IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2011-12-17

luke-jrDocScrutinizer51: I'm not using liblocation.00:03
luke-jrDid you forget this from over a year ago? :P
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jef91huh my n900 is heading towards dead I think00:59
jef91first the USB port00:59
jef91and now it won't boot00:59
jef91hangs at the nokia screen with the LED at white00:59
jef91and then turns off00:59
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jef91any ideas why it might be hanging?00:59
jef91Bootmenu doesn't even show up if the keyboard is out00:59
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infoboti guess maemo-flashing is
jef91was that towards me speedevil?01:04
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SpeedEvilSorry, no other ideas01:05
jef91I didn't even do anything to it01:05
SpeedEvilDo you get NOKIA shown?01:05
SpeedEvilon the display?01:06
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jef91Thats all01:06
jef91hangs out for a second01:07
jef91and then just turns off01:07
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SpeedEvilDoes it act like it's charging when you plug it in?01:10
SpeedEvilIf it's low on charge, it will do that.01:10
SpeedEvilI hadn't read rthe comment about the USB port01:10
DocScrutinizeryepmkiw battery01:11
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jef91Not the battery01:16
jef91Just took the fully charged one01:16
jef91out of my girlfriend's n90001:16
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jef91same result01:16
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DocScrutinizerI'll buy the wreck for 10 bucks01:19
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* DocScrutinizer mumbles "multiboot FTL"01:20
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jef91I'll reflash it01:21
jef91hopefully that will work01:21
DocScrutinizeruhuh, with a defect USB?01:21
DocScrutinizerif it's not flat battery, the symptoms indicate a failed flash01:22
DocScrutinizerwhere kernel is comletely wrecked01:22
DocScrutinizerI'm quite sure another flashing with defect USB port won't improve situation01:23
jef91oh fuck01:23
jef91I guess I am ripping this thing open01:23
jef91to try and fix the USB01:23
jef91didn't even put those two together01:24
jef91It got a 2 year life01:24
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jef91hey docscrutinizer what was that link with all those fixes again?01:26
jef91For the USB port01:26
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infobotit has been said that usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater)01:29
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luke-jryou can make it waterproof?01:39
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DocScrutinizersure, no problem01:52
DocScrutinizer500mL of liquid epoxy and a tupperware box to drown the thing in it. will work for ~8h down to 40m01:53
DocScrutinizerif you attach 2 wires for charging, you can even re-use it01:53
SpeedEvilEpoxy shrinks when it sets.01:54
SpeedEvilIt will cause issues probably.01:54
DocScrutinizerof course operating the kbd or touchpanel is a bit tricky then. You'll need to invent sth along accelerometer detected gestures01:54
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: right, it shrinks, but that's usually no problem. We sealed circuits in the 1970s, and epoxy was a bitch back when01:56
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arvutis there a command to change the textcolour and bg in xterm?02:07
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luke-jrDocScrutinizer: ts would have trouble? just how thick is it? :\04:43
luke-jrkb I imagine could be unplugged and removed for it…04:43
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luke-jryay, ofono 1.0 working on Gentoo/N90007:58
luke-jrincluding dialing voice calls07:59
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luke-jrand IPv6 and texting08:00
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luke-jr# /etc/init.d/net.gprs0 start08:12
luke-jr * Starting oFono ...                                                                                  [ ok ]08:12
luke-jr * Bringing up interface gprs008:12
luke-jr *   Powering on modem '/n9000' ...08:12
luke-jr *   Setting modem '/n9000' online ...08:12
luke-jr *   Activating context ...08:12
luke-jr *   2607:fb90:400:91ab:0:24:2e6c:d501 ...                                                             [ ok ]08:12
luke-jr *   Adding routes08:12
luke-jr *     default metric 4000 ...                                                                         [ ok ]08:12
luke-jrI win?08:12
* luke-jr wonders how to actually do audio for voice calls08:16
SpeedEvilGood luck with that!08:17
SpeedEvilThenightmare that is pulseaudio withbinary bits.08:17
luke-jrno way. I won't touch PA08:17
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SpeedEvilOr are the bits non-binary?08:18
SpeedEvilI'm unsure it's possible to do analog audio at all.08:18
luke-jrwell, digital audio then :p08:18
ShadowJKguss you have to figure out if there are any analog lines between cellmo and omap08:20
SpeedEvilI don't believe htere are.08:20
SpeedEvilBut it's been a little while since I looked.08:20
SpeedEvilAnd you can't do that.08:20
SpeedEvilIt'd need to be between cellmo and wolfson08:20
SpeedEvilthe audio codec08:20
SpeedEvilAs omap has no DAC08:20
luke-jrhow can there *not* be?08:21
SpeedEvilWhat do you mean?08:21
luke-jrphone calls can use speakers, headset, bluetooth at least08:21
luke-jrdidn't someone get Asterisk too?08:21
SpeedEvilThe communication with the modem is entirely digital, and the normal means of communication audibly is packetised digital audio.08:21
luke-jrdigital is fine08:22
SpeedEvilWhich pulseaudio handles, and feeds out to the codec08:22
luke-jrI never said it had to be analog08:22
SpeedEvilIt does not normally go through the 'audio' side at all inherently.08:22
SpeedEvilI was answering ShadowJK's comment.08:22
luke-jrSpeedEvil: do I need to use the DSP for sure?08:23
SpeedEvilNot as far as I'm aware.08:24
SpeedEvilI haven't gone into the software side.08:24
SpeedEvilI don't think pulseaudio uses theDSP at all for that.08:24
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badcloud_anyone know of a youtube dl/converter which writes mp3 tags according to video info?09:00
badcloud_luke-jr: that's a 'no' ;)09:05
luke-jrthat's a "YouTube is video. MP3 is audio. wtf?"09:05
badcloud_luke-jr: when *converting* vid to mp309:06
luke-jryou don't convert video to audio.09:07
badcloud_read between the lines09:07
badcloud_extract audio then convert (if necessary) to mp309:08
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psycho_oreospart of the problem with writing MP3 ID3 tags out from ripped Youtube streams is that sometimes the title of the video has artist and song name in the wrong order or contains rubbish data streams. So in short no09:08
badcloud_don't get hung up on semantics09:08
badcloud_psycho_oreos: thanks09:09
psycho_oreosbadcloud_, you could put if you like put forward a suggestion with the developer behind things like cutetube for instance.09:10
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mintuxmy camera croupetd. when I open camera I got Operation Failed and closed12:10
mintuxis it hardware problem?12:11
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SpeedEvilHave you recenrly installed power kernekl?12:15
psycho_oreosnot even fcam?12:16
mintuxI also re flash and format 32GB12:16
psycho_oreosyou meant 27GB and that is only eMMC12:16
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mintuxnoting I wanted to use camera yesterday and I got that error12:16
mintuxthat's it12:16
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psycho_oreosyou haven't flashed fiasco12:17
mintuxhmm I don't know . I just installed again mameo12:17
mintuxand format 27GB after plug to computer12:17
mintuxwhat shall I do?12:17
psycho_oreosflashing eMMC does not entail complete flashing12:17
mintuxwhat flash should I do?12:17
psycho_oreosthe combined firmware12:18
mintuxand if not flash when using maemo flasher when we install maemo pr 1.3 ?12:18
mintuxdoesn't flash automatically ?12:18
psycho_oreosthat's not the same as flashing, that's doing OTA updates12:18
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psycho_oreosit will bring the device up to the same version (in fact more recent than the firmwares provided) but its again not the same as flashing.12:19
mintuxmy phone drom down yesterday . is it possible hardware problem ?12:19
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psycho_oreoswhat exactly is drom?12:19
psycho_oreosyou dropped it?12:19
mintuxdorped down12:20
psycho_oreosthat didn't make sense12:20
mintuxso flash everything ?12:20
mintuxhow should I do it?12:21
mintuxlow level flash12:21
psycho_oreosif you have dropped your device, depending on what sort of hardware protection the device has, and how high the device has been dropped from, what sort of material makes for the ground that the device was dropped on. If its a hard surface (i.e. usually the ground) anything could be damaged with the N90012:22
infobotit has been said that maemo-flashing is
mintuxFlashing only the kernel from a FIASCO image  ?12:23
psycho_oreosno.. I would completely reflash your device.. i.e. both COMBINED and eMMC12:23
mintuxI did it sudo flasher-3.5 -F <firmware-image> -f -R before12:24
psycho_oreosthough there's no guarantees that reflashing would actually aid in rectifying your camera issue should it be an actual hardware that is physically damaged12:24
psycho_oreoswhat exactly was the command parameter?12:24
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mintuxso wafter that12:24
mintuxsudo flasher-3.5 -F RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R12:25
mintuxI run it12:25
mintuxso after that I should send my device for repare ?12:25
psycho_oreosnormally you flash eMMC before you flash combined12:25
psycho_oreoswell if reflashing properly fails to rectify the problem (without installing any extra programs as such) you pretty much don't have a choice but to get it repaired.. though I would suggest you to flick through a fair few tmo threads with N900 owners having their device replaced with some other random device12:26
psycho_oreosthat is should you go through nokia care12:27
mintuxwhat should I download from ?  eMMC content 10.2010.13-2  ??12:29
psycho_oreosthe latest dated eMMC content12:30
mintuxand what is curent version of my emmc on my phone ? eMMC content 1.2009.41-1 ?12:31
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psycho_oreosN900 is not a phone, and it does not matter what is your current version of your eMMC on your N90012:31
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mintuxpsycho_oreos: I flashed everything doesn't solve :-(15:25
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DocScrutinizerhmm, he left16:15
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Paliping X-Fade17:03
Pali~seen X-Fade17:03
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo #harmattan #meego. Has said a total of 26 messages. Is idling for 2d 23h 8m 8s, last said: 'pawky: yes'.17:03
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matt23is maemo a Linux tablet OS?18:54
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StyXmanmatt23: maemo is a busybox/gnu/linux OS that works on phone(s) and probably tablets, yes19:18
matt23why probably tablets?19:20
matt23is there a linux, not android, tablet?19:20
StyXmanwell, I never saw it running in anything but a n90019:20
StyXmanit is pure linux, with even apt- from debian and ubuntu fame19:21
StyXmanporting existing software is rather painless19:21
StyXmanhas perl and python, gtk and qt19:21
matt23does it come native on any tabletS?19:22
StyXmanso far, only in n90019:23
StyXmanand the older n770 and n800, I think19:24
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StyXmanI can't find much more info in wiki.maemo.org19:26
matt23awesome, that was a huge help though!19:27
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federico2anyone using an N900 / maemo in Japan?20:32
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wmaronefederico2: I did a while back20:35
federico2may I ask you few hints? Any SIM worth buying as a non-japanese? What about GPS and maps?20:36
federico2I'm reading some scary reports on talk.maemo.org20:37
*** klasu__ has joined #maemo20:37
wmaronebefore I went to Japan I bought an bmobileSIM 30, which allows for unlimited use for 30 days from activation20:37
wmaronebest effort, 300kbps max, and you  need a japanese cellphone to activate it20:38
federico2I heard you need a Japanese credit card to buy it20:38
wmaroneI used a proxy service called Rinkya20:39
derfGPS and maps (through Maemo Mapper) worked fine for me in Japan.20:41
derfOf course, I hope you can read Japanese.20:41
derfBecause the maps aren't in English.20:41
federico2a bit... no romaji setting, I guess20:41
*** Smily has quit IRC20:42
derfI mean, it was using whatever it would scrape off Google Maps.20:42
*** Smily has joined #maemo20:42
federico2I'm looking at maemo mapper20:42
wmaronejust make sure you take an extra battery and never leave the browser open when not using it :/20:43
federico2extra battery? urgh :(20:43
wmaronenot that you'll burn through battery faster, but it's exceedingly convenient20:43
federico2is maemo mapper caching the maps data?20:43
federico2I would also need a battery charger for that20:44
*** eMHa has joined #maemo20:46
StyXmanI know marble can cache maps20:46
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo20:46
*** swc|666 has quit IRC20:46
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo20:46
federico2I'm trying Mappero20:47
federico2...which seems to be maemo-mapper20:47
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo20:49
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo20:49
*** Smily has quit IRC20:49
* valerius tried to compile custom gcc directly on my n900. It's damn slow because of insufficient memory (though, added extra gig of swap ;))20:49
*** Smily has joined #maemo20:50
valeriusthe process continues in scratchbox :)20:50
valeriusthough, binutils and libs buillt successfully ;)20:52
*** Smily has quit IRC20:56
*** mechi_soulfly has joined #maemo20:58
*** mechi_soulfly has left #maemo20:58
luke-jrvalerius: distcc20:58
federico2any opinion about ?20:58
valeriusluke-jr I need a special gcc with special TLS requirements ;)20:59
luke-jrvalerius: why?20:59
valeriusluke-jr I want to start on n900, it uses the gs register on x86 for special purpopses, and something similar on arm21:01
jazedalWhat we need is a browser with bookmarks easily sync'd with desktops.21:02
wmaronewe had one until mozilla stopped building FF for maemo21:02
luke-jrjazedal: Firefox?21:03
luke-jrwmarone: Maemo is dead.21:03
*** zz_gri is now known as gri21:03
luke-jractually, Firefox might need too much RAM to build21:03
wmaroneit's not dead until no one uses it anymore21:03
luke-jrwmarone: nonsense21:03
jazedalfirefox was too slow, and the sync utility doesnt meet everyone's privacy requirements21:03
NIN101it's dead when the last users leaves this channel. end of story.21:04
derfjazedal: What privacy requirements do people have that it doesn't meet?21:04
jazedalIt needs, At the least, just a bookmark format that is importable to other browsers.21:04
jazedalderf: FF sync is online in the cloud21:05
derfUh, no.21:05
derfIt is encrypted.21:05
jazedalIs it...21:05
derfIn fact, Mozilla cannot even decrypt it themselves.21:05
derfIf you lose your password, the data is gone.21:05
jazedalMy mistake, I haven't looked at it recently because the browser is still too slow.21:05
derf(full disclosure: I'm a Mozilla employee)21:06
jazedalderf: Are you really?21:06
jazedalMake ff faster for the n900.21:06
derfThe memshrink stuff from the past few releases probably helps.21:06
luke-jrFirefox. fast. yeah right21:07
luke-jrFirefox is slow on my brand new Sandy Bridge *desktop*21:07
jazedalFF would be great. The plugins,21:07
jazedal...sync'd bookmarks etc.21:07
wmaroneFF is plenty fast on my ~3 year old i7 92021:07
wmaronemaybe it's just the linux version ;p21:08
jazedalWhat's up with the rapid development cycle?21:08
luke-jrwmarone: maybe. Firefox *is* basically a Windows browser21:08
derfluke-jr: Do you have GPU acceleration enabled?21:09
javispedronote that for some weird, weird reason true firefox on a chroot on the n900 feels noticeably faster than mobile21:09
luke-jrderf: no idea, I shouldn't need it.21:09
jazedalFirefox is my favorite. It simply has certain plugins no other browser will probably ever have. I'm rooting for FF.21:09
derfluke-jr: about:support, look for GPU Accelerated Windows.21:11
jazedalFF needs to maintain backward compatibility.21:11
derfThat's probably the biggest difference between Linux and Windows.21:11
derfThe other thing that can make things slow is a busted profile.21:11
jazedalHow do you know if your profile is busted?21:12
derfBecause DIESQLITEDIEDIEDIE^W, uh, databases are hard.21:12
*** luke-jr has quit IRC21:12
*** luke-jr has joined #maemo21:12
derfjazedal: Do you get periodic 15-second long pauses?21:12
derf(or worse)21:13
derfThen you're probably fine.21:13
luke-jrGPU Accelerated Windows 0/721:13
jazedalI don't remember, it's slow in general.21:13
luke-jrderf: there is no reason for a browser to have a SQL database.21:13
luke-jroh right, HTML5^Wbloat.21:13
derfOkay. I welcome your patch to remove it.21:14
wmaroneluke-jr: so because you cannot think of a reason, a reason cannot exist?21:14
luke-jror I can just keep using sane browsers like Konqueror and Rekonq21:14
derfI won't stop you.21:14
jazedalJust write neat code where the complex bits are abstracted from the logic, and it's fine.21:15
jazedalThen you can change your data storage medium however you want with little trouble.21:15
luke-jrjazedal: if I were going to use SQL, it'd definitely be SQLite21:15
luke-jrno reason for a full blown db engine on end user computers21:16
jazedalBy data storage medium I actually mean database vs txtfile vs anything21:16
* luke-jr notes that SQL *is* abstraction.21:17
jazedalsqlite, inifiles, w/e, it just needs to be efficient and backward compatible21:17
luke-jrjazedal: you're talking about DIFFERENT kinds of data stores21:17
jazedalluke-jr: Yes.21:18
luke-jrsqlite/mysql/pgsql/etc do not do the same thing as bdb/inifiles/etc21:18
luke-jryou can't reasonable abstract both groups21:18
jazedalNot accurately, but if you're data layer is abstracted at all, it would make conversion easier21:19
javispedroyes, you can probably implement SQL on top of ini files.21:19
jazedalNot prettily21:20
jazedalThat's beside the point.  We need a browser with syncable bookmarks21:22
jazedalHas anyone else just wanted to eat the Nyan cat?21:23
*** mck182 has joined #maemo21:24
*** mck182 has joined #maemo21:24
RST38hUse of the GPL, LGPL, and AGPL set of licenses is declining at an accelerating rate, according to new analysis by the 451 Group's Matthew Aslett. In fact, the 451 Group projects that GPL usage will hit 50% by September 2012. Instead, developers are licensing projects under permissive licenses such as the MIT, Apache (ASL), BSD, and Ms-PL. The shift started in 2007 and has been gathering momentum ever since.21:28
RST38hEvening, javispedro21:28
javispedro... clearly the reason this is the year of Linux Disappointments =)21:29
RST38hthey claim that GPLv3 is the reason21:29
RST38htoo much of a bite into user's rights21:30
*** dimw1t has joined #maemo21:30
luke-jrRST38h: GPLv3 doesn't touch user's rights21:30
luke-jrI claim it's FUD about GPLv321:31
*** florian has joined #maemo21:31
*** florian has joined #maemo21:31
DocScrutinizerI can't see how GPL use is related to linux disappointments21:31
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: disappointing to people who want to abuse Linux, I'msure21:32
RST38hjavispedro: Can't blame Linux, 2011 has been kinda bloodbathy for everyone21:32
RST38hjavispedro: From Linux projects to corporations to states21:32
jazedalCould it be Windows 7?21:34
* DocScrutinizer reads >>eat the Nyan cat<< and frowns21:34
jazedalBut, Nyan Cat is made of pop tart, and looks very yummy.21:35
*** shanttu has joined #maemo21:35
DocScrutinizernfc what you say21:36
javispedroRST38h: touché.21:36
jazedalI was hungry.21:37
RST38hWhoever has not committed suicide, went nuts21:37
javispedroI ponder when did those newssites changed the tune from "bad finances -> boom for FOSS" to "bad finances -> disappointments".21:37
RST38hwhen they got low on their own finances? =)21:37
jazedalI have an idea how FOSS can be funded21:38
RST38hideas are dime a dozen21:39
*** dimw1t has quit IRC21:39
jazedalNot this idea.21:39
jazedalIt costs $500.21:39
RST38hnice, good luck.21:39
*** ghostcube has quit IRC21:40
jazedalIt's cheap to hire indians and chinese children.21:40
jazedalYou can help.21:41
javispedroIn unrelated news, asus now wants to ship me a DDR3 GT 240 instead of the DDR5 GT 240 I RMA'd. "Believe me, DDR3 is more performing" included.21:42
* javispedro goes find the automatic gun21:42
*** nox- has joined #maemo21:42
RST38hjazedal: Are you proposing to convert them to methane, sell it, and use money to fund OSS?21:42
RST38hjavispedro: Anyone signed that letter in person? =)21:42
jazedalHmm, I haven't thought of that.  It could generate more revenue.21:43
jazedalI should run some tests.21:43
federico2wmarone, derf, thanks for your help21:44
javispedroRST38h: I'd wish it was a letter instead of a phone call.21:44
*** cyndis has quit IRC21:45
RST38hjavispedro: Oh, it was a phone call? So, you could badmouth the poor serf in person?21:45
javispedroI CAN badmouth the poor serf in person. Which I'm doing, Monday.21:46
javispedro*on Monday21:47
jazedalIt needs a website21:48
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC21:48
jazedalI don't write websites, the money is to get someone else to.21:49
*** dos11 has joined #maemo21:50
jazedalIt's too menial21:50
*** dos1 has quit IRC21:50
* DocScrutinizer does an adduser javispedro on the control console of his MTHELs21:51
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo21:51
*** githogori has joined #maemo21:52
* jazedal does an ssh javispedro:12345@DocScrutinizer.net21:53
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: or would you prefer to use one of the RC drones loaded with C4 I got lately?21:53
*** madalu has joined #maemo21:55
*** Jef91|Busy has joined #maemo21:55
javispedrois it common in st-e to play with these toys or what? =)21:55
DocScrutinizernah, that's another job :-D21:56
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater)21:56
shanttuif i want to flash my device with backupmenu-already-installed .img, is procedure the same: sudo flasher-3.5 -F /path/to/flashable_rootfs_v0.56-1-20101109.img -f -R ?21:56
* Jef91|Busy goes to read this thread21:56
Jef91|BusyWhat should I be using other than epoxy - should I be solidering it?21:57
DocScrutinizershanttu: I'd guess it is21:57
DocScrutinizerJef91|Busy: definitely21:57
* Jef91|Busy goes to find the iron21:57
shanttuDocScrutinizer, thanks. will try21:57
*** bash` has quit IRC21:58
valeriusshantty -r for rootfs if I remember correctly21:58
*** bash` has joined #maemo21:58
valeriusnot --F21:58
shanttuvalerius, so -r /.img -R -f21:59
*** vivijim has joined #maemo22:00
valeriusprobably, yes22:00
*** cyndis has joined #maemo22:01
valeriusBTW, how to flash the n900 from the SD or eMMC card? There is a maemo flasher which works directly on device -- how to specify it the device to flash? -- It complains that "No USB device found"22:03
valeriusshantty but you will need to convert the tar archive to .img first...22:04
javispedroyou will only be able to reflash the kernel locally, for obvious reasons22:04
javispedroif you want to do that, you need to start softupd and then flasher --local ; google around for additional information.22:05
shanttuvalerius, yes, of course.22:05
valeriusjavispedro yes, I suggest so. But it doesn't know where to flash image to...22:05
*** orbiting has quit IRC22:06
valeriusjavispedro ah, so, '--local' is essential...22:06
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo22:07
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo22:07
Jef91|Busyis there a tear down guide for this thing somewhere?22:08
Jef91|BusyFor getting at the main board I need to soldier22:08
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:12
DocScrutinizer-F, --fiasco=ARG            Location of a FIASCO image //  -r, --rootfs=ARG            Location of root JFFS2 image // vs:  -f, --flash                 Load and flash all supplied images22:15
DocScrutinizerprobably nothing wrong with -f, though -r should suffice as well, given the installed kernel matches the modules on image, you'll need the -F though22:17
DocScrutinizerJef91|Busy: there are service manuals22:17
DocScrutinizerJef91|Busy: or directly proceed to
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC22:20
Jef91|Busyneed to get a non-standard screw driver it seems22:21
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: thanks :-D22:21
Jef91|Busythat had slipped my mind as well, stupid thing.22:21
DocScrutinizertorx6, rather standard22:21
DocScrutinizerdon't try to find a workaround though22:21
DocScrutinizerand be *very* careful on reassembly with not tightening screws too hard! recommendation is to use new screws to avoid rather nasty breakage of used ones on tightening them22:22
DocScrutinizeralso be very careful with the flat plastic flex connector22:23
Jef91|BusyYep yep.22:23
Jef91|BusyNoticed that22:23
* Jef91|Busy shrugs. 22:23
Jef91|BusyIf this goes poorly22:23
Jef91|BusyI'll just get a new one22:23
Jef91|Busythanks for the tips though22:23
*** luca_ has joined #maemo22:23
DocScrutinizerkeep the pieces to send them to me then :-D22:23
luca_hi, there22:23
*** madalu` has joined #maemo22:23
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:24
luca_I'm having a weird problem and about to reflash because I can't find a solution. The problem is described here:
povbotBug 12531: alarmd events don't produce any sound or vibration22:24
*** mase76 has quit IRC22:24
*** madalu has quit IRC22:24
Jef91|BusyDocScrutinizer This should for the torx6?
luca_I have the feeling that it should be a fairly simple problem to fix, but my lack of knowledge about that architecture of maemo is getting in the way22:25
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:25
luca_besides alarmd, now I noticed I don't get any notifications sounds or vibrations now22:26
DocScrutinizerJef91|Busy: yes22:26
luca_so I'm more suspicious about the notification mechanism than alarmd22:26
DocScrutinizer"bits include: ... T6 ..."22:26
luca_is this the right place to ask for help debugging this problem to see if I can avoid a reflashing?22:27
*** geaaru has quit IRC22:27
Jef91|Busytwas just checking :P22:27
DocScrutinizerluca_: alarmd supposed to do any of that? (vibrate, create sounds)22:28
DocScrutinizeralarmd is a daemon after all, only meant to execute a callback function at a certain moment22:29
luca_DocScrutinizer: no, I don't think so, but I first I thought maybe it was a problem with the communication to systemui22:29
luca_DocScrutinizer: now I don't think that's the case22:29
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:30
luca_DocScrutinizer: if you see the bug report, the dbus-monitor stuff, I see the same behaviour when I receive a message for example22:30
luca_(sending a Play call and immediately after that a Stop)22:30
DocScrutinizerhmmm, who's sending that?22:31
*** dos11 is now known as dos122:31
luca_DocScrutinizer: I don't know exactly, that's why I'm asking for help :)22:31
Jef91|Busythanks for that PDF DocScrutinizer thats exactly what I need22:31
*** ferdna has joined #maemo22:31
DocScrutinizerJef91|Busy: yw22:31
luca_DocScrutinizer: I just run dbus-monitor and do stuff and see what happens22:31
luca_DocScrutinizer: I don't know exactly who is using dbus to send those (rpc) calls22:32
luca_DocScrutinizer: I'm not very familiar with dbus either to be honest :S22:32
DocScrutinizerluca_: I'd uninstall the usual suspects, like custom ringtone apps, special alarm clocks, profile managers ("to make your phone silent any time you want... ;-P")22:33
jazedalSurvey - Which browser do you use on your N900?22:33
DocScrutinizeralso uninstall or stop/disable dbus-scropting pkg, which you maybe got installed22:34
DocScrutinizerjazedal: ATM? none22:34
jazedalDocScrutinizer: Why?22:34
DocScrutinizerusually? mircoB22:34
DocScrutinizeroccasionally? Opera22:34
jazedalWhy switch to Opera occasionally?22:35
DocScrutinizerwhy? because I'm on my laptop irc'ing ATM22:35
luca_DocScrutinizer: I don't have much of that, and nothing got updated before the problem started22:35
luca_DocScrutinizer: ideally I'd like to fully understand the problem instead of trying random solutions (I've been doing a lot of that lately and it's not workin :P)22:36
jazedalI usually use MicroB, because it's faster and the controls are better suited for a phone, but syncing the bookmarks is difficult.22:36
DocScrutinizerluca_: I feel the same ragrding that22:36
luca_DocScrutinizer: do you know if there are any developers here that can know about this stuff?22:36
jazedalDocScrutinizer: How do you handle the inability to preserve your bookmarks?22:36
DocScrutinizerjazedal: I had no such problem yet22:37
jazedalluca_: Have you searched google?22:37
jazedalDocScrutinizer: When surfing from your phone, do you not encounter web pages that you want saved?22:38
DocScrutinizersure I do, I create a bookmark in microB and done22:38
luca_DocScrutinizer: did you mean dbus-scripts? that's the only package I have installed close to the one you mentioned22:38
jazedalAnd, after saving said pages, have difficulty syncing them with your main computer?22:38
luca_jazedal: a lot :)22:38
DocScrutinizernever seen the need to do that22:38
luca_jazedal: I found similar problems but not the same22:38
DocScrutinizerjust in case I need sth like that, I c&p the URL to IRC to my alter ego on the other end of the mobile/stationary trench22:39
DocScrutinizermost direct instant and simple way I could come up with22:40
jazedalSo you use IRC to meet your portable information gathering requirements.22:40
DocScrutinizeractually I rarely ever surf when mobile, and if I do then not on pages that needed bookmarks22:41
jazedalThat took seven questions to find out, I should optimize my interrogation skills.22:42
*** valerius has quit IRC22:42
DocScrutinizervery occasionally I want to continue reading a web page on my N900 that I started reading on stationary PC, then I send it to DocScrutinizer51 and click it in xchat22:42
DocScrutinizerneeds like 5 mousclicks and takes less than 10s, both ends together22:44
jazedalI, for one, sometimes surf a lot on my N900.22:44
jazedalIRC and xchat is not an option for me.22:44
*** Trcx has joined #maemo22:44
DocScrutinizerif I'd need to have a central repository of bookmarks, I'd create it on a webpage I can access from any arbitrary browser22:45
*** zk8 has joined #maemo22:45
jazedalA central repository is not necessary, just a syncronization of data.22:45
DocScrutinizersyncing is a PITA22:45
DocScrutinizersyncing to a central repo less though22:46
jazedalI actually have no central location, I sync everything everywhere22:46
DocScrutinizerafter all I always could log in to my stationary PC via vnc22:46
jazedalI don't find it a pain, once you have it set up22:46
jazedalI don't have a single stationary pc, and when I did, I didn't keep it on when I was away.22:47
DocScrutinizerwell, I got several "public" places: ovi, several private boxen22:47
jazedalI keep my docs encrypted in a volume file, sync'd between a flash drive, my phone, and peoples computers i use22:48
jazedalI use portable apps when possible22:48
jazedalIt's rather secure for being so portable22:49
jazedalUnfortunately the phone isn't complying22:49
jazedalAt least the bookmarks part22:50
madalu`So Google Talk calls initiated from another jabber/xmpp ring on the n900. But Google Talk calls forwarded from Google Voice don't. :(22:50
jazedalGV requires your IM account to be logged in through a browser22:51
jazedalThe browser plugin runs on windows and i386 Linux22:51
jazedalUnfortunately, not ARMEL22:52
madalu`But GV forwards to GT. And I can otherwise received GT calls on the n900.22:52
jazedalIt's a conspiracy to prevent free calls on the internet22:52
jazedalwhich is soon to be the best medium for all communication22:52
jazedalGV forwards to GT when GT is logged in from a browser22:53
madalu`O.K. Thanks.22:54
jazedalYou're welcome.22:54
madalu`Though now that I think of it, I can receive forwarded calls in Pidgin without being logged into a browser.22:55
DocScrutinizerI agree microB is missing a nice bookmark ex/import function (though I haven't checked at all, maybe it has). Better yet than N9/HARM where you got no bookmarks at all in browser22:55
jazedalPidgin can receive calls?22:55
federico2which repositories are usually recommended for an N900?22:55
jazedalDocScrutinizer: I think I remember there being a command line program that would export the bookmarks, but I lost it on an N900 reflash due to a bad backup and sync plan.22:56
*** Dibblah has quit IRC22:56
jazedalfederico2: I use all three repositories pinned to the most stable when possible.22:56
madalu`Yes, Pidgin can receive Google voice calls forwarded to Google talk.22:56
DocScrutinizerwell, I see an "import bookmarks" on "old microB" (PR1.2)22:56
jazedalmadalu`: GV shouldn't be able to forward calls to Pidgin, anyhow.22:57
DocScrutinizerI'd almost bet there's "an app for that"22:58
jazedalDocScrutinizer: There is an import, I will need an export too.22:58
jazedalDocScrutinizer: Hmm.22:58
madalu`jazedal: It does: via xmpp.22:58
madalu`If you have checked forward to Google Chat in Google voice settings.22:58
jazedalmadalu`: Can you please verify %100 that Google Voice can forward calls to Pidgin.22:59
jazedalmadalu`: That should not be possible.22:59
madalu`Why not possible?22:59
madalu`I just did it this morning.22:59
DocScrutinizersorry for URL, but[1][property]=name&org_maemo_packages_search[1][constraint]=LIKE&org_maemo_packages_search[1][value]=bookmark&org_maemo_packages_search[2][property]=title&org_maemo_packages_search[2][constraint]=LIKE&org_maemo_packages_search[2][value]=same23:00
madalu`Check "Forward to Google Chat" in Google Voice settings. Activate voice and video plugin in Pidgin. Then call Google voice number.23:00
jazedalDocScrutinizer: Interesting, I wonder if one solves my problem.23:01
jazedalI'll review them later.23:01
jazedalmadalu`: Then the question is, what is involved in porting Pidgin Voice and Video to maemo.23:02
jazedalCurious why it was necessary to point out that you are done commenting.23:06
*** madalu` has quit IRC23:08
DocScrutinizerMyBookmarks.xml sounds easy enough to handle23:09
DocScrutinizerand yeah, quite obviously a normal backup will also store your bookmarks to the "archive"23:09
jazedalThanks.  I hope it has a CLI23:11
DocScrutinizeralas the F*CKING backup app has none23:12
DocScrutinizerit seems23:12
jazedalSo I've heard.23:12
DocScrutinizernot even a dbus interface to trigger it that way, though.... HAM cna start backup23:13
DocScrutinizerwell, that only rises the GUI and asks for user interaction23:13
DocScrutinizerso annoying still23:13
DocScrutinizerincrediblly poor system architecture another time, I'm wondering how to schedule automatic backround backups since I got my first N900 >:-(23:14
*** chenca has joined #maemo23:15
DocScrutinizerand I bet the friggin backup app is closed source as usual with those bits that suck most23:15
jazedalI use to use duplicity or rdiff-backup, but now i just use unison23:15
jazedalThey can backup over ssh, or usb23:16
jazedal, can be automated, and23:16
jazedalare supported23:17
DocScrutinizermeh, I got a standard rsync script cron job on my stationary PC for that23:17
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, jrtools is
jazedalDocScrutinizer: So you already have a backup plan..23:18
DocScrutinizersorta, yes23:18
DocScrutinizerbut not the sort of backup that allows you to restore just the settings, in an easy way. Or access the bookmarks in that tgz file23:19
jazedalIf rsync doesn't meet all of the requirements, unison might.  I believe it is build on the rsync lib23:19
Paliping X-Fade23:19
Pali~seen X-Fade23:20
DocScrutinizerosso-backup is rather special23:20
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo #harmattan #meego. Has said a total of 26 messages. Is idling for 3d 5h 25m 9s, last said: 'pawky: yes'.23:20
jazedalosso-backup...THAT's the utility that backs up the bookmarks via a command line, isnt it...23:20
PaliX-Fade please look at kernel-power-* packages in maemo repository...23:21
jazedalAnyway, I backup my settings manually, by picking out the files I want to preserve.23:21
DocScrutinizerApplication Options:23:21
DocScrutinizer  -f, --finish-restore     Finish the restore process after a reboot23:21
DocScrutinizer  -v, --version            Display the software version23:21
DocScrutinizer  --display=ANZEIGE        X-Anzeige, die verwendet werden soll23:21
DocScrutinizer  osso-backup [OPTION...] - Backup/Restore23:22
jazedalNo, I remember using it in my backup scripts for something.23:22
jazedalThat doesn't make sense.23:23
jazedalGood news: BookmarkBridge has a CLI23:25
DocScrutinizerit's at least missing a --background or --daemonize option, to run unattended23:25
jazedalif it had any command line control, you could automate it with UpStart and some timer script23:26
*** valerius has joined #maemo23:30
jazedalBut, I ask for so little.23:30
DocScrutinizerwell, find out where those friggin bookmarks are stored. No matter if it's gconf or berkley db or sqlite or plaintext, you probably can convert it "online"23:32
DocScrutinizerI'd almost bet it's sth like ~user/.microb/bookmarks/bookmarkdb23:33
DocScrutinizeralas not, according to find (1)23:34
jazedalI believe that's it.23:36
DocScrutinizerdang, forgot the i in -name23:38
DocScrutinizerlike -iname23:38
DocScrutinizerand yes, that's it23:38
*** chenca has quit IRC23:39
jazedalWorking on building BookmarkBridge from source on the N900.23:39
* DocScrutinizer slaps himself and shouts "will you use -iname from now on, will you?!"23:39
jazedalTell him.23:40
DocScrutinizer<!DOCTYPE xbel PUBLIC "+//IDN XML Bookmark Exchange Language 1.0//EN//XML" "">23:41
jazedalGenerated from Python?23:42
*** kW has quit IRC23:43
jazedalor BEL23:44
jazedalOh, I didn't know there was a standard bookmark file format.23:45
*** valerius has quit IRC23:45
jazedalThat makes firefox the perpetrator in my attempt to synchronize bookmarks.23:46
*** kW_ has joined #maemo23:47
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo23:54
*** DrGrov has joined #maemo23:58
*** DrGrov has left #maemo23:59

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