IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2010-04-30

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BCMMjavispedro: thanks00:13
BCMMchanged first line to "start on startsshd"00:13
BCMM(rather than deleting)00:13
javispedroif you were worried about deleting,00:13
javispedroyou could also chmod a-r00:13
javispedrobut that will be fine too :)00:14
BCMMjavispedro: i thought that rm'ing the file might interfere with the status area thing i use to start it00:14
Djigorifico<------ say hello to a new (NOOB) developer00:15
BCMMnow it is off on boot, but the button starts it just fine00:15
BCMMDjigorifico: hello00:15
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BCMM"SSH Status and Switcher" is the package00:15
lcukDjigorifico, sorry we have filled vanacies for noob developers and monkeys and stuff00:16
BCMMmaybe at some point i'll get cleverer and have SSH enabled automatically when it detects my wlan00:16
lbtlcuk: we got the monkeys..? cool00:17
lcukDjigorifico, but if you know how to make a proper bacon sandwich im sure people will offer you guidance :D00:17
BCMMstatus thingy is clearly pretty well-written; i was kinda expecting it to assume ssh was on at startup00:17
lcuklbt, sure, noobmonk3y00:17
lcuklbt your n900 should be flashing with Healthcheck updates all the time as pyqt finds its footing under monk3ys expert hand00:19
lbtpyqt... thought that was dead00:19
lcukwell its happily being used by healthcheck00:20
lcukcode never ides00:20
lcukdies either00:20
* lbt really needs to redo shopper00:20
SpeedEvilbeware the ides of code!00:20
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* lcuk slaps SpeedEvil 00:20
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lcukDjigorifico, you say you are a noob developer - what do you mean, new to linux/maemo or new totally00:21
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* frals smells luck... you dont smell new!00:21
Djigorificolcuk new totally..00:21
lbtso what have you developed?00:22
lcukfrals, i failed my own healthcheck - the fragometer exploded when i took my shoes off for measurement00:22
lbtif you're a developer?00:22
Djigorificoand oh i'm new to irc too00:22
fralslcuk: :D00:22
lcukDjigorifico, so what do you do with yourself currently?00:23
* lbt suggests that Djigorifico learns to type quicker as step #1 to becoming a better developer...00:24
javispedrocode never dies -- it just bitrots00:24
lcuksilicon heaven :'(00:24
pupnikbe nice to new bees00:24
Djigorificowait wait... IRC question... how do i reply to someone?00:24
* lcuk is nice to old bees too00:24
lbtjavispedro: I once wrote to a guy to ask him to opensource a library to "avoid bitrot"00:24
lcukDjigorifico, just type their name?00:24
lcukbitrot occurs in OSS too00:25
lbthe, in  all seriousness, told me that code didn't rot00:25
lbtand then told me his academic qualifications to prove he was right00:25
lcuksame as the mightiest tree in the forest can fall - being open and outside does not stop evolution00:25
Djigorificolcuk I do communication & multimedia design00:25
lcukcool beans00:25
lbtneed I say, it was java 1.3 code... and it's now f*kn useless00:25
SpeedEvillbt: Dig up old email. reply.00:26
* lcuk used to maintain a program which has its original roots as a qbasic app00:26
javispedroSpeedEvil++ ;)00:26
DocScrutinizerDjigorifico: test your tabkey for nick completion00:26
lbtSpeedEvil: mmm I might :)00:26
DjigorificoDocScrutinizer: thank you doc00:26
Djigorificolcuk: so i do webdesign basically00:27
pupnikwelcome Djigorifico -- hope you dont mind the snarky old men00:27
DocScrutinizerwho's old???00:28
Djigorificopupnik: thank you, nah I'm the new generation00:28
* javispedro should start an internet meme around pr1.200:28
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DocScrutinizerpr1.2 actually bitrots00:28
javispedrothat is true since the day the froze00:28
javispedro*they froze00:28
lcukare you sure everything froze tho?00:29
fralsits finland, ofc it froze00:29
ds3fmms is sure changing fast00:29
lcukyeah ds3 it changed from not working, to working!00:29
ds3I get almost one update every few days00:30
lcukreally? i would check your config00:30
javispedroon finland, you do not start a code freeze -- it starts by itself and you have to code every day for it not to freeze!00:30
lcukfmms updates a few times every day for me lol00:30
DocScrutinizeris it changing faster than foreca with compiled in forecast of next 9 days?00:30
Djigorificolcuk: do I fit in with my knowledge? or should i stick to making bacon sandwiches?00:30
ds3Hmmm I think i am in trouble with the latest update00:31
javispedroyou already hit one of the channel keywords in just a few minutes!00:31
DocScrutinizerhmmm bacon :-)00:31
ds3it lost track of my APN :(00:31
fralslost track?00:31
lcukDjigorifico, of course you do! the more the merrier00:31
Djigorificoeverybody loves bacon00:31
ds3first time I run this new version and Access Point says "Configure"00:31
DocScrutinizerDjigorifico: of course you'll find ways to 'fit in'00:32
ds3I had one in there already with fAPN00:32
* javispedro doesn't love bacon00:32
lcukcan someone kick javispedro please00:32
fralsds3: the whole config apn shebangthingy was rewritten in 0.9.x00:32
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer00:32
javispedroDocs: Don't even think of it00:32
ds3frals: so is there a special clean up I need to do to remove the stuff from fAPN?00:32
DocScrutinizer/kick javispedro00:32
* javispedro prepares for the inevitable kick now00:32
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fralsit shouldve maybe possibly imported your old settings... but it might have failed :P00:32
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javispedro*sound of relief*00:33
* w00t_ wanders in00:33
ds3I came across a posting in that 128+ page thread about using gconf to scrub things.. is that what I need ?00:33
lcukhey w00t_00:33
lbtjavispedro: SpeedEvil: "Hmm. As a computer science professor specializing in software engineering tools, I can assure you that bits in compiled source code (as compared to bits on optical or magnetic media) do not "rot"... "00:33
fralsds3: you can just remove the old one with fAPN, should be no problem i think :P00:33
w00t_taht election debate was a bloody annoying timesink00:33
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lcukDjigorifico, is making bacon butties if you want one00:33
w00t_where did my evening go >:(00:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer00:33
fralsds3: yeah do that and then reinstall, best option :)00:33
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ds3frals: is fapn needed anymore?00:33
DocScrutinizerU suck!00:33
fralsds3: nope00:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer00:34
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Djigorificook, I want to start developing...problem is.. I don't have a linux system00:34
lcukim flad i dont need to fap to send mms's00:34
SpeedEvil np: Sir Mix-A-Lot - I like big butties.00:34
fralsDjigorifico: you dont need one00:34
lcukDjigorifico, investigate MADDE or the new qt sdk00:34
w00t_Djigorifico: ah! you made it then00:34
fralsDjigorifico: im developing on win7 (or well, directly on device, but ye.. :P)00:35
Djigorificow00t_:  yess!!00:35
w00t_frals: and you said lcuk was insane for on-device development (:P)00:35
javispedrolbt: so he really understood bitrot in the literal sense? O.o00:35
Djigorificolcuk: i got qt creator00:35
javispedroI was thiking something else :)00:35
fralsw00t_: coding python on device is A LOT saner than coding and COMPILING c on device!00:35
w00t_frals: pfft00:35
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w00t_I was actually thinking about how to do distributed on-device compiles the other week, got to put the two n900s we have here to work somehow :)00:36
Djigorificow00t_: I got that too00:36
fralsi was gonna try that nokia qt sdk, created a hello world app, failed to compile :(00:37
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fralsgot sad and went back to coding python on device!00:37
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w00t_it certainly has kinks00:37
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w00t_I'm not surprised given it's such early days00:38
SpeedEvilw00t_: Gwaaaan.00:38
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w00t_SpeedEvil: mm?00:38
fralsbut up until compiling stage it looked good!00:38
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SpeedEvilw00t_: Make distcc in extras-devel00:38
w00t_SpeedEvil: heheh00:38
ds3what's the latest procedure for using fmms? do I still need to disconnect first then download an MMS?00:38
DjigorificoOk so I got the qt creator installed, tried to make a hello world app. but it never made it to my phone00:38
lcukw00t_, i have scripts to do it now, but its a ballache00:38
SpeedEvilw00t_: So any compilation is shared over all devices with it installed.00:38
fralsds3: depends on connection mode00:38
lcuki want compilation to occur to all members of group00:38
fralsds3: (first post of fmms thread is somewhat up to date)00:39
w00t_SpeedEvil: public n900 compile farm? hmm. :P00:39
javispedrowe have excellent cross compilers, use them!00:39
w00t_javispedro: that takes all the fun out of life00:39
javispedrooh, fun was battling compiler bugs back in cs2005 and older toolchain00:39
ds3frals: which thread? the one I been trying to keep up with has 128+ pages00:40
fralsds3: the huge one at 151 pages00:40
ds3151...hehe... I am so far behind00:40
fralsds3: but as i said, the first post should be enough ;)00:41
ds3turns out I had it working but for some reason old MMS messages couldn't be downloaded... no biggie00:42
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fralsthey probably got deleted from the operators mmsc ;)00:42
ds3it has only been 4 days!00:42
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fralshmm :P00:43
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ds3anyways... I like this new version...thanks!00:43
ds3it seems to have seemless integrated (at least to the level I care about)00:44
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* lcuk might actually finish the dreaming void tonight00:52
Djigorificoanybody got Qt tutorials? and how do i port apps to my phone?00:52
lcukoooh 40 pages left00:52
lcukwith qt, yoo should just be able to change the build configuration to target maemo/meego and copy resulting stuff over00:53
lcukSpeedEvil, yeah but hes very wordy00:53
asjWrkDjigorifico: Qt comes with a series of tutorials in the docs00:53
lcukits been hard work remembering all the actors and protagonists etc00:53
lcukespecially since ive been uber busy00:54
SpeedEvillcuk: I recommend Vernor Vinge - A fire upon the deep.00:54
SpeedEvillcuk: I cheat00:54
SpeedEvillcuk: I have a hacky awk script00:54
lcukan awk script to read a book?00:55
javispedro"Microsoft Confirms Courier Project By Cancelling It"00:55
ProteousSpeedEvil: love that book00:55
SpeedEvillcuk: It looks for capitalised words where they should not be (proper names) and if the name has not occurred in the past 50 lines - link back to the first occurrance00:55
SpeedEvillcuk: Stupid, but works surprisingly well00:55
SpeedEvilVery good for 'cast of thousands' books.00:56
Proteouswhat about cast on long named creatures that arer also rerfered to with various nicknames books?00:57
Djigorificolcuk: where do i change the target?00:57
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SpeedEvilProteous: Works OK - it links back to the first mention of the nick - which tends to function the same00:57
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lcukDjigorifico, i dunno ive not had time recently to investigate i did all my qt hacking from command line00:58
SpeedEvil - somewhat silly. Forth as wizardry.00:59
asjWrkpro files don't have a target, you run qmake from the qt on the device you want to run on00:59
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asjWrk(well they obviously have a target to create, but not a device)01:01
DjigorificoasjWrk: so i just have to qmake it and send it to the device?01:01
asjWrkDjigorifico: essentially, of course you have to have all the cross tools, cross compiled qt, etc all installed and working...the nokia qt beta sdk takes care of that I beleive01:02
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DjigorificoasjWrk: ok i'll try that brb01:03
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Mace_N900i set a jayz mp3 as my ring tone and i think my phone speakers were popping01:18
SpeedEvilfilter to remove any content under about 200hz01:19
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo01:19
lcukhey python peeps - any idea where i can get pyopengl library from?01:21
*** z4chh has joined #maemo01:21
lcuki want to use some pyside opengl and the examples need it for something or other01:21
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*** SWFu has joined #maemo01:25
Mace_N900is there like01:26
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: isn't that what the nokia-proprietary PA speaker protector does?01:26
Mace_N900a way to define a certain ringtone per person?01:26
*** maddler has joined #maemo01:26
maddlerhey all!01:26
Mace_N900i dont see the option in contacts01:26
DocScrutinizerMace_N900: not ootb01:27
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DocScrutinizerMace_N900: but there are some projects01:27
maddlerout of the box01:27
SpeedEvilOut Of The BVox01:27
Mace_N900that sucks01:27
maddlerwhat's going on in here? :)01:27
maddlerMace_N900: what's up?01:27
Mace_N900no way gto define ringtones for contacts01:28
Mace_N900some of the maemo options remind me of symbian01:28
DocScrutinizerMace_N900: told you there are several projects implementing that01:28
Mace_N900doc.. that are released?01:28
maddlerindeed, personal ringtones are useful01:28
Mace_N900or on the way?01:29
DocScrutinizerMace_N900: projects in FOSS never are 'released', the evolve in public01:29
Mace_N900i didnt notice any on the repos01:29
DocScrutinizerseems they got a state of being useable01:29
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lcukMace_N900, in tmo forums the startings of technical solutions etc01:30
lcukfirst generation hacks to make it work :)01:30
* lcuk can see them evolving quickly01:30
Mace_N900so when the N1000 is out01:30
lcukMace_N900, why laugh, everything starts as a hack01:30
Mace_N900i can have personalizedmcontact ringtones01:30
maddlerahhh, evolution!01:30
lcukpolishing it and making it viable to be integrated is the next (and longer phase)01:30
DocScrutinizerwtf is N1000?01:30
Mace_N900in maemo 701:31
maddlerDocScrutinizer: N900+100?01:31
lcukMace_N900, 6 months ago we had no mms01:31
Mace_N900which wont run on a nOPP01:31
*** tgalal has quit IRC01:31
asjWrkMace_N900: I still don't ;)01:31
Mace_N900i have sms.. no mms01:31
dockanewho cares of mms?01:31
maddlerwell... I actually owned all the internet tablets01:31
* DocScrutinizer smells trolling01:31
Mace_N900or am  missing something?01:31
* lcuk does too01:32
asjWrkMace_N900: replied to the wrong person, that was for lcuk01:32
lcukMace_N900, fmms01:32
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lcuk01:32
Mace_N900fmms? where?01:32
lcukoh, nice01:32
*** zs has quit IRC01:32
* Mace_N900 looks01:32
lcukeeny meeny miny mo01:32
maddlerand things keep evolving...01:32
lcukwhere should my hammer go01:32
maddlerlcuk: don't look at me! :)01:33
*** lcuk sets mode: -o lcuk01:33
dockanei care of browsing the net .. and still did not get the point of addons for fennec01:33
lcukthanks tho doc01:33
Mace_N900no fmms on repos01:33
Mace_N900blah :)01:33
summelnow back to the tardis!01:33
Mace_N900it comes in handy01:33
asjWrkMace_N900: install all the repos01:33
Mace_N900where is the list?01:34
maddlerdockane: adblock is good :)01:34
lcukno, dont01:34
Mace_N900is there a .deb that installs them for you?01:34
maddlerbeside you can have it in microb as well :)01:34
lcukmace if you want to wait until its completely ready just hand on01:34
Mace_N900i hate typing all that stuff01:34
summelmaddler: that did not work for me -_-01:34
*** FIQ has quit IRC01:34
Mace_N900lcuk, oh... ok01:35
lcukbut for your info,
asjWrklcuk: will fmms make it into extras?01:35
summel1.0 is near01:35
maddlersummel: working fine here... strange...01:35
maddlerfmms is in devel01:35
summelmaddler: i always get a 404 when trying to opn the page where i an add the subscriptions -_-01:36
summelfmms 1.0 sould hit testing soon :)01:36
maddlersummel: even more strange...01:36
dockanemaddler: adblock. wow. ok. now what about:config?01:36
*** FIQ has joined #maemo01:37
lcuksummel, when it hits testing it should be tested thoroughly and we have to collectively help frals01:37
maddlerdockane: never said fennec is perfect :)01:37
summeli do not enable testing on my phone!01:37
summeli have enough problems with it as it is now :(01:37
lcuksummel, ok reasonable enough01:37
lcukwhats your principle issue(s) ?01:38
maddlerdockane: maemo is (yet) far from perfect and (perhaps?) not yet ready for "standard" users01:38
summel1. rootfs is foll and thus microb stopps working avery now and then01:38
summel2. fs on the uSD card always gets corrupted01:38
summel3. i cant rearrange the phone numbers of a contact01:39
summelcant remember the rest atm :P01:39
maddlersummel: video-calls? ;)01:39
lcukok rootfs is simplest, just remove some extra apps for now, pr1.2 has some additional help in this regard01:40
lcuk2 you live near cern as we sussed the other night, i do find it odd01:40
summelmaddler: never tested because my provider does not support it and i dont have a contact with a sip account and it does not work over jabber appearantly01:40
SpeedEvilAlso - disable all teh repositories01:40
lcuk3 is there a bug report?01:40
dockanemaddler: there is nothing wrong about that. considerable flawless browsing needs basics like flash block imho01:40
SpeedEviland gain some space01:40
summellcuk: but afaik NO app installs in rootfs... they all go in MyDocs?01:40
lcukSpeedEvil, from what summel just said he doesnt run -testing or -devel stuff01:40
lcuksummel, false01:41
summellcuk: yes i did not enable ANY additional repository01:41
lcukthe maemo-optify to date does not move everything off the rootfs01:41
summeleven if that would fix problem no. 401:41
SpeedEvilmany apps go in /home01:41
lcukand not everyapp moves everything01:41
SpeedEvilsummel: how old is your n900?01:41
summelSpeedEvil: a few days ...01:41
maddlerdockane: I agree. That's why, beside being *more than happy* with my N900, I think Maemo needs to keep improving01:41
summeltomorrow its a week01:41
lcuksummel, reasonable enough sticking with just extras01:41
maddlerdockane: lot of things "missing", and many to fix01:42
SpeedEvilsummel: Install gnu-find - find / -ctime -501:42
lcukif your app manager is still working01:42
SpeedEvilfind / -mount01:42
lcukthen remove stuff you dont use/like01:42
SpeedEvilto show all new files01:42
SpeedEvilon rootfs01:42
summelSpeedEvil: there is no package gnu-find01:42
lcukSpeedEvil, no point in extra confusion if none required yet - summel did you get device from new?01:42
lcukor second user01:42
SpeedEvilsummel: settings->about - what is the version?01:43
SpeedEvilsummel: oops - sorry - it's from extras01:43
SpeedEvilor extras-devel01:43
lcukyes SpeedEvil hold off on installing anything, lets just take it easy01:43
summeli dont enable -devel or -testing or anything ele01:43
lcuksummel, if you open app manager can you remove things01:43
summellcuk: yes its a new one01:43
lcukor does it shout at you01:43
summelfreshly from amazon01:44
SpeedEvilsummel: by 'full' - what do you mean?01:44
summellcuk: i guess but i did not install a lot of apps and i need most01:44
DocScrutinizerkill some of the bloated games01:44
summelSpeedEvil: df -h shows 95%01:44
summeleven after removing firefox01:44
summelwhich sucks btw01:44
lcuksummel, sure it does01:44
lcukits something every developer and nokia are trying hard to ensure you can install everything you want on device :)01:45
dockanewhat makes me a little bit upset is the point that there is a lot of confusion when trying to get documentation01:45
Mace_N900no way to copy txt in the browser?01:45
summelthen why not simply make 1 32gb / fs? -_-01:45
lcukMace_N900, use silly swipe gesture01:45
lcukuse the getting started widget to show you how01:46
summelMace_N900: ctrl + v01:46
lcuk32gb file system would not be right either01:46
summelMace_N900: so obvious i also didnÄt notice it xD01:46
summellcuk: but it would work :P01:46
lcukbecause it would mean reflashing your device would take your photos with it01:46
lcukthats just one use case i wouldnt like01:46
summelthen save pictures etc on the uSD card per defaut!01:47
Mace_N900summel i cant select the txt tho01:47
summelMace_N900: yeah i guess you cant select text from the browser01:47
maddlerperhaps someone should consider having more than 256MB as rootfs ;)01:47
Mace_N900summel, there has to be a way heh01:47
summelmaddler: or start shooting developers like i demand! :P01:47
fralsswipe from left to right and enable cursor in browser01:47
summelexterminate! exterminate!01:47
maddlersummel: lol :)01:47
MohammadAG tmo needs a database nuke01:48
summelfrals: :O thx!01:48
lcukMace_N900, really, there is a swipe gesture from the left hand side of the screen01:48
MohammadAGback to MW201:48
lcukthat enables a selection pointer cursor thing01:48
summeldo i need the package "mozilla-runtime" for microb?01:48
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC01:48
sECuREhas anyone got sound working in the maemo sdk?01:48
sECuREthe multimedia player says it cannot play every file i select01:48
sECuREbut i installed the gstreamer ugly plugins01:49
summelsECuRE: no but i have more important issues with the sdk :D01:49
lcuksummel, microb is installed by default01:49
Mace_N900ah ok01:49
Mace_N900got it01:49
summellcuk: yes... but i installed firfox to test it and removed it and now i have a package mozilla-runtime still installed01:49
summelcan i remove that or not? :D01:50
lcukmace, i think "these arent the web pages you are looking for" every time i make that swiping gesture01:50
maddlersummel: I think you can remove it. or at least I did and nothing bad happened... yet :)01:50
lcuksummel, if you remove it and it breaks01:50
lcuknothing much is lost01:50
MohammadAGsECuRE, the sounds app (or whatever it's called) is removed after installing the nokia-binaries01:50
lcukjust reflash and restore your backup01:50
sECuREhum, ok01:50
summelwhy does it net get removed when i remove firefox? -_-01:50
lcukask firefox people?01:51
lcukfile a bug about it01:51
* MohammadAG sighs at the time needed to upgrade Ubuntu01:51
lcukcan i just keep updating normally rather than moving to the aweful inverted window thing01:51
MohammadAGlcuk, inverted window?01:52
summeljust switch to kubuntu :P01:52
lcuki'd rather give birth to a basketball thanks01:52
summel10.04 really IS a useable kbuntu again!01:52
opdf2anyone using tmobile USA and fmms? I can't seem to send out, but can receive perfectly01:52
MohammadAGlcuk, oh, gconf fixes that :)01:52
MohammadAGcome to think of it 10.04 Beta 2 did break my scratchbox install01:53
summelgconf is soooo much fail01:53
lcuki might try it on next machine i install01:53
lcukbut im not changing for the sake of it01:53
MohammadAGgconf > registry01:53
* DocScrutinizer burps01:53
summel"uhhh windows is soooo bad and sucks soooo much" "yeah! lets copy the worst part of it and include it in gnome!"01:54
MAK_Mohammad iam lara from middle east plz help me law sam7t01:54
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: on what scale? nastiness?01:54
Mace_N900i thought microb auto rotated01:54
DocScrutinizermem usage01:54
summelMace_N900: in 1.201:54
summelyou still have 1.101:54
Mace_N900damn heh01:54
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, not getting corrupt or having problems01:55
Mace_N9001.2 isnt oficially out yet is it?01:55
MohammadAGMace_N900, title01:55
* MohammadAG requests +o01:55
MohammadAGjk :P01:55
DocScrutinizer~nuke gconf01:55
* infobot prepares 100 missle silos, and targets them at gconf ... B☢☢M!01:55
* Mace_N900 hides01:55
*** Erod has quit IRC01:55
Mace_N900thats kind of harsh isnt it?01:56
javispedrogconf == registry (but I still think it's not a bad idea)01:56
MAK_MohamasAG_:mohammad plz help me iam lara from middle east plz help me with reflashing my device plz law sam7t01:56
DocScrutinizerif gconf is a good idea, then unix is the suckiest thing ever01:57
MohammadAGMAK_, keep it english in here, if you want switch to PM01:57
summeljavispedro: why is it NOT a bad idea? ooOO01:57
SpeedEvilHow does gconf work - is there a daemon that stores the properties in the files or something?01:57
MohammadAGcause it's not a bad idea and it works :)01:57
javispedrowhy is a universal configuration file format, with detailed specifications, that promotes commenting each and every setting with a brief docstring a bad idea?01:58
DocScrutinizerit IS a *bad* idea01:58
MAK_MohammadAG_:sorry mohammad thnx01:58
javispedroSpeedEvil: there's a daemon that caches and handles locking01:58
summeltext files are better :P01:58
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, elaborate :)01:58
javispedrosummel: gconf -- it's all text files.01:58
summeli dont have to search the whole gconf editor thingy for some cryptic string which COULD do what i want to or not...01:59
SpeedEviltext files scale poorly over multiple apps01:59
summelwhy not simply do it like every GOOD app and use .config/ ?01:59
SpeedEvilIf all the gconf strings were listed - perhaps on a nice page on the wiki01:59
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: unix has clear text config files, always had, and ever will. And everything going to change that is MEGACRAP01:59
SpeedEvilsummel: because that doesn't work so well if you want 4 apps to access it02:00
javispedroSpeedEvil: they are listed -- that's one of the benefits from my PoV.02:00
javispedroSpeedEvil: it's called schemas02:00
*** benh has quit IRC02:00
summelSpeedEvil: still bad compared to a weel documented plaintext config file :P02:00
SpeedEviljavispedro: Listed - and documented02:00
summelSpeedEvil: why not? oO it works in kde :)02:00
SpeedEviljavispedro: What key do I need to set - if I want to set the picture of the desktop?02:00
javispedroSpeedEvil: they're documented -- and in fact there's even support for i18n02:00
* SpeedEvil looked for docs and failed.02:00
* SpeedEvil may just suck at google.02:00
lcukDocScrutinizer, how does your app know that i changed a config file from outside?02:00
lcukno need to swear02:01
javispedroSpeedEvil: grep wallpaper -r /usr/share/gconf/schemas02:01
summellcuk: theres a deamon... i cant recall the name... -_-02:01
SpeedEviljavispedro: And how do I know wallpaper is the magic string?02:01
lcukHUP ==
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, fair enough...02:02
javispedroSpeedEvil: it was the first word I tried, honest! :)02:02
summelSpeedEvil: exactly... it could be background_image02:02
*** etrunko has quit IRC02:02
summelor just bg_file02:02
javispedrobackground also has some hits02:02
javispedroI am grepping into HUMAN readable strings, not key names02:02
lcukSpeedEvil, how would you know what the magic string was in a text file?02:02
summellcuk: i would rad the sections starting with a #02:02
SpeedEvilNokia-N900-42-11:~# grep wallpaper -r /usr/share/gconf/schemas/02:03
javispedroif you manage not to hit any of the usual keywords they used to document the key .. well, sorry. IA might help there ;)02:03
*** panaggio has joined #maemo02:03
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, wow, you never reflashed?02:03
javispedroSpeedEvil: do not fish Maemo for examples of good practices, you know the saying ;)02:03
javispedroon a gnome desktop, I get hits even for changing the gnome-terminal background02:04
SpeedEvilMohammadAG: ?02:04
SpeedEvilMohammadAG: oh. No - OTA02:04
*** jerhum has quit IRC02:04
DocScrutinizera central registry daemon is a brainfucked idea from any POV02:04
MohammadAG<SpeedEvil> Nokia-N900-42-11:~#02:04
javispedrognome-panel, gnometris, glines (background color), ...02:04
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: Next you'll be complaining about dbus02:05
asjWrkDocScrutinizer: I just has someone telling me how the registry should be in the kernel yesterday02:05
SpeedEvil(which should be in the kernel)02:05
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: dbus is a flavour of IPC, not a perverted config file02:05
summeldcop was better imho02:05
javispedrosummel: so, if your proposed KDE replacement uses text files in .config and a daemon, what's the difference with text files in .gconf and a daemon again?02:06
SpeedEvilgconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/views/3/bg-image -t string /home/user/MyDocs/.images/weather.png02:06
SpeedEvilah - intuitive - of course02:06
summeljavispedro: no there is only a general deamon that checks every file for changes... afaik... nthing kde specific02:07
*** Djigorifico has quit IRC02:07
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, that's intuitive?02:07
summeland in kde nearly everything is configurable through a gui so there is no need to search in some strange gconf tool :P02:07
* MohammadAG shoots himself in the foot02:07
* DocScrutinizer feels like beer >> maemo.irc02:08
summelMohammadAG: shoot the developers! :D02:08
* MohammadAG shoots summel *ricochet*02:08
javispedroSpeedEvil: as said, Maemo only has short strings... (not that I complain, I too have usually under-documented gconf keys in my apps)02:08
*** C-S-B-N900 has quit IRC02:08
SpeedEvilOh - on that topic - is there something on the device that can rescale or crop images?02:09
javispedrobuiltin image viewer can crop02:09
summelSpeedEvil: buy an iphone for that! :P02:09
summeljavispedro: oh it can? :D02:09
summelhmm true02:09
summeli cropped my avatar... :o02:09
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: yes. assign an image to a contact02:09
asjWrkhasn't imagemagik or netpbm been ported to the n900 yet? ;)02:10
SpeedEvilI have a crap script.02:10
SpeedEvilit puts weather on my desktop every 10 mins02:11
SpeedEvilBut the pic is the wrong size for the desk, and gets truncated, not squashed02:11
* javispedro has a half-assed widget made for that02:11
javispedrodid anyone make a proper live www image widget?02:11
asjWrknext you'll want xearth with live clouds02:11
SpeedEvilIn some ways I'd like a little browser widget, that could take arbitrary html02:12
DocScrutinizerthere's an app for that :-P02:12
SpeedEvilbut - in other ways - I like my RAM somewhat empty02:12
javispedroexactly :)02:12
summeli want to play crysis on my n900 :o02:12
summelok not really02:12
SpeedEvilThere is 'webcam-viewer' - which sort-of-does that02:12
summelbut wow would be nice :o02:12
DocScrutinizerI want to convert Pb to Au with it02:12
SpeedEvilyou can set it to poll one site for jpegs02:12
*** ufa_ has quit IRC02:12
*** kpel has joined #maemo02:13
DocScrutinizerso gimme that DESY app02:14
* DocScrutinizer detects silly hour and waves, wandering off02:14
*** Dantonic has quit IRC02:14
javispedrosilly hour.02:14
summelthese are the intarwebs. there are no silly "hours" :O02:15
*** z4chh has quit IRC02:15
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo02:16
*** Djigo has joined #maemo02:16
Djigowhere do I get the PR 1.2 SDK?02:17
*** SWFu has quit IRC02:17
summelthere is no 1.1 SDK :(((((02:17
DocScrutinizerthis is ole grumpy DocScrutinizer -> many silly hours02:18
*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away02:18
summelsar3th|away: you know there is /away ...02:18
*** zap has quit IRC02:19
DocScrutinizerheard there's such thing called RL02:19
summelthats just a myth02:19
DocScrutinizerso what's /away then? apm -s ?02:19
*** lizardo has quit IRC02:20
*** croppa has quit IRC02:20
Djigoanybody with Nokia QT SDK knowledge? i followed the tutorial but failed to compile02:21
DjigoI followed the readme*02:21
*** wazd has quit IRC02:21
*** croppa has joined #maemo02:22
opdf2frals around for a quirky question about fmms?02:23
*** tg has quit IRC02:24
*** tg has joined #maemo02:25
DjigoDocScrutinizer: what's that? CTCP?02:28
DocScrutinizerversion request02:28
chem|stDocScrutinizer: Pb to Au... that would drain the battery...02:29
DocScrutinizerCTCP-VERSION-Antwort von Djigo empfangen: qwebirc v0.90, copyright (C) 2008-2010 Chris Porter and the qwebirc project -- Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/532.5.02:29
chem|stSafari... Safari Carpet Bomb...02:30
*** briglia has quit IRC02:30
chem|stof 2 bed02:30
*** crashanddie has quit IRC02:30
DjigoDocScrutinizer: what's that? LOL02:31
chem|stDjigo: your client version02:31
DocScrutinizerDjigo: just because your /whois also looks a little weird02:32
DocScrutinizer [Whois] Djigo ist ~52cc611e@gateway/web/freenode/x-yeuhmraahkvkkbwj ( - http://we)02:32
*** otubo has joined #maemo02:33
DocScrutinizer[Whois] DocScrutinizer ist ~jr@openmoko/engineers/joerg (joerg)02:34
*** Erod has joined #maemo02:34
DjigoDocScrutinizer: i'm the guy from earlier... Djigorifico02:36
DocScrutinizeryeah, I know02:36
DocScrutinizerjust a litle *hint* about your appearance02:36
DocScrutinizersee above - my real name is "Joerg". Yours seem to be " - http://we"02:37
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo02:39
DjigoDocScrutinizer: i'm using google chrome, if that clears things up02:39
DocScrutinizerhmm yes. I thought as much, from CTCP query. No idea if that has decent ways to config things lke real-name, username etc02:40
*** dvoid_ has quit IRC02:41
*** amaurymedeiros has joined #maemo02:41
DocScrutinizerDjigo: it's no poblem, just doesn't look very nice02:42
dmj726Barring PR1.2, is there a way to update the several apps that seem to rely on it?02:42
DocScrutinizerthis seems to help sometimes02:43
dmj726I don't see how that would solve the QT dependency issues.02:45
DocScrutinizerreplace dpkg -i pyside... by dpkg -i --force-all pyside...02:45
DocScrutinizerit did, for me02:46
DocScrutinizerI had some dependencies to fooQT-4.6.2 which made install of alarmed fail02:47
*** nax3000 has joined #maemo02:48
Djigowhich IRC client are you guys using?02:48
DocScrutinizerxchat on N900, Konversation on PC02:48
Sho_hopefully soon Konversation on N900, too02:49
DocScrutinizerwith fullblown KDE & compiz02:49
*** nax3000 has quit IRC02:49
Sho_no, a Maemo port with adjusted UI02:49
DocScrutinizerhmm, I'd call that xchat02:50
*** nax3000 has joined #maemo02:50
DocScrutinizerlooks veeeery similar02:50
Sho_DocScrutinizer: Though Konvi can do things like which are going to be fun on a touch device02:50
DocScrutinizerUGHH - what's *that*?02:51
asjWrkit uses dcc, I don't predict that will help much02:51
Sho_collaborative drawing02:51
SpeedEvilpidgin here, xchat on n90002:52
SpeedEvildcc will 'never' work with the source a mobile02:53
SpeedEvil(as it relies on the senders port being reachable)02:53
Sho_Konversation supports passive DCC, so it can shift the burden to the recipient02:53
*** inteallahonsen has quit IRC02:53
Sho_it also can negotiate port forwards over UPnP, that'd work in a NAT'd WLAN at least02:54
DocScrutinizerwell, port it02:54
Sho_but yeah, I agree that DCC is problematic on mobile broadband otherwise02:54
*** Djigorifico has joined #maemo02:55
*** Djigo has quit IRC02:55
DjigorificoNow on xchat02:55
DocScrutinizermuch nicer02:56
asjWrkSho_: you can't guarante the receiver can do it ether, working sometimes and not others isn't a good recipe for sucess02:59
Sho_asjWrk: yup02:59
*** Osama7 has joined #maemo03:00
asjWrkSho_: I guess they just didn't use ctcp due to flood issues, but if they did would seem that you could pack a lot into ~300chars/line03:00
DjigorificoDocScrutinizer, maybe you can help me with this.. I made an html app in Qt Creator, I set up my N900 for wireless access, just like in the readme file, but it still wont let me access the phone when compiling03:00
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo03:01
*** benh has joined #maemo03:01
DocScrutinizererr, access the phone when compiling? Sorry I don't get that part03:01
*** Osama has quit IRC03:01
Djigorificowith Mad Developer03:02
DocScrutinizerI only know about ssh into the phone03:02
DocScrutinizerdon't know madde03:02
*** grishnav_ is now known as grishnav03:02
DocScrutinizerbut I guess you need to install ssh to your phone03:03
Djigorificossh server right?03:03
Djigorificoor client?03:03
DocScrutinizerinstall both - there's a methapackage03:04
Djigorificook i'll do it right quick03:04
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC03:04
*** Osama7 has quit IRC03:04
*** izzox has joined #maemo03:05
Djigorificowhat's next?03:05
DocScrutinizerwell, you should have entered a password for root03:06
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo03:06
DocScrutinizerI guess madde will ask for that03:06
Djigorificoyes i already did it for madde03:06
*** Osama7 has joined #maemo03:06
DocScrutinizerinstalling sshd server asks you for a password03:06
*** zhee has quit IRC03:07
*** FSCV has quit IRC03:07
Djigorificoyes I entered the password03:07
DocScrutinizerif madde tries to login to root@N900, it will need that password03:08
DocScrutinizermaybe you should try if ssh login works, from your PC. Putty e.g is suitable for that03:09
DocScrutinizer(if you're on windows)03:10
Djigorificoyes, i'm on windows03:10
Djigorificothe program is called Putty?03:10
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, be case sensitive!03:10
DocScrutinizergnah, windows isn't afaik ;-P03:11
DocScrutinizerthough I never checked03:11
*** Osama7 has quit IRC03:11
Djigorificook i got PuTTY opened LOL03:11
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, yeah, sad, isn't it? :)03:11
Djigorificonow that do I have to enter?03:12
*** Osama7 has joined #maemo03:12
DocScrutinizerdepends on how your N900 is 'connected' to your PC03:12
DjigorificoI got the usb cable and a router03:13
Djigorificochoose one!03:13
DocScrutinizerwifi router is easy03:13
DocScrutinizercheck what IP the N900 got from routers DHCP03:13
*** raulfh has quit IRC03:13
Djigorificoif i remember my routers password LOL03:14
Djigorificolet me check03:14
DjigorificoI dont know the password anymore :(03:15
*** mlfoster has quit IRC03:16
DocScrutinizerN900 terminal03:16
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC03:16
*** Osama7 has quit IRC03:16
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo03:17
Djigorificonot found03:17
DocScrutinizeryou've installed rootsh?03:17
DocScrutinizerso enter 'root'03:18
Djigorificoi think i see the ip03:18
* MohammadAG helps DocScrutinizer see the other end of the N90003:18
*** zappa has joined #maemo03:18
MohammadAG"Root Shell enabled"03:18
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC03:18
Djigorificook so i entered the ip in putty03:19
*** javispedro has quit IRC03:19
DocScrutinizerenter user 'root'03:19
*** mk501 has quit IRC03:19
DocScrutinizerconnect via ssh, NOT via telnet03:20
Djigorificoyes i checked that03:20
DocScrutinizermaybe also enter your N900 root password (sorry dunno PuTTY)03:20
*** jayabharath has joined #maemo03:21
Djigorificoyes it logged in03:21
DocScrutinizercool :-)03:21
Djigorificowhat's the next step?03:22
DocScrutinizermadde needs the same info - maybe less the 'root' user03:22
DocScrutinizerMy wild guess - as I mentioned I never looked into madde03:22
MohammadAGtsk tsk tsk03:22
MohammadAGthere goes ssh03:22
MohammadAGPTY allocation request failed on channel 003:22
MohammadAGmesg: ttyname: Invalid argument03:22
Djigorificoyes madde uses a password generator03:23
*** hari1 has joined #maemo03:23
zappaOpinions needed:  should I have a mod move my thread out of brainstorm and inot a different sub forum to get more participation?  Or is the whole concept a bnuch of fail and I'm on my own.03:24
Djigorificoproblem is... when i run the program in Qt it wont run on the N90003:25
*** hari2 has joined #maemo03:26
*** mk501 has joined #maemo03:27
asjWrkDjigorifico: what do you "run the program in Qt" Qt's a library, you can run it on your computer, you can run in QtCreator, but you can't run it in Qt03:27
*** gunbritt has joined #maemo03:28
*** hari1 has quit IRC03:28
DjigorificoasjWrk,  correction, I run it in Qtcreator03:29
MohammadAGit takes less than 20 minutes to do a fresh install of Ubuntu, but 1 hour 15 minutes to upgrade03:29
*** mirsal_ has quit IRC03:30
asjWrkDjigorifico: ok, do you understand cross compiling?03:30
*** amaurymedeiros has quit IRC03:30
*** t_s_o has quit IRC03:30
*** hannesw has quit IRC03:31
DjigorificoasjWrk,  I dont know what that is but i have the Nokia Qt SDK installed03:31
asjWrkDjigorifico: executables you compile for your desktop will not run on an ARM cpu on your phone, you must do something called cross compiling to compile a binary that will run on the phone.  (and will not run on your desktop)  Look up what the term means, that's a good start.03:33
Djigorificoyes I know what it means and i know that Nokia QT SDK cando that automatically03:34
DocScrutinizerzappa: the idea isn't that strange.03:34
*** FSCV has joined #maemo03:36
DocScrutinizerisn't there a MADDE tutorial and qt-heelo_world?03:37
MohammadAGMight be worth the shot...03:38
MohammadAGguess not03:38
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo03:38
zappaDocScrutinizer: I agree that its not a strange idea.  But I think it gets the taks acompilshed much \better than vnc can.03:39
Djigorificowhy is this so difficult man03:39
DocScrutinizerwell there's a basic difference between vnc and remote X, aiui03:39
DocScrutinizerfor your usecase remote X seems better siuted03:40
*** maddler has quit IRC03:41
DjigorificoI got hope for making a basic app today and lost it all in one day03:41
zappabasically i am thinking simple to use uis for n90 apps on a remote device.  be it iphone or andrioid03:41
*** aakashd has quit IRC03:41
*** kpel has quit IRC03:42
DjigorificoDocScrutinizer, can you show me the ssh way?03:43
DocScrutinizerDjigorifico: you should ask in now+10h03:44
*** KMFDM has quit IRC03:44
lcukzappa, alternative question03:44
lcukiphone has x11?03:44
DocScrutinizererr, I can't tell you much more about ssh than what you already managed to put to work03:44
lcukdoes it have xvideo?03:44
DocScrutinizerDjigorifico: maybe MohammadAG knows more about madde03:46
MohammadAGno idea03:46
MohammadAGsorry lol03:46
DjigorificoMohammadAG, ssh maybe?03:47
MohammadAGthat, I know about03:47
DjigorificoMohammadAG, ok help a desperate guy send a hello-world app to his N90003:48
* MohammadAG scrolls up03:48
lcukDjigorifico, there are lots and lots of variables03:49
DjigorificoMohammadAG, from Qtcreator03:49
MohammadAGDjigorifico, yeah? what's the problem?03:49
DocScrutinizerI guess there's .ssh/* missing03:49
*** BCMM has quit IRC03:49
MohammadAGpublic RSA key?03:49
DocScrutinizerthe key03:49
DocScrutinizer[2010-04-30 02:23:23] <Djigorifico> yes madde uses a password generator03:50
MohammadAGnot that key03:50
MohammadAGthe pubkey03:50
*** FSCV has quit IRC03:51
MohammadAGWOAH, 63 minutes to reindex my media03:51
MohammadAG~nuke tracker03:51
* infobot prepares 100 missle silos, and targets them at tracker ... B☢☢M!03:51
MohammadAGDjigorifico, so what's the error?03:52
DjigorificoMohammadAG, i followed this tutorial
DjigorificoMohammadAG, a simple html in qt tutorial. Works perfectly in qtcreator, but now i want to send it to my N90003:53
*** thomaz has quit IRC03:54
MohammadAGgah, upgrade's breaking everything!03:54
MohammadAGDjigorifico, WinSCP03:54
MohammadAGwell for windows03:55
MohammadAGnautilus for linux03:55
Djigorificoi got windows03:55
* MohammadAG needs nautilus on Maemo03:55
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo03:55
MohammadAGWinSCP then03:55
MohammadAG\o crashanddie03:55
crashanddie#maemo /o/03:56
crashanddiethe slash was messing with my client03:56
crashanddie== O/ Unknown command03:56
MohammadAG/o <-- this one :P03:57
MohammadAGdouble it03:57
MohammadAG // should cancel one03:57
*** rodarvus_ has joined #maemo03:57
MohammadAG/like this03:57
crashanddie== /O/ Unknown command03:57
MohammadAG //0/03:57
MohammadAG //O/ *03:57
crashanddiedude, I know what you mean03:57
crashanddieit just doesn't work :)03:57 ;)03:57
*** guysoft22 has quit IRC03:57
MohammadAGoh, I can see that :P03:58
*** guysoft22 has joined #maemo03:58
* MohammadAG sent a CTCP03:58
crashanddieMohammadAG: however, /say /o/ works03:58
crashanddieMohammadAG [~MohammadA@] requested CTCP VERSION from crashanddie:03:58
DjigorificoMohammadAG, got winSCP open03:58
* MohammadAG gets a proxy to hide that damn IP03:58
crashanddieI wish the usb networking worked better on windows03:58
crashanddiesay, as good as how it works on osx03:59
MohammadAGcrashanddie, I wish windows worked03:59
*** Mace_N900 has quit IRC03:59
crashanddieyou just plug in the n900, and it goes "Hey, I detected a network interface, what IP do you want me to use? I can try to find one for you"03:59
MohammadAGDjigorifico, enter your N900's IP03:59
Djigorificouser is root right?03:59
crashanddiedid you set root's password?04:00
MohammadAGuser != root04:00
MohammadAGoh, I think I got what he meant04:00
*** rodarvus has quit IRC04:00
Djigorificook i'm in!!04:00
crashanddieMohammadAG: stfu, you confused twig04:00
crashanddiewow, that was a powerful insult!04:00
MohammadAGcrashanddie, tsk tsk tsk, never expected that from you04:01
* MohammadAG hits crashanddie in the face04:01
crashanddiesorry bru, didn't mean to offend you04:01
MohammadAGlmao no offense taken04:01
crashanddietest;/say test04:01
asjWrk"that's what she said"04:01
MohammadAGcrashanddie, still, user != root :)04:01
crashanddieasjWrk: that was a pretty poor TSWW04:02
*** rm_you has quit IRC04:02
crashanddieerr, TWSS04:02
DjigorificoMohammadAG, i'm in what's the next step?04:02
MohammadAGcopy the file to where you want04:02
crashanddieDjigorifico: take the gold and run04:02
Djigorificocrashanddie,  LOL04:02
crashanddieDjigorifico: they're on to you, quick, nurofen zavance!04:02
*** rm_you has joined #maemo04:02
* MohammadAG calls the cops04:03
*** z4chh has joined #maemo04:03
crashanddieI got in late this morning04:03
crashanddieapparently they pranked some guy early around 804:03
crashanddiea few guys around the building were recruited for their "physical toughness" (for lack of better description)04:04
DjigorificoMohammadAG, copied it04:04
crashanddiegiven white coats, and sent to one guy's cubicle04:04
asjWrkcrashanddie: :(04:04
MohammadAGasjWrk, tis all yours04:04
MohammadAG(thought you liked TWSS jokes - but you'll get an infraction sooner or later)04:05
DjigorificoMohammadAG, is that all i have to do?04:05
*** Psi has quit IRC04:05
DocScrutinizerDjigorifico: chmod a+x your-file04:05
MohammadAGDjigorifico, yes, SCP is simple (and very CPU intensive)04:05
MohammadAGoh that too04:05
MohammadAGDjigorifico, just a note, you can't run it off MyDoc04:06
crashanddiealso, don't copy it on the 32gb partition04:06
MohammadAG  ^04:06
crashanddieas noexec is set on it, so chmod +x file doesn't return any error, but doesn't change anything04:06
MohammadAGDjigorifico, as well as the MMC, if it's VFAT04:06
DocScrutinizeryou should copy it to /home/user/your-file04:07
*** JamieBen1ett has joined #maemo04:07
MohammadAGI just dump my test files in /04:07
Djigorificowait a minute04:08
*** LukeL_ has joined #maemo04:08
asjWrkMohammadAG: heh04:08
MohammadAGwhat's the /cdrom for?04:08
DjigorificoMohammadAG, i just put it where i see .gnome and .pulse04:09
MohammadAG/home/user then04:09
MohammadAG<DocScrutinizer> Djigorifico: chmod a+x your-file04:09
Djigorificohow do you do that?04:09
SpeedEvil /cdrom is to enable reading of cdroms, by placing the camera pointing at them on a special stand.04:09
*** JamieBennett has quit IRC04:10
MohammadAG/chmod a+x filename04:10
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, omg, *fires up the camera*04:10
MohammadAGdo I just hit record?04:10
DjigorificoMohammadAG,  so i have to rename it?04:11
MohammadAGjust replace filename with your file's name04:11
DocScrutinizerDjigorifico: N900 x terminal -> root; chmod a+x ~user/myFile04:11
*** cmvo has quit IRC04:11
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, he can do it in WinSCP too04:11
Djigorificoooohh NOW I GET IT04:12
*** swc|666 has quit IRC04:12
Djigorificoremember i'm just a beginner04:12
*** gaveen has joined #maemo04:12
*** cmvo has joined #maemo04:12
ds3is the back one for DVDs and the front one for CDs?04:12
DjigorificoMohammadAG,  so how do i do it in winscp?04:13
MohammadAGDjigorifico, there's a terminal icon in the top row icons04:13
MohammadAGDjigorifico, give me a min, rebooting into 10.04, if Grub didn't get f'd04:13
MohammadAGjust checked menu.lst, seems ok04:15
*** C-S-B-N900 has joined #maemo04:16
DjigorificoDocScrutinizer, so i did the chmod a+x04:16
Djigorificowhat's next?04:17
MohammadAGrun the app04:17
Djigorificowhere do i find it?04:18
Djigorificoi guess i put the wrong files..04:19
MohammadAGcd into /home/user and ./filename to run it04:19
DocScrutinizersu - user04:20
DocScrutinizerenjoy errors04:21
*** izzox has left #maemo04:21
Djigorificoi think i missed a step04:24
Djigorificobefore i put the file on the device04:24
DocScrutinizerthe crosscompiling04:24
MohammadAG<DocScrutinizer> enjoy errors lol04:24
Djigorificothe crosscompiling is the crucial step which no one wants to teach me04:25
*** MAK_ has quit IRC04:25
* crashanddie fetches a shotgun04:26
DocScrutinizerit's what MADDE is all about04:26
* MohammadAG recoils crashanddie's shotgun04:26
* crashanddie kicks down the door that leads to tmo, starts shooting at every little whining cunt on there04:27
* MohammadAG shoots at Javelin at tmo04:27
GAN900crashanddie, hope you brought a lot of ammo.04:27
crashanddieGAN900: impulse 10104:27
* ds3 sees the bullets bending around and screwing in disgust04:28
DocScrutinizeryou're early with your daily tmo bashing04:28
Djigorificoi still don't get this04:28
crashanddieI don't bash it daily04:28
crashanddieHaven't bashed it in nearly a week04:28
DocScrutinizerlol, ok you bashed particular threads04:29
crashanddieDjigorifico: what are you trying to achieve04:29
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo04:29
DocScrutinizerhello world04:29
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: RESPECT MA OTORETA!04:29
Djigorificocrashanddie,  to put a helloworld app on my n90004:30
Djigorificoi still have to do the cross compiling04:30
crashanddieok, what language?04:30
crashanddiewhat OS?04:30
DocScrutinizerqt madde on win04:30
MohammadAGcross compiling is done in the SDK04:30
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo04:31
Djigorificoit's supposed to04:31
crashanddieQT isn't a language for fuck's sake04:31
DocScrutinizerso C++?04:31
*** murrayc__ has joined #maemo04:31
crashanddiepython? C? C++?04:31
Djigorificohtml C hybrid i guess04:32
DocScrutinizergeneric qt-creator04:32
*** Erod has quit IRC04:32
* crashanddie facepalms04:32
Djigorifico <------ this04:32
DocScrutinizerso prolly C++04:32
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC04:32
DocScrutinizerif anything at all04:33
ljpsome people think Qt is a language04:33
*** Erod has joined #maemo04:33
crashanddiebtw, that's going straight to bash.org04:34
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: is PR1.2 out yet?04:35
crashanddieGAN900: is PR1.2 out yet?04:35
* DocScrutinizer kicks crashanddie04:35
nax3000I'm installing it right now04:35
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC04:35
GAN900DocScrutinizer, if only you read Talk everyday.04:35
GAN900Then you, too, could bash it everyday.04:36
nax3000so long, thanks for all the fish.04:36
*** nax3000 has quit IRC04:36
DocScrutinizerI *never* read tmo04:36
GAN900crashanddie, never04:36
MohammadAGexcept that OTG thread :P04:36
GAN900DocScrutinizer, 'xactly04:36
crashanddieThere's, at this very moment, maybe a handful of good threads04:37
crashanddieall the rest should be locked and sent into the archives04:37
DocScrutinizerif only they had a big red light to spot them04:37
Djigorificocrashanddie,  C++04:37
GAN900It's interesting how much the useful traffic has dropped since MeeGo hit.04:38
GAN900DocScrutinizer, http://mwkn.net04:38
crashanddieDjigorifico: OK. I have never used MADDE, so I would recommend that you get a Linux virtual machine (VMWare Player with Ubuntu 9.x) and install the Maemo SDK on there04:39
crashanddieDjigorifico: that is the most robust and proven solution at this point04:39
DocScrutinizerGAN900: hmm? Think I occasionally lok at that blog04:39
Djigorificogot it04:39
GAN900I like how's it's effectively "Two of your council persons make semi-dubtle digs against Nokia while summarizing Maemo news"04:39
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: not a blog04:40
GAN900DocScrutinizer, just occasionally? :(04:40
Djigorificowait wait04:40
Djigorificomaemo sdk or ubuntu?04:40
crashanddieGAN900: seriously? That's what they say about MWKN?04:40
crashanddieDjigorifico: ubuntu is a linux distribution, based on Debian. Maemo SDK requires a debian-based Linux distribution in order to function properly04:41
GAN900crashanddie, who says?04:41
GAN900I said that.04:41
GAN900Just now.04:41
crashanddieGAN900: why the quotes then?04:41
Djigorificocrashanddie, i got the ubuntu on Virtualbox04:42
*** jayabharath has quit IRC04:42
GAN900crashanddie, style thing?04:42
lcukDjigorifico, go onto the qt site and follow the installation guides and make sure you have the latest qt creator sdk which was announced just this week to have inbuilt support - and not by following a 3 month old video04:42
crashanddielcuk: seriously, your lack of a decent sleeping pattern is somewhat inspiring, but really just insane.04:44
Djigorificolcuk, on ubuntu or windows?04:44
lcuki agree04:44
lcukDjigorifico, i dunno, go find out and follow the qt guides04:44
DocScrutinizerGAN900: :-P04:45
*** panaggio has quit IRC04:45
lcukcrashanddie, jacob has spent most of the evening doubled over yowling in pain :( i couldnt sleep even if i wanted to hes been sat with me04:46
crashanddieGAN900: well, you read my take on MWKN, I think it's a shame, but I think we may have rushed the first releases04:46
crashanddielcuk: damn, what's up with the little man?04:46
Djigorificowhy is everyone sending me to places but i never get stuff done?04:46
lcuklots of wind04:46
GAN900crashanddie, not sure I get that. What takes?04:46
lcukDjigorifico, inbuilt support is essentially brand new04:46
crashanddieGAN900: my explanation on the MWKN ML04:46
crashanddieDjigorifico: because you should stop asking and start searching/finding?04:47
GAN900crashanddie, ah04:47
lcukworking from windows to develop qt apps (MADDE) is new also, it may have growling bears04:47
crashanddieI wouldn't trust it04:47
* DocScrutinizer remembers attracting massive fire when rising identical concerns at #meego -- "wait until initial release, then apply patches. You may even try to cancel subsystems in favour of a better architecture. But only after the wrong thing got published"04:47
lcukits on windows - up until this point to develop maemo you basically had to be running linux04:47
Djigorificoi thought this channel was for help04:47
lcukand what have they spent the last 5 hours trying to do?04:48
crashanddieDjigorifico: it is help, not spoonfeeding though04:48
crashanddieDjigorifico: so helping you setup a way to send files to your N900 wasn't help?04:48
crashanddieDjigorifico: explaining to you how you need specific flags on files before you can execute them, explaining that you should avoid the common pitfall of putting that file on the 32gb partition wasn't help?04:49
Djigorificoi dunno..04:49
crashanddieDjigorifico: your lack of understanding, and your lack of knowing how to ask questions isn't our fault04:49
lcukDjigorifico, we *want* you to win - i can give you a single file now that runs pyqt that you can use your winscp to edit and run software immediately on your n90004:49
crashanddieand replying "HTML C Hybrid" when being asked what question just tells me you need to go back to reading a bunch of material before we even try to help you, for we will make assumptions about your knowledge that will a/ confuse you, b/ disappoint you, c/ infurriate you.04:50
lcukbut i cant configure qt creator and your network to make some random compiled code run for you04:50
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC04:50
Djigorificohmm maybe i know too little to be in this channel04:51
crashanddieIf you want to go the proven way, the one I was talking about, one google gave me this:
crashanddieanother google, about madde and windows, gave me this
crashanddieAnd then, after lcuk mentionned the new release, I googled a bit, found Nokia's press release, and found two links in it04:53
crashanddiepointing to and
crashanddieHope this helps,04:54
swc|666meh, vim ftw :)04:54
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: I'm amazed of your patience today :-P Seems tmo bashing helps a lot to keep your mood up04:54
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: It's my last day at work \o/04:54
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: I'm going home tomorrow \o/ \o/ \o/04:55
Djigorificoi never get those when i google04:55
crashanddieDjigorifico: use specific keywords04:55
Djigorificobut i always get those linux stuff that i cant work with04:56
crashanddieDjigorifico: for those, I googled "maemo qt creator windows" (1st hit), or "maemo sdk installation" (3rd hit), or "nokia qt mobile" (4th hit)04:57
DocScrutinizerand btw maemo *is*lnux04:57
crashanddieAfter a while you just start recognising patterns in the URLs. If it's just "", you know it's going to be advertising and marketing crap. However if it's "", well, you can safely assume you're going in the right direction04:58
DjigorificoDocScrutinizer, I know that but i have windows running on my pc04:58
DocScrutinizerso if you feel venturous you may try to use windows  for developer platform. But you inevitably have to cope with linux target platform04:59
DocScrutinizerand all the knowledge needed is about maemo aka linux04:59
* crashanddie switches to company VPN, might get disconnected05:00
Djigorificohow long have you guys been working with linux?05:00
asjWrk16 years05:00
crashanddie15 years, going 1605:00
DocScrutinizer12 years? nah 15 prolly05:00
MohammadAGas old as I am then :P05:00
asjWrkMohammadAG: Children are meant to be seen, not heard. ;)05:01
* MohammadAG shoots crashanddie 05:01
Djigorificoi'm 20 years old05:02
GeneralAntilles2005. :P05:02
asjWrkthough, I'm fairly certain you don't need 15 years experiance with linux to write for maemo05:02
crashanddienor 15 years experience either.05:03
DocScrutinizerbut I had a gentle start on linux, coming from AmigaOS05:03
DocScrutinizerand NeXT05:03
asjWrkDocScrutinizer: I'm sorry05:03
Djigorificoi had ubuntu a year ago..didnt like it05:04
MohammadAGNight #maemo o/05:05
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC05:05
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC05:05
*** grishnav has quit IRC05:05
DocScrutinizernite moh05:05
Djigorificobut ok guys ill read the qt tutorials tomorrow and ill get back with you05:06
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo05:08
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC05:08
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo05:08
*** z4chh has quit IRC05:13
*** emma has joined #maemo05:13
*** yigal has joined #maemo05:14
yigalother than the SU-8W are there any other external keyboards that work with the n900?05:16
yigalI'm just saying, calling the n900 a portable computer is rather silly if a keyboard meant for 10 fingers cannot be used with it, imo05:19
asjWrkwho said a computer required a keyboard?05:19
DocScrutinizeryigal: anyway all reports about working external kbds highly appreciated05:20
crashanddieApple BT keyboard doesn't work05:20
yigalasjWrk: a computer doesn't require a keyboard.  I require a keyboard to work comfortably with a computer05:21
*** Metamucil has joined #maemo05:21
*** LukeL_ has quit IRC05:21
asjWrkyigal: nah, you do it every day05:21
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo05:22
DocScrutinizerwait until some crack manages to enable hostmode in friggin musb_hdrc kernel driver. Then simply hook up arbitrary USB-kbd05:22
yigalyes, that is the only thing that is holding me back from an n900 purchase05:22
* asjWrk boggles05:23
*** zappa has quit IRC05:25
*** Termana_n810 has joined #maemo05:25
yigalmy fingers are perhaps a bit faster than the average but they aren't fast enough to use a thumb keyboard to program on.05:25
*** Sho_ has quit IRC05:26
DocScrutinizerI've seen people twittering from congresses faster than the speakers talked - right GAN900 ?05:26
GeneralAntillesHell yes.05:27
yigalDocScrutinizer: it just seem ergonomically reasonable to require the thumbs to do all the work05:27
*** rm_you has quit IRC05:27
*** rm_you has joined #maemo05:27
*** |thunder has quit IRC05:27
crashanddieyigal: s/reas/unreas/05:28
crashanddieyigal: then get a netbook or laptop05:28
crashanddieyigal: don't tell me you didn't know of the form factor when you bought it05:28
DocScrutinizeras the magic box with inside twice the outside isn't invented yet05:29
crashanddieActually, it already has, but we're just not aware of it05:29
*** ToArtist has joined #maemo05:29
yigalcrashanddie: I haven't bought it, I'm waiting to buy it when an external keyboard is better supported05:30
crashanddieProof, The 10th Doctor being nicknamed "David Ten-inch", even though he always wears pretty tight trousers05:30
DocScrutinizerfair enough05:30
*** jayabharath has joined #maemo05:30
yigalthough I'm uncertain as to why I should respond to you, as you obviously aren't reading what I write05:30
yigalI'm getting emotional05:31
crashanddieyigal: any particular reason you're here then?05:32
DocScrutinizerI'm feeling bored, which usually is the first tstae of feeling tired05:32
crashanddieyigal: I'm afraid only very little BT keyboards are supported. You've asked a question, we've tried to answer to the best of our knowledge05:32
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC05:32
yigalcrashanddie: yes, to gain an idea of the current state of the support on the n900 for an external keyboard05:33
crashanddiewell, there's the Nokia one05:33
crashanddieUSB keyboards are out of the question05:33
yigalafter reading I got an idea05:33
yigalDocScrutinizer: no support for host05:33
crashanddieand sadly people haven't been buying keyboards prior to knowing they are compatible, so everyone sticks to the nokia05:33
DocScrutinizernot YET05:34
yigalso when 1.2 is out I'll get an n900 :D, rofl05:34
Macerso. anybody find amber lamps yet?05:34
crashanddieyeah yeah, but that's like saying: "I can't fly my car to Europe" "Why?" "Because flying cars don't exist" "NOT YET!!"05:34
Maceryigal ... get it now ;)05:34
Macern900 is the best damn phone i have ever had05:34
Macerthe update is free :-P haha05:35
crashanddieever had a saint phone?05:35
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: flying cars exist. So does hostmode05:35
MacerDocScrutinizer: yeah. didn't they make an actual flying car?05:35
Macerit was a fixed wing but it works :)05:35
crashanddieflying cars need neutron shift-based technology05:36
crashanddieuntil we have that, no flying cars05:36
yigalwhy not, it depends on the definition of a car05:36
DocScrutinizerhostmode just needs a driver, really simple huh?05:36
Macerwell. i suppose the flying car that was made is more like a car/airplane hybrid05:36
crashanddienext you're going to tell me that "flying cars are just waiting for a driver"05:37
DocScrutinizercomparing to neutron-shift05:37
crashanddiewait, that sounds wrong05:37
yigalDocScrutinizer: what about neutron-shift?05:37
*** z4chh has joined #maemo05:37
Maceryigal: yeah. that's hte one i remmeber05:37
Macerthey need to find a better place to put those wings ;)05:38
crashanddie"More than a decade ago Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond and Daniel Greenberger had independently predicted that a neutron beam passing through a slit would experience a phase shift in its direction of motion." Even though I have read this over and over, I still believe this is porn disguised as geek talk.05:38
Maceryou would think they'd havce figured out a way to fold them flush onto the hood of the car05:38
yigalanyways dudes must be off, I have my netbook and G1 for now hopefully external keyboard support, by some means, will be implemented, as soon as it is I'll get me the n90005:39
*** ljp has quit IRC05:40
yigalcrashanddie: it was brought up in my 1st year graduate qm class I took last semester, oh wait that makes me a geek, damn05:40
crashanddiedon't worry05:40
* DocScrutinizer 's going to kill bme now, and then Mentor for the abysmal musb driver crap05:40
crashanddiethat just makes you a nerd :P05:41
yigalok ty crashanddie that makes me feel better05:41
crashanddieI try05:41
*** yigal has quit IRC05:42
Maceri think that thing is more of an airplane :)05:42
DocScrutinizer/mode +q #maemo *05:42
Macer27' wingspan is too wide to simply cut people off and take off into the sky05:42
Maceralthough i'd love to try it out.. just kind of take off in the middle of chicago :) that would be a sight to see but i'm sure would be kind of difficult with the buildings and bridges and wires etc05:43
DocScrutinizerA british guy built a trike with street aproval, with a prop and a paraglide05:43
crashanddiedid you guys read about the guy who got lost on the thames?05:44
DocScrutinizerI seem to remember a mini also05:44
DocScrutinizersame concept05:44
crashanddie"A man who thought he was sailing along the coast of southern England had to be rescued by emergency services after his motor boat ran out of fuel while repeatedly circling a small island in the River Thames estuary."05:45
MacerDocScrutinizer: i wonder if you can extend/retract the wings on the move05:45
Macernow that would be worth it :)05:45
DocScrutinizerof the paraglide?05:45
*** jayabharath1 has joined #maemo05:48
Macerthe tranisition05:49
*** jayabharath has quit IRC05:49
Maceri'd buy one if it could do it on the move05:50
Maceri could see myself taking off whil driving down the highway if nobody is around05:50
Macerespecially if it lets me get away with going 115mph05:50
Macerand if 115mph is what they are rated at now i'm sure some plans to make them faster are in the works05:52
Maceranyways. good night. sleepy.05:52
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:56
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:57
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:57
*** Hariainm has joined #maemo06:00
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo06:00
*** Termana_n810 has quit IRC06:02
*** raster has quit IRC06:03
*** dockane has quit IRC06:03
*** Termana_n810 has joined #maemo06:06
*** z4chh has quit IRC06:06
*** cvandonderen_ has joined #maemo06:07
*** SafPlusPlus has quit IRC06:08
*** cvandonderen has quit IRC06:08
*** SafPlusPlus has joined #maemo06:08
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo06:08
*** Hariainm has quit IRC06:10
*** n6pfk has joined #maemo06:10
*** cvandonderen_ has quit IRC06:15
*** SafPlusPlus has quit IRC06:15
*** SafPlusPlus has joined #maemo06:17
*** cvandonderen has joined #maemo06:17
*** hari2 has left #maemo06:17
*** raster has joined #maemo06:28
*** Guest30149 has joined #maemo06:31
*** ToArtist has quit IRC06:32
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC06:33
*** Guest30149 has quit IRC06:34
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo06:35
*** dirtyrice88 has joined #maemo06:36
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo06:39
*** adalal has joined #maemo06:43
*** lugkhast has joined #maemo06:46
*** crashanddie has quit IRC06:47
*** jayabharath1 has quit IRC06:47
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo06:56
crashanddieAnyone have Nokia770%20USB%20Ethernet%20RNDIS.inf ? I can't access the websites where it's supposed to be hosted from work06:56
crashanddieShould be here:
*** benh has quit IRC06:57
*** tbf has joined #maemo06:57
*** trofi has joined #maemo07:01
*** Erod has quit IRC07:02
*** jmc93739653 has quit IRC07:14
*** chadi has quit IRC07:16
*** benh has joined #maemo07:17
*** ljp has joined #maemo07:20
*** benh has quit IRC07:21
*** Psi has joined #maemo07:30
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:31
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:31
*** trofi has quit IRC07:33
Psiis easy-deb-chroot quite safe to install and play with?07:36
Psiits in extras, so im guessing it is07:36
*** cvandonderen has quit IRC07:42
*** cvandonderen has joined #maemo07:45
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo07:46
*** Meow`` has quit IRC07:46
*** kuriiri has quit IRC07:48
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo07:49
Psiright, image downloading07:53
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC07:57
*** otubo is now known as otubo[AFK]07:58
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo07:58
*** jlaire has quit IRC07:58
*** Sargun has joined #maemo08:00
*** jlaire has joined #maemo08:00
*** disco_stu has left #maemo08:02
*** crashanddie has quit IRC08:05
*** ufa_ has quit IRC08:05
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo08:06
*** tbf has quit IRC08:11
*** misc-- has joined #maemo08:16
misc--hi all, does anyone know of a way to write an sms message from an ssh session/terminal that's connected to the n900?08:16
*** fysa has quit IRC08:20
*** fysa has joined #maemo08:21
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo08:22
*** Metamucil has quit IRC08:23
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC08:24
asjWrkmisc--: google it, there's dbus examples08:24
misc--ah ok. I did search high and low for 900 sms but not with dbus... haven't really looked too much into dbus but will check it out. Thanks08:25
*** nicu has joined #maemo08:26
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo08:27
*** hardaker has quit IRC08:29
*** Metamucil has joined #maemo08:32
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo08:33
*** githogori has quit IRC08:34
*** Khult has joined #maemo08:35
*** Khult has left #maemo08:35
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC08:37
RST38hMoo, everybody08:37
*** Metamucil has quit IRC08:38
prontorawr you08:39
*** tbf has joined #maemo08:41
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo08:43
*** Ordog_by has joined #maemo08:45
*** aboyer has joined #maemo08:47
*** tank-man has quit IRC08:48
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC08:48
*** tealbird has joined #maemo08:49
tybolltso crashie said friday08:50
tybolltin hk08:50
*** larsivi has quit IRC08:50
*** tank-man has joined #maemo08:51
*** zap has joined #maemo08:52
*** zap has joined #maemo08:52
*** eMHa has quit IRC08:53
*** githogori has joined #maemo08:53
*** n6pfk has quit IRC08:53
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC08:54
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo08:55
*** silbo_ has joined #maemo08:56
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo08:56
fralsopdf2: yepp08:57
opdf2frals:  im connected to wifi right now. fmms has havoc mode. i sent myself an mms from another phone and it received it fine. i try to sent one out but it wont. It will if i connected to my internet apn08:58
opdf2is that intended?08:58
opdf2basically i see havoc mode working when receiving but not sending08:59
fralsuh thats pretty weird08:59
fralscould you mail me /tmp/fmms.log? fmms@frals.se08:59
opdf2k sent09:01
*** Terje_1 has joined #maemo09:04
*** Terje_ has quit IRC09:05
fralsuh seems weird, but havoc mode is an ugly hack so cant really say what goes wrong atm09:06
fralsas im not logging what the shellscript does atm ;(09:06
opdf2i see that okay09:06
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC09:10
*** mece has joined #maemo09:11
*** TigerTael has joined #maemo09:12
*** alexg__ has joined #maemo09:13
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC09:15
*** tekojo has joined #maemo09:16
*** tekojo has quit IRC09:16
*** tekojo has joined #maemo09:16
*** grishnav has joined #maemo09:16
*** user_ has joined #maemo09:18
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:18
*** user_ is now known as wazd_n90009:18
*** warp10 has quit IRC09:18
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:18
wazd_n900i've missed my train :)09:18
tekojostuck in the FRUCT semoinar09:19
cehtehme not :P09:19
*** microlith has quit IRC09:20
* cehteh is on the way to utrecht LAC09:20
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo09:21
wazd_n900bought another one on 3pm :)09:21
crashanddieoh yeah:
tybolltbought another train?09:21
tybolltyou some kinda oligarkh wazd?09:22
wazd_n900tybollt: yeah, I'm buying trains :)09:22
*** ppenz has joined #maemo09:23
wazd_n900may I use e63 keyboard with n900 please?)09:24
tybolltI was in egypt a week ago09:24
KnightStalkerI have random issues with missing applications...09:24
tybolltthey had 'foul' on the breakfast menu every day... some kinda eggplant something09:24
KnightStalkerapplication manager wont install something because another application is missing,but when I try to install it via xterminal it says I already have the newest version09:25
KnightStalkerany body knows what exactly is the issue?09:25
KnightStalkermece,welcome back <309:25
*** Cervajz has joined #maemo09:25
meceKnightStalker, if you're referring to qt4 apps then it's the pr1.2 problem.09:26
meceWhich app is it?09:26
tybolltcrashanddie: :)09:26
*** microlith has joined #maemo09:26
KnightStalkerQtIrreco... :O09:26
KnightStalkerits qt...09:26
KnightStalkerany one filled a bug report?09:26
meceyou could install the previous version09:26
KnightStalkerI want to vote for it :P09:26
meceKnightStalker, it's not a bug really.09:26
KnightStalkeroh?you mean downgrading to pr1.1?09:27
meceKnightstalker, hold on. I'll check.09:27
*** namus has joined #maemo09:27
wazd_n900btw, any pr 1.2 news? ;P09:27
wazd_n900don't kick me! :)09:28
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo09:28
infobothmm... pr1.2 is not here yet. Stop asking. Read the topic Just stop asking. Read the topic. AND STOP ASKING.09:28
KnightStalker" pr1.2 is not here yet" o.O09:29
*** moza has joined #maemo09:29
KnightStalkermece? :O09:29
KnightStalkerso how can I have it? :P09:29
wazd_n900stupid russian keyboard  layout...09:30
tybolltmece: hey I was wondering about this new firmw... ;)09:30
misc--is there a way to get an on-screen T9 keyboard layout happening when sending sms? =)09:31
crashanddieNow that's what I call a "dead end"
crashanddieKnightStalker: you can't09:32
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC09:32
KnightStalkerwell I know that09:33
KnightStalkerbut the problem is this => "<mece> KnightStalker, if you're referring to qt4 apps then it's the pr1.2 problem."09:33
KnightStalkerI can not install qt4 apps either09:33
*** Joonas has joined #maemo09:34
crashanddieKnightStalker: welcome to our "knightmare"09:34
crashanddieand you can stop using stupid smileys all over the place09:35
KnightStalkerhmm,they are not stupid09:35
infobotcrashanddie meant: and you can stop using unnecessary smileys all over the place09:35
*** onefish has joined #maemo09:36
TigerTaelWill that work for me as well if I tried to correct somebody elses sentence?09:36
mecedamn.. this is not so simple09:37
crashanddieTigerTael: nope, only works for your own last sentence, can only do it once, too09:37
KnightStalkerbut it wasn't a "spelling" issue you made09:37
crashanddie"spelling issue"09:37
crashanddienuff said09:37
*** larsivi has joined #maemo09:37
*** wazd_n900 has quit IRC09:38
TigerTaelcrashanddie, ah, thanks. It's cool, but I would really want to make it work universally if I was coding it. ;/09:38
*** booiiing has quit IRC09:38
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:38
crashanddieTigerTael: nha, it would ruin everyone's conversation tbh09:38
crashanddietest test test09:38
infobotcrashanddie meant: tested test test09:38
*** hannesw has joined #maemo09:38
crashanddietest test test09:38
infobotcrashanddie meant: tested tested tested09:38
infobotcrashanddie meant: TEST09:39
* infobot starts crying and hides from crashanddie in the darkest corner of the room. :(09:39
crashanddieTigerTael: quite frankly, infobot is probably one of the better drops out there. Fast, low memory footprint, and pretty damn smart09:40
TigerTaelcrashanddie, it is pretty neat.09:40
infobotSince Thu Apr 22 05:50:03 2010, there have been 25 modifications, 429 questions, 0 dunnos, 0 morons and 243 commands.  I have been awake for 8d 50m 50s this session, and currently reference 116983 factoids.  I'm using about 22436 kB of memory. With 0 active forks. Process time user/system 22681.14/631.52 child 0.09/0.0409:40
*** The_Tall1 has joined #maemo09:40
infobotI'm on 107 channels: #debian/889, #maemo/515, #meego/365, #kde/347, #gsoc/311, #asterisk/243, #openmoko/172, #wowace/149, #webos-internals/134, #oe/133, #wowuidev/117, #sc2mapster/115, #wowhead/100, #openmoko-cdevel/99, #htc-linux/87, #utah/63, #tomcat/57, #edev/55, #asterisk-dev/53, #bzflag/53, #curseforge/49, #uclibc/47, #wowwiki/47, #slug/46, #elinux/40, #gllug/35, #uphpu/33, #/32, #norganna/32, #utos/30, #openjtag/25, #brlcad/24, #handhelds/23, ...09:41
infoboti've cached 5030 users, 3676 unique users, distributed over 107 channels.09:41
crashanddienot too bad for 20 megs of ram09:42
crashanddieinterestingly, that's 1500 users who share some channels09:43
*** Gadgetoid_iMac has left #maemo09:43
*** dvoid_ has joined #maemo09:43
*** gomiam has joined #maemo09:45
timeless_mbphaving two n900s stacked w/ alarms set for the same time can be interesting09:45
timeless_mbpi got an audio cascade09:45
meceKnightStalker, disable extras-devel and install qtirreco.09:45
Corsacdid they vibrate in resonance?09:45
aSIMULAtordid we get the same alarm reminder :P09:46
*** danielwilms has joined #maemo09:48
meceKnightstalker, you need extras-testing enabled though.09:49
*** warp10 has quit IRC09:50
meceKnightstalker, The latest version, in extras-devel will need pr1.2. Or you could download source from devel, change deps from libqt4-core to libqt4-maemo5-core in the control file, build deb and install on device.09:50
KnightStalkerWell,I just gavfe an example on something which doesn't work because of qt :p09:51
KnightStalkerI thought there might be easier steps09:51
*** sleipnir has quit IRC09:52
KnightStalkeranyways,how good do phototranslator work?09:52
zokierKnightStalker, yeah, sorry about that qtirreco mess. qt4.6 version shouldn't been uploaded to repositories09:54
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo09:54
mecezokier, you're the maintainer?09:54
*** booiiing has joined #maemo09:55
zokiermece, i try not to be, but i'm involved, yes09:55
tybolltis uploading things to repos a one way street?09:55
mecetybollt, well you can always replace the stuff you just uploaded.09:55
tybolltthere is no way of taking down a faulty (or as in this case - not ready to be released) pkg?09:55
tybolltmece: heh I guess09:56
* tybollt guess zokier can do that then09:56
*** fab has joined #maemo09:56
mecezokier, any chance you could make a temporary version that depends on libqt4-maemo5-* instead of libqt4-* until we get pr-12?09:56
*** ag0ny has joined #maemo09:56
mecezokier, all you really need is replace the deps in control, I believe.09:56
zokieri don't have access to repository yet, but i'll forward that request to the actual maintainers09:58
mecezokier, ok, thanks.09:58
mecein the meantime, I could actually build from source one and put it on my own server if people really need it.09:58
meceif I remembered to close my session at home. My buildbox is in x86 mode, and I can't switch unless I close the previous sessions.09:59
*** danielwilms has quit IRC09:59
*** Khertan has quit IRC09:59
*** andrenarchy has joined #maemo09:59
crashanddiemece: kill your friend10:00
*** msanchez has joined #maemo10:00
sejohey has anyone written a howto yet for creating a python package on the sdk?10:00
*** eMHa has joined #maemo10:00
mecesejo, no, but I can tell you.10:00
sejotrying to find one but none explain the process completely10:00
*** Khult1 has joined #maemo10:00
mecesejo, using pypackager.10:00
sejopypackager cool I'll google it10:00
meceit's in the repos.10:01
mecesejo, I can tell you how to build the package if you want.10:01
*** Openfree` has quit IRC10:02
sejomece found this
*** moo--- has quit IRC10:03
mecesejo, yep. you also need to make the actual script. I'll look up a sample for you.10:04
*** moo--- has joined #maemo10:04
*** benh has joined #maemo10:04
sejothx mece!10:04
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC10:05
*** villemv has joined #maemo10:06
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC10:07
*** Openfree` has joined #maemo10:08
mecesejo modify that to match your program10:08
sejo~thx checking it now!10:09
mecethen you create the whole tree under src/ with all the files in the right places. Including .desktop files and whatnot.10:09
meceif you need optification through symlinking, you can make symlinks in debian/postinst file.10:10
*** bilboed has joined #maemo10:10
sejoach cool10:11
sejoneed to vrite a generation script first that will move them correctly10:11
mecesejo, well that's what the script I posted does.10:11
meceit creates the debian/rules and control10:11
sejoalso I have some modules it needs should I first install it with a or set my pythonpath in the bin?10:12
mecesejo, and in that script it moves the file to their correct places, following the pattern showed in the tree under src/10:12
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo10:12
mecesejo, hmm.. if they are small you can just install them into the correct place.10:12
sejook thx10:12
sejolet's test :p10:13
mecesejo, :)10:13
mecesejo, if you want the debian files visible, just unpack the tar the script creates, and you can modify them manually.10:13
mecesejo, you can do this on the device btw. you don't need a computer.10:14
sejocool i'll be doing it in the sdk probably10:15
mecesejo, perhaps safer at first :)10:15
crashanddielogging off from work for the last time10:15
*** crashanddie has quit IRC10:15
*** jpe has joined #maemo10:15
mecesejo, I have a clone of my git repos on the device, so I can update packages to extras-devel while on the move :) Only python stuff though. I don't have compilers on the device.10:16
sejomece: that is actually a good idea10:16
mecesejo, git ftw!10:16
sejojust created a new repo only for the maemo app and moving the suff according10:17
meceall you need is git-core and pypackager10:17
sejoyeah I'm a git lover also10:17
mecesejo, cloning my first git repo to the device was one of those "Holy fuck this is awesome!" moment's with the N900 :)10:19
*** benh has quit IRC10:19
mece~curse infobot10:20
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, infobot !10:20
sejomece with me it was the native irssi!10:20
mecesejo :) heh, Irssi was the first program I compiled for the N900. It wasn't in the repos yet then.10:21
*** chittoor has joined #maemo10:21
*** amigadave has joined #maemo10:22
*** bergie has joined #maemo10:22
*** benh has joined #maemo10:23
*** fcrozat|gone is now known as fcrozat10:23
sejothank you for that mece!10:24
sejoused it a lot already!10:24
*** petur has joined #maemo10:25
mecesejo, well I didn't compile that one. I just compiled and installed for myself :P Someone else upped to the repos.10:26
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo10:27
*** Khult1 has quit IRC10:28
*** moza has quit IRC10:29
*** apoi has quit IRC10:30
*** Villiny has quit IRC10:30
*** msanchez has quit IRC10:30
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:31
*** apoi has joined #maemo10:32
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo10:33
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC10:33
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo10:33
*** marcels has joined #maemo10:33
*** dvoid_ has quit IRC10:33
*** Khult has joined #maemo10:33
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo10:33
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has joined #maemo10:34
*** sepultina has quit IRC10:35
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo10:35
sejomece: can I put a svg logo in the packager script?10:35
mecesejo.. umm. I dont think so. not sure. Try it.10:36
meceI don't know if you can create xpm from svg with that script10:37
sejowell I can test :p10:37
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has quit IRC10:37
*** swc|666 has quit IRC10:37
*** tackat has joined #maemo10:39
sejomece: pypackager only in extras-devel?10:43
mecesejo, I think so. It's for developing ;)10:43
*** Joonas has quit IRC10:44
sejomece: hmm my sdk install doesn't find it10:44
* sejo debugs10:44
mecesejo, add devel to /etc/apt/sources.list10:44
JaffaMorning, all10:47
sejomece I added deb fremantle free non-free10:47
sejohey Jaffa10:47
*** Joonas has joined #maemo10:48
*** grishnav has quit IRC10:48
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo10:49
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC10:49
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo10:49
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo10:50
*** fab_ has joined #maemo10:50
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC10:51
*** mirsal has quit IRC10:51
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo10:52
mecesejo, that should do it.10:53
sejo apt-cache search pypackager10:53
sejoshows nothing :/10:53
mecedid you apt-get update10:54
mecesejo, switch to arm target10:55
meceappears it's only arm:
meceit should work on both though..10:56
mece~seen Khertan10:56
infobotkhertan <~d4eabb96@gateway/web/freenode/x-iutytmbmttrlbing> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 16h 48m 17s ago, saying: '(starcraft voice)'.10:56
*** grishnav has joined #maemo10:56
*** jonne|reconnecte has joined #maemo10:57
*** stefan99 has joined #maemo10:57
*** stefan99 has left #maemo10:57
*** flo_lap has quit IRC10:57
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo10:58
mecehmm something's wrong with the kinetic scrolling in my pyside app..10:58
*** grishnav has quit IRC10:58
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo10:58
*** grishnav has joined #maemo10:59
Psiok, so i installed easy-deb-chroot, and everything worked fine, i had the wm running under mameo but i just rebooted my phone and it now it isnt booting :(10:59
Psiits definitly a software issue, as it almost gets into maemo, but the desktop doesnt load, i just get one web shortcut in the top left corner and the rest of the screen is black11:00
*** jonne has quit IRC11:01
Psiany ideas11:01
*** benh has quit IRC11:01
*** tekojo_ has joined #maemo11:02
*** tekojo has quit IRC11:02
*** tekojo_ is now known as tekojo11:02
*** tekojo has joined #maemo11:02
mecehey how the hell do you comment out blocks in python?11:02
*** bergie has quit IRC11:03
mecebut is there a /*  asdf */ equivalent?11:03
*** Terje_1 has quit IRC11:03
meceI don't feel like typin # 100 times.11:03
jacekowskimece: google11:03
mecei don't like google.11:03
mecebut I can yahoo search it :P11:03
*** rodarvus_ is now known as rodarvus11:04
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo11:04
*** sergio__ has quit IRC11:04
meceah """ apparently. Good to know.11:05
Shapeshiftermece: use an IDE that allows you to put # in front of any number of selected lines11:05
meceShapeshifter well """ works like /*11:06
Shapeshiftermece: you're supposed to put """ foobla """ under every function declaration btw to document its purpose. this is the way to specify stuff for the automatic api generation11:06
Shapeshifterjust as a random bit of info11:06
meceShapeshifter Good to know.11:07
Shapeshiftermece: if you're interested11:07
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo11:08
meceShapeshifter, I am but donät have time right now. thanks.,11:08
meceif 0:11:08
mecealso works, if you indent11:08
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC11:08
Shapeshiftermece: well, if you're on the train and have nothing to do, consider reading this as well:
Shapeshiftermakes for beautiful code11:10
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo11:12
*** user_ has joined #maemo11:12
crashanddieSo that's it11:12
*** Termana_n810 has quit IRC11:12
crashanddieI'm jobless :)11:12
*** user_ is now known as Termana_n81011:12
Termana_n810crashanddie, but your moving anyway :P11:13
mececrashanddie, did you quit?11:13
zokierKnightStalker, mece, i made a package, it might eat your babies etc, but should install on pr1.111:13
Psiso no ones seem this black screen with one icon issue after easy-deb-chroot install?11:13
mecezokier, cool, thanks.11:14
mecezokier, mind if I post it in tmo?11:14
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo11:14
mecezokier, or actually you could do it yourself if you have time.11:14
zokieruuh, scary... feel free if you want11:15
crashanddieTermana_n810: yeah, but still, pretty weird to not have a job for the first time11:16
tybolltcrashanddie: Still you had the cojones to tell them to fuck off I suppose? There's the hundreds of thousands of the rest of us who don't... who just grind on day to day taking it up the bum from the management etc... :-/11:17
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo11:17
*** florian_kc is now known as florian11:18
*** sttwister has joined #maemo11:18
crashanddieWell, I just helped increase their over budgetness by a 100k probably :P11:18
crashanddieI guess that's about as "fuck off" as it gets :D11:18
tybolltOh o.O, how?11:18
*** sqwable has joined #maemo11:19
crashanddiewell, by having them pay for the relocation, legal fees, visas, etc, and they still have to find someone else :P11:19
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo11:20
tybolltstaying in au then?11:20
crashanddieflying out tomorow11:20
*** juliank has joined #maemo11:21
tybollthow did you like the place then?11:21
* Psi reflashes11:22
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo11:22
floriangood morning11:22
crashanddiewell, I guess it would be nice if I had some people to hang out with, and a job that made me want to work11:22
*** wazd has joined #maemo11:23
*** tekojo has quit IRC11:24
*** sergio__ has quit IRC11:26
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo11:27
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo11:27
mikki-kunhi uhm, which key on the keyboard of the n900 will be considered As the meta-key?11:27
*** tekojo has joined #maemo11:28
*** tekojo has quit IRC11:28
*** tekojo has joined #maemo11:28
*** vbenes has joined #maemo11:28
sejomece: after running the script i need to run the dh thingie right?11:31
*** Joonas has quit IRC11:33
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo11:33
Shapeshiftermikki-kun: it doesn't have a meta key. ctrl is ctrl, FN is AltGr, Shift is Shift.11:35
ShapeshifterThere's no Alt/Meta/Super11:35
Shapeshifteralthough... not sure what ctrl-shift is. maybe it's Alt11:35
Shapeshifteron a desktop it isn't though.11:36
mikki-kunhm... i noticed that the RTRN key has the funkrion 'KB-Return'11:37
mikki-kuncan that be changed to Return11:37
mikki-kunor would that break my return-key?11:37
*** Joonas has joined #maemo11:37
*** sheepbat has quit IRC11:38
*** SWFu has joined #maemo11:39
mikki-kunuhm well, gotta do now some stuff11:41
*** tekojo_ has joined #maemo11:42
*** tekojo has quit IRC11:42
*** mece has quit IRC11:43
*** bilboed has quit IRC11:45
*** dneary has joined #maemo11:46
*** flo_lap has quit IRC11:46
*** sqwable has quit IRC11:47
*** vbenes has quit IRC11:48
*** zap has quit IRC11:54
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo11:54
*** bergie has joined #maemo11:55
*** SWFu has quit IRC11:56
*** user_ has joined #maemo11:57
*** user_ is now known as wazd_n90011:57
*** vbenes has joined #maemo11:57
wazd_n900reheya all11:57
*** melmoth has joined #maemo12:02
*** vbenes has quit IRC12:02
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo12:02
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo12:02
*** vbenes has joined #maemo12:05
*** wazd_n900 has quit IRC12:05
*** zpol has joined #maemo12:07
*** vbenes has quit IRC12:08
*** lopz has quit IRC12:08
*** crashanddie has quit IRC12:09
*** smhar has quit IRC12:10
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo12:10
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo12:12
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC12:12
*** polac has quit IRC12:15
*** smhar has joined #maemo12:16
*** tekojo_ has quit IRC12:16
*** crashanddie has quit IRC12:18
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: ping12:18
* SpeedEvil yawns.12:18
*** Termana_n810 has quit IRC12:22
*** zs has joined #maemo12:23
*** Joonas has quit IRC12:23
*** lugkhast has quit IRC12:23
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo12:24
*** th3hate has joined #maemo12:24
*** petrux has joined #maemo12:24
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo12:24
*** Joonas has joined #maemo12:27
*** raster has quit IRC12:27
*** dfl has joined #maemo12:28
*** raster has joined #maemo12:28
*** Chewtoy has quit IRC12:32
*** Chewtoy has joined #maemo12:32
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo12:32
*** vbenes has joined #maemo12:33
pupniki need a finnish-english-finnish translator app12:34
*** apoirier has joined #maemo12:35
pupnikor dictionary12:36
Surfaka `066012:38
Surfalänge sen sist jne12:38
noobmonk3yfrals: meh12:40
*** TomaszD has quit IRC12:40
`0660haven't been in finland for a while now :(12:40
noobmonk3yfmms is just sitting there saying "Resizing and sending..."12:40
pupnikty surfa :)12:40
*** villemv has quit IRC12:41
Surfa`0660, :o12:41
`0660i moved to australia in 200712:42
*** Chewtoy has quit IRC12:43
`0660and last visited finland in 2008 :/12:43
*** Chewtoy has joined #maemo12:43
Surfaoh, haven't heard of it12:44
*** MAK_ has joined #maemo12:45
tybolltehm how do I do "lsof" without the lsof command on a linux machine?12:45
Stskeepsfuser may help in some cases12:45
pupniklearn the useful fuser flags12:46
MAK_MohammadAg_: hi every thing ok thnx again and again12:48
Surfatybollt, depends on what you're trying to do with it?12:49
Surfasome people use lsof for printing listen inet socket information that may also be printed with netstat e.g.12:49
*** ColdFyre has quit IRC12:51
*** MAK_ has quit IRC12:52
pupnikIRSSI:  FS#729 : In default theme, own nick and actions are hardcoded white.
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo12:55
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC12:55
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo12:55
*** ufa_ has quit IRC12:55
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo12:55
tybollthmm yeah12:56
tybolltI need to find out which file is hogging the FS12:56
infobottybollt meant: I need to find out which proc is hogging the FS12:56
*** pupnik has quit IRC12:57
*** polac has joined #maemo12:59
*** plq has joined #maemo13:01
*** bergie has quit IRC13:03
*** chadi has joined #maemo13:04
mikki-kundamn, that was harsh...13:04
mikki-kun`0660: may i ask where you come from in finland?13:05
mikki-kunmehh, i really should know more of my country >.<13:05
*** Joonas has quit IRC13:06
mikki-kunborn finn, but grew up in germany, then moved to TH13:06
mikki-kunbut it says something to me13:06
mikki-kunnearly killed myself in the sun doing gardening work XD13:07
`0660i don't think that's a problem in finland right now :)13:07
*** Openfree` has quit IRC13:08
mikki-kunyeah, not at all13:08
mikki-kunyay, at least i had an idea where tampere was :D13:08
*** Joonas has joined #maemo13:09
*** fcrozat is now known as fcrozat|lunch13:10
*** andre__ has joined #maemo13:12
*** andre__ has quit IRC13:12
*** andre__ has joined #maemo13:12
th3hateCan anyone answer my question here:
*** aboyer has quit IRC13:13
KnightStalkerHey :P13:14
*** choppa has joined #maemo13:15
KnightStalkerzokier,well,when I downloaded my TV controler,it seemed that it is on a building mode or something,how to use the controler?13:15
KnightStalkerdo any one know?13:15
mikki-kunth3hate: i think that most apps/games have either seperate language files or the language is coded in the sourcecode of it13:15
*** lardman has joined #maemo13:16
KnightStalkermorning =)13:16
Surfalocalization is pretty important in games..13:16
Stskeepsmorning lardman13:17
KnightStalkerstskeeps <313:17
Surfayoungsters are often main target group for them and their language knowledge is pretty limited often13:17
lardmanhey Stskeeps, KnightStalker13:17
* Stskeeps glares at KnightStalker 13:17
lardmandare I ask is pr1.2 is out yet? ;)13:18
* KnightStalker slaps Stskeeps with his last question,I am mean,amn't I? :P13:18
Stskeepswhat question? :P13:18
KnightStalker"when I downloaded my TV controler,it seemed that it is on a building mode or something,how to use the controler?"13:19
Stskeepsi have no idea what that is, sorry13:19
KnightStalkerno problem ^_^13:20
KnightStalkerI meant qtirreco anyway13:20
RST38bisIrreco is a mess =(13:22
zokierqtirreco is a mess, old irreco atleast seems to be bit better13:22
RST38bisSurfa: Judging from the sample of youngsters available to me, they do not give a shit about localization13:23
lardmanI do, fewer "z"s thanks! ;)13:23
zokierKnightStalker, if you are in "edit mode" use "save remote" menu item to return to "normal mode". if you are in normal mode, then the remote *should* be ready to use13:23
lardmannot sure I qualify as young mind you13:23
*** tekojo has joined #maemo13:23
RST38bisSurfa: Their native reading skills are not that extensive to begin with (1) and they mainly learn game stuff by trial and error anyway (2)13:23
SurfaRST38bis, show me a sample person that plays japanese language game with pleasure13:25
* RST38bis suspects that the main market for localization is elderly women at secretarial/accounting jobs13:25
* RST38bis points Surfa toward himself13:25
RST38bisWorks for me, Surfa.13:26
Surfai can tell you that it's not typical way that people behave13:26
Surfai've seen plenty of user studies13:26
RST38bisOk, so I am a nutcase and have not seen a plenty of studies. Tell me something new :)13:26
Surfalocalization is very important thing on many markets, also on other applications than games13:26
th3hateim trying to do it13:26
lardman~curse HAM for being veeerrryyy slow13:26
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, HAM for being veeerrryyy slow !13:26
SurfaRST38bis, no need to be so offending, that's just typical that people think that other people do things as they do.. that's why user studies are needed for some things13:28
*** FIQ has quit IRC13:28
Surfacultural and lanuage barriers are no fake problem in global industry13:28
*** Cervajz has quit IRC13:30
* RST38bis politely informs Surfa that he is (1) bilingual and (2) expat in a non-english speaking country13:30
*** BCMM has joined #maemo13:30
*** rkirti has quit IRC13:30
RST38bisAnd no, I have not yet seen any widespread problems with English UIs here, outside of the above category13:30
SurfaRST38bis, i can't see relation to this discussion.. please explain more13:30
Surfawhere is that?13:31
*** kalikiana has joined #maemo13:31
Surfait doesn't mean that there are problems, but it certainly slows down adoption speed within natives13:32
RST38bisSurfa: I have been hinting that yes, I see enough users and usage scenarios to have my own statistics13:32
Surfaand still you think that english ui is enough for most people?13:32
RST38bisSurfa: And my statistics clearly show that almost nobody gives a damn13:32
RST38bisSurfa: Yes, that is exactly what I think13:32
Surfaand studies are about people who already use those things? because otherwise those studies don't make much sense13:33
crashanddiethere's a reason for localisation to be the one and only top priority for most UIs13:33
RST38bisLocalization may be somewhat useful, but it definitely isn't worth the effort it normally takes.13:33
brikfor younger people who haven't learned a lot of english yet, people that don't learn that much english at all (it happens) and older people (my mum's age), english wouldn't cut it13:33
crashanddieand your stats don't disprove didly squat13:33
SurfaRST38bis, depends on what countries you're acting on13:34
Surfayou just can't play with english only uis on developing countries13:34
*** ufa_ has quit IRC13:34
RST38bisSurfa: Pretty much any country. Your typical UI requires knowledge of a dozen English words13:34
crashanddiespain exclusively uses spanish UIs, same for France, Italy a tiny bit less, but mostly, Belgium, Holland, Germany, etc13:34
crashanddieand those aren't developing country13:34
infobotcrashanddie meant: and those aren't developing countries13:35
Surfacrashanddie, in developing countries things are even worse on that13:35
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo13:35
RST38bisSurfa: Any person unable to learn a dozen combinations of letters can't read his own language , most likely13:35
*** nebo has joined #maemo13:35
SurfaRST38bis, localization is not limited to textual output you know?13:35
crashanddieRST38bis: with all due respect, I think you're talking biased bullshit13:35
*** zap has joined #maemo13:35
RST38bisI am always talking biased bullshit, crash. Haven't you noticed? :)13:36
crashanddiesure, just felt necessary to point it out this time round13:36
crashanddie(everyone talks biased bull)13:36
RST38bisExcept that mine usually checks well again reality13:36
crashanddienot in this case13:36
RST38bisOr at least the part of reality I get to observe13:36
crashanddieseriously, where are you now?13:37
`0660in a mushroom land? :)13:37
Surfa`0660, my guess exactly :D13:37
RST38biscrash: Russia. Non-English speaking country. Non-Roman alphabet. Very few people care if the UI is in Russian or not.13:37
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th13:37
zokierlocalization/i18n is kinda nice, but translations are usually just horrible13:38
*** srw has joined #maemo13:38
crashanddieRST38bis: I don't know what circles you play with, but when I was in the Ukraine and Russia, even in highly technical outlets, I only had russian keyboards, and russian UIs13:38
RST38bisThe documentation better be written in Russian of course, but that is different from the UI.13:38
crashanddieI'm pretty sure you'll be able to find me ranting about this on this very channel in the logs13:38
*** srw is now known as Guest4086213:38
RST38biscrashanddie: How long have you been here?13:39
zokieri'm in finland and every piece of software i use is in english, both at work and at home.13:39
crashanddieRST38bis: I spent in total 2 months in the Ukraine, and about 3-4 weeks in Russia13:39
Surfazokier, well, finland and netherlands are completely different world, they are more english speaking countries than uk in most cases ;)13:39
`0660zokier, that is only because you work in it? :)13:39
Surfai've met englishmen that think that most finns speak better english than they do13:40
*** FIQ has joined #maemo13:40
tybolltzokier: that's because finnish is a fucked language13:40
crashanddieSurfa: except for their bloody horrendous accent13:40
zokier`0660, probably, yes13:40
tybolltit's only got hungary in the same language group IIRC13:40
crashanddiezokier: Sweden is an exception I have to admit, northern Europe is very English friendly13:40
Surfacrashanddie, depends on a finn too, some don't have accent almost at all13:40
tybolltcrashanddie: huh? How is sweden an exception?13:41
crashanddieSurfa: how come 100% of Nokia have horrendous accents then?13:41
fralsnoobmonk3y: can you reproduce it?13:41
Surfacrashanddie, not really 100%13:41
Surfamaybe 90%13:41
crashanddietybollt: sweden is an exception in the way that you guys are very English friendly?13:41
crashanddieSurfa: ok, Ari has an OK accent when he wants13:41
tybolltcrashanddie: because finnish is in the wrong language group. The only two languages (IIRC) in this language group finnish-ugrian is finnish and hungarian13:42
*** swo has quit IRC13:42
crashanddietybollt: you lost me13:42
crashanddieoh, finnish, k13:42
tybolltcrashanddie: yes, yes we are :)13:42
lardmancrashanddie: you in La France now?13:42
tybolltcrashanddie: gotcha13:42
Surfacrashanddie, many people have relatively junnoticeable accent when they don't have too much feelings going on13:42
tybollteveryone can speak english in .se13:42
RST38biscrashanddie: Isn't that kinda short?13:42
Surfatybollt, that's not true :) really13:43
crashanddieSurfa: ask any northern european to say "Junior", and all of them will say "you-nior"13:43
crashanddielardman: pas encore13:43
Surfatake a farmer in south sweden and speak english to him13:43
crashanddielardman: taking off tomorrow around lunch, landing on Sunday 3PM13:43
lardmancool, have a good trip13:43
crashanddiehave a 6 hours standstill in London13:43
Surfacrashanddie, if some words make accent horrible for you, then agreed.. some words are just impossible to pronounce correctly for a finn13:43
adeustake a farmer in south sweden and try to speak swedish to him13:44
tybolltnot like in finland where you get a "MITÄÄÄÄÄÄ?" if you even mention english ;)13:44
adeuswon't understand anything with the skåne accent13:44
tybolltor something13:44
Surfatybollt, that's ridiculous you know and has nothing to do with real deal13:44
Surfamost of germand can speak even german in finland and they manage very well, and english is much easier13:44
tybolltI may be exagerating slightly ;)13:45
crashanddiethat's because most germans' english sucks donkey balls13:45
Surfaslightly right.. :)13:45
noobmonk3yfrals: it looks like the vodafone apn settings that worked previously on the wiki do not work now, gonna try n figure out why - does take a good few minutes before it errors out though13:45
crashanddieonly generation Y is saving the day in Germany, generation X and B have very poor English skills13:45
fralsnoobmonk3y: i saw someone complain about it in the thread today as well13:46
Surfatybollt, i'd say take any <40years old finn and you do just fine with english, if he/she just wants to language skills won't be a problem13:46
noobmonk3yahhh complaints, gotta love em ;)13:46
SpeedEvilcrashanddie: with the international language of techno?13:46
noobmonk3yi'll figure out what happenned and try n sort the wiki :)13:46
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo13:46
fralsnoobmonk3y: fwiw theres a thread on vodafones support forum about fmms and
fralswonder why the last stuff ended up there13:47
fralsnoobmonk3y: for the record, whats the error message in fmms.log?13:47
noobmonk3yhmmm hold on13:47
noobmonk3yyou dont need fapn any more do ya?13:47
fralsbut like if you delete it and fmms use that apn your gonna be buttfucked :D13:48
Surfacrashanddie, but speaking of some people from uk, it's sometimes difficult even to tell if they are speaking english at all.. communication is simply impossible13:48
fralsgconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/fmms and a reinstall should give you a clean start thou noobmonk3y13:48
crashanddieSurfa: well, you have those everywhere13:48
noobmonk3ylol deleted it, and manually configured fmms though?!13:48
Surfayes of course13:48
Surfaordering a beer in certain parts of england has proven to be extremely difficult :)13:49
noobmonk3ywhere is the fmms log file btw?13:49
crashanddieSurfa: if you take australian bogans, west-flemish belgians, alsacian french or catalan spanish, you can get in some very tricky situations13:49
tybolltaustralian bogan? what's that?13:50
* tybollt googlers13:50
Surfasure, i personally speak some russian, a little better swedish, even more better german, english and finnish of course too.. it's surprisingly many countries that have languages close enough of those so i can understand pretty well13:50
crashanddietybollt: bogans, the same as UK-based chavs13:50
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo13:51
Surfaprague for example in theory is pretty far from russian but for me it was pretty easy to understand vital things with my russian13:51
Surfabut in england.. i don't know how difficult it can be to order a beer.. :D13:51
*** Khult has left #maemo13:52
BCMMis there a way to install a traditional (not busybox) version of 'top'?13:52
tybolltthe one thing - I learned the hard way - is how you turn our hand when asking for two beers ;)13:52
tybolltif you do a reversed V sign for "two" you may get into trouble13:52
fralsnoobmonk3y: settings are wrong ;)13:52
fralsnoobmonk3y: apn should be
*** Terje_ has quit IRC13:53
*** PortaLu has joined #maemo13:54
*** SWFu64 has joined #maemo13:54
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo13:54
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo13:54
*** dl9pf has quit IRC13:54
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo13:54
*** dl9pf_ has quit IRC13:55
*** ptlo has joined #maemo13:55
* noobmonk3y slaps himself with a trout14:00
*** z4chh has joined #maemo14:00
KnightStalkerEh,how can I find out what is keeping me from connecting via mass storage mode14:00
chadiheya healthcheck!14:00
noobmonk3ymornin chadi14:00
RichardPmmmm Meego screenshots look nice14:01
chadiwhat's up14:01
chadiRichardP yeah, looking forward to installing it on N900 when it gets released14:01
*** SWFu64 has quit IRC14:02
* frals slaps noobmonk3y with a "Configuring fMMS for dummies"14:02
fralsnoobmonk3y: no trout for you!14:02
noobmonk3ystill doing the same14:02
* noobmonk3y slaps himself some more14:02
*** yerga has joined #maemo14:04
fralsnoobmonk3y whats the log saying then?14:04
KnightStalkernobody knows my question? =(14:04
noobmonk3ynot sure avoiding keeping screen and phone busy as boss is behind me lol14:04
* noobmonk3y is sneakily doing it14:05
Appiahuse lsof14:05
AppiahKnightStalker: lsof14:05
noobmonk3yand it's still hanging14:05
AppiahI knew the answer!14:05
*** hybr1der has joined #maemo14:05
*** yerga_ has joined #maemo14:05
*** frade has quit IRC14:05
hybr1deris there a working port of netcat for the n900 yet?14:05
* chadi loves ubuntu lucid14:06
crashanddie~karma Appiah14:06
infobotappiah has karma of 114:06
crashanddie~karma crashanddie14:06
infobotcrashanddie has karma of -114:06
crashanddiethanks Appiah !14:06
*** yerga_ has quit IRC14:06
*** frade has joined #maemo14:06
Appiahwth karma bot?14:07
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: >>Ledzz ask him wadzz se diel<<
fralslol noobmonk3y14:07
*** MAK_ has joined #maemo14:07
*** yerga has quit IRC14:08
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: lol?14:08
RichardPchadi: theyve got some good ideas14:08
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: Zappas take on German accent14:09
MAK_hi all how ican reset or edit my root password plz????14:09
chadiRichardP indeed :)14:09
*** kalikiana has quit IRC14:10
`0660MAK_, why would you need to?14:10
DocScrutinizerMAK_: N900 xterm; root; passwd14:10
MAK_idnt need to change it but iwould like to know14:10
*** kalikiana has joined #maemo14:11
crashanddieMAK_: sudo gainroot, then use passwd14:11
MAK_thanks DocS14:11
MAK_thatnx crasshanddie14:11
crashanddieamazing, two lines, 3 typos14:12
crashanddie3/4, you can make it ;)14:12
*** pupnik has joined #maemo14:12
`0660must be a netbook user :)14:12
pupnikwhat is that one command i have to run to get networking running in sbox VM14:13
`0660i make so much typos with my eeepc14:13
*** fcrozat|lunch is now known as fcrozat14:13
pupnikeven with correct resolv.conf, nsswitch.conf, you need to run one command every time14:13
crashanddiepupnik: netwk-thy-art-commandeth-to-wake14:13
kalikianasounds like a broken sbox to me14:14
tybollt~karma tybollt14:14
infobottybollt has neutral karma14:14
tybollt~karma infobot14:15
infobotinfobot has karma of 514:15
*** Chewtoy has quit IRC14:15
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo14:15
pupniki can wget a numeric ip.  but i can't resolv a name - even when the address is specified in /etc/hosts14:15
C-S-BI knew i was missing a channel14:15
crashanddiepupnik: can you ping your dns?14:17
*** Chewtoy has joined #maemo14:17
pupniknNoOwW  sSyYnNerERgyGY  iIsS  sScCreRwEWeEdD  uUpP14:18
crashanddiepupnik: stop typing like that14:18
*** z4chh has quit IRC14:18
hybr1derthis is weird, everything points to that netcat exists for maemo but i cant find it in the repos14:18
adeus> apt-cache policy netcat14:19
adeus500 fremantle/tools/free Packages14:19
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo14:21
*** Terje_ has quit IRC14:24
* noobmonk3y thinks the mypaint app is bloody great!14:25
pupnikcrashanddie: i haven't been able to find what causes that.  do you know of a working Synergy build for n900?14:25
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo14:25
hybr1derDocScrutinizer: is netcat compatible with socat?14:25
DocScrutinizernot exactly14:26
crashanddieI thought netcat was just raw sockets?14:26
DocScrutinizeryeah, and socat is *everything*14:26
hybr1derso in a way i could14:26
DocScrutinizertbh I have to practice another 2 years to master it14:26
* RST38bis hopes someone implements a real mypaint app14:27
tybolltRST38bis: Yes, that annoyed me.14:27
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: oh, you mrwN XINNnbs kube xinoRUVUKURT?14:27
hybr1derits a nifty little tool14:28
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: oh, you mean command-line compatibility?14:28
*** sepultina has joined #maemo14:28
DocScrutinizeryes, netcat is simple wrt syntax14:28
DocScrutinizersocat is powerful14:29
tybolltwhat about lolcat, then?14:29
crashanddienot so simple syntax14:29
crashanddienobody can master it, except for chuck norris14:29
DocScrutinizerI CAN HAZ COFFY14:30
*** vbenes has quit IRC14:30
*** benh has joined #maemo14:30
tybolltthere are times, when vase'es are shattered and missus is franticly yelling, that I wish I could invoke the Chuck on my lolcats :)14:31
tybolltbut instead you yell at them and then you feel great remorse and go fetch them goodies and thus you've ended up rewarding your cats for barfing on the mediacenter or nibbling through the speaker wires...14:32
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo14:33
*** MohammadAG has left #maemo14:33
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo14:33
RichardPdoes anyone here have Firefox installed for the N900?14:35
sejoRichardP: yes14:35
sejoslow startup but much better than microb imho14:35
tybolltI don't agree :)14:36
sejothat's why they are called opinions :p we can agree to disagree :p14:36
RichardPIm missing guestures to zoom atm, any hints?14:36
*** RST38bis has quit IRC14:36
sejoRichardP: double tap?14:36
*** ufa_ has quit IRC14:37
DocScrutinizertybollt: each cat owns a can-opener. So don't complain about your role14:37
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo14:38
sejotybollt: put them in timeout14:38
sejoi do that with my cats and it helps14:38
*** bbee has quit IRC14:38
tybolltsejo: ?14:38
tybolltDocScrutinizer: :)14:38
sejoyour cats: put them in a catbox (or how you call it) and they know they are punished14:38
sejoat least mine know14:38
tybolltDocScrutinizer: s/complain/lament/14:39
sejo(when they do something wrong)14:39
fralsnoobmonk3y: got fmms to work?14:39
*** lizardo has joined #maemo14:39
DocScrutinizersejo: ack14:39
tybolltsejo: catbox? :)14:39
*** benh has quit IRC14:39
DocScrutinizereven a 2sq-m toilet did with mine14:39
DocScrutinizerand 15 min14:39
sejotybollt: i have a box that I use to transport my cats in14:39
*** smhar has quit IRC14:40
tybolltsejo: aaah14:40
DocScrutinizersejo: that's a bad idea though. You'll never get to use it for the suggested purpose again.14:40
sejoDocScrutinizer: I know, so I have a second one for transport :p14:41
tybolltheh cat will refuse to enter - or?14:41
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo14:41
sejoDocScrutinizer: the transport one has a nice blanket and is always accessible for them so they aren't affraid of it14:41
tybolltDocScrutinizer: toilet is FAIL, my cat can open doors :)14:41
tybolltone of them can14:41
sejotybollt: heh one of mine also :p need to lock the bedroom for a good night sleep :p14:42
DocScrutinizerhell, mine hadn't even to jump to do so14:42
DocScrutinizera monster14:42
jacekowskimy dog can eat cats14:42
sejoalthough i don't punish mine when they puke14:44
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo14:44
DocScrutinizernah, advice them friendly to do that outdoors14:44
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo14:45
sejohehe, if only they accepted reasoning :p14:45
sejomy youngest one attacks me in the morning if i don't give him his 5 min attention...14:46
sejowhich is a drag when you overslept for work :P14:46
sejohi dneary14:46
dnearyI've been feeling like a grinch this morning... I seem to be critical of everything.14:46
DocScrutinizerI got me a watergun, really helps14:47
jacekowskianything new about pr1.2?14:47
dnearyI'm wondering if I'm wrong, or if I just see things differently...14:47
jacekowskidneary: world is just ugly14:47
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC14:47
*** bbee has joined #maemo14:47
chadijacekowski: topic14:47
*** pablo2 has joined #maemo14:47
*** KMFDM has quit IRC14:47
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: yeah it's been such a hype whole HK took off to outer space14:47
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo14:47
dnearyjacekowski, If you're following bugzilla, you will have seen a lot of bug status changes in the last 24 hours. Bugzilla activity is a very good predictor of product releases14:47
dnearychadi, Who will do the kicking?14:48
chadidneary: isn't the release ready already?14:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer14:48
*** achipa has joined #maemo14:48
dnearychadi, How would I know?14:48
* sejo takes the popcorn14:48
ShadowJKnow would be an excellent time to release, all of .fi goes boozing this evening14:49
sejothe anticipation is just too much14:49
chadidneary from the SDK - does the SDK get updated regularly?14:49
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer14:49
sejodang :/14:49
adeusboozing sounds good14:49
chadiI thought the SDK and the release are synchronized14:49
pupnikpicnic tomorrow :)14:49
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo14:50
DocScrutinizerlast PR release was on a friday before a long weekend, no?14:50
dnearychadi, I have absolutely no information about SDK release schedules or plans14:51
ShadowJKpeople are still going to be hungover on wednesday..14:51
dnearyI just mentioned that bugzilla activity is an excellent predictor of releases in my experience14:51
chadidneary does this mean that PR1.2 will include these bug fixes, or you have no idea?14:52
*** baraujo has joined #maemo14:52
DocScrutinizerdneary: now you just need to paste the 385char URL magic invocation to show all tickeds changed during last 24h14:52
ShadowJKyou can already see what bugfixes are in 1.214:53
chadiShadowJK: exactly, those are explicitely set to PR1.2, so I don't see how bug activity may affect the release of PR1.214:53
silbo_Can you change the gwt DateTime locals?14:54
DocScrutinizerchadi: you got him wrong. Nokia will postpone all bugs (milestone 1.3) which previously were marked as fixed in pr1.214:54
chadiDocScrutinizer: umm ok14:55
*** bergie has joined #maemo14:56
jacekowskii hope thet's long enough14:58
fcrozatstrange, I added firefox beta repository and I don't see FF 1.1 beta14:58
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, it was released on a tuesday14:59
peetahfcrozat: I had the same problem; my solution was to disable the ovi repository and apt-get install fennec in Xterm15:02
*** Talus_Laptop has joined #maemo15:02
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: try again, mate15:02
fcrozatpeetah: yes, I was trying that just after writing it :)15:03
* noobmonk3y just donated a trout via paypal to fmms ;)15:03
* noobmonk3y throws a trout at frals n goes for lunch15:03
* frals slaps noobmonk3y around a bit with a large trout15:03
fralsthanks! ;)15:03
* noobmonk3y is concerned that he can now afford a full sized tuna.........15:04
*** gunbritt is now known as inteallahonsen15:04
* DocScrutinizer wonders about frals' autoresponder setup15:04
* noobmonk3y wants to add a donate button into the app :D15:04
* DocScrutinizer slaps MohammadAG til next Tueday15:05
pupnikis chrome/chromium usable on n900?15:06
inteallahonsenhey guys.. I ran: fsck.vfat /dev/mmcblk0p1 and then it asked me FATS differ but appear to be intact. Use which FAT? and a choice between 1 or 215:06
* MohammadAG slaps DocScrutinizer back but hits noobmonk3y instead15:06
inteallahonsenwhat gives? :/15:06
MohammadAGuse normal fsck, it should figure out its way15:06
*** Terje_ has quit IRC15:06
MohammadAGfsck /dev/mmcblk0p115:07
* noobmonk3y falls over and collapses to the floor.......15:07
* MohammadAG wonders what would happen if he fsck-s /dev/null15:07
inteallahonsenMohammadAG: No, it did not . Suggestions?15:07
* MohammadAG gives noobmonk3y bac0n15:07
* chadi slaps healthcheck15:08
MohammadAGinteallahonsen, nope, no ideas15:08
* noobmonk3y bitch slaps healthcheck15:08
DocScrutinizerhmmyea, healthcheck failed on his master15:08
* noobmonk3y has had a busy week :(15:08
* MohammadAG pats noobmonk3y and says you are not alone15:09
DocScrutinizerweek, what week?15:09
*** felipec has joined #maemo15:09
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, the one on the right15:09
*** nebo has quit IRC15:10
* DocScrutinizer fires Javelin in general direction righthand15:10
*** tKMFDM has joined #maemo15:10
* MohammadAG sees the Javelin falling back15:10
DocScrutinizerooops, the bathroom15:10
*** baraujo has quit IRC15:10
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo15:11
tybolltinteallahonsen: is your nick an insult directed at me? if so I can tell you you're damn right! :)15:11
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC15:12
*** Brik_ has joined #maemo15:13
*** KMFDM has quit IRC15:15
*** ufa_ has quit IRC15:15
* DocScrutinizer yawns and out of boredom hits 'update' in HAM15:15
* MohammadAG reminds DocScrutinizer of his own topic15:15
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo15:15
* MohammadAG hits update... in xchat15:15
DocScrutinizer~factinfo pr1.215:16
infobotpr1.2 -- created by crashanddie <~slauwers@Maemo/community/contributor/crashanddie> 23h 42m 24s ago; it has been requested 4 times, last by mece, 5h 47m 5s ago.15:16
*** brik has quit IRC15:16
infobot[pr1.2] not here yet. Stop asking. Read the topic Just stop asking. Read the topic. AND STOP ASKING.15:16
dneary53 bugs changed in the last 36 hours15:16
*** Brik_ has quit IRC15:17
BugBluetoo much bugs :D15:17
hrwpr1.2 is also If you ask then release moves by another week, so do not ask.15:17
hrwinfobot: pr1.2 is also If you ask then release moves by another week, so do not ask.15:17
infobotokay, hrw15:17
infobotmethinks pr1.2 is not here yet. Stop asking. Read the topic Just stop asking. Read the topic. AND STOP ASKING.  If you ask then release moves by another week, so do not ask.15:17
dnearyAt this rate, we'll never get pr1.215:17
sejowhat's pr1.2?15:18
* sejo hides15:18
*** brik has joined #maemo15:18
tybolltinfobot: tybollt is also some bloody idiot15:18
infobottybollt: okay15:18
Surfai have a feeling that you're wrong :(15:18
*** frade has quit IRC15:18
hrwdneary: that's the plan - you did not know that?15:18
DocScrutinizerDO NOT think about pink elephants15:20
DocScrutinizerfail - you lost15:20
*** baraujo has joined #maemo15:21
*** TheNewAndy_ has joined #maemo15:21
MohammadAGinfobot, tybollt15:22
infoboti heard tybollt is some bloody idiot15:22
*** raulfh has joined #maemo15:22
*** tekojo has quit IRC15:24
ZogGwe should do app like that for maemo -
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC15:27
ZogGit's kinda fictional actually - or is it possible?15:27
*** Dantonic has quit IRC15:28
*** FIQ has quit IRC15:28
*** jacquesdupontd has quit IRC15:29
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo15:31
ZogGDocScrutinizer, have you seen this?15:31
SpeedEvilZogG: Is what possible?15:31
chadiDoes anybody have the following problem? When you create an event in the calendar and set the alarm to none, then edit it and change the date, the alarm is automatically set to 15 minutes again...15:32
SpeedEvilZogG: 4 minutes of video is a very inefficient way to ask 'is this possible' Type out a couple of sentances15:32
ZogGSpeedEvil have you seen it?15:33
*** fredix has quit IRC15:33
MohammadAG"4 minutes are ineffecient" means no :P15:33
*** kalikianatoli has joined #maemo15:33
*** kalikianatoli has joined #maemo15:33
*** dreixel has quit IRC15:34
*** fredix has joined #maemo15:34
ZogGso see it and you will understand what15:34
ZogG2 people have devices15:34
ZogGthey pass by people with wireless and get their info15:35
*** mtnbkr has joined #maemo15:35
DocScrutinizerZogG: How did they get that video of my daywork??15:35
*** dreixel has joined #maemo15:35
ZogGsome more info on project
SpeedEvilZogG: I'm not watching 4 minutes of video.15:35
*** Cervajz1 has joined #maemo15:36
SpeedEvilAnd yes - in principle passing data by bluetooth is trivial15:36
achipaSpeedEvil: reminds me of endadget logic - a 15 minute video is soo much better than a transcript !15:36
*** kalikiana has quit IRC15:37
achipalike your brain would overheat if you start reading more than a paragraph... duh15:37
ZogGSpeedEvil not bluthooth15:39
ZogGthey pass by person and get their facebook chat15:39
ZogGSpeedEviljust forward it to 2 or 3 minutes and watch for 20 sec ok?15:40
pupnikok i love how chromium does NOT pan with click-drag, but instead hilights.  instead use fn+arrow keys15:40
ZogGand stop being #%#@15:40
ZogGdon't want - so ignore and pass by =)15:40
*** tackat has quit IRC15:41
* DocScrutinizer wonders if r-ts with liquid spacer is a patent of Nokia15:41
MohammadAGwhatever happened to r-resistive15:42
DocScrutinizeranyway it's damn cute15:42
MohammadAGor resistive-r, can't remember15:42
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:43
*** otubo[AFK] has quit IRC15:43
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: talking gibberish?15:43
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, nope :)15:43
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, Eldar mentioned it once15:44
DocScrutinizerooooh ELDAR15:44
DocScrutinizerthen for sure it's the smartest thing since sliced bread15:44
*** TomaszD has quit IRC15:44
SpeedEvilZogG: Two phones can easily sense when they pass each other with bluetooth - if they choose to do so. They can then do anything that normal software on the phone can do15:44
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: I hope not - it's trivially obvious15:45
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:45
DocScrutinizerohnoes, no eldar before breakfast15:46
*** otubo has joined #maemo15:46
ZogGSpeedEvil it's not blutooth and it's not phones =)15:46
DocScrutinizerisn't there a 4000+ posts thread on tmo about it?15:46
DocScrutinizeri'd prefer that to eldar anyway ;-P15:47
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, about what?15:47
*** ppenz has quit IRC15:47
DocScrutinizer ??15:47
MohammadAGerr nope, never seen it15:47
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you never read tmo so... :)15:47
DocScrutinizerso guess what I do with eldar URLs15:48
*** otubo has quit IRC15:48
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you burn them?15:48
DocScrutinizermy eyes fail to focus15:48
*** otubo has joined #maemo15:49
*** Talus_Laptop has quit IRC15:49
DocScrutinizerusually I tend to not even recognize them15:49
DocScrutinizersometimes amnesia +/-30min around the event results15:50
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, heh, in short, he's not your favorite twitter-er :P15:51
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:51
*** gavin has quit IRC15:51
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo15:51
DocScrutinizertwitter? what's that?15:51
fralsreading a swedish forum where someone is telling everyone to oc to 900mhz because hes battery time doubled because of it15:51
*** gavin has joined #maemo15:52
*** gavin has joined #maemo15:52
E0xi think is maybe for the low mhz clock in idle15:52
MohammadAGfrals, reply once, if they don't listen, let it go15:52
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC15:52
* DocScrutinizer prepares a 1000 thermonuclear silos to fire15:52
MohammadAGfrals, if you argue you'd get called a retard15:53
DocScrutinizerfrals: coord please!15:53
MohammadAGpersonal experience with the von badda guy ^15:53
fralstrying to outsmart ti/nokia ee's about what the chip is meant to do feels...15:53
DocScrutinizermy words15:54
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC15:55
tybolltfrals: are they serious? Is this on minhembio or?15:55
*** Vanadis has quit IRC15:56
DocScrutinizersell then tinfoil hats - friggin idiot bastards15:56
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo15:57
fralstybollt: aye minhembio15:57
*** FIQ has joined #maemo15:57
DocScrutinizertell them they should put a isolating patch of sticky tape on one of the battery contacts, will use half the energy then -> doubles standby15:57
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, 551 users in here, someone might actually miss the sarcasm in that sentence :P15:58
DocScrutinizerand as electrons have half the way to run, the CPU works twice the speed on same clockfreq15:58
fralslol DocScrutinizer15:58
tybolltfrals: I'm depressed now :-/15:59
* RST38h suggests injecting battery with speed15:59
fralstybollt: i remember why i stopped reading that thread now ;)15:59
lcukthere is potentially a set of use cases where variations in clock speed could theoretically improve battery life15:59
RST38hand, moo, lcuk15:59
tybolltfrals: ;)16:00
DocScrutinizersomebody missed the sarcasm? tell me, I got an appropriate command to treat that!16:00
lcukie by just staying within the current cpu speed limits, changing the algorithm that changes speed could get tasks done faster and leave it idling16:00
lcukhey RST38h16:00
tybolltfrals: it was good in the begining since you'd get a feel for how nokia would/wouldn't deliver the devices... but then I quickly lost interest16:00
* timeless_mbp reads about a harmTTAn project16:00
tybollt(after receiving mine ;)16:00
* timeless_mbp doesn't know what it is16:00
* Stskeeps posts a flurry of posts to the review thread16:00
*** mairas has quit IRC16:01
fralstybollt: yeah16:01
DocScrutinizerlcuk: ack. *IF* you really know what you're doing16:01
fralstybollt: was nice klasstrom actually registered there and posted ^^16:02
lcukjust saying DocScrutinizer - its entirely feasible16:02
tybolltfrals: yes indeed. I was surprised :)16:02
lcukand its just as feasible to find those parameters for your running set of software by luck alone16:02
lcukwhether they continue to work as your usage patterns change is another matter16:02
fralsyeah i dont doubt he might see improvements in a specific use case, but disregarding what happens with the chips when run over specs might not be so wise16:03
*** gaveen has quit IRC16:04
w00t_frals: you earned it btw :)16:04
fralsjust got the mail notification, much appreciated :))16:04
w00t_(muaha, now I have your real name)16:04
MohammadAGw00t_, it's in fMMS :P16:05
w00t_I haven't actually used fMMS16:05
fralsw00t_: every post on planet maemo from me has my real name as well ;)16:05
w00t_oh, shows you how much I skim-read RSS16:05
DocScrutinizerlcuk: ack16:05
w00t_then again, I get like 400 items a day16:05
DocScrutinizerlcuk: and usage patterns tend to be highly random16:06
w00t_if I actually tried to read all of them in detail I'd go nuts16:06
lcukoh yeah DocScrutinizer i understand entirely16:06
*** Cervajz1 has quit IRC16:06
DocScrutinizereven worse, users aren't even aware there's such a thing like a usage pattern16:07
*** javispedro has joined #maemo16:08
*** pillar_ has joined #maemo16:09
*** pillar has quit IRC16:09
*** alexj_ has joined #maemo16:09
*** choppa has quit IRC16:10
DocScrutinizer"my bat life sucks on emule, *woohahaha, boohoo =( 11!!1!!" -- "you're on WiFi or on GPRS or on UMTS?" -- "Err what's that? plz help! ahh let me check dis out"16:11
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo16:11
*** jcrawford has quit IRC16:12
tybollt"bat life"?16:12
* tybollt feels old16:12
javispedroleeching? vampires? mules? :d16:13
DocScrutinizer"sorry dunno how to check. But a friend told me I need 1.2GHz kernel - will fix the issue. HOW TO INSTALL 1.2GHZ???????"16:13
tybolltoh dear16:13
lbtshake it.... very fast16:13
javispedrohmpf, I broke tab on hildon xchat.16:13
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: huh?16:14
javispedrotab key.. it now literally inserts a tab16:14
derf"Your friend was mistaken, you need 1.21 jiggawatts. Attach your device to a kite during a thunderstorm to install it."16:14
TigerTaelI wish I had a tab key.16:14
javispedroinstead of nick completing.16:14
zashderf: lol16:14
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo16:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: check settings -key shorcuts16:14
prontoderf: i tried that.... i had to get a new phone :(16:14
javispedroyou can have one, edit your x layout16:15
MiXu-"What the hell is a jiggawatt?"16:15
TigerTaeljavispedro, an actual physical tab key.16:15
TigerTaelEditing my x layour ain't going to help there.16:15
infobotTigerTael meant: Editing my x layout ain't going to help there.16:15
javispedrowait... my fault, input method is eating it :(16:16
MohammadAGkill it!16:16
* javispedro notes that this means xchat doesn't react to virtual kb tab key?16:16
* javispedro checks... it doesn't. nice.16:17
* timeless_mbp ponders MiXu-'s use of quotation marks16:17
timeless_mbpthat wasn't in the script...16:17
*** Termana has joined #maemo16:18
* DocScrutinizer suggests to javispedro the widely accepted config using shift-space for nick completion16:20
*** MAK_ has quit IRC16:21
*** briglia has joined #maemo16:21
*** mardi__ has quit IRC16:21
timeless_mbpderf: it's from back to the future16:21
namuswhile i am trying to install packages for qt support in scratchbx using fakeroot apt-get install libqt4-gui libqt4-webkit libqt4-xmlpatterns16:21
timeless_mbpbut marty never asked16:21
*** FSCV has joined #maemo16:22
namusi got errors :trying to overwrite `/opt', which is also in package base-files16:22
TigerTaelDocScrutinizer, sounds good.16:22
derftimeless_mbp: You must have seen a different version of Back to the Future than I did.16:22
derfAnd, apparently, than imdb did.16:22
timeless_mbpderf: i was much younger :)16:22
*** FIQ has quit IRC16:23
DocScrutinizerTigerTael: yeah, I hammered that sentence to shape for 2 minutes ;-)16:23
* timeless_mbp is still pondering mixu's use of 'j's in there16:23
*** ayanes_ has joined #maemo16:24
*** ayanes_ is now known as ayanes16:24
* javispedro accepts DocScrutinizer suggestion before having to purge h-i-m again (pun not intended)16:25
lcukjavispedro, where are you doing most of your him gsoc work then? here or in another chan?16:26
javispedromy gsoc is not about him -- but the harmattan one16:26
*** alexj_ has quit IRC16:26
javispedrothis was just to fix some nuissances :)16:27
lcukhildon/harmattan input method :p either way where are you working16:27
derftimeless_mbp: Back in 1985 you could pronunce giga with either a hard or soft g.16:27
derfNot anymore.16:27
chem|stDocScrutinizer: I should write a howto for getting the thing glow in the dark and cut metal with CIR16:27
javispedrolcuk: currently nowhere, but hope to make some proper use of my site for it16:27
*** MOUD has joined #maemo16:27
MOUDHey all16:28
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC16:28
DocScrutinizerchem|st: yeah ;-P16:28
*** BCMM has quit IRC16:28
MOUDwhat's the best youtube app for n900?16:28
* chem|st just wrote 4 howtos... a howto for writting a howto describing a howto and so on... I hate QM at the moment16:28
*** Chewtoy has quit IRC16:28
timeless_mbpderf: but it would have been jigawatt, not jiggawatt :)16:29
pupnikjavispedro: is /opt/maemo/usr/games/* the correct place to put games that want to install under /usr/games?16:29
chem|stDocScrutinizer: I could make use of the SD socket for attaching a laser cuter16:29
DocScrutinizerwith shark16:29
chem|stis the SD socket SDIO compl.16:29
DocScrutinizerthe socket for sure is16:30
DocScrutinizeryou might have to bitbang the data though, aiui16:30
timeless_mbpderf: in 1985, i was 5 years old16:30
timeless_mbpso i wasn't going to movie theaters16:30
*** Mysterious has joined #maemo16:31
chem|stDocScrutinizer: getting a bt controlled x-y stage shouldnt be that a problem...16:31
timeless_mbpthus i tended to watch it in a way where i would often miss the beginning of movies16:31
* timeless_mbp often watches a movie again and doesn't recognize the beginning (or ending)16:31
chem|stMOUD: go to app manager go to search and enter youtube and pick search in description...16:31
timeless_mbpbeing ~5-8 years old when you watch a movie can result in failure to retain the whole thing  … short attention spans16:31
MOUDchem|st: There are some but i would like to know from user experience and not from its description16:32
*** tg has quit IRC16:33
*** Termana has quit IRC16:33
MOUDsome youtube apps16:33
*** javispedro has quit IRC16:33
*** javispedro has joined #maemo16:33
*** tg has joined #maemo16:34
derfI don't retain a significant fraction of most movies I watch.16:34
chem|stMOUD: some means two... digiaatscene and the other...16:34
javispedropupnik: yes16:34
derfBut Back to the Future I've seen more than once.16:34
javispedropupnik: you should be able to use the automatic optifier for most stuff though16:34
*** silbo_ has quit IRC16:34
MOUDchem|st: which one do you use?16:35
*** ayanes has quit IRC16:35
chem|stMOUD: the other is buggy when it comes to downloading and I dont know digiaatscene, install both and try!16:36
*** Termana has joined #maemo16:36
chem|stMOUD: downloading means if you like to store the video on device16:36
chem|stthe extras version should do its job but the testing doesnt16:36
*** ayanes has joined #maemo16:36
MOUDchem|st: i see. thank you for the help :)16:37
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo16:37
chem|stMOUD: just loading digiaat..16:37
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:38
*** tearms has joined #maemo16:38
pupnikshazam music recognition software being tested on N90016:40
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC16:40
*** zash has quit IRC16:40
javispedrooh, isn't that one big fish of the commercial mobile developers pond?16:41
*** FIQ has joined #maemo16:43
MOUDchem|st: any news?16:43
*** Chewtoy has joined #maemo16:44
*** Pio has quit IRC16:44
lirakiswhy on earth does nokia even promote the ovi store16:44
lirakisits worthless for n90016:44
chem|stMOUD: well both have there +++ and ---16:44
chem|stMOUD: digi can upload to your account...16:45
tybolltlirakis: someone said it is worthless for all platforms16:45
tybolltworthless all together16:45
lirakisyeah - at least for symbian ... it "seems" like there is actually some stuff avail.16:45
MOUDchem|st: what about speed and compatibility?16:46
lirakisfor maemo... its a waste of space - and effort... now that i think of it ... everything ovi pretty much blows16:46
* javispedro loves how _every_ _every_ _every_ multiplatform development environment, when showing any piece of code, shows the usual #if PLATFORM == 1 do_1(); #elif PLATFORM == 2 do_2(); idiom16:46
*** Mysterious has quit IRC16:46
chem|stMOUD: dont know yet still in an argument with hildon thumbnailorette16:47
derfjavispedro: Why would you expect anything else?16:47
*** Chewtoy has quit IRC16:48
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:48
*** raster has quit IRC16:48
*** FIQ has quit IRC16:48
javispedroderf: I always hope there's something really new and innovative every time... stupid me.16:48
MOUDchem|st: yeah, that happened to me too16:48
*** raster has joined #maemo16:48
derfDifferent platforms are different.16:48
javispedroms ad -- "target win7, winphone7 and x360 with the same code platform" while showing a IDE where multiple files for each target are clearly visible,16:49
javispedroqt sdk -- "target maemo, symbian, and pc with the same code base" while showing #if YADDA_YADDA_MAEMO_516:50
javispedroI don't want to get started with Java...16:50
derfYou can try to abstract away the differences, but that just means you get #if #elif in the abstraction layer, or you can try to build something general which encompasses all possibilities, but that quickly becomes unmanagable (see Java).16:50
MOUDany news about firmware update for N900?16:51
derfAnd whatever else, you still need to _test_ on all of those platforms.16:51
*** jcrawford has quit IRC16:52
chem|stMOUD: nope16:52
MOUDtoo bad16:52
*** Tuco11 is now known as Tuco116:53
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC16:53
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo16:53
MOUDi g2g now16:53
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo16:53
MOUDthanks for your help chem|st  :)16:53
*** psybermonkey_ has joined #maemo16:54
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC16:54
*** psybermonkey_ is now known as psybermonkey16:54
*** MOUD has quit IRC16:54
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC16:56
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC16:56
*** valdyn has quit IRC16:57
*** willer_ has joined #maemo16:59
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo17:00
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC17:00
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo17:00
*** Mysterious has joined #maemo17:00
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo17:02
*** Terje_ has quit IRC17:02
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo17:02
*** valdyn has joined #maemo17:03
*** Chewtoy has joined #maemo17:03
*** bergie has quit IRC17:03
pupnikwould someone please fix sdl-mixer's memory corruption17:05
javispedrowhat's that?17:05
*** wazd_n900 has joined #maemo17:05
th3hateIs it possible to make a .deb file out of application source?17:06
*** ceyusa has quit IRC17:07
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo17:07
*** TheRealHotshot has joined #maemo17:07
*** TheRealHotshot has left #maemo17:08
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo17:09
wazd_n900heya people :)17:09
adeushappy wappu!17:09
timeless_mbpth3hate: like a deb-src?17:09
*** alehorst has quit IRC17:09
Passeliwappu ! Juhuu !!17:10
timeless_mbpth3hate: no :)17:11
*** alehorst has joined #maemo17:11
*** Khertan has joined #maemo17:11
*** Khertan_Home has joined #maemo17:11
timeless_mbpthere's .changes file or something + all the related files17:11
GAN900MeeGo-dev managed to become nearly as bad as maemo-developers with more traffic.17:12
timeless_mbpyou could of course package your sources in a deb the way rpm does17:12
Khertan_HomeHi !17:12
GAN900Something tells me -dev lists are trouble.17:12
*** Khertan has quit IRC17:12
*** Khertan_Home is now known as Khertan17:12
javispedroand someone still suggested that there was no need for -arch list..17:12
timeless_mbpGAN900: did you make the mistake of subscribing?17:12
timeless_mbpjavispedro: there isn't :)17:12
javispedrothere's two clear separated concepts I think: development OF the platform and development FOR the platform...17:12
timeless_mbparch design will be done in secret corners17:12
javispedro(I don't know why smile :( )17:13
GAN900timeless_mbp, I have to, I'm your local political representative.17:13
timeless_mbpand mostly in the form of a team saying "hey, we've already implemented X, we want the platform to use it"17:13
GAN900Being informed is important!17:13
GAN900. . . or something17:13
timeless_mbpsummary "there are clueless people flooding people who foolishly subscribed to a mailinglist"17:14
GAN900javispedro, fun story, that's why maemo-users exists.17:14
*** njsf_ has joined #maemo17:14
th3hateHow to package my source can u give me a guide17:14
th3hatethanks lcuk17:15
timeless_mbpdpkg-buildpackage -S17:15
javispedroGAN900: was it ever oriented for developers? O.o17:15
timeless_mbpjavispedro: on paper!17:15
GAN900javispedro, back in the day when maemo (lowercase m) was the development platform17:15
*** tg has quit IRC17:16
GAN900maemo-users was for developers FOR and -developers for OF17:16
*** foO_ has joined #maemo17:16
*** larsivi has quit IRC17:16
GAN900But it was mostly an on-paper thing, as timeless_mbp says.17:16
*** tg has joined #maemo17:16
*** raster has quit IRC17:16
javispedrojust copy whatever the gnome mailing lists do17:16
javispedroor kde, for the matter17:17
javispedroi'm sure they handle as many .. uh, newcomers as maemo's m. lists do.17:17
th3hatestupid question: how to cd to my desktop in ubuntu terminal?17:17
wazd_n900javispedro: heya :)17:17
javispedrohey wazd17:18
javispedroth3hate: cd ~/Desktop17:18
Milo-what was the hidden shortcut to activate portrait mode in the web browser?17:19
MohammadAGctrl shift o17:19
*** Ordog_by has quit IRC17:19
*** FIQ has joined #maemo17:20
*** Terje_ has quit IRC17:20
*** FIQ has quit IRC17:20
Milo-gah. my accelerometer shows 0 0 0 ::(17:20
*** FIQ has joined #maemo17:20
Milo-need to boot my device17:20
Milo-how annoyinh17:21
javispedroandre__: there?17:21
*** disco_stu has joined #maemo17:21
*** kkb1101 has quit IRC17:22
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo17:22
summelMohammadAG: does that work on 1.1 already? or only 1.2?17:22
RST38hjavispedro mo17:23
MohammadAGsummel, all17:23
javispedromorning RST38h17:23
summelhmm then iot does not worklfor me oO17:23
MohammadAGsummel, actually, pre 1.2, 1.2 has a GUI option17:23
wazd_n900rst38h: heya :b17:23
MohammadAGsummel, delete the prefs.js files from ~/.mozilla/microb17:23
RST38hjavispedro: What is the short story on the Nokia Qt SDK? Is it worth dtrying out for Maemo?17:23
RST38hwazd: reHey17:23
MiXu-RST38h: Afaik it requires PR1.217:24
javispedroRST38h: I've not tried it yet. I'm pretty sure it will be nice for iPhone-style app development; don't know how useful it is for more "integrated" app development17:24
MiXu-So yes, worth trying out, but not yet. :)17:24
andre__javispedro, yo17:24
*** ag0ny has quit IRC17:24
javispedroMiXu-: na, you can install qt 4.6 on device already17:24
*** lugkhast has joined #maemo17:24
summelMohammadAG: still does not workl17:25
*** Talus_Laptop has joined #maemo17:25
MohammadAGsummel, delete all .js files17:25
andre__javispedro, 9952? yeah.17:25
summeljavispedro: but io dont want to do that -_-17:25
javispedroandre__: hi! about #9952, it's an autobuilder bug (was wondering that maybe I sounded too authoritative there)17:25
RST38hMiXu,javispedro: Aha17:25
summelio would rather buiold my app wioth the "old" qt -_-17:25
*** carloscesa has joined #maemo17:25
andre__javispedro, no. I like your tone. :-P17:25
*** T7g has quit IRC17:26
javispedroandre__: so before confirming it move the blame to where it belongs ;P (me actually..)17:26
javispedro(or autobuilder component for the time being)17:26
summelMohammadAG: ah now iot workls ^^17:26
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC17:26
Khertanjavispedro, but you can't install pyside 0.3.017:26
Khertannor last pyqt version17:27
*** oscillik has joined #maemo17:27
javispedroKhertan: not even if you install pr1.2 qt 4.6?17:27
Khertani ve qt 4.617:27
javispedrothere's both of them --17:27
Khertanpr1.2 ... sorry17:27
javispedroand what does pyside 0.3 depend on?17:27
Khertannot this one ... just the qt version available in extras-devel17:27
*** wazd_n900 has quit IRC17:27
javispedroKhertan: ah again.17:27
javispedrothat one is the shit.17:27
javispedrograb it from the 1.2 sdk repo.17:28
Khertanhum ...17:28
Khertanputting sdk repo directly ?17:28
javispedroI wouldn't...17:28
Khertan(of course without an apt-get dist-upgrade)17:28
Khertanah manually with dpkg and wget deb by deb ?17:29
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:29
javispedroyep, or use apt-get --download-only on S17:29
*** jukey has joined #maemo17:30
pupniklife sucks when you can't apt-get within scratchbox17:31
javispedrohave to go now -- sorry.17:31
*** javispedro has quit IRC17:31
Khertanthx anyway17:31
Khertani ll try17:31
*** jayabharath has joined #maemo17:32
*** hrw has quit IRC17:32
*** hrw has joined #maemo17:33
*** UnderTaLker has quit IRC17:33
*** hannesw has joined #maemo17:33
*** aakashd has joined #maemo17:35
*** furunk3l has quit IRC17:35
*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:35
*** raulfh has quit IRC17:38
*** T7g has joined #maemo17:38
*** foO_ has left #maemo17:38
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo17:39
*** andrewfblack has joined #maemo17:39
andrewfblackHey is Pr 1.2 out yet?17:39
summelread the topioc17:39
kamuithat only seems to happen every 10 minutes now thanks to the topic17:39
summeland then run17:40
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:40
*** etrunko has quit IRC17:40
andrewfblackI thought the topic might be out of date17:40
* andrewfblack just had to do it17:40
infobotpr1.2 is probably not here yet. Stop asking. Read the topic Just stop asking. Read the topic. AND STOP ASKING.  If you ask then release moves by another week, so do not ask.17:40
dnearyHi there17:41
dnearyAnyone know what time PR1.2 is coming?17:41
* andrewfblack doesn't believe infobot 17:41
andrewfblackdneary: lol17:42
*** hybr1der has quit IRC17:42
hrwdneary: 12 november17:42
andrewfblackis there still a N900 wait list for devs?17:42
*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:42
hrwandrewfblack: what does devs see in that 'device'?17:43
*** Tobarja has joined #maemo17:43
Tobarjai had had issues with youtube on my n810, but sometime in the last few days they revamped the player and it works ok now17:43
pupniki think mameovmware pan0 interfce is screwing things up17:43
*** Jophish_n900 has joined #maemo17:44
*** Sargun has quit IRC17:45
DocScrutinizerSUCCESS! :-)17:46
DocScrutinizer./i2cset -y -m 0x07 2 0x6b 0x01 0x0517:46
pupnikwhat is that DocScrutinizer ?17:46
DocScrutinizerenables 5V on USB (though only for ~1sec for now)17:46
DocScrutinizerall LEDs of a connected hub lit up17:46
DocScrutinizerprobably bme immediately interferred with the bq24150 setting and re-disabled boost mode17:47
DocScrutinizeranyway WE HAVE DECENT 5V OB USB17:48
GeneralAntillesWe're going to lose DocScrutinizer when his N900 explodes.17:48
sECuREjust curious, what does this allow us to do that we could not do before?17:48
GeneralAntillesYou've destabilized the flux capacitor.17:49
* DocScrutinizer desolves into a sparkling explosion17:49
*** TheNewAndy_ has quit IRC17:49
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo17:50
* MohammadAG mentions overclocking and sees DocScrutinizer coming back to life17:50
* gevaerts recommends just killing bme ;)17:50
*** tg has quit IRC17:50
MohammadAGyeah, nuke it17:51
*** tg has joined #maemo17:51
andrewfblackis there not a wiki entry for people who want a n900 for testing anymore?17:51
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC17:52
Termanaandrewfblack, ?17:53
andrewfblackTermana: thanks17:53
*** mlfoster has joined #maemo17:55
*** hannesw has joined #maemo17:55
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC17:59
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:59
*** njsf_ has quit IRC18:00
*** hannesw has joined #maemo18:00
*** zap has quit IRC18:00
*** petur has quit IRC18:00
DocScrutinizerk, let's fsck it up completely... killall -SIGSTOP bme-rx5118:01
*** bbee has quit IRC18:01
*** bbee has joined #maemo18:02
*** fab_ has quit IRC18:02
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC18:03
*** alexj_ has joined #maemo18:03
DocScrutinizeryeah :-P18:03
DocScrutinizerreboot after some 60sec18:04
DocScrutinizerany bets on boot_reason?18:04
Stskeepsdisable watchdogs18:04
Stskeepsr&d flags18:04
Stskeepsand no-lifeguard-reset18:04
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: mille gracie18:04
*** edisson has joined #maemo18:04
*** alehorst has quit IRC18:05
*** otubo is now known as otubo[AFK]18:05
*** ptlo has quit IRC18:07
*** alexj_ has quit IRC18:07
*** oscillik has quit IRC18:08
*** alehorst has joined #maemo18:09
*** jpe has quit IRC18:10
*** Mysterious has quit IRC18:11
dnearyBye all! Have a nice weekend18:11
*** dneary has quit IRC18:11
*** zs has quit IRC18:14
*** alexj_ has joined #maemo18:14
*** Guest90540 has joined #maemo18:19
fralsnice, borked my virtual image.. shouldve made a backup before upgrading ubuntu :D18:20
*** infobot has quit IRC18:20
*** alexj_ has quit IRC18:21
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: what about replacing /usr/sbin/bme_RX-51 by a dummy?18:23
*** felipec has quit IRC18:23
DocScrutinizerwould that render the device unbootable?18:24
*** Vanadis has quit IRC18:24
*** petrux has quit IRC18:24
DocScrutinizer(I.E. I'm not keen to reflash right away right now)18:25
DocScrutinizerwtf, infobot offline?18:26
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo18:29
*** roue has joined #maemo18:29
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo18:35
*** alehorst has quit IRC18:37
th3hatestupid question: how can i send a file to n900 using ssh?18:38
th3hateon ubuntu?18:38
fralson ubuntu you can just do the "connect to server" thingy and enter details of your n900 afaik18:39
jacekowskiuse cable18:39
jacekowskiscp is slow18:39
th3hateno cable atm18:39
th3hatehow can i send from ubuntu to n90018:39
jacekowskiyou're doomed18:39
summeluse bluetooth18:39
th3hateno bluetooth too XD18:39
*** ufa_ has quit IRC18:39
jacekowskieven slower than scp18:39
th3hateidc about speed18:39
th3hatesmall file18:39
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo18:40
*** murrayc__ has quit IRC18:40
*** aakashd has quit IRC18:40
th3hatenautilus file manager works?18:41
*** dvoid_ has joined #maemo18:41
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo18:43
*** alehorst has joined #maemo18:44
*** roue has quit IRC18:44
*** igagis has joined #maemo18:45
achipawhat's the recommended way of using microb from one's apps nowadays ?18:46
valdynth3hate: sure18:46
achipagtkmozembed ?18:46
mgedminsure, th3hate, if you can ssh into your n900, feel free to open sftp://user@your-phone in nautilus18:46
achipaor are there more sophisticated ways...18:46
achipa~poke stskeeps18:47
th3hateuser = ip?18:47
mgedminthe default username is 'user'18:47
mgedminyour-phone = ip18:47
th3hateand server, port?18:47
mgedminhow is ip different from server?18:47
mgedminssh uses port 2218:47
th3hateso in server i put ony ip?18:48
*** tealbird has quit IRC18:48
th3hateits asking for pass .. how do i know the pass of my n900?18:49
*** qwe1234 has quit IRC18:49
Stskeepsachipa: not sure, gtkmozembed?18:49
achipaStskeeps: yeah, that was my first guess but I'm not quite sure that's still the recommended way18:50
achipa(as in, it's causing me great pains ATM :) )18:50
*** tealbird has joined #maemo18:50
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk18:51
th3hateCannot display location "sftp://sftp:0//user@ (ip)18:51
*** njsf_ has joined #maemo18:52
ccooketh3hate: that's an impressively broken URI18:53
adeusit's had too much to drink18:53
*** mgedmin has quit IRC18:54
th3hateI opened connected to server, service type: SSH18:54
th3hateits asking for server, port , folder , username18:54
*** twouters has quit IRC18:55
DocScrutinizerweird. First try after reboot (./i2cset -y -m 0x07 2 0x6b 0x01 0x05) gave me minutes of VBUS18:55
*** andrenarchy has quit IRC18:55
DocScrutinizerand a requester "mass storage or PC mode" on the phone18:55
*** alehorst has quit IRC18:55
*** zash has joined #maemo18:56
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC18:56
*** twouters has joined #maemo18:56
*** hcarrega has quit IRC18:57
th3hatehow do i know my ssh pass of my n900 i 4got it18:58
microlithreset it18:58
microlithof course, if you forgot that may be hard...18:58
*** jukey has quit IRC19:00
twoutersas root you can change it without knowing the original password19:00
*** alehorst has joined #maemo19:01
*** dmj726 has quit IRC19:01
th3hatemy theme keep resetting to default is that a bug?19:02
zokiersounds like a bug for me19:05
*** t_s_o has quit IRC19:06
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo19:06
*** Joonas has quit IRC19:07
andrewfblackth3hate: to change password in xterm type sudo gainroot then passwd root then enter password twice19:07
andrewfblackth3hate: theme is a bug with ovi themes19:08
gevaertsDocScrutinizer: the requester is probably triggered by it seeing 5V19:08
*** Reaby has joined #maemo19:09
Reabyi ask here, cos you prolly know what to do..19:09
Reabyi maybe just brick my n90019:09
*** Sargun has joined #maemo19:09
Reabyi tried to switch power on when battery was empty.. put it on cable and tried to start19:10
Reaby now it just blinks red19:10
iPeter-Reaby: Not sure, but i think you have to charge that battery on some other phone19:10
Reabyearlier it showed nokia text with no backlight19:10
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC19:11
*** dmj726 has joined #maemo19:11
gevaertsReaby: I'd leave it there for a while and then try again19:11
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:12
*** Joonas has joined #maemo19:12
*** chenca has quit IRC19:12
Reabybut the red light... well hopefully it fixes :/19:12
*** oscillik has joined #maemo19:13
*** forgentoo has joined #maemo19:13
forgentooHi. Where is the sound device in n810? /dev/dsp not exists )19:13
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo19:13
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC19:13
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo19:13
Reabyi ask again, it the problem doesn't go away19:13
Reabysince you guys are the best source :)19:14
microlithReaby: chances are the battery is critically low and you should let it try and trickle charge19:14
*** eMHa has quit IRC19:15
*** TriztN900 has joined #maemo19:17
DocScrutinizerReaby: red blinking light indicates an error in battery/charger detected. It's done by a "fully booted" system, so your device basically still works19:17
Reabyi just reconnected the chargerer and light came back to yellow19:18
*** vblazquez has quit IRC19:18
Reabyok i leave it for few hours19:18
Reabyand try to boot it again19:19
DocScrutinizerReaby: If your battery is just empty, then system should either show the NOKIA without backlight, and flash yellow, until bat reaches minimumk charge. Or it even charges on autonomous mode without system booted, which is indicated by steady yellow light19:19
DocScrutinizeryellow steady means probably very low charging current, so it might take some hours until bat has recovered19:19
Reabythanks, it's now on yellow without nokia logo19:20
DocScrutinizerReaby: just leave it charging for a night19:20
DocScrutinizeryes, that's hw-charger only19:20
DocScrutinizerit's probably 500mA, maybe even as few as 100mA19:20
Reabywell i tried to boot it after powerdown with cable on...19:21
DocScrutinizereventually the system might 'boot' unadvertedly and show yellow flashing and NOKIA19:21
Reabyso i think the battery is really low :)19:21
DocScrutinizeror you may need to unconnect and reconnect in a few hours19:21
MohammadAGbme basically f's up everything eh? :p19:21
DocScrutinizeryes, yellow steady is on *very* low battery19:22
*** amigadave has quit IRC19:22
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC19:22
MohammadAG(was referring to host mode too)19:22
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: yellow sterady is bw24150 autonomous charge19:22
DocScrutinizerno bme involved19:22
Reabysorry.. it's blinking, but no nokia logo, my bad19:22
MohammadAGoh so it's on19:22
MohammadAGbme is up :)19:23
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, never got that yellow steady light, so no idea19:23
DocScrutinizerReaby: blinking is very good, it means your system is well and charging19:23
ReabyDocScrutinizer: many thanks for answers19:23
MohammadAGoh wait, i actually got it while flashing once, but the bat was full19:23
Reabyi know this channel is the best source if something just went wrong :)19:24
Reabygood labours day - atleast at here finland!19:25
*** chenca has joined #maemo19:25
*** Termana has quit IRC19:25
Reabyi leave the device to recover over night and try booting it tomorrow19:26
*** Reaby has left #maemo19:26
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, did you solve everything regarding host mode?19:27
*** alehorst has quit IRC19:27
*** nicu has quit IRC19:28
DocScrutinizer(<gevaerts> DocScrutinizer: the requester is probably triggered by it seeing 5V) yes, the usb-driver gets notified about 5V, and bme missed on the switch in bq24150 causing this 5V being endogene (probably a race). Also no short detected between D+/- which would indicate a charger, so it's assuming it's been plugged to a USB-host19:29
MohammadAGand what does all that mean lol19:30
DocScrutinizeryou may trigger same faulty host detection by inserting the charger very slowly, as GND and VBUS contacts are a little bit longer than the data contacts, so make-first/break-last19:31
MohammadAGin short, host mode's working? (ignoring drivers and the like)19:32
DocScrutinizerthe funny part about that is: obviously bme behaves passive while that menu is displayed19:32
*** alehorst has joined #maemo19:32
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: it always did, told ya19:33
MohammadAGand the only thing needed now is a kernel with host mode support?19:33
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, why do I feel they left it in on purpose19:34
DocScrutinizerfixing the friggin messy musb_hdrc19:34
MohammadAGhost mode that is19:34
MohammadAGand the schematics were leaked19:34
*** Free_maN has quit IRC19:36
*** otubo[AFK] is now known as otubo19:37
*** alehorst has quit IRC19:38
*** pippin has joined #maemo19:38
*** ayanes has quit IRC19:40
*** alehorst has joined #maemo19:40
DocScrutinizer click thanks! X-P19:42
DocScrutinizeror fix the 𶳶đłsd¼@¼%$ musb_hdrc19:42
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC19:43
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo19:43
*** trbs has joined #maemo19:43
*** Ikarus[N900] has quit IRC19:43
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, Also bme intercepts the boost mode setting of bq24150 and stops 5V after ~0.5..1sec19:44
*** z4chh has joined #maemo19:44
MohammadAGdsmetool -t it?19:44
Khertan <<< ouch the disclaimer19:44
MohammadAGin short, unload bme19:44
Khertananyway it s a good site for having idea for making some apps for maemo :)19:44
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: I'll give it a try19:44
*** oscillik has quit IRC19:44
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, the watchdog will kick in19:44
MohammadAGexpect a reboot19:45
MohammadAGoh what's it called btw19:45
*** lardman|home has joined #maemo19:45
lardman|homeevening all19:45
DocScrutinizeryes, like it did on[2010-04-30 17:01:25] <DocScrutinizer> k, let's fsck it up completely... killall -SIGSTOP bme-rx51   [2010-04-30 17:04:02] <DocScrutinizer> reboot after some 60sec19:45
*** lugkhast has quit IRC19:45
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC19:45
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo19:46
*** ColdFyre has joined #maemo19:46
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC19:47
pupniklardman, DocScrutinizer just got +5v on n900 usb port19:47
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo19:47
*** MAK_ has joined #maemo19:47
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, correction, the WD WILL reboot the N90019:48
*** ZogG_n900 has joined #maemo19:48
MohammadAGbtw didn't see anything after saying bme19:48
ZogG_n900ping my ass19:48
MohammadAGN900 rebooted xD19:49
MohammadAGZogG_n900, ~ping19:49
DocScrutinizerkillall -SIGSTOP bme_RX-51; ./i2cset -y -m 0x07 2 0x6b 0x01 0x05; sleep 10; killall -SIGCONT bme_RX-5119:49
DocScrutinizer==10sec of VBUS19:50
ZogG_n900is it me or fn+sym doesn't work anymore?19:50
ShadowJKit's just you19:50
DocScrutinizerinfobot died19:50
ZogG_n900don't say that19:51
ZogG_n900he is life just in some other better place19:51
DocScrutinizer[2010-04-30 17:20:31] [Notify] infobot ist offline (
DocScrutinizer[2010-04-30 17:26:25] <DocScrutinizer> wtf, infobot offline?19:51
ZogG_n900don't say something like that ever19:51
ZogG_n900ich nine schprehen ze deutch19:52
*** plq has quit IRC19:52
MohammadAGtov tov19:52
lardman|homeGott in Himmel!19:53
ZogG_n900MohammadAG: לא טוב19:53
*** raulfh has joined #maemo19:53
ZogG_n900i hate hebrew writing19:53
DocScrutinizerforget infobot, share my exitement about a silly 5V out of a 600EUR device19:53
lardman|homeDocScrutinizer: well I think it's rather exciting19:54
*** githogori has quit IRC19:54
ZogG_n900all the world is writing from one side to another and jews want to be special (19:54
ZogG_n900i want coffee19:54
ZogG_n900just woke up19:55
*** pupnik has quit IRC19:55
*** ZogG_n900 has quit IRC19:55
*** dmj726 has quit IRC19:55
* DocScrutinizer prepares two latte macchiato and hands one of them to ZogG19:55
*** MAK_ has quit IRC19:56
*** florian has quit IRC19:58
ZogGDocScrutinizer thanks =)_19:59
th3hateE: This script should NOT be run as user root.19:59
th3hatehow to go back as user?19:59
MohammadAGno sudo20:00
*** melmoth has quit IRC20:00
*** alehorst has quit IRC20:00
*** zs has joined #maemo20:00
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: ping20:01
ZogGrm -R /*20:02
MohammadAGit's -r20:02
DocScrutinizerZogG: that's a kick usually20:02
ZogGboth are good20:02
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo20:02
ZogG-r, -R, --recursive   remove directories and their contents recursively20:02
*** alehorst has joined #maemo20:03
th3hateE: Scratchbox directory for user not present.20:03
th3hatehow to fix?20:04
MohammadAGreinstall scratchbox, properly20:05
MohammadAGfollow the instructions20:05
th3hatei did20:05
th3hatei reached here20:05
th3hatenewgrp sbox20:05
th3hateit asks for pass20:05
th3hatewhats the pass20:06
*** pupnik has joined #maemo20:06
*** pupnik has joined #maemo20:06
*** maddler has joined #maemo20:06
*** achipa has quit IRC20:07
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo20:08
*** Jophish_n900 has quit IRC20:09
cato`"you shall not pass"20:09
*** eMHa has joined #maemo20:09
*** andrenarchy has joined #maemo20:10
th3hatenewgrp sbox20:10
th3hate asks for pass, i put my root pass it didn't work20:10
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:12
lardman|hometry your user pass20:12
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone20:12
lardman|homeas that's who you're adding to the group20:12
*** th3hate has quit IRC20:12
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo20:13
*** th3hate has joined #maemo20:14
*** z4chh has quit IRC20:16
*** Jophish_n900 has joined #maemo20:16
*** Hariainm has joined #maemo20:16
*** rsalveti has quit IRC20:16
ZogG<DocScrutinizer> ZogG: that's a kick usually | don't lie to me - you are too lazy to get op =))))20:16
ZogGso anyone tried ff beta?20:17
ZogGit has portrait20:17
ZogGas i checked it it it stuck n90020:17
ZogGat all20:17
ZogGlike no keys (ctrl+backspace/power/lock-slide button)20:17
*** alehorst has quit IRC20:18
* GAN900 cracks up at the SU-36.20:18
* DocScrutinizer googles/fires/launches/eats SU-3620:18
*** Hariainm has left #maemo20:19
lirakisblargh!  ... stinky maemo .... crappy at auto connecting to networks20:20
*** jgoss has quit IRC20:20
*** Pio has joined #maemo20:20
* MohammadAG starts the 10.04 clean install20:22
* ZogG mp> Mulan.2009.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-HDxT.mkv [1280x544 avc1 24.000fps]20:22
ZogGMohammadAG, why would you do that?20:22
ZogGjust upgrade20:22
MohammadAGZogG, cause the upgrade broke xorg20:22
MohammadAGand scratchbox20:22
MohammadAGand i cba to fix it20:22
lirakisi was gonna say - upgrading ... is like playing russian roulette20:22
ZogGthat's why i hate ubuntu =)20:22
th3hate$ sudo ./ -u USER20:23
th3hatei should change user to my name?20:23
*** C-S-B has quit IRC20:23
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo20:23
ZogGlirakis just emerge --sync && emerge -uND world --keep-going && revdep-rebuild20:23
lirakisZogG, ... i run gentoo20:23
ZogGliori, \o/20:23
* ZogG sys Linux 2.6.33-gentoo [965P-S3; x86_64 Desktop]20:23
GAN900Capactitive stylus20:24
*** Tuco111 is now known as Tuco120:24
*** pippin has left #maemo20:24
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC20:24
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo20:24
ZogGGAN900 what?20:24
GAN900That looks as silly as that touchscreen technology is.20:24
lirakiswtf is wrong with this pos .... refuxing to get gmail on wifi20:24
*** C-S-B has quit IRC20:24
ZogGGAN900 is it made of children fingers?20:24
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo20:24
*** C-S-B has quit IRC20:25
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo20:25
lirakisman .. for as nice as the n900 is... its death by a thousand  cuts20:25
ZogGi like asian movies20:25
*** oscillik has joined #maemo20:25
ZogGlirakis, hve you moved to xorg 1.8.0 ?20:25
*** lizardo has joined #maemo20:25
*** oscillik has quit IRC20:25
MohammadAGGeneralAntilles, HTC already made a stylus20:26
lirakisZogG, nah 1.720:26
GeneralAntillesMohammadAG, yes, as have others.20:26
GeneralAntillesMohammadAG, but it's funny to see it come out of Nokia.20:26
GeneralAntillesand sad to see them switch to that crap technology.20:26
MohammadAGGeneralAntilles, true, but it's what most customers want20:27
ZogGlirakis i'm emerged 1.8.0 but affraid to boot20:27
*** panaggio has joined #maemo20:27
GeneralAntillesMohammadAG, sadly "most" customers are clueless idiots.20:27
ZogGcause hal is great and i dont even have xorg.conf20:27
GeneralAntillesWho just want what Steve has made cool.20:27
MohammadAGGeneralAntilles, plus one on that20:27
lirakiswhy does the n900 not notifiy me when i have gmail... if i have a gchat account registered for an im account ..... the n810 does this20:27
MohammadAGGeneralAntilles, they're the reason behind tmo's failures at the moment20:28
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC20:28
th3hateInconsistency detected by rtld.c: 1192: dl_main: Assertion `(void *) ph->p_vaddr == _rtld_local._dl_sysinfo_dso' failed!20:28
th3hatewhats that error?20:28
ZogGis it meego release tomorow?20:28
GeneralAntilleslirakis, have you actually put a GMail account in Modest? :)20:28
lirakisGeneralAntilles, yes20:29
MohammadAGZogG, no20:29
MohammadAG(but seriously, huh)20:29
lirakisGeneralAntilles, this thing is just being all wacky.  but - on the n810 i didnt have to put the account in a mail client20:29
GAN900lirakis, yes you did.20:29
ZogGemail client on n900 sucks20:29
MohammadAGsell it20:29
ZogGConfirmed: LG's Moorestown-based GW990 won't be made20:29
ZogGhahaha loosers20:30
ZogGso no ski after all20:30
luke-jrlirakis: N810 didn't *have* a usable mail client20:30
lirakisluke-jr, yeah i know20:30
lirakisGAN900, nah... b/c i gave it to my GF - she put her gchat im in the accoutns ... and it notifies her when she gets email on that acct20:30
RST38hcreepy stuff20:30
GAN900lirakis, didn't.20:31
GAN900lirakis, it doesn't work like that. :)20:31
lirakisGAN900, whatever man ... it works - she just did it last night20:31
GAN900You're incorrect20:31
lirakisthanks for being useful20:32
andrewfblackEveryone knows GAN900 is always right :)20:32
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC20:32
ZogGglorry for GAN90020:32
ZogGGAN is from ganster?20:32
*** hannesw has quit IRC20:32
luke-jrGeneralAntilles = GAN20:32
andrewfblackGAN900: I like GansterN900 Better20:33
*** larsivi has joined #maemo20:33
lirakisim just saying ... she setup up IM only on my n810 ... and she gets gmail notifications - i dont know how or why .. but she does.  thats all.  trust me - she didnt set up the email client20:33
ZogGGAN900 from now on you are ganstArn90020:33
ZogGlet the socity to decide20:33
ZogGme a communist here20:33
ZogGwe* are*20:34
lirakiscan you not zoom in on images in the photo browser?20:34
ZogGwhat do you mean?20:34
lirakisah ... volume buttons20:34
andrewfblackwazd: Ping20:34
lirakis... not the gestures like in the browser20:34
lirakis... love the consistency20:34
*** TigerTael has quit IRC20:34
MohammadAGlirakis, already suggested20:35
andrewfblacklirakis: Doesn't sound like you love anything about the N900 :)20:35
lirakisandrewfblack, im def. frustrated20:35
ZogGoh i should open brainstorm on going thru photos using accelerometer20:35
* SpeedEvil plays in honor of DocScrutinizers achievement20:35
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: SpeedEvil: PING20:35
DocScrutinizeraaah :-D20:35
lirakisi had a g1 - spent a bunch of money taking a chance on the n900 even though nokia basically !@#4ked n810 users20:35
*** pupnik has quit IRC20:35
lirakis... and i feel im getting burned ... the phone is nice... but it is so far behind.20:35
SpeedEvilZogG: The accellerometer supports tap detection20:36
SpeedEvilZogG: this is not used20:36
andrewfblacklirakis: you did get burned but we can't have everything either you take nice locked down phone or you take a ok Open Phone20:36
lirakisandrewfblack,  i had a nice rooted g120:36
andrewfblacklirakis: well even G1 is not getting offical updates from Google anymore20:37
*** pupnik has joined #maemo20:37
SpeedEvil'I had a nice house - OK - I had to enter throught the skylight - but it was a nice house!'20:37
lirakisandrewfblack, right ... i rooted mine... so i can install whatever i want20:37
andrewfblacklirakis: well you can install what ever you want on the n900 also don't like Maemo5 replace it.20:38
*** millenomi has joined #maemo20:38
lirakisandrewfblack, yeah... i thought about it.. but you cant really get full wireless support etc.  with any thing else20:38
andrewfblackLike I said we can't have it all20:39
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: (accel) and even double-tap, with adjustable time20:39
lirakisandrewfblack, well .. basically .. you cant install anything on the n900 except maemo ... b/c no one develops anything.20:39
*** liori has quit IRC20:40
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: indeed.20:40
SpeedEvilI try really hard to avoid stuff that needs rooting to be functional.20:40
SpeedEvilSimply as the next version may fix the rootability20:40
lirakisSpeedEvil, yeah i def. agree20:40
lirakiswhich is why I wanted to love the n90020:40
lirakis.. but i dont20:40
lirakisit is death by a thousand paper cuts20:41
andrewfblacklirakis: Android is getting work on and wasn't there a Ubuntu port?20:41
lirakisas i said before20:41
lirakisandrewfblack, there was android running on n900 .. but i think that project is dead20:41
andrewfblacklirakis: New posts on tmo about it everyday20:41
tripzeroandroid deserves to die20:41
*** user_ has joined #maemo20:41
lirakisandrewfblack, what android on n900?20:41
DocScrutinizer~nuke android20:42
*** user_ is now known as rogegor20:42
* SpeedEvil wonders if anyone with usb2 has tried hostmode :)20:42
SpeedEvil(no, I really doubt it)20:42
DocScrutinizer/msg timriker please reboot! ;-)20:42
ShadowJKdoes the 1.2 kernel work with 1.1 userland?20:43
*** etrunko has quit IRC20:43
ZogGSpeedEvil i meant if you shake you device left it will go "prev pic" and right "next pic"20:43
SpeedEvilyes, I know20:43
ZogGup can be used as "go up directory"20:43
*** plq has joined #maemo20:44
DocScrutinizeris there any diff between the 1.1.1 and 1.2 branches wrt to*20:44
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: I doubt it20:44
DocScrutinizerdon't doubt it, diff it!20:44
*** sttwister has quit IRC20:44
*** jcrawford has quit IRC20:44
SpeedEvilI don't hjave the 1.2 to hand20:44
*** etrunko has joined #maemo20:45
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: any plans about nagging Nokia about musb_hdrc?20:45
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: yes, but i'm in denmark atm20:46
DocScrutinizeraah I C20:46
Stskeepsmaybe 2.6.33 from meego will be a future better basis20:46
*** ssvb has joined #maemo20:46
*** apoirier has left #maemo20:47
th3hatei get an error while installing maemo SDK anyone help me?20:48
*** thopiekar has quit IRC20:48
*** C-S-B-N900 has quit IRC20:49
DocScrutinizerwell, let's call it the day hostmode-0.2 was put to work. I got a usb hub with a red power-LED and 4 green action LEDs for the 4 downstream ports. The cmdline 'killall -SIGSTOP bme_RX-51; ./i2cset -y -m 0x07 2 0x6b 0x01 0x05; sleep 10;  killall -SIGCONT bme_RX-51' makes the red LED shine for 10 sec, and the moment BME starts again, it obviously talks to the hub chip so all the 4 green LED flash up for <0.5s, then VBUS is disabled. This clearly20:51
DocScrutinizerindicates to me BME or whatever friggin driver (musb_hdrc?) is *talking* to the hub, and that's hostmode basically. It just needs to stop talking gibberish, and act like a serious host -> driver is all that's missing20:51
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo20:53
*** harriv has joined #maemo20:54
*** adalal has quit IRC20:55
*** MAK_ has joined #maemo20:56
SpeedEvilwhat happens on your hub if you just connect 5V - might that not do that?20:56
*** th3hate has quit IRC20:56
SpeedEviloh - on 'unplug'20:57
*** andrenarchy has quit IRC20:57
SpeedEvilmaybe as it falls out of regulation?20:57
*** marcels has quit IRC20:57
*** githogori has joined #maemo20:57
*** bilboed has joined #maemo20:58
*** pwnguin has quit IRC20:59
*** pwnguin has joined #maemo21:00
*** wazd has quit IRC21:00
*** th3hate has joined #maemo21:01
*** trumee has joined #maemo21:02
trumeeguys i am facing a weird problem. My 3g data connection stops working after a minute. I thought it was a software problem. So i reflashed both rootfs/emmc. However, the problem still persists.21:03
trumeei am on Three network in UK btw21:03
trumeeis there any way i can debug this?21:04
SpeedEvilTry a different SIM?21:04
SpeedEvilWorks for me with t-mobile PAYG21:04
SpeedEvilalso - is it consistent?21:04
trumeeSpeedEvil: could it be a sim issue?21:04
SpeedEvilI don't know.21:04
trumeeif i maintain a ping to, then the connection doesnt break.21:05
SpeedEvilI was more meaning if you swap the SIM out, you can completely eliminate thee fact that it's to do with 3s network if it works21:05
SpeedEvilwhat do you mean by '3g data connection'21:05
*** raulfh has quit IRC21:05
trumeeSpeedEvil: 3g internet21:05
SpeedEvilI mean - what are you doing?21:06
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:06
SpeedEvilDoes it break igf you just browse stuff?21:06
SpeedEvilAnd does it reconnect?21:06
trumeeSpeedEvil: Using the browser/Voip accounts all go offline21:06
*** TriztN900 has quit IRC21:06
trumeeafter a minute or so.21:06
Khertanoh seems meego will be worse for qa testing and repositories21:06
SpeedEvilodd. Works for me.21:06
KhertanIn general MeeGo doesn't accept patches - <<< nice too21:06
SpeedEvilI've not seen anyone else with the problem.21:07
trumeeHowever, if i maintain a ping to in a terminal, then the phone doesnt break connection21:07
*** SunilGhai has joined #maemo21:07
trumeeIt seems like i need to keep on banging pings to the network to maintain connection21:07
microlithKhertan: isn't the policy to go upstream with patches?21:07
SpeedEviltrumee: It sounds like a network issue, though I'm far from sure how these things are configured on the network side21:07
SpeedEvilNot accepting patches can be a good thing.21:07
trumeeI was hoping there is some sort of log. something like wvdial log21:07
KhertanSpeedEvil, hum ...21:08
SpeedEviltrumee: Unsure where there is on,e if there is21:08
SpeedEvilKhertan: Consider that maintaining forked codebases has costs21:08
trumeeSpeedEvil: i will take your suggestion, take out the sim and put it back21:08
*** alehorst has joined #maemo21:09
Khertanof course but what ... it s a plateform or not ?21:09
SpeedEviltrumee: I was more meaning swap the SIM for another network one. I don't suspect that will help.21:09
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:09
SpeedEvil(removing and replacing)21:09
* RST38h is installing the Qt SDK21:09
trumeeSpeedEvil: yup, i am going to try that. Could this be a hardware issue?21:10
SpeedEviltrumee: Sounds not impossible, though unlikely21:10
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo21:10
SpeedEviltrumee: I assume you don't own another 3g data phone?21:10
trumeeSpeedEvil: The wifi connection works perfect though21:10
trumeeSpeedEvil: i do have a N95 as well21:10
sECuREmy browser on n900 doesn’t want to load any page after a reboot of the phone21:11
SpeedEvilDoes it do this with the same SIM?21:11
sECuREit just shows the loading bar, cancel button does not work21:11
sECuREnetwork is working fine, ssh still works21:11
trumeeSpeedEvil: going to check that now.21:11
sECuREis this a known issue?21:11
lirakiswtf .. maemo garage does not have maemo5 listed as a tablet or os in the freaking "browse by" options21:12
SpeedEvilsECuRE: I've seen that. Yes - I've never seen it fresh out of a reboot though.21:12
*** etrunko has joined #maemo21:12
microlithlirakis: a huge number of projects never bothered to specify their target version21:15
DocScrutinizer(<SpeedEvil> maybe as it falls out of regulation?) nope, on unplugging (physically) it acts quite different21:15
microlithalthough that strikes me as a rather obvious bug...21:15
rogegorwhere do i find xkb?21:16
*** wazd has joined #maemo21:17
*** Talus_Laptop has quit IRC21:17
MohammadAGI hate grub221:17
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: funky21:18
SpeedEviloops - misread21:19
SpeedEvilsorry - tired21:19
*** jcrawford has quit IRC21:19
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo21:20
*** Tuukka has joined #maemo21:21
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: fired the sleep10 cmdline, plugged power wallwart to hub while still powered from N900 -> red powerLED coninues shining, but still the green LEDs flash when bme kicks in21:22
Tuukkawth my rootfs jumped from 95mb free to 0B free omg :O21:22
*** silbo__ has joined #maemo21:23
*** harry has joined #maemo21:23
*** harry is now known as Guest7825021:24
*** th3hate has quit IRC21:24
*** ptlo has joined #maemo21:25
*** hannesw has quit IRC21:25
*** Guest90540 has quit IRC21:26
*** jcrawford has quit IRC21:26
*** njsf_ has quit IRC21:26
*** Tuukka has quit IRC21:27
*** th3hate has joined #maemo21:27
*** njsf_ has joined #maemo21:28
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo21:28
*** Tuukka has joined #maemo21:28
*** trofi has joined #maemo21:29
*** johnsq has joined #maemo21:30
*** z4chh has joined #maemo21:31
* Arkenoi loves topic21:32
trumeeSpeedEvil: i tried a)O2 sim in N900 and b)three sim in N95. Both of them happily working!!21:32
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo21:33
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:33
trumeeSpeedEvil: seems N900 doesnt like three sim. I had this problem only affect me since past two days, previously it was working fine21:33
*** Joonas has quit IRC21:33
TuukkaIs possible to use all rootfs memory by copying a file to a directory that doesn't exist while root?21:34
*** Flanbix has quit IRC21:35
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo21:35
*** plq has quit IRC21:35
pgascopying a file to a dir the doesn't exist creates a copy of the file with the name of the target dir21:36
Tuukkayep, but doing it just bricked my n900 -.-'21:37
Tuukkaall rootfs space was consumed...21:37
lirakisis there a good getting started for qt development with the maemo sdk.  the getting started flash video is basically like "qt lets you develop cross platform .... but we dont talk about it here"21:39
*** Ikarus[N900] has joined #maemo21:40
*** jerhum has joined #maemo21:40
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo21:44
TuukkaWou this channel really active....21:45
lirakislol ... sigh ... the sdk video is ridiculous.   yeah... setup scratchbox.... then .. setup a the maemo sdk ... then... setup a sudo xserver .. then .. configure the xserver to forward.. then start scratchbox... then launch the maemo gui .....21:45
trumeeSpeedEvil: Ok, i put the three sim back in N900. And again it stopped working after a minute21:45
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo21:45
lirakissuper simple to get started developing :P21:46
GAN900lirakis, MADDE21:46
GAN900Qt Creator21:46
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:47
lirakisGAN900, thats why i asked about a "getting started with qt"21:47
GAN900MADDE bypasses scratchbox.21:47
*** jcrawford has quit IRC21:47
lirakisGAN900, i saw zchydem has a super short video on it ... but i havent found any real strait forward  "this is how you set it up"21:48
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo21:48
GAN900There are docs on the wiki21:49
GAN900It's not particularly involved21:49
trumeeanybody understand the connection manager in N900?21:49
GAN900the included instructions should really cover you.21:49
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo21:50
lirakisi see a lot about running it on windows :\21:50
lirakisill keep poking around21:50
trumeeMy 3g data connection stops working after a minute. The phone continues to show that it is connected. But pings dont work. VOIP goes offline21:50
*** Guest78250 has left #maemo21:50
*** frankS2 has quit IRC21:51
opdf2where are the water damage markers on the n900?21:51
GAN900lirakis, download it21:51
GAN900lirakis, install it21:52
TuukkaDid your n900 take a quick dip in water?21:52
GAN900lirakis, it aint scratchbox, getting started isn't hard21:52
opdf2Tuukka: i was in sweltering heat just wanna know if it triggered21:52
lirakisGAN900, yeah.. i found it .. ill take a look.  it'd just be nice if nokia had this stuff on the official dev pages21:53
trumeeanybody from UK?21:53
*** unixSnob has quit IRC21:53
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:53
*** choppa has joined #maemo21:54
*** kpel has joined #maemo21:55
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:55
Tuukkai doupt that they would trigger in moderate humidity.21:55
*** choppa_ has joined #maemo21:56
*** fabinader has joined #maemo21:56
*** fabinader has left #maemo21:57
trumeeis there any full ping available? ping from busybox doesnt support -i (timed pings)21:57
*** MohammadAG_ has quit IRC21:57
trumeei think i will have to resort to running timed ping on three network to keep connected to 3g21:57
trumeeThe N900 shows that it is connected via 3G data. But ping dont work and 3G stops going to 3.5G21:58
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo21:59
*** apoi has quit IRC21:59
*** frankS2 has joined #maemo21:59
*** ptlo has quit IRC21:59
trumeefunny thing is that if i connect in 2.5g it work perfect21:59
*** choppa has quit IRC22:00
*** etrunko has joined #maemo22:00
trumeenobody understands connection manager in N900?22:00
*** chigge has joined #maemo22:01
trumeeguys, is it worth put a report in bugzilla?22:02
TuukkaHas anybody looked into live wallpaper? Is it widget playing a video, .gif or how is it working?22:03
kalikianatolitrumee,  it sounds worth a bug report from what you describe, I would say yes22:03
*** igagis has quit IRC22:03
trumeekalikianatoli: ok. i will do it then.22:03
SpeedEviltrumee: yes - it's worth it22:03
SpeedEviltrumee: however. It can also be wackiness on the network side.22:04
lcukTuukka, its a desktop widget and can do whatever they can normally - it just exists behind the others at fullsize22:04
SpeedEviltrumee: that is - on threes cell towers22:04
SpeedEviltrumee: I don';t suppose you can easuily try it in anotehr location?22:04
*** choppa_ has quit IRC22:04
*** apoi has joined #maemo22:04
trumeeSpeedEvil: This happened to me in two places about 15 miles apart (work/home)22:05
SpeedEvilprobably not that then22:05
trumeeSpeedEvil: N900 shows the phone as connected. But browser/voip stops working22:05
_llll_trumee: for a full ping you could try easydebian perhaps22:05
*** deegee_ has quit IRC22:05
SpeedEvildbus-monitor --system - and log it22:05
SpeedEvildoes anything happen that's interesting?22:05
trumeeSpeedEvil: ok, i am going to log this22:06
SpeedEvilsignal sender=:1.17 -> dest=(null destination) serial=11525 path=/com/nokia/phone/net; interface=Phone.Net; member=signal_strength_change22:06
SpeedEvil   byte 3822:06
SpeedEvil   byte 10722:06
*** millenomi has quit IRC22:07
*** millenomi has joined #maemo22:07
MohammadAG_(off topic) oh right, just remembered, who suggested Battlefield bad company 2 to me?22:08
maddlerevening all!22:09
TuukkaMass Effect 2 <322:09
*** ioeee has joined #maemo22:09
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo22:10
* ioeee saluda a casi todos o/ a ti no!!22:10
*** millenomi has quit IRC22:11
*** th3hate has quit IRC22:12
*** ufa_ has quit IRC22:14
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo22:14
*** diegohcg has quit IRC22:15
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC22:15
kpelis there a package with utilities like "less" for Maemo5 ?22:16
ZogG"Well, here's a surprise: Reuters says Nokia might consider replacing CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo in order to please unhappy shareholders who don't see the cellphone giant effectively competing in the smartphone market.22:16
kpelZogG: url?22:17
gevaertskpel: less in in the less package22:17
kpelgevaerts: do i need to add any repos? i don't remember seeing it in the application manager22:17
*** ceyusa has quit IRC22:18
*** deegee_ has joined #maemo22:18
ZogGkpel, ^22:19
kpelthanks ZogG22:19
*** pramod has joined #maemo22:19
Tuukkalike changing him would change anything...22:19
gevaertskpel: hm, I can't find it now. Possibly the fremantle-tools one22:20
kpelgevaerts: thanks22:20
*** andrewfblack has quit IRC22:20
kpelTuukka: of course it would. but change is not the same as improvement ;)22:20
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo22:21
gevaertskpel: yes, it's in there22:21
*** dfl has quit IRC22:21
*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away22:21
pupnikthat isnt news.  that is old women chatting over the laundry22:21
*** moza has joined #maemo22:21
kpelpuphome_: that's how the amrkets work :(22:21
kpelgevaerts: ok thanks. i'll probably find the details of that repo in amemo.org22:21
GeneralAntillesMaybe they'll replace him with a person with charisma.22:22
GeneralAntillesOr a personality.22:22
GeneralAntillesThat would work too.22:22
kpelI liked the Nokia N822:22
kpelmaybe things will get better with the new phone. Capacitive screen ftw!22:23
GeneralAntillesFor the FAIL22:23
kpelhow come?22:23
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: or without finglish?22:23
GeneralAntillesCapacitive at 260+ PPI makes for some dumbed-down UIs.22:23
trumeeSpeedEvil: ok, i have logged dbus.22:23
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, that too.22:23
kpelGeneralAntilles: all i know is that the resistive screen on my N900 misses taps all the time. I gave N8 a try and I was impressed with the response. I could use fingertips insrtead of nails for a change.22:24
*** adalal has joined #maemo22:24
MAK_hi all ihave aquestions plz that there are programs written in python with extension .pyw////and some times with extension .py ///there are any diffrence ????22:25
trumeei logged the dbus --system. anybody understand why my 3g data connection stops working,
*** millenomi has joined #maemo22:25
kpelgevaerts: excellent! thanks :)22:25
TuukkaNokia needs a decent os with good looks and few nice gimmicks22:25
trumeeStskeeps: i guess you can help me out :)22:25
*** silbo__ has quit IRC22:26
kpelTuukka: i don't know about the Os, but it certainly could use a good UI22:26
GeneralAntilleskpel, problem isn't tap recognition.22:27
*** FIQ has quit IRC22:27
GeneralAntilleskpel, problem is the shit for precision.22:27
Tuukkayep symbian is too plain.. How  do i reaply to messages while using the webchat on browser??22:27
kpelGeneralAntilles: precision is a problem too. specially when you try to scroll up/down with a hair-thin scrollbar22:28
GeneralAntilleskpel, it's not Maemo 4.22:28
* SpeedEvil wonders if the replacement will be chosen by Karma.22:28
kpeltrue but it's not very usable either22:28
* SpeedEvil goes off to do lots of wiki editing.22:28
GeneralAntilleskpel, mmm . . . that's not subjective at all.22:29
kpele.g. the Profile settings have such a thin scrollbar that most of the time the tap goes to the volume sliders of the vrious sounds instead of the scrollbar22:29
kpelGeneralAntilles: you are right. it isn't. i have examples.22:29
SpeedEvilkpel: you can scroll with any non-slider area of that page22:30
SpeedEviland yes - it sucks22:30
* GeneralAntilles has found that people claiming the N900's touchscreen sucks are usually doing it wrong.22:30
*** MAK_ has quit IRC22:30
kpelthen maybe there is a thing to say about how intuitive the UI is?22:31
GeneralAntillesThe capacitive is, quite simply, unusable for me.22:31
evilrobwhat's the app that lets you set up a repeating audio reminder (beep or something ) when you have a missed call/sms/email22:31
kpelwell, now that's subjective :)22:31
GeneralAntillesIntuitive is such a nebulous thing22:31
GeneralAntillesand a useless goal in most cases.22:31
GeneralAntilleskpel, FOR ME22:31
GeneralAntillesNot subjective at all.22:31
GeneralAntillesI can't stand using them.22:31
GeneralAntillesEnd of story.22:31
GeneralAntillesWhich is why Nokia needs to release at least one of each22:31
GeneralAntillesSo they don't lose a large chunk of their market.22:32
GeneralAntillesNot possibly22:32
GeneralAntillesI simply wont buy a capacitive device.22:32
*** amigadave has joined #maemo22:32
GeneralAntillesand I know a lot of other people who share the same sentiment.22:32
kpelactualyl that would be an interesting way to measure the popularity of each technology22:32
GeneralAntillesTo what possible end?22:32
GeneralAntillesPeople tend to like what they're familiar with22:32
GeneralAntillesRegardless of the relative merits of either22:33
GeneralAntillesTake Windows and Linux22:33
kpelwere they familiar with the capacitive screen of the iphone?22:33
GeneralAntillesOr Windows and OS X22:33
GeneralAntillesThey are now.22:33
GeneralAntillesand most of them hadn't really used a touchscreen.22:33
kpelthey didn't choose it because they were used to phones made by Apple22:33
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: you might want to refer to some of my crap, when editing wiki22:33
GeneralAntillesThe RDF is strong22:34
*** choppa has joined #maemo22:34
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:34
GeneralAntillesBut this is a pointless discussion22:34
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer:I shoul probably add it, yes.22:34
GeneralAntillesso I'm going to do something else.22:34
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: Too tired tonight - been clearing garden more.22:34
*** HuuGo has joined #maemo22:35
DocScrutinizerwish I had done similar nature-related action today22:35
*** chigge has quit IRC22:36
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:36
*** solarion has joined #maemo22:36
*** choppa_ has joined #maemo22:36
trumeeSpeedEvil, kalikianatoli:ok, i have logged it
povbotBug 10074: Three UK ISP, 3g data connections stops working after few minutes22:37
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo22:37
trumeeSpeedEvil: should i set the severity as well?22:37
*** choppa has quit IRC22:39
jonne|reconnecteis there a map app that allows you to easily select an area to download tiles for (for offline use)?22:43
jonne|reconnectewithout needing to manually go to the area with your finger first, ofcourse22:44
*** puphome has joined #maemo22:44
* Arkenoi is worried about increasing number of web sites requiring flash 1022:44
SpeedEvilhow would you want to set it? Boundingbox of lat/lon?22:44
Arkenoiour 9.4 is going to be outdated soon22:44
jonne|reconnecteideally just a couple of cities22:46
jonne|reconnectegive name of city (or navigate to it), then tell it to get all tiles in an 5 km radius or something22:47
*** puphome_ has quit IRC22:47
*** zap_ has joined #maemo22:47
*** jcrawford has quit IRC22:48
jonne|reconnecteI'm going to Haiti this summer, and I'd prefer to have some kind of map with me. But I guess I could do it old-school and buy a paper map22:48
*** tbf has quit IRC22:48
SpeedEviljonne|reconnecte: openstreetmap22:48
kpelNokia m#Maps stores the data on the device, right?22:48
SpeedEviljonne|reconnecte: possibly the best map after the quake22:49
jonne|reconnecteyeah, but how do i get it on my phone?22:49
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo22:49
kpelfor s60 devices i think there is a Maps installer (for windows)22:49
jonne|reconnecteall map apps kinda blow currently22:49
kpelno idea regarding maemo/linux22:49
SpeedEviljonne|reconnecte: maemo mapper - there is one IIRC22:49
lcukjonne|reconnecte, take png extracts from openstreetmap or any other source you can and in near worst situation use image viewer22:49
lcukbut in such a country wait until you get to area and take photos of maps and signs22:50
lcukas you land22:50
lcukthey will be more upto date than anything22:50
SpeedEvillcuk: OSM is up to date22:50
lcukonly if theres an internet connection from someone making tracks22:50
SpeedEvillcuk: there was a _lot_ of effort put in - and some stupidly high resolution imagery available22:50
lcuki totally understand22:51
jonne|reconnectei might help with OSM while i'm there, run a track of my whole trip or something22:51
jonne|reconnectebut current apps seem lacking for this22:51
*** etrunko has quit IRC22:51
SpeedEvilmaemo mapper will do downloading and cacheing of maps22:52
lcukSpeedEvil, but use local knowledge where you can (i take photos of conference maps for instance) ;)22:52
GAN900just pan over Haiti and download all of the levels you need22:52
jonne|reconnecteSpeedEvil, i know it can, but it's not exactly to just drag your finger over a whole country to trigger tile downloads22:52
SpeedEvilsure it is22:53
jonne|reconnectei need a way to get the tiles before i get there22:53
jonne|reconnecte*exactly practical22:53
SpeedEvilselect it to get a radius22:53
SpeedEvilsetup the zoom levels22:53
SpeedEvilclick 'go'22:53
lcukthen click export :)22:54
lcuksave it as a big png22:54
*** etrunko has joined #maemo22:54
SpeedEvilok - it's not quite clear22:54
* Arkenoi wonders why as-daemon keeps running for several minutes eating 100% cpu sometimes22:54
SpeedEvilthe UI seems to have mislead me that it's easy22:54
*** C-S-B-N900 has joined #maemo22:55
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo22:56
opdf2wow google talk video chat on n900 is pretty cool. Is skype video chat enabled as well?22:56
SpeedEvilah - right22:56
jonne|reconnecteoh, never found this option22:57
SpeedEvilopdf2: no22:57
*** rogegor has quit IRC22:57
opdf2aww too bad22:57
jonne|reconnecteis 7774 maps a lot?22:57
jonne|reconnectei guess i'll find out...22:57
* Jaffa yawns22:58
lcukevening Jaffa \o22:58
SpeedEviljonne|reconnecte: Aha - go to maps - set repository openstreetmap - then click manage maps - then select area - then enter the bounding lat/lon22:59
*** onion has quit IRC22:59
*** njsf_ has quit IRC22:59
jonne|reconnecteyep, just did that, it's downloading22:59
SpeedEvilhmm. I think I made an error.23:00
SpeedEvil'confirm download of 1830210240 maps'23:00
SpeedEvilIs that a lot?23:00
*** ceyusa has quit IRC23:00
*** BluesLee has quit IRC23:00
SpeedEvilIt's borken if you zoom all the way out.23:01
kpelbut anything above 1830210250 should make you worry :P23:01
SpeedEvilAsking for levels 0,1,2 of the world - -93059814423:01
jonne|reconnecteit's still processing the 777423:01
SpeedEvileach tile is about 10k23:01
SpeedEvilor thereabouts23:01
*** Tuukka has quit IRC23:01
jonne|reconnecteso i'm getting 70 MB worth of map?23:02
*** pupnik has quit IRC23:02
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC23:03
*** pupnik has joined #maemo23:03
*** pupnik has joined #maemo23:03
DocScrutinizerhmmm, strace -p `pidof bme_RX-51` ...  yummy23:04
*** thopiekar has quit IRC23:05
trumeehow can i setup an APN. The connection wizard only lets me setup wifi connection23:08
trumeeSpeedEvil: thanks23:08
SpeedEviljonne|reconnecte: Ah - I was asking for level 0 - which in OSM speak is the least detailed, but...23:09
*** hcarrega has joined #maemo23:09
jonne|reconnecteactually i'm not sure if it's still processing/downloading23:10
jonne|reconnectemight just be trying to get a fix23:11
jonne|reconnectewhich doesn't work indoors$23:11
jonne|reconnecteor outdoors23:11
*** ioeee has quit IRC23:11
SpeedEvildu /home/user/MyDocs/.maps23:12
*** igagis has joined #maemo23:12
*** nicu has joined #maemo23:13
jonne|reconnectedu -sch /home/user/MyDocs/.maps23:15
*** jhford is now known as jhford-lunch23:15
*** eeanm has joined #maemo23:15
*** eean has quit IRC23:16
*** tbf has joined #maemo23:16
*** tbf has quit IRC23:16
*** edisson has quit IRC23:17
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC23:19
*** eeanm has quit IRC23:19
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:19
*** onion has joined #maemo23:19
*** etrunko has joined #maemo23:19
sECuREif i am about to develop a new GUI application, what would you recommend? going with GTK as it works right now or waiting for PR1.2 and using qtbuilder?23:20
*** roue has joined #maemo23:20
jonne|reconnectehmm, the map thing can't find Léogane. I know the quake wiped the place out, but i didn't know it was so bad it was wiped off the map23:22
SpeedEvilqt now23:23
*** klasu___ has quit IRC23:25
trumeeis it possible to get a push notification in gmail on N900?23:29
trumeedoes it have any downside compared to imap?23:29
trumeei currently use imap with gmail, but push will be cool if possible.23:30
Arkenoitrumee: via nokia messaging, yes23:30
*** chenca has quit IRC23:30
trumeeArkenoi: how well does it work?23:31
*** igagis has quit IRC23:33
*** roue has quit IRC23:34
*** jayabharath has quit IRC23:35
trumeeguess, tmo will have opinions about it :)23:35
*** t-tan has joined #maemo23:36
Arkenoitrumee: quite stable23:36
Arkenoiand fast enough23:36
* gevaerts starts guessing at things23:37
trumeeArkenoi: it grabs emails only not contacts? i dont want it messing up my contacts and calendar23:37
Arkenoijust email23:37
trumeeArkenoi: is it possible to have Nokia messaging and google imap running side by side?23:37
Arkenoion the same device?23:37
trumeeArkenoi: yes. although dont see much fun in that23:38
Arkenoii think yes, but there is no point in doing that23:38
*** zap_ is now known as zap23:39
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC23:42
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo23:42
*** choppa has joined #maemo23:44
*** masaki is now known as masaki[AWAY]23:45
*** masaki[AWAY] is now known as masaki23:45
kpelis there a way to use Google Buzz via the Nokia IM?23:46
*** pupnik has quit IRC23:47
*** choppa_ has quit IRC23:48
*** fab has quit IRC23:49
*** masaki is now known as masaki[AWAY]23:50
*** masaki[AWAY] is now known as masaki23:50
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:51
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo23:51
*** b-man17 has joined #maemo23:52
*** masaki is now known as masaki[AWAY]23:53
*** carloscesa has quit IRC23:54
*** maddler has quit IRC23:55
*** ptl has quit IRC23:57
*** pupnik has joined #maemo23:58
*** Diod has joined #maemo23:58
*** liori has joined #maemo23:58
*** ruskie has quit IRC23:59

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