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netadminhello all04:18
netadminI using N900 and I install Joiku software.04:18
netadminbut Joiku not shared 3G internet my laptop04:19
netadminnot assign ip adresses my laptop04:19
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Muzaqanyone use gpsp at a usable speed? im having difficulties04:37
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[DarkGUNMAN]morning all08:44
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[DarkGUNMAN]quick question if anyone is up at this god forsaken hour..08:45
[DarkGUNMAN]is there a way to edit/ deduct from the gprs counter?08:46
[DarkGUNMAN]I need to keep accurate information while I ping vodafone's network as a 3.5G keep alive, and take it out of my data counter08:47
[DarkGUNMAN]it seems they do not register 300byte ping packets as transferred data08:47
[DarkGUNMAN]so i need to take it out of the data counter on each ping08:48
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DocScrutinizermorning [DarkGUNMAN]08:55
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[DarkGUNMAN]hello DocScrutinizer08:56
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[DarkGUNMAN]any ideas on how to edit the gprs counter values?08:56
DocScrutinizer[DarkGUNMAN]: IIRC the counters are stored in gconf keys08:56
DocScrutinizergconftool -R /|less08:57
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DocScrutinizerthen search for maybe first 4 digits of your counter, or any good "buzzword"08:57
DocScrutinizeror do gconftool -R / >before.txt. Then make counter increase some kb, then >after.txt. Then diff before.txt after.txt08:58
[DarkGUNMAN]gconftool -R /|less. Thank you I will give it a try in my keep alive script.08:58
[DarkGUNMAN]thank you very much08:59
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[DarkGUNMAN]it's needed. vodafone are crap once the data connection is dropped. need to force it open to have a relable service09:00
DocScrutinizeryou know that will cut thru your battery in no time - esp on 3G. Also the data connection should stay up unless you got some autodisconnect tool installed09:01
[DarkGUNMAN]it does eat the battery, but it is only for short periods09:02
DocScrutinizerand for all *I* know they don't miss 300byte pkgs, rather they round up to 10kb chunks for each minute that had any data transmission09:03
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[DarkGUNMAN]if you load a page it can take up to a minute before you get 3.5g again and load the page09:03
DocScrutinizerso it drops to 3G meanwhile?09:03
DocScrutinizerthat's 'normal'09:03
[DarkGUNMAN]i checked the data counter against the record on my usage page. big difference09:03
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DocScrutinizerit's however not normal if it's completely losing connectivity (the weird circular icon in system status)09:04
DocScrutinizeryeah, usually big difference, but never the local counter is higher than theirs09:05
[DarkGUNMAN]sits in 3g while idling. the mast gives the best speed and will only talk if 3.5 is negotiated. happens when in the city near an overcrowded tower09:05
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[DarkGUNMAN]local counter is higher since i ping a source that does not reply09:05
DocScrutinizer3.5G indicator only is based on TX/RX dataspeed (basicaly), that'S why there's no way to tell it's 3.5G while no data being transmitted09:06
DocScrutinizerso 3.5G "dropping" to 3G on short periods of idle is absolutely normal and doesn't really mean a thing09:07
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DocScrutinizerand yes, the additional slots assigned to you for HSPA speed aka 3.5G are allocated/granted based on availability09:08
[DarkGUNMAN]when busy the availability isn't there, so it has a long delay or requires at least one retry09:09
DocScrutinizerso on a crowded BTS / nodeB you frequently see 3.5G not working and only 3G speed possible, though both MT and BTS could do HSPA09:09
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DocScrutinizeryou tried 2G?09:10
[DarkGUNMAN]vodafone themselves said there is a problem and suggested switching to 2G09:10
DocScrutinizerit's WAAAY better in that regard09:10
DocScrutinizeractually a proper 2G/3G switcher daemon would be a mad useful thing. I'm not up to date if there's already sth available09:12
DocScrutinizernot useful for you actually, with that recent 3.5G problem09:12
DocScrutinizerbut I ought to finally do the fancy and check what's available09:13
DocScrutinizerautoswitch to 3G whenever I open browser, maybe09:13
DocScrutinizeras for everything else I prefer 2G a lot09:13
DocScrutinizerbatery life * 809:13
DocScrutinizershorter latency (though not that terrible on 3G as yours, here)09:14
[DarkGUNMAN]i tend to switch to 2G for most of the day09:16
[DarkGUNMAN]but when i need to do online banking or something like that i need 3G09:16
[DarkGUNMAN]so i have to 'keep the door wedged open'09:16
[DarkGUNMAN]or get lots of page cant be displayed messages09:17
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DocScrutinizerindeed I missed to post that sequel on my battery usage story: Yesterday I had to switch to 3G at work, as 2G didn't offer DHCP or was borked some other way. The usual usage pattern (xchat with 9 freenode channels) cut tru 75% of battery in just 4h09:17
DocScrutinizerso that's where the factor 8 in my prev post originates from09:18
DocScrutinizer[DarkGUNMAN]: yup, same here09:18
DocScrutinizer(modulo the massive problems with 3G)09:19
[DarkGUNMAN]yep. it gets heavy. thankfully i have opera mini working like a charm thanks to PhoneME09:19
[DarkGUNMAN]makes 2g workable09:19
DocScrutinizerwell, I hope you can spot the gconf key - otherwise ping me again in 10h09:20
[DarkGUNMAN] gconftool -r /system/osso/connectivity/network_type/GPRS/gprs_home_rx_bytes09:20
[DarkGUNMAN]now. how do i change the value?09:21
DocScrutinizergconftool again09:21
DocScrutinizerI'd not bother to interface to gconf directly09:21
[DarkGUNMAN]ok. I will do some tests and post the results up later09:22
DocScrutinizerif there's some weird problem, consider to find out the process that writes new values to that key. It might not re-read the values you changed, so might need a kill -SIGHUP or even shutdown prior to, and restart after you changed the value09:24
DocScrutinizeror maybe not and you get away with simply writing new value there during runtime of that service09:24
DocScrutinizera lot of services work like that: write frequently to update values - in case you segfault or battery gets yanked - but only *read* once during startup, then keep current value in RAM09:27
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[DarkGUNMAN]well, messing with gconf values is all new to me so I'll enjoy the learning experience09:27
DocScrutinizerthis is not exactly a gconf thing. You see exactly same behaviour and "problem" with config files as well09:28
[DarkGUNMAN]it keeps updating the value. I have a script on the homescreen which reads this value. I'm still waking up and forgot it was a in a qbw on the desktop09:28
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[DarkGUNMAN]so it reads the value when i refresh the scfeen09:29
DocScrutinizersure it keeps updating. The question however is if it keeps *reading*09:29
DocScrutinizer(it == the service that updates)09:29
* DocScrutinizer waves09:30
DocScrutinizerdaywork calling09:30
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[DarkGUNMAN]its working09:40
[DarkGUNMAN]i have the vlaues and can add/remove as necessary09:40
[DarkGUNMAN]thank you for your help DocScrutinizer09:40
[DarkGUNMAN]sorry i am now at work, had to do a quick job09:41
[DarkGUNMAN]i'll post a complete keep alive script on later09:42
[DarkGUNMAN]or maybe a pastebin link here once it's done09:42
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[DarkGUNMAN]previous conversation randoom. nevermind09:48
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trxwhats with TMO?11:20
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pigeondown, again... is that like 2nd time this week?12:08
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FIQ|n900what's the point of having wine in the armel repositories...?13:46
FIQ|n900stumbled upon it when I searched for a GB emu13:47
doleSomeone wanted to play iwbtg on Beyond impossible13:47
SpeedEvilI'm unsure if that works - I suspect not13:47
FIQ|n900good point13:47
FIQ|n900but will that work?13:47
SpeedEvilIt won't work for x86 windows.13:48
FIQ|n900that's my point13:48
SpeedEvilI'm unsure it'll work for wince stuff - it'd have to be a special project I'd think13:48
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pigeonwas reading something about that these few days on tmo13:48
pigeoni'm playing with wine + x86 binary now actually.13:48
FIQ|n900the only thing available using wine on armel is wine's own things I guess, whatever you would want it for13:48
SpeedEvilYou could use wine + qemu13:50
SpeedEvilBut that would be x86 wine13:50
pigeonthat's what i'm using now13:50
FIQ|n900Ok, but then I would still not really use wine in the armel repositories, would I? :P13:51
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dolepigeon: is it possible to run iwbtg? That would be awesome13:51
*** Pali has joined #maemo13:51
FIQ|n900i wanna be the guy..?13:52
* FIQ|n900 wants VVVVVV running :D13:52
pigeoni could give that a try i guess, though i think i'll run into problems.13:52
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo13:52
dolepigeon: me too13:52
pigeoni haven't actually tried any pure x86 windows binary yet myself, but a few libwine x86 windows runs, like the notepad and winemine13:53
pigeonmy interest is playing with vst actually, just got fst running a bit, still trying.13:54
FIQ|n900actually the flash version of that thing works fine, but slow, having the 2.1 version compiled for ARM would probably be a bit faster13:54
SpeedEvilSo I suppose for the case of windows only stuff for which you have source, and it will build on arm...13:54
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pigeonthe other thing is i'm using wine 0.9.14, which is like 6 years old now13:56
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FIQ|n900you must be kidding... the text focus problem I had when running wine through SSH (from desktop) is there on the native wine as well!14:02
FIQ|n900tried "/opt/wine/wine notepad" just for fun, and the input doesn't work properly :P14:02
tgalaltalk.maemo down?14:04
doletgalal: yeah14:05
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FIQ|n900you can always ask :P14:07
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*** uros1 has joined #maemo15:22
uros1just here, or global? unavailable15:23
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #maemo15:24
*** conntrack has quit IRC15:24
*** net-split has joined #maemo15:25
uros1jap, tnx15:26
*** eMHa has joined #maemo15:28
*** Zahra has joined #maemo15:29
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:30
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RST38htmo dead?15:32
*** mk8 has joined #maemo15:35
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*** mk8 has joined #maemo15:41
*** sat2050 has quit IRC15:42
*** sat2050 has joined #maemo15:42
*** bergie has joined #maemo15:43
LaoLang_coolHi, which rom have a working Email application? My Email can't work anymore even after reflashing15:43
*** npm_ has quit IRC15:44
*** murrayc has quit IRC15:47
gormuxLiraNuna: I use the official rom for PR1.3, no mail problems15:48
*** npm_ has joined #maemo15:48
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo15:49
*** Roomerlol has joined #maemo15:51
LaoLang_coolgormux: I can't run the email app at all even a newly reflashing maemo :(15:53
LaoLang_coolI have any clue what's wrong with it15:53
LaoLang_coolhave no any clue15:53
gormuxthe app does not open ?15:54
LaoLang_coolgormux: yes15:55
gormuxhum, strange15:56
LaoLang_coolI can't recall the error it says, my n900 is updating to cssu version15:56
gormuxis it the only one ?15:56
gormuxall updates are done ?15:56
LaoLang_coolanother one is the "My nokia" in setting15:56
LaoLang_coolothers are ok15:56
RST38hMeanwhile: The Specter of Gasoline At $5 a Gallon15:56
LaoLang_coolgormux: no, a newly reflashing, no any update15:56
LaoLang_coolbut I'm updating it to cssu testing version now :)15:57
gormuxit could solve the problem ;)15:57
LaoLang_coolgormux: no, I've tried it before15:57
gormuxI reinstalled everything a few days ago, and no pb15:58
*** peetah has joined #maemo15:58
LaoLang_coolgormux: could it be a hardware problem?15:59
*** AcTiVaTe has quit IRC15:59
LaoLang_coolI reinstalled several times, no success at all15:59
LaoLang_coolI will test after update is done16:00
Sicelocan't be hardware, lol16:01
*** luke-jr_ has joined #maemo16:02
*** luke-jr|otg has quit IRC16:02
Siceloare you sure you're not rushing things when opening mail application? it can be quite slow to open at times16:02
*** luke-jr has quit IRC16:02
LaoLang_coolInternal error, application "Email" closed16:02
LaoLang_coolThe error says16:03
*** luke-jr|otg has joined #maemo16:03
Siceloweird.. but i recognize your nick - you've had your device for a while :/16:03
LaoLang_coolSettings -> My Nokia will let the error internal error, application "settings" closed16:03
Siceloso, i'd ask: you use overcloking? or did for a while?16:03
*** frals has quit IRC16:04
LaoLang_coolSicelo: I reflash n900 using the latest offical rom, which is ....36, I can't remember the number excisely..16:04
LaoLang_coolNo any overcloking16:05
LaoLang_coolI feel weird too16:05
Siceloif hardware, it could be emmc, but i'd say we don't have enough info to suspect it yet16:05
Siceloproblem is only with MyNokia and Mail?16:06
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:06
LaoLang_coolSicelo: yes16:06
Sicelolol, you're first person i know who wants to use MyNokia (whatever it is)16:07
LaoLang_coolSicelo: I just want to see what it is...16:07
LaoLang_coolBut it leads the settings closed16:07
*** livelace has quit IRC16:08
LaoLang_coolThe files I reflashed is RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin and RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin16:09
LaoLang_coolFrom the nokia offical site16:10
LaoLang_coolIt says they are the latest version16:10
Siceloand you do it in the order recommended here:16:10
infobothmm... maemo-flashing is
*** frals has joined #maemo16:10
LaoLang_coolSicelo: first: flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin -f16:10
LaoLang_coolSicelo: Then: flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin -f -R16:10
*** hardaker has quit IRC16:11
*** npm_ has quit IRC16:13
*** npm_ has joined #maemo16:13
Sicelotry `modest -s` in terminal16:14
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC16:14
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:14
LaoLang_coolSicelo: it says bus error16:15
LaoLang_cool"Bus error"16:15
Sicelowant to paste the error to a pastebin16:16
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo16:17
LaoLang_coolSicelo: just one line error... "Bus error"16:17
* Sicelo is noob too .. so this issue seems beyond my abilities16:17
LaoLang_coolSicelo: thank you all  the same16:18
LaoLang_coolBus error sounds a hardware error?16:18
Siceloonly hardware issue that could have effect is worn out emmc ... but i don't think we can say that's the issue yet16:19
Siceloi think answer lies in software16:19
LaoLang_cooloh, then where could I search for help?16:19
*** udovdh has quit IRC16:21
*** wandrian has quit IRC16:21
*** udovdh has joined #maemo16:22
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*** magic_doc has joined #maemo17:06
magic_dochi everybody- cannot reach talk.maemo for hours now, what about you?17:07
*** rm_work has joined #maemo17:10
*** rm_work has quit IRC17:10
*** rm_work has joined #maemo17:10
*** uros1 has left #maemo17:11
nid0its been down at least most of the day17:12
magic_docyeah correct- hope it will come back soon :-(17:13
magic_docmy last contact was about 10 am CET17:13
*** CityLights has joined #maemo17:14
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Timmy_why talk is down?18:53
magic_docdon't know, already sent a mail to the domain owner let us see if they read it :(18:54
magic_docit is down for aprox. 8 hours now18:54
*** Timmy_ is now known as Timmy18:54
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magic_docokay talk seems to be up again!19:22
Palimagic_doc, where was the problem?19:23
magic_docPali: talk was down for at least 8 hours here in germany and for and for two other users too.19:24
magic_docdont know why19:24
*** Roomerlol has joined #maemo19:25
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merlin1991hm I'm in a situation where I need a dropbox alike system that syncs 2 windows endpoints with my linux server, anybody know an easy to use solution?20:10
*** eMHa__ has joined #maemo20:11
merlin1991magic_doc: unison looks like it is for a peer to peer system, but I aim to sync each windows endpoint to the server seperately20:13
magic_docno it is not20:13
magic_docI am using this for linux only20:13
magic_docbut should work with windows accordingly20:13
merlin1991than the overview is missleading :D20:13
magic_docim using unison for years now and syncing my host at home, roadwarrior and n900 with it ;)20:14
merlin1991sounds good :)20:15
magic_docbut as i said never knew someone to use it with windows- that is on your own risk just try it out ;)20:16
merlin1991I'll see how far I get20:16
merlin1991ofc there is no proper version avaible for win that goes with the one on debian20:17
magic_docoh sorry to hear that-20:18
*** sq-one has quit IRC20:18
*** gn00b has joined #maemo20:18
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*** z4chh has quit IRC20:19
magic_docthere is a 2.27.157  for windows20:19
merlin1991I found a 2.32.5220:19
magic_docand this should also be available for debian squeeze20:19
merlin1991which actually fits with debian20:19
merlin1991now I'll just have to find proper gtk libs too20:20
magic_docthey even have a version for mac ppc *g*20:20
merlin1991or I just use the text version :)20:20
*** kama has quit IRC20:22
*** Pali has quit IRC20:22
merlin1991holy shit, my linux server heasn't seen an update in quite some time20:23
*** fredrin has quit IRC20:23
magic_docokay then this is a good occasion ...20:24
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC20:25
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*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo20:37
merlin1991hm server restart worked luckily20:39
merlin1991next up testing unison :D20:39
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merlin1991bah unison does not play well with the ssh in msysgit21:03
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