IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2011-11-20

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DocScrutinizer51it damn better does00:01
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jonnenow i just need to figure out which apps are named what00:05
psycho_oreosdpkg -l && dpkg -L usually helps00:06
DocScrutinizera proper tool to print the real name of the process which currrently hold focus would be way smarter00:06
DocScrutinizermaybe a nice improvenet to get a key-shortcut for doing that in MHD taskswitcher?00:08
jonnei tried top, but there's just so much running i can't tell00:08
psycho_oreostop only shows which process uses the most amounts of system resource, usually sorted by CPU%00:09
jonneyeah, i know00:09
jonneusually your gui app should be somewhere on top00:09
DocScrutinizer"press shift-?, then click on any of the task icons to copy the tasks real commandline name to clipboard"00:09
DocScrutinizersounds good to me, we should get sth like that00:10
jonnebut apparently some apps don't show up there, like the conversations thing00:11
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jonneok, conversations is apparently rtcom-messaging-ui00:14
jonneI might actually be able to use this thing with one hand now00:14
DocScrutinizermaybe /usr/sbin/browserd -s 1535 -n RTComMessagingServer00:15
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jonnei put rtcom-messaging-ui in the whitelist and it worked instantly00:19
jonnei'll play around and see what other apps can do portrait00:19
jonnealthough messaging-ui is a bit weird as it is, right now00:20
jonnei have horz scroll in the actual conversation00:20
jonnebut this is possibly fixable with css, right?00:20
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jonnelol, the photo app certainly doesn't handle rotation well00:22
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sq-onewhats the easies way to crosscompile a simple c-programm for the n900? I saw that gcc has arm support? Any advise?00:28
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psycho_oreossq-one, scratchbox, yes you can compile on N900 as well00:31
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sq-oneokay I'll have a look at it. thx!00:40
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DocScrutinizercould somebody please paste result of #> apt-cache policy maemosec-certman-applet | grep Installed ;  on a PR1.3.1 without CSSU?03:02
LaoLang_coollet me try03:05
LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer:   Installed: 0.1.4+0m503:07
LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer: I'm not sure if mine is PR1.3.103:08
DocScrutinizerand you installed latest Nokia security update?03:08
DocScrutinizeraah yes03:08
LaoLang_coolBut I'm sure mine is winout CSSU03:08
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LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer: yes, latest updated03:08
DocScrutinizerosso-product-info | grep OSSO_PRODUCT_RELEASE_VERSION03:09
LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer: OSSO_PRODUCT_RELEASE_VERSION='21.2011.38-1.002'03:10
LaoLang_coolSeems I'm newer :)03:10
DocScrutinizermhm, locale version 002, USA I guess03:10
LaoLang_cools/I'm/mine is/03:10
infobotLaoLang_cool meant: Seems mine is newer :)03:10
LaoLang_coolhmm, got it03:10
DocScrutinizerso I'm not wiser than before, but thanks anyway :-)03:11
LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer: but still wise haha03:12
DocScrutinizerjust  updated to Tmaemo1 CSSU and wonder if I actually got the newest security patches now03:12
* DocScrutinizer <<-- idiot, should have checked versions *before* update03:13
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DocScrutinizeris it just me, or does a line like >>500 ./ Packages<< not really match any of the repos listed in sources.list? To me this looks like a bug in apt-cache policy03:25
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DocScrutinizerI mean I got:03:26
DocScrutinizerdeb ./03:26
DocScrutinizerdeb ./03:26
DocScrutinizerdeb ./03:26
DocScrutinizerand now which of the three the above line is referring to, the heck!03:27
DocScrutinizerseems to me like apt-cache "forgets" to print the most releavnt part of that info: the subdir03:28
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DocScrutinizeranyway CSSU update to Tmaemo1 seems to go smoothly03:34
LaoLang_coolDocScrutinizer: what's wrong?03:35
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DocScrutinizerthere were strange rants from those who should know, about updates of those pkgs not being done correctly on Tmaemo103:51
DocScrutinizerI dunno if Tmaemo1 now got those pkgs locally in the right version, or it included them from Nokia official repo (my preferred variant anyway), or it did not update at all and my investigations on that state of pks (see above) are poor03:52
DocScrutinizeranyway I don't care much about if settings->certificates shows revoked certs as valid now or not, the rest of update seems to work and that's the relevant part for me03:54
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Psihm.. anyone know if china post is handling the xmas load, want to order some stuff04:16
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mykhali have a nokia n900 and tmobile service. is it possible to download tmobile apps?04:22
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luke-jrwtf is tmobile apps?04:50
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DocScrutinizerprobably some app provided by T-Mo, as usual without explicitly mentioning what platform they are meant for (usual bad habit when offering windows programs, seems it proliferates to "app" as well)05:37
DocScrutinizerso the definition of a human being changed from "owns a PC with windoze" to "owns a PC with windoze and a fruitphone"05:39
SpeedEvilI noticed that my t-mobile SIM has sim-toolkit stuff on the n95005:39
SpeedEvilIt doesn't seem to work.05:40
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DocScrutinizerwhere and how would you access SAT stuff, under HARM?05:41
SpeedEvilIt's in apps05:41
SpeedEvilWith something that sorta looks like a black and white SIM05:42
DocScrutinizernow if only I had a SIM with some of that SAT junk on it05:43
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SpeedEvilIt doesn't work somewhat - for example, the 'request balance' doesn't do anything05:44
DocScrutinizernice however, does *#67# do sth?05:45
DocScrutinizeron any decent phone you have an option to allow SAT, and to configure if it may work unsolicited or only on interactive event, etc05:47
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DocScrutinizerI guess "request balance" just would send sth like *111#05:48
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DocScrutinizerprobably on HARM disabling SAT functions is sth that aegis will protect users from05:50
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SpeedEvil'call divert not active'05:57
SpeedEvilIn a popup.05:57
DocScrutinizergood, so at least this works as expected on that device05:58
DocScrutinizerso I gather *111# et al USSD should work as well05:58
DocScrutinizerwhich in turn might mean there's a bug in SAT API not allowing it to "dial" *111# or whatever, to "get balance"05:59
DocScrutinizerI'd not be surprised06:00
SpeedEvil111 doesn't do anything.06:00
SpeedEvilIt sits there at 'requesting'06:00
DocScrutinizerdunno what's your provider's 'number' for bal06:01
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DocScrutinizer*100#  *101# *110# *111# *120# all can be found somewhere for some provider06:03
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DocScrutinizerdunno if there are even USSD codes >199 or if that's forbidden by specs06:04
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DocScrutinizer00..99 anyway are reserved for network control codes06:05
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DocScrutinizeraah I forgot: some providers seem to use *#nnn#06:06
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DocScrutinizerwhich is somewhat more sane and inline with the way control codes work06:06
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SpeedEvilI should look it up - but going to sleep. Night!06:07
DocScrutinizernight SpeedEvil06:08
DocScrutinizerwhat's your provider?06:08
DocScrutinizer(damn, I used to know it)06:09
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SpeedEvil(for that SIM)06:36
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DocScrutinizerfor t-mo I think it was *101#06:44
DocScrutinizerooops, *100#06:46
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internetishardI want to replace the 3.5mm jack on my n900. What do you guys recommend?08:26
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luke-jrnot doing it08:28
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luke-jrinternetishard: because it's fine as-is and if you break it, you're screwed?08:32
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psycho_oreos"don't fuck with it if its not broken" concept? :)08:34
LaoLang_coolI agree the original's quality is good enough08:36
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LaoLang_coolLisening to the music is a so good feeling with it08:36
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internetishardI broke it08:37
internetishardWhy am I screwed?08:37
internetishardand it be re-soldered?08:38
internetishardi have to keep moving the headphone jack to make it stereo and it doesn't detect headsets anymore08:38
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internetishardthose two variables combined convince me that it is hardware and not software08:39
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DocScrutinizerinternetishard: the 3.5mm receptacle isn't soldered09:12
internetishardDocScrutinizer what do you recommend?09:13
DocScrutinizerit's a replaceable part, a block pf plastic with some gold plated springs09:13
DocScrutinizerI recommend Nokia care center09:13
internetishardwhat'll they do?09:13
DocScrutinizerdismantle, swap, reassemble09:14
internetishardchange it out for some price? You think they'd give me a new one to use a while?09:14
DocScrutinizershould take less than 30min09:14
internetishardno fkn way. Any places like that in the US... san fran?09:14
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DocScrutinizerI'm not Nokia customer help desk, I have no idea09:15
DocScrutinizerI just can tell you what it takes technically to replace the 3.5mm receptacle09:16
internetishardCool, I just can't do without my phone for a day09:17
internetishardI'll look into it09:17
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backtrackmobilehi guys11:20
backtrackmobilecan someone help me with bash?11:20
backtrackmobilei'm creating a bash script to keep the battery life, it will be a daemon that check the battery state and that disabls some features like (wifi etc)11:21
backtrackmobilei have the code but i have a problem with a some lines11:22
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backtrackmobilethis is my code it has to write a profile in a txt file, but just in some cases like if different from silent mode11:29
backtrackmobilecan someone help me with that?11:30
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freemangordon~seen pali13:10
infobotpali <~quassel@unaffiliated/pali> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 14h 4m 37s ago, saying: 'X-Fade, maemo package interface still not see two new versions of kernel-power, please look at it'.13:10
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kwtm2I pinned a package before, with /etc/apt/preferences, but can't remember how to do it any more, so I'm just following what I previously did by rote.  Can someone explain the following line please: "Pin: version 20.2010.36-2maemo13*" --what is the asterisk at the end for?14:42
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kwtm2dead?  Or am I just not connected properly?14:51
kwtm2infobot answer me to show you hear me14:51
*** dos11 has joined #maemo14:51
*** BCMM has quit IRC14:51
*** dos11 is now known as dos114:52
*** BCMM has joined #maemo14:52
*** BCMM has joined #maemo14:53
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo14:53
*** BCMM has quit IRC14:53
*** BCMM has joined #maemo14:54
merlin1991kwtm2: not dead here14:55
*** BCMM has quit IRC14:55
merlin1991I guess the * is a wildcard for anything14:56
kwtm2Hey, it's merlin1991!  You're the guy who's hosting the repositories in case the main maemo repository goes down.14:56
kwtm2At least, for the CSSU updates.14:56
merlin1991cssu, extras and extras-devel :D14:56
kwtm2I tried to do    apt-get install mp-fremantle-community-pr    but it said there was no such package.  Is there a reason?  Is it down?  It's reachable by web browser.14:57
kwtm2What I mean is,   is reachable by web browser.14:57
*** ale152 has quit IRC14:57
merlin1991is it in your katalouge still?14:57
kwtm2I've upgraded CSSU before, about a year ago, but pinned the package so new bugs wouldn't get me.  Now I want to upgrade to the latest but somehow I can't.14:57
*** ale152 has joined #maemo14:58
kwtm2merlin1991: Yes, I still have this in a file under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cssu.list :14:58
kwtm2"deb fremantle free non-free"14:58
merlin1991apt-cache poliy mp-fremanlte-community-pr tells you anything?14:59
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo14:59
kwtm2When I do apt-cache policy  mp-fremantle-community-pr    it says     //  Installed: 20.2010.36-2maemo13 //  Candidate: (none)14:59
kwtm2It also says this:  // 20.2010.36-2maemo0 1001  //        500 fremantle/free Packages15:00
kwtm2Does that mean it hit a 500 error while searching?  Should I just try again?15:00
kwtm2Oh oh.  I did apt-get update again and got this:  "GPG error: ./ Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY ADB4438160A655EF".  Maybe that's why it's pretending that CSSU doesn't exist.15:02
kwtm2Hmm... Google search seems to indicate that this is not related to my problem, just saying that some old deprecated package is no longer signed, but it doesn't seem to affect me.15:03
*** BCMM has joined #maemo15:04
*** NIN101 has quit IRC15:04
kwtm2merlin1991: Is your repository still at   ?15:05
*** ale152 has quit IRC15:08
*** ale152 has joined #maemo15:08
Juozapaswhere i can find what's new on this update ?15:10
kwtm2When I try to apt-get update, I get  "W: Conflicting distribution: fremantle-1.3 Release (expected fremantle-1.3 but got )"   even after I put in your mirror, so it must be my own setup.15:11
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC15:16
merlin1991kwtm2: do you have extras-devel enabled?15:16
merlin1991what is your "distribution" value for it if you have it enabled?15:16
kwtm2merlin1991: Oh!  Is that what it is? I made sure I had extras, but not sure about extras-devel.  Somehow it's not just disabled, it doesn't even show up (at least not in Faster Application Manager).  Maybe I'll go back to the original App Manager --I only have to put up with it once a year when I update CSSU, anyway.15:17
*** ale152 has quit IRC15:17
kwtm2merlin1991: Not sure about "distribution" value.  Is that the pin priority?15:17
*** ale152 has joined #maemo15:18
merlin1991that's is part of the cataloge definition15:18
infobotmerlin1991 meant: that is part of the cataloge definition15:18
kwtm2merlin1991: Not sure where to find it.  I am now checking if extras-devel is enabled.  It's has taken about 60 seconds so far in App Manager and still waiting (a nice reminder of why I can't stand that piece of software).15:19
*** jargon- has joined #maemo15:20
merlin1991you'll see it there when you finally have the different repos listed there15:21
kwtm2merlin1991: Aha.  extras-devel failed to refresh; also has error: "Hash sum mismatch" http:// ... /binary-armel/Packages.gz"   Oh, you mean which version of distribution.  It's fremantle-1.315:21
kwtm2Will re-enable extras-devel anyway and see if it refreshes.  Is this necessary for CSSU?15:22
DocScrutinizer[Notice] -kloeri- [Global Notice] Hi all, it's time to continue our ircd upgrades so we'll have a few netsplits as wolfe and hubbard is restarted. It will be somewhat noisy with just shy of 4000 people affected but shouldn't take long. Thank you for using freenode.15:23
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC15:23
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo15:24
merlin1991kwtm2: it is not necessary15:24
DocScrutinizerstarting with 31715:24
merlin1991but change the distribution to fremantle on extras -devel15:24
merlin1991then you get rid of that one warning15:24
*** mc_teo has quit IRC15:25
kwtm2merlin1991: Ok, so for now I'll ignore the warning (it has a few issues of its own that I dont' want to get sidetracked on) but the question is why doesn't   apt-cache policy  mp-fremantle-community-pr      show an upgradable package?15:28
kwtm2Ohhh... wait.  There's an error in    Geez!15:28
kwtm2It says "20.2010.36-maemo16.8"  but I strongly suspect that it should say "20.2010.36-2maemo16.8"  (with a "2" in front of the "maemo")15:29
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: apt-cache search community15:29
*** Oppo|LAN is now known as MrOpposit15:29
*** MrOpposit is now known as MrOpposite15:29
kwtm2I'm pinning to a non-existent package version because I was asking for a version that doesn't have the "2" in front of the "maemo".  Will try again.15:30
LaoLang_cooldoes built-in mail client support topic mode?15:31
*** Sickki has quit IRC15:31
*** ale152 has quit IRC15:31
*** ale152 has joined #maemo15:32
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC15:33
Paliping freemangordon15:34
kwtm2DocScrutinizer: Thx for the paste.  That's the same thing I got when I did apt-cache policy mp-fremantle-community-pr.  That's where I finally noticed that the current version had "2" in front of the "maemo".  I thought "500" meant "version not found" but I guess it means something else.15:34
DocScrutinizerfreenode -kloeri- seems to love the suspense :-P15:34
kwtm2Can I go correct the error in   ?  It's a wiki page, right?15:35
DocScrutinizerAIUI 500 is priority15:35
Pali~seen freemangordon15:35
infobotfreemangordon is currently on #maemo (2h 26m 2s). Has said a total of 1 messages. Is idling for 2h 25m 3s, last said: '~seen pali'.15:35
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*** kerio has joined #maemo15:37
Paliwhy was infobot disconnected?15:37
*** kahless has joined #maemo15:37
*** kerio has quit IRC15:37
*** kerio has joined #maemo15:37
*** jevin has joined #maemo15:39
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo15:41
Paliping X-Fade15:41
merlin1991kwtm2: are you still editing the page?15:43
kwtm2merlin1991: No, I made about 4 separate edits but can't be bothered to change all dozen or so mistakes.15:43
kwtm2merlin1991: Do you see the changes?15:43
merlin1991k I'll do it then15:44
merlin1991yeah I see them15:44
kwtm2My CSSU is updated.  Yea!  I suppose I'll need to reboot or something...15:44
merlin1991but I was wondering if you're still editing since made single commits15:44
merlin1991yeah reboots should be done :)15:44
kwtm2I have to re-update the hildon-desktop transitions file to disable some fancy but useless stuff ... and then reboot.  Looking forward to portrait mode orientation lock!15:45
*** piggz has quit IRC15:45
merlin1991kwtm2: hildon-desktop does not overwrite the transitions file andymore15:46
merlin1991so unless you had it enabled already it's not going to get enabled :)15:46
kwtm2merlin1991: Well, it asked me if I wanted to overwrite, and I told it to do so, after I backed up my old transitions file.  So I'm using vimdiff to put my changes back in, without losing new features (like this blurless_saturation value that wasn't there before).15:47
merlin1991ah k15:48
merlin1991when you install from ham you don't get asked15:48
kwtm2I saw a client the other day with a N900.  What a rush!  He said, "You've heard of it?" and I said "I just bought my second one."15:48
*** kW_ has joined #maemo15:48
merlin1991but it rather creates a transistions.ini-dpkg file wich is the new one shipped with the package15:48
kwtm2Thank god for vim, and for the N900's ability to run vim!15:49
kwtm2It doesn't run on any other smartphone, does it?  My wife has an iPad2 and the built-in editor is such a hassle to use. :P  So much for apple products being easy to use.15:50
mr_jrt@kwtm2 I pulled my N900 out in a pub quiz the other day and got asked what it was, when I said it was a N900 running Maemo they said they considered getting one and what Nokia had done with WP was stupid. A joyful moment to find not only someone who knows about N900s...but cares about the OS. :)15:50
kwtm2mr_jrt: Very nice. :)15:51
*** vdv has quit IRC15:51
kwtm2mr_jrt: Nice to see someone who sees the value in an orphaned product.  I'm getting a 2nd one because I'm scared to death of losing my current one and having my life grind to a halt.15:52
mr_jrtI have a 2nd dev one whose cellular doesn't work...perfect for reflashing and buggering about with et al whilst keeping a working phone :)15:53
kwtm2merlin1991: Are you editing the wiki?  You put "2-maemo" but it should be "2maemo".15:53
* merlin1991 headdesks15:54
*** APTX has joined #maemo15:54
kwtm2poor desk.  But thx for the help.  How about I edit the last 2 and you do the first 3?15:54
kwtm2boy that was fast. :)15:55
merlin1991nah I did them all at once15:55
merlin1991on the right side there is an edit button15:55
merlin1991then you get the whole page instead of a section15:56
DocScrutinizerwow ;-P15:56
kwtm2How?  I didn't know you could do that.  I don't see any edit button.  Do I need Javascript turned on?15:56
kwtm2Wait,  I *do* have JavaScript turned on.15:56
DocScrutinizerit's next to history etc15:57
merlin1991there's navigation with a few buttons, below that is views15:57
kwtm2Ohhh.... under the Views heading.  I didn't know that's what it was.  Ok.15:57
merlin1991and in views there is edit15:57
kwtm2Geez, I feel like the guy who spends half an hour filling a salt shaker through the tiny holes.15:57
kwtm2Hmm... let me edit here .... "DocScrutinizer is a poopiehead" ... Save changes ... there we go,.15:58
DocScrutinizerdude, you made my day with your salt15:58
*** trx has quit IRC15:59
kwtm2I'm just waiting for App Manager to disable extras-devel again before I reboot.  1 minute down, 4 minutes to go ... :(15:59
*** ale152 has quit IRC16:02
*** ale152 has joined #maemo16:02
*** trx has joined #maemo16:04
kwtm2I dont' suppose there's a way to disable that annoying flashing yellow icon in the status bar that tells me I have updates to my packages? (which I don't want.  I'm happy with the versions of the packages I have already.)16:04
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo16:06
kwtm2thx mr_jrt16:07
kwtm2Hey, what happened to portrait lock?  I thought the newest CSSU had portrait orientation lock available?16:08
*** dos11 has joined #maemo16:08
kwtm2Darn, I'm still getting that floating point exception error.  I thought the CSSU update would fix that.  So it's an unrelated error, then.  Half my apps don't work because of that error.16:09
*** dos1 has quit IRC16:12
kwtm2Ohh, I see.  There was never any portrait lock.  There was portrait mode and landscape lock.16:14
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: what did you install actually? CSSU16.8, Tmaemo1 aka CSSU17, or even merlin1991's S eval  repo?16:15
kwtm2However, I see now that the UI no longer jumps out from portrait back to landscape when the portrait-orientation physical tilt of the device is less than 20 degrees.  "Gee, you're not tilting it enough to keep me in portrait mode!  You must be just about to go back to landscape mode, so why don't I just rotate back to landscape right now to save time?  Oops, now you're tilting 21 degrees --I guess I better go back to portrait mode!"16:16
DocScrutinizerand afaik it's orientation lock, which AIUI should lock all to the *current* orientation16:16
kwtm2DocScrutinizer: I did PR which is 20.2010.36-2maemo16.8 (09.09.2011)16:16
kwtm2So it's the next-to-most current one, I think --there's a Tmaemo1, but I wasn't sure what that was.16:17
*** zk8 has left #maemo16:17
DocScrutinizerhmm, so you should already get an update to T17 Tmaemo116:17
kwtm2So with that rotation setting fixed to a more sensible value, maybe I won't need portrait lock any more.16:17
kwtm2DocScrutinizer: What do you mean?  I pinned it.  I don't want new bugs coming up.  10.8 seemed like a stable release.16:17
*** LaoLang_cool has quit IRC16:17
kwtm2Is Tmaemo1 better?  I didn't see it on the changelog.16:18
kwtm2Anyway, I am totally beat (and sick besides) so I am going to hit the sack pretty soon.16:18
DocScrutinizerthat's cause it's all new16:18
DocScrutinizerand yes it's supposed to be "better"16:19
DocScrutinizerhas a nice bunch of bugfixes and very few new potentially broken stuff16:19
merlin1991it actually has nothing new but fixes to existing bugs afaik16:19
merlin1991kwtm2: it's not on the changelog because I didn't have time todo the changelog yet16:20
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: it's like 12h old16:21
kwtm2merlin1991: Oh, ok.  Will check it out but I was actually trying to solve this asciiportal-won't-run and other-app-won't-run bug.  Once that's worked out I'll see about upgrading to MerlinMaemo. :)16:21
DocScrutinizermerlinmaemo is yet another thing16:21
merlin1991what's the actual bug you're having?16:21
DocScrutinizer[2011-11-20 15:09:34] <kwtm2> Darn, I'm still getting that floating point exception error.  I thought the CSSU update would fix that.  So it's an unrelated error, then.  Half my apps don't work because of that error.16:22
* DocScrutinizer does o.O again16:23
kwtm2When I run certain apps, nothing happens.  Like asciiportal, but also some other apps --will check which ones right now.  But when I try to run them from command line, it says "floating point exception" and exits.16:23
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo16:23
kwtm2I guess that error msg doesn't show when I try to run from the GUI.16:23
merlin1991"floating point exception" is a rather wide error description16:23
DocScrutinizerI guess you might have a thoroughly messed up kernel/rootfs16:23
kwtm2maesynth is another one16:23
*** ale152 has quit IRC16:24
*** ale152 has joined #maemo16:24
DocScrutinizerincompatible Qt build maybe, or a fsckd glibc16:24
kwtm2Well ... once, someone told me to upgrade and then reflash -- "it always works".  I said "wasn't that risky? I'll go google" and he said "no, reflashing is easy --just back up and reflash".  I said I'll ask opinions of the other people on this channel, and he said "we all say reflash.  Just do it."16:25
kwtm2I did it, and got an error flashing, so I had to restore.16:25
kwtm2I hate know-it-alls in IRC.16:25
DocScrutinizerwell, reflash is usually safe16:26
kwtm2Yes, but for that instance it was an unnecessary risk.  Oh, I remember now, I was going to resize my partitions to increase the size of ext3 and shrink the VFAT partition.16:26
DocScrutinizerif reflash fails you're in serious trouble and a restore can't usually fix this16:26
kwtm2DocScrutinizer: Well, the fact that "this would only happen if you're in serious trouble" didn't prevent it from happening.16:27
kwtm2Anyway, all that's in the past, and it would be more productive to see where I fscked up my system.  Any ideas what the next step sould be to figure out what's wrong?16:28
DocScrutinizeryou fscked up your system when you did a half-done reflash16:28
DocScrutinizerreflash again and make sure it works as supposed to16:28
kwtm2DocScrutinizer: I'm not sure that was caused by a half-done reflash.  I was able to reflash the ... what are the two parts again?  kernel and flashdrive.  Well, I flashed the kernel ok, but the flashdrive didn't reflash properly, so I restored drive contents.  (Funny thing .. .the old drive contents were still there, but I just had to make sure nothign was corrupt so I restored.)16:30
merlin1991kwtm2 there are 2 parts in the n9016:30
DocScrutinizerbased on your error description I only can speculate and tell what *might* have been affected: kernel can be inconsistent, partitioning may be messed up so partitions may even overlap, restore might have resulted in arbitrary system bits being messed up, incl kernel modules16:31
merlin1991the 512 mb rootfs wich you would overwrite when flashing16:31
merlin1991and the other thing where the rest of the data is16:31
*** wmarone has quit IRC16:31
*** wmarone has joined #maemo16:31
merlin1991it's generally *safe* to flash following the instructions @
kwtm2Hey! Maesynth works!  I have been apt-get upgrading the rest of my system.  Maybe it's just that some lib needed upgrading and I haven't yet?  Will try asciiportal again.16:32
DocScrutinizerthere's also a hopefully good explanation about what are those two parts16:32
kwtm2merlin1991: I've flashed before, successfully.  (even wrote a script on my laptop to do it, I was doing it so often.)16:32
kwtm2yeah I know what the two parts are, just don't know the names for them.  I hadn't done it for almost a year.16:32
DocScrutinizercobined and vanilla16:33
DocScrutinizeraka rootfs et al and eMMC16:33
kwtm2Wow.  Well, anyway, I'm very pleased to have upgraded the CSSU now anyway.16:33
kwtm2That's it.  eMMC and rootfs.16:33
slonopotamusi love "Ensure your battery is fully charged" point especially when recovering from reboot loop with a reflash16:34
kwtm2Anyway, I have to get up again in 2.5 hours so I better get some sleep.  Thanks a lot guys!16:34
kwtm2slonopotamus: :)16:34
*** lardman|home has joined #maemo16:34
DocScrutinizerslonopotamus: it also has proper description about symptoms when battery is too weak16:35
DocScrutinizerand explanation that a bootloop may result from trying to flash a system with weak battery, and that you're busted then16:36
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: honestly I'd suggest to do a proper clean reflash, with rootfs and patched eMMC image for your changed partition size, then upgrade tp CSSU, then use mass storage mode to restore MyDocs, and system backup app to "restore" system16:38
DocScrutinizerkeep a backup of ~user, maybe by copying it to /MyDocs (don't copy ~user/MyDocs into ~user/myDocs/userHOMEbackup/ though!)16:40
*** ale152 has quit IRC16:41
*** ale152 has joined #maemo16:41
*** trx has quit IRC16:42
*** BCMM has quit IRC16:44
*** trx has joined #maemo16:46
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo16:48
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC16:49
*** trx has quit IRC16:51
*** ale152 has quit IRC16:55
*** ale152 has joined #maemo16:56
jonwilanyone know the best way to contact javispedro?16:57
*** trx has joined #maemo16:57
*** scoobertron has quit IRC17:01
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*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo17:16
DocScrutinizerwait till he joins here17:21
DocScrutinizer~seen javispedro17:21
*** ale152 has quit IRC17:23
*** ale152 has joined #maemo17:23
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jonwiljust send him a message through the forum "email this person" link17:54
*** rcg1 has quit IRC17:54
*** ale152 has joined #maemo17:54
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*** villev has joined #maemo17:55
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*** scoobertron has joined #maemo18:38
*** vi__ has joined #maemo18:40
DocScrutinizerI doubt this is a more direct way to get in touch with him :-)18:42
DocScrutinizerpovbot: seen javispedro18:44
povbotDocScrutinizer: javispedro was last seen in #maemo 23 hours, 50 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <javispedro> s/thought/wondered18:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v povbot18:44
PaliDocScrutinizer: where is infobot?18:45
DocScrutinizershe's out for shopping18:45
DocScrutinizergot upset on the netsplit and took some time off18:45
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo18:46
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*** dos is now known as Guest4675218:46
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*** ale152 has joined #maemo18:48
kwtm2O god - I deleted one app and catorise threw a fit.  Now the main apps menu says there are no apps at all.  I guess I really need to reflash, but I can't do it for another week.18:48
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: I dunno about catorize as it was unbearable when I tried it first - so I went for apmefo and that one has a "save" function that rebuilds the custom apps menu from scratch each time. I've seen similar effects when I dared to "edit" (aka drag icons) in app menu directly rather than using apmefo for that task18:51
*** disco_stu has quit IRC18:51
kwtm2DocScrutinizer: So, apt-get install apmefo?18:51
DocScrutinizererr, I'd not suggest that as probably it would conflict with catorize. But I suggest you *somehow* start catorize to edit something and then see if that recreates your menu18:52
*** scoobertron has quit IRC18:53
kwtm2This is so embarrassing.  So, catorise is functional again.  I wonder what I did?  I didn't seem to do anything. :P  I'll let things settle down again before I figure things out.18:54
*** disco_stu has joined #maemo18:54
kwtm2Anyway, I found that apt-get dist-upgrade would show errors like   "upstart pre-depends on busybox 3.6.1 but it won't be installed" and meanwhile the current busybox version is 3.10.218:54
DocScrutinizerapt-get dist-upgrade is ***DEPRECATED***18:55
DocScrutinizeras it is known to break your system in exactly the way you found out about, or another similar one18:56
*** florian has joined #maemo18:57
DocScrutinizerthat's why you ought use HAM for such things like dist-upgrade, kernel management etc, all stuff that really is >>installing a silly app18:57
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eichiwooow. CSSU update ;D does it work?20:36
eichijust certification security update? should be no problem, or?20:38
*** piggz has joined #maemo20:40
befordcssu or nokia?20:41
eichisorry, changelog was old20:41
eichiI mean the new CSSU20:42
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befordoh I see it now eichi20:46
befordit says it needs nokia PC suite20:46
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merlin1991beford: RTFM21:03
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befordno  :321:05
merlin1991A: RTFM. Specifically, see the banner at the top of this page(!): the message is misleading. In the majority of the cases, it is either needed to free up some disk space or fix some conflicts with other packages. Before taking any action, check the "Problems" tab in the dialog for more details.21:06
merlin1991check the Problems tab!21:07
befordyea i saw it there, libqtsomething21:07
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC21:07
befordits ok :P21:07
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo21:07
freemangordonmerlin1991, maybe we should change that stupid "PCSUITE" message in HAM, it is very misleading indeed21:09
freemangordonI'll try to do it for the next version21:09
merlin1991do you want to build a patch?21:10
merlin1991make it that the problem tab appears instead21:10
freemangordonyep, will try21:10
freemangordonor the contents of the problem tab to appear as banner21:10
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MohammadAGOr get some translators and change it21:15
merlin1991and write what instead?21:16
merlin1991go back and check problems tab?21:16
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freemangordonYeah, that sounds do be easier21:23
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MohammadAGNeed to do a presentation at uni, subject ideas anyone?21:59
merlin1991managing a community repository22:01
merlin1991or lusers in the open source world, the maintainers worst nightmare22:01
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kwtm2MohammadAG: Hi! Just upgraded CSSU to the newest 2maemo version (not counting the Tmaemo1 from Merlin that's less than a day old).22:15
kwtm2MohammadAG: I seem to recall, talking to you about a month ago, that you were working on a battery status icon for the status line that would show when battery was charging, e.g. a USB icon overlap.22:16
MohammadAGWhat version is that22:16
MohammadAGOh, for host mode probably22:16
MohammadAGI did clone the stock battery applet but that's it22:16
MohammadAGI didn't push it into the cssu since it doesn't cover everything yet22:17
kwtm2MohammadAG: That was to replace the current icon which looks just like the "battery almost gone" and "battery half full" and "battery full" applets, unless you stare at it for 5 seconds to see whether it's changing.22:17
kwtm2Oh, okay, so it was expected that I didn't see it.  Ok, then.  That was part of the motivation for update.22:17
MohammadAGAh, my clone does that but since it's open you can.22:17
MohammadAGChange that behaviour22:18
kwtm2I hate the battery icon.  I can't tell if I've plugged in my car charger properly, and I have to stare at it while I'm driving.22:18
MohammadAGIn fact it gives me ideas22:18
*** mesx has quit IRC22:18
kwtm2How do I change it?22:18
MohammadAGGet me a stock-like full battery with a USB logo overlaid on it in png format and I'll hopefully do it tomorrow22:19
MohammadAGSo it's gconf-igurable22:19
kwtm2Also, how do I change how long I have to sit on a key before the N900 says, "Oh! You've held down the key for an hour!  I guess you want me to backspace and replace that character with the equivalent of Fn+key!"22:19
MohammadAGMy clone lacks sounds and doesn't detect full charge btw, but the rest works22:19
MohammadAGNo idea, Fran's22:20
MohammadAGfrals might know22:20
kwtm2Wait, so is that part of CSSU or it's a separate package?22:20
MohammadAGWhich? The battery?22:20
MohammadAGIt will be included in the cssu once done22:20
kwtm2battery.  Ok thx.22:21
MohammadAGSource till now is
DocScrutinizermeanwhile you could change notification type of charging LED pattern from "only whe tk_lock" to "allways"22:23
MohammadAGYeah, that's why it doesnt annoy me I guess22:23
DocScrutinizerlemme test that, takes a minute22:23
merlin1991kwtm2: btw Tmaemo1 is not from me22:23
merlin1991Smaemo1 will be from me22:24
*** hurbu has joined #maemo22:24
kwtm2merlin1991: Sorry, got mixed up.22:25
PaliMohammadAG: look at my merge request for that battery status menu22:27
MohammadAGPali I did lots of changes locally and fear you'll have to rebate the patch when I push tem22:27
MohammadAGThat's why I haven't merged it22:28
Paliok, push your changes22:28
Paliand then I rewrite my patch22:28
kwtm2Also, you guys probably know this by heart: in what directory do I put files so that they will show up as icons on my desktop from which I can launch programs? (I realize I can't just put any old file there, but I'll look at the files already there to see what format it needs to be in.)22:28
*** ferdna has quit IRC22:28
merlin1991 /usr/share/applications/hildon22:29
PaliMohammadAG: can you create on gitorious CSSU repository for my tvout plugins?22:31
*** badcloud has joined #maemo22:31
Palimy local git repository is based on project maemo-tvout-control22:32
badcloudso, usb mode isn't a default option? you need to install different kernel/modules?22:33
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: change in /etc/mce/mce.ini:   PatternBatteryCharging=50;5...   PatternBatteryFull=40;5...  The 5 at "end"22:33
Paliwho has permitions for creating new repository on gitorious CSSU?22:34
DocScrutinizerkwtm2: after "stop mce; start mce" on next plugin of charger your LED will always show charging/full22:34
sethstormfor the N810, was there ever any stable hostmode (since I'm running into's bug 3281 amongst other things)?22:40
povbotBug Sporadic lockup/reboot when USB host software releases peripheral22:40
sethstormand I've not been able to turn up a result on whether it got anywhere past "using scripts"22:41
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