the community wants is the complete browser UI source code, i.e. tablet-browser-ui, tablet-browser-controls, tablet-browser-dialogs, tablet-browser-view & tablet-browser-widgets at a minimum (there may be more that is part of the browser UI though)19:26
*** thomasjfox has joined #maemo19:27
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*** ale152 has joined #maemo19:28
Paliyes, we need code which handle MCE orientation signals and delete this code19:34
*** gn00b has joined #maemo19:34
Palijonwil, write mail for opening that packages too19:35
jonwilI have no idea how to go about writing these emails19:35
jonwilhence why I said in my post that we need someone else who knows what to say and how to ask in the right way to write the emails19:36
*** ferdna has joined #maemo19:36
*** bbee has quit IRC19:36
Palijonwil, write what you written to TMO thread19:37
*** penguinbait has quit IRC19:39
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*** ale152 has joined #maemo19:42
*** jkyro has joined #maemo19:45
*** bbee has joined #maemo19:45
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jonwilI would rather someone else write the emails for all sorts of reasons I cant go into :P19:49
*** ale152 has joined #maemo19:49
*** beford has joined #maemo19:51
*** till- has quit IRC19:51
jonwilAs for MCE, I actually have email conversation in the past with MCE guy where he said that he would like to have opened Fremantle MCE but that he was unable to convince the higher-ups to let it happen19:51
*** till- has joined #maemo19:52
Palijonwil, for MCE: try to write some that diablo MCE was published and harmattan too...19:53
jonwildont think the MCE guy works at Nokia anymore from what I remember19:53
Palimaybe harmattan MCE devs yes19:54
jonwilwell in any case I cant send these emails, it would be good if someone else sent them so we can see if its possible to get these pieces of much-needed code19:55
Paliwhy you cannot send emails?19:55
Paliyou have broken email client? :-)19:56
*** sq-one has quit IRC19:56
*** ferdna has quit IRC19:56
*** random has quit IRC19:56
jonwilI have issues I cant go into that prevent me from sending these specific sorts of emails19:57
Palijust write what you are writing here on IRC... what do you think that other people doing?19:57
jonwilits not related to the content of the emails, its something else I Cant go into19:59
jonwiljust trust me, someone else will have to do communication with nokia guys because I cant do it right now19:59
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC19:59
Palijonwil, try!20:00
jonwilI cant20:00
jonwilIf I could, I would20:00
jonwilbut I cant20:00
SiceloPali: he means it :)20:00
Palijonwil, why do you think that you cannot communicate with people?20:01
Palivia mail client?20:01
jonwilI cant explain20:01
jonwilNothing is wrong with my email, its something I cant talk about20:01
Palilanguage problem?20:01
jonwilno, its not that20:02
jonwilits something I cant and wont go into20:02
SiceloPali: would it be possible for you to do it?20:02
Palialready done20:02
*** ale152 has quit IRC20:02
* Sicelo would offer to, but i am not a dev20:02
*** ale152 has joined #maemo20:03
Palibut I think that if more people write to nokia, then we can bigger chance...20:03
jonwilso pali you asked for what exactly?20:03
*** chenca has quit IRC20:03
Palilast? opening browser ui code20:03
jonwilhave you asked anyone for MCE code?20:06
Paliyes, but fremantle maintainer is not in nokia20:07
Paliso no answer20:07
*** Free-MG has joined #maemo20:07
Palimaybe asking harmattan maintainer...20:07
Palijonwil, anyway are you playing with clone of systemui?20:08
jonwilI was at one point playing with bits of it, why?20:08
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo20:09
jonwillock screen specifically20:09
jonwili.e. slide-to-unlock20:09
*** PeterWolf has quit IRC20:09
*** flo_lap is now known as florian20:11
*** ale152 has quit IRC20:17
Palijonwil, how hard is to write systemui daemon?20:17
jonwilpali, what did you want to know about systemui?20:17
*** ale152 has joined #maemo20:17
jonwilI dont know, I didnt get much into the daemon itself20:18
Palido you know what all is systemui daemon doing?20:18
jonwiljust the tklock plugin20:18
Palido you know systemui plugin interface?20:18
jonwilbits and pieces of it20:18
jonwilThats basically what I have20:19
jonwilwhy do you want this info?20:19
Palisystemui is one of (2?) closed system daemons, which I'd like to see open and change somestuff20:20
jonwilwhats the other one>20:20
jonwilme, I would love the source code to icd and its plugins myself20:21
Palisystemui is handling battery low, alarm gui, power button, ...20:21
Paliicd is shit, which can be replaced by /etc/network/interfaces + wpa_supplicant + ofono...20:21
Palior by compex connman or network-manager20:22
jonwilreplacing icd is not as easy as you think, lots of bits of the system talk directly to icd and its plugins20:23
jonwilover undocumented dbus interfaces20:24
jonwiloh and if replacing csd with ofono was possible, I would have done it by now20:24
jonwilor at least tried20:24
jonwilbut its not20:24
Paliyou need to update dbus20:25
Palisee what is in meego/nemo/nitdroid - here is ofono working...20:25
Palicsd stack is really complicate and RE is even even hard that other maemo stuff20:26
jonwilYou cant replace csd with ofono unless you replace important system software like dialer, contacts, messaging and who knows what else (and if you are going to do that, you might as well move to MeeGo/Nemo/whatever they are calling it this week)20:26
jonwilToo many parts of the system rely on undocumented interfaces exposed by the cellular services daemon and its plugins20:27
Palijonwil, dialer, messaging and contacts using telepathy only20:28
Paliand for ofono exists compatible telepathy manager20:28
Palinew ofono version is open20:28
Paliand old (closed) is in maemo520:29
jonwiltrust me, I did the research and the grepping-the-entire-n900-filesystem and I can say that key components most definatly talk directly to the cellular services daemon20:29
Paliso then any icd/newtwork stuff is hard to replace20:30
Palithis commit of MCE is interesting
Paligit-svn-id: db81c003-b5ea-0310-aa99-ed7f6e1db73920:30
jonwilyeah it is interesting :)20:30
Paliwhat is that ?20:30
*** ale152 has quit IRC20:31
jonwilseems to be place for secret stuff to be done20:31
jonwiltrying to visit URLs on it asks for username and password20:31
*** ale152 has joined #maemo20:31
jonwiland that includes a link I found once to some browser code on that domain20:32
Sicelo~seen luke-jr20:32
infobotluke-jr is currently on #maemo #harmattan, last said: 'isn't that a downgrade?'.20:32
jonwiland also to a git repo on that server for Harmattan cellular-qt that I found a link to somewhere20:33
jonwilTo replace ICD we would need to:1.Find a replacement that works 2.Make it talk to csd-gprs for cellular data (not as hard as you would think because we have documentation on the dbus calls exposed by csd-grps) 3.Write replacements for the connectivity UI widgets that talk to ICD 4.Identify anything talking to ICD that we cant rewrite and somehow make our ICD replacement expose what they need20:34
jonwili.e. its theoretically possible but its a LOT of work20:35
Palijonwil, but why?20:35
jonwilbut why what?20:35
luke-jrSicelo: ?20:35
PaliI did not see any bugs in icd (except that icd is shit)20:36
jonwilmyself, I am not so interested in ICD as I am in its plugins20:36
jonwilspecifically icd-gprs and icd-wlan20:36
jonwilfor various projects I keep meaning to mess with20:36
jonwilincluding some sort of priority for wlan networks20:36
luke-jrjonwil: fwiw, Gentoo/N900 has network init scripts for GPRS :p20:36
*** gn00b has quit IRC20:37
Siceloluke-jr:  current conversation here reminded me of your gentoo efforts. how is it going?20:37
luke-jrSicelo: no progress for 2 months20:37
Siceloah :)20:37
jonwilplease tell me you are not actually compiling things on the phone... :P20:37
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:38
Palijonwil, I compiled kernel on my n900 :D20:38
Pali6 hours20:38
Sicelopoor ARM820:38
*** npm_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** npm has quit IRC20:38
*** hardaker has joined #maemo20:39
Siceloluke-jr: can you share your init scripts for gprs?20:39
luke-jrSicelo: they're in the N900 Gentoo overlay20:39
luke-jrjonwil: I have distcc setup20:39
Palijonwil, maybe instead icd/... you can try gentoo scripts ^^^20:40
Palirealy icd is shit20:40
jonwilPali, have you considered mail to systemui people asking for systemui?20:40
Palijonwil, no (yet)20:40
Palibut I can try to send20:40
jonwilyou should...20:40
luke-jrfwiw, over $15k stolen in Linode compromise20:41
*** jonne|reconnecte has joined #maemo20:41
jonwilyeah I know ICD is shit but to replace bits with something else AND make things not break is more trouble than its worth. Hence my plans-for-the-future to clone the wlan plugin or failing that, write my own plugin that sits between ICD and the nokia one20:42
Palijonwil, I wrote mail for calendar-ui source I got responce that sources are on: git clone
Palibut code only for private access20:42
Palithat I need PMO account20:43
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:43
jonwildid they actually say its private access or did you find that out when you tried to access the url?20:43
jonwilI bet is for all the closed source bits of maemo to allow all the Nokia and outside people to access a central location.20:43
PaliI wrote that I cannot access that code and they wrote me that I need PMO account for access20:44
*** jonne has quit IRC20:45
Palijonwil, I'd like to replace buildin Addressbook application (+add better merging,...), but main library libosso-abook is closed too :-(20:46
*** ale152 has quit IRC20:47
*** gn00b has joined #maemo20:48
*** ale152 has joined #maemo20:49
jonwiltop of my wishlist for n900 stuff would be connui-common, connui-cellular, icd wlan plugin and the closed bits of the input system (virtual keyboard etc).20:53
jonwilAnd PowerVR but that will never happen :P20:53
jonwilholy crap, its nearly 3am here :P20:53
jonwilbetter go get something vaguely resembling sleep20:55
SpeedEvilList seems readonable20:56
jonwilpali, do be sure to let me (or the community) know if you actually manage to pry any more source loose from Nokia :)20:56
*** Free-MG has quit IRC20:57
*** jonwil has quit IRC20:57
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Sicelojust been reading about the security issues affecting iOS and Android recently.. got me wondering: how vulnerable has Maemo5/N900 been to this kind of thing?21:24
*** BCMM has joined #maemo21:24
NIN101what exact issues do you mean? :-)21:25
Sicelosomething like this for example:
Siceloor any other 'security' issue with maemo21:28
*** xim_ has joined #maemo21:30
NIN101i assume that most people who have rootsh installed can be owned easily, because most of them for example didn't set a password for root.21:31
NIN101and yes, on maemo you can also "secretly access photos".21:32
*** blueslee has quit IRC21:32
NIN101or you can set the owner of the photos to another user than "user", but don't ask me how to view them in the photo-viewer.21:33
Sicelohmm ;P21:33
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RST38hBack to PL?21:49
KotCzarnywhat is the status of wifi driver in 770/n8x0/n900 ? ie. can it do master mode?21:49
KotCzarnyrst38h: yeah, though shells are all over the globe21:49
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jacekowskiKotCzarny: n900 can do even monitor mode22:04
KotCzarnygreat, anything special required or it can do it with stock apps/config ?22:04
jacekowskimodified kernel22:05
KotCzarnypower-kernel or something else?22:05
jacekowskistock driver can only do STA, AP, adhoc22:06
jacekowskiKotCzarny: something ele22:06
jacekowskiKotCzarny: iirc if you google for packet injection n900 you should find it22:06
KotCzarnymaster mode is fine, does it work with wpa_supplicant too?22:06
jacekowskistock driver can only do sta and adhoc*22:07
DocScrutinizerannounced for PK5022:07
DocScrutinizerask Pali22:07
jacekowskiwhy do you need AP mode?22:07
KotCzarnyjacekowski: do you have a link for howto?22:07
jacekowskinot really22:07
jacekowskiit was on tmo22:07
KotCzarnyjacekowski: friend of mine asked if any of 770/n8x0/n900 can do ap mode22:08
*** Vanadis has quit IRC22:08
*** Vanadis__ has joined #maemo22:08
DocScrutinizerstae of the art is fake AP via adhoc22:08
KotCzarnyDocScrutinizer: bummer :/22:08
Palionly adhoc and sta mode is working with wl125122:08
DocScrutinizerstill no AP at all AFAIK22:08
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: i've seen something on interwebs about faking AP mode with monitor mode22:09
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: and packet injection22:09
Paliwl1251 FW does not support AP mode (but HW support it)22:09
jacekowskidoing it purely in software22:09
jacekowskion ipw3945 or something like that22:09
KotCzarnyatheros driver does it with hostapd22:09
jacekowskihostapd is just managing it22:10
KotCzarnyie, creating monitoring interface along the regular one22:10
Paliif somebody fix that closed FW then it will be possible :P22:10
jacekowskiall AP stuff is done in driver itself22:10
* DocScrutinizer has to run, fix some friend's TV setup (DVB-S) and fax a NDA22:10
jacekowskionce interface is configured, you can kill hostapd and it will continue to work ( unless you are doing wpa/wep )22:10
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KotCzarnyanyway, thanks and see you later :) oh, and i shall remind you that osc is still one of the best eye candies i wrote :)22:18
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