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jacks_n900how do I turn off sound quickly00:51
NIN102touch the clock, chose the profile.00:52
jacks_n900eg when a website suddenly makes sound00:52
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jacks_n900or can you set to turn sound off by turning your phone up side down00:55
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* jacks_n900 night01:05
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DocScrutinizerhmm, drive-by asker01:40
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DocScrutinizeractually stopping sound from webpages by "turning upside down" was interesting a thing to check. On my Samsung OMNIA I had to disable this function as it introduced dropouts into music playback from mp3 when phone was in my pocket while walking :-/01:42
DocScrutinizerI think the fastest way always is VOL- button01:43
ShadowJKunless it zooms01:43
DocScrutinizerhmm, on webpages yeah01:44
DocScrutinizerit will prolly zoom rather than hush01:44
DocScrutinizerflashblock would be nice if it acts immediately on already loaded/rendered webpages and was easily accessible01:45
DocScrutinizerI could figure about a powerbutton menu entry to start some script that tears down audio all together01:46
DocScrutinizerlike in killall pulseaudio or sth ;-P01:46
ShadowJKadblock-css makes flash require a tap before it starts01:47
DocScrutinizerI actually don't think turning-upside-down works for anything except ringtone01:47
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: won't help when you learn by ears that this flash media starts nasty sound01:48
ShadowJKauto-rotate pisses me off when I'm lying on the side in my bed trying to read stuff, and it's always 90 degrees off01:48
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DocScrutinizerauto rotate pisses me off all the time01:49
jacekowskii remember that my windows mobile PDA had dedicate button for that01:49
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jacekowskino auto rotation01:49
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DocScrutinizerthat's why I refused to upgrade CSSU until they promeised they will walk me thru all the gconf foo to stop it ever rotating except for dialer01:50
DocScrutinizermicroB still autorotates but I guess I have to live with that until I find out how to blacklist it or sth01:51
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DocScrutinizerI lovingly and epically explained several times to everybody involved what'S the problem with autorotation, accelerometer&mce, and a way to block it and nail it to a certain orientation01:52
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DocScrutinizerapps directly reading accelerometer do it wrong anyway01:54
DocScrutinizermce not providing a separate physical-orientation and logical-orientation info doesn't help either01:56
DocScrutinizerand every app inventing a new sheme to deal with all this makes things a complete mess01:56
DocScrutinizerbasically we'd need an orientationd that gets queried by the particular app and returns individual instructions regarding what orientation this app shall use, and we needed to patch all apps that use any other method01:58
DocScrutinizeralternatively HD could change aspect ratio of X display according to what app is in foreground01:59
DocScrutinizerand of course according to the settings-for-this-app * accelerometer * global-override02:00
ShadowJKthe issue with making it overly complex is that then people reinvent new things :/02:02
DocScrutinizerMCE's notion about orientation is pretty bad anyway, triggering a rotation when I hold the device with 15° tilted to the right from a flat screen-up02:02
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: the complexity has to be covered by an ultrasimple API for that orientationd02:03
DocScrutinizerdbus allows to find out about sender of a msg02:03
DocScrutinizerso you (the app) send a dbus-msg_query_displayorientation to orientationd, and you get a simple answer of a degrees-value the display shall get rotated02:05
DocScrutinizerusually sth like either 0, 90, 270, or even 18002:06
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DocScrutinizeron later orientation changes of the device or its global settings (read: override switch), orientationd will send unsolicited msgs to inform the app about the need to rotate02:08
DocScrutinizerthis is done via msgs, not signals02:08
DocScrutinizerso each app gets the msg it needs02:08
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DocScrutinizersince dbus also has a way to notice termination of clients, orientationd will always know when an app process has quit and doesn't need further unsolicited msgs02:09
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DocScrutinizernot that an attempt to send a msg to a process that already vanished would go unnoticed by the sender, here orientationd02:12
DocScrutinizerfor existing apps not complying with the whole scheme, we might find a way to do something similar to what fsoraw resource allocation wrapper does for resources needed by apps02:14
DocScrutinizermaybe even along the line of LD_PRELOAD02:15
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badcloudhow to revert back to stock bootloader?02:20
badcloudI uninstalled uboot but still see the same ui on boot (penguin, countdown, etc)02:20
badcloudnot that it matters THAT much02:20
ShadowJKBefore you mess with these kinds of things, have everything backed up so you can cope with the device becoming unbootable02:21
ShadowJKThen I'd guess the way is to install the normal maemo kernel02:21
badcloudShadowJK: oh, I did make a full backup02:21
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DocScrutinizerbadcloud: since uBoot lives in same partition as kernel, it can't get uninstalled - much like you can't uninstall powerkernel. You need to flash another kernel to replace the uboot+<whatever_kernel>02:38
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Paliping X-Fade11:22
Pali~seen X-Fade11:22
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo (2d 1h 17m 44s) #harmattan (2d 1h 17m 44s) #meego (2d 1h 17m 44s). Has said a total of 41 messages. Is idling for 1d 19h 58m 2s, last said: 'gri: Security through obscurity is always a false sense.'.11:22
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Paliping lxp11:27
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer: what's the partitioning tool you use on the n900?11:32
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Paliping onion11:35
merlin1991Pali: still trying to reach X-Fade about kp?11:40
Palimerlin1991: yes11:40
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maeanoqhi there i wanted to install pr1.3 ergo the latest fiasco kernel using flasher-3.5 on an ubuntu x6413:56
maeanoqas you might guess it didnt work due to the x64 bit architeecture13:57
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merlin1991maeanoq: just dl the binary and run it13:58
merlin1991if you have ia32 libs it will work13:58
maeanoqthats the strange part.13:58
merlin1991as in?13:59
maeanoqso downloaded an archive which contained the following "doc man flasher-3.5"13:59
maeanoqand chmod +x flasher-3.514:00
merlin1991chmod +x flasher-3.5 && ./flasher-3.5 does not work?14:00
maeanoqand just to test i run "sudo sh flasher-3.5" after cd'ing into the directory containing the stuff14:01
maeanoqcommand not found :(14:01
merlin1991apt-cache policy ia32-libs?14:01
maeanoqthey are installed, thats why its strange14:02
merlin1991that's odd14:02
* merlin1991 tries on his install14:02
maeanoqi almost tried the flasher 3.12@x64.deb until i noticed that it seems to just be for the N914:03
merlin1991works just fine here14:05
merlin1991dl the tar.gz14:05
merlin1991extract chmod and run14:06
merlin1991maeanoq: did you try 'sudo ./flasher-3.5'14:06
maeanoqjust a simple question, when you download the tar.gz archive what is it containing?14:07
merlin1991doc and man folder + the flasher-3.5 binary14:07
maeanoqwhat are the filenames14:07
maeanoqk also seems to be the same as here :s14:07
merlin1991try to run sudo ./flasher-3.514:08
maeanoqi've just installed kubuntu 10.10 x86 on a spare hdd here and will check it in few minutes14:09
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maeanoqbtw. might there be a problem if i reflash the n900 with a previous fiasco image?14:11
merlin1991previos as in 1.2 instead of 1.3 or 1.3 instad of 1.3.1?14:11
maeanoqthe second14:11
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merlin1991the second will work just fine14:11
merlin1991the first does create problems14:11
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maeanoqit seems to have the official 1.3.1 here without cssu installed and wanted to flash 1.3 and afterwards cssu stable which should be almost the same.14:13
merlin1991will be exactly the same14:13
merlin19911.3.1 + cssu = 1.3 + cssu14:13
merlin1991the only difference you'll have is that you go from testing to stable14:14
merlin1991so you don't get updated modest and a few other not so stable things :D14:14
merlin1991though modest will come with next stable release which will be today or tomorrow14:14
maeanoqatleast my about product shows me "version :21.2011.38-1"14:14
merlin1991does anyone get the n900 images? on
merlin1991after the product id and license disclaimer I end up on a 404 page14:15
maeanoqcould check it in a sec.14:15
maeanoqbut a few hours ago it worked here14:15
merlin1991doesn't seem to work atm :/14:16
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merlin1991hm works again14:17
maeanoqwould you rather give me the advise to flash 1.3 and stick with it for a week until some new cssu comes out?14:19
maeanoqor is it upgradeable without going to the flashing procedure again14:20
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merlin1991it's upgradeable without flashing14:24
merlin1991it will present you with an maemo5 update just like when you upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 over ota14:25
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maeanoqk, there is one strange thing though.14:28
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maeanoqwhen i check there is the possibility to 1-click install cssu14:28
maeanoq"cssu stable" und "cssu"14:29
maeanoqcssu is unstable?14:29
maeanoqupps iam wrong14:30
maeanoqit was the changelog14:30
maeanoqthere is only cssu stable and cssu14:31
maeanoqso i guess cssu stands for the unstable aka testing version?14:31
merlin1991you have the stable and the testing button on the top of the page14:31
merlin1991where did you find cssu without testing or stable?14:32
maeanoqyes got both buttons up there, i think it was in the changelog section14:36
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maeanoqbtw. merry christmas to all :)14:40
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ShapeshifterHi there. I'm trying to pair my n900 with this laptop over bluetooth and I've got it advertised on my laptop, but on the n900, going to Bluetooth devices and hitting 'new' it just keeps saying "Select a device" with a loading animation and nothing happens. I've been waiting for several minutes.15:45
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Sicelon900 can be weird with BT at times. why don't u initiate pairing from the pc?15:47
Shapeshiftermhhh. nevermind I managed to pair it, had to specify the n900's MAC on the laptop before paiting.15:48
Shapeshifteryay tethering works.15:49
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badcloudanyone else have problems moving n900 sent mail to gmail imap "sent mail" folder?17:14
badcloudgives me "unable to move to current location"17:15
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Sicelohmm, are u sure they're not already available on gmail's servers?17:51
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__20h__Is there some wiki page for which repositories to activate for full CSSU usage?19:00
__20h__Good evening btw.19:00
__20h__I still got an old feemantle-1.3 repository for extra in my N900.19:03
merlin1991depending if you use stable or testing cssu and have some hints on additional stuff you can enable19:03
__20h__I'd like to know, if this should be changed to a plain »freemantle«.19:03
merlin1991what's the repo url?19:03
__20h__#maemo-bugs - General discussion about bug management and triaging.19:04
__20h__#maemo-devel - General discussion about development on the Maemo platform.19:04
__20h__#maemo-gsoc - Support channel for the Google Summer of Code students working/willing to work with the Maemo Community.19:04
__20h__#maemo-meeting - Meetings channel.19:04
__20h__#maemo-ui - Maemo 5 UX Design discussion/consultancy/advices.19:04
__20h__#maemo-ssu - General discussion about the Fremantle Community SSU.19:04
__20h__Damn, sorry.19:04
__20h__#mer - General discussion about Mer.19:04
__20h__Wrong clipboard.19:04
__20h__deb fremantle-1.3 free non-free19:05
__20h__That's the line in the sources.list.19:05
merlin1991that's not cssu that#s extras19:05
merlin1991and it's fine how it is19:05
__20h__Ah, thanks.19:05
*** tank-man has joined #maemo19:05
__20h__Thanks for the CSSU anyway. It's really nice to have some development for the N900.19:09
__20h__It's important to have an alternative to Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.19:10
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*** user has joined #maemo19:13
arnetI guess I need to ask here too19:14
*** HyperSnyper has joined #maemo19:14
HyperSnypermerry xmas all19:14
arnetpeople here aware about maemo devices, so, I would like to discuss which is better, no get N9 or N90019:14
arnetActually I prefer N950 as it has keyboard19:14
arnetAnd I need to press ctrl + c sometimes in terminal19:14
arnetMy purpose is non commercial development and tinkering with device for fun19:15
arnetSo I think if I get N900 at least I can run mer/nemo on it19:15
arnetOn the other hand I can develop for harmattan and test on device if I get N919:15
arnetBut this N9 is too slim for me. I'd prefer possibility to change the battery and sd card slot19:15
arnetAlso, as far as I know, I need to get a firmware with navistore, in order to reflash a device if I brick it. I bricked my n900 many times during experiments. I had known that I always can reflash it. Now its harder19:15
arnetThen, afaik there are no fcamera ports for harmattan, I use fcamera almost every day.19:15
NIN101self-answered. N900.19:17
merlin1991for examply my n9 currently is in repair19:19
merlin1991all that's faulty is the fsckd battery19:19
merlin1991so yea n90019:19
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*** Scifig has joined #maemo19:25
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*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo20:01
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*** Estel_ has joined #maemo20:21
jacekowskimerlin1991: have fun with your new N820:22
merlin1991jacekowski: it's an n9 that went into repair not n90020:22
merlin1991on the n900 I would have got a new battery20:22
Estel_Hi there. Question for coders - I am right, that simple daemon running short script every minute, would posses virtually no threat to resources/battery power?20:23
merlin1991but noooo n9 has to has it built in such a way that only l3 support can swap it20:23
Estel_And, have nice christmass20:23
Estel_hehe, merlin1991, joy of battery soldered internally20:23
merlin1991Estel_: rather joy of the unibody20:24
merlin1991I bet the battery is still not soldered20:24
Estel_IDK what they were thinking, when they designed N9. battery - fail. No microSD slot - fail. Capacitive screen - fail while precision of input is needed (forget about MyPaint)20:24
jacekowskiwell it saves space and weight20:24
Estel_jacekowski,  true, but I'll trade so neglible space/weight saving, for easy moddable/replaceable elements, every day20:25
jacekowskimicrosd tbh. since phones have 16G+ of internal flash there is no such need for them as it used to20:25
jacekowskiEstel_: it's quite a lot of space that is saved that was20:26
jacekowskiEstel_: 2 layers of plastic20:26
Estel_I'm using microSD as non-I/O conflicting swap20:26
Estel_I know, N9 got much RAM, yet still...20:26
jacekowskicapacitive screen - that's what most of users want20:26
Estel_agreed. Yet, I don't care what 'most' of users want20:27
jacekowskibut nokia cares20:27
Estel_If I would do, I would sit on ipod irc now20:27
jacekowskithey make stuff that will sell20:27
Estel_that wont sell ;)20:27
jacekowskinot stuff that maybe 5 users want20:27
RaimuOr doesn't20:27
luke-jrhow can the battery not be removable?20:27
Estel_users caring about such things will buy apple anyway20:27
Raimu...yeah :)20:27
luke-jrI have to remove the battery just to reboot after lockups20:27
jacekowskiwell, resistive screen wouldn't sell even more20:27
*** sasquatch has joined #maemo20:28
arnetI guess thats(battery and sd absence) done to save space20:28
Estel_I think that doing semi-apple clone wont sell also20:28
luke-jrjacekowski: N900 was already too small20:28
jacekowskin900 is brick sized20:28
arnetbut they still could release developer device publicly.20:28
luke-jrjacekowski: not remotely.20:29
Estel_to be honest, users that 'want' capacitive screen, lack of microSD, lack of removable battery, and monoblock, doesnt need Meego, even in such horrible shape as in Harmattan20:29
Estel_Gave them symbian or Ios20:29
Estel_hehehe, You're talking to user, that use DIY-build  dual-scud 3000 mAh battery, which modified mugen cover = even more thick20:30
Estel_and to be honest, writing in such N900is *much* more comfortable, than to regular-cover one20:31
luke-jrjacekowski has clearly never seen a brick.20:31
Estel_ah, did I told about lack of hardware keyboard on N9? ;)20:32
luke-jrN9 is an insult.20:32
Estel_I don't blame Nokia for failing, during trying to make better clone of iPod. Everyone is free to commit professional suicude ;)20:32
Estel_honestly, I rather think that it's better to find a niche and please it to no end...20:33
*** plq has quit IRC20:33
Estel_Well, apple find a niche of <enter some not-very-complementive-content-here> people, and please them to no end20:33
luke-jrNokia didn't really have a niche tho20:33
Estel_and they please apple with their money, buying overpriced toys20:34
luke-jrNokia just *marketted* to a niche20:34
Estel_tbh, I think Nokia could use reverse niche20:34
Estel_please geeks to no end20:34
Estel_instead, they 'please' them with 'WONTFIX' since N77020:34
luke-jrif N900 were *actually* open source, it could have had a bright future20:34
Estel_now, piece by piece, we're getting closed source replacements... BME kick-out is on it's way, so next hardest thing is probably NOLO20:35
Estel_anyway, I don't care about Nokia tbh20:35
luke-jrand BME replacement wasn't hard.20:36
merlin1991Estel_: I've seen some stuff about a new kernel module for charging and stuff, but afaik it's far from feature complete20:36
Estel_*proper* bme repl€ement as hard20:36
Estel_as it's talking to many hildon components20:36
Estel_some closed source too ;)20:36
luke-jrmerlin1991: there's been working shell scripts in like 20 lines for a year or so now20:36
luke-jrEstel_: Hildon is crap20:36
luke-jrproper BME replacement has no business talking to anything GUI20:37
Estel_merlin1991,  true, but most irritating part- replacing plentora of things, that talk with and rely on bme - is almost complete20:37
Estel_rest is pure joy20:37
Estel_luke-jr,  agreed20:37
*** thomashc has quit IRC20:37
Estel_but, to achieve that20:37
luke-jrI'm thinking KDE Plasma Active might be a good fit20:37
Estel_You need to have FOSS replacement on things that have buisness in talking to bme20:38
Estel_too resource heavy for N90020:38
luke-jrEstel_: nonsense20:38
luke-jrKDE is lighter than Maemo20:38
Estel_yea, You just need to achieve hardware acceleration...20:38
luke-jrthat's the PowerVR crap20:38
Estel_which isn't such trivial in our case20:38
luke-jrthat's bleak no matter whether KDE or Hildon20:39
luke-jrand Hildon won't work without it AFAIK20:39
Estel_Still, if talking about replacement, I would preffer Mer + Nemo/Lipstick20:39
Estel_agreed & agreed (not about yawning)20:39
luke-jrright now, I think the only non-free part of my Gentoo install is the firmware20:40
luke-jrBluetooth & wl125120:40
Estel_trivialities ;)20:40
Estel_anyway, with all due respect to Gentoo, I prwfer something closer to Debian20:41
Estel_maybe arch-linux?20:41
Estel_if we talk about lightweight?20:41
Estel_for plentora of reasons, the closer You sit to Debian, the less hassle You have, when porting things...20:41
Estel_I'm thinking about simple daemon, that would execute script, which check if re-enabling swap partition is needed (iostat and things, borrowed from shadowjk) and does it if needed20:42
Estel_starting at every boot, and checking every minute or two, so no user action is needed20:43
Estel_starting at every boot, and checking every minute or two, so no user action is needed20:43
Estel_I'm just trying to get sure, that daemon executing small script every 60 or 90 seconds iksn't a threat to power consumption20:44
Estel_I am right? any coders here?20:44
*** ZogG has joined #maemo20:45
*** onekenthomas has quit IRC20:45
DocScrutinizerEstel_: no, a lightweight script running every 60s is no problem20:46
*** onekenthomas has joined #maemo20:46
Sicelodid u have a look a t pkg-n900?20:46
Estel_I already tweaked shadowjk's script, bundled it with accompanying script in event.d do properly update reswap.stat (holding data about write from iostat), and it's getting quite a demand20:46
Sicelos/a t/at/20:46
infobotSicelo meant: did u have a look at pkg-n900?20:46
Estel_so I thought about pushing it further, and preparing no-userinput-needed one, that would ensure our swap is always fresh&ready20:46
Estel_Sicelo, thanks, I'll check it20:47
Estel_DocScrutinizer,  thanks for info20:47
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo20:48
*** beford has joined #maemo20:48
Estel_Now i need *only* to educate myself about coding, to level allowing me to write simple daemon. eh.20:48
DocScrutinizerwhile sleep 60; do if [ check-swap-info -gt $SWAP-USAGE-LIMIT ]; then reswap; fi; done20:48
DocScrutinizerthat's your daemon, basically20:48
Estel_to keep modularity, I though rather about20:49
Estel_while sleep 60; do <>20:49
DocScrutinizera bit exaggerated20:49
DocScrutinizeryou're calling subroutines in same script, when you want to strucutize your code a abit20:50
Estel_cause <> already take care about deciding, if re-enabling is needed20:50
DocScrutinizeralso calling a new script is a lot of overhead20:50
Estel_hm, true... Yet, would be easily customizable with user data20:50
Estel_(not everyone got swap on same partition etc)20:50
Estel_while I don't want them to mess with daemon code. Yea, reading data from config file could fix that...20:51
Estel_so, basically one daemon20:51
Estel_already reading data from info, hm. Yea, I know it's beginner chatter ;)20:51
DocScrutinizerthat's how every daemon does it20:52
DocScrutinizerthey virually all got a config file somewhere in /etc20:52
*** Scifig has quit IRC20:53
Estel_do You remember any particularly "similar"  daemon, that I could check (source code) and learn from it to write my one?20:53
Estel_I'm trying to recall something, that I could cannibalize20:54
Estel_hey, what would be more lightweight, considering executing every 60 seconds- one that check iostat, compare it with .txt file, and does reswap on getting enough difference, or...20:55
Estel_one that keeps initial vlue of iostat (3 digit number), and just compare it with further reading of iostat20:57
Estel_without any .txt file in between?20:57
DocScrutinizerEstel_: I'm about to find sth for you20:57
Estel_thanks :)20:58
Estel_current script does something like M=$(iostat -md mmcblk1p2 | grep mmcblk1p2 | awk '{print $6}')20:58
Estel_LAST=$(cat reswap.stat)20:58
Estel_if [ $D -lt 600 ] ; then fi20:59
Estel_else re_enable swap20:59
Estel_while it also does iostat -md mmcblk1p2 | grep mmcblk1p2 | awk '{print $6}' >/root/reswap.stat during re-enabling swap21:00
Estel_to keep it up to date21:00
Estel_same for every reboot (from event.d)21:00
DocScrutinizerEstel_: reboot will reset swap usage to zero anyway21:01
DocScrutinizerEstel_: iostat not available on my N90021:01
Estel_I wonder, if - for case of script executed every 60 seconds - all that mess about reswap.stat - would not be unnecessary overhead21:02
*** jhb has joined #maemo21:02
Estel_I haven't installed anything special re iostat21:02
Estel_it's based on shadowjk work, and AFAIK it works on freshly flashed N90021:03
Estel_or busybox-power is needed? need to check that.21:03
Estel_his script consider it run and end, thus writing 'cache' to reswap.stat21:04
Estel_I wonder, if while being daemon running in background, reswap.stat isn't unnecessary overhead?21:04
Estel_resource-wise, what is more lightweight? dumping result to text file (usually 2-4 digits), or keeping it into memory? Common sense tell the latter21:05
DocScrutinizerEstel_: sure, if your daemon script is always running and just sleeping in a while loop for 60s, there's basically no real need to keep transient vars in a separate .txt file21:05
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: I need to track a lost cell phone at 1.9 GHz. Any ideas how to make N900 do this?21:05
luke-jrbased on signal interferance21:06
DocScrutinizernot possible21:06
DocScrutinizera): the lost phone is not always TXing21:07
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: it is when I call it21:07
DocScrutinizerb): N900 has no RX you could abuse to track the other phone, even if it would continuously transmit21:07
DocScrutinizerluke-jr: not even then, as TX gets reduced to almost 0 when no outbound speech data has to be transmitted21:08
luke-jrshould be *something*21:08
ShadowJKyou'd have to answer the all before any consistent tx is active too21:08
ShadowJKthe call*21:09
ShadowJKEstel_, it needs two swap partitions, so vanilla n900 doesn't work21:09
DocScrutinizeryep, obviously21:09
*** thomashc has joined #maemo21:09
DocScrutinizer^^to all 3 of you :-D21:09
DocScrutinizerluke-jr: well, on "squelch" (no audio to TX), the number of timeslots used to send *something* gets reduced to maybe once every 5s21:11
DocScrutinizeryou can cure that problem by making loud enough noise that disables the squelch21:12
ShadowJKyou'd need a really fast radio direction finder to be able to distinguish between several transmitters?21:12
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: what are those "several TX"?21:13
DocScrutinizerI only see one: the lost phone21:13
ShadowJKI assumed there'd be other people with phones21:14
DocScrutinizerwhich you *could* detect if you get closer than 1 meter with a device sensitive to interference21:14
DocScrutinizerwhile a call is established and you make noise21:14
*** robink has quit IRC21:14
DocScrutinizerbasically NO way to locate such a lost phone via RF locating over a distance > maybe 20m, not even with good specialized equipment. For such distances your concern about other RF sources applies21:16
*** ale152_ has joined #maemo21:17
DocScrutinizerOTOH most carriers offer locating service which is accurate to some 100m +/-21:17
ShadowJKclose range you'd be better off listening for the ringtone21:18
*** robink has joined #maemo21:18
DocScrutinizeralas you usually have to enable such location service while yu still have access to phone, so you could acknowledge the service-enabling-notifier21:18
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: good point :-D21:19
*** ale152_ has quit IRC21:19
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*** asmundg has joined #maemo21:29
DocScrutinizerEstel_: obviously you'll want something like /etc/init.d/dbus-scripts (or any other file in there)21:35
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC21:35
*** robink has quit IRC21:37
DocScrutinizerEstel_: for your config file you may look at line >>source /etc/osso-af-init/<< in /etc/init.d/ke-recv - you'd define $envs in that sourced file and pass them to your invocation of the daemon script21:38
*** robink has joined #maemo21:38
DocScrutinizeronly if the /etc/estels-reswapdaemon-config.cfg you source is NOT world writeable, as otherwise every luser could inkect arbitrary commands into init process to execute them with root permissions21:40
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo21:41
DocScrutinizerif you want allow lusers to edit the config, you have to actively parse and interpret the content, not simply source it21:41
DocScrutinizerI'd not do that, for your daemon it's a sane approach when only root may configure it21:42
DocScrutinizerthen you place your daemon script into /sbin (not /usr/sbin or even /opt !) and invoke it like >> start-stop-daemon -b --start --quiet --user $USER --exec $DAEMON -- $PARAMS <<21:45
DocScrutinizerwhere $DAEMON points to your /sbin/estels-reswapd daemon script, $PARAMS are the parameters sourced from the config file in /etc/*, and $USER most likely is root, though possibly you also want a dedicated user that has permissions to meddle with swap21:47
*** scoobertron has quit IRC21:47
DocScrutinizerforget about $USER for now ;-D21:48
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo21:48
DocScrutinizerthe daemon script itself actually is only your current reswap script warpped into a `while sleep $CHECK-DELAY; do ... ...; ... ; done;` loop21:51
DocScrutinizerregarding ShadowJK 's remark about needing 2 swap areas, you *could* use a temporary swapfile created anywhere, if only it wasn't broken to the bones in stock kernel21:54
DocScrutinizerso probably you'll need to check if there's any usable auxiliary swap partition on eMMC or uSD prior to doing any reswap21:56
*** dani79 has joined #maemo21:57
DocScrutinizerSWAP=$(find-any-aux-swap-partiton) || (logger "No aux swap found, aborting"; exit 10)21:59
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:06
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*** federico2 has joined #maemo22:46
Maceryou know22:49
Macernot for nothing... it would be nice if telepathy set you away when the screen was off :)22:50
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