IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2010-08-05

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hrw|goneanyone knows why building in official maemovm with sbox has so badly floating dates?00:44
hrw|gonechecking whether build environment is sane... configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!00:44
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hrw|goneand time is set properly inside of vm00:44
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SpeedEvilHas anyone investigaed if hulu plus might work with n900?00:48
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svanheulenanyone know how to check things out of the the mxr? website says to use svn or git but i just get connection timeout errors00:53
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tremnite all, sweet dreams01:37
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lcukmgedmin, can we get supybot to tell us todays xkcd line with a command?02:05
mgedminlcuk, in theory, yes02:05
lcuk:D awesome02:05
mgedminjust write/find a supybot plugin and email me the install instructions ;)02:05
lcukknowing irc, theres probably already one02:05
nox-oh new bot?02:06
mgedminpovbot is old (and stupid)02:06
povbotmgedmin: Error: "is" is not a valid command.02:06
mgedminpovbot, about02:06
povbotmgedmin: Error: "about" is not a valid command.02:06
mgedminpovbot, info02:06
povbotmgedmin: Error: "info" is not a valid command.02:06
mgedminpovbot, version02:06
povbotmgedmin: The current (running) version of this Supybot is  The newest version available online is
nox-povbot, factoids02:07
povbotnox-: Error: "factoids" is not a valid command.02:07
MohammadAG51povbot, help02:07
povbotMohammadAG51: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.02:07
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lcukwhat language is used to code supybot?02:08
lcukor old stupid povbot02:08
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LynoureWhat, N900 has no default way to set a calendar entry to repeat daily?02:17
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hamilton5something like just changing the day when it comes up... but not auto I dont think02:21
Lynoureah, the alarm clock works better for this02:21
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hamilton5would like to color code every other monday for the day I work... that way I can skip a few months ahead and eaisly see if I have to work that day.02:25
ieatlintok, who wants to marry me before they make it illegal here again?02:32
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hamilton5you gay?02:34
ieatlintthat's a pretty personal question02:37
hamilton5well if im to marry you...02:37
ieatlintwell, a few drinks and we'll see ;)02:37
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DocScrutinizerMUHAHA, rename user "user" breaks all things as we know.02:48
DocScrutinizernow here comes a nice detail:02:48
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DocScrutinizer# UIDs that are allowed to use Lifeguard with reset policy02:49
DocScrutinizer# the UID used for applications02:49
nox-what are lifeguard and dsme?02:50
DocScrutinizerDevice State Management Entity02:51
DocScrutinizerthe central monster starting all important processes02:52
DocScrutinizerdsme-tool --help02:52
DocScrutinizerhardcoded user numeric ID, now that's one of the kinkiest things I've ever seen02:53
* cehteh thinks 80% of nokia developments efforts gone in things reinventing wheels in all shapes but round ones02:53
nox-hm doesnt seem to be in path02:54
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keriothe engineers of square-peg-in-round-hole02:54
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cehteh"it worked before, here is how it works everywhere! .. ah cool, lets make it different"02:54
DocScrutinizerit is, in root path02:54
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DocScrutinizerNokia-N900-42-11:~# dsmetool --help02:55
DocScrutinizerUSAGE: dsmetool <options>02:55
DocScrutinizerNote that the <cmd> should include absolute path.02:55
cehtehanyone of you know how the software stack on symbian looks like?02:55
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nox-ah spelled w/o -02:55
* cehteh suspects that they just tried to replicate parts on top of linux02:55
cehtehor did they really reinvent all that crap out of nothing?02:56
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DocScrutinizeraaaah, oom-adj, now that's what I confused with ohm03:00
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threezerooom == openObsoleteManager?03:00
luke-jrout of memory03:01
DocScrutinizerout of mem manager?03:01
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threezeroOoops Out of Memory03:01
BCMMthat reminds me, there is no way to trigger magic sysrq events from the n900 keyboard, is there?03:01
DocScrutinizerprolly not03:02
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BCMMhmm, i thought not03:02
TermanaN900good morning03:02
DocScrutinizermissing a few qualifier keys, and especially N-key rollover03:02
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wolf^BCMM, ctrl+shift+x, echo ... > /proc/sysrq-trigger03:08
wolf^BCMM, all using keyboard ;p03:08
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mgedmindon't you need to be root to write there?03:10
wolf^oh yes, add sudo gainroot then03:11
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DocScrutinizerwolf^: check for N-key rollover problem in kbd hw matrix. Though *some* 3-key combos might work, others won't03:15
* DocScrutinizer ponders if somebody would say thanks to him when he did a table of all problematic combinations of permutations of shift|ctrl|Fn|<anykey>03:16
kerioi did shift+fn+key combos03:17
keriothey all work except for z/x and j/k03:17
kerio(they map to the same)03:17
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* DocScrutinizer decides it's much more convenient for him to look up particular combos in schematics, and he's not fond of doing monkey table writedowns03:18
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GuySofthey, i am planning to go to india - i was wondering if you have any programs to suggest to take with me. like perhaps a gps map? or some digital guide?03:46
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GAN900DocScrutinizer, ping?03:52
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GuySoftanybody here?04:01
GuySofthamilton5, aha!04:02
hamilton5(op): 1 [0.2%] (voice): 1 [0.2%] (users): 472 [99.6%] = (total): 47404:02
GuySoftwell, ill try another question, did anyone try a rapid 1AA charger on their nokia N810?:
mgedminif you're looking for gps maps for a n810, install maemo-mapper04:03
GuySoftit claims to give 350mA, i am not sure if thats good enough04:03
GuySoftmgedmin, yes, but mamo-mapper can't really navigate on its own04:03
mgedminno, but it is a gps map, for some value of gps and map ;)04:04
GuySoftmgedmin, here in israel i use freemap-il it has vector maps04:04
GuySoftmgedmin, well i have it, i guess i would need to download maps for it in advance04:05
mgedmina very good idea04:05
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo04:05
GuySofti never really figured out how to do that.. and goocle maps does not work anymore right?04:05
mgedminno idea04:06
mgedminhow's openstreetmap coverage for India?04:06
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skynetsive been waiting for more than 3 weeks05:09
skynetsextras-devel is not working05:10
skynetsis this normal05:10
hamilton5define 'is not working'05:10
skynetscant update it with the app manager05:10
skynetsgives me an error05:10
hamilton5and that error is......05:11
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*** type_t has joined #maemo05:11
skynetsoh ok i thought it was affecting everyone05:11
*** mrmoku` has quit IRC05:11
hamilton5oh ok you should just get to the point of what your problem is05:11
hamilton5repo lists are here:
skynetshold on its loading05:12
skynetsyeah all the repos are installed05:12
hamilton5you dont install repos05:12
skynetsadded them05:12
*** hamilton5 is now known as ham505:13
*** ham5 has joined #maemo05:13
skynetsstupid app manager05:13
zeltakhya. anyone using emelfm2 with n900?05:13
skynetsso now im going back to it05:13
skynetstrying to generate the error05:13
skynetsno catalogs in use05:13
skynetsthey were all there a minute ago05:14
skynetsi cant even download fapman05:14
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC05:14
skynetsis there another way to install fapman?05:15
*** type_t has quit IRC05:15
skynetscan i get it with apt-get?05:16
ham5not if your repo list isent right05:16
ham5download the deb from the web and install with dpkg05:16
skynetsdamn linux05:16
skynetswhy cant anything run smoothly05:16
ham5so much to play with you get noobs that just mess it all up ... my guess05:17
skynetsok here is the error05:17
skynetsyeah blame it on the noobs05:17
skynetsApplication list partially refreshed05:17
skynetsSome catalogs unavailable05:17
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skynetsMaemo Extras-Evel05:17
ham5nice spelling05:18
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microlitho_O anyone else in here on AT&T?05:18
luke-jrmicrolith: too expensive05:18
microlithI do plan on moving to t-mobile05:18
*** z4chh has quit IRC05:19
microlithbut I think their data network just went down05:19
microlithat least here05:19
ham5Please do not ask if anyone can help you, knows 'something' or uses 'some_program'. Instead, ask your real question. (If the real question _was_ "does anyone use 'some_program'?" ask me about <popcon> instead.) See <ask> <ask to ask> <polls> <search> <sicco> <smart questions>.05:19
*** ml-mobile has quit IRC05:19
luke-jrmicrolith: T-Mobile is nosy05:19
luke-jrmicrolith: they demand private info ☹05:20
*** lopz has quit IRC05:20
microlithwell it's either expensive 2.5 or nosy, cheap 3g05:21
luke-jrI use T-Mo's hiptop pay-as-you-go05:22
luke-jrjust need to setup a proxy for ports 80 and 44305:22
DocScrutinizerwolf^: kerio:
*** nox- has quit IRC05:23
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zeltaktried to look on the wiki regarding info for the busybox shell..cant find there a search history (ctrl-r) type thing for it?05:30
*** waite has joined #maemo05:30
*** TermanaN900 has joined #maemo05:37
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skynetsfinally installed fapman05:42
skynetsnow the first update05:42
skynetsfroze at like 5%05:42
skynetsits been on it for like 20 minutes05:42
skynetsis that normalo05:42
skynetsit says Operation in progress Fetching package date information05:43
skynetsstuck at the same place05:43
*** slackmagic has joined #maemo05:43
mortiniskynets: via wifi or 3g/etc?05:45
skynetswow now i cant even close it05:45
skynetsX wont respond05:45
skynetsstupid phone05:45
mortiniyeah, there's some sleep thing that i lack the desire to look up on the maemo wiki that happens with wifi05:45
mortiniit varies based on your AP05:45
mortiniwhat i do is do an update/install and switch to the web browser and just load up google and search stupid crap.05:46
skynetswhy did i buy this phone05:46
mortiniCan't answer that.05:46
skynetscan i throw it on a brick wall and be satisfied?05:46
mortiniYou could send it to me, and pretend yo usent it to the brick wall.05:46
skynetsmeh for some reason its still wworth money05:47
*** Dregz has joined #maemo05:47
* mortini shrugs. you could still send it to me.05:47
skynetsnow i rebooted the phone and my sim card isnt detected05:47
mortiniand i could build a n900 BEOWULF CLUSTER!05:47
* mortini nods & shrugs.05:47
*** g55 has joined #maemo05:47
skynetsworst investment ever05:48
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:48
TermanaN900mortini, something tells me that people wont buy that for the performance :P05:48
ham5skynets flash it back to stock and quit f'n with it05:48
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:48
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:48
skynetseven flashing it to stock doesnt work from windows x6405:49
mortiniTermanaN900: seems to kind of be a dated analogy. seems 5-10 years ago, whenever a friend of mine would get 2+ cheapie computers from someplace, they'd go on about building them into a beowulf cluster, even though they'd have no idea what to do with it05:49
ham5oh a windows user.... that explains alot;)05:49
TermanaN900skynets, please go be a sheep somewhere else thank you05:49
TermanaN900like tmo for instance05:49
mortinii got these free 486's! let's make them into a beowulf cluster!05:49
mortinieven though my PII is faster.05:50
luke-jrskynets: only lamers use Windows!05:50
skynetsand cool ppl use linux?05:50
luke-jrskynets: sane people*05:50
mortinicool people roll their own OS.05:50
skynetsbecause everything else doesnt matter05:50
luke-jrskynets: in any case, N900 isn't a phone. you're bound to be disappointed if you wanted a phone.05:50
TermanaN900mortini, LFS?05:50
mortinicooler people roll their own HW05:50
skynetsi bet your e-penis is huge05:50
luke-jrskynets: HURD is a neat toy05:50
mortiniTermanaN900: LFS?05:50
*** Dregs has quit IRC05:50
TermanaN900mortini, Linux from Scratch05:51
*** type_t has quit IRC05:51
mortinithat's for noobs05:51
luke-jrit really is05:51
skynetsim calling it a phone but everyone knows that "phone" is only a feature on the n90005:51
luke-jrI graduated from Lfs to Gentoo05:51
TermanaN900skynets, it is, but id appreciate you not looking at my e-penis05:51
luke-jrskynets: it reflects on your mindset05:51
skynetsyou're the one waving it to everyone in here daily05:51
*** fiferboy has quit IRC05:51
skynetsi dont come here often05:51
skynetsim too busy05:52
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo05:52
mortinithere's the occasional x86 OS that some random guy wrote in their basement. I know of one that i've seen SS's of, but I lack the desire to look at it.05:52
*** type_t has joined #maemo05:52
mortiniI'm really disappointed that someone hasn't ported BeOS to a phone, because, damn, that'd be pimp on today's phone hardware05:52
skynetsnitdroid ftw05:52
luke-jrskynets: see, that reflects more the same attitude05:52
luke-jryou want a phone05:53
luke-jrnot a low-end multifunction device05:53
mortinialthough by the time they added the BS to make it into a phone, the BeOS benefits would be gone05:53
skynetslow-end multifunction device OS = maemo05:53
luke-jrskynets: exactly05:53
luke-jrlow-end multifunction device = N90005:53
skynetsandroid is good no?05:53
Jucatomortini: last I heard, Haiku OS might have plans05:53
luke-jrif you wanted a high-end phone, you got the wrong product05:53
Jucato(but not their priority atm I guess)05:53
luke-jrAndroid is "okay" … for a phone05:54
luke-jrbut I never plan to buy a phone05:54
mortiniJucato: without any commerical support, it doesn't particularly matter, tbh.05:54
ZogGluke-jr, i did =)05:54
skynetsi thought android does more than maemo and better05:54
mortinii guess i was referring to palm/HP05:54
ZogGluke-jr, i didn't find n900 that good at something05:54
luke-jrskynets: nope05:54
ham5who needs commerical support, when you got everyone here ;)05:54
mortini but, palm/hp, that source has sat on osme tape or disk for the last 10+ years05:54
luke-jrZogG: N900 does "decent" at most everything. it's like a jack of all trades.05:55
mortiniand nobody's even looked at it.05:55
Jucatomortini: if that's what you meant, yeah. wasn't really thinking about commercializing :)05:55
skynetsham5 but everyone in here tells everyone else what it can do but nothing is being done and nokia saw that and let go of the n90005:55
ZogGluke-jr, i mean it's cool device - but it's not using full potential  -it's like prototype =)05:55
luke-jrZogG: sure05:55
mortiniJucato: tbh, my comment was more valid pre-iphone, mostly because the environment was so closed with totally rap OS05:55
mortinier, crap OS prior to that.05:55
luke-jrZogG: I really want a high-end multifunction device though05:55
luke-jrZogG: so at least 12 mpixel cam, USABLE keyboard, etc05:56
JucatoZogG: "full potential"? in what sense?05:56
mortiniat least iOS gives the customer *some* choice. most telco's prior to that adopted the goodfella's policies on any sort of anything on your phone05:56
TermanaN900whatever fools. I'll be rolling with ma MeeGo OS and ya'll be hatin bitches05:56
mortinithe 'F you, pay me' model.05:56
ZogGluke-jr, the keyboard is ok and camera too05:56
mortiniwhile, i guess iOS still has that, it's at last reasonable prices, instead of like $5/mo to add one ringtone.05:56
ZogGJucato, look at android05:57
*** fiferboy has quit IRC05:57
luke-jrZogG: I had to go from 8 mpix to 5 mpix for N900 ;)05:57
ZogGJucato, when the OS is finished05:57
ZogGluke-jr, i think if you want good camera - you buy camera and not other device+camera05:58
*** type_t has quit IRC05:58
ZogGphone camera is for quick photos and n900 is enuf for me05:58
luke-jrZogG: that's the difference between a jack-of-all-trades/low-end-multidevice and a polymath/high-end-multidevice05:59
luke-jrthe high-end should *replace* all the functions *entirely*05:59
JucatoZogG: I was more curious on how to measure that "full potential" for Maemo 5 on N900 (specific OS on specific hwardware)05:59
skynetsor at least not have an extremely buggy OS with a lack of official support surrounded with an arrogant community :P05:59
luke-jrthe high-end multifunction device should make your camera, GPS, laptop, and phone obsolete garbage.05:59
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo06:00
skynetswhat are the top 5 apps to install06:01
skynetson the n90006:01
skynetsthe list aint big but there are so many bad apps that i need to know the quality ones P06:01
mortiniipython :D06:02
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo06:02
*** fiferboy has quit IRC06:02
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo06:02
JucatoZogG: and I thought you were referring mostly to hardware because of the "cool device ... not using full potential" part. I thought you meant like there's some hidden or unused part of the hardware that hasn't been utilized but is actually there (N810 anyone?)06:02
DocScrutinizerpleeeease ask me to kick somebody!06:03
*** type_t has joined #maemo06:03
*** dmb has quit IRC06:03
TermanaN900DocScrutinizer, i can smell it from here06:03
* Jucato will keep quiet now06:03
*** dockane has quit IRC06:04
*** dmb has joined #maemo06:05
ZogGDocScrutinizer, kick me06:05
DocScrutinizer"I installed fapman from extras-devel(!!) - meh culdnt bother to read warnings. FOKI FONE now dos not work like I want it. CRAP! will throw it into toilet"06:05
* DocScrutinizer facepalms06:05
Jucatomaybe should be renamed to extras-pleasereadwarningsfirst-devel?06:05
mortiniotther than the warning you click through for every package? :)06:06
TermanaN900no, if your stupid enough not to read warnings without being told 100 times, you deserve what you get06:06
* mortini blames DocScrutinizer.06:06
DocScrutinizergo back to tmo wnkers, where you belong06:06
mortini& TermanaN900.06:06
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo06:06
skynetsu know what06:07
skynetsthe n900 should have a warning on the box06:07
skynetsextremely buggy phone06:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer06:07
*** skynets was kicked by DocScrutinizer (WTF?!)06:07
* Jucato runs for cover06:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer06:07
*** skynets has joined #maemo06:08
skynetsk thx bye06:08
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer06:08
*** skynets has quit IRC06:08
*** KageSenshi has joined #maemo06:09
TermanaN900What a dumbarse. Did he not read the warning on the box - "we:recycle" - HORRIBLE06:09
mortiniimo, one of the issues with phones, in general is this long-running idea that the phhone companies want you to upgrade every 9 months.06:10
KageSenshihi guys, i'm planning to grab a N900, but i'm wondering whats the PIM app is called .. wanna look at its API ..06:10
KageSenshiits not pimlico right ?06:10
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC06:11
*** gaveen has joined #maemo06:14
iemortini I wonder why don't they learn from desktop/ laptop makers.. you don't have to upgrade that every 9 months06:15
mortiniie: not in their model.06:15
ieespecially for phones sold for over 500 dollars06:16
mortiniie: have you seen the movie 'Goodfellas'?06:16
mortiniphones have *always* ben over 500 dollars06:16
mortiniit's just over the past few years said phones have one from being toasters to being something actually useful.06:16
iemortini few, compared to the low-tech phones market share06:18
*** z4chh has joined #maemo06:19
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo06:19
DocScrutinizer51KageSenshi: N900 has no particularly good PIM.06:20
*** sevard has quit IRC06:20
DocScrutinizer51at least mot ootb06:21
mortiniie: anyways, in the movie 'goodfellas', there's a scene where they talk about mobsters rolling in stolen goods into the back of abar, only to sell them in the front of the bar at whatever prices06:21
mortinibut, there's the protection price to pay, which is referred to as 'f you, pay me'06:21
*** sevard has joined #maemo06:21
mortini'the place burns down?' 'f you. pay me'06:21
mortini'x happens?' 'f you. pay me.'06:21
mortinithis is the model that the telcos have largely adopted.06:22
KageSenshiDocScrutinizer51, yeah, thats why i'm wondering whats the name/API doc coz wanna look at what I might able to do with it :P06:23
iemortini In october 2009, I googled n800 - n810 released dates.. thats when I decided not to get an n900 lol06:24
DocScrutinizer51get the manual - it's somewheree in the internets06:24
DocScrutinizer51KageSenshi: the 'pim' has no decent website with screenshots and shit06:25
iemortini and only months later, meego was announced06:25
KageSenshistill looking around for it .. i found the wiki, but not sure which is the PIM ..06:25
KageSenshiyeah .. no decent website for it :(06:25
*** gaveen_ has joined #maemo06:27
KageSenshii think this is it .. ..06:27
DocScrutinizerKageSenshi: but if you're wondering if the 'pim' that comes with bare bones maemo is good enough for you to buy the 'phone' - well then the N900 probably isn't the device for you anyway. Go check and see if that's of any appeal for you. If not then please look for a better phone matching your usage profile06:27
iemortini seems like they're taking more than I expected for a meego qwerty cellphone06:28
ieI feel like creating a meego witnesses campaign06:28
*** EgS has quit IRC06:29
*** EgS has joined #maemo06:29
KageSenshiDocScrutinizer, nope, mainly wondering what i can hack around with the PIM data :-) ..06:29
KageSenshin900 is a superb geek phone06:30
DocScrutinizerKageSenshi: there's no such thing like a 'pim' on maemo. Only thing it got is calendar, contacts, dialer, notes, dialogs, a few todo apps of second source06:30
*** gaveen has quit IRC06:31
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC06:31
DocScrutinizercontacts (and calendar) databease is not for direct access, but there are libraries with documented API to deal with those tables06:31
KageSenshiissit in EDS?06:32
DocScrutinizerfor hacking see for example
*** hari_ has joined #maemo06:34
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo06:35
*** C-S-B__ has joined #maemo06:38
*** C-S-B_ has quit IRC06:40
*** radic has quit IRC06:43
*** radic_ has joined #maemo06:43
*** waite has quit IRC06:49
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC07:06
*** ferdna has quit IRC07:12
*** budfive has joined #maemo07:17
KhertanDocScrutinizer, not in python07:26
*** MadViking has joined #maemo07:26
KhertanDocScrutinizer, there isn't any py binding for this api07:27
*** Finnish has joined #maemo07:31
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:33
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:33
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC07:36
*** jayabharath has joined #maemo07:38
KhertanDocScrutinizer, yep python have abook module for contacts07:39
Khertanbut nothing for calendardb07:40
DocScrutinizeraah, k :-S07:40
Khertanbut the contact modules doesn't have all the c libs feature07:40
Khertanwhich make it pretty useless :)07:40
Khertanthis is why i read directly the db ;)07:41
DocScrutinizerreading *might* work07:42
Khertanyep ... writing is a bit hazardous07:42
* Khertan didn't understand how developpers can found faster to make ui with QtDesigner than doing it in code ...07:43
Khertan10 min to made a completly fucked ui ... and was rewritted in less than 4 min in python07:43
DocScrutinizerfound designer rather comfy07:43
Khertani like glade ... but not designer07:44
Khertani think i didn't understand well the philosophy behind07:44
*** type_t has quit IRC07:44
DocScrutinizerit's like very weird CAD07:45
DocScrutinizeractually by meaning of word it *is* CAD07:46
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has joined #maemo07:48
DocScrutinizerooh wait, you're talking about pyDesigner?07:48
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo07:49
Khertanno no ... just QtDesigner07:49
Khertanthere is a pyDesigner ?07:50
*** avs has joined #maemo07:50
Khertancurrently i'm fighting with it to put a QPushButton in the toolbar07:50
DocScrutinizerheard that, first time in my life, maybe yesterday, or day before07:50
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has quit IRC07:50
DocScrutinizerumm, maybe that's not what toolbar is supposed to accept?07:51
DocScrutinizernfc really07:51
*** nicu has joined #maemo07:52
KhertanDocScrutinizer, it should07:52
DocScrutinizerbut could imagine in toolbar you got other widgets, not exactly QPushButton07:52
*** nicu has quit IRC07:52
KhertanDocScrutinizer, all widget i try to add in the toolbar go to the centralWidgte07:52
Khertanin python it s just an toolbar.addWidget(mywidget)07:53
DocScrutinizeryeah I seem to remember it's a bit icky to activate the right widget to modify it07:54
Khertanwhere one line before : mywidget = QPushButton("Designer isn't easy to use")07:54
DocScrutinizersure sure07:54
DocScrutinizerbut that's just "what's all those fckng keys on that thing... what's the name - PC? Nah I'll use my slideruler, much simpler"07:55
Khertanok i think i ll abandon hope to use designer07:55
Khertanwhy using a tools if you doesn't help you, and will not, will contrain you in future to use it again or redo everything differently07:56
Khertanmake me you losing time07:56
DocScrutinizeron GUIs of any complexity beyond 5 radiobuttons in a window you go insane with spacing and whatnot, when coding directly07:57
Khertanhum ... i you aren't coding like monkey ... it should but not insane !07:58
DocScrutinizerdesigner is kinda WYSIWYG07:58
Khertanhum ...07:59
Khertani ll not call that wysiwyg07:59
* DocScrutinizer fires up qtdesigner for the laughs and giggles07:59
*** EdLin has left #maemo08:00
Jucatowhile on the topic of Qt (not exactly designer though), has anyone managed to get phonon working on Diablo? (yeah, legacy version ... :( )08:00
Khertanmust go on ... bye08:01
KhertanJucato, sorry my n810 batt died ... could not try08:01
Jucatothanks. even a simple Phonon::createPlayer(...) player->play() doesnt work ...08:01
*** dvaske has joined #maemo08:02
*** TermanaN900 has joined #maemo08:04
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo08:10
* slonopotamus reads through "Open letter of support for Python on the Maemo/MeeGo platform" and really wishes there was no python on them. on the other hand, why put foss stuff in ovi at all?08:11
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC08:12
* RST38h wishes someone finally fixes Python base packages to avoid making a total mess of the fstab08:15
slonopotamuserr... my n900 says it has charger plugged in though it doesn't08:16
*** cjdavis1 has joined #maemo08:16
*** cjdavis has quit IRC08:19
*** TermanaN900 has joined #maemo08:20
*** benh has quit IRC08:20
*** Ordog_by has joined #maemo08:20
pigeonwireless charging, alright!08:20
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC08:22
*** Funnyface has quit IRC08:36
*** jayabharath has quit IRC08:36
* luke-jr has a Bluetooth charger08:36
* swc|666 has a tesla coil charger08:37
luke-jrI like Bluetooth charger better08:37
swc|666less radiation08:37
TermanaN900yeah well I have a GENUINE flux capacitor08:39
luke-jrif ARM can get their efficiency some magnitudes better, solar power might work ☺08:41
*** zaheerm-lp has joined #maemo08:43
*** Funnyface has joined #maemo08:44
budfiveduring the day08:44
*** C-S-B_ has joined #maemo08:44
budfiveif you hold it just right08:44
*** ham5 has left #maemo08:44
*** dvaske has quit IRC08:45
*** C-S-B__ has quit IRC08:47
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC08:49
*** WormFood has quit IRC08:49
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo08:49
*** hannesw has joined #maemo08:54
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC08:54
*** timoph|ZzZ is now known as timoph09:00
*** msanchez has joined #maemo09:01
*** MadViking has quit IRC09:01
*** MadViking has joined #maemo09:02
*** WormFood has joined #maemo09:02
luke-jrbudfive: at that point, the battery should have no problem covering overnight ;)09:03
*** mk500 has quit IRC09:04
WormFoodnice. I just noticed my N85 has the same internal battery as my N800....maybe I'll buy a solder iron, and swap batteries (but the solder iron I want, costs over $60, and I don't want to spend that much on it)09:04
*** mece has joined #maemo09:07
meceello ello09:07
WormFoodmece, 你好 你好 :P09:07
*** MacDrunk has joined #maemo09:07
*** mk500 has joined #maemo09:08
*** hannesw has quit IRC09:08
*** MadViking has quit IRC09:08
*** MadViking has joined #maemo09:09
meceWormFood: eh?09:15
luke-jrWormFood: why?09:16
steinexhey guys. a thing im very annoyed about: is it possible to mute the vibration and sound of incoming im message for lets say 1 minute after first notification?09:18
steinexwhen im in a meeting and someone sends me 3 bars one after another it goes toktoktoktoktoktoktok...09:19
*** tekojo has joined #maemo09:20
*** tekojo has quit IRC09:20
*** tekojo has joined #maemo09:20
*** nicu has joined #maemo09:20
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:24
*** MadViking has quit IRC09:25
*** MadViking has joined #maemo09:26
*** harbaum has joined #maemo09:27
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo09:28
*** dvoid has joined #maemo09:31
*** MacMiller has joined #maemo09:31
*** MacMiller has quit IRC09:31
mecesteinex: there are some applications that can gives you custom profiles I think, have you tried those?09:33
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC09:33
*** hannesw has joined #maemo09:35
D-Iivil_WorkMorning everyone.09:36
meceD-Iivil_Work: moro09:39
*** ag0ny has joined #maemo09:39
*** MadViking has quit IRC09:41
*** MadViking has joined #maemo09:42
*** sheepbat has quit IRC09:42
*** retro|cz has quit IRC09:45
steinexwill do, thanks09:45
steinexanother issue: my virtual keyboard is gone09:45
steinextried disabling and reenabling, rebooting, nothing helped09:46
steinexanyone seen this before?09:46
*** zap_ has joined #maemo09:46
mecesteinex: I've never enabled my virtual keyboard. Have no idea what it even looks like or how you use it, so no, I haven't. My N900 came with a hw keyboard :)09:47
*** Flanbix has quit IRC09:48
mecesteinex, but I remember reading something about virtual keyboard issues. Can't remember what the issue was though. search tmo.09:48
mecesteinex, some themes may cause issues I hear.09:48
*** andrenarchy has joined #maemo09:48
*** andre__ has joined #maemo09:48
*** andre__ has quit IRC09:49
*** andre__ has joined #maemo09:49
*** ppenz has joined #maemo09:52
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo09:53
*** IzZy-Bby has joined #maemo09:54
*** hannesw has quit IRC09:54
* IzZy-Bby frowns and leaves09:54
*** IzZy-Bby has left #maemo09:54
D-Iivil_Workmece, is your last name Wikström?09:55
D-Iivil_Workmece, (just looked your user info)09:55
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo09:55
*** Flanbix has joined #maemo09:57
*** kwek has joined #maemo09:59
*** trumee has quit IRC09:59
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo10:00
*** swc|666 has quit IRC10:01
*** Yoann512 has quit IRC10:01
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC10:02
fralsrain \o/10:03
*** tbf has joined #maemo10:03
*** dvoid has quit IRC10:06
*** dougt_ has quit IRC10:06
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:09
*** andrenarchy has quit IRC10:10
*** rd has joined #maemo10:10
* toggles_w kicks frals10:10
*** andrenarchy has joined #maemo10:11
* frals trouts toggles_w 10:11
*** smooph has joined #maemo10:11
toggles_wrain is bad for fun10:13
toggles_wunless you are a duck10:13
*** TermanaN900 has joined #maemo10:14
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC10:15
meceD-Iivil_Work: yes it is, sorry was afk.10:15
meceD-Iivil_Work: how so? Do we know eachother?10:16
D-Iivil_Workmece, are you relateive to Ann Wikström or Martin Wikström?10:16
D-Iivil_Workmece, relative...10:16
meceD-Iivil_Work: martin is my brother. If it's the same one.10:16
D-Iivil_Workmece, well.. depends on how old you are :D10:17
meceD-Iivil_Work: tall funny guy :) Martin is 2710:17
D-Iivil_Workmece, okay, then nevermind.10:17
D-Iivil_Workmece, just thought if you were relative to my boss :P10:17
meceD-Iivil_Work: Hee :) But you're a musician from uusimaa, so perhaps you know J-P Salokangas?10:18
D-Iivil_Workmece, hmm.. sounds familiar... is his band something called wood.. or something similiar to that?10:19
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo10:19
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC10:19
meceD-Iivil_Work: Silkwood, they don't exist anymore though.10:20
D-Iivil_Workmece, then I have met the guy, but don't really know.10:20
meceD-Iivil_Work: Check this one out if you're interested:
D-Iivil_Workmece, sounds well produced and played, but not my cup of tee in terms of genre / style.10:23
D-Iivil_Workmece, I'm more into high & loud ;)10:24
*** retro|cz has joined #maemo10:25
*** Yoann512 has joined #maemo10:25
FinnishYeah, one of my 2 new pres!
FinnishUps, wrong forum...10:26
D-Iivil_WorkFinnish, nice :P10:26
D-Iivil_WorkFinnish, Golden Age?10:26
FinnishYEah, Golden Age Project10:27
D-Iivil_WorkFinnish, was it expensive?10:27
FinnishA bit under 300€ per piece, I bought two of those10:27
D-Iivil_WorkFinnish, that's reasonable :)10:28
FinnishCan't wait to use those ladys in a real session! I bought also a tube ribbon mic, also Golden Age10:28
D-Iivil_WorkFinnish, I heard it's pretty good all-around-preamp for about everything (not just vocals).10:29
FinnishYeah me too, that's why I bought. And what I've read in Gearslutz some compare it to 10x expensive pres in a very positive way.10:30
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo10:31
D-Iivil_WorkFinnish, yeah.10:31
*** hannesw has joined #maemo10:32
FinnishOk, gotta go to studio to install audio software after reinstall and maybe I have the time to test properly my new hardware.10:33
*** Finnish has quit IRC10:33
*** mrmoku|away is now known as mrmoku10:35
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC10:39
hrwsomeone wants modest 3.4.8?10:41
*** toggg has joined #maemo10:42
*** amigadave has joined #maemo10:44
D-Iivil_Workhrw, what's nice in it?10:44
*** dvaske has joined #maemo10:45
jacekowskiis it faster/10:45
*** ayanes has joined #maemo10:46
D-Iivil_Workhrw, I could give it a try. Where to grab it?10:46
hrwI will apply few more patches and will provide repo10:47
D-Iivil_Workhrw, please do that and also provide some sort of changelog / fixlist :)10:48
hrwdpkg-buildpackage: source version 3.4.8-hrw110:49
hrwwill announce in
hrwbuilding modest in maemovm takes a bit of time10:49
D-Iivil_Workhrw, thx10:50
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo10:50
*** ptlo has quit IRC10:56
*** ptlo has joined #maemo10:57
hrwand then need to check does 3.4.8 works properly. I know that 3.4.2 works fine11:00
*** toggg has quit IRC11:04
*** ghostcube has joined #maemo11:04
ghostcubeok after i give up in connecting any wlan printer, when will flash 10.1 be ready for maemo, and dont tell me its not going to be ported11:04
hrwghostcube: ask adobe?11:05
ghostcubewhy should i its released from adobe11:05
hrwbut n900 can run 10.1 flash even today. you just need to boot android11:05
hrwghostcube: adobe writes flash plugin11:05
*** raster_ has joined #maemo11:05
ghostcubesince when does adobe implement the flash packages to n90011:06
*** raster has quit IRC11:06
*** raster_ has quit IRC11:06
ghostcubemobile 10.1 is released so what are you trying to tell me11:06
hrwsince ever?11:06
*** raster has joined #maemo11:06
hrwflash is adobe product11:06
*** raster_ has joined #maemo11:06
ghostcubesure but what does this have to do with my question aboove11:07
ghostcubeiam not retarded guy i knew what adobe does11:07
*** raster__ has joined #maemo11:07
*** gaveen_ is now known as gaveen11:07
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo11:07
*** raster has quit IRC11:08
hrwso what you do not understand?11:08
*** raster has joined #maemo11:08
*** raster_ has left #maemo11:08
jacekowskinokia is managing maemo port of flash11:09
jacekowskiand they don't care about flash11:09
jacekowskinobody cares about flash11:09
*** budfive has quit IRC11:09
ghostcubewoah gets time to not care about nokia i think11:10
*** raster has quit IRC11:10
hrwjacekowski: nokia is managing maemo port yes. but without new source drop from adobe they will not move to newer ver anyway11:10
jacekowskiwell, they everything required to do port11:10
*** raster_ has joined #maemo11:10
*** raster__ has left #maemo11:10
*** toggg has joined #maemo11:10
hrwshit. modest 3.4.8 crashes often11:11
*** Flanbix has quit IRC11:11
*** [DarkGUNMAN] has joined #maemo11:15
*** shinkamui has joined #maemo11:17
*** srw has joined #maemo11:17
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo11:19
*** bilboed-tp has left #maemo11:19
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC11:19
*** s1gk1ll has joined #maemo11:20
*** swo has quit IRC11:20
*** kamui__ has quit IRC11:21
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo11:21
*** zap_ has quit IRC11:23
*** Flanbix has joined #maemo11:24
kerioDocScrutinizer: clearly, we need to replace the kbd matrix11:27
kerioalso good job11:27
kerioi'd give you karma on tmo but i can't be arsed joining that crap11:28
jacekowskino, you are looking for non existient problem11:28
*** gaveen has quit IRC11:29
*** gaveen has joined #maemo11:30
keriois there a way to switch layouts like in the russian language?11:30
kerioi mean, will the ui realize that the layout i chose has 8 levels instead of 4 or do i have to move to a fake russian layout?11:31
*** smaug has joined #maemo11:36
pigeondoes anyone where are the IM logs stored on the n900?11:37
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC11:38
*** TermanaN900 has joined #maemo11:40
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo11:41
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:43
*** tackat has joined #maemo11:50
*** th3hate has joined #maemo11:52
* kirma has too much time on vacation and takes a too long look at talk.maemo.org11:53
Stskeepsecho > /etc/hosts11:53
kirmaI wonder where the great burning interest and time of the trolls originate...11:53
Stskeepser, >>11:53
*** gobuki has quit IRC11:55
keriokirma: virginity, mostly11:56
kirmaI sort of understand even most manners of apple fanboyism better than this "product I purchased (as I didn't know what I want) is crap (because it doesn't give me illusion of being part of a popular religion), and I continue to come here bashing it even after I switched to another"11:59
kirmaeverybody on the forum have to be listening because they're "angry" :I11:59
crashanddiewell, quite frankly, most people on tmo are worse than apple fanbois12:00
crashanddieheck, we're the worst of the bunch12:00
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, thanks for the script. Didn't use it though since there was some issues it caused.12:01
crashanddieghostcube: not caring about flash is probably the best thing nokia has done in a long time12:01
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: issues?12:01
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, yeah, it wasn't good idea to increase / decrease all font sizes with same amount.12:02
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, and it also replaced some other values in the file that weren't supposed to be replaced :P12:02
crashanddiehey, I did what you asked :P12:02
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, yeah :)12:02
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, and big thank you for that :)12:03
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC12:03
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo12:03
*** phrearch has joined #maemo12:03
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, after toying around I realized I must increase / decrease the sizes unlinear and ended up doing it like this:
phrearchim a new n900 user. is it possible to download directly from a repository with apt?12:04
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, but I learned something new from your script and will probably have other use for that kind of search & replace in the future.12:04
MohammadAG51phrearch, apt-get install $packagename12:04
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: the advantage of awk is that it gives you full blown if/else conditions12:04
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, yeah. Didn't know awk before and googling that gave some new ideas.12:05
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: and also, you can easily compare (== & !=), or parse strings (~)12:05
phrearchMohammadAG51: ah thanks!12:05
mececrashanddie, awk ftw!12:05
crashanddieawk is one of the better apps to know under unices12:05
crashanddieor, just do everything from python or perl :P12:05
phrearchhm, seems i need root access12:06
kerioi read about a network usage graph generator in bash and awk12:07
kerioi mean, an actual image12:07
keriomade with sed and awk12:07
*** ptlo has quit IRC12:07
kerioand imagemagick12:07
*** SWFu64 has joined #maemo12:08
*** ptlo has joined #maemo12:08
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:08
kirmaphrearch: install gainroot from app manager and sudo gainroot after that12:08
phrearchkirma: thanks :D12:09
kirmaor was it called rootsh12:09
kirmait's basically the first thing I did, so I can't remember the package name ;)12:10
ghostcubecrashanddie: i need flash to use some sides i need12:10
phrearchkirma: ill find it :)12:10
ghostcubeso i cant say droping flash impresses me12:10
phrearchfirst ill remove all useless $ stuff in the menu12:10
ghostcubeits kind of stupid to press flash out and pull vm8 and html5 in12:10
ghostcubecause wont work12:10
crashanddieghostcube: yeah, because your usage is of such massive importance.12:11
phrearchhm, speaking of html5, is there a webkit browser for the n900?12:11
D-Iivil_Workphrearch, tear12:11
ghostcubeiam an tax consultant and yes all tax consultants in de need flash working12:11
phrearchD-Iivil_Work: cool, ill give it a try12:11
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC12:11
D-Iivil_Workphrearch, I've used about all available browsers but I'll always return to MicroB. Allthough during the summer I've been using Opera since it has the "turbo" feature which speeds up the browsing @ 2G network.12:12
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo12:12
ghostcubecrashanddie: yes it is12:12
phrearchD-Iivil_Work: MicroB is mozilla right?12:13
D-Iivil_Workphrearch, yeah.12:13
kerioit's gecko, yeah12:13
ghostcubephrearch: midori12:13
ghostcubeit uses gtk webkit port12:14
phrearchghostcube, does that use v8?12:14
ghostcube#midori is the channel12:14
kerioghostcube: huh?12:14
phrearchcool thanks12:14
ghostcubeyou would need to ask kalikiana the dev12:14
*** [DarkGUNMAN] has quit IRC12:14
crashanddieghostcube: oh my bad, I forgot that the n900 was specifically marketed towards german tax consultants who need to watch porn12:14
keriooh, a webkit browser12:14
ghostcubecrashanddie: youre just telling shit12:14
kerioand most porn sites work12:14
kerioi mean, i heard12:15
crashanddiekerio: hehe12:15
MohammadAG51lol crashanddie12:15
ghostcubei dont care if you like flash12:15
ghostcubei need flash for work here12:15
ghostcubeand i dont care of your dummgelaber crashanddie12:15
crashanddieDocScrutinizer51: can I? Please? Let me?12:16
MohammadAG51crashanddie, you can12:16
crashanddieghostcube: please don't insult me12:16
ghostcubeyou startet12:16
crashanddieand learn to spell, too.12:16
ghostcubelern doch mal deutsch12:17
ghostcubewie wärs damit12:17
kerioghostcube: don't insult anyone you see the name on /cs access #maemo list12:17
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o crashanddie12:17
jacekowskihitler kaput12:17
keriogodwin's law!12:18
ghostcubebut near by12:18
crashanddieghostcube: ich verstehe deutsch du schwein12:18
jacekowskiand hande hoh12:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o crashanddie12:18
kerio-ChanServ- 7     CrashandDie            +votriA12:18
jacekowskithat's all i can say in german12:18
crashanddiewho the hell opped me?12:18
MohammadAG51die is all I know12:18
crashanddielol, doc12:18
ghostcubejungs um mich zu dissen müsst ihr aber früher aufstehen12:18
jacekowskihmm , kinder machen12:19
*** ChanServ sets mode: +q *!*@unaffiliated/ghostcube12:19
jacekowskithat's what i've learned as well12:19
DocScrutinizerghostcube: this is an english channel12:19
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o ghostcube12:19
crashanddie-o ghostcube?12:20
MohammadAG51when does a +q "expire"?12:21
crashanddieunless we remove it12:21
MohammadAG51that's why i said "expire"12:21
*** ChanServ sets mode: -q *!*@unaffiliated/ghostcube12:21
meceLawyer: But what about that tattoo on your chest?  Doesn't it say, "Die Bart, Die?"12:21
meceSideshow Bob: No, that's German for "The Bart, The."12:21
*** millenomi has joined #maemo12:23
*** zap has joined #maemo12:24
*** polymar has joined #maemo12:28
*** BCMM has joined #maemo12:29
*** BCMM has joined #maemo12:29
*** mece has left #maemo12:29
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC12:30
*** ilius has joined #maemo12:30
*** toggg has quit IRC12:30
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo12:32
iliusi did setup in fstab to mount internal memoty (27 GB) in /data12:32
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC12:32
iliusand disabled auto geneting (and replacing) fstab on boot12:32
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo12:32
*** dvaske has quit IRC12:32
iliusthen copyed /usr to /data12:32
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo12:33
iliusand rename /usr12:33
iliusand linked /data/usr to /usr12:33
iliusbut when i restarted my n900, it did not boot!!!12:33
jacekowskithat's correct12:34
*** dvaske has joined #maemo12:34
iliusjacekowski: what?12:35
jacekowskiit needs /usr to boot12:35
jacekowskiand /data was probably on memory card?12:35
jacekowskior emmc?12:35
jacekowskior somewhere?12:35
iliusjacekowski: what is there that is needed before running /etc/event.d/rc-last.S ?12:36
iliusjacekowski: or somewhere that mount fstab devuces12:36
phrearchhm, gotta love all those apps available on the n900 :)12:36
jacekowskiilius: everything12:36
ghostcubephrearch: and cool printapp is missing :)12:37
jacekowskiilius: dsme,bme,mce12:37
iliusjacekowski: root itself is defined in fstab12:37
phrearchghostcube: installing opendune atm :D12:37
*** Wamanuz has joined #maemo12:37
iliusjacekowski: root itself is defined in fstab? why it could be mounted but my custom folder (/data) could not?12:38
jacekowskiroot is not coming from fstab12:39
iliusi mounted it before12:39
jacekowskiroot is coming from kernel command line12:39
*** mrmoku` has joined #maemo12:39
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo12:39
*** mrmoku has quit IRC12:40
iliusjacekowski: what can i do now?12:40
iliusi was expect a linux-like fstab system12:41
X-Fadeilius: It just means that root is mounted by the kernel earlier than your /data.12:42
X-Fadeilius: And during boot it probably needs things from usr which isn't mounted then?12:42
iliusX-Fade: it was in my mind that /usr on needed only for graphic and after all fstab devices mounted12:43
ilius*is needed12:43
crashanddiethe US will never have Audi RS cars xD12:43
*** crs has quit IRC12:44
jacekowskiwho would want that crappy german cars anyways?12:44
infobotjacekowski meant: who would want these crappy german cars anyways?12:44
ghostcubephrearch: you need to install rootsh from appman12:44
crashanddieaudi RS are good cars mate12:44
jacekowskinot really12:44
jacekowskiferrari is a good car12:44
ghostcubeyep too expensive and not really funny12:45
ghostcubejacekowski: nope12:45
keriobugatti veyron12:45
ghostcubenope the second12:45
phrearchghostcube: got it12:45
crashanddieerhm... cars you can use on a daily basis12:45
ghostcubekerio: ack12:45
jacekowskikerio: that's german as well12:45
crashanddiesubaru are pretty shit12:45
ghostcubecrashanddie: hrhr full ack12:45
kerioghostcube: RST!12:45
crashanddiejacekowski: lamborghini is german too12:45
jacekowskiilius: /usr is required during boot12:46
jacekowskicrashanddie: no it's not12:46
jacekowskiit's italian12:46
crashanddieno, it is owned by audi12:46
jacekowskibut manufactured in italy12:46
ghostcubethe concern is audi -.-12:46
jacekowskifrom italian parts12:46
jacekowskiand with italian hands12:46
ghostcubeand faults12:46
keriobuy a prius12:46
psycho_oreosand hug a dtree12:46
jacekowskii never had problems with italian cars12:46
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: and hug a tree12:46
iliusjacekowski: what can do now?12:47
ghostcubei want the new lotus12:47
jacekowskiilius: sit down and cry12:47
crashanddiejacekowski: head of design is Wolfgang Egger -- german enough for you?12:47
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo12:47
iliusjacekowski: thank you12:47
jacekowskihmm, yep12:47
ghostcubecrashanddie: its still an lambo -.-12:47
jacekowskii'm never going to buy lambo12:47
*** ilius has left #maemo12:47
jacekowskithat leaves only lotus and ferrari12:47
crashanddieand ferrari regularly made very, very bad cars12:48
crashanddieor ugly12:48
X-Fadecrashanddie: Discussing your new company car? :)12:48
crashanddieX-Fade: nha12:48
ghostcubethe last ferrari is ok not so large and strange12:49
crashanddieX-Fade: it's a french company, so I'll probably get a renault or peugeot :P12:49
ghostcubebut the rally edition12:49
*** gyerot has joined #maemo12:49
jacekowskimclaren is owned by mercedes and that's german12:49
ghostcubepeugeot 306 rcs12:49
*** crs has joined #maemo12:49
ghostcubejacekowski: but made with british fingers :D12:49
crashanddiejacekowski: drive a fiat, or a alpha romeo, and you'll understand the pain of italian cars12:50
ghostcubei wouldnt say much etter than italian fingers12:50
jacekowskicrashanddie: i do12:50
D-Iivil_WorkI would take this:
jacekowskicrashanddie: my father has fiat12:50
jacekowskicrashanddie: and he never had problems with it12:50
D-Iivil_WorkIn that color.12:50
crashanddiejacekowski: which fiat?12:50
ghostcubefocus rs 50012:50
ghostcubebut its sold out .-.12:51
crashanddiejacekowski: ok, so an old car -- I guess the old fiats were still OK. Though now, look at any recent bravo, stilo or punto (except for the fiat 500), and the electronics are absolute shit12:51
D-Iivil_WorkI had a fiat once.12:51
ghostcubecrashanddie: there is an rs version of the fiat 50012:51
crashanddiejacekowski: the sensor bus is shared amongst the whole car, so there's one bus, that drives every single sensor in the car12:51
jacekowskiyou don't buy italian cars for reliability12:51
jacekowskiyou buy them for the design12:52
crashanddieghostcube: again, who gives a shit about an rs version of the 500?12:52
ghostcubehave you seen this thing :D12:52
crashanddiejacekowski: oh yeah, like the fiat marea won design awards12:52
jacekowskibut even though, well, it's quite reliable12:52
ghostcube170 ps in this little car12:52
D-Iivil_Work'85 Ritmo Abarth 130TC. That was a good car.12:52
ghostcubeps == hp in german12:53
keriolol abarth12:53
keriolame cars for poor people12:53
D-Iivil_Workkerio, what's lol about that :D12:53
keriobuy alfa romeo if you want a sporty car12:53
D-Iivil_Workkerio, dyno showed +200hp...12:53
*** pupnik has joined #maemo12:54
pupnikWHY, if android runs in a vm, is it not running in a vm on n900?12:54
pupnikGoodle CEO Eric Schmidt: "Android is selling on 200,000 phones per DAY now"12:54
X-FadePretty useless amount of power to transport one person, if you ask me :P12:54
crashanddieI mean, it's not difficult. Want a hot hatchback? Take a VW Golf. Want an ugly hatchback? Take a VW Sirocco. Want a family car? Mercedes Vitto. Want a good road car? BMW 5 series (maybe even M5 if you have the cash). Want a fun little car for the summer? Porsche Boxter S. Ze germans make better cards, end of the story12:54
toggles_wmy monaro has 400hp ;-)12:54
D-Iivil_WorkX-Fade, well.. it was just a summer car for one summer almost right after I got my driving licence.12:55
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC12:55
D-Iivil_WorkNowadays I'm driving diesel-powered Opel :P12:55
ghostcubekerio: sure abarth, i think for man whos ladies want a sporty streetcar this is ok as birthday present12:55
X-FadeD-Iivil_Work: Sexy ;)12:55
toggles_wghostcube: lol, i'm driving an alfa mito, you're correct ;-)12:55
D-Iivil_WorkNow the economy matters most when my trip from home to work is ~80km per side.12:56
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: my first car was a golf 3 gt12:56
kerioi don't get the hype for italian cars12:56
ghostcubecrashanddie: igitt12:56
kerioi mean, my brother has an alfa 14712:56
ghostcubei meant bah, i hate golf ...12:56
ghostcubei made my driving license on such an damn golf12:57
D-Iivil_WorkThere's a big savings between driving a fuel-powered vechile that takes 8litres / 100km or diesel car that takes 5-6litres / 100km :-P12:57
*** Saviq has joined #maemo12:57
D-Iivil_Work(diesel is cheaper in finland than regular gas)12:57
crashanddieghostcube: not a GT I expect ;)12:57
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: diesel is cheaper all around the world :P12:57
pupnikD-Iivil_Work: how are the taxes on diesel vehicles12:57
keriobut it's not *that* good of a car12:57
kerioit's good, but...12:57
D-Iivil_Workpupnik, about six times more than gas vechiles.12:57
ghostcubehmm nah it was an diesel but the vehicle is the same only 90 ps against 75 diesel ps12:57
crashanddiekerio: well, a series one alpha is made out of plastic and all, so...12:57
D-Iivil_Workpupnik, but that amount is saved if you drive more than 20.000km per year.12:58
D-Iivil_WorkAnd last year I drowe 80.00km12:58
pupnikD-Iivil_Work: see, government can't stand to see anyone get a good deal12:58
D-Iivil_Workpupnik, yep...12:58
ghostcubecrashanddie: yeah hp sorry12:58
kerioWelcome to #sportscar12:58
D-Iivil_Work80.000km... not 80.00km12:58
crashanddierather welcome to #topgearfornoobs12:58
ghostcubetopgearfornoobs is cool12:59
toggles_wkerio: well, really, maemo is dead right?12:59
ghostcubebest sportscar so far i had was an M3 BMW12:59
Saviqhi all, anyone got the N900 tethering with NetworkManager over Bluetooth? I have the Bluetooth DUN package installed and dund seems to be running, but adding the device in the bluetooth in GNOME does not add any connections to the list12:59
crashanddietoggles_w: no it ain't12:59
toggles_wi don't believe you12:59
D-Iivil_WorkAnd now I'd need to find a vechile where I can fit three children's safety seats to the backseats...12:59
*** gyerot has quit IRC12:59
jacekowskiSaviq: not supported12:59
jacekowskiSaviq: use cable13:00
kerioD-Iivil_Work: fiat multipla!13:00
jacekowskipan is well,13:00
Saviqjacekowski: isn't that what the Bluetooth DUN is supposed to do?13:00
jacekowskinot pan13:00
jacekowskidun should work13:00
ghostcubekerio: woah thats so ugly13:00
jacekowskiuse cable anyways13:00
jacekowskiit's faster13:00
smoophhi ... is it possible that my gps is not working very good because my headphone is broken?13:00
jacekowskiSaviq: no13:01
jacekowskismooph: no13:01
D-Iivil_Workkerio, never heard :D I was thinking about 1.9CDTi Opel Zafira (the 110kW version).13:01
jacekowskismooph: gps doesn't need headphones13:01
kerioghostcube: and yet...13:01
kerioit's *fucking confortable*13:02
kerioi mean, it's huge13:02
ghostcubeyeah but the front window13:02
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: told you, merco vito13:02
ghostcubeand the rear lghts13:02
*** Saviq has left #maemo13:02
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, expensive.13:02
kerioghostcube: original, or revision?13:02
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, and have no glue about merco13:02
D-Iivil_Work's diesel engines.13:02
keriolook at the original version13:02
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: about 5 grand for a 100k km car13:03
ghostcubeis there a difference?13:03
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, where??13:03
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: can probably do another 80-120k13:03
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: well, those are the prices in france, dunno about whereever you might be13:03
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, it's a fucking van :D13:03
kerioghostcube: the first one has a... tooth13:04
crashanddiewell, yeah, but trust me, your kids will be comfortable13:04
kerioright below the front window13:04
crashanddieD-Iivil_Work: and you can make more babies in the back, and your wife can actually give birth in the back seat13:04
pupnikhave any of you gotten mobile hotspot working on n900?  i can connect to the device but the NAT / packet forwarding doesn't work13:04
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, just looking the finnish markets... and Vito that's driven ~100.000km costs between 12.000-30.000 EUR...13:04
pupnikbuy a Lada13:04
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, here's an example:
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, price: 34.900e13:05
smoophwhat else could be the reason that my gps sucks ?13:06
D-Iivil_Workcrashanddie, I was thinking of making trip to Estonia and getting this:
D-Iivil_WorkJust need to first test how the safety seats will fit in...13:06
keriosmooph: do you have a registered sim?13:07
kerioi mean, do you have signal?13:07
keriothat helps *a lot*13:07
keriowith a clean sky with no obstacles, and mobile data my gps fixes in 10 seconds13:08
kerioor even less13:08
smoophI have to go for now but will be back later ... i will contact you13:08
*** Guest62226 is now known as LjL13:09
*** LjL has quit IRC13:09
*** LjL has joined #maemo13:09
crashanddiekerio: you just made a friend!13:09
*** toggg has joined #maemo13:10
alteregoJust took me 40 seconds for a cold lock13:11
alteregobut I'm in doors :)13:11
pupnikthe GPS software SUCKS ASS because you can't enter a KNOWN POSITION and get a fast lock13:11
pupnikyou need the stupid SIM13:11
phrearchhm aptitude is not installed on the n900, how do you search for apps?13:11
pupnikapt-cache search13:11
phrearchpupnik: ok thanks13:11
jacekowskipupnik: your position is not important13:12
jacekowskipupnik: for a fast lock13:12
alteregopupnik: we could request the agps app from the N8x0 ..13:12
pupnikjacekowski: please explain how AGPS is improving lock times13:12
jacekowskipupnik: it downloads ephemeris data from internet13:13
crashanddiehence, the position is important13:13
alteregojacekowski: and needs you rough position to know what to look for13:13
*** sleipnir has quit IRC13:13
pupnikso it knows which satellites are overhead?13:13
pupnikahha... ty much jacekowski13:13
crashanddiethe whole point about having the sim is that you get the tower's GPS loc to get the nearby sattelites13:13
jacekowskiwith ephemeris data knowledge of position is not important13:13
jacekowskiwell, not that much important13:13
pupnikcrashanddie: i can enter my gps location by HAND13:14
crashanddiepupnik: i know, not countering what you said13:14
jacekowskiephemeris data is critical to get fast lock13:14
jacekowskirough location helps, but alone is useless13:14
pupnikthanks for making me less ignorant jacekowski13:14
crashanddiejacekowski: which is what AGPS did on Diablo13:15
crashanddiejacekowski: you pinpointed your rough whereabouts, and it woudl download the data for the GPS13:16
*** nas_ has joined #maemo13:16
jacekowskin900 downloads full ephemeris data13:16
jacekowskiso it knows orbits of all satellites13:17
alteregocrashanddie: pinpoint and rough in the same sentance? :D13:17
crashanddiealterego: well, yeah, you had to place a pin on a map of the world...13:17
jacekowskiand unless you have very bad signal, phone can get idea what satelites are overhead in less than second13:17
* lcuk never installed agps on n810, but just held device up and prayed to the skygods13:17
crashanddiealterego: which in my book, is pinpointing roughly.13:17
alteregocrashanddie: I don't remember seeing a graphical indication of where I clicked, but its been a while since I used it :)13:18
jacekowskicrashanddie: n8x0 probably relied on almanach data, which require more calculations and if it has rough idea where it is then it can only calculate data for nearby satellites13:18
crashanddiejacekowski: ah yes, that rings a bell, almanach13:19
lcukalterego, it was part of agps extra package13:19
jacekowskin900 relies on emphemeris, which is simpler to use13:19
phrearchehm, how do you add repositories to the n900? /etc/apt/sources.list seems empty13:19
fluxphrearch, with hildon package manager. but the (generated) sources lists are at sources.d directory as well.13:20
lcukphrearch, open ham and set the repositories from there13:20
*** nas_ has left #maemo13:20
phrearchok thanks13:20
fluxhm, s/package/application/13:20
pupnikok, ham is definitely going on tonight's pizza, curse you lcuk13:20
jacekowskicrashanddie: if phone has valid ephemeris data it can lock to satellite as soon as signal is usable13:21
jacekowskicrashanddie: with only almanac data it has to get ephemeris from satellite13:21
jacekowskiand accurate time is important for a fast lock13:23
*** FIQ has joined #maemo13:23
*** bef0rd has quit IRC13:24
lcukpupnik, lol13:24
crashanddieneopwn is selling N900's with the stuff installed13:27
crashanddieNeoPwn v2 :: N900 + 16GB13:28
crashanddieN900 + 16GB (Class 10) microSD pre-loaded with complete Neopwn v213:28
jacekowskiwell, we can just buy it and then request sources of a driver13:28
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC13:29
fluxbtw, I recently bought a 16GB class 2 microSD and benchmarked it with bonnie: input and output is 13M/s and 6M/s, respectively13:30
jacekowskistill slower than builtin emmc13:31
lcukflux, whats the benchmarks for the main partitions13:31
fluxlcuk, can't run it, because bonnie requires at least physical memory * 2 capacity13:31
fluxsome other benchmark would likely work, though13:31
crashanddiejacekowski: from the website "You agree not to resell, re-export, or ship, directly or indirectly, the tools provided in our products in any form without obtaining appropriate export or re-export licenses from the United States government. The fees and costs to obtain such approvals and consents shall be paid by You."13:31
fluxor, I could run it, but the results would likely not be meaningful13:32
fluxbtw, file creation performance: 17 files per second :)13:32
jacekowskicrashanddie: so?13:32
jacekowskicrashanddie: driver is GPLed13:32
phrearchweird, i cant seem to login onto my facebook account from the n90013:32
lcukflux, running it with the same ceiling for all partitions (ie a smaller test everywhere) should get more meaningful stuff13:32
flux(but I'm suspecting it might be wrong, because it apperas it did only 16 files)13:32
crashanddiejacekowski: he won't comply13:32
crashanddiejacekowski: the guy just wants to make a profit13:32
crashanddiejacekowski: actually, I'm tempted to buy it, and then put the image on torrent13:32
jacekowskiwell, then he will have to go to court13:33
jacekowskigpl has been proved valid in court13:33
crashanddieand who would go to those lengths?13:33
crashanddielcuk: buy it13:33
crashanddielcuk: I'll repay you (the $50 version) as soon as I get my paycheck13:34
crashanddieor GAN90013:34
fralswow tweego is brilliant, white text on white background :|13:34
jacekowskii would buy it but well, 21 days delivery13:34
lcukgtfo, this is your crusade13:34
crashanddiejacekowski: no, 21 days shipping!13:34
crashanddiejacekowski: so he needs up to 21 days before he even sends it13:34
crashanddieI'm actually tempted to tip the IRS to his sales13:35
lcukwhat are you guys so against anyway?13:35
crashanddiethe guy promising free downloads, and then selling it for massive profit13:35
jacekowskisomebody put a lot of work in neopwn13:35
crashanddieno he didn't13:36
jacekowskiand he wants to make some money on it13:36
*** baraujo has joined #maemo13:36
jacekowskiand crashanddie has a problem with it13:36
crashanddieI have no problem with people making money13:36
crashanddieI do have a problem with people inventing stupid excuses and bad foresight13:36
*** millenomi has quit IRC13:38
crashanddiethe guy keeps moaning and bitching that he has no time, and received no help from the community. He never asked for help, and doesn't allow it when it is offered.13:38
lcuki see nothing wrong with paying for installation media of free software, so yeah once you get it follow the gpl all you want13:38
lcuki asked lbt to get usb stick of mer at one point13:39
* lcuk is happy to pay for prepackaged software :)13:39
lcuk(mer for joggler)13:39
fralsshame ovi wont take python apps or i would see how much i could rake in on from fmms!13:40
lcukcrashanddie, so the fact there is usb stick + n900 isnt silly, its astute13:40
crashanddielcuk: oh, I'm fine with the N900 + uSD card being sold13:40
fralsthere is a lack of sources available thou13:40
lcukthere is no product until you buy it though13:41
crashanddiefrals: how much do you want to bet that he'll charge you for the sources?13:41
lcuki am going to other places13:41
crashanddielol... The IRS Whistleblower Office pays money to people who blow the whistle on persons who fail to pay the tax that they owe. If the IRS uses information provided by the whistleblower, it can award the whistleblower up to 30 percent of the additional tax, penalty and other amounts it collects.13:42
phrearchhm weird, i use the same facebook auth on the n900, but it fails there every time13:42
*** muelli has joined #maemo13:43
*** FIQ has quit IRC13:43
MohammadAG51frozen-bubble's awesome13:44
crashanddieMohammadAG51: you must be new around linux?13:44
MohammadAG51no, i'm just playing cross platform :p13:44
fralsanyone using tweego on the n900 and can confirm im not the only one getting white on white in inputfields? :\13:44
MohammadAG51N900 vs laptop13:44
ghostcubefrozen bubble rox the controlling lags a bit :D13:45
*** lizardo has joined #maemo13:45
*** t_s_o has quit IRC13:45
MohammadAG51ghostcube, sdl, can't accelerate that using the powervr afaik13:46
MiXu-Where am I supposed to put nameservers in ubuntu? it says in resolv.conf not to manually edit it13:46
MohammadAG51frals, you're the only one13:46
ghostcubeMohammadAG51: ah ok13:46
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC13:47
* frals trouts MohammadAG51 13:47
ghostcubehmmm the only problem i have with cupsd is it doesnt install any ppd files13:47
smoophkerio: hey I use the gps when I go for a run with the running software ecoach13:47
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo13:48
smoophbut last couple of weeks I ether get no gps lock or only very low signal strength13:48
ghostcubeoh, i got an idea, if i copy the ppd file from my ubuntu box, it shopuld work in cups on n900 or?13:49
*** Jucato has quit IRC13:50
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo13:50
*** Jucato has joined #maemo13:50
MohammadAG51hmm, where's noobmonk3y13:50
MohammadAG51~seen noobmonk3y13:50
infobotnoobmonk3y <c2b06924@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 13d 1h 3m 35s ago, saying: 'akshey: joiku has improved alot - manaed to use it for a weekend a few weeks ago and dloaded 2.8gb in the weekend with over 8 people connected :)'.13:50
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC13:52
*** Flyser has joined #maemo13:52
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo13:53
crashanddieI HAVE A FUCKING JOB13:54
jacekowskiand who are you going to fuck?13:54
MohammadAG51~rape crashanddie13:55
* infobot takes crashanddie behind the WallMart and makes a few grunts and screams13:55
*** TheNewAndy has joined #maemo13:56
smoophyou guys are sick ... WallMart rly?13:56
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo13:56
*** alehorst has quit IRC13:57
SpeedEvilcongrats crashanddie.13:58
crashanddiesorry for the caps, thanks SpeedEvil13:58
ghostcubehmmm congrats, but what is the job?13:59
fralsmay we know where? :)13:59
ghostcubeand woah i found the solution for my driver problem with cups13:59
MohammadAG51Nokia HQ, he's coming for ya frals13:59
ghostcubeiam so stupid13:59
MohammadAG51ghostcube, porting cups?13:59
fralsMohammadAG51: doh :<14:00
fralsMohammadAG51: he wont find me at nokia hq though, so i guess its ok!14:00
MohammadAG51frals, trust me, he will14:01
ghostcubeMohammadAG51: na get it to work only14:01
ghostcubei didtn read the side 5 in the thread14:01
MohammadAG51cups didn't build for me14:01
ghostcubethere are cups packages in devel14:01
crashanddieghostcube & frals: C++ dev on a VoIP app for major telco comps14:01
ghostcubeMohammadAG51: yep no joke14:02
MohammadAG51congrats crashanddie14:02
ghostcubecrashanddie: oi14:02
* MohammadAG51 waits for crashanddie to exploit and listen to VoIP calls14:02
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo14:02
crashanddieso I'm going from security consultant to c++ dev, why not14:02
MohammadAG51never knew you knew C++14:03
MohammadAG51my condolences :p14:03
ghostcubehmmm c++ is an bastard14:03
ghostcubecrashanddie: hmm, then you could work on an "better"voip app for maemo14:03
ghostcubekill skype14:03
MohammadAG51skype won't die any time soon14:04
MohammadAG51and it's not bad for a closed source POS14:04
ghostcubei knew, i use it too  :D14:04
ghostcubejust an start for crashanddie14:04
MohammadAG51i still use it14:04
crashanddieit's server-side voip, not client14:04
MohammadAG51I used gizmo5, but it failed14:04
ghostcubei had tried ekiga14:04
MohammadAG51failed as in no one uses it14:04
ghostcubeshame on this14:04
MohammadAG51well, no one I know14:05
*** raster_ has quit IRC14:05
ghostcubethe only thing that drives me nuts with skype is, its not working from n900 to linux :|14:05
ghostcubevideo call14:05
MohammadAG51works for me :p14:06
ghostcuben900 to linux with vid call?14:06
MohammadAG51n900 to symbian works too14:06
MohammadAG51w/ fring on symbian though14:06
ghostcube-.- fring sux14:06
MohammadAG51i know14:07
petterivideo calls with jabber work nicely to any platform14:07
MohammadAG51X-Fade, hmm, if pulseaudio was fixed, does that mean the recharge battery sound won't be machine gun-ny?14:08
ghostcubenoone of my friends uses jabba14:08
petterimaybe it is time to educate them then :)14:08
Stskeepsghostcube: google talk is jabber too, you know14:09
chem|stpeople I need help! I'd like to delete this thread... but I shouldn't14:09
ghostcubeStskeeps: yeah but now i must tell you 10% of my freinds uses any google account14:09
chem|stcan some of you at least try to slow them down? n00bs helping n00bs screw up their system...14:09
phrearchhm, adduser doesnt work on the n900, and setting a root pw doesnt seem wise14:09
phrearchi want to ssh into the n900, but therefor it needs a password14:10
phrearchpreferably a new user14:10
phrearchah useradd14:10
chem|stphrearch: useradd14:10
chem|stah ok14:10
phrearchthanks :)14:10
*** alehorst has joined #maemo14:11
phrearchhm, added the user, su'd into it, but passwd returns that the pw cant be changed14:11
*** Anupam has joined #maemo14:12
chem|stphrearch: setting the root pw shouldnt be a problem... just don't use god, love or something alike14:12
phrearchok, i guess openssh has root login disabled by default14:13
phrearchso its not a problem14:13
chem|stphrearch: useradd --password *********14:13
chem|stah you mean root14:14
SpeedEvilthe openssh client/server package at least requires you to set a root password on install14:14
chem|stSpeedEvil: thats what I thought14:15
chem|stbut one out of three times it didn't ask me14:15
*** harbaum has quit IRC14:15
chem|styeah but it setup right so I was able to root'in and set it by hand14:16
phrearchgotcha. im in :D14:16
chem|stphrearch: to have most of the DOS and stuff bots not reach your ssh door you may change the port in the config (needs sshd restart)14:17
*** Psi has quit IRC14:18
phrearchchem|st: yea probably a good idea14:18
phrearchwifi seems to be a bit unstable14:19
chem|stI am around in public IP ranges, my servers stop complaining via watchdog that +1k ssh-knocks with wrong password happened if I change the port to elsewhere14:19
chem|stphrearch: it is wifi...14:19
phrearchwell, even then...14:20
chem|stwhat's wrong with your wifi?14:20
phrearchstatus indicator has 2/10 while the router is 3 meters from me14:20
viszfail2ban should work on n900?14:20
viszautomatically bans ssh-knockers with iptables14:20
*** Ramady2 has quit IRC14:21
chem|stphrearch: have you turned of powersaving?14:21
phrearchaha no14:21
chem|stphrearch: some routers have problems with powersaving devices14:21
crashanddievisz: why would you want that?14:22
chem|stand drop connection quiet often14:22
crashanddievisz: is your password that insecure, or is your SSH forwarded on the web?14:22
phrearchok, got it disabled for this wlan14:22
viszbut on servers though, why wouldn't i use fail2ban?14:22
*** Flanbix has quit IRC14:23
*** amigadave has quit IRC14:23
*** ag0ny has quit IRC14:23
*** msanchez has quit IRC14:23
*** TomaszD has quit IRC14:23
*** pupnik has quit IRC14:23
*** ZogG has quit IRC14:23
*** Ian-- has quit IRC14:23
*** marcoil has quit IRC14:23
*** MiXu- has quit IRC14:23
*** Gilly has quit IRC14:23
*** udovdh has quit IRC14:23
*** dvarnes has quit IRC14:23
chem|stvisz: doesn't work that way! the ssh knocks come in random same IP all about weeks not seconds, so would you like to ban every wrong entered password?14:23
phrearchwow, much better :D14:23
viszi have different experience14:23
chem|stphrearch: whats your router and if custom which fw14:24
visz5 wrong passwords -> ban the ip14:24
phrearchehm, a linksys adsl router14:24
visztoday already got about 5 bans14:24
phrearchehm WAG54G214:25
chem|stvisz: I changed the port and don't need any fail2ban anymore...14:25
phrearchwith default firmware14:25
viszi also use fail2ban against sip-scanners14:25
viszsip vicious is quite malevolent in wrong hands14:26
*** pupnik has joined #maemo14:26
phrearchhm no mysql available?14:26
viszit's stateless, so it doesn't wait for a reply before sending another register attempt14:26
*** Gilly has joined #maemo14:27
*** Gilly has joined #maemo14:27
viszeasily gets asterisk-server on its knees14:27
chem|stphrearch: what you want a mysql server for?14:27
*** amigadave has joined #maemo14:27
*** udovdh has joined #maemo14:27
chem|stvisz: there it is handy but not for my ssh-port...14:27
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo14:28
phrearchchem|st: want to run a webserver on it14:28
phrearchtwisted or the like14:28
*** Jucato has quit IRC14:28
*** marciom has joined #maemo14:29
*** Jucato has joined #maemo14:29
ghostcubephrearch: there is lighthttpd14:29
*** ZogG has joined #maemo14:29
phrearchok cool14:29
*** Ian-- has joined #maemo14:29
chem|stphrearch: have fun I opt out14:29
*** Flanbix has joined #maemo14:29
phrearchyea, dling the debian img now14:30
*** msanchez has joined #maemo14:30
phrearchthis is the best toy in years14:30
*** dvarnes has joined #maemo14:30
*** Psi has joined #maemo14:30
chem|stphrearch: you mean in decades...14:30
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo14:31
phrearchyea, it's awesome. a complete linux box on a phone with all hightech stuff included14:31
*** ag0ny has joined #maemo14:31
phrearchany good python lib for accessing the gps?14:31
baraujophrearch, try python-location :)14:32
*** marcoil has joined #maemo14:32
phrearchbaraujo: ah thanks!14:33
*** alicemirror has joined #maemo14:33
*** dos1 has joined #maemo14:34
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo14:35
*** Myrtti has quit IRC14:38
*** pablo2 has joined #maemo14:38
*** Summeli has quit IRC14:39
*** petteri has quit IRC14:40
*** NishanthMenon has joined #maemo14:40
*** Dasajev has quit IRC14:40
*** pillar_ has quit IRC14:40
keriobiggest wall store in the usa?14:40
ghostcubehmm, anyone gets kep back packages for an dist-upgrade on apt-get?14:41
*** Noma has quit IRC14:41
ghostcubesdl mixer and so claims upstart needs this and this14:41
SpeedEvilI thought dist-upgrade bootlooped phones14:41
SpeedEvilor maybe just used to14:41
crashanddiestill does in my experience14:42
keriowhat does dist-upgrade do?14:42
kerioalso yeah, libsdl-mixer1.2 conflicts with a fremantle metapackage14:42
ghostcubeah ok :)14:42
ghostcubeiam used to use apt-get cause iam old debian user :D14:43
ghostcubetill now i never had probs so far14:43
ghostcubei dont like grafical app installers on any debian base, cause you have dpkg and apt14:43
alteregoWhat's not to like about graphical installers?14:45
ghostcubeits just faster14:45
ghostcubeapt-get install , apt-cache search14:45
ghostcubeapt-cache policy14:45
ghostcubeits all you need14:45
alteregoErm, faster than what?14:45
*** hari_ has quit IRC14:46
ghostcubethan the grafical installers14:46
alteregoA graphical wrapper for apt will run just as fast as apt14:46
haltdefsilly command line elitists14:46
jacekowskialterego: HAM is slow14:46
*** smooph has quit IRC14:47
jacekowskialterego: and it's mere wrapper as well14:47
alteregoIt's a poorly written wrapper :P14:47
ghostcubefapman gets better but refreshes too often the lists14:47
*** smooph has joined #maemo14:47
ghostcubeone time should be enough14:47
alteregoAnd I only find it slow whilst atteempting to index the packages.14:47
pupnikthat faster app manager is a godsend14:48
alteregoghostcube: it has to index the installed packages everytime something is installed.14:48
ghostcubesure but why refresh for remove and then for install14:49
ghostcubeshould be the same still14:49
ghostcubeyou dont have this trouble on commandline14:49
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo14:49
alteregoJust incase some fool like you uses the command line :P14:49
*** TomaszD has quit IRC14:49
crashanddie"A Michigan man credited his dog with saving his life by chewing off his diseased big toe as he lay passed out in a drunken stupor."14:49
alteregowoof ..14:50
ghostcubealterego: :P14:50
*** ag0ny has quit IRC14:50
*** mece has joined #maemo14:50
ghostcubebtw alterego ofcourse of the elektronik music guys or niothing to do with it14:51
alteregoghostcube: seriously though, why don't you try and write a reliable appliation manager around apt and see how well yours compares with others :P14:51
ghostcubealterego: simple answer?14:51
ghostcubei cant code14:51
crashanddiealterego: doesn't HAM use dpkg rather than apt?14:51
alteregocrashanddie: not sure.14:52
crashanddiealterego: so there is a good possibility that they completely screwed the queries14:52
alteregoI'd imagine it uses a bit of both14:52
MohammadAGit doesn't use apt-get14:52
keriowell, duh14:52
MohammadAGit uses a fucked up tool called apt-worker14:52
keriono frontend uses apt-get14:52
kerioyeah, they use apt-worker14:52
kerioor just dpkg, like aptitude14:53
alteregoAh yes, apt-worker14:53
MohammadAGaptitude works k on the14:53
* MohammadAG murders enter key14:53
crashanddiesome people are fucked up14:53
crashanddiehow can this happen in this day and age: "A Malaysian state is to allow Muslim girls under the age of consent of 16 years to wed in a bid to stem unwed pregnancies, angering the country's women's activists and politicians."14:53
alteregoTalingt of keys, myn new laptop keyboard got shiped yesterday :)14:54
*** luizirber has joined #maemo14:54
kerioMohammadAG: now what?14:54
crashanddiePolitician: "We can't stop the girls from getting raped and pregnant" Supporter: "Allow them to wed, j/k" Politician: "That's brilliant! PRESS CONFERENCE"14:54
alteregocrashanddie: I wondfer how many muslim women at 16 actually have kids :/14:54
pupnikcrashanddie: you left out the important part: which state14:55
crashanddiepupnik: Malaca14:55
ghostcubeMohammadAG51: aptitude works o.O never tried on n90014:55
ghostcubeless is a cool addon for installing :D14:55
lcukMohammadAG, re: HAM - patches welcome.14:55
jacekowskiwell, on bbc there are series "undeage and pregnant"14:55
jacekowskiand there are loads of girls that get pregnant at 1314:56
ghostcubehmm why isnt anybody porting synaptic or kpackagekit  :D14:56
ghostcubejacekowski: in england teeny birth rate is high, afaik14:56
ghostcubewrong moralic intentions14:56
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:56
crashanddiealterego: 1.2% in Malaysia, 5.2% in Indonesia14:56
jacekowskiyep, not as high as in some other countries14:56
MohammadAGlcuk, re: re: HAM - don't know C, is --- hildon-application-manager +++ fapman an acceptable patch?14:57
jacekowskisomewhere to south of europe14:57
alteregocrashanddie: so, basically f'all :)14:57
MohammadAGghostcube, I already ported synaptics14:57
jacekowskii'm not going to point precisely because i would get banned for being racist14:57
MohammadAGnever uploaded it though14:57
MohammadAGaptitude works without the GUI14:57
crashanddiealterego: true, but that doesn't make the law right14:57
MohammadAGthe GUI works, but making it apply changes segfaults14:58
jacekowskiMohammadAG: aptitude has ncurses gui14:58
lcukMohammadAG, no - fapman is not a drop in replacment for ham and only covers some of the scenarios that HAM manages14:58
ghostcubeMohammadAG: woot?14:58
ghostcubewhere to grab it?14:58
ghostcubeah ok never uploaded14:58
*** pycg has joined #maemo14:58
MohammadAGmy i5 went down, and it's on it14:58
keriolcuk: huh?14:58
*** marciom has quit IRC14:59
kerioinstalling, removing and updating things?14:59
MohammadAGSSU, .install, ovi14:59
MohammadAGovi can be handled, use my modified apt package14:59
lcukbackup app restoration14:59
alteregocrashanddie: making it law doesn't make people do it, they're not forcing.14:59
MohammadAGcan be parsed14:59
*** pycg has left #maemo14:59
MohammadAGit's plain xml14:59
*** lizardo has joined #maemo14:59
kerioovi sucks ._.14:59
ghostcubehehe yeah a bit14:59
alteregoAlso, muslim women are under more pressure from their family and the communityover gov't.14:59
ghostcubebtw safari opened for addons and extensions14:59
MohammadAGOvi uses a repo with apps in user/hidden, E: Handler Silently Failed is an error that shows when installing from that section15:00
alteregoAnyhow, I was just saying, with such a low percentage, why bother?15:00
*** marciom has joined #maemo15:00
MohammadAGfor paid apps, ovi uses debs15:00
crashanddieanyway, going for a shower... then going to see my future employer! 'Later15:00
*** teilzeitstudent_ has joined #maemo15:03
phrearchhm, Enhanced Linux kernel for power users conflict with maemo kernel15:04
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC15:05
*** teilzeitstudent has quit IRC15:07
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC15:07
*** Myrtti has joined #maemo15:07
*** petteri has joined #maemo15:07
ghostcubephrearch: dont use it15:07
*** Dasajev has joined #maemo15:07
phrearchghostcube: ok, its bad then i guess15:07
*** Noma has joined #maemo15:07
*** pillar_ has joined #maemo15:07
phrearchi was looking for an easy way to overclock it15:07
*** Summeli has joined #maemo15:08
ghostcubedont start the OC war15:08
phrearchheh, sensitive subject then15:08
*** Ordog_by has quit IRC15:09
TermanaN900phrearch, please put 20 or so clocks on top of your n90015:09
ghostcubeyeah, iam wondering no one barked after you wrote the oc word15:09
TermanaN900overclocked n90015:09
ghostcubeaha :D15:09
phrearchheh, i'll leave it for now then15:09
keriothe power kernel is not just for overclocking15:10
kerioalso ext3/ext4, ntfs, nfs, samba shares, wifi mesh, iptables with nat15:10
*** grishnav has joined #maemo15:10
ghostcubenah but i dont get the profit for normal use? is there any, except you can use some kernel plugins more?15:10
kerioghostcube: MobileHotspot15:10
ghostcubeoh ok thats a reason15:10
phrearchisnt that usable with the stock kernel?15:11
keriophrearch: nope15:11
kerioyou need iptables to NAT15:11
*** luizirber has quit IRC15:11
*** tekojo has quit IRC15:11
mecehey, how does one go about in getting the latest scratchbox if I have the old one? Is it enough to do some apt-get magic within scratchbox?15:11
phrearchso, but the power kernel conflicts with the regular one15:11
MohammadAGI use the power kernel15:11
MohammadAGwith overclock.diff removed from debian/patches :P15:11
ghostcubeMohammadAG: you are not an normal user15:11
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo15:11
MohammadAGI have it compiled w/o overclocking xD15:11
kerioMohammadAG: i just use the stock settings ._.15:12
MohammadAGkerio, sometimes i get tempted to overclock, and having it there makes it easy to oc15:12
MohammadAGshitty will, if you will15:12
alteregoMoamjust isn't normal.15:12
alteregoMohammadAG isn't normal ..15:13
MohammadAGI know, timeless approves of that (he said it in a comment on bugzilla xD)15:13
MohammadAGoh wait15:14
MohammadAGhe said I was unreal :P
povbotBug 9478: Browser takes time to open first page immediatley after closing browser15:14
phrearchhm, just installed the deb img install, but openoffice says its failed to mount it15:15
RST38hMoo all15:16
* MohammadAG chroots into RST38h and executes apt-get moo15:16
ghostcubelool ding the same here15:17
ghostcubedamn the n900 cant do moo?15:17
ghostcubesuch a shame15:17
keriothey removed the super cow powers?15:17
*** Anupam has quit IRC15:19
*** tKMFDM has quit IRC15:19
*** felipec has quit IRC15:21
TermanaN900thats a lie15:23
*** diegohcg has joined #maemo15:23
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC15:23
TermanaN900apt-get moo works fine. and if my text selection werent playing up id prove it :P15:24
*** chadi has joined #maemo15:25
*** Termana has joined #maemo15:25
ghostcubemy apt-get moo : not found15:25
chadiphotos don't auto-rotate anymore between portrait and landscape15:25
*** jukey has joined #maemo15:25
chadineither do other apps like blubbels and mappero15:26
ghostcubeTermanaN900: you did it in an N900 ?15:26
*** briglia has joined #maemo15:27
*** grishnav has quit IRC15:28
*** luizirber has joined #maemo15:28
Termanaghostcube, yes15:31
Termanaas root15:31
ghostcubeme too15:31
*** renato has joined #maemo15:32
Termanamine does it as non-root too, so the "as root" part was worthless :P15:32
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC15:33
TermanaLazy way of disconnecting my n900 from IRC without touching it :P15:34
*** Ordog_by has joined #maemo15:35
phrearchhm i get an error all the time with debian apps :(15:36
phrearchMount failure for debvian-m5-v3d.img15:36
kerioi bet *that* is the problem15:37
phrearchno, that was my type mistake15:37
*** msanchez has quit IRC15:38
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo15:38
MohammadAGhmm, importer down?15:38
ghostcubelol Termana mine does it only in bash3 non root15:40
ghostcubeas root it didnt work lol15:40
Termanaghostcube, heh, thats strange :P Mine works perfectly fine in the default busybox terminal and as root or not :P15:41
ghostcubehmm maybe its my bash3 installation then15:42
MohammadAGexecuting "root" or sudo gainroot opens a busybox shell15:42
ghostcubeany idea what cost me 20 mb of free space on my rootfs15:43
MohammadAGyou need to start the whole bash shell as root to be root in it15:43
ghostcubesudo gainroot in bash 3 opns busybox sure but in this shell i cant use apt-get moo15:44
*** mece has left #maemo15:44
MohammadAGit doesn't want to moo, sheesh take a hint15:44
*** alicemirror has left #maemo15:45
*** Termana has quit IRC15:46
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo15:55
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:58
*** grishnav has joined #maemo15:59
*** msanchez has joined #maemo16:06
*** jonne|reconnecte has quit IRC16:06
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC16:07
*** jonne|reconnecte has joined #maemo16:08
*** dvaske has quit IRC16:08
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC16:09
alteregoHrm, we don't have a colour or a font picker ..16:09
lcukwho is we :p16:09
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo16:10
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo16:10
alteregoHeh, shuddup :P16:10
alteregoQt for maemo516:10
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC16:10
alteregoAnd for the 100 millionth time, I'm not going to use liqbase :P16:10
lcukthats fine by me16:11
lcuktheres at least 2 color selectors in qt16:11
lcukone which looks like mine16:11
lcukand another which looks a bit different16:11
*** Yoann512 has quit IRC16:11
alteregoI was thinking something maemo specific.16:12
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC16:12
alteregoBut I'll have to use the Qt one I guess :P16:12
lcukthen there are certainly color select dialogs16:12
*** msanchez has quit IRC16:13
*** avs has quit IRC16:14
*** Yoann512 has joined #maemo16:14
*** toggg has quit IRC16:14
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo16:14
*** tbf has quit IRC16:16
*** pcacjr has quit IRC16:16
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo16:18
*** avs has joined #maemo16:19
*** Termana has joined #maemo16:21
*** mrmoku` is now known as mrmoku16:22
*** chadi has quit IRC16:24
*** gaveen has quit IRC16:25
*** carloscesa has joined #maemo16:26
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:27
*** pupnik has joined #maemo16:27
*** elysion_ has joined #maemo16:29
elysion_anyone know how to display custom images in notifications using the hildon-notify lib?16:29
ghostcubewoah google is willing to pay money for prefering their network traffic?16:29
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo16:30
luke-jrghostcube: there's only so much bandwidth16:30
ghostcubeyou read the articel?16:30
luke-jryou didn't link one16:31
*** pcacjr has quit IRC16:32
*** MiXu- has quit IRC16:32
SpeedEvilPay by the byte is the only sane model IMO16:32
*** marciom has quit IRC16:32
*** renato has quit IRC16:32
*** lmoura has quit IRC16:32
SpeedEvil - _everyone_ in the UK - please respond to this.16:34
luke-jrdifferent QoS flags should represent different bids ;)16:34
SpeedEvilluke-jr: yes - and a micropayment per packet architecture would be great.16:34
SpeedEvilI'd love to be able to setup an AP with a price per packet.16:34
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo16:34
SpeedEvilSame with my phone.16:34
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC16:35
SpeedEvilThe price per packet climbs steeply as battery runs out, or as my monthly quota nears.16:35
*** marciom has joined #maemo16:35
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:35
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo16:35
luke-jrI was just thinking paying extra to get VoIP packets prioritized16:36
*** lmoura has joined #maemo16:37
*** renato has joined #maemo16:37
SpeedEvilThat too.16:38
jacekowskiwell, priorities are not important if network isn't overloaded16:40
jacekowskiand that should be target16:40
*** TheNewAndy has quit IRC16:41
jacekowskinetwork that delivers packets with constant delay just because it can16:41
luke-jrjacekowski: every network is overloaded at some point in time16:41
*** msanchez has joined #maemo16:41
luke-jrIMO the problem is how you bill for prioritized traffic16:42
luke-jrand it opens a can of worms on multiple levels16:43
jacekowskinetwork should be capable of taking any load16:43
luke-jrsuddenly people will be trying to get peers to route through them, in hopes of getting such packets16:43
*** marciom has quit IRC16:44
*** avs has quit IRC16:44
luke-jrjacekowski: don't be silly16:44
jacekowskii mean seriously16:44
pupnik  game gripper finally for n90016:44
luke-jrthere's no point putting in terabit routers if only 100mbit is used on a regular basis16:44
jacekowskiif you have isp that has 100000s of customers16:44
pupnik  n900 finally available in India :)16:44
*** pycg has joined #maemo16:45
jacekowskiluke-jr: isp is not going to have problem with that16:45
luke-jrpacket prioritization is not an ISP-level thing16:46
luke-jrit's primarily relevant on backbones16:46
jacekowskibackbones should be capable of handling that load16:46
jacekowskiif you take a look at traffic at internet exchanges16:47
jacekowskiit's very close to constant during a day16:47
luke-jrand end-user ISPs are basically people paying to share a single pipe16:47
luke-jrin which case the ISP has no business charging for priority16:47
SpeedEvilluke-jr: Also with shared end-nodes. for example sharing 3G or wifi16:47
*** pycg has left #maemo16:49
*** pycg has joined #maemo16:49
*** pycg has left #maemo16:49
*** avs has joined #maemo16:49
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo16:49
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo16:56
*** marciom has joined #maemo16:58
*** Jucato has quit IRC16:59
*** Jucato has joined #maemo16:59
*** hari_ has joined #maemo17:01
*** setanta has joined #maemo17:01
*** edisson has joined #maemo17:02
*** smooph has quit IRC17:10
*** dos11 has joined #maemo17:11
*** dos1 has quit IRC17:11
*** marciom has quit IRC17:12
*** lmoura has quit IRC17:12
*** pcacjr has quit IRC17:12
*** setanta has quit IRC17:12
*** renato has quit IRC17:12
*** teilzeitstudent_ has quit IRC17:12
*** MohammadAG_ has quit IRC17:14
*** cjdavis1 has quit IRC17:14
*** renato has joined #maemo17:16
*** marciom has joined #maemo17:16
*** setanta has joined #maemo17:17
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo17:17
*** lmoura has joined #maemo17:17
*** dos11 is now known as dos117:19
*** GNU\caust1c has quit IRC17:20
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo17:21
*** pupnik has quit IRC17:21
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo17:23
*** timoph is now known as timoph|away17:23
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo17:24
*** apoi has quit IRC17:24
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo17:25
* noobmonk3y prods frals 17:25
muellihm. my SDK doesn't download stuff anymore :-( wget can't resolve names, the browser in the Xephyr window can though.very strange. Any ideas as to what's wrong?17:25
* MohammadAG throws a frals at noobmonk3y 17:26
MohammadAGI ~seen17:26
MohammadAG'd you today17:26
* noobmonk3y giigles17:26
*** apoi has joined #maemo17:26
* noobmonk3y has been in bed for almost a week after pulling 2 back muscles :(17:26
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo17:27
noobmonk3yhows #maemo been? :)17:27
* noobmonk3y kicks fmms - mef still cant get it to work :(17:28
fralsyou suck17:28
MohammadAGhe learns from the best :P17:28
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo17:28
fralsnoobmonk3y: what error you getting and what settings are you using on what operator? ;)17:29
fralshmm 1730 already, should go home soon17:29
noobmonk3yVoda uk, no error at the mo - omfg17:29
noobmonk3yit worked17:29
noobmonk3yon havoc mode only17:29
noobmonk3ytook a v long time though!17:29
*** kwek has quit IRC17:29
lcukthings always work when frals is around17:29
lcukhiya noobmonk3y \o17:29
noobmonk3yhey hey, hows you lcuk?17:30
noobmonk3yahhhh frals... i was dloading a picture msg from last month! - probably expired!17:30
noobmonk3ythe new pic msg worked fine17:30
lcukgood and tired17:30
jacekowskifrals: have you considered rewriting fmms in real programming language?17:30
noobmonk3yawwwwww as per usual then!17:30
fralsnoobmonk3y: tis takes a long time, its setting up a context with your apn and what not ;)17:30
fralsnoobmonk3y: and month old messages are most likely gone from server yes ;)17:31
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo17:31
slonopotamusjacekowski: you're talking about haskell, right?17:31
noobmonk3ydarn vodafone - it was sleezy porn from my best mate too lol (In sweden)17:31
fralsjacekowski: python is a real language! but considered and decided against it because it would be huge effort17:31
lcuknoobmonk3y, frals moved from sweden now :P17:31
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo17:31
jacekowskislonopotamus: C17:31
fralsnoobmonk3y: hehe17:31
lcukget him to resend sleazy stuff :P17:31
*** avs has quit IRC17:32
jacekowskifrals: python is interpreted piece of crap17:32
noobmonk3ylcuk:  yup i know - gonna harrass him when i goto helsinki next year if i get round to planning it!17:32
slonopotamusrare case, but i +1 to what jacekowski said :P17:32
* noobmonk3y lols17:32
fralsjacekowski: yeah, but tis good enough for fmms.. the gui would benefit some from a rewrite but the backend isnt that slow17:33
LynourePython is nice for some things, but not for others :)17:33
lcuki dont mind python, its the bloated libraries and slowdowns more than anything17:33
lcukit needs a kick up the backside17:33
frals.. and parsing the received mms for a bit longer is ok since the user wont notice it ;)17:34
Surfawhat user can't see doesn't matter17:34
* MohammadAG wonders if frals receives a copy of each message fMMS gets17:34
Surfathat's quite useful principal17:34
fralsexactly ^^17:34
MohammadAGjk :P17:34
fralsMohammadAG: scch17:34
MohammadAGnice timing <frals> exactly ^^17:34
* noobmonk3y thinks he doesnt... his phone would be forever going into havoc mode and causing havoc tbh17:34
lcukN900 Viking edition17:35
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC17:35
fralsnoobmonk3y: this delivered to my mail, data payed by user *evilgrin*17:35
infobotfrals meant: noobmonk3y: tis delivered to my mail, data payed by user *evilgrin*17:36
*** polymar has quit IRC17:36
*** kwek has joined #maemo17:36
fralswould be funny to sneak that in to a release and see if qa catches it17:36
frals(no i wont :P)17:37
MohammadAGthe QA wouldn't catch an rm -rf if it hit them in the face17:37
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo17:37
slonopotamusMohammadAG: i think it filters out all pics without boobs17:37
fralsyeah its why the ui is so slow, the boob detection algo is a monster17:38
*** hari_ has quit IRC17:39
lcukfrals actually .. it should be a reasonable tweak to bullseye detection code I have knocking around somewhere :P17:40
lcukfiltered to skin tones might be quite effective!17:40
MohammadAGcan it detect trout skin tones?17:40
infobotYoann512 meant: blabla17:41
* noobmonk3y blinks... trout skin tone... sounds fishy to me.......17:41
Yoann512test a test b test17:41
infobotYoann512 meant: ok a test b test17:41
Yoann512test a test b test17:41
infobotYoann512 meant: ok a ok b ok17:41
crashanddieHaha, I'm officially employed again :D17:42
lcukthat requires MiniNose2000 (MN2000-MIL - military spec digital nose) addon for the n90017:42
MohammadAGcongrats again crashanddie17:42
crashanddieMan it felt good signing those 18 pages worth of contract :D17:42
MohammadAGdid you read the fine print?17:43
fluxhas anyone noticed microsd card getting stuck? that is, operations on the card seem to never finish17:43
flux(on n900)17:43
MohammadAGit states you need to sign up for MyNokia17:43
MohammadAGflux nope17:43
MohammadAGbut the hildon file manager gets stuck17:43
fluxhmm, actually it might be just that screen got stuck :)17:44
flux(now that, after repeating the issue, I finally investigated..)17:44
crashanddieMohammadAG: hehe17:45
fluxyep, looks like that.. oh well. it's the fastest way to debug, ask someone.17:45
crashanddieMohammadAG: the fine print also said you're ma bitch :P17:45
*** FIQ has joined #maemo17:46
MohammadAGcrashanddie, oh we'll see about that :P17:46
*** kwek__ has joined #maemo17:47
*** avs has joined #maemo17:47
*** alehorst has quit IRC17:47
noobmonk3yright bath time - back in agony again :(17:48
alteregoSo why did qwerty suddenly get a bee in his bonnett?17:48
noobmonk3yalterego: a hive of bee's :)17:49
*** kwek has quit IRC17:49
alteregoYes, and by bonnett I mean pants :)17:49
noobmonk3yhaha ;)17:49
alteregoI don't get why people are getting so worked up in this community.17:49
MohammadAGalterego, cause you're part of it17:49
* alterego sees a future where #maemo is just himself17:50
MohammadAGdon't forget ChanServ17:50
alteregoYeah, and I'll never have ops :)17:51
MohammadAGTermana, sometimes you make me want to killall X17:51
*** GetPaidforFre has joined #maemo17:52
GetPaidforFreHello every one. If u can find time chatting , Why not earn money while chatting!!!!. You can Put som Real Cash into ur Paypal a/c Get Started click here..
Termana!ops GetPaidforFre's Faggotry.17:52
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o crashanddie17:53
*** crashanddie sets mode: +b *!*uslimahan@27.248.218.*17:53
*** GetPaidforFre was kicked by crashanddie (GetPaidforFre)17:53
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o crashanddie17:53
* MohammadAG backspaces17:53
alteregoMe and ad bots17:53
alteregoand chanserv17:53
*** willer_ has joined #maemo17:53
crashanddieTermana: that doesn't work17:54
*** pcacjr has quit IRC17:54
*** ghostcube has quit IRC17:55
Termanacrashanddie, hmm, I guess I can just say the OC word to get ops attention next time17:55
crashanddieTermana: just PM anyone in the /cs access #maemo list17:55
*** hjack has joined #maemo17:56
alteregoSo, who's the French villian he moans of?17:57
crashanddiealterego: me17:59
*** mlfoster has joined #maemo17:59
*** jukey has quit IRC17:59
*** Ordog_by has quit IRC18:00
ZuccaAnyone have any nice trick to sort D-pins of USB host port without disassembling the device? I hav Li-ion battery pack with USB port and I need to sort these pins, but this battery pack hasn't got any screws and I don't want to go into glueing...18:01
crashanddiesort the pins?18:01
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo18:01
crashanddiethere's only two, I can only imagine you sorting it in two ways: D+ and D-18:01
ZuccaYes. D-pins together.18:02
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:03
Kegetysshort them from a cable18:03
crashanddieoh, you mean "short"18:03
MohammadAGneed to find the reason my N900's boottime sucks18:03
crashanddieMohammadAG: your brain is on overdrive?18:04
MohammadAGon rock band, yeah18:04
*** slonopotamus_ is now known as slonopotamus18:04
crashanddieZucca: sacrifice a USB cable, cut it, and short the wires in it18:04
*** briglia has quit IRC18:05
alteregoBored ..18:05
ZuccaYes. Short. :P I've always thought that is was "sort" not "short". :D18:05
TermanaMohammadAG, n900 an hero, its the only solution to slow boot times!18:06
MohammadAGTermana, +6 minutes is just too much18:06
TermanaMohammadAG, you think your boot time is bad18:06
TermanaLook at my ping time18:06
TermanaPing reply from 52.84 second(s)18:06
ZuccaI think it waits for something and after 5mins it times out.18:06
Termana:D I have no clue why it was that. Now its 1 second18:07
*** Finnish has joined #maemo18:07
ZuccaYay! Another finn!18:07
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo18:07
slonopotamus_MohammadAG: why you reboot it at all?18:08
MohammadAGslonopotamus_, hmm, well18:08
* slonopotamus_ curses his gsm network coverage18:08
MohammadAGlet's think of a few reasons18:08
MohammadAGbattery sucks18:08
MohammadAGbattery sucks18:08
MohammadAGoh and, battery sucks18:08
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:08
*** slonopotamus_ is now known as slonopotamus18:08
*** msanchez has quit IRC18:09
TermanaMohammadAG, CAUTION: Battery prone to blowing18:09
slonopotamusMohammadAG: OC will rescue you :D18:09
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC18:09
slonopotamusTermana: battery sucks until it blows?18:10
jacekowskiit's called a blow-job18:11
*** mairas has quit IRC18:12
*** ASurveys has joined #maemo18:14
*** amigadave has quit IRC18:14
*** ASurveys is now known as Jim201018:16
*** hannesw has quit IRC18:18
*** grishnav has quit IRC18:18
*** briglia has joined #maemo18:18
*** zap has quit IRC18:18
*** grishnav has joined #maemo18:19
*** habmala has joined #maemo18:19
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:19
*** Funnyface2 has joined #maemo18:20
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo18:20
th3hatewhat is n900's  color depth?18:20
*** Funnyface has quit IRC18:20
th3hate65k or 16m?18:20
lcukx11 uses 16bit, but the diplay is capable of greater depth (and Xvideo YUV mode uses it)18:21
Stskeepsthat's actually a good question18:21
alteregoDidn't realize there was a meego sdk18:21
*** felipec has joined #maemo18:21
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo18:21
lcuki see the depth differences when I switch between YUV and X11 RGB18:21
*** sleipnir has quit IRC18:21
th3hatewhat on earth is  Xvideo YUV mode :P?18:22
lcukth3hate, the video overlay18:23
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC18:24
th3hatecan i switch to that mode?18:25
th3hatei wanna see the difference18:25
*** hurbu has joined #maemo18:25
alteregoth3hate: does it automagically for video18:25
th3hatewhen i play a video it switches to 16m?18:26
alteregoThe desktop and games wont use yuv, it's generally only used for video playback18:26
*** Yoann512 has quit IRC18:26
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC18:26
*** Kowalczyk has quit IRC18:27
*** mairas has joined #maemo18:27
*** jayabharath has joined #maemo18:27
*** lizardo has quit IRC18:27
*** MohammadAG_ is now known as MohammadAG18:28
*** ayanes has quit IRC18:28
*** Yoann512 has joined #maemo18:29
th3hatecan we trick the screen to make it think device is playing vid all the time :P18:29
*** Kowalczyk has joined #maemo18:29
lcukth3hate, the layout of pixels and color format is completely different18:29
th3hatewhy can't maemo use all the 16m?18:30
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone18:30
th3hateis it a limit that nokia put?18:30
th3hateor driver problem?18:30
alteregoThe question is probably why doesn't :)18:30
lcukth3hate, choice, where is it a problem specifically?18:30
*** dougt_ has joined #maemo18:30
*** X-Fade has quit IRC18:31
th3hateif screen is capable of viewing 16m why it doesn't?18:31
*** chadi has joined #maemo18:31
alteregoyprobably memory18:31
ZuccaWhoa. I opened my battery pack now. Damn plastic clips. Although I didn't broke any. :) Now I can short the pins. :)18:32
*** hannesw has joined #maemo18:32
Stskeepsth3hate: cos 24bit is more tough on memory size and takes longer time to pass around18:32
Stskeepsie, less performance18:32
Stskeepsat very little benefit18:32
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo18:32
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo18:32
lcukth3hate, never said 16m, but the pain of updating 33% more data per frame isnt worth it most of the time18:32
th3hatesome old crappy nokia device like 6120 shows 24bit18:33
Stskeepsth3hate: yeah, but their resolution is quite lower too18:33
*** andrenarchy has quit IRC18:33
lcukth3hate, sure, at what resolution?18:33
* lcuk should type faster :P18:33
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC18:33
alteregoth3hate: why does it matter anyway? Are you just being a bpp junky? :P18:33
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo18:33
th3hatenah just wondering18:34
th3hateiphone uses 16m18:34
Stskeepsat a lower res18:34
th3hatebut resolution is crappy18:34
lcukth3hate, since the n900 is 4 times as much - i bet that phone would not handle full speed at that res18:34
*** Jim2010 has quit IRC18:34
th3hatewell iphone4 is 960x620 or something18:34
th3hateand 16m18:35
alteregofaster cpu, more memory18:35
*** FIQ has quit IRC18:35
th3hate1ghz cortex A818:35
th3hatenot much of a difference18:35
th3haten900 can be oc'd too18:35
alteregoIt's almost twice as fast18:35
ZuccaWithout increasing voltage to 900MHz.18:36
alteregoSure, do it then :P18:36
* slonopotamus yawns18:36
*** technomike has quit IRC18:37
alteregoZuuccvaries from device to device and that's not the point. At stock settings, recommended by TI and how Nokia designed the N900, it's 6/10 the speed ...18:37
*** technomike has joined #maemo18:37
th3hateideal mode has increased or decreased voltages?18:37
slonopotamusth3hate: decreased (on same freqs as vanilla)18:38
th3hateideal is stable at 1100Mhz18:38
elysion_is there any good reference documentation for hildon?18:38
lcukalso there are many other things, but iphone4 isnt so fast18:38
lcukits just optimised well18:38
ZuccaMine has been stable running on 1100MHz.18:38
alteregoAnd doesn't run as hard18:38
lcukand makes good use of the rendering pathway18:38
crashanddielcuk: indeed18:38
slonopotamusZucca: has been?18:39
elysion_am trying to show notifications, but have a hard time finding any api documentation18:39
*** lizardo has joined #maemo18:39
alteregoelysion_: libosso18:39
elysion_alterego: isn't that for dbus interfacing?18:39
Zuccaslonopotamus: Or is, I haven't ran my N900 on 1,1GHz for long...18:40
GAN900Talk about a good way to kill your device18:40
GAN900Whether it's "stable" or not has nothing to do with whether you're killing it.18:40
th3hatequeen beecom ftw18:40
slonopotamusno, not again18:40
th3hateonly oc when needed18:40
ZuccaDamn... The solarpaner is glued on the USB port solderings...18:40
GAN900elysion_, libnotify.18:40
alteregoZucca: play angry birds or zenbound for 4 hours a day and come back in a couple of  weeks :P18:40
Zucca*solar panel.18:40
*** Venemo has joined #maemo18:41
Zuccaalterego: I guess I don't want?18:41
lcukelysion_, plenty, one such link straight from google
*** technomike has quit IRC18:42
*** Termana has quit IRC18:42
alteregoZucca: that's not the point, you should be able to without jepodising your device. You can't any serious strain, like watching video or playing games, mypaint whatever, will kill your device very quickly at those speeds.18:43
*** dvoid has joined #maemo18:43
*** grishnav has quit IRC18:43
Venemohi guys18:43
alteregoZucca: not to mention, you're lucky you can make it go that fast, a lot of people start getting issues before that speed.18:43
alteregoAnyway, overclocking is a boring subject ...18:44
alteregoHey Venemo18:44
Zuccaalterego: This is the case of electromigration?18:44
alteregoSure, why not.18:44
Zuccaalterego: I've read that 900MHz is safe limit... I guess I shoul set it to max 850MHz...18:44
ZuccaIsn't that what ideal sets?18:45
th3hateyep 500-85018:45
alteregoThen you've not read the important docs, that says 600 is the safe limit ...18:45
slonopotamuslet one more useless OC discussion begin18:45
Zuccaslonopotamus: I'm already done. ;)18:46
*** retro|cz has quit IRC18:46
th3hateslonopotamus, can you suggest another subject..?18:46
alteregoThank god for that :)18:46
elysion_lcuk, GAN900: I'm trying to display a notification with hildon_notification_new(...), but the problem is that I am not able to set the icon for the notification18:47
alteregoI wrote an app that I saw on android, that just displays a lame scrolling message in a look similar to a LED display18:47
*** grishnav has joined #maemo18:48
alteregoTnough, unlike the android version you can change font and colours.18:48
alteregoUseless toy app to increase my karma *cough* I bet qwerty is spinning in his grave.18:49
crashanddiealterego: he left maemo, but he ain't dead just yet.18:49
elysion_oh, trying to create a qt application, so I guess using HildonBanner, HildonNote or HildonCaption could be a bit difficult as the application is not a Gtk application18:50
*** hurbu has quit IRC18:50
alteregocrashanddie: he's dead to me :P18:50
*** MiXu- has quit IRC18:50
alteregoelysion_: you can still use 'em18:50
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo18:50
alteregoAnyhow, I should probably get on. talk to you later folks.18:51
crashanddieyeah, piss off :P18:51
MiXu-I've run my PC OCd for three years now with no issues. Just saying that with any luck you might be able to run N900 at 900MHz for years.18:51
MiXu-But it's no use crying about it if you fry your device :)18:52
th3hateyears? probably not18:52
th3hatemonths maybe18:52
th3hatei've been running it on 850mhz for 5 months, all good so far18:53
*** polymar has joined #maemo18:53
th3hatebut im sure it may just turn off any second :P18:53
elysion_alterego: any guesses why the icons are not showing with hildon_notification_new?18:53
elysion_the notification displays just fine18:53
elysion_was looking for the documentation for that api so that I could check what the parameters are18:54
*** dvoid has quit IRC18:54
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo18:55
crashanddieI'm actually tempted to ban overclocking discussions from #maemo. Those who want it know it exists, and those who don't shouldn't.18:55
crashanddieAnd the only thing we hear is always "Moo, mine is running at 15terrahertz omg lol wtf"18:55
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC18:56
elysion_alterego: currently I have "tasklaunch_media_player" as the third parameter and "media" as the fourth, but it still does not display the icon18:56
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo18:56
*** ppenz has quit IRC18:56
crashanddieI've never heard any substantiated proof that the overclocking actually brings anything useful to the phone (other than the psychological buttplug that people get from it)18:56
*** MiXu- has quit IRC18:56
crashanddiealterego: I think he left18:56
crashanddieelysion_: I think alterego left.18:56
elysion_oh :/18:56
crashanddie< alterego> Anyhow, I should probably get on. talk to you later folks.18:56
*** frade has quit IRC18:57
elysion_hard to believe that there is no documentation for the api :(18:57
*** crs has quit IRC18:57
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo18:58
Venemoelysion_: what API?18:58
GAN900Because your Core 2 is overclocked, doesn't measn you can overclocked your N900 safely.18:58
crashanddieSlashdot having 4 dupes, nice:
elysion_Venemo: documentation for the hildon_notification_new function18:58
GAN900"Well, I turbo charged my Subaru to 400HP no problem, so clearly my Geo will do twice the HP easy, too."18:59
Venemoelysion: I can help you with that.18:59
*** type_t has joined #maemo18:59
elysion_Venemo: nice :)18:59
Venemoelysion_: are you creating a mainly Qt-based or a mostly Gtk-based application?19:00
Venemoelysion_: you are lucky. :)19:00
elysion_tried also the QMaemo5InformationBox class, but that looked all different19:01
Venemoelysion_: I did all the hard work for you19:01
Venemoelysion_: that is a bit old source code, I have since updated it somewhere19:02
elysion_Venemo: that looks nice :). will dig into it, thanks!19:03
Venemoelysion_: just hit the Thanks! button for good ol' Venemo! :P19:03
*** marcels has joined #maemo19:03
*** technomike has joined #maemo19:04
Venemoelysion_: that code only uses libnotify. later I updated it to use hildon-notify19:04
*** MiXu- has quit IRC19:04
Venemoelysion_: if you have 15 minutes, I can hand you the updated source19:04
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo19:05
elysion_Venemo: sure19:06
Venemoelysion_: although if you don't need to call a D-Bus method when the notifications are clicked, this stuff will be enough for your needs19:06
*** hcarrega has quit IRC19:06
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo19:06
elysion_Venemo: might be that I will need to19:07
*** jasd has joined #maemo19:07
*** nsuffys has joined #maemo19:08
ZuccaSoldering done. Tested. Works like a charm. \o/19:09
*** arno0ob has quit IRC19:09
Venemoelysion_: if you want your app to do anything when the user clicks on the bubble, you will need it.19:09
elysion_ok, well, then I definately need that19:10
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC19:10
Venemoelysion_: you'll need to familiarize yourself with QtDbus at least a little bit for that19:13
*** polymar has quit IRC19:14
elysion_Venemo: have used it in another project19:14
*** hcarrega has joined #maemo19:15
Venemoelysion_: okay :)19:15
Venemoelysion_: I was thinking about creating a signal-slot wrapper for it, but I decided to stay with the simpler implementation19:16
elysion_if it works then simple is just fine :)19:17
*** Jadelies has joined #maemo19:17
*** Jadelies has quit IRC19:18
*** celesteh has joined #maemo19:19
*** celesteh has joined #maemo19:19
elysion_Venemo: hey, nice, the example already displays an icon :)19:19
Venemoelysion_: yep, that is supported by libnotify itself19:19
Venemoelysion_: if your app has an installed icon, that's fine for this stuff, too19:20
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC19:20
Venemoelysion_: the example uses some default icon, if I remember correctly19:20
lcukMohammadAG51, you submitted latest liqbase stuff to ubuntu repos?19:21
lcukand screenshots of liqcalendar on x86 12" touchscreen please19:21
*** MiXu- has quit IRC19:21
lcukerrr not screenshots, photos19:21
lcuk(hold your tablet against the wall please..)19:21
elysion_Venemo: any idea where the libnotify searches for the icons?19:22
*** hannesw has quit IRC19:22
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo19:22
*** MiXu- has quit IRC19:23
Venemoelysion_: in the exact places where you should put your icons for your .desktop files19:23
*** avs has quit IRC19:23
Venemoelysion_: /usr/share/pixmaps works for me19:23
elysion_aa, ok19:24
*** luizirber has quit IRC19:27
*** MiXu- has joined #maemo19:27
*** ie has quit IRC19:27
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo19:29
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo19:29
*** retro|cz has joined #maemo19:31
*** guardian has quit IRC19:34
*** SWFu64 has quit IRC19:36
*** igagis has joined #maemo19:38
*** z4chh has quit IRC19:42
*** Zucca has quit IRC19:42
*** Zucca has joined #maemo19:43
*** mece has joined #maemo19:43
*** mirsal has quit IRC19:44
*** nicu has quit IRC19:45
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:45
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo19:46
* RST38h wonders what mischief to commit tonight19:49
*** solrize has quit IRC19:51
crashanddieRST38h: build a DVB audio hijacker, that allows you to remix messages in the audio stream of your neighbours19:51
*** dougt_ has left #maemo19:51
RST38hno dvb-t here19:51
*** type_t has quit IRC19:51
phrearchhm, is there a repo for mono?19:51
phrearchfor the n900 that is19:51
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo19:53
*** type_t has joined #maemo19:54
phrearchwhats the difference between fremantle and diablo?19:54
RST38hdiablo is for n800/n81019:55
RST38hfremantle is for n90019:55
phrearchaha ok cool19:55
RST38hfremantle uses a newly broken gtk+, supports unified messaging, cell phone, etc19:55
RST38hfremantle is finger oriented while diablo is stylus oriented19:55
Corsacnewly broken?19:55
Corsacwhat did they do again?19:55
RST38hCorsac: Many things, starting with dialog box layouts19:56
Corsacoh I took that “newly” for  “recently”19:56
RST38hbroken since diablo that is19:56
Venemoit is not broken, just optimized for finger use19:57
phrearchbah, somehow if i try to apt-get install from the console it always returns that it cant lock19:58
CorsacHAM running?19:58
*** CutMeOwnThroat has joined #maemo19:58
Corsacapplication manager19:58
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo19:59
phrearchno dont think so19:59
DocScrutinizerstart end quit HAM19:59
phrearchim in the desktop now without apps opened. logged in from another machine and trying apt there19:59
*** panaggio has joined #maemo19:59
DocScrutinizerstart and quit HAM19:59
Corsacas root?19:59
RST38hVenemo: it is broken for god know what reason19:59
RST38hfinger use it is not,19:59
*** BCMM has quit IRC20:00
VenemoRST38h: okay, in what sense is it broken? :)20:00
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo20:00
phrearchCorsac: ehm, logged in as another user, then sudo gainroot20:00
*** FredrIQ has quit IRC20:01
DocScrutinizeror root20:01
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:01
phrearchif i try to su root from the ssh user, it returns su: must be suid to work properly20:02
*** jayabharath has left #maemo20:02
DocScrutinizersiply "root"20:02
DocScrutinizershort for sudo gainroot20:02
RST38hVenemo: wasteful use of screen estate20:02
RST38hVenemo: incompatibility with generic Gtk+ dialogs20:02
VenemoRST38h: well, the first argument is a matter of opinion.20:03
RST38hVenemo: various small differences from default widget behaviour that require tweaking code specifically for fremantle20:03
RST38hVenemo: It is not20:03
DocScrutinizermessybox has no proper su20:03
VenemoRST38h: I can't talk about the second one, though20:03
*** solrize has joined #maemo20:03
RST38hVenemo: Simply check how much empty space a fremantle dialog has20:03
VenemoRST38h: for that matter, this applies to Qt, too20:03
RST38hVenemo: No "opinion" there20:03
* RST38h has no preference between qt and gtk+, so no holy war here20:04
VenemoRST38h: any application needs to be tweaked to work correctly20:04
DocScrutinizer, are you root?20:04
RST38hVenemo: Not really.20:04
DocScrutinizerwhat is id saying?20:04
VenemoRST38h: the more advanced stuff does20:04
RST38hVenemo: Again, not really20:04
phrearchuid=30004(jeroen) gid=30006(jeroen)20:04
RST38hDepends on how it is written and what it does20:04
DocScrutinizerphrearch: please execute "id"20:05
VenemoRST38h: well, if you wanna show the menu of a QMainWindow, it is only achieveable by a hack20:05
RST38hThere are many cases when people recompiled gtk+ apps for diablo with hardly any changes and the stuff was perfectly usable20:05
DocScrutinizerthat's not exactly root 0, this jereon 3000620:05
RST38hVenemo: Sorry, I am not familiar with Qt hacking. Generally trying to avoid hacks in my code.20:05
phrearchindeed, but sudo should work?20:06
ZogGhey everyone20:06
VenemoRST38h: its show() method is simply not working on Maemo, without any real explanation about why20:06
DocScrutinizerphrearch: try execute 'root'20:06
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo20:06
phrearchDocScrutinizer: no result20:06
*** ToJa92 has joined #maemo20:06
DocScrutinizerphrearch: are you sure you installed pkg rootsh20:07
phrearchyes, i got that one installed20:07
RST38hVenemo: Well, as I said, Nokia is breaking things left and right20:07
RST38hVenemo: But you should take it to Qt Mobility people20:08
VenemoRST38h: it is not part of Qt Mobility20:08
ZogGphrearch sudo gainroot ?20:08
DocScrutinizerssh root@
VenemoRST38h: on #qt-maemo they said that this is by design, period.20:08
DocScrutinizerZogG: see pastebin20:08
VenemoRST38h: I didn't wanna aruge about whether it is broken or not, just wanted to know why do you think it is :)20:08
ZogGDocScrutinizer, where?20:08
phrearchyea, same locally on the n900 and from the remote ssh20:09
ZogGphrearch try to uninstall it and than install again20:09
DocScrutinizerphrearch: I bet yu're not ssh to N90020:09
DocScrutinizerphrearch: that's other machine20:10
phrearchah wait, it works locally but not remotely20:10
ZogGphrearch, when you get root youll see some msg or at least you'll have # instead of $20:10
*** setanta has quit IRC20:10
*** Khertan_ has joined #maemo20:10
phrearchyea, when i login, i get into busybox20:10
Khertan_Hi guys !20:10
* Khertan_ is fightinh the QListView20:10
* Khertan_ is fighting with the QListView20:11
phrearchweird thing is that gainroot seems to work properly from local, but not from ssh20:11
VenemoKhertan_: what is your issue?20:11
phrearchid returns root locally, but sshed from another user it fails20:11
ZogGthe paste is from local or eremote?20:11
Venemophrearch: SSH as root, problem solved20:11
RST38hHeya Khertan20:11
ZogGphrearch, maybe you have to config ssh =)20:12
DocScrutinizerphrearch: that's other machine20:12
RST38hWhen apt-get install prints "Ign" for a repository, what does it mean?20:13
phrearchVenemo: i wanted to prevent that since it requires me to set a pw for root. i dont know if that results in weird results in maeo20:13
DocScrutinizerphrearch: do 'ls'20:13
RST38hSorry, apt-get update?20:13
Khertan_Venenom i didn t understand the concept and the purpose :)20:13
Khertan_Venenom i wanted to display a list of tweet with their icon20:13
Khertan_in a QListView but in fact it doesn t look like the best widget to do that20:13
*** setanta has joined #maemo20:13
DocScrutinizerphrearch: there's no  uid=30004(jeroen) gid=30006(jeroen)  usually on maemo20:13
Venemophrearch: it doesn't result in anything bad20:13
CorsacRST38h: that it doesn't need to update because the local repository is up2date20:13
VenemoKhertan_: I'm not "Venenom", but I can help you :)20:14
phrearchDocScrutinizer: no i made that user so i can login from my remote linux box20:14
crashanddie200000 new android devices every day20:14
*** panaggio has quit IRC20:14
phrearchif i login with that user, gainroot just seems to fail, thats why it reports the locking thing. just not sure why su root fails20:15
RST38hCorsac: so that is ok,  nothing to worry about?20:15
*** Mece_ has joined #maemo20:15
Venemophrearch: well, if you log in with root, you don't need gainroot anymore20:15
Khertan_ah sorry the n900 keyboard miss a tab ( and a larger display)20:15
RST38hcrashanddie: feeling threatened or what?20:15
VenemoKhertan_: np.20:15
phrearchVenemo: i want to prevent adding a root password20:15
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk20:15
DocScrutinizerphrearch: haha :D sure this user jereon has rights to do gainroot in /etc/sudoers?20:15
phrearchsorry, food20:15
crashanddieRST38h: not threathened, just amazed20:15
CorsacRST38h: yep20:15
Venemophrearch: yes, but why?20:15
phrearchDocScrutinizer: good one!20:16
phrearchill check20:16
*** olebrom has quit IRC20:16
phrearchsorry, brb20:16
Khertan_crashanddie : 200000 brick every days sold ?20:16
VenemoKhertan_: no, manufactured.20:16
*** olebrom has joined #maemo20:16
*** luizirber has joined #maemo20:16
RST38hcrashanddie: it is the new WinMobile20:16
Khertan_Venemo : If i want to display a list of tweet with there icon and text ... what is the better qwidget to use ? (no qwebkit isn t a real widget :))20:17
DocScrutinizerandridiot, pfffffrrrt20:18
Corsacwhat concerns me the most about android is the need to associate it to a google account20:18
Khertan_qt doc lack of picture of the widget in QtGui20:18
DocScrutinizermost amazing thing about andridiot is it works and sells *nevertheless*20:18
CorsacI think there's no way to use it without that20:18
Khertan_Corsac: like for an iphone ...20:19
DocScrutinizerweel, just like google desktop search did20:19
Khertan_but they ask also for a credit card on iphone20:19
CorsacKhertan_: you need a google account for the iphone?20:19
RST38hDoc: so did winmo20:19
CorsacKhertan_: the same thing concerns me about itunes20:20
CorsacKhertan_: well, a bit more since I don't have a way to run itunes20:20
RST38hCorsac: do not buy and use apple products nd you won't have this problem20:20
CorsacRST38h: that's the point, you know?20:20
*** crashanddie has quit IRC20:21
DocScrutinizerRST38h: sell - yes. Work? Nooooooo, buddy, nooooo20:21
CorsacRST38h: I was just saying that the stuff which concerns me first and make me not want to buy an android or an iphone (despite their potential technical merits) is that need to associate to google account or itunes20:21
RST38hCorsac: Google account I can more or less tolerate20:22
VenemoKhertan_: you could use QListWidget20:22
Corsacwhy should I need to register for a mail account which I won't use?20:22
RST38hCorsac: But there is no way I am joining the jobsian cult. These people are weird at best, mentally sick at worst20:22
Corsacwell, mail and everything :/20:23
VenemoKhertan_: but #qt-maemo is a better place for this20:23
DocScrutinizereven *I* have a google account. And I checked 1 week ago, it didn't expire in the 2 years I forgot about it :-P20:23
Corsacyeah, I have a google account too (not associated to a gmail account), but I don't really use it either20:23
Corsacbut maybe there are some android-related services which make sense to be associated to an account20:23
CorsacI just don't know them, tbh20:24
*** type_t has quit IRC20:24
lcukKhertan_, same applies for qt as it did for gtk and as it does for other stuff20:24
Corsacand the fact that I need to associate before even being able to use the phone is a bit scary20:24
lcukfind a custom renderer that does what you need20:24
lcuk(facebrick afaik has a nice list with pics and text ..)20:24
DocScrutinizerduh, maybe I can sync N900 to >>>gooogle<<< :-o20:24
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo20:25
VenemoKhertan_: it depends on how much of a custom look you want to have20:25
Mece_i frackin hate google. I'm not sure why though.20:25
*** felipec has quit IRC20:25
*** Khertan_ has quit IRC20:25
VenemoMece_: because they are evil20:26
VenemoMece_: I hate them, too20:26
mgedminhow do you feel about Apple, Venemo?20:26
Mece_Khertan_, Qlister uses a QListWidget. It's pretty custom.20:26
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG51 tricked me into testing that wave thing (hate him for that :-P )20:26
Venemomgedmin: they are just greedy20:26
DocScrutinizer(not really)20:27
Mece_Venemo, I hate google because people don't seem to understand how evil they are, and google pretend to be not evil, whereas apple are pretty upfront about their evilness.20:27
VenemoMece_: agreed20:28
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC20:28
DocScrutinizerMece_: ack20:28
VenemoMece_: Google steals and deceives people wherever they can20:28
Mece_how do I autocomplete irc nicks in xterm on N900?20:28
DocScrutinizerMece_: try shift-space20:28
DocScrutinizerand guess you meant xchat?20:29
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo20:29
Mece_yeah. but it didn't work with shiftspace20:29
*** choppa has joined #maemo20:29
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC20:29
*** felipec has joined #maemo20:29
*** Mousey has joined #maemo20:29
DocScrutinizerthen config prefs-hotkeys to do nick completion on shift-space :-)20:30
DocScrutinizerlmgtfy err pastebin for you, err20:30
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo20:31
*** hannesw has quit IRC20:31
DocScrutinizerComplete nick/command20:32
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:34
Mece_wtf? ok.. hold on.20:34
*** ferulo has joined #maemo20:34
DocScrutinizerMece_: STOP!! xchat20:35
*** type_t has joined #maemo20:35
DocScrutinizeri.e. quit it20:35
DocScrutinizerthen edit above said file20:35
DocScrutinizerwith editor of your choice20:35
Mece_should I add the lines you wrote?20:35
DocScrutinizerfind S\nspace20:36
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC20:36
DocScrutinizerif not there then add, to end of file maybe20:36
DocScrutinizerif S\nspace is there, then edit20:36
Mece_there is no s space. only regular space.20:36
Mece_ok so then I add.20:37
*** hurbu has joined #maemo20:37
DocScrutinizerwatch upper/lower case!20:37
Mece_ok brb.20:38
*** Mece_ has quit IRC20:38
*** Mece_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** radic_ has quit IRC20:38
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC20:39
*** Peehole_Hussy has joined #maemo20:39
Mece_DocScrutinizer, didn't work.20:39
* DocScrutinizer wonders if mece has gotten the bit about *first* quitting xchat, *then* editing file20:39
Mece_DocScrutinizer, I got it. well I edited, then quit, then saved.20:40
DocScrutinizerhmm, ok. *maybe* should have worked then20:40
DocScrutinizerthat file is mega critical with format20:40
Mece_ok, brb again.20:41
*** Mece_ has quit IRC20:41
*** radic has joined #maemo20:41
*** Mece_ has joined #maemo20:41
*** trbs2 has joined #maemo20:41
DocScrutinizerxchat writes back config on egular quit20:41
Mece_some typo or something...20:41
Mece_got an error20:41
Mece_hold on.20:41
*** Mece_ has quit IRC20:42
*** Mece_ has joined #maemo20:42
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo20:42
Mece_DocScrutinizer, buggerit. no error, but it doesn't work either.20:42
RST38hHP Lovecraft Historical Soc.Dagon Tabernacle Choir - Mi-Go We Have Heard On High20:43
*** dvaske has joined #maemo20:43
DocScrutinizerMece_: the xchat "preferences, advanced, keybindings" config dialog is fubar, but you *can* use it as well for that20:43
*** type_t has quit IRC20:43
DocScrutinizerI did, with success20:43
Mece_ok.. checking20:43
DocScrutinizerMece_: probably you should find "Complete nick/command" in keybindings.conf and *edit* that entry, rather than add a new one20:45
DocScrutinizeror use menu in xchat :-P20:45
*** SmilybOrg has quit IRC20:46
DocScrutinizerit's like the 12th entry from beginning, at least for me20:46
*** Ian-- has quit IRC20:46
DocScrutinizeryou an tell from details at bottom, while jumping down the highlighted line one by one20:46
Mece_DocScrutinizer, yay!20:47
*** type_t has joined #maemo20:47
Mece_DocScrutinizer, oh didn't notice that last message but got it working anyway.20:47
Mece_DocScrutinizer, thanks.20:48
Mece_whats the downspeed limit on this thing on 3G?20:49
DocScrutinizeraah, and never do shift-vol+, it segfaults XP20:49
*** mrmoku is now known as mrmoku|away20:50
GAN900Should say on the back20:50
GAN900Or did at one point.20:50
*** Ian-- has joined #maemo20:50
DocScrutinizersure says somewhere in general specs in web20:50
SpeedEvilI get 150kbytes/s max20:50
SpeedEvilwhich reminds me.20:51
DocScrutinizersounds like mediocre  EDGE20:51
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: seen my edits?20:51
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo20:51
mgedminwait, edge can't do more than 25 kB/s20:51
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: feel fee to move to Hardware_keyboard or whatever you feel might look better that what I did20:52
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC20:53
*** Yoann512 has quit IRC20:53
SpeedEvilI need to make another pass throughthe lot of docs.20:53
*** renato has quit IRC20:53
DocScrutinizerit'll never be 'finished' :-D20:53
Mece_GAN900, well then I've got good speed here. Torrented linux mint 9 kde edition live dvd with 900kb/s average :)20:53
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: DAMN GOOD WORK!20:53
MohammadAGwho the f*** assigns QA testers?20:54
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: Nokia should have paid you for that. In the end it would have been *their* damn duty to do that20:54
*** crs has joined #maemo20:54
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo20:54
GAN900Speed is still way more network dependent.20:55
DocScrutinizerohla GAN90020:56
toggles_wMohammadAG: that would be me20:59
DocScrutinizer~trout MohammadAG21:00
* infobot slaps MohammadAG around a bit with a large trout!21:00
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo21:00
MohammadAG~kill DocScrutinizer21:00
* infobot shoots a super-inverse pseudoneutron gun at DocScrutinizer21:00
* DocScrutinizer eats pseudoneutrons for breakfast21:01
mgedmin3G (UMTS) can do up to 1.5 Mbit/s, 3.5G (HSPA) can do up to 7.5 Mbit/s21:01
MohammadAGwasn't it 7.2?21:01 shows 8.5 xD21:01
mgedmin150 kbytes/s looks like 1.5 MBit/s to me21:01
*** olebrom has quit IRC21:02
*** olebrom has joined #maemo21:02
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:02
mgedminyeah, wikipedia says 7.2 Mbit/s for HSDPA, typically, although some places can do up to 42 Mbit/s (wow)21:03
mgedminmy data plan is 0.5 Mbit/s ...21:03
DocScrutinizerget a head21:04
DocScrutinizerHSPA, max. Datenübertragungsgeschwindigkeit 10 MBit/s (Herunterladen)/2 MBit/s (Hochladen)21:04
GAN900Who reads German?21:04
crashanddieGAN900: I do21:04
GAN900Dirty liars.21:05
DocScrutinizerGAN900: you're free to vivit
crashanddieGAN900: you're american, that's a synonym for "mono-linguistic"21:05
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo21:05
mortiniand apparently not a chrome user :)21:05
mortinithe auto-translate thing is neat.21:06
*** pupnik has joined #maemo21:06
pupnikhey i found out how to get rid of a lot of n900 noise in dark pics - pull down the curve of the blue....21:06
*** zap_ has joined #maemo21:06
pupniki guess that's a bit obvious, but it works nicely21:06
*** Plnt has quit IRC21:06
Mece_DocScrutinizer, what was the good work Speedevil did?21:08
*** mlfoster has joined #maemo21:08
crashanddieMece_: cocksucking21:08
*** rcg has joined #maemo21:09
Mece_crashanddie, nice.21:09
crashanddieMece_: you have no idea how nice :D21:09
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC21:09
DocScrutinizer51crashanddie: stfu and take Ur pills21:09
*** luizirber has quit IRC21:09
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC21:10
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo21:11
DocScrutinizer51crashanddie: lemme put it that way: what was *your* great contribution to the community - except insulting people for nothing?21:12
crashanddiewow wow wow, it was a joke21:12
GAN900DocScrutinizer, happens when you don't closely border many non-English-speaking countries, I guess.21:12
*** BCMM has joined #maemo21:13
GAN900DocScrutinizer51, good faith, good faith.21:13
*** Mece_ has quit IRC21:14
mecehey there's the Niklas whatshisface Q&A on twitter right fn now :)21:14
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC21:15
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:16
meceoh oops. it's over apparently. oh well.21:16
*** LjL has quit IRC21:16
mece@twittison: @NiklasatNokia When exactly you will bring 1st MeeGo?21:19
mece@twittison a major product milestone by the end of the year21:19
SpeedEvilIt's a typo.21:19
SpeedEvilThe E344 millstone.21:19
SpeedEvilquadband flour mill.21:19
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo21:21
*** Guest38947 has joined #maemo21:22
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo21:22
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo21:23
*** tackat has quit IRC21:24
SwedeMikeso, I'm running the power kernel on my PR1.2 N900, but it still won't get an IPv6 address on my wlan? it assigns LL to both lo and wlan0. Pathetic part is that the iOS4 ipod touch my girlfriend has works without problems :(21:26
*** Firehand has left #maemo21:26
SwedeMikeanyone have any ideas what might be wrong?21:26
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC21:26
*** danley has joined #maemo21:27
*** Guest38947 has quit IRC21:28
mikki-kunSwedeMike: maybe the module isn't loaded?21:28
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo21:28
phrearchhm, where is the insert key on the n900?21:29
SwedeMikemikki-kun: then I don't see why it would show link local address in ifconfig?21:29
phrearchneed to write something in vim21:29
MohammadAG51phrearch, press I21:30
*** Yoann512 has joined #maemo21:30
mikki-kunphrearch: doesn't have one, you need to go to the top bar and then do that via drop-down menu21:30
*** luizirber has joined #maemo21:30
phrearchah thanks21:30
SwedeMikemikki-kun: the module is loaded anyway.21:31
mikki-kunhm... ok, just to rule out the most obvious ^^''' happens for me all the time21:32
SwedeMikeit even says "wlan0: no IPv6 routers present"21:33
phrearchis there a mono repos available?21:33
phrearchi found , but not sure if thats a trusted resource21:33
*** retry has joined #maemo21:33
SwedeMikeall my other devices that do IPv6 (ipod touch, ubuntu box, win7 box) do IPv6 just fine on my wifi21:33
VenemoSwedeMike: why do you need IPv6?21:34
*** johnsq has joined #maemo21:34
*** Guest38947 has joined #maemo21:34
VenemoSwedeMike: it's not like your wifi will ever have to serve more than 4 billion users at once21:34
Venemojohnsq: hi21:34
*** retro|cz has quit IRC21:35
SwedeMikeVenemo: well, I guess you can wait since you don't see the point of it.21:35
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer21:35
*** DocScrutinizer was kicked by DocScrutinizer (should do this every day it seems. Better than feeling pissed)21:36
SwedeMikeso back to ipv6, my cisco router sees the n900 in its LL neighbor cache, but for some reason the N900 doesn't do SLAAC21:36
danleyHello everyone, i've got a problem and i hope you can help me. I'm on holyday and i was sharing my internet connection using joikuspot. then some error occured and my dad just closed everything and shut down the device to remove the sim-card and put it into his device... now when i boot the device i cannot start any application and the status area stays empty :/ i can not do anything on the device itself. is there any way i could poss21:36
SwedeMikehm, is there another command on the N900 fairly standard P1.2 that gives me equivalent of "ip -6 neighbor list" ?21:37
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo21:37
pupnikdanley: can you ssh into the device?21:37
*** konfoo has quit IRC21:38
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC21:38
danleypupnik: sadly no :/21:38
*** PhonicUK2 is now known as PhonicUK21:38
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo21:38
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo21:38
pupniki'd reflash then21:38
*** konfoo has joined #maemo21:38
danleythat was my idea too, but i'm having trouble to download the image over the 3G connection here :/21:39
*** Appiah has quit IRC21:39
*** Appiah has joined #maemo21:39
danleyif joikuspot made something weired with the kernel is there a way to just download the kernel and load it like you would load the meego kernel i've tested? with flasher?21:40
*** Wolfie has quit IRC21:41
*** Wolfie has joined #maemo21:41
mgedminafaik joikuspot doesn't touch the kernel, it installs a loadable module21:41
*** chadi has quit IRC21:42
phrearchehm, what extra repositories can be enabled savely?21:43
mgedminall of them, as long as you don't install anything from them ;)21:44
*** retry has quit IRC21:44
phrearchok :)21:45
mgedminfor a long time my goal was to have no 3rd party repositories enabled, just maemo extras + all the builtin ones21:45
phrearchi was looking for git21:45
mgedminin the end I gave up and added extras-testing, extras-devel, and sdk/tools21:45
phrearchwant to install opensim on the n90021:45
phrearchthose testing and devel seem unstable21:45
mecephrearch, git is stable though. just enable whatever repo you need for git, and then disable.21:46
phrearchok, maybe its in testing21:46
mecephrearch, it's in extras actually21:46
meceno sorry21:46
mecephrearch, only devel. just enable, apt-get install git-core and disable.21:47
phrearchok cool21:47
phrearchham is a bit slow when having devel and testing enabled21:47
*** celesteh has quit IRC21:47
meceapparently there's a git gui,but I haven't tested. If core is ok then use it.21:47
phrearchdoes it update the repos list on each visit?21:48
phrearchok thanks21:48
*** z4chh has joined #maemo21:48
mgedmin"a bit slow" ha ha ha ha you kill me21:48
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo21:49
pupniki wish i could figure out why mobile hotspot won't pass-through data21:50
crashanddiepupnik: what mobile hotspot?21:51
*** mtnbkr has joined #maemo21:51
pupnik"mobile hotspot" for n90021:51
*** z4chh has quit IRC21:52
crashanddiepupnik: doesn't it require a special kernel or something?21:52
danleyis there anything i can do with the usb-cable alone?21:52
*** pcacjr has quit IRC21:52
danleyto fix or at least identify the issue?21:52
MohammadAG51alterego, kthxbye21:52
pupnikyes crashanddie21:53
crashanddiedanley: well, I'm afraid you need console access to enable the usb networking21:53
MohammadAG51you could do that if you have a bootmenu w/ backupmenu installed21:54
mecedanley, well,, maybe stating the obvious but did you try ctrlshift-x?21:54
crashanddiemece: was going to advise that, but considering that there was no icons in the menu bar21:54
crashanddiedanley: even more obvious: have you tried rebooting?21:55
danleyit reboots to the home screen21:55
MohammadAG51R&D, shoot the lifeguard21:55
danleyi even can go into the menu21:55
danleybut as soon as a click on an icon21:55
danleythe system freezes21:56
MohammadAG51shoot the damn lifeguard21:56
MohammadAG51it doesn't reboot?21:56
danleyaww damn21:58
danleyi did sth stupid now.... i figured out pressing the on/ogg button works21:58
danleyand i enabled the offline mode21:58
danleyand rebooted then21:58
danleynow it asks wherther i want to disable offline mode while booting21:58
danleybut i can't press yes/no21:58
MohammadAG51take out the sim, could be helpful21:59
danleyand when i use the switch on the side to disable the screen and enable it again the screen shows the oving dots animation21:59
danleythe sim is out21:59
phrearchhm, which browser on the n900 supports webgl?22:00
phrearchwant to test
MohammadAG51PR1.2 right?22:00
danleybut the same thing happens with sim card22:00
*** _berto_ has quit IRC22:01
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC22:01
danleyMohammadAG51: yes22:01
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo22:01
phrearchah, microb seems to support it22:02
*** madhav has joined #maemo22:02
MohammadAG51flash this
MohammadAG51could be useful to see where the problem is, if it shows before X starts22:02
madhavjacekowski: ping22:03
jacekowskimadhav: pong22:03
madhavhey facing issues with chrome build on maemo22:04
madhavgetting error ld --no-poison-directories no options22:04
madhavwith gold linker22:04
jacekowskiuse my package22:04
jacekowskior take a look at patches22:04
madhavim building it from source..22:04
madhavwhere r the patches?22:04
*** dvaske has quit IRC22:06
madhavi think SBOX_EXTRA_CROSS_COMPILER_ARGS=-wno-poison...22:06
madhavis the cause for it22:06
mecefrak! gaddam google!!!22:06
*** mrmoku|away is now known as mrmoku22:06
madhavjacejowski: can i have the link for patches22:06
meceI do not want to see in the bottom bar of my firefox when I'm not on a google site.22:07
mecegrr argh!22:07
phrearchhm, has the n900 801.11g or b?22:08
*** rd has quit IRC22:08
mikki-kunphrearch: it has both22:08
phrearchah ok nice22:08
*** panaggio has joined #maemo22:09
danleyok guys, i'll try to download the image and if it's not working i'll just live with it and wait till i get home... still you're an awesome community! thanks!22:09
phrearchmax dl speed seems to be around 150 k or something though22:10
*** choppa has quit IRC22:11
mgedminI've seen megabits on it ( in microB)22:11
mgedminactual downloads of files are limited by eMMC write speed, I think22:12
mgedminand scp is a whole another kettle of fish (CPU bottlenecks for encryption, small window sizes)22:12
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC22:12
*** danley has quit IRC22:12
*** Yoann512 has quit IRC22:13
*** Finnish has quit IRC22:13
*** konfoo has quit IRC22:13
mgedminthe 32 GB of flash memory in a n90022:14
phrearchah ok22:14
mgedminit also has a faster 256 MB NAND device for the root file system22:14
phrearchso, i should install a flash card?22:14
mgedminI dunno, actually...22:14
*** RRabbit74 has joined #maemo22:15
SwedeMikeoki, so for so upon further investigation it seems the N900 has problems processing IPv6 frames. I see responses in tcpdump but it never populates the neighbour cache. So it sends NS, gets NA back but doesn't seem to do anything about these NAs.22:15
*** timoph|away is now known as timoph22:16
phrearchok thanks. will look at it later. i call it a day. tv time :)22:17
*** phrearch has quit IRC22:17
CorsacSwedeMike: using kernel-power?22:17
SwedeMikeCorsac: yes.22:17
*** GNU\caust1c has joined #maemo22:19
GNU\caust1cwhere can i activate the tv out? i'm feeling really stupid, im not finding it :S22:19
_llll_dont think it needs "activating", just plug something into it22:20
*** ferulo has quit IRC22:21
*** konfoo has joined #maemo22:24
crashanddieGNU\caust1c: make sure you select the right "TV out" in Settings22:25
*** folnin has quit IRC22:26
crashanddieother than that, it's really just litterally "plug and play"22:26
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo22:27
*** folnin has joined #maemo22:27
lcukunless you happen to be infront of an audience \@/22:28
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo22:31
*** madhav1 has joined #maemo22:31
*** Yoann512 has joined #maemo22:31
*** nsuffys has quit IRC22:31
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC22:32
*** madhav has quit IRC22:32
jacekowskimadhav1: in my svn22:32
jacekowskimgedmin: thing is that encryption could be made really fast on n90022:33
jacekowskimgedmin: because cpu has hardware support for it22:33
mgedminyes, well, the n8x0 hardware has support for 3d accel ...22:33
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo22:34
jacekowskii have to harras ti to get datasheets for it from them22:34
crashanddielcuk: yeah, that was horribly painful22:34
crashanddielcuk: nerves of steel, btw, to keep going without it22:34
lcukbah i barely managed anything22:35
* lcuk will do better next time something crops up22:35
crashanddiewell, you held your speech, you didn't just storm off the stage22:35
madhav1jacekowski: i need to diff and check whole tree>22:35
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:35
jacekowskimadhav1: no, you can ask repository for it22:36
lcukcrashanddie, reasonable enough22:36
* lcuk will have to do it in a way that it doesnt matter which machine i use next time22:37
lcukand so others can test hardware ;)22:37
lcukMohammadAG51, did you go through with submission?22:37
lcukand did oyu manage to take a pic of liqcalendar on your 12incher22:37
MohammadAG51hmm, i didn't submit to the repos, i'll leave that to you22:37
MohammadAG51i'll take a pic when it finishes charging from 0 to 10022:38
lcukhmmm good22:38
lcukso wheres the x86 patch :P22:38
MohammadAG51shouldn't take 15 mins22:38
*** th3hate_ has joined #maemo22:38
madhav1jacekowski: how im a begginner in dont know much abt it..22:38
crashanddielcuk: I can run it on a 13" if you want22:38
crashanddielcuk: or an 86", whichever you prefer22:38
madhav1lcuk: SBOX_EXTRA_CROSS_COMPILER_ARGS=-wno-poison. do u know anything abt it22:38
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC22:38
lcukwell crashanddie MohammadAG51 is going to get the tiny makefile patch to me22:38
lcukand then sometime tonight have to suss out how to make it build using one -D define for maemo and without it on x8622:39
lcukwith no autotools22:39
*** marcels has quit IRC22:39
lcukmadhav1, potentially22:39
GNU\caust1cyay, it works now :)22:40
madhav1lcuk: im using gold linker from binutils..on arm22:40
lcukahh, then no22:40
madhav1ld  gives error  -posion no option22:41
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk22:41
madhav1lcuk: iif i set SBOX_EXTRA_CROSS_COMPILER_ARGS=22:41
madhav1it shws warnings22:41
madhav1poison directories22:41
crashanddiemadhav1: how about you copy/paste the output to a pastebin service22:41
*** th3hate has quit IRC22:42
madhav1crashhandle: basically im trying to build chrome on maemo armel22:43
crashanddieisn't chrome already built?22:43
madhav1maemo linker gives error at link time.seg fault22:43
madhav1so im using gold linker from binutils22:43
madhav1gold linker doesnot allow to use poision directories..22:44
madhav1if i set SBOX_EXTRA_CROSS_COMPILER_ARGS= there are unsafe instructions22:44
*** Venemo has joined #maemo22:45
madhav1any clue?22:45
crashanddiemadhav1: yes, paste the output22:45
*** mlfoster has quit IRC22:45
madhav1ive told u..ld say no option -Wno-poison-directories22:46
madhav1i have no log as such now ..22:46
madhav1im figuring out how to get goldlinker work22:47
madhav1any one went thru this situation ;)22:48
madhav1crashhandle:wat do u think22:49
*** chenca has joined #maemo22:50
crashanddieI give up22:51
crashanddiewhen you have to ask more than twice for a pastebin22:51
*** madhav1 has quit IRC22:52
trbs2any way to use a stronger crypto for /etc/passwd on maemo ?22:53
Corsacbest way is not to use it at all I guess22:55
timelesstrbs2: you're doing something wrong22:55
*** marciom has quit IRC22:56
timelessdon't try to treat your n900 as a place where you can store super secure stuff22:56
timelessit isn't22:56
timelessit won't be22:56
*** marciom has joined #maemo22:56
timelesssystem updates don't happen often enough for you to actually have an exploit free system22:56
luke-jrtimeless: crypting /etc/passwd isn't for secure stuff22:56
ToJa92[timeless]: You could truecrypt all super secure stuff22:57
Corsactimeless: and there's no isolation between apps too22:57
crashanddiethen again, using truecrypt will only be password-strong.22:57
Corsacany app can read, write, do anything with any of your file anyway22:57
timelessand any app can trick app manager into installing anything as root22:58
timelessincluding a kernel module which does whatever22:58
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC22:58
Corsacand I'm told that any app can kill any number of kittens, too22:58
*** Guest38947 has quit IRC22:59
timelessmost apps *do* kill kittens22:59
crashanddietimeless: has there been any grey-hat testing against Maemo?22:59
steinexhmmm question22:59
timelessespecially Qt kittens22:59
timelesscrashanddie: oddly there is fuzz testing22:59
timelessin some cases it has even found upstream bugs23:00
steinexcan i have the feature of skipping to next track when pressing the button on the headset without installing from extras-devel?23:00
timelessbut not that often23:00
crashanddiefuzz testing?23:00
Corsaccrashanddie: that'd be no fun23:00
steinexi saw a program in extras-devel doing that, but i wanted to avoid installing from that repo23:00
timelesssending garbage input...23:00
crashanddietimeless: ah, ok23:00
crashanddieI just wonder, what if in a random app, we included a kernel hook that redirected all key input to /dev/null23:01
*** marciom has quit IRC23:01
crashanddieand then, once it's gone through QA, release the results23:01
*** Guest38947 has joined #maemo23:01
crashanddienot do anything malicious, but just see how many votes we get, how quickly we manage to go through23:02
*** Guest38947 is now known as LjL23:02
crashanddieand also try to test whether being an experienced contributor (like people who have a few apps in extras) affects the thoroughness of the testing23:02
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo23:02
lcukCorsac, timeless - i believe the kitten killing app was rejected by extras-testing, apparantly it did not include a bug tracker :P23:03
crashanddiewoah, I just got /msg spam'd23:03
lcuk"sebastian, its your mum, your tea is ready"23:03
*** bouteilledelait has quit IRC23:08
*** zaheer__ has joined #maemo23:09
*** Yoann512 has quit IRC23:09
*** zaheerm-lp has quit IRC23:09
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:13
*** zap_ has quit IRC23:13
*** Yoann512 has joined #maemo23:14
*** bouteilledelait has joined #maemo23:16
*** CiroIp has joined #maemo23:16
*** Venemo has joined #maemo23:17
*** kamui__ has joined #maemo23:17
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo23:20
*** mardy has quit IRC23:21
*** shinkamui has quit IRC23:21
ShadowJKI wish people stopped trying to call me. My Nokia E75's bluetooth dies and N810 loses interwebs :-(23:24
*** nox- has joined #maemo23:24
*** crashanddie has quit IRC23:25
*** technomike has quit IRC23:26
*** trumee has joined #maemo23:26
*** mirsal has joined #maemo23:26
*** florian has joined #maemo23:27
*** rhaamo has joined #maemo23:29
*** th3hate_ has quit IRC23:31
*** jasd has quit IRC23:31
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC23:32
*** timoph is now known as timoph|away23:32
nox-moin rhaamo23:33
rhaamoany ideas on when fcam-drivers or kernel-power will be updated ? I can't upgrade fcam-drivers and .. can't use the camera :/23:33
nox-my n900 deadlocked(?) today when i wanted to use maemo mapper...23:34
nox-had to take the battery out :(23:34
nox-maybe it was swapping too much?23:34
*** |R has quit IRC23:35
lcukrhaamo, install the official kernel and you are golden23:35
ShadowJKMine had I/O deadlock too23:35
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo23:35
* lcuk wonders if there is something in the water23:35
rhaamolcuk: i'm interested by kernel-power not the default...23:36
lcukrhaamo, then suffer.23:36
lcukor patch it so it works :D23:37
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo23:37
*** rd has joined #maemo23:37
BCMMit's kinda frustrating that one can't easily have mobilehotspot and fcam installed at the same time23:38
BCMMin fact, it's kinda frustrating in general the the default kernel for a communications device doesn't include netfilter23:38
*** TomaszD has quit IRC23:39
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo23:40
*** chadi has joined #maemo23:40
DocScrutinizermodprobe -f ... might help23:40
*** edisson has quit IRC23:40
DocScrutinizeror earn you an OOPS23:41
DocScrutinizeror PANIC23:42
*** chadi has quit IRC23:43
*** chadi has joined #maemo23:43
*** TomaszD has quit IRC23:43
lcukBCMM, since each needs a kernel I do agree23:43
lcukteamwork is needed to get a kernel (official hopefully) that will work for all the main use cases23:43
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo23:44
DocScrutinizerthought power kernel was that23:44
*** zaheer__ is now known as zaheerm23:44
*** VDVsx has quit IRC23:44
DocScrutinizerif fcam comes with modules rather than whole new kernel of its own, then see above, modprobe -f might help23:45
DocScrutinizerif fcam does its shit monolithic the lart fcam23:46
lcukbut people want it23:46
trumeeanybody aware of telepathy-sofiasip?23:46
povbotBug 3063: SIP Voice Mail message notification23:47
*** florian has quit IRC23:47
trumeeThe bug says that MWI is not implemented. Is it not implemented in gui or in the backend?23:47
DocScrutinizerask Robot10123:48
trumeei dont know anything about telepathy or telepathy-sofiasip23:48
*** dailylinux has joined #maemo23:48
trumeeRobot101: ping23:49
Robot101trumee: yo23:49
Robot101the N900 has a slightly weird voicemail indication mechanism in it's Skype backend23:49
trumeeRobot101: is MWI available in telepathy-sofiasip?23:49
*** panaggio has quit IRC23:49
Robot101no - Mikhail Zabaluef who commented there is the main Telepathy SofiaSIP developer23:50
*** carloscesa has quit IRC23:50
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:50
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:50
Robot101we're proposing to do it slightly different way in the main Telepathy specification - but in either case, it'd need to be implemented for SIP23:50
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC23:50
*** TomaszD_ has joined #maemo23:50
trumeeRobot101: so the only way to get MWI is to write an application which talks directly to sofia-sip?23:50
*** marciom has joined #maemo23:51
Robot101write a patch to telepathy-sofiasip so it does it in the same way as the skype backend atm23:51
*** rd has quit IRC23:51
Lateralusis there a way to figure out what repository a package is in?23:51
*** marciom has quit IRC23:51
*** ml-mobile has joined #maemo23:51
Robot101you can't "talk" to sofia-sip, it's a library - and you don't want to make a new SIP registration23:53
*** sevard has quit IRC23:53
*** sevard has joined #maemo23:53
DocScrutinizerLateralus: apt-cache showpkg?23:53
*** TomaszD has quit IRC23:54
trumeeRobot101: hmm. but doesnt the */freeswitch servers allow multiple registrations. If sofia-sip can register a new client, they can share voicemail boxes23:54
zeltakholy crap easy debian is awesome :)23:54
LateralusDocScrutinizer: doesn't tell me the repo23:54
trumeeRobot101: so user registered via sofia-sip can capture all the Message notifications23:54
trumeeRobot101: although, it will be a waste of resources i guess23:55
Robot101trumee: yes, you can register multiple times, but it's server configuration dependent where calls and messages go23:55
Robot101trumee: so your calls might get eaten by the notifier, or vice versa23:55
Robot101trumee: and, you chew power, and have no UI, and have to configure it separately23:55
trumeeRobot101: is there UI for skype voicemail then?23:56
Robot101trumee: plus, I don't see how writing a patch to an existing sofiasip process is harder than writing an entirely new one :P23:56
Robot101yes, although I can't remember how it works off the top of my head23:56
Robot101I think there's an interface for it23:56
Robot101these are the telepathy extensions for the N90023:56
Robot101yeah so you get a voicemail notification message, and provide a sender and timestamp which the UI uses to place the call & retreive the voicemail23:58
Robot101so, seems pretty simple to trick out the UI with that spec23:58
*** TomaszD__ has joined #maemo23:59
trumeeRobot101: seems its not in PR 1.2
povbotBug 7470: N900 does not support Skype Voicemail Settings23:59

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