IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2011-12-28

Jef91anyone have any idea what might be wrong there?00:00
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Sicelocheck out the section about fool-proof method at..00:08
infobotrumour has it, maemo-flashing is
Siceloalso make sure your cable is good00:08
Sicelobtw, why are u flashing old image?00:09
Jef91Flashing the EMMC image00:11
Jef91and then the latest image sicelo00:11
Jef91let me try a different micro usb cable - thats a good idea00:11
javispedroJef91: you are trying to flash emmc00:12
javispedroflash fiasco first00:12
Siceloalso, u will need to flash rootfs as well00:12
Sicelogosh. gprs sucks00:12
Jef91what is fiasco?00:13
Jef91I've always jsut flashed RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin00:13
javispedrothen you've never flashed =)00:13
Jef91followed by RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin00:13
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Jef91Is that wrong?00:13
javispedrothe later is the rootfs00:13
Jef91It's always worked in the past00:13
javispedrowhen your system is hosed, it is wrong.00:13
Jef91I hosed the system00:14
Jef91not the flashing order00:14
javispedroif you really want to leave it "clean" you will need to flash rootfs, then emmc, then rootfs again (unless you're quickly enough to flash emmc before letting it boot)00:14
Jef91different cable didn't do it00:15
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Sicelodifferent ports? U-key? and, hoping u don't have issue with N900 usb to start with :)00:16
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Jef91flashing rootfs first worked00:18
Jef91and this is a new n900 sicelo00:18
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Jef91my old one had a dead USB port :(00:18
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mihuHi. My N900 is connected via USB networking to my PC, no WiFi connection. I have setup networking on both sides so my PC and the N900 can speak to each other. Now I have written a Qt application which uses a QTcpSocket to connect to a service on my PC. While the connection and data transfer works fine, the call to connectToHost() brings up the "Select connection" dialog because apparently the N900 thinks that the USB networking connect10:59
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xevguys,  its normal to see orange led blinking while charging.. drained battery... and n900 cant turn on11:24
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merlin1991mihu: see menuentry " debug" {12:27
merlin1991   insmod ext212:27
merlin1991   set root=(hd0,6)12:27
merlin1991   linux /openelec/KERNEL boot=/dev/sda6 debugging textmode quiet12:27
merlin1991mihu: see
merlin1991copy fail :D12:27
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mihumerlin1991: Ah, thank you. That's what I have been looking for.12:28
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Psihas there been any update recently that might cause a n900 to randomly switch off13:18
psycho_oreosdoubt it, then again it also depends on your setup13:20
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Psitwice in the last 2 weeks ive found my phone switched off13:23
Psiwhen it boots up it says it crashed and custom kernel settings havnt been loaded13:24
psycho_oreosprobably ran out of power and/or faulty battery13:24
Psiisnt flat battery, as when i start it again battery is full and it runs for a whole day13:25
Psicould be bad battery connection13:25
psycho_oreossometimes dmesg maybe useful13:25
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Paliping X-Fade15:52
Pali~seen X-Fade15:52
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo #harmattan #meego, last said: 'gri: Security through obscurity is always a false sense.'.15:52
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RST38hDocS: Here?16:02
RST38hDocScrutinizer: You will absolutely love this one:
RST38h(may want to scroll past the formal pages)16:04
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DocScrutinizermakes me feel nausea, each time I read such stuff16:12
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RST38hDocS: Lots of nausea lately =(16:33
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gulyi'm googlin for usb.h but i cannot find right package, can anyone help me?16:34
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DocScrutinizerguly: no17:00
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DocScrutinizerguly: because nobody knows what you need to feel helped17:01
NIN101the answer is 42 eh, libusb-dev.17:02
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gulysure, i messed repository..thanks17:06
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minzehi there is there a possibility to gps-log found wifi-spots?17:08
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minzei tried it with kismet, but it didnt work sadly :(17:08
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minzeand is there a tool that regulary updates the wifi-list?17:16
minzei mean lets say, every 5sek for example :)17:17
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minzeis it faster than the normal hildon-app?17:17
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gulyit uses fancy color, so yes :)17:18
minzelol color doesnt matter, it could run in the console if it updates faster :D17:18
minzeahh everything i need :)17:19
minzeeven displays the strenght :)17:19
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minzelove it already :)17:21
minzewould be the killer-app if it would log the gps-data to the wifispots17:22
gulylog at all is missin, IIRC :(17:22
minzeyep sadly :(17:23
minzekismet should be able to do the job too, but didnt work here, will play around a bit with it, when i get some spare time :)17:23
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minzeand what would you recommend as minimalistic gpslogger?17:25
minzejust for track-logging, withouth maps and anything17:25
minzeit it possible to save it to lets say, a gpx-file?17:26
ShadowJKgpsjinni does that, iirc17:26
minzeneeds to be minimalistic and fast17:27
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zswOn my old blackberry, I could press a button, type a string (which ended up being the subject) and hit send.  It would send an email to a predetermined address.  I used it for reminders when I was out ang about.17:51
zswIf there a way I could add an icon to the desktop of my n900 to get the same functionality?17:51
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NIN101basically if one would write a program like that, yes. Or something with that
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zswNIN101: So would I change the "mailto:" to "" ?18:18
*** LjL has quit IRC18:19
NIN101I think so.18:19
zswI wonder where the subject goes?  I don't really need to worry about the body.18:19
gulymaybe ?18:20
NIN101as far as I understand it, modest (the e-mail program) will open.18:21
zswahh ok.  I'll fiddling.  Thanks for the direction.18:22
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*** ab has joined #maemo19:48
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*** badcloud_ has joined #maemo20:26
*** liar has joined #maemo20:28
*** Jiri has joined #maemo20:30
Jiricould someone help me to installa power kernel to my n90020:31
Jirii try to install it from app manager but it doesn't work that way. I managed to get rooth but i don't know which command i should use to install power kernel20:32
Sicelowhat happens when u try it from app manage?20:33
Jiriit says that it cannot install this program in finnish20:33
Jirisome kind of conflict20:34
Siceloconflict with which program/package?20:36
*** Mousey has joined #maemo20:38
Jiriwith the package20:39
Jirikenel modelus-maemo20:39
Jirikernel-maemo are the this are confict20:39
Jirieasy question how i can check which pr i am using at the moment20:42
Sicelou can see that from going into Settings. at the bottom it says About Product. tell us that20:43
badcloud_how do I change the shell environment for osso-xterm to bash?20:44
*** eMHa__ has joined #maemo20:45
Jiriit only tell my the version is that the right one 21.2011-38-120:45
Siceloiirc that's not so safe badcloud_20:45
SiceloJiri: u are on latest pr20:45
badcloud_Sicelo: ok20:45
Sicelobtw, i think u have some kernel power already Jiri. what does `uname -a` say?20:45
*** vbenes1 has joined #maemo20:46
badcloud_good to know :)20:46
Siceloi'm not 100% sure badcloud_, but i kinda remember it being said here20:46
Jiriis that some kind of power kernel20:48
Sicelook. i don't remember ever having that error about conflict in that situation. which Kernel are u trying to install?20:48
Sicelono. u are on original/stock kernel20:49
*** dos1|away is now known as dos120:49
Jiriapp list i have tried all.. but linux kernel for power user20:49
*** kW_ has quit IRC20:51
Sicelois that the one u are installing? linux kernel for power user?20:51
Jirilinux kernel for power user20:52
Jirii have some times some problem with my internal memory i wondering if that the problem...20:52
Siceloweird. u can install kernel from command line (i did) but others prefer u do kernel stuff via app manager20:53
Jiriwell how i do that?20:53
Siceloat your own risk ;)20:54
Siceloapt-get install kernel-power20:55
Jiriwell i tyr one more time reboot20:55
Jiriand if not working i will then try that20:55
Siceloit should also force installation of kernel-power-modules, and kernel-power-flasher20:56
Jirishould i do that first before installing power kernel20:57
Sicelowhat first?20:57
Jiriyes which one first ?20:57
Jiri kernel-power-modules20:57
Siceloapt-get install kernel-power  will install the kernel and the dependencies automatically :)20:57
Jirior power kernel20:57
Sicelobefore u put in your yes, just make sure the other 2 packages will be installed20:58
Jiriwhen i am installing this power kernel should i have it connected to usb?20:58
Sicelobetter not. i don't think it makes a difference, but it doesn't hurt to be safe20:59
Jirione more thing i have extras devel on21:03
Jirishould i disable these?21:03
*** chenca has quit IRC21:04
Jiriand some reason it takes very long time to load this app manager list21:04
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo21:04
Siceloiirc that's where kernel is. so i think u should leave it on. yes, it takes time, but that's 'normal'21:05
Jirii have disable extras21:05
Jiribut the extras devel is on21:05
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC21:06
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo21:07
*** badcloud_ has quit IRC21:07
Jirisicelo is there way to make backup if something goes wrong i can allways reset this?21:09
*** kW_ has joined #maemo21:09
Sicelonormal backup application. u can also use robbiethe1st's BackupMenu. very good21:10
*** Pfruxy has joined #maemo21:13
*** markinfo has quit IRC21:16
Jiribut i mean kernel and the whole thing21:16
Sicelobackupmen is your tool21:17
*** vbenes1 has quit IRC21:23
*** kW_ has quit IRC21:28
*** balleyne has joined #maemo21:28
*** valerius has quit IRC21:34
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:34
*** liar has quit IRC21:34
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo21:34
*** valerius has joined #maemo21:34
*** fw190 has joined #maemo21:36
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #maemo21:38
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC21:38
*** badcloud has joined #maemo21:45
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:54
*** balleyne has quit IRC21:54
Jiriok i manged to make bakcup21:58
Jiriso if something goes horibly wrong i can allways but back this backup which i just made ?22:02
*** Smily has joined #maemo22:04
Jiriwith these two files i don't need anything else ?22:04
DocScrutinizer51except yur stuff on MyDocs, no22:04
Jiriyes but i allready backup these files with normal nokia suite22:05
Jiriok so now to power kernel installation22:05
*** Guest98498 has quit IRC22:06
JiriDocScrutinizer51 or do you know why i could not install this power kernel normally with app manager22:06
Jiriit says something about confict in kernel-module22:06
DocScrutinizer51omm, sth went wrong on buildserver IIRC22:07
RaimuAnyone ever use Dropbear SSH on the n900?22:07
DocScrutinizer51probably powerkernel is best installed from local dpkg files with dpkg -i22:08
Jiriรถ? what?22:08
RaimuThe binary in the extras repos is old now, last update to dropbear at large was this November.22:08
RaimuThe author said he hasn't got a maemo dev setup anymore.22:09
RaimuAnyone interested to port the latest ver. ?22:09
NIN101the repo is full of outdated software... for example openssh too, so if you want the newest version, compile them yourself.22:10
RaimuGathering courage to do it - never compiled anything before save for something way back in 2000.22:11
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo22:12
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:16
*** valeriusN has quit IRC22:19
*** kW_ has joined #maemo22:26
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*** florian has joined #maemo22:28
*** florian has joined #maemo22:28
*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo22:37
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC22:40
Jirithank you Sicelo very much22:43
Siceloyw ;)22:45
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC22:54
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #maemo22:54
*** nsuffys_ has joined #maemo22:56
*** Patina has quit IRC22:57
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*** BluesLee has joined #maemo22:58
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*** user__ has joined #maemo23:00
user__hi there :)23:00
user__got some questions here regarding n900 and security :)23:01
user__is there a possibility to savely wipe the n900 memory?23:01
*** bergie has joined #maemo23:01
*** jpe has quit IRC23:02
*** BluesLee has quit IRC23:02
user__and did yet anyone try to fully encrypr n900's partitions or atleast the partitions which contains sensitive data?23:03
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC23:03
*** fw190 has left #maemo23:03
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo23:03
NIN101I encrypted myDocs and the home partition23:06
andre__I think truecrypt is available for the N90023:07
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo23:08
user__NIN101: how long did that take, and did it affect performance badly?23:11
user__and did you do it yourself, or is there a tutorial i could check therefore?23:12
*** valeriusN has quit IRC23:13
NIN101encrypting mmcblk0p2 (home) is kinda PITA, but possible. it didn't affect performance badly, not noticeable in daily use for me at least. yes, I did it myself, and there is a "tutorial" I wrote: and
*** Patina has joined #maemo23:18
Jiriis there easy way to share my internet connection with bluetooth with n900?23:19
user__bluetooth tethering?23:21
user__not quite sure but i guess "mobile-hotspot" does that23:22
user__NIN101: i'd have to say thanks already for that tutorial :)23:22
user__hmm what happens if i have to reflash and i got a encrypted home partition other than loosing  my data?23:25
SpeedEvilYou restore from backups.23:26
NIN101reflashing combined with an encrypted partition is hell on earth.23:26
NIN101at least it boots.23:26
user__a bit more detailed please :)23:28
NIN101well ok I did it once, you basically just have to modify the bootscripts again and install cryptsetup again. The only thing why it is help is that your home partition obviously is not mounted and you are short on space for some other stuff.23:28
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC23:31
user__urghh :S23:31
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo23:31
user__doesnt sound that funny23:31
NIN101but hey, therefore you just stop fucking up your system :-).23:31
user__no more messing around, no more fun :(23:32
*** croppa has joined #maemo23:34
*** nsuffys_ is now known as nsuffys23:36
*** rcg has joined #maemo23:37
user__before i think again about (almost)-full-systemencryption, is there a method to securely erase the n900's memory23:39
SpeedEvilWell - yes for the onenand chip23:40
SpeedEvilno for the emmc23:40
user__i've tried photorec and recovered a hell of a lot of stuff23:40
SpeedEvilFor the SD - just remove and eat.23:40
user__do they really taste like chicken?23:40
SpeedEvilDepends what's on the car.d23:40
user__does it go well with hot salsa sauce :P23:41
user__kidding, there is really no possibility to savely wipe the MyDocs folders other than making some n900 chip BBQ :)?23:43
*** nsuffys has quit IRC23:44
SpeedEvilThe emmc is _not_ a block device.23:45
SpeedEvilIt's a lot of flash chips, connected to a controller over which you have no insight, pretending to be a block device.23:45
SpeedEvilYou can never tell if it will ever erase a block that it detects has failed, for example.23:45
user__true. but you could check how many files you still be able to recover?23:46
user__with photorec for example?23:47
HyperSnyperthat would depends on the recovery software23:47
HyperSnyperprob afew methods of recovering data23:47
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:48
user__so encrypt the possible to be encrypted "partitions" would make more sense?23:49
*** Milhouse has quit IRC23:49
SpeedEviluser__: Zero23:49
SpeedEviluser__: Fragments of files may be recoverable by dissasembly of the SD23:50
SpeedEvildd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmc123:50
*** OkropNick has quit IRC23:50
SpeedEvilor whatever it is will wipe it completely from a user-POV23:50
user__hmm what are you referring to as SD?23:51
SpeedEvilthe removable microSD23:51
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo23:52
user__hmm got none here atleast, just talking about the internal memory23:52
SpeedEvilAbove goes for both SD and internal eMMC - it's just you can remove the SD23:53
user__or do you want to say, that it would be the better solution to simply saving files on the sd as it is removable23:53
user__ahh i c :)23:53
*** retro|cz has quit IRC23:54
user__nevertheless, theres still the question why should i benefit of smth like that if just simple opening a file written to the sd, would move it to the tmp23:55
*** dimw1t has quit IRC23:56
user__folder, therefore back to the internal :(23:56
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo23:56
*** dimw1t has joined #maemo23:57
user__guess the n900 isnt quite save, regarding the easiness to recover sensitive data :(23:58

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