IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2010-01-03

mkargar_b-man17:i want use shared internet!?00:00
xorAxAxcehteh: ugh00:00
xorAxAxcehteh: then i prefer C :)00:01
cehtehxorAxAx: since its a daemon i want to make it as small as possible, python somehow defeats that :P00:01
xorAxAxcehteh: but i could learn lua for it :)00:01
cehtehyeah i am thinking about prototyping in lua, extend in C and shift more and more to C ..00:01
cehtehlua is very simple .. especially for a python programmer00:01
b-man17mkargar_: sure - it shouldn't hurt (i tap onto wifi connections all the time) ;)00:02
cehtehxorAxAx:;a=blob;f=profiled.lua   brainstorming00:02
*** croppa has joined #maemo00:02
cehtehxorAxAx: whats becoming the config file is just down that file00:02
cehtehxorAxAx: first i thught about some logic rules to configure profile switching00:03
cehtehbut looking closer at that, this would explode in complexity00:03
mkargar_b-man17:it hurting me!:(00:04
cehtehso i brainstormed about some 'voting' system where each state votes for some action00:04
xorAxAxlets write it in prolog, cehteh00:04
*** woglinde has joined #maemo00:04
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC00:04
cehtehnah i thought about that, but you have n! mutations for each thing you want to watch00:04
PaulFertserxorAxAx: there's a project for openmoko, orulesd, involving prolog, flora, xsb and other fancy stuff.00:04
xorAxAxwasnt meant seriously .-)00:04
mkargar_b-man17:are you use wifi connection or wifi for share eth0 connection?00:05
cehtehwell i would be serious if this can be described in some handleable rules00:05
xorAxAxPaulFertser: what is flora?00:05
dolfunwhat is the news on the server upgrades?00:05
cehtehwell next i am goung to implement the moving() and orientation() functions .. then it can become a bit useable00:05
ifreqwhats the best msn plugin atm under accounts?00:06
cehtehPaulFertser: cool :)00:06
xorAxAxcehteh: i dont have a device yet, so i let you start with this project00:06
dolfunAre these 5 'pymaemo' mount points really necessary?00:06
cehtehxorAxAx: i dont tried it on the device .. my laptop has an accelerometer too so i can try here00:07
b-man17mkargar_: i use both, i believe00:07
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo00:07
dmj7261kamn900: what file does it fail on?00:07
b-man17i think00:07
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s00:07
cehtehxorAxAx: how much are you used to the maemo api's .. i didnt looked that much yet00:07
xorAxAxcehteh: not at all00:07
cehtehheh good start :P me neither00:08
*** tekonivelm has joined #Maemo00:08
dolfunWhy must pymaemo mount --bind and not just symlink like all other packages?00:08
cehtehif you want you can try to figure out some things .. like switching the 'profile' .. or turning celluar, gps or whatever on or off00:08
*** Mysterious has quit IRC00:09
cehtehlocking / securing the device and so on00:09
mkargar_b-man17:hmm!are you using linux?00:09
cehtehand how to change the avaliability state? guess that all works over dbus00:09
dolfunStskeeps: ping?00:10
cehtehxorAxAx: you seen my case?00:10
mkargar_b-man17:ok!do you want help me how to setup it?!00:10
cehteh .. case4.jpg00:11
*** hannes_ has quit IRC00:11
xorAxAxcehteh: where did you buy it?00:11
b-man17mkargar_: what does it tell you when you try to connect?00:11
cehtehself build00:11
xorAxAxcehteh: how?:)00:11
*** guardian has quit IRC00:11
cehtehvacuformed :)00:12
Caesiumcehteh: that's hot :)00:12
*** t_s_o has quit IRC00:12
xorAxAxcehteh: can you build one for me as well? :)00:12
cehtehi am planning to make a small weppage about the build process00:12
mkargar_b-man17:ok!i use it help:
cehtehxorAxAx: sure .. but its a lot of work, how much would you pay?00:13
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo00:13
mkargar_b-man17:ok!i use it help 2:
xorAxAxgood question, 15 EUR probably?00:13
cehtehno chance .. prolly 8hrs of work for one .. hand build :P00:14
xorAxAxwow, 8 hours, then forget it00:14
cehtehthe moulds are done so thats not the problem00:14
cehtehwell i can make you raw shells and send you neoprene stuff00:14
cehtehthen you have to cut, dremel, grind, sew it by yourself ..00:15
cehtehfor 15Eur00:15
xorAxAxi think i am not skilled enough for that :-)00:15
xorAxAxalso i dont have the tools00:15
dolfun  allows no comments or feedback except for bugtracker.  Now i see why.00:15
* cehteh is a learned plastics worker :)00:15
* dolfun kidnaps cehteh 00:15
cehtehwell and this case is really sturdy ..00:15
*** Elerion has joined #Maemo00:16
mkargar_b-man17:my n900 detected wifi connection,but,doesn't open page on firefox on n900!00:16
cehtehi used a hammer to try to damage some test-shells was almost impossible00:16
dolfuni will buy one cehteh00:17
*** Elerion has left #Maemo00:17
b-man17mkargar_: does it give you a 404, or not connected message?00:17
*** Elerion has joined #Maemo00:17
dolfunno. i won't. but i support you morally00:17
* cehteh will make a webpage show how they are build, then anyone can do it by himself or as me to provide parts in different stages for reasonable prices. at least i think about that00:18
wacklcan someone tell me where i can find the documentation for load-applet?00:19
*** guardian has joined #maemo00:19
b-man17mkargar_: open x-terminal, type in 'ifconfig' and see what it gives you00:19
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC00:19
*** woglinde_ has joined #maemo00:19
dmj7261I would seriously consider getting one if the finally result looks appealing.00:20
cehtehwow asciidoc is available00:20
Jaffadolfun: - devs are often here and receptive to external concepts00:21
dolfunJaffa: i assume i misunderstand the need for the mount --bind00:22
SplasPoodhrm, ruby1.9.1 appears to cause the arm emu in the SDK to hang00:22
dolfunperhaps it had to do with the migration-step00:22
Jaffadolfun: The bind mounts are discussed on various mailing lists. Python uses readlink to resolve symlinks and that causes all sorts of problems with apps & add-ons00:22
mkargar_b-man17:i typed ifconfig on x-terminal!recieve error!:-sh: ifconfig: not found00:23
b-man17hmm :( x(00:23
Jaffadolfun: IOW, the bind mounts are a trivial solution with the other option being a fairly hefty rewrite of the way Python works; or a co-ordinated effort with everyone who's written a Python app or repackaged an upstream Python module00:23
mkargar_b-man17:i confused!00:23
b-man17i'm a bit stumped myself00:24
mkargar_b-man17:whats my problem?00:25
fralsusually need root to use ifconfig00:26
frals(not reading the whole conversation and saying something is great i heard)00:26
Caesiumit's in /sbin which isn't in default path, but you can still view interfaces without root00:26
Caesiumjust use full path: /sbin/ifconfig00:26
dolfunJaffa: no problem - "00:27
dolfun"doesn't work with symlinks" would suffice :)00:28
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo00:28
b-man17mkargar_: so your connected, do you have a firewall? (a tad doubtful that's the issue but..)00:29
*** warp10 has quit IRC00:31
Jaffadolfun: You never know if someone has a better idea ;-)00:31
*** njsf has quit IRC00:32
*** mkargar__ has joined #maemo00:32
*** ceh900 has joined #maemo00:34
dolfun   instead of Thomas' "send via command line", lets use the rich api and build something on top of scp, ftp00:34
mkargar__b-man17:whats you want from ifconfig?00:34
b-man17mkargar__: the status of your connection00:35
*** z4chh has quit IRC00:35
kamN900dmj7261, node.c:31:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory00:35
b-man17does it give you anything?00:35
kamN900seems to have    to do wi building blender specifically00:35
kamN900it wants python 3.1100:35
*** woglinde has quit IRC00:36
dmj7261python 3.11 isn't python 2.5 at all00:36
dmj7261very different beast00:36
dmj7261you might need to get python 3.1 on there.00:37
* dolfun cringes00:38
dolfunan old blender is better than no blender00:39
*** svanheulen has quit IRC00:40
dmj7261perhaps 2.5 can be built with python 2.500:40
dolfunkamN900: our situation is getting better, but many things must still be sourced from older packages00:40
dolfunjust in case you felt bad or uniquely unfortunate00:40
*** prak has joined #maemo00:40
kamN900dmj7261, IIIim trying00:41
kamN900I       gotta be fucking up    somewhere00:41
mkargar__b-man17:how to i want copy all status for you?!00:41
kamN900dolfun, I know, Ill continue to hammer at it00:41
prakdoes anyone here happen to know where does gpe-todo store the todo list files?00:42
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #Maemo00:43
*** vbenes has joined #maemo00:43
*** bricky has quit IRC00:45
b-man17mkargar__: 1 sec, i'm gonna have xnt14 help you (he's better at this stuff) xD00:45
dolfunhey, i have a product idea.  A 7" TFT LCD screen with microusb connector that gets a tty/pty from the tablet - for your ssh session00:45
dolfunthat could even be00:46
xnt14mkargar__: hmm have you tried /sbin/ifconfig?00:46
dmj726_n900that sounds like my netbook00:46
ShadowJKdolfun, what price range?00:46
xnt14does it give  any output?00:47
dolfunbasically you'd need terminal emulator+vga out on the device00:47
woglinde_ifconfig on the tablet needs roout account00:47
woglinde_sudo gainroot00:47
ceh900awesome .. got x2x working with socat00:47
xnt14if it does paste it to pastebin:
dolfunor simpler, if there are tickertape style devices with simpler addressing00:47
dmj726_n900except without keyboard, 2 inches, and compiz00:47
b-man17woglinde_: he doesnt have rootsh00:47
*** mkargar_ has quit IRC00:47
woglinde_b-man17 than he should install it00:47
b-man17that's what he's trying to do xD00:48
woglinde_otherwise no luck00:48
b-man17he needs a connection first00:48
dolfunShadowJK: what size would you like these VT terminals to be?  5" 7" 9"?00:48
xnt14b-man17: sadly the n900 doesn't have ethernet :/00:48
ShadowJKdolfun, oh I was just going to mention how cheapish the SmartQ things are00:48
cehtehit has usb00:49
xnt14mkargar__: do you have a computer available?00:49
dolfuni want to get these under 50 euros00:49
dolfunmaybe much cheaper00:49
mkargar__xnt14:yes yes!00:49
xnt14ok hold on a second.00:49
woglinde_mkargar__ whats your problem you have to set wifi ip manually?00:50
dolfunShadowJK: if you find any cheap sources for character addressable displays - possibly simple unbacklit lcd - let me know00:50
luke-jrdolfun: what's the point?00:50
xnt14anyone have a rootsh deb he can transfer to his sd via usb?00:50
cehtehthere are some hackable 'digital photoframes'00:50
ShadowJKdolfun, I vaguely remember something at the tech level you describe, but it was tiny and not within your budget00:50
*** GuySoft has quit IRC00:51
dolfunluke-jr: i want to have n900 powersuck display off, and 3 terminals hooked up to my n900 for when i am working at a cafe00:51
luke-jrdolfun: i se00:51
jebbaLinux Nokia-N900-42-11 2.6.28-omap1-jebba6 #1 PREEMPT Sat Jan 2 13:04:25 MST 2010 armv7l unknown00:51
jebbaNew kernel available with many more filesystems and NAT etc00:51
Caesiumxnt14: will app manager let him install a random .deb?00:51
luke-jrdolfun: so like eInk?00:51
cehtehthere are usb to vga adapters too00:51
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo00:51
xnt14Caesium: I'm not sure, I don't own a n900 yet... Does it?00:51
ifreqnot much apps on ovistore yet00:51
dolfunlike your old lcd watch display, or psion 3, 500:51
CaesiumI don't think si00:51
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo00:52
dolfunor maybe red, amber, green - i don't care00:52
cehtehjebba: cool00:52
b-man17Caesium: yes00:52
*** guysoft422 has joined #maemo00:52
xnt14ok then00:52
Caesiumcool, how b-man17?00:52
luke-jrdolfun: if you're goign to make it, make it right :P00:52
cehtehjebba: do you have that in git?00:52
dolfundo you get it?  all day ssh work with n90000:52
cehtehneed hosting?00:52
dolfunon multiple screens00:52
dmj726_n900there are composite to vga adaptors00:52
mkargar__xnt14:i set wifi ip by this cammond:sudo ifconfig eth1
luke-jrcehteh: huh? has git hosting00:52
b-man17Caesium: does it have an option under the menu? (it did in OS2008)00:53
cehtehluke-jr: yeah maybe the proper place00:53
mkargar__xnt14:but,my n900 not detected this!00:53
kamN900python 3.0 built from source00:53
cehtehanyways .. i can host git repos for the n900 kernel00:53
xnt14mkargar__: hmm no thats the wrong command, is the ip that is assigned when it failed to get an address via dhcp00:54
kamN900didn't do tk/tcl extentions though00:54
dmj726_n900don't think blender needs those.00:54
xnt14mkargar__: download this file on your computer and then transfer it to your n900 via a usb cable:
*** z4chh has joined #maemo00:55
*** woglinde_ is now known as woglinde00:56
xnt14^^^ "moo"00:57
moo-_-woglinde: Yesssss Master?00:57
RemosiTheres no cron(8) for N900?00:58
woglindenah only wanted the moo'ooh00:58
jebbacehteh: is not in git. It's just a .config, more or less.  Though i'm going to start working in some patches now with quilt. I guess I should git the thing tho00:58
woglindebut rst isnt here00:58
*** millenomi has quit IRC00:58
moo-_-woglinde: I suggest you download and install MooBox ^^00:58
b-man17apt-get moo xDDDd00:58
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo00:58
cehtehjebba: i am thinking about some repository for 'proven' configs .. not necessary git, maybe just a wiki or so00:59
xnt14cowsay "moo!"00:59
woglindehi crashanddie00:59
crashanddiehey woglinde00:59
Jaffalo crashanddie00:59
jebbacehteh: feel free to grab my .configs00:59
woglinde169.254.34.2 is zeroconf stuff00:59
crashanddieyo Jaffa00:59
cehtehjebba: but the kernel (including nokia patches) should be as well maintained in a git and possibly updated with more recent kernels00:59
woglindemainly assigned bei avahi00:59
woglindeon linux00:59
lcukis it possible to install every app in extras?00:59
*** Elerion has quit IRC00:59
lcukat once01:00
cehtehjebba: i ask you sometime next days01:00
woglindejo lcuk01:00
crashanddielcuk: in one command?01:00
*** LuciusMare has joined #maemo01:00
lcuki just mean, can i install everything from extras01:00
mkargar__xnt14:i moved it to n900 by usb!01:00
lcukspace wise01:00
crashanddielcuk: or as in, is it possible to install all the apps on a N900, regarding size constraints01:00
xnt14mkargar__: ok now open application manager from the menu01:00
jebbagah, git can't even be isntalled in sbox-MaemoKernel:01:00
cehtehjebba: for myself i have no kernel config problems .. but for a lot other people some public accessible page would be handy01:00
crashanddielcuk: doubt it01:00
cehtehbtw .. did you added crypto support?01:00
cehteh(dmcrypt, ecryptfs)01:01
woglindehm right01:01
woglindegit and git-buildpackage01:01
woglindeis needed thing for sdk01:01
LuciusMarei tried to enable usb networking,but i cant access either lan or the Internet - i can ping - but not the ip's on lan (even if they're in the same adress range and class)01:01
woglindeLuciusMare no wifi?01:02
xnt14mkargar__: ok now look in the dropdown menu01:02
fluxluciusmare, well, did you configure the other end of the usb networking properly?01:02
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC01:02
LuciusMarewoglinde: no,otherwise i wouldnt ask.01:02
xnt14for an option to install a package from a file01:02
LuciusMareflux: er...nope.01:02
woglindeLuciusMare hm01:02
fluxluciusmare, I mean for that to work you'd need to bridge your lan and usb port on the pc01:02
xnt14is there one?01:02
fluxluciusmare, or assign a new network for the usb port and let the machine route the traffic01:02
LuciusMareflux: okay,its a win xp box01:02
woglindeflux proxyarp might work too01:03
fluxwell, I know nothing of it, but I think it has some internet sharing thing01:03
woglindehm LuciusMare hm01:03
fluxwoglinde, yeah, that's a nice one01:03
fluxperhaps it works with usb ports also01:03
woglindeflux which makes nat01:03
flux(that internet sharing thingy)01:03
* LuciusMare will look @ it01:03
woglindethe internet sharing thingy01:03
woglindefrom windows01:03
fluxwoglinde, well, it's better than nothing I suppose?-)01:03
xnt14mkargar__: is there any option to install a package from a file?01:03
fluxbut, windows XP should be able to route traffic properly too, no?01:03
woglindebut there was some briding stuff too01:04
LuciusMareno,windows do nothing proper...*holds his mouth*01:04
xnt14b-man17: any ideas?01:04
woglindeflux I need proxyarp here for my wifi card because it dont works in bridge mode01:04
xnt14how can he install that deb?01:04
*** gandhiii has joined #maemo01:04
b-man17xnt14: 1 sec01:05
xnt14mkargar__: go to the file manager, find that file, open it in filemanager and see if it does anything01:05
xnt14b-man17: k01:05
dolfunI am going to spend a few weeks with my old psion 5mx to refresh my thinking01:06
b-man17xnt14: it looks like the app manager doesnt support the option directly :(01:06
dolfunand see what fast software looks like..01:06
xnt14b-man17: ok lets see what happens when he tries to open with filemanager01:06
jebbacehteh:  git clone
mkargar__xnt14:i selected deb package and open by app manager!ihabe 3 option:app.manager  | as_deamon backup01:07
xnt14mkargar__: can you please say that with proper spelling so I can understand which option to tell you to chose :)01:08
*** LuciusMare has quit IRC01:08
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo01:09
mkargar__xnt14:iexcusme 3 option:| app.manager  | as_deamon | backup01:09
xnt14mkargar__: click on appmanager01:10
mkargar__xnt14:i clicked!but.not action!01:11
cehtehjebba: urgs .. http :P01:11
*** |dl9pf| has quit IRC01:11
jebbacehteh: how do i set up a git url? Or???01:11
cehtehyou have to run a git daemon01:11
xnt14b-man17: so how do we install the deb?01:11
jebbasame diff01:11
xnt14any ideas01:11
mkargar__xnt14:it return to unistall | download | update menu!01:12
cehtehhttp is extremely inefficent01:12
crashanddiexnt14: dpkg -i filename.deb ?01:12
Caesiumcould be risky, but could enable rd-mode to get rootsh installed then disable it again?01:12
xnt14crashanddie: that requires root priv :/01:12
xnt14he doesn't have rootsh01:12
Caesiumsince the default sudo gainroot works with rd-mode, right?01:12
crashanddiexnt14: then install getroot?01:12
cehtehjebba: and actually it doesnt even work for you :P01:12
cehtehfatal^: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?01:12
xnt14he has no internet connection01:12
b-man17xnt14: if you cant install it from the app manager, then you'll have too dpkg -i it which requires root privileges :(01:12
jebbacehteh: i just cloned it to my laptop like that. You run it identical?01:13
crashanddiexnt14: it's an internet tablet. Doing stuff without internet is quite counter productive01:13
*** rdorsch has quit IRC01:13
cehtehgot into that dir and run 'git update-server-info' .. and/or enable the post-receive hook (or whichever)01:13
xnt14crashanddie: he can't connect to his router01:13
cehtehjebba: http needs soem magic fairy dust sprinkled on it to be useable01:13
xnt14mkargar__: hold on I'm looking for something01:13
crashanddiexnt14: how about fixing that first?01:13
*** doos has joined #maemo01:14
jebbacehteh: i just cloned it again fine as a test.01:14
cehtehjebba: i have a mob-kernel repo you can push anonymouly to it01:14
jebbayou gimme the command i'll push to it if you want01:14
cehtehjebba: can you clone for that url?01:14
jebbai just cloned it 3 times fine01:14
xnt14b-man17: I'm thinking its an ip address problem...01:15
b-man17yeah, me too :(01:15
xnt14perhaps he should set a static ip address01:15
crashanddiexnt14: who are we talking about?01:15
xnt14but we don't know his ip range :/01:15
*** gandhii has quit IRC01:15
b-man17crashanddie, mkargar__01:15
xnt14xnt14: mkargar__ can't connect to his router01:15
jebbacehteh: blow out what you started with if you got any files from teh git clone and do it agian01:15
xnt14with his n90001:16
*** angasule has joined #maemo01:16
xnt14crashanddie: mkargar__ can't connect to his router01:16
cehtehgit push git:// <yourbranchname>:jebba_n900       yourbranchname is likely master i think unless you changed that01:16
crashanddiemkargar__: do you have another computer connected to the network?01:16
xnt14tab completion fail xD01:16
*** javispedro has joined #maemo01:16
cehtehjebba: you dont need to do it again you need to run git-update-server info whenever a http hosted repo changs .. http hosting is really suboptimal01:17
Jaffab-man17: xnt14: mkargar__: The easiest option (failing a flasher to enable R&D mode to get root and dpkg -i the rootsh deb) is a file:// based repo containing just rootsh on disk (copied over via USB)01:17
jebbacehteh: pushed01:17
crashanddiemkargar__: why don't you just reset the router then?01:17
xnt14Jaffa: hmm01:17
cehtehah, that was not a kernel, that are only the configs :) ...01:18
kamN900dmj7261, ok cool.  Plus side, got all the deps built for arm, negatiive, had to make clean on blender, so, I get to wait 30 more minutes for it to fail somewhere lese01:18
jebbacehteh: ok, not really most important git repo in world. Small too. But i got a script i'll push to you when i do updates01:19
cehtehwell feel free to use that mob repo or ask me for an account then you can host your own repo on our server01:19
cehtehwell .. at least its accessible now :)01:19
mkargar__crashanddie:hmm!my adsl modem is router and modem!i should restart it?!01:19
crashanddiemkargar__: how are you talking to us now?01:20
xnt14crashanddie: win! lol01:20
crashanddiemkargar__: you should be able to do a full system reset of the router -- this will restore all the default settings, depending on the default values, this should create a unprotected wifi network allowing full access01:21
crashanddiemkargar__: check the user manuals for the default encryption password and stuff like that01:21
xnt14crashanddie: I have a bad feeling about that01:21
crashanddieif he answers "but I'm not connected to the wifi network, this computer is connected through a cable" I'm leaving01:22
xnt14once I reset my modem (when I had dsl)01:22
crashanddiexnt14: plural of anecdotes isn't data01:22
ifreqgood luck01:22
xnt14it lost the subscriber info01:22
crashanddiemkargar__: answer the first question first01:22
angasulemeow, I have found no solution by googling, the internal mmc is mounted as mmcblk1p1 on / and also as mmcblk0p1 on /media/mmc2 :(01:22
*** kamui2 has joined #maemo01:23
crashanddiemkargar__: how are you talking to us now?01:24
mkargar__crashanddie:you right!01:24
ceh900even useful for chatting :)01:24
*** |dl9pf| has joined #maemo01:25
mkargar__crashanddie:which question i must reply?01:26
crashanddiemkargar__: how are you talking to us now?01:26
MaemohammadAGscrew rootsh. changed the pass for user :D01:26
MaemohammadAGusing sudo now. the way linux is meant to be used01:27
crashanddieI give up01:27
* xnt14 needs to eat dinner - brb01:28
*** prak has quit IRC01:28
mkargar__oh!my problem not solved!:(01:29
*** dolfun has quit IRC01:29
jebbacehteh: you know much about quilt, by any chance? I'm adding it to rules, but for the kernel rules, there's lots of "-stamps" so i'm not certain where all I need to add $(QUILT_STAMPFN)01:29
dmj7261kamN900: cool.  I'm glad you're making progress01:29
*** kalikiana has quit IRC01:30
cehtehjebba: nope i just using git barely01:30
mkargar__xnt14:very thx01:32
*** mkargar__ has quit IRC01:32
woglindehm whats the problem with git build?01:32
woglindeI will look01:33
*** cpscotti has quit IRC01:34
*** MiskaX has quit IRC01:35
*** MiskaX has joined #maemo01:36
*** Zombie3_ has quit IRC01:38
*** Summeli has quit IRC01:38
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*** Myrtti has quit IRC01:38
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*** rashed2020 has quit IRC01:38
*** gandhiiii has joined #maemo01:38
*** pupnik has joined #maemo01:38
*** gandhiii has quit IRC01:40
fralsnice, my ugly mms hack works for someone else \o/01:41
*** cjdavis has quit IRC01:41
MaemohammadAGfrais what ugly mms hack?01:42
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo01:42
*** corecode has joined #maemo01:42
*** Zombie3_ has joined #maemo01:42
*** Summeli has joined #maemo01:42
*** flux has joined #maemo01:42
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*** bigon has joined #maemo01:44
*** florian has quit IRC01:44
*** Summeli_ has joined #maemo01:44
*** Summeli has quit IRC01:45
*** lbt has quit IRC01:45
MaemohammadAGfrais thanks01:45
MaemohammadAGthe n900 doesn't natively support decompressing zip file :/01:46
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: apt-get install zuip01:46
*** gevaerts has left #maemo01:46
luke-jr= 0 replacements01:46
MaemohammadAGspeedevil thanks, was about to do an apt-cache search01:46
fralsfraLs, not frais btw ;-)01:47
MaemohammadAGoh sorry, on the n900 and i didn't notice it01:47
fralsno worries ;)01:47
* MaemohammadAG failed :(01:47
kamN900I got past the python block01:47
*** guysoft422 has quit IRC01:49
kamN900nope, i was   wrong01:50
MaemohammadAGi hate my connection when it drops :(01:51
MaemohammadAG0% [Waiting for headers]01:51
MaemohammadAGFetched 126kB in 54s (2326B/s)01:52
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo01:52
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]01:53
woglindeMaemohammadAG the problem is everywhere01:54
*** vbenes has quit IRC01:55
cehtehits a bit strange since the backups (from the system tools) are zip's :)01:55
*** b-man17 has quit IRC01:56
*** tekonivelm has left #Maemo01:57
MaemohammadAGwoglinde, it happens on my pc too01:58
MaemohammadAGso it's not the repo's problem01:58
*** pH5_ has quit IRC01:59
MaemohammadAGfrals, E: Package python-gtk has no installation candidate01:59
MaemohammadAGis it on the repos?02:00
woglindehm python-hildon02:00
fralsuh python-gtk2 i guess02:00
fralsi just put some random packages that sounded good there, no clue what ive pulled in :D02:00
*** shiny_ has joined #maemo02:01
MaemohammadAGmeh python-gtk2 is already the newest version.02:01
kamui2so far, all I've learned about python, is that if you need it, build it02:01
*** chris231989_ has quit IRC02:01
MaemohammadAGkamui2 so true lol02:02
kamui2its insane02:02
kamui2I've build 5 versions of python02:02
kamui2at lest they all compile without a hitch02:02
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC02:02
kamui2finally I figured out on try 5 that blender 2.5 REQUIRES python 3.1.102:03
kamui2had I just taken the shortcut, I could have had blender 2.49 built yesterday02:03
dmj726_n900kamui2: at least you know whzt version to make now02:04
*** chris231989_ has joined #maemo02:04
kamui2haha, yea02:04
kamui2but Im telling you, the frustration totally wasn't worth not reading teh build doc all the way through02:04
kamui2shant make that mistake again02:04
kamui2I dont even know how im gonna package this ultimately02:04
kamui2it has like 15 deps I had to build02:05
kamui2maybe just staticly link it and say fuck it02:05
kamui2funk I said funk02:05
dmj726_n900there isn't any thing blocking 3.11 is there?02:05
kamui2so far, no issue02:05
kamui2building from source02:05
kamui2but I wont know until its done02:05
kamui22.5, 2.6, 3.0 all built fine02:05
kamui2not that thats an indicator :)02:05
kamui2I just don't build every module, and im not doing a system install so it doesn't kill the systems 2.5 intall02:06
dmj726_n900blender 2.5 will be totally worth it though02:06
kamui2god knows how maemo would respond if I replaced python02:06
*** modeless has quit IRC02:06
kamui2yea, I hope so02:06
kamui2would be a damn shame if we dont get decent performance02:06
kamui2though, if 2.39 runs smoothly on a 200mhz omap pocketpc...02:07
dmj726_n900I don't expect to do renders, but some good modelling will be sweet.02:07
kamui2build finished02:07
kamui2no errors02:07
shiny_Evening all02:07
kamui2still no tk/tcl02:07
SplasPoodhrm, is there some way to save a shortcut to a web page on the desktop and give it a custom name?02:07
dmj726_n900splaspod: yes02:08
*** guysoft422 has joined #maemo02:09
kamui2I built it in the wrong window02:09
SplasPooddmj726_n900: cool, how? :)02:09
kamui2I wasn't in the scratchbox02:09
*** |dl9pf| has quit IRC02:09
zashSplasPood: /me guesses on
zashin a .desktop02:09
SplasPoodzash: ahh, ok.. by hand02:10
kamui2thats ok, just make clean and reconfiguring02:10
zashSplasPood: thats what happens if i drag a link from firefox to my desktop02:11
*** cehteh has quit IRC02:13
SplasPoodzash: on the N900?02:14
zashSplasPood: no, on my laptop :P02:14
zashdon't maemo use the same kind of .desktop files for stuff02:15
zashmaybe not for the "desktop"02:15
SplasPoodWell if it does I'm not sure where, I'll keep looking tho.02:16
shiny_Does anyone here use pc-connectivity-manager at all?02:17
*** jpe__ has quit IRC02:17
SplasPoodwell it def uses .desktop files for the applications themselves...02:18
*** cjdavis has quit IRC02:20
MaemohammadAGovi chat down?02:20
papoif I want to code a widget in python which contains a ticker, what would be the way to go in terms of UI (gtk/qt) and UI-components?02:21
zashis ovi chat xmpp?02:21 seems to have disappeared02:23
*** cehteh has joined #maemo02:25
*** gandhiiii has quit IRC02:26
* jebba Waiting for headers again02:26
woglindejebba is dead02:26
woglindeautobuilder stopped too02:26
woglindegateway dead02:26
*** Miniscalope1 has joined #maemo02:26
shiny_Working for me now02:27
jebbalets see. Standard Operating Procedure.  1) bitch for a few minutes.  2) ping X-Fade  3) bitch some more  4) perhaps file a bug report02:27
jebbaoh, forgot "check qaiku"02:27
jebbanothing in qaiku02:28
javispedrodestroy autobuilder02:29
*** Miniscalope has quit IRC02:29
*** |uben| has joined #maemo02:29
*** gandhiiii has joined #maemo02:29
*** GuySoft has quit IRC02:31
jebbawhy dont they set up mirrors?02:31
*** geaaru has quit IRC02:31
SpeedEviljebba: move to brainstorm02:32
jebbaSpeedEvil: think it will load?02:32
jebbai can't imagine a company that can build hardware like the n900 can't get a couple dozen fkn servers running. It's not like this is something new or anything.02:33
javispedrojebba: m.o is not signing packages and you're suggesting third party mirrors?02:33
jebbajavispedro: heh02:33
javispedroit's the end of the world!02:33
kamN900ok, python 3.11 buiiilt properly now02:33
kamN900going to the gym02:33
jebbai dont think i can even install quilt in the Maemo-kernel scratchbox  :(02:36
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo02:36
*** phreck has quit IRC02:37
*** Omegamoon is now known as Omegamoon|sleep02:37
MaemohammadAG47% [Waiting for headers] :/02:39
*** hexa has joined #maemo02:41
MaemohammadAGanyone working on a facebook chat plugin for conversations?02:41
hexahi all , i'm trying to write an app using webkit but when I try to load a url I get : QMaemoInternetConnectivity erros .. something likeThe name was not provided by any .service file .. but my resolv.conf is ok .. any ideas?02:41
*** Miniscalope has joined #maemo02:42
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo02:43
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s02:43
*** Mysterious has joined #maemo02:43
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo02:44
*** uben has quit IRC02:45
*** mikhas900 has joined #maemo02:45
*** hardaker has joined #maemo02:47
javispedrohexa: that is a scratchbox problem that I'm sure it's very common (so search a bit). It will work on device.02:48
*** Miniscalope1 has quit IRC02:48
hexajavispedro, yeah that's what i've been doing but without much sucess ;(02:48
hexajavispedro, I get irc logs of ppl asking the same thing hehe02:49
MaemohammadAGanything wrong with that default.conf file?02:49
papoMaemohammadAG: I did the same but commented out the default one02:49
MaemohammadAGpapo i may be weird but i want both02:49
MaemohammadAGdo u know how to do it?02:50
MaemohammadAGa guy on youtube had it02:50
papoMaemohammadAG: Hm not sure if it works like this. But you could concatenate both the hands and the flyby video to one and use that02:50
MaemohammadAGhmm, not worth the trouble02:50
papoit's not that hard02:51
MaemohammadAGdo i comment it out using # or //?02:51
MaemohammadAGwell i know but i hate encoding stuff :p02:51
MaemohammadAGnvm, commented it out using #02:52
*** phreck has joined #maemo02:52
papoMaemohammadAG: I think I used #02:53
*** guysoft422 has quit IRC02:53
MaemohammadAGtesting it.02:53
*** MaemohammadAG has quit IRC02:53
*** shiny_ has quit IRC02:55
*** MaemohammadAG has joined #Maemo02:56
MaemohammadAGnope didn't work02:57
*** Miniscalope1 has joined #maemo02:57
MaemohammadAGnothing showed up02:57
MaemohammadAGit just went into the homescreen02:57
*** guysoft422 has joined #maemo02:58
*** zap_ has quit IRC02:58
papoMaemohammadAG: where did you put the flyby file?03:00
luke-jrare 33% of N900s really with dead pixels??03:02
SpeedEvilMine has none.03:02
SpeedEvilSelf-selecting sample.03:02
luke-jrand according to another poll, almost 50% have GPS issues??03:03
SpeedEvilPlus, some of htem are probably counting their fingers, if it's on talk.03:03
SpeedEvilI have GPS issues.03:03
papoMaemohammadAG: Hm so did I and it works for me03:03
MaemohammadAGluke-jr it's a software issue03:03
MaemohammadAGthe dead pixel thing03:03
luke-jrMaemohammadAG: might as well be a hardware issue with Nokia's record03:03
woglindespeedevil which ones?03:03
luke-jrdead pixels are not software issues in any sense O.o03:04
MaemohammadAGlol i've had an n97, so i know nokia well03:04
SpeedEvilFor example, GPS a couple of days when it was wanting to get a position after I opened the camera opened the connection dialog in the background.03:04
SpeedEvilAnd did not inform me of this at all03:04
MaemohammadAGluke-jr they're not dead03:04
SpeedEvilhence I was just pressing the shutter with no results.03:04
luke-jrMaemohammadAG: N97 has no relation to N90003:04
MaemohammadAGi called someone's post a fake once03:04
SpeedEviland as my fingers were cold and I was wearing gloves, I was assuming I had missed the shutter - hence possible device breakage as I pressed quite hard.03:05
MaemohammadAGluke-jr true, but it shows how nokia can have defects03:05
woglindeSpeedEvil yeah gps dont really works without inet connection03:05
woglindethis suckz03:05
MaemohammadAGthe guy had a screenshot of a 'dead' pixel03:05
luke-jrMaemohammadAG: N8x0 show very well how Nokia doesn't bother to fix software defects03:05
luke-jrwoglinde: even with a fix?03:05
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo03:05
MaemohammadAGnow, hw issues don't show up in screenshots03:05
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: lol03:05
jebbaping X-Fade03:05
papoMaemohammadAG: that's my config and it works perfectly03:06
jebbais there anyone else to ping with the fkn REPOSITORIES are down?03:06
woglindeluke-jr didnt test03:06
MaemohammadAGso when i got my n900 i saw the same 'dead' pixel in the same position03:06
luke-jrwoglinde: hm?03:06
MaemohammadAGso i just flicked the page and it moved03:06
woglindeluke-jr second failure when using offline mode gps dont works too03:06
MaemohammadAGso it's not a dead pixel03:06
*** radic has quit IRC03:06
MaemohammadAGit only appears in the browser in the middle of the screen03:07
*** radic has joined #maemo03:07
MaemohammadAGwhen moving between pages03:07
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo03:07
luke-jrGPS is kinda important to me... :/03:08
*** hexa has quit IRC03:09
SpeedEvilluke-jr: It works fine as long as you never turn it off.03:09
xnt14im back03:09
luke-jrSpeedEvil: so once it has a fix, it keeps it?03:09
cehtehthe gps works better than i feared03:09
luke-jrand it can get a fix on wifi? ;)03:09
SpeedEvilIf it has had a fix in the last couple of hours, it seems mostly OK03:10
woglindect only with inet connection03:10
SpeedEvilluke-jr: yes03:10
MaemohammadAGgps gets a lock in 5 secs here03:10
cehtehwoglinde: nope even without03:10
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: with network positioning turned off?03:10
woglindenot mine03:10
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: and are you sure it's gps?03:10
MaemohammadAGspeedevil, agps is on03:10
cehtehwoglinde: you have to run some app which doesnt shut the gps down like maemo mapper or so03:10
SpeedEvilclick the status area - does it show on the gps widget 'position coarse'03:10
luke-jrSpeedEvil: any idea how AGPS works w/o cell? :P03:10
cehtehthen you get a fix after some time .. actually it only took 5 minutes or so when i tried first03:10
luke-jrcehteh: I don't plan to run Maemo.03:11
MaemohammadAGit gets to accuracy coarse then it gets a lock03:11
SpeedEvilluke-jr: I assume it simply downloads ephemerides.03:11
woglindehere it alway wanted to open inet connection03:11
woglindehm seems now it works03:11
cehtehwell turn that off then03:11
luke-jrSpeedEvil: but how?03:11
luke-jrSpeedEvil: how does GPS talk to wifi?03:11
cehtehand with agps it gets a incredible fast fix .. almost when you leave your door03:12
woglindeit uses the gsm cell03:12
SpeedEvilluke-jr: I could answer this with tcpdump if I could be arsed.03:12
luke-jrStskeeps tells me N900 GPS is hardware-GPS03:12
woglindeand contact the server03:12
cehtehbut if carried in a pocket it is also very inaccurate03:12
SpeedEvilluke-jr: uit's not.03:12
cehteh50 or more meters off03:12
MaemohammadAGluke-jr it is03:12
luke-jrhardware GPS has connectivity how?03:12
cehteh(even when it reports detail accuracy)03:12
SpeedEvilluke-jr: it's soft-gps - but the soft-gps bit is inside the phone modem CPU03:12
luke-jrSpeedEvil: which has no connectivity without cell?03:13
*** Miniscalope has quit IRC03:13
woglindehm no its started wifi03:13
MaemohammadAGspeedevil it has an hw gps receiver too03:13
*** myosound has joined #maemo03:13
cehtehwoglinde: loo03:13
SpeedEvilcehteh: I found that IU got consistent (4m or better) errors when I was driving with it in my front-right trouser pocket.03:13
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: it doesn't. It's a soft-GPS run by the CPU in the modem.03:13
SpeedEvilThat soft-GPS implements a hard GPS effectively - or it should.03:13
cehtehSpeedEvil: maybe after some time but not initally when you leave the door and move03:13
MaemohammadAGthen why is it in the schematics03:13
SpeedEvilI'm basing the commnet above on the comments of bugs on gps.03:14
cehtehwell at least i am positively surprised that it works better than i expected ... but i expected the worst03:14
MaemohammadAGlevel 1 & 2 service manuals03:14
SpeedEvilAnd poor datasheets from TI03:14
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: I think you may be thinking of the GPS antenna.03:14
luke-jrSpeedEvil: which has no connectivity without cell?03:14
MaemohammadAGi'm lost atm03:14
*** hexa has joined #maemo03:15
SpeedEvilluke-jr: the modem cpu can be up and operating the GPS without the phone radio being on.03:15
cehtehyou just have to know that you have to run some app which keeps the gps active .. the buildin/nokia apps shutdown gps before getting a fix (30 sec or so) when you dont have network03:15
MaemohammadAGif it has a gps antenna wouldn't have hw gps?03:15
papoMaemohammadAG: where can I find that manual? I'm interested in the schematics03:15
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: sorry - slightly ambiguous.03:15
luke-jrSpeedEvil: but how will it get AGPS info?03:15
MaemohammadAGpapo nokiausers.net03:15
jebbarepos look up again03:15
*** phreck has quit IRC03:15
*** Bolapara has joined #maemo03:15
MaemohammadAGon the forums03:15
cehtehluke internet
MaemohammadAGjust search for the level 1 & 2 manuals03:16
luke-jrcehteh: how does the phone get to the internet?03:16
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: the term I'm using - hard gps - refers to a standalone GPS unit that can produce a position. Soft GPS refers to a dumb radio which is used to recieve the signal only, and then is handed off to another processor to do the sums.03:16
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: neither of these direclty relates to agps.03:16
cehtehluke-jr: you need to have a data connection open03:16
SpeedEvillevel 1 and 2 has no schematics03:16
papoMaemohammadAG: Interesting, thank you03:17
SpeedEvilsimply which screws to undo03:17
luke-jrcehteh: SpeedEvil said it works w/ only WiFi03:17
cehtehluke-jr: actually there are different kinds if locating the phone. . read the docs03:17
SpeedEvilluke-jr: no, I said it works with wifi03:17
SpeedEvilluke-jr: not only.03:17
woglindeI said it only works with inet connection here03:17
cehtehits transparent to the user03:17
MaemohammadAGspeedevil i get you know03:17
luke-jrSpeedEvil: read  it again03:17
SpeedEvilcehteh: transparent to the user - ideally.03:17
MaemohammadAGthought you meant hw gps by hard gps03:17
luke-jrcehteh: I have no docs03:18
cehtehluke-jr: you need *some* kind of internet connection for agps .. either g2/g3 or wlan .. whatever works03:18
luke-jrcehteh: How does the GPS/phone talk to the WiFi?03:18
SpeedEvilluke-jr: throught he phone module only03:18
woglindethe gsm modem reports the cell03:18
luke-jrcehteh: there is no physical connection03:19
woglindeand the server knows where the cell is03:19
SpeedEvilluke-jr: the gps is not connected to the main CPU, only to the phone module.03:19
cehtehluke-jr: some daemon does that03:19
luke-jrSpeedEvil: exactly my point03:19
luke-jrcehteh: what daemon?03:19
arachnistThis year is sponsored by letters MMX.03:19
luke-jrcehteh: how does that daemon talk to the GPS?03:19
cehtehfind out by yourself03:19
luke-jrcehteh: how?03:19
luke-jrremember, I don't have one03:19
SpeedEvilluke-jr: the CPU then talks to the phone module, which does the GPSy stuff03:19
cehtehwell then wait until you have one03:19
luke-jrcehteh: -.-03:20
woglindeliblocation and location-daemon03:20
cehtehiirc the gps is connected via gpio .. or may be i2c .. i dont know exactly03:20
SpeedEvilcehteh: the above - links to a bug where it's stated that the gps is connected to the phone.03:20
cehtehthe protocolls about interfacing with the gps are not open unfortunally03:20
luke-jrSpeedEvil: no new info there03:21
luke-jrcehteh: Stskeeps told me it did NMEA on a UART03:21
cehtehSpeedEvil: ah ok then the celluar firmware does it all03:21
woglindehm okay intressting03:21
SpeedEvilluke-jr: the bug specifically says that it's connected to the phone module not the main cpu03:21
woglindeI thought it was a real gps03:21
SpeedEvilluke-jr: I think Stskeeps is wrong.03:21
cehtehluke-jr: maybe (well nmea can be just emulated by the firmware, not native to the gps chip)03:22
luke-jrSpeedEvil: that's why I'm wondering how the phone module does A-GPS when it has no internet itself03:22
papoMaemohammadAG: Hm sais "schematics - pending"03:22
SpeedEvilluke-jr: I've poked around all the uards I can find, and straced everything, and can find no nmea output.03:22
luke-jrcehteh: yes, NMEA is by the phone part03:22
luke-jrSpeedEvil: even N810 had NMEA...03:22
*** angasule has quit IRC03:22
cehtehwell nmea doesnt tell anything because its the most simple and one direction protocol03:22
SpeedEvilMaemohammadAG: that has no schematics.03:23
cehtehto be serious you want to have some control over the receiver .. upload an cached almanac and stuff03:23
MaemohammadAGdownload the file03:23
SpeedEvilluke-jr: nmea doesn't actually help - it reports positions.03:23
*** gandhiiii has quit IRC03:23
SpeedEvilluke-jr: if the GPS is confused as to its current position - nmea output saying this won't help you03:24
SpeedEvilUnfortunately right now our servers are overloaded and we have no more download slots left for non-members. Of course you can also try again later.03:24
luke-jrSpeedEvil: I want to be sure I won't have the same problems with N900 that this stupid N810 gives me03:24
MaemohammadAGoff to bed, nn03:24
SpeedEvilAnyway - I have the file of that size.03:24
woglindeluke-jr hm seems without inet its more stupid03:25
SpeedEvilIt does _NOT_ have schematics in.03:25
*** ssvb has joined #maemo03:25
papoMaemohammadAG: cya03:25
MaemohammadAGspeedevil maybe i misused the term03:25
MaemohammadAGit has the disassembly instructions along with some solder points on the last page03:25
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]03:26
SpeedEvilthis is a schematic03:26
SpeedEvilit lists the interconnection of every device soldered onto the PCB03:26
SpeedEvil(and coincidentally is my last phone)03:27
SpeedEvilI have seem L3 and L4 service manual claims - but don't have the cash atm to follow them up03:27
MaemohammadAGSpeedEvil, thanks for the correction. most users on the forum refer to them as schematics, which is wrong the way i see it now03:28
papohm exactly, the picture is not a schematic (technically speaking), but thank you anyway03:28
SpeedEvilIt's useful.03:28
SpeedEvilbut L/03:29
MaemohammadAGsorry for wasting your time03:29
MaemohammadAGdidn't mean it03:29
papoMaemohammadAG: and
MaemohammadAGoh ok. so you didn't use the same file you downloaded03:30
SpeedEvilI can't downlaod the file from rapidshare - I have a file with the same title, and filesize already.03:31
SpeedEvilI'm assuming it's the same file.03:31
MaemohammadAGit's just the level 1 & 2 manual03:31
MaemohammadAGif that's what you have03:31
MaemohammadAGthe one that has confidential (ha, yeah right) on it03:32
papoMaemohammadAG: this is just about concatenating03:32
papoMaemohammadAG: output.mpg contains both. I don't use this but wanted to give it a try03:32
MaemohammadAGkk, thanks mate03:33
papoMaemohammadAG: and it works with the config file from the first pastebin link I showed03:33
MaemohammadAGthanks again03:33
papoyou are welcome03:33
papodon't know how the youtube-guy did it, though03:33
MaemohammadAGneither do i, he said they should play in alphabatical order03:34
MaemohammadAGanyways, it's getting late nn03:34
*** t7g__ has joined #maemo03:34
* MaemohammadAG is away03:34
*** t7g_ has quit IRC03:34
*** z4chh has quit IRC03:35
papohm looks like I can't poll for the battery level while charging... no way around that?03:37
SpeedEvilpapo: look at cur_voltage03:37
SpeedEvillshal|grep battery_voltage_current03:38
cehtehwould be nice to make some app with interpolates that to the actual level (and also tricky because the charging curve is not linear)03:38
SpeedEvil3V is dead flat, 4.1+ is topping off03:39
papocehteh: I was thinking about precisely that. Even though the curve is not linear, it should be quite easy to interpolate the voltage... I guess I'll give it a try03:39
cehteh3V means you need a new battery .. liion gets damaged when drained too much :)03:40
SpeedEvil3V is fine03:41
SpeedEvil2.5V with some makers03:41
cehtehwell depends on the actual chemistry .. maybe these can go that low03:41
SpeedEvil3-4.2 is the typically specified voltage03:41
cehtehlaptop cells shouldnt go lower than 3.2V03:41
SpeedEvilOf essentially all cellphone bats.03:41
SpeedEvilcehteh: no 18650 datasheets I've found say 3.203:42
*** Acedip has quit IRC03:42
papoSpeedEvil: Hm not sure if I understand this03:42
SpeedEvilpapo: It's annoyingly complex alas.03:43
papoas far is I know, Li-batteries are charged in two steps... first with constant current and then with constant voltage03:43
SpeedEvilWhich is probably why they skipped it.03:43
SpeedEvilpapo: yes.03:43
*** Acedip has joined #maemo03:43
crashanddiepapo: you meant "extrapolate"03:43
SpeedEvilThe first part puts >80% or so of the charge in.03:43
kamN900even with python 3.11 it STILL wont build03:43
papocrashanddie: err yes, and then interpolate for further runs based in that03:44
crashanddiepapo: actually, would still be extrapolate03:44
papocrashanddie: probably, yes :)03:44
papoSpeedEvil: did you actually profile it? If not I guess I'll have to do that first03:45
*** hardaker has quit IRC03:47
SpeedEvilpapo: no - general knowledge from reading way too many battery spec sheets.03:47
papook :)03:47
SpeedEvilpapo: the amount that goes in in the constant voltage phase varies - it's less with a new battery.03:47
SpeedEvilpapo: Tests I did with graphing that voltage output indicate that it is probably preprocessed by some software badly somewhere.03:48
SpeedEvilpapo: it is very jumpy, not in a manner consistent with normal battery behaviour.03:48
Caesiumdid you guarantee the cpu/network/disk were idle for the entire test though?03:49
CaesiumI assume any of them going active will drag the voltage down a bit, and it'll jump back up after it goes idle again?03:49
SpeedEvilCaesium: yes - but it diddn't.03:50
* SpeedEvil wonders if he can find the graph03:50
Caesiumwould be interested to see it03:50
CaesiumI noticed the same sort of jumpiness but my testing was limited to just a few looks at lshal | grep batt :)03:50
papoSpeedEvil: how bad is badly? maybe the data can be smoothed or something03:50
papoSpeedEvil: I'd also be very interested in this03:50
Caesiumabout ~50mV variations iirc03:50
papoI don't know much about batteries but I have a strong background in Biostatistics, I think I can make it if the data allows it03:51
SpeedEvilpapo: It is smoothed.03:52
SpeedEvilThat's the problem.03:52
CaesiumI don't know anything about Li-ions, my interest lies more in sealed lead acids, got a huge bank of solar batteries here :)03:52
SpeedEvilIt doesn't decay slowly like you would expect of a battery, it goes in jumps.03:52
papohm ok03:52
SpeedEvilAnd I seem to have mislaid my log of it.03:53
papoSpeedEvil: a vague estimate would be enough for me, it's just that I plug in the charger, then forget when I started and some time later I have no clue how long it's going to need until it's charged... maybe this is also because I got the device a few days ago and don't have any impression yet about how long it takes to charge03:54
*** jello69 has joined #maemo03:54
*** aloril has quit IRC03:54
*** gandhii has joined #maemo03:55
SpeedEvilpapo: the voltage is good. Though oddly it seems to report 4.1, not 4.2 even when charged.03:55
SpeedEvilI need to cross-check it with a meter.03:55
*** aloril has joined #maemo03:56
*** woglinde has quit IRC03:57
*** simula has quit IRC03:59
papohm. I understand that there are some special hildon widgets/selectors04:01
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s04:01
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]04:01
papoI'm trying to code a home widget with a ticker... I'm sure there are several ways to do that, so I'm looking for some hints04:01
*** simula has joined #maemo04:02
SpeedEvilyou mean a desktop widget?04:02
*** zs has joined #maemo04:03
papoSpeedEvil: yes04:04
crashanddiepretty good read:
* SpeedEvil tries to think of acailable widgets.04:04
SpeedEvilCan't think of one with a ticker.04:04
papoSpeedEvil: like the rss widget or the Ovi widget04:04
SpeedEvilpapo: are eighter of those open source?04:05
papoSpeedEvil: don't think so, but I came across an introduction for such widgets and found some in the extra repos, so it should be possible someho04:05
*** zs has quit IRC04:05
papoSpeedEvil: I'm thinking of a nagios widget... I took a gnome project written in python and stripped the pygtk/UI stuff and want to replace that to make a decent widget04:06
papobut it looks like I'm much better in command line programs than in anything with a GUI, so I'm kind of lost for the second part04:06
papoSpeedEvil: yes it's a monitoring framework04:07
papoSpeedEvil: you can set up a couple of hosts and services to monitor and when anything goes down it sends emails or pager notices04:07
*** BrentDC has quit IRC04:08
SpeedEvilA simple widget for stupid people would be nice.04:08
SpeedEvilIt takes input from a pipe04:08
SpeedEvilyou send it <img=url> and it displays it04:09
SpeedEvilor it displays text04:09
papoyes text would be what I'm looking for04:09
*** dnewman4952 has joined #maemo04:09
papothe problem is that I have tons of services which usually all have the status OK04:09
paposo it wouldn't make sense to come up with a giant widget04:09
Caesiumnormally you'd just hide any with status OK, surely?04:09
*** dnewman4952 has left #maemo04:10
papoCaesium: yes04:10
Caesiumyou'd need a script to generate the text to the widget I guess04:10
papoCaesium: but still, I usually have 1-3 services with a status of 'warning' or 'critical'04:10
paposo I don't want to make the widget 4 lines (3 services + scrolling) high since most of the space would be unused most of the time04:11
papoa ticker would be more appropriate IMO04:11
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo04:13
*** Silanus_ has joined #maemo04:16
*** Miniscalope1 has left #maemo04:16
kamN900man, still finding deps that are needed04:16
kamN900freeking openal04:16
kamN900what a pain04:16
SargunHow do I get fdisk on the device04:19
Sargunon the n90004:19
SpeedEvilapt-get install cfdisk04:19
SpeedEvilthere is sfdisk there04:19
SpeedEvilbut silly fdisk is silly04:19
Sargunhow is it sillly?04:21
SargunE: Couldn't find package cfdisk04:21
SpeedEvilcfdisk is in extras-devel04:22
SpeedEvilsfdisk relies on the user to input all data with essentially no checks.04:22
SpeedEvilcfdisk is 9K larger and is moderately user friendly04:23
*** tkharju has joined #maemo04:23
SpeedEvilerr - no.04:23
SpeedEvilcfdisk also pulls in curses04:24
SpeedEvilwhich makes it a fair bit larger04:24
*** `0660 has joined #maemo04:24
*** kaudio has joined #maemo04:25
*** Silanus has quit IRC04:25
*** Silanus_ is now known as Silanus04:25
Sargundude, we have 32G04:25
SpeedEvil256 on /04:25
Sargunoh, yeah...fuck04:25
Sargunwhose idea was that? and why aren't we using LVM like palm?04:26
lpotterwhy would it?04:27
Sargunso, we can resize in the field04:28
*** alecrim has joined #maemo04:29
*** z4chh has joined #maemo04:29
kamN900a hex on palm04:29
kamN900but only for dissapointing me by never releasing cobalt04:29
*** viggi_ has joined #Maemo04:30
SargunkamN900, you don't like the webos?04:30
kamN900never used it, though I hear it evolved from a fork of cobalt04:31
kamN900I like what I've seenn from the commercials, but Im bitter that cobalt never came04:31
kamN900some   early footage looked pretty awesome04:31
kamN900somewhat like what memo5 offers now04:32
lpotterand what happens when the lvm gets corrupted and you cant make an emergency phone call?04:32
kamN900well, same question for you, but insert root partition gets full and phone reboots04:32
lpotterI'd much rather wait for a reboot than waiting for a reflash04:33
*** tkharju has left #maemo04:33
Sargunlpotter, when has lvm gotten corrupted for you?04:35
lpotterlots of times04:35
SargunWhat were you doing to it? and was this lvm2?04:36
*** kaudio has quit IRC04:37
*** viggi has quit IRC04:38
lpotterwasnt doing anything to it. came into work one day, machine was off. once they fixed the hardware, it wouldnt boot as lvm was borked.04:38
Sargunwe run LVM on almost all of our hardware at work, and I've never seen _any_ issues with it04:39
*** crashanddie has quit IRC04:41
kamN900cross fingers, I just tried to compile openmp out of the source04:44
kamN900if this thing works, Im gonnna need some help with the packaging portion04:45
kamN900never made a deb before04:45
kamN900more like when this thing works04:45
*** Firebird has joined #maemo04:45
*** unixSnob has quit IRC04:45
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC04:46
*** phreck has joined #maemo04:49
*** ceh900 has quit IRC04:49
*** javispedro has quit IRC04:51
*** ceh901 has joined #maemo04:52
phreckwhoever fixed up xchat, kudos04:53
ceh901next: please fix the random reboots04:55
*** gandhii has quit IRC04:55
*** gandhii has joined #maemo04:56
* SpeedEvil has never had one.04:56
* SpeedEvil wonders what wierd stuff ceh901 is doing.04:56
*** viggi_ has quit IRC04:57
ceh901nothing just crashes 1-3 times a day without reason04:58
ceh901playing netradio but otherwise idle04:58
phreckive had no issue as well04:58
phreckdid you flash your device04:58
SpeedEvilI never play netradio04:58
ceh901yes. that maybe fixed it for 2days04:59
ceh901i'll just send it back when my other order is confirmed05:00
*** t7g_ has joined #maemo05:01
*** cbrake_away has quit IRC05:01
kamui2lookin good05:02
dmj7261Is there a way to get microb to support theora?05:02
kamui2been building for like 10 minutes05:02
cehtehkamui2: you building openmp for the n900?05:15
cehtehopenmp would make me really wodner05:15
*** t7g__ has quit IRC05:16
SpeedEvilThere are maybe 7 cores in the n90005:17
SpeedEvilThough not all will be reprogrammable.05:17
cehtehyeah :)05:18
cehtehand they are not symetric05:18
cehtehiirc thats an requirement for openmp05:18
SpeedEvilnot very, no.05:18
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC05:18
*** viggi has joined #maemo05:19
*** kamN900 has quit IRC05:19
SargunSpeedEvil, 7? GSM, CPU, Wi-Fi, GPS (or is it a "dumb" chip), GPU05:20
dmj7261perhaps openmp is a dependency of blender?05:20
cehtehgps can not be completely dumb it needs some dsp05:20
cehtehand you forgot *the* DSP05:21
jebbawtf is with building blender on the n900? How could that possibly be usable?05:21
cehtehthats prolly the only user reprogrammanle 2nd cpi05:21
dmj7261blender 2.505:21
kamui2cehteh: forge tthat05:21
kamui2it was a nightmare05:21
kamui2looks like I had to rebuild GCC05:21
kamui2and I wasn't doing that05:21
kamui2i just compiled out that option05:21
cehtehyou really meant openmp? :)05:22
kamui2and it was working too, but my system broke05:22
cehtehhehe good choice05:22
cehtehand yes openmp needs a matching gcc05:22
kamui2cehteh, yea, I didn't know what it was, but a little research and I realized that I would be rebuilding the kernel before long05:22
cehtehi could have told that to you before :)05:22
*** t7g__ has joined #maemo05:22
kamui2yea, I wish you had been here when I was bitching05:22
Macerthe starving artist starve sale!05:22
Maceromg! hahhaha05:22
dmj7261So you just disabled openmp for blender?05:22
jebbadmj7261: but really? Like blender the 3D app?  How could that be used?05:23
cehtehand well openmp is only useful if you have at least 2 cpus .. better (much) more05:23
Macerthat's just cruel05:23
kamui2every time I hit a new god damn dep, I whine05:23
jello69the tv-out quality is the best signal i have seen05:23
kamui2anyway, im glad it seems like I hit my last roadblock05:23
SpeedEvilSargun: bluetooth too05:23
Macerthey are having a starving artist art sale in chicago05:23
kamui2I love tv out on the N90005:23
Maceri wonder if any of the artists are going to go there05:23
kamui2I love everything about the N900 except conversations05:23
SpeedEvilSargun: GSM may also have 2 cores05:23
kamui2and the phonebook05:23
* cehteh wants to port his C/C++ debugging lib to n900 too .. next days05:23
SargunSpeedEvil, oh, yeah, DSP.05:23
jebbaholy smokes05:24
dmj7261jebba: view that on an n900 and see what you think05:24
*** T7g has joined #maemo05:24
kamui2damn, thats usually bad when you get like 100 warnings05:24
jebbai think you may be nuts ;)05:24
kamui2I may have to build ffmpeg05:24
jebbakamui2: i built ffmpeg already05:24
kamui2no one is gonna render on the N900, why the hell is this a dependency05:24
cehtehSpeedEvil: well nothing is harder reprogrammable than the baseband chipset .. i wont even wonder if nokia doesnt know anything about it and only uses TI's sdk05:24
kamui2jebba, o suite05:24
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:24
kamui2I need the headers and lib05:24
jebbashould be in extras devel if it ever made it thru the fkn builder05:24
cehtehah no there are some open stacks in the works05:25
kamui2Ill look if it crashes on me05:25
SpeedEvilcehteh: yes - though some TI docs on earlier chips have leaked05:25
cehtehbut still the big corps sit on their patents there05:25
kamui2right now I think it will opt to skip ffmpeg05:25
jebbakamui2: or you can use my repo:05:25
jebba deb unstable main05:25
kamui2thats what all the warnings are fo05:25
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:25
SpeedEvilcehteh: there is complete documentation on the TI calypso chipset05:25
kamui2thanks jebbs05:25
SargunWriting a GSM stack is non-trivial05:25
SpeedEvilcehteh: which is GSM modem used in the openmoko phones.05:25
jebbakamui2: if there's any other deps that need to be built for ffmpeg, lemme know and i can build them05:25
cehtehkamui2: hey i have emacs23 running on my n900 .. if you strip blender further there wont be much difference :)05:25
kamui2lol ceh90105:26
cehtehwell same person :)05:26
kamui2i figured, but it semed rude05:26
kamui2I remember 10 years ago, I had a crossroads, learn vi or learn emacs05:26
kamui2I picked vi05:26
kamui2now I want to learn emacs... this might be the perfect time05:26
Sargunnano forever05:27
cehtehemacs needs little hacking for the n900 but then works nice05:27
cehtehand moreover the emacs23 package is a complete version, not crippled05:27
cehtehfully optified05:27
*** Sho_ has quit IRC05:27
*** t7g_ has quit IRC05:27
cehtehgrr .. xchat hates percent signs05:28
cehtehgoogle yourself "emacs n900"05:28
kamui2but xchat on the N900 rocks05:28
jebbanatisbad did an emacs build05:28
kamui2pidgin is WAY better than I expected05:29
kamui2doesn't suck battery down at all05:29
cehtehimo emacs could be a very nice mobile OS .. with the dbus support it can do almost anything and more the n900 can do and lacks still05:29
kamui2just need a better way to launch it, and keep messages from auto maximizing05:29
cehtehjebba: is that the maemo4 build?05:29
kamui2yea, thats what I find crazy about how people describe emacs05:29
dmj7261Pidgin is great once you tweak the ui to let you see more than 3 lines of text05:29
kamui2like emacs is a way of life, not an editor05:29
kamui2emacs can do anything05:29
kamui2yea, im working on the options dmj726105:30
arachnista way of life without a good text editor05:30
cehtehthats emacs22 not 23 :)05:30
kamui2how can you make shit autostart05:30
kamui2after busybox has started05:30
kamui2or is it matchbox05:30
kamui2the window manager05:30
jebbamatchbox gets loaded then dropped05:30
jebbanot sure exactly what it's doing, but afaict its part of the gui bootstrapping or somesuch05:30
*** zenvoid_ has joined #maemo05:31
jebbabusybox is the embedded "do all" which contains ls, cat, grep, df, modprobe, etc everything symlinked to one small binary. Meant for embedded systems. So you dont get real GNU ls, etc.05:31
SpeedEvilAnd is annoyingly compatible.05:36
SpeedEvilThe most used switches tend to work.05:36
kamui2still building05:36
SpeedEvilAnything else doesn't.05:36
kamui2oh well, for now Im ok living with launching pidgin manually after reboot05:36
*** t7g__ has quit IRC05:40
*** hardaker has joined #maemo05:44
kamui2which v4l device is the frontcam?05:44
SpeedEvil0 I think05:44
kamui2or adp165305:44
SpeedEvilthe vs* is the crapcam05:45
kamui2ok sweet05:45
SpeedEvilThough some digging on the spec sheets I could find for it seemed to indicate it shouldn't be close to as bad as it is.05:45
dmj7261vs6555 as opposed to video1?05:45
SpeedEvilIt should be quite bad - but not _that_ bad.05:45
SpeedEvilUnless the spec-sheets lie.05:46
*** jnettlet has quit IRC05:46
wackldoes someone know how to enable the video-output of the N900?05:47
villagerSpeedEvil: don't they say that cam is one of the things the next firmware update is supposed to fix?05:47
*** z4chh has quit IRC05:48
villagerwas some driver bug05:48
dmj7261it has already been improved in recent firmware, but that firmware is not public yet from what I've heard05:48
*** t7g_ has joined #maemo05:48
*** zenvoid has quit IRC05:48
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo05:49
kamui2what protocols does pidgin support05:49
kamui2video on05:49
kamui2msn and aim don't allow a video call05:49
SpeedEvilvillager: fixed - yes. - but 31dB SNR at 100 lux isn't anything great.05:49
SpeedEvil(manufacturers specs)05:50
SpeedEvilkamui2: none - AIUI05:50
*** rlinfati_ has joined #maemo05:50
villagerSpeedEvil: yes, I wasn't disputing the "it should be quite bad" part, just that the "not _that_ bad" is being dealt with05:51
*** mattsqz has joined #maemo05:52
* SpeedEvil wishes another TI technology was available in cheap cams.05:53
*** rlinfati has left #maemo05:54
SpeedEvilImpactron CCDs05:54
kamui2anyone have issues with wifi not reconnecting automatically05:54
kamui2this is wierd05:54
SpeedEvilessentially image intensifier tech in solid state05:54
kamui2usualy I can't get the at&t to connect automatically05:54
*** swc|666 has quit IRC05:54
kamui2but now it always wants to use that and not wifi, despite the fact that I set wifi to preferred, and I have my home wifi and at&t in my connections list05:54
*** mattsqz has quit IRC05:54
*** mattsqz has joined #maemo05:55
villagerI have wifi issues if the n900's wifi powersaving is too high05:55
villagerif the ap doesn't like it05:56
villagerI should get a better ap one of these days05:56
redeemanwhat sort of issues?05:57
*** rlinfati_ has quit IRC05:57
villagerat highest powersaving level (default), it has problems connecting to the ap... at medium powersaving (which I use now), it becomes unreachable if I don't use internet actively on the n90005:58
*** RXrenesis8 has quit IRC05:58
villagerI was just replying to kamui205:59
redeemani have a linksys wap54g which works perfectly,  i also have a china one, doesn't work05:59
redeeman(in that powersaving is broken there)05:59
SpeedEvilWith most extreme powersaving turned on, ssh is a bit slow when typing to the n90005:59
SpeedEvilbut that's it05:59
SpeedEvil(for me)05:59
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo06:00
*** rlinfati has quit IRC06:00
*** dockane has joined #maemo06:00
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo06:00
*** Mysterious has quit IRC06:01
*** T7g has quit IRC06:03
jebbaSpeedEvil: there's lots been done on the camera at gitorious it appears. Not sure when it'll hit the end users though.06:10
*** rlinfati has left #maemo06:10
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo06:13
*** rlinfati has left #maemo06:14
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo06:14
*** rlinfati has left #maemo06:14
*** Luria has joined #maemo06:14
*** dockane_ has quit IRC06:16
jello69why dont our mp3 players output 48k to skip the resampling?06:18
jello69wonder if i has the skills?06:18
jello69someone has?06:18
*** rlinfati_ has joined #maemo06:18
jello69please say06:18
*** gandhiii has joined #maemo06:20
*** gandhii has quit IRC06:20
jello69the proper place to do it is in the fast fourier transform from frequency domain to time domain; input sample base rate rate may be 32khz or 16 or 44.1 but pcm sound is *always* generated at 48khz06:21
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo06:21
*** Omegamoon|sleep has quit IRC06:22
*** rlinfati_ has quit IRC06:22
*** Niteman has joined #maemo06:24
*** hardaker has quit IRC06:24
jello69maybe only mplayer suffers this06:24
*** Niteman has left #maemo06:24
*** t7g_ has quit IRC06:25
*** t7g_ has joined #maemo06:25
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC06:25
jebbahow would one do something like  `iwconfig wlan0 essid foo`  on the n900?  no iw, iwconfig06:27
jebbafix plz ;)06:27
SpeedEviljello69: naah06:30
SpeedEviljello69: unless it's fundamentally impossible to change the samplerate in hardware - and I doubt that - it makes vastly more sense to simply switch to the samplerate of a program requesting it that uses a lot of sound06:31
SpeedEviljello69: So mplayer gets to switch samplerates. pidgin doesn't.06:31
*** t7g__ has joined #maemo06:32
jebbaah duh, wireless tools06:33
jello69hi fi06:33
jello69we also need package bundles06:33
*** rlinfati83 has joined #maemo06:34
jello69gcompris because it06:34
jello69gcompris is not06:34
jello69gcompris goiont to06:34
*** rlinfati83 has left #maemo06:34
jello69gcompris do like this06:34
*** t7g_ has quit IRC06:34
*** T7g has joined #maemo06:34
*** penguinbait has quit IRC06:35
jello69i guess mplayer doesnt need to optihified06:35
*** Unmenschlich has quit IRC06:35
*** t7g__ has quit IRC06:36
SpeedEvilwell - not technically aFK, it's right next to me, but I'm going to sleep06:36
*** rlinfati83 has joined #maemo06:36
jello69good night SpeedEvil - thanks06:36
*** alecrim has quit IRC06:36
jello69appreciate your thoughts06:37
*** rlinfati83 has quit IRC06:38
*** myosound has quit IRC06:38
*** jebba has quit IRC06:38
*** rlinfati83 has joined #maemo06:38
*** jebba1 has joined #maemo06:39
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo06:39
*** rlinfati has quit IRC06:41
*** jebba1 has quit IRC06:41
*** jebba has joined #maemo06:41
*** rlinfati83 has left #maemo06:43
*** jebba has quit IRC06:43
*** jebba1 has joined #maemo06:44
*** ceh901 has quit IRC06:44
*** jebba1 has quit IRC06:53
cehtehuhm ... suddenly i cant connect to wlan anymore06:59
RemosiI've had that happen -- rebooting seems to fix it07:01
kamui2well after wasting 20 minutes or so compiling openEXR and its deps, I am excluding it from teh final build :)07:01
cehtehnope done a cold reboot, the accelerometer was stuck too07:02
*** t7g_ has joined #maemo07:02
cehtehmaybe i reboot my AP07:02
*** Firebird has quit IRC07:03
*** z4chh has joined #maemo07:03
lcukcehteh, mmm ? thats a new one.  if the accelerometer gets stuck again, please run liqflow and confirm its truly stuck07:04
cehtehreboot fixed it07:04
lcukyeah, still07:04
lcukthats odd, never encountered anything but rock solid accel07:04
*** T7g has quit IRC07:05
cehtehseems i am not the only one07:05
*** z4chh has quit IRC07:06
cehtehwell my laptops accelerometer can be calibrated by /sys ... donno about the n900 .. i would have tried that if wlan worked, but this really required a reboot07:06
cehtehwlan shows my network but cant dhcp a ip07:06
cehtehso prolly a acesspoint issue07:06
*** jebba1 has joined #maemo07:07
*** Moku has joined #maemo07:09
lcukcehteh, not come across any calibration stuff07:10
lcuknot needed it, but i note attitude people have mentioned it07:10
cehtehresetting AP worked07:11
cehteh cat /sys/devices/platform/lis3lv02d/calibrate07:12
cehtehon my laptop ...07:12
cehtehyou can write values there07:12
*** jebba has joined #maemo07:15
* Flandry <3 the new autobuild servers07:15
*** jebba1 has quit IRC07:16
*** Luria has quit IRC07:17
* lcuk smiles @ Flandry. that sounds promising07:17
cehtehfinally in service?07:18
Flandryi assume07:18
* lcuk coughs07:18
Flandryit took about 3 minutes from submission to notification of success just now07:18
lcukdoes it require a fuck yeah! :D if so thats great.07:18
Flandrysomething like that :D07:19
lcukimportant part, did it pass07:19
Flandryof course :P07:19
* lcuk dohs07:19
lcukyou already said lol07:19
Flandryi can fail a dozen times a minute lol07:19
lcukthats quite good to hear07:20
Flandry[2010-01-03 07:10:03] Processing package gweled 0.3.2-1. Uploader: flandry, builder: builder207:20
Flandry[2010-01-03 07:11:09] gweled 0.3.2-1 has been queued for loading into fremantle extras-devel repository07:21
Flandry66 seconds from starting to finished07:21
lcukcan you automatically push to -testing ?07:22
lcukor is that a manual webapp right now?07:22
Flandryhow do you mean, automatically?07:22
Flandryyou click a link in the package page07:22
Flandrybeyond that it's automatic07:23
lcukahh, so could be automated07:23
lcukneat :)07:23
ArkenoiI have to admit that for month+ i use n900 i've never received a single MMS (i mean, not even delivery attempt)07:23
Flandryi think it's supposed to be manual07:23
*** Shinto has quit IRC07:23
*** mikhas900_ has joined #maemo07:23
Flandrynot everything in -devel should be promoted :D07:23
lcukof course :)07:24
lcukbut its only technical grounds which limit that07:24
lcukif a canonical package could be created that was game level addons07:25
lcukthat are known safe because the game engine deals with them07:25
Flandryoh, yeah07:26
Flandrywell we need to figure out how to handle those still i think07:26
Flandrythey shouldn't need to be in /user/07:26
lcuksame way07:26
lcukthe mechanism works07:26
Flandryi posted about that earlier today07:26
lcukwhy does it matter07:27
Flandrythinking about that very issue07:27
lcukthe addons might be new screensavers07:27
* lcuk curses hannah montanah but thats where it sticks07:27
lcuksame rules07:27
kamui2compiled out ffmpeg07:27
Flandrybecause HAM has limited granularity07:27
jebbacool, i just got NAT going on the N900 so i can use it as a wifi hotspot via gprs007:28
Flandrylol hannah07:28
lcukthe breakdown of the app store07:28
kamui2I can build it back later with jebba's ffmpeg after I get a successful first build07:28
lcukthe one place where not all apps can live easily07:28
Flandryand there's no reason to put add-ons for an app visible to people who don't have the app installed07:28
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC07:28
luke-jrjebba: pfft NAT; use IPv6!07:28
lcuksome events are created within a context or event07:28
jebbakamui2: i was gone for a bit. You need anything for ffmpeg?07:28
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo07:28
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5107:28
kamui2at the moment, Im compiling it out07:29
kamui2once I get a good build Ill try it and let you know whats up07:29
jebbaok07:29 if you need to email me07:29
kamui2at this point, its been 2 days and I just want to see this thing run on the N90007:29
* lcuk has been busy last couple of weeks07:29
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:31
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:31
lcukFlandry, :) nice, happy new year btw07:34
ArkenoiWow, is it quite polular practice among european cellular networks to charge you monthly for just the fact you have data plan, while "default" tariffs are voice-only? (still reading the MMS thread on tmo)07:34
jebba  microHOWTO for NAT07:35
kamui2not that I use it much, but is mms in the upcoming fw feature list?07:35
kamui2speaking of FW, where can i get a copy of my fw just in case I have to restore?07:35
kamui2anything stock for download, or woul dI have to image my own device essentially07:35
kamui2blender is FINISHE!07:36
luke-jris it possible to use texts for IP??07:36
luke-jrscrew data plan then?07:36
Flandryhappy new year lcuk and everyone, belatedly07:36
Remosiis there any way to find out what frequency/protocol 3G is using at the moment?07:37
*** Flandry is now known as Flandry-sleep07:37
luke-jrRemosi: yes07:37
luke-jrsomething like that is certainly possible07:38
luke-jrwhether Nokia will tell you how to, I doubt07:38
luke-jrunless they actually explicitly support it07:38
luke-jrbecause they obviously think they still own the N900 they sold to you07:38
lcukby the way, does anyone know how to use the vibration thing, is there a c example anyewhere?07:41
*** mikhas900 has quit IRC07:41
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo07:41
*** KMFDM has quit IRC07:41
lcukmore coolness :D07:46
* lcuk beds anyway07:46
kamui2whats the easiest way to get something out of the scratchbox and onto the phone07:47
kamui2tar bz07:47
kamui2and then ssh it over?07:47
* dmj7261 would like to know this too.07:50
villagercool, cold reset of n900 actually resets the accelerometer? I thought mine was permanently busted07:51
jebbakamui2: well, build a .deb then ssh it over would be one.  Or make a mini repo07:58
jebbaI have a section on making .debs and your own repo in this:
*** Kamui has joined #Maemo07:59
Kamuicopying the archive over now07:59
Kamuidamn its gonna be a super hassle to package all this dynamically08:00
Kamuimaybe i should just do one huge static binary in /opt08:00
cehtehKamui: sbrsh for testing08:01
cehtehvillager: i rather wonder why it cant be resetted online08:02
*** kamui2 has quit IRC08:02
villagercehteh: yeah, I reloaded the driver and everything, nothing worked08:03
villagerwarm reboot didn't work08:03
cehtehyes tried that too :)08:04
cehtehbut found the thread already some time ago, but cant believe that removing battery is necessary08:04
villagerand there's no way to calibrate it or anything... I found the X and Z axis got about 6 G off center08:04
*** xnt14 is now known as xnt14[sleep]08:04
villagerjust posted in the talk thread08:05
jebbahmm, you can get to talk? i can't at the moment. that's one part that generally works too08:06
villagerI registered on talk a few minutes ago08:06
*** shinkamui has joined #maemo08:07
shinkamuiI dont seem to have sbrsh08:07
shinkamuiwas that supposed to be stock?08:07
cehtehdunno08:07 ?08:07
shinkamuichecking documentation08:07
cehtehyou have to install the sbrshd on the device at least .. from -devel08:08
cehtehbut for the scratchbox i thought its default08:08
cehtehi admit i didnt used it yet :)08:08
*** mattsqz has quit IRC08:11
ali1234do we know what accelerometer chip it is yet?08:12
ali1234how did you even get it into 8G mode?08:13
villagerI said how in the talk posting... that echo command08:14
ali1234according to the datasheet there's a power down reg, that should reset it08:14
villageryes, but it didn't seem to work08:15
pwnguinafaik the general calibration for accels is to place it two ways for each axis08:15
pwnguinso you can measure +1g and -1g for x y and z08:16
jebbawhy does wordwrap [code] ?08:16
pwnguinprobably could be done in factory and programmed08:16
ali1234it's factory calibrated, stored in NVRAM08:16
pwnguinwell there you go08:16
ali1234but presumably you can recalibrate it... that must be what you did08:16
pwnguinthe digital horizon apps on mine seem off08:17
lcukis this similar to sending a pal tv to aus?08:17
villagermaybe the calibration registers got messed up somehow by some linux bug, maybe a stray write to the i2c bus or whatever... but *I* certainly didn't recalibrate it08:17
lcukvillager, where are you and where does your device think it should be (ie where did you buy it?)08:17
ali1234or rather, wrote over the registers08:18
cehtehi didnt do anything to the accel either, so prolly some bug08:18
villagerali1234: I wasn't messing with any of this stuff before it got busted08:18
villagerI started looking into it later in order to see if I could fix it08:19
*** gandhiii is now known as gandhii08:19
cehtehthe calibration here isnt very accurate either08:19
villagerlcuk: huh? I'm in Tromsø, Norway, and that's where I bought it08:19
lcukvillager, just a wild hunch :) dont fret08:19
cehtehhow to restart the bluetooth subsystem?08:22
villagerali1234: the calibration registers are 100% undocumented and the linux driver don't access them, so there's no way to intentionally calibrate it if you aren't the manufacturer08:22
ali1234sure there is08:22
ali1234it's an i2c device08:22
jebba  MMS08:22
ali1234now the driver might not access them, but the driver isn't the only way to talk to it08:22
villagerali1234: you can't do it without knowing how to do it, and like I said, it's undocumented08:23
villagerat least, I certainly wouldn't try to fry it by experimenting with it08:24
ali1234according to the datasheet "The trimming values are stored inside the device by a non volatile memory. Any time the device is turned on, the trimming parameters are downloaded into the registers to be used during the normal operation."08:24
cehteh  << have fun08:24
ali1234if those registers are exposed on i2c you can change them easily with i2c-tools08:24
villagerali1234: yes, but it doesn't say which registers, nor whether they're exposed at all08:24
villagerperhaps they are, perhaps not08:24
ali1234there's only 127 possible registers08:24
villagerwell, good luck with frying your device08:25
* cehteh added link to the page08:26
villagerperhaps it'd be possible to dump the registers now that the accelerometer is working, and compare when it's busted, though08:27
villagercan't be bothered to figure out how right now though08:28
cehtehThe product is factory calibrated at 2.5V. The device can be used from 2.16V to 3.6V08:29
cehteh.. prolly prom burned in by st already08:29
ali1234right but like it says the stored calibration is copied to registers for normal use08:29
luke-jrvillager: sounds to me like the registers are reset at boot anyway08:29
villagerluke-jr: perhaps... but I imagined that'd happen when reloading the driver or rebooting the n900, which didn't help08:31
ali1234has to be power cycled08:31
villagerony removing the battery did help, apparently08:31
cehtehWhen the self-test bit of ctrl_reg1 is programmed to ¡Æ1¡Æ an actuation force is applied to the sensor, simulating a definite input acceleration.08:31
cehteh.. holy shit micromechanics08:31
villageryes, I trigged the selftest, it returned "FAILED"08:31
cehtehi didnt tried before resetting08:32
*** `0660 has quit IRC08:32
ali1234register dump, enjoy08:32
cehtehbut i really expected that the selftest is only electrical not mechanical .. thats awesome08:32
cehtehClick and double click recognition08:33
cehteh.. wow some hidden gems08:33
ali1234here we go, there's a special bit called "BOOT" which refreshes the calibration from NVRAM, in case it was modified08:35
ali1234which means 1. it can reset on line, 2. the calibration can be modified08:36
cehtehread the datasheet08:36
*** `0660 has joined #maemo08:37
cehtehwell so i suspect slight disadjustments are prolly because tooling/soldering inaccuracies08:37
cehtehi can live with that anyways08:37
* luke-jr melts cehteh08:37
villagerperhaps someone should fix the linux driver so it's possible to assert the boot signal08:38
villagerI imagined it already did, but perhaps not08:39
ali1234write 0x80 to reg 0x2108:39
ali1234sorry 0x4008:39
ali1234see page 27 of datasheet08:39
villagerI don't know how... maybe post instruction on the talk thread in case others run into this problem08:39
villagerand don't want to remove battery08:40
ali1234you need to compile i2c-tools08:40
ali1234then install it08:40
ali1234then i2c-set 3 0x21 0x4008:41
ali1234something like that anyway08:41
villagerthe specs say that the boot is done at device power up... I *though* it meant when the linux driver would power it up, hmm08:41
ali1234no, it means when the chip is powered08:41
luke-jryeah, that is pretty odd08:41
luke-jrwhy is the chip powered constantly?08:41
cehtehwhy not?08:41
luke-jrpower usage?08:42
luke-jrN810 didn't power the GPS when it thought it wasn't being used08:42
cehtehthis needs very little power and its constantly used08:42
cehtehless than 1mA on the datasheet08:42
luke-jrit adds up! :P08:42
cehtehthe phone app queries it08:42
cehtehmaybe it even has some sleep mode where it uses much less08:43
ali1234> 1uA in low power mode08:43
ali1234< i mean08:43
cehtehi expected that08:43
luke-jrhm, I guess accelerometer *needs* to be constantly enabled08:43
luke-jrsince its data is only realtime08:43
*** Rhoruns is now known as Rhoruns--POTTYRO08:44
*** Rhoruns--POTTYRO is now known as Rhoruns--POTTY08:44
cehtehmany such uCs have sleep modes which require less power than battery self-discharge08:44
*** zaheer_ has quit IRC08:45
cehtehif its in the uA range then you can calculate how log you can hook it on a 1320mAh battery :)08:45
ali12340x10-0x1f is "reserved" according to datasheet, but contains lots of numbers08:46
ali1234almost certainly that is the calibration data08:46
ali1234yeah, the driver probably puts it in sleep mode when not in use08:47
ali1234maybe a bug in the driver is writing to the wrong place08:47
*** dirk2 has joined #maemo08:47
ali1234or maybe you must refresh the calibration when going to 8G mode, and the driver isn't doing it properly08:47
*** AakashPatel has quit IRC08:47
cehtehwhen does it go to 8G?08:47
cehtehmine got stuck without playing around08:48
villagerit never goes into 8G by itself... and I only tried it to see where the miscalibration was, and it didn't change the calibration in any way to change mode08:48
ali1234i guess you can't reproduce it then?08:49
villagerwell, I did remove the battery, so it's fine now...08:49
ali1234if it happens again i would be interested in some dumps08:49
villagerI'm just saying what experiments I did while it was busted08:49
cehtehi like the way the driver on my laptop works08:49
cehtehcat /sys/devices/platform/lis3lv02d/position >/sys/devices/platform/lis3lv02d/calibrate08:49
cehteh... easy or? :)08:50
villagerwell, if it happens again, I'll let you know08:50
cehtehwell wont help if the device is stuck .. maybe that 'calibration' is a driver side offset08:50
villagercehteh: well it wasn't actually stuck, just miscalibrated way outside the normal-scale 2G range08:51
*** DHR has joined #maemo08:51
villagerit's hardware-side for sure, the driver doesn't add any offset08:51
cehtehvillager: yeah same here prolly i didnt investigated it properly, just reset it08:51
* cehteh just needs some code to get very basic orientation information face_up, face_down, landscape, portrait, seascape, upside_down08:52
cehtehthats really trivial :)08:53
cehtehare there commandline clients for dbus? .. for prototyping this app i dont want to do C stuff yet08:54
ali1234just read it from the /sys08:54
cehtehnah need it for other things08:54
ali1234there's dbus-send if you insist08:54
cehtehthats what i need08:54
cehtehfound it :) thanks08:54
cehtehhacking the prototype in lua together later shifting to C then08:55
ali1234hmm the driver has a "samples" param08:56
cehtehmhm something like lsdbus ?08:56
cehtehmhm .. dbus-monitor ..08:59
*** n6pfk has quit IRC08:59
villagerali1234: the linux driver can average several successive samples08:59
ali1234the example code on the wiki does averaging in software09:00
*** n6pfk has joined #maemo09:00
ali1234but that is unecessary then09:00
villagerif you're okay with telling the linux driver to do it globally, I suppose09:00
villagerit might update less often when the driver does it, perhaps?09:01
cehtehyes i just tried .. becomes sluggish it doesnt steadily interpolate09:02
ali1234it doesn't "update"09:02
villagerguess not09:02
ali1234it is polled09:02
villagerpolling takes longer then09:02
ali1234just that the value won't change so often09:02
ali1234however you can change the update rate too09:03
ali1234no, should take the same time09:03
cehtehthats what i am going to do .. new_value = (old_value + current) /209:03
*** luke-jr has quit IRC09:03
*** luke-jr has joined #Maemo09:03
ali1234argh, no09:04
ali1234use a rolling buffer09:04
cehtehreally? .. doesnt look like that when i try09:04
*** bear has joined #maemo09:04
ali1234all depends how the driver is implemented09:04
cehtehsetting sample to 100 gives slow updates09:04
cehtehyes sure09:04
cehtehhaving AccDisplay running and echoing diferent values there09:05
cehtehwith 100 it becomes quite slughish09:05
villagerali1234: the driver source code says it reads "samples" times whenever someone tries to read "coord", not before... so I guess polling does take longer, but there's no such as an "update", hmm09:06
cehtehvillager: proof by trying .. you are right :)09:06
ali1234that sucks09:07
ali1234but i guess it saves memory?09:07
ali1234like 10 bytes09:07
cehtehand i doubt it makes sense to add rolling buffers on the kernel level. ..09:07
villagerI suppose09:07
villagerbut the dbus daemon thing probably reads the coord regularly and its "update time" probably remains fixed09:07
bearDCC SEND "поɦʞɔпɟ" 0 0 009:08
*** phreck has quit IRC09:08
*** treitter_ has quit IRC09:08
*** jello69 has quit IRC09:08
cehtehso leave it at 1 and be happy09:08
*** z4chh has joined #maemo09:08
*** treitter_ has joined #maemo09:08
*** jello69 has joined #maemo09:08
*** phreck has joined #maemo09:08
villagerso if you set samples really high, just use dbus instead of reading from /sys09:08
*** bear has quit IRC09:08
ali1234there's no reason to ever set samples really high though09:09
villagerthough I guess it might slow the whole device down if the kernel is busy-waiting on i2c, not sure if it does with this kernel09:09
* cehteh only plans to poll it every 30 secs or so .. 09:09
*** Rhoruns--POTTY is now known as Rhoruns09:09
*** jello69 has quit IRC09:09
ali1234even smoothing is mostly pointless09:10
cehtehthere is a lot noise09:10
luke-jrvillager: Linux is preemptive...09:10
ali1234but the noise is random, so it cancels itself out over time09:10
cehtehbut like i shown above, just average it with the previsous sample should be ok09:10
luke-jrvillager: also, things like keyboard and touchscreen are on i2c, so it needs to be polled pretty often anyway09:11
cehtehif you want to hack on the driver you may try that and report :)09:11
cehtehi am doing that in userland09:11
ali1234do not do this: 0.5*(old_value+new_value); old_value = new_value;09:12
cehtehsince i poll once every 30 seconds i only want to flat out spikes09:12
villagerluke-jr: I thought it only preempts areas that are "safe" to be preempted, and that loop I'm not sure is allowed, since it's holding a mutex09:12
ali1234wait, do do that09:12
cehtehthats what i saied09:12
cehteh[08:03] <cehteh> thats what i am going to do .. new_value = (old_value + current) /209:13
ali1234then old_value = current09:13
villagerluke-jr: but if it does, then great09:13
ali1234not old_value = new_value09:14
cehtehwell its not critical i want to find out if the device is in motion (delta above threshold) and the general orientation of the device09:14
cehtehthats all09:14
villagerI don't think the accelerometer can tell if the device is in motion, if it happens to be in inertial motion09:15
cehtehdoesnt matter09:16
villageryou'd have to sample it fairly often to detect when it is pushed into motion I suppose09:16
*** gandhii has quit IRC09:16
cehtehand any car, bike, hike or whatever gives enough dervitation compared to laying on the table09:16
cehtehnah once every 30 sec :)09:16
ali1234not if you smooth it all out09:17
cehteheven vibrations on a plane or train should sufficently detectable09:17
cehtehmaybe i do 3-5 samples (in a fast rate) every 30 secs09:17
ali1234on a plane would be really hard unless you're doing a barrel roll or something09:17
cehtehthats really something i figure out09:17
*** eton has quit IRC09:18
cehtehand it doesnt need to be 100% exact .. just guessing09:18
cehtehits just one part of the program to query its environment .. gps (if on), brightness and maybe proximity sensor will be used too09:18
cehtehand its not only about moving .. also time and other things09:19
cehtehextendable later, whatever looks to be useful09:19
Remosiluke-jr, but theres no documented/supported way of doing it? Ok.09:19
*** luke-jr has quit IRC09:20
*** luke-jr has joined #Maemo09:20
luke-jrRemosi: no clue09:20
*** Kamui has quit IRC09:26
*** Kamui has joined #Maemo09:31
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:34
*** Dantonic has quit IRC09:35
*** t_s_o has quit IRC09:38
*** romaxa has quit IRC09:42
*** Acedip_ has joined #maemo09:54
*** Acedip_ has left #maemo09:55
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo10:00
*** avs has joined #maemo10:04
*** warp10 has quit IRC10:05
*** warp10 has joined #maemo10:06
*** hexa has quit IRC10:11
shinkamuijust an fyi10:20
shinkamuiI got blender built, copied and running10:20
shinkamuibut it is SLOW as molassas10:20
shinkamuigonna have to do some work on getting a better display system10:20
shinkamuiI wonder how blenderCE achieved usable speeds10:20
arachnistmay i just ask: what for? ;)10:21
arachnistor just for the sake of a hack?10:21
dmj7261slow as in the gui is non responsive?10:21
dmj7261that's the worst kind of slow10:22
shinkamuieach click registers about 5 seconds later10:22
shinkamuidefinately a config problem10:22
shinkamuibut I've never used blender 2.510:22
shinkamuianyway, Ill look into it now10:22
shinkamuiuploading a screenie10:22
arachnistand how doest the gui fit at all on the n900?10:22
infobotarachnist meant: and how does the gui fit at all on the n900?10:23
shinkamuifits fine10:23
shinkamuiplenty of resolution10:23
jXyou fold it inhalf thenit fits fine10:23
dmj7261arachnist: wvga blender on desktop
shinkamuiblender is fully useable on a vga device10:23
shinkamuimaking this much better10:23
jXI lost my stylus already. :(10:24
dmj7261shinkamui: is it fullscreen or windowed?10:24
dmj7261Does it get better after a minute?10:24
dmj7261jX: :(10:24
shinkamuitakes almost a full minute.5 to start fully10:25
shinkamuibut whats funny10:25
dmj7261that wants me to log in10:25
shinkamuicpu rarely spikes above 29% for blender10:25
shinkamuihold on10:26
shinkamuimade it public10:26
shinkamuimy bad10:26
shinkamuipulseaudio is using 54%10:27
shinkamuiI may have to disable openal too10:27
shinkamuiits using pulseaudio by default10:27
dmj7261yeah, disable that, not much use for audio on n900 for blender10:27
shinkamuican you see the screenie no10:28
dmj7261Try plugging headphones in and see what happens10:28
dmj7261I would recommend full screen for blender when you get the chance10:28
*** anders_gud has joined #maemo10:30
shinkamuias soon as I get moderate results, I will definately do that10:32
dmj7261If pulse is eating half your audio, openal could make the difference.10:33
dmj7261What were your results with headphones on?10:33
arachniststill, i'm wonderwing what's the use case for blender on a handheld device :>10:33
anders_gudall sorts, painting - video editing..10:34
anders_gudgame engine10:35
arachnistrendering stuff would probably drain the battery and make quite a bit of cpu load10:35
dmj7261basic 3d modelling10:35
shinkamuiok, I removed the game engine and openal, rebuilding10:36
anders_gudshinkamui did you build with ffmpeg?10:36
shinkamuiremoved it10:37
anders_gudoh - try that It's most useful..10:37
anders_gudwhat was the missing Python.h issue?10:38
shinkamuifor blender?10:38
shinkamuihad to build python 3.1.110:38
shinkamuiand link off of that10:38
anders_gudyes audio and video import export features10:38
shinkamuias for ffmpeg, I think its only used by blender to create rendered output in specific formats10:38
anders_gudwith ffmpeg enabled it's the best video editors on linux10:39
shinkamuiI don't see anyone burning through their battery to try and render a scene on the mobile, but if they want to, the default low quality renderer is there10:39
shinkamuiand I told jebba I would use his ffmpeg at a later time10:40
dmj7261We'll have a render farm of a thousand n900s10:40
*** warp10 has quit IRC10:40
shinkamuithat would be quite creative10:41
anders_gudThere is a OpenGl OpenGLES wrapper somwhere10:41
shinkamuianyway, lets see how this works out10:41
*** warp10 has joined #maemo10:41
dmj7261shinkamui: I can almost guarantee you that it will be much faster without openal10:41
shinkamuiI may need to rebuild mesa to improve performance10:41
shinkamuiI chose to build using the dri driver and swrast10:42
dmj7261I get 50% cpu usage with openal on my Core 2 Duo desktop.10:42
shinkamui56% pulseaudio when blender runs10:42
*** Kamui has quit IRC10:42
shinkamuispiking the cpu to 99%10:42
shinkamuii hope thats the first and biggest problem10:42
*** durandal has joined #maemo10:43
shinkamuitomorrow, I need some help setting up sbrsh10:43
shinkamuibecause this is a slow ass testing procedure I have atm10:43
dmj7261When I set it to !openal cpu goes down to 0-4%10:44
dmj7261No, Ubuntu 9.1010:44
anders_gudfor OpenGL 2.0 to OpenGLES conversion:10:44
shinkamuihardware acceleration would be nice10:44
shinkamuibut replacing mesa with a wrapper driver might not be too easy for me10:45
dmj7261one step at a time10:45
dmj7261If you get blender running at more than 10fps (hopefully more) I'll be pleased as punch10:46
shinkamuiha ha10:46
shinkamuiboot time10:46
anders_gudnow I have to buy a n900 :-(10:46
shinkamui5 seconds10:46
shinkamuino more openal made a HUGE difference10:46
anders_gudNot easy in Sweden10:46
dmj7261anders_gud: You'll get no pity from me10:46
shinkamuiits useable now10:46
*** sheepbat has quit IRC10:46
shinkamuiIll make a quick video and then to bed10:46
shinkamuiwe'll do fullscreen and try and package a prelim tomorrow10:46
* dmj7261 waits eagerly!10:46
anders_gudthe finns never forgave us 300 yrs of oppression10:47
shinkamuiI can sent you the tarball10:47
shinkamuibut the libs aren't packed yet10:47
* dmj7261 will test for you10:47
shinkamuiok G, Ill put some stuff up on my site first thing in the AM10:47
*** anders_gud has left #maemo10:47
*** viq has quit IRC10:48
dmj7261shinkamui: Are you familiar with Durian?10:49
shinkamuiwhats durian10:49
dmj7261It's the open movie project the Blender Foundation is doing.10:49
dmj7261One of the goals is to make Blender 2.5 production ready10:51
dmj7261They should totally hear about blender running on the n90010:51
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo10:56
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo10:58
shinkamuiquick video11:03
shinkamuimay take a few minutes before its available11:03
shinkamuiok, good night guys11:03
*** jkimball4 has quit IRC11:03
*** ceh900 has joined #Maemo11:05
*** gunni has joined #maemo11:05
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC11:08
ceh900testin the virtual keyboard11:08
ceh900heh not really11:09
*** eichi has joined #maemo11:10
*** geaaru has joined #maemo11:10
dmj7261shinkamui made a cool video11:10
ceh900how do you complete a word? no cusor buttons there11:11
dmj7261yep, he has been porting blender to the n90011:12
*** aziwoqpd has quit IRC11:12
ceh900xchat doesnt start a browser11:12
ceh900ah long click11:13
ceh900haha, sorry but manipulating the blender ui with a stylus looks a bit retarded. kudos for the work anyways :)11:16
*** aziwoqpd has joined #maemo11:16
dmj7261I think it could be kinda nice for simple modelling.11:16
dmj7261I'm not going to make a sequel to Big Buck Bunny on it, but I might make a little spaceship or chair.11:17
ceh900not sure if there are better things for that11:18
RST38hAh, a perfect example of why I hate Youtube11:19
*** filip42 has joined #maemo11:20
*** gunni_ has quit IRC11:20
*** pwnguin has quit IRC11:27
*** pwnguin has joined #maemo11:29
*** zap_ has joined #maemo11:33
*** avs has quit IRC11:34
*** ensonic has joined #maemo11:35
*** jkimball4 has joined #maemo11:38
*** durandal has quit IRC11:40
*** DENZEL_FOXX has joined #maemo11:41
*** jkimball4 has quit IRC11:44
*** thuttu77_2 is now known as thuttu7711:44
*** jkimball4 has joined #maemo11:44
*** pH5 has joined #maemo11:47
Ceron09:08:00 [freenode] Warning: Port sent with DCC request is a lowport (0, unknown) - this isn't normal. It is possible the address/port is faked (or maybe someone is just trying to bypass firewall)11:50
Ceronwas is this?11:50
PaulFertserCeron: some loosy attempt at exploiting irc users11:51
Ceroni should not fear it right11:51
Ceronim using irssi? :P11:51
CeronDCC SEND from bear [ port 0]: поɦʞɔпɟ [0B bytes] requested in channel #maemo11:52
PaulFertserCeron: i guess right :) btw, why irssi and not weechat? I'm an irssi user too but weechat looks more powerful.11:52
*** Kamui has joined #Maemo11:52
Ceronhow so does it look more powerful?11:52
Ceronirssi has all you need :)11:52
Ceroni dont need name lists and stuff like that11:53
Ceronn900 res is good for irssi also11:53
PaulFertserCeron: i'd like to have incremental search in buffers11:54
*** denix0 has joined #maemo11:54
PaulFertserCeron: btw, if you by any chance know how to solve the problem that irssi always indents messages and that is not fun when you have a small screen and a big font, please tell me.11:55
*** Omegamoon has quit IRC11:55
cehtehwith proper config, xchat is also nice :P11:55
denix0what about IRC connection manager (i.e. telepathy-idle)? is it useful?12:00
cehtehyou cant join channels with it only privmsg12:01
JaffaMorning, all12:01
denix0ah, and I thought I was just stupid... :)12:01
cehtehand it has problems that it doesnt properly disconnect sometimes .. then it cant reconnect because the nick is in use12:01
cehtehso if you want to use irc as IM replacement it has some limited usability .. but its not really irc12:02
*** jkimball4 has quit IRC12:04
denix0speaking of telepathy plugins - twitter plugin can never sign-in for me. any pointers?12:05
*** RXrenesis8 has joined #maemo12:06
cehtehmhm my device doesnt go to C4 .. prolly because xchat is running?12:06
*** ceh900 has quit IRC12:08
cehteh.. lets see12:08
denix0how do you check the state?12:09
* RST38h seems to have optified xchat12:09
RST38hAny other requests before I upload this version?12:09
cehtehhum .. yes a lot .. but i guess you dont mean that :)12:09
*** shdb has quit IRC12:09
denix0RST38h: and I just updated to 2.8.6-maemo13... :)12:09
RST38hWell, depends on what they are12:10
RST38hdenix: Stay with it for a while12:10
*** shdb has joined #maemo12:10
cehtehwell do you know how to make the scrollbar wider/finger friendly?12:10
* denix0 testing if -maemo13 also crashes while saving config...12:10
cehtehand i would try to add a 250ms sleep into the main event loop, then messages pile up and are processed in one rush, less wakes and turnarounds for the processor12:11
luke-jrso um12:11
cehteh(rather configureable sleep of course)12:11
denix0yes, it still crashes... :(12:11
luke-jranyone here have experience dealing with scammers?12:11
cehtehwhat kind of?12:12
luke-jronline store12:12
RST38hmaemo13 does not crash when saving config12:12
luke-jrin particular, is there any reason it's a bad idea to give my address?12:12
RST38hcenteh: I would rather reduce the number of messages instead12:12
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo12:12
cehtehi have the 'current' version .. is that maemo13? .. then i can say it works for me12:13
cehtehRST38h: you can hardly do that :)12:13
RST38hcenteh: Why?12:13
cehtehwell tcp-cork12:13
arachnistluke-jr: if you know they're scammers, why would you want to give them you address?12:13
luke-jrarachnist: I don't.12:13
luke-jrthey just are suspicious12:13
cehtehand yes, my device doesnt go to C4 when xchat is running12:14
luke-jrbut where else can you get a N900 for under $400? <.<12:14
denix0oops, my bad, you're right - it just closes the preferences dialog... :)12:14
RST38hcenteh: we do not chat that much here =)12:14
Remosihrm, what gtk widget does the IM app use for displaying things?  is it just a canvas that's been drawn onto? or something else?12:15
cehtehRST38h: well ..12:15
luke-jr... so is there any harm? :x12:15
cehtehyou can always 'not' use it .. but thats not the point12:15
*** millenomi has joined #maemo12:17
*** ceh900 has joined #Maemo12:19
cehtehtest again12:19
cehtehmhm .. no C4 when xchat is running12:20
cehtehRST38h: where is the source available for the maemo version? maybe i give it a try12:20
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo12:21
fluxcehteh, curiously I decided to check and indeed my device doesn't go to C4 either, I guess I need to start stopping programs one at a time.. mafw-dbus-wrapp is at the top of activity list, though12:22
flux(no xchat here)12:22
cehtehflux: battery or connected to the charger/usb?12:22
RST38hcenteh: Extras-Devel12:22
cehtehor playing music or anything else?12:22
RST38hcenteh: You may want to wait for the optified version for a few days though12:22
luke-jr <-- chat12:22
fluxthe screen is blank12:22
fluxit's on another room. it might be running a web browser, though, some activity in it could cause that I suppose12:23
RST38hluke: Some Chinese spammer?12:24
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:24
luke-jrRST38h: found his online store with Google12:24
cehtehluke-jr: just /ignore12:25
luke-jrcehteh: but I want to buy N900 from him :/12:25
cehtehhaha ... then send him as much money you like12:25
RST38hluke: I wouldn't...really...12:26
RST38hluke: In fact, I would not buy anything from any company that has no phone number12:26
luke-jrIIRC someone who looked found a UK #12:26
cehtehluke-jr: cash on delivery might be an option .. but well he can still send you a brick in a n900 case12:26
ifreqdo you always check the number RST38h ?12:26
ifreqi rather buy from company which has paypal12:26
cehtehor stolenn/damaged/non warranty devices12:26
ifreqas paypal protects it buyers12:26
fluxcehteh, but where would the salesman find suchs a custom-made small brick?!12:27
luke-jrifreq: he takes PayPal, but only eCheck12:27
fluxluke-jr, have you tried googling for the company name?12:27
*** jpe__ has joined #maemo12:28
cehtehRST38h: dunno if you agree .. but that the processor doesnt go to sleep while xchat is running worries me a bit :P12:28
Remosihrm, I bought mine through TradeMe (NZ's equivilent of ebay), found a seller witha  good reputation that specialised in importing US phones, and bought it from them12:28
ifreqhmm okay12:28
luke-jrI found the store name on ebay12:28
luke-jrclosed account, doesn't say why12:29
* ifreq bought phone from flagstore, they alvays have some spares12:29
luke-jrlots of good feedback in 200412:29
ifreqanything can happen in 6 years12:29
luke-jrbut seriously, $320 for N900, buy 3 get 1 free12:30
luke-jrif real I can't pass that up!12:30
luke-jrmaybe I'll tell him I really can't do it except on credit card because I want to resell 3 of them... <.<12:31
luke-jrcredit card can be disputed :)12:31
*** cbrake_away has joined #maemo12:31
ifreqluke-jr: no one can sell for 320usd12:32
ifreqi wish all the best for the seller12:32
ifreqin next life12:33
fluxand this is why, ladies and gentlemen, scams works so great :P12:33
ifreqcheap, ferebies, guaranteed12:33
*** DENZEL_FOXX has quit IRC12:35
*** DENZEL_FOXX has joined #maemo12:36
*** ceh901 has joined #maemo12:36
RST38hcenteh: yes, it worries me as well.12:36
RST38hcenteh: there is probably a timer ticking12:36
ceh901tryin rcirc emacs12:36
luke-jrim in ur cpu12:37
luke-jrtickin ur timer12:37
*** ceh900 has quit IRC12:37
RST38hcenteh: Ir maybe it busy-waits on a non-blocking socket12:37
cehtehyes i had that before with the xchat plugin stuff12:37
cehtehdisabling all unused plugins (perl, python etc) fixed it12:37
cehtehwell doesnt look like busy waits, it doesnt satuate the cpu12:38
cehtehor maybe stupid waits with a select with a very short timeout? no idea12:38
MeizirkkiShort video of Mer 0.17 on Touch Book:
*** RXrenesis8 has quit IRC12:39
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC12:39
RST38hok, let us take a look12:39
*** lbt has joined #maemo12:40
ceh901ping  test12:40
luke-jrso really no chance this is legit? :(12:40
denix0hmm, touchbook's resistive screen is very resistive... :)12:40
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo12:40
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC12:41
*** RST38bis has quit IRC12:41
cehtehRST38bis: are there any plugins enabled/loaded by default?12:42
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo12:42
*** Termana has joined #maemo12:42
Macer01:08 [freenode] DCC SEND from bear [ port 0]: поɦʞɔпɟ [0B bytes] requested in channel #maemo12:42
cehtehmhm or is it just the network activity which keeps the kernel running?12:43
ifreqhe was k-lined after12:43
cehtehMacer: he got klined12:43
Macerhave to give him credit for the upsidedown fuckyou12:43
*** romaxa_ has joined #maemo12:43
*** DENZEL_FOXX has quit IRC12:44
Maceris that like some 1990 mirc exploit or something?12:44
cehtehwell iirc xchat :)12:44
cehtehbut old and fixed12:44
RST38hcenteh: doing gettimeofday/poll in a loop12:44
luke-jrMacer: not mirc12:44
Maceri was always curious because every now and then you see someone doing that12:44
cehtehRST38h: ah .. having irc running in emacs rcirc doesnt give C4 either12:44
luke-jrnor xchat12:44
Macerluke-jr: yeah? what then?12:45
luke-jrit's an exploit common in firewalls and SOHO routers12:45
luke-jrand while fixed, often non-updated in the latter12:45
Macerluke-jr: what does it do exactly?12:45
luke-jrMacer:  the firewall thinks it's a worm, and closes the connection12:45
Macercloses a connection to
Macerthat would be interesting haha12:46
luke-jrcloses the IRC connection12:46
arachnistwasn't that a hack for some wireless routers?12:46
luke-jrthat's what I just said12:46
TermanaUseful. As long as your trying to knock someone off. You didn't piss anyone off did you Macer?12:46
MacerTermana: doubt it was just me12:47
luke-jrTermana: the guy did it to the whole channel12:47
Macerhe did it to all of maemo ;)12:47
cehtehRST38bis: thats why i'd suggest to add a configureable (maybe adaptive) timeout in the event loop12:47
RST38hcenteh: Could you try something for me?12:47
Termanaoh, must be an android user then12:47
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo12:47
Maceri was just curious why someone tries that every now and then12:47
RST38hcenteh: Disconnect from all servers and see if it lets you go into C412:47
MacerTermana: haha. i could see that ;)12:47
Maceri know i pissed a lot of them off12:48
cehtehRST38h: done that already .. yes it does12:48
luke-jrso do I give this maybe-scammer my $320 and blame Nokia if the deal goes bad? <.<12:48
Termanaluke-jr - what are you doing?12:48
ceh901now i am only connected with emacs12:49
*** ceh901 has quit IRC12:49
RST38biscenteh: ok so it is the connection thing12:49
cehtehyes possibly some timers on the tcp stack whatever12:50
cehtehbut maybe this can be improved by some options on the socket .. tcp-cork or so ..12:50
*** eichi has quit IRC12:50
Termanaluke-jr - aren't most places selling them for $500? I doubt this guy could knock off $180 just for the hell of it12:51
cehteh(or timers?)12:51
ifreqhe cant termana12:51
ifreqin no way12:51
ifreqokay then he can if ther stolen :P12:51
RST38h        set_nonblocking (serv->sok);12:53
luke-jryet Nokia can just give them to people? :p12:53
RST38h        serv->iotag = fe_input_add (serv->sok, FIA_READ|FIA_EX, server_read, se12:53
RST38hcenteh: I think this may be it12:53
RST38htag = g_io_add_watch (channel, type, (GIOFunc) func, data);12:54
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo12:55
Termanaluke-jr - Nokia LOANED them to people IIRC12:55
RST38hcenteh: Added with G_IO_PRI12:55
cehtehi just wonder why emacs behaves similar12:55
cehtehbtw cehteh is my nick not centeh :)12:56
*** MrGoose has quit IRC12:57
*** wazd_e63 has joined #maemo12:57
denix0RST38h: no tab completion for nicks? :)12:57
wazd_e63Heya all12:58
Stskeepsheya wazd12:58
wazd_e63Stskeeps, how's it going?12:59
RST38hdenix: there is tab completion, do not remember the key13:00
RST38hwazd moo13:00
RST38hcehteh: Ok, here is the story13:00
denix0RST38h: is it tab?13:01
RST38hcehteh: Once you connect to the server, it adds the socket to the list of sockets glib waits on and tells it to wake up on any priority data (whatever it means)13:01
RST38hcehteh: At which point, main loop probably starts exiting all the time, hence no power save13:01
*** user900 has joined #maemo13:01
user900now with erc13:02
cehtehthere is no priority data in IRC iirc? ...13:03
cehtehdunno the newer rfc's13:03
Termanaare you bullshitting me? anything i say is priority data13:03
RST38hcehteh: this is what xchat passes to glib anyway13:03
Stskeepswazd_e63: moving into my new office, guys living here moved out13:05
cehtehRST38bis: bit strange that other clients behave similar13:06
cehtehemacs erc too :P13:07
RST38biswell maybe it is the result of needing low latency data connection13:07
Stskeepsno priority data in irc13:08
StskeepsOOB data will mess thinsg yo\13:08
wazd_e63rst38h, Heya13:08
wazd_e63Stskeeps, oh, great)13:08
TermanaI think what Stskeeps was trying to say on that last line was "OOB data will mess things up"13:09
TermanaLooks like someone has had a few too many beers13:09
*** valdyn has joined #maemo13:09
wazd_e63Stskeeps, 104th floor?)13:09
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC13:09
cehtehRST38bis: little higher latency for powersaving would be acceptable imo :P13:10
Termanacehteh - you need to hit tab twice13:10
TermanaYour addressing the wrong nickname, though I assume its the same person.13:11
Termanauhh nevermind he seems to of changed which one he was using13:11
Termanaon the last line anyhow13:12
cehtehyeah he adapts to my tab key :)13:13
Stskeepswazd_e63: 9th13:13
*** hannes__ has joined #maemo13:13
*** RST38bis has quit IRC13:14
*** user900 has quit IRC13:15
RST38hcehteh: I cannot find where it does the loop though13:15
cehtehRST38h: i rather suspect that business on the kernel side13:15
cehtehwhich may or may not be engaged with some hacking on tcp parameters ...13:16
*** warp10 has quit IRC13:17
*** Aranel has joined #maemo13:17
*** warp10 has joined #maemo13:17
*** Aranel has quit IRC13:18
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo13:19
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5113:19
*** Lydia has joined #maemo13:19
frals ... beating the dead horse en masse13:20
Stskeepssaw the guy on planet with MMS?13:22
frals*goes to check planet*13:23
*** grishnav has joined #maemo13:26
grishnavhey, what's the "maemo way" to bring an interface up or down with DHCP?13:27
grishnavifup/ifdown don't appear to work...13:27
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo13:27
RST38hcehteh: I do not see any special tcp hacking in xchat code, it is very plain13:28
RST38hOk, added Ctrl+Right for nick completion13:28
*** rsalveti__ has joined #maemo13:29
RST38hfrals: You can safely ignore anything written by people who joined t.m.o after Sep 2009.13:29
* cehteh remapped shift+space to tab13:29
cehtehheh i joined tmo today :P13:29
cehtehbut still dont posted anything13:30
cehtehRST38h: i dont know whats going on there, how big is the latency for the cpu to fall from C3 to C4 any idea?13:31
RST38hI think I found the culprit13:31
cehtehwell .. i take a nap13:32
frals*checks his own joindate, ah, sep 2009* ;)13:33
*** felipec has joined #maemo13:34
DocScrutinizer51RST38h: you might prefer shift+right for tab. ctrl+right is too convenient for word skip forward13:35
felipecI just published mafw-scrobbler; an (IMO) improved scrobbler... any developer willing to try it?13:35
fralsand shift right marks the text.. ;-)13:36
grishnavis the best way to bring up an interface "ifconfig $1 up; udhcpc -i $1"? or is there an "ifup" like utility or init script?13:36
DocScrutinizer51frals: I'm happy with shift+left for text markng13:37
felipecgrishnav: I use "ifup usb0" so I guess you can do something similar13:37
grishnavfelipec: it doesn't appear to be working for tap devices13:37
fralsDocScrutinizer51: good point13:38
*** benh has quit IRC13:39
DocScrutinizer51RST38h: btw thanks for new version :-)13:40
*** user` has joined #maemo13:40
felipecgrishnav: it's merely a script, isn't it?13:40
felipecgrishnav: you need to write it, of course13:40
grishnavfelipec: ifup/ifdown are binaries i believe...13:41
felipecgrishnav: check /etc/network13:43
* RST38h put nick completion to Shift+Space13:43
RST38hit performs no other function anyway13:43
DocScrutinizer51  hmm, I wonder why I didn't do that13:44
*** user` has quit IRC13:45
grishnavi added "inface tap0 inet dhcp"13:45
*** rsalveti_ has quit IRC13:45
grishnavI get13:46
*** pH5_ has joined #maemo13:46
DocScrutinizer51btw to whom it may concern: after uptime of 14days device borked 1h ago. Sluggish and Xrendering always turned screen black mostly13:46
*** warp10 has quit IRC13:46
grishnavI get this result:
felipecgrishnav: s/inface/iface/13:46
grishnavyes sorry13:46
grishnavI have it spelled correctly in the file13:47
DocScrutinizer51seemed to recover when I managed to close last microb window13:47
grishnavit _appears_ to work13:47
*** pH5 has quit IRC13:47
*** SmilybOrg has quit IRC13:47
DocScrutinizer51booted anyway13:47
felipecgrishnav: besides, tap0 is a virtual interface, you cannot just dhcp right away, can you?13:47
grishnavbut the interface state isn't ever changed13:47
grishnavand dhcp isn't run13:47
*** warp10 has joined #maemo13:47
grishnavfelipec: it's attached to openvpn13:47
*** samppa has joined #maemo13:49
grishnavI use a pretty similar configuration on a variety of other machines13:50
grishnavexcept they are /etc/init.d/net.x scritps13:50
grishnavso I'm kindof at a loss13:52
grishnavI can bring the interface up manually within 15 seconds of ovpn connecting and run udhcpc on it13:52
grishnav(otherwise openvpn will fail to ping the server, assume something is wrong, and try to reconnect)13:53
grishnavbut doing it manually is a drag13:53
grishnavI have a pair of small up/down scripts I wrote13:53
grishnavbut they'd need a fair bit of work to make them reliable13:53
grishnavcompensate for dhcp problems13:53
grishnavrapdid connects/disconnects13:53
grishnavall problems other people have already solved13:53
grishnaveither with /etc/init.d/net.* scripts or ifup/ifdown or whatever :)13:54
grishnavi don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to13:54
grishnavespecially since I'm not such a great wheelmaker13:54
*** hannes__ has quit IRC13:59
*** hannes__ has joined #maemo13:59
*** xnt14[sleep] is now known as xnt1413:59
grishnavoh well i give up for tonight13:59
*** grishnav has left #maemo13:59
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC14:01
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo14:02
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5114:02
RST38hOk, added a 250ms wait when xchat would otherwise block14:02
*** Free_maN has quit IRC14:03
*** _claesbas is now known as claesbas14:08
*** denix0 has quit IRC14:08
*** claesbas is now known as claesbas_14:08
*** claesbas_ is now known as _claesbas14:11
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo14:11
*** felipec has quit IRC14:12
*** felipec_ has joined #maemo14:12
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC14:12
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo14:12
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5114:12
*** TheAppleMan has joined #maemo14:12
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC14:14
*** TheAppleMan has quit IRC14:15
*** _claesbas has quit IRC14:15
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo14:17
*** FIQ has joined #maemo14:17
RST38biswell, seems to work14:17
RST38hAnyone can run powertop with xchat running (and connected) to see what it looks like in the current version?14:20
SpeedEvilstrace -c sort-of-works ok14:21
*** N900evil has joined #Maemo14:22
* RST38h still wonders whether he should penalize would_block() socket condition with a 250ms wait or maybe it does nothing useful14:23
RST38hplease test the current version (without the wait) with powertop and tell me what the distribution of C-states is14:23
SpeedEvilI have no powertop14:24
*** trofi has joined #maemo14:25
SpeedEvilIt wakesup everry 0.5 seconds anyway14:26
RST38hapt-get install14:26
SpeedEvilThe main loop seems to be a poll cll14:26
RST38hok, show me the strace -c -p <pid> output14:27
SpeedEvilIt polls all FDs every 0.5 seconds14:27
*** TomaszD has quit IRC14:28
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo14:29
SpeedEvilthere is no installation cancidate for powertop14:30
RST38h        lagcheck_update ();                     /* every 500ms */14:30
RST38hTHAT? =)14:30
SpeedEvilit's polling all fds every 500ms14:31
SpeedEvilI understand on this arch that wakeups may be quite lightweight.14:31
SpeedEvilI need to get out of bed, and connect it to the oscilloscope for truth.14:32
ShadowJKwould_block() sounds evil14:32
SpeedEvilI suspect if connected to 3G it utterly doesn't matter what you do.14:32
RST38h        prefs.lagometer = 1;14:32
* RST38h laughs satanically14:32
*** N900evil has quit IRC14:32
RST38hOk, this thing goes away14:33
*** RST38bis has quit IRC14:33
*** angasule has joined #maemo14:33
ShadowJKSpeedEvil, in that bugzilla bug about random crashes, one random crash is due to the device crashing on waking up from CPU OFF state. There's a workaround to disable that, and it reduces battery life from days to <1day... So I'd say it's significant. With the September-ish edition of xchat, CPU never reaches OFF state.14:33
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo14:33
*** N900evil has joined #Maemo14:33
*** RST38bis has quit IRC14:35
SpeedEvilSame behavioure14:35
angasuleI'm alive!14:35
SpeedEvilShadowJK: I don't care.14:35
RST38hoh really?14:35
SpeedEvilShadowJK: I want to actually measure it14:35
SpeedEvilRST38h: yes - changed the lagometer to 114:36
SpeedEvilfrom 2 and it's still polling every 500ms14:36
RST38hI am changing it to 014:36
ShadowJKI guess reply to that thread on maemo-developers asking for NEP14:36
RST38hdefault is 114:36
SpeedEvildefault is 2 here14:36
ShadowJKNokia Energy Profiler14:36
SpeedEvilI don't care about software14:36
ShadowJKOh you want to measure it with an external meter and not the device's own current meter?14:37
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo14:37
*** Lydia has quit IRC14:37
SpeedEvilBecause I know that actually works, and I have no software issues like measurements causing wakeups.14:38
RST38hSpeedEvil: Will be 0 from now on if it helps14:38
ShadowJKA think like would_block() sounds inherently flawed... if uses blocking sockets and does poll() to check whether writing would block, it's a design bug..14:38
SpeedEvilI don't think that's the issue14:38
ShadowJKbut that's xchat's problem really, not maemo's14:38
*** hannes__ has quit IRC14:38
RST38hShadowJK: Here is what I see there14:38
RST38hShadowJK: It uses non-blocking sockets indeed, in order to get low latency14:39
SpeedEvilIf you're connected over 3g - xchats behaviour is unimportent.14:39
RST38hShadowJK: but when it receives wouldblock, it exits its net read function immediately14:39
RST38hShadowJK: I put a 250ms wait there14:39
RST38hnot much difference though14:39
angasulehmm, I have to configure my laptop in ad hoc mode somehow :?14:39
SpeedEvilUtterly unimportant.14:39
SpeedEvilI'd say.14:39
ShadowJKWell yes, if interval between activity is <5 sec, depending on network, 3g radio would be on all the time14:40
SpeedEvilyou're not actually reducing the number of polls it does that way14:40
arachnistit looks like palm people are getting excited about slugishly running quake1 on the palm pre14:40
ShadowJKRST38h, I think we need >1sec sleeps14:40
RST38hShadowJK: This will fuck up the UI14:40
SpeedEvilShadowJK: even if it's 30s, the modem _utterly_ swamps it.14:40
angasulearachnist: quake1? meh, I prefer the duke :-)14:40
arachnisti think that showing them N900 running Quake3 might be a shock for them14:40
SpeedEvilRST38: however - you don't care if the screen is off14:40
ShadowJKSpeedEvil, if there's lots of activity, yes, and if you're on 3g, yes. On wlan and edge, the radios will use lots less14:41
SpeedEvilRST38: well - at least pushing it out to 30s.14:41
angasulearachnist: I thought you were kidding o_O14:41
SpeedEvilI did sleep 20, scp file host:/ loop.14:41
SpeedEvilAnd it lasted >>24h14:41
RST38hok, looks like turning lagometer off helped things14:41
ShadowJKRST38h, ideally we'd want to poll() on both the socket to X, and the network sockets, with a poll() timeout set to the next timer event (lagcheck, whatever)14:41
SpeedEvilbefore I got bored.14:41
RST38hShadowJK: GTK/GLib do it in xchat14:42
ShadowJKThere's no way to wait both on UI and net?14:42
arachnistangasule: no, i'm not:
SpeedEvilIdeally you want to probably take notice of screen background, and utterly ignore incoming net packets for 30s14:42
angasulearachnist: I was watching another one, yes, cool :D14:43
SpeedEvilMaybe >30s14:43
* SpeedEvil tries something stupid14:44
ShadowJKoh wait, first hit on google says you can hook up random FDs to GTK main loop14:44
ShadowJKignoring incoming packets wont change radio behaviour :)14:44
N900evilthis is a test of xchat kill - stopped 90p percent of the time14:45
N900evilyes it will14:45
jopputhe debian .dsc file has 2 strings, one of them seems to be MD5, so what's the other?14:45
ShadowJKHowever, if you had a bouncer on a server somewhere, and when the device state changed (screen off, etc), you sent a "delay" packet to your bouncer instructing it to batch all traffic, sending it in bursts every 60 secs, that might get you somewhere :)14:45
N900evilthis works fine14:45
ShadowJKThe server on the other side will still send traffic even if xchat is in STOP state, the kernel queues up the incoming packets in each socket's receive buffer14:46
SpeedEvilinbound packets are typically provoked by outgoing packets in most protocols.14:46
SpeedEvilShadowJK: and the kernel does not wake xchat it just queues the inbound packet14:46
joppuIs it the file size?14:47
ShadowJKin IRC it's the other way around.. outgoing chat messages from client receives no response at all from server14:47
SpeedEviland yes to get most benefit you need an external queue.14:47
SpeedEvilShadowJK: true. It's however the best you can do to reduce power use in xchat14:47
ShadowJKBut channel activity and messages directed towards the user get sent whenever they happen, towards the client, and requires no confirmation from the client14:47
SpeedEvilA simple test - above - with while true;do sleep 1;kill -STOP xchat;sleep 10;kill -CONT xchat;done14:48
*** somecodehere has joined #maemo14:48
Caesiummake sure your bouncer responds to pings itself or you'll find yourself dropping off though :)14:48
SpeedEvilindicated that there are no fundamental problems with doing this and it will drastically reduce xchat wakeup calls14:48
ShadowJKCaesium, indeed :)14:49
SpeedEvilI have doubts this is meaningful14:49
*** warp10 has quit IRC14:49
SpeedEvilAnd the 'right' solution is something I've wanted for a while.14:49
ShadowJKI actually ran a script like that :)14:49
SpeedEvilWhich is a way to queue all inbound packets for 30s.14:49
*** udovdh has quit IRC14:49
SpeedEvilor 60s14:49
SpeedEvilfrom all protocols, and send on a ping from the mobile device14:49
*** warp10 has joined #maemo14:49
ShadowJK If xchat's network handling could be hooked up to the input functions stuff, xchat could sleep essentially forever until a UI event or a network event :)14:50
SpeedEvilIn effect this is what wireless routers do - but with a poll interval of a few hundred milliseconds in powersave mode14:50
ShadowJKbut that's a bit of a large rewrite I'd suspect.. :/14:50
SpeedEvilExtend that out to a minute, and you see massive powersavings in many cases.14:51
red <- Finnish Ministers at their finest14:51
RST38hOk, I have found the 500ms timer14:53
ShadowJKwhat is it?14:53
RST38hmany things:14:53
ShadowJK<blink> support? :D14:53
RST38hlagometer - 500ms14:53
RST38hdcc timeout check - 1s14:53
RST38hlagometer display - 30s14:53
RST38hmsproxy keepalive - 6m14:54
RST38hso, what do we kill here?14:54
ShadowJKand they're active always regardless if lagometer is on or not, dccs active or not, proxy in use or not, right... (*sigh*)14:54
*** udovdh has joined #maemo14:55
SpeedEvilIs that a quick fix just to turn them off if not active?14:55
ShadowJKYou'd have to find the places where new dcc connections are created/killed, and activate/deactivate timers there14:55
ShadowJKBut I'd just disable lagometer entirely, and change that 500ms timer to 2 minutes or something..14:56
ShadowJKfor an easy "fix"14:56
SpeedEvilas a quick hack - lagometer to 5s, would do most of it14:56
SpeedEviland dcc14:57
ShadowJKI think the lagometer UI is the userlist that's disabled by default anyway?14:57
SpeedEvilit would be good of course to only poll if used14:57
SpeedEvilToday I'll hack up a soundcard into a nice current logger14:59
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo15:01
*** zenvoid_ is now known as zenvoid15:06
*** _claesbas has joined #maemo15:08
RST38hAaaaaaaaalllll riiiiight15:09
RST38hLagometer timeout now turned off unless actual lagometer is enabled.15:09
_claesbasanyone got knots working on windows here ?15:09
RST38hThe dcc check timeout set from 1 sec to 1 minute15:09
RST38hI hope this will still work15:10
SpeedEvilRST38: the fist would be a good patch to push upstream15:10
RST38hfuck the upstream.15:10
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC15:10
RST38hI am making myself a nice little irc client15:10
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo15:10
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5115:10
RST38hwhoever wants to get all open-sourcy about it, be my guests, the source is all yours15:10
SpeedEvilpidgin seems to be entirely event driven15:11
*** RST38bis has quit IRC15:11
StskeepsRST38h: lagometer for sure15:11
*** phreck has quit IRC15:11
RST38hGentlemen, is this lagometer thing even configurable from the UI?15:12
RST38hBecause if it is, I will have to make it restart/kill the timer15:12
RST38hBut I do not see it in the UI15:12
*** Oli```` has joined #maemo15:16
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo15:17
SpeedEvilIn the 3/4 hour since I booted xchat, it's used 13s of CPU15:17
Oli````Any ideas how I might be able to get audio playing on my desktop (Ubuntu w/Pulseaudio) routed through to my n900? Strange question, I'm sure, but to my untrained eye it looks like it should be possible15:17
SpeedEvilwhich is about 2ms/wake15:18
RST38hSpeedEvil: chat less!15:18
SpeedEvilRST38: N900evil15:18
SpeedEvilwhich has been idle on several channels15:18
papoRST38h: Maybe DLNA?15:18
papoRST38h: some people tried to route pulseaudio but I'm not sure whether they succeeded15:19
*** FIQ has quit IRC15:19
RST38hSpeedEvil: We should all chat less for his sake then!15:19
paposorry I was supposed to send that to Oli````15:20
Oli````papo: PA does have a DLNA output but what could consume it on the phone?15:20
papoOli````: the media player can handle it15:20
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC15:21
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo15:21
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5115:21
papoOli````: it depends on whether you just want to listen to your media or have system sounds etc. as well.. I guess the latter would be more complicated15:21
RST38hC#      | Ratio  | Avg/dura | Frequency | Ratio15:23
RST38h     C0 |   2.2% |          |   600 MHz |   0.0% |15:23
RST38h     C1 |   0.0% |    0.0ms |   550 MHz |   0.0% |15:23
RST38h     C2 |   3.8% |    6.4ms |   500 MHz |   4.6% |15:23
RST38h     C3 |  59.6% |  118.5ms |   250 MHz |  95.4% |15:23
RST38h     C4 |  34.4% |  430.3ms |15:23
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:24
RST38hOk, this goes into autobuilder. Is it alive? =)15:25
*** MaemohammadAG has quit IRC15:25
*** MaemohammadAG has joined #Maemo15:25
SpeedEvilwhere are you getting powertop15:26
SpeedEvilwhat was before like?15:26
RST38hSpeedEvil: there was no C4 at all15:27
SpeedEvilEverything is better with C4.15:27
RST38hpowertop is available from the sdk repo15:27
SpeedEviloh - I diddn't realise any of that stuff would run on device15:27
SpeedEvilthought it was all x8615:28
*** wazd_e63 has quit IRC15:29
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC15:29
*** dabozz has joined #maemo15:30
*** warp10 has quit IRC15:30
RST38hwell it is not the same as Intel's powertop15:31
RST38hbut performs similar function15:31
*** warp10 has joined #maemo15:31
*** alextreme has joined #maemo15:32
SpeedEvilI mean - the sdk repo15:33
SpeedEvilwhere is the sdk repo?15:33
RST38hin the sdk? =)15:34
fralsdeb fremantle/sdk free non-free15:34
fralsdeb-src fremantle/sdk free15:34
fralsdeb fremantle/tools free non-free15:34
fralsdeb-src fremantle/tools free15:34
SpeedEvilI probably should install that at some point.15:34
SpeedEvilGot the tools, not the others though.15:35
*** RST38bis has quit IRC15:35
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo15:35
*** goshawk has joined #maemo15:37
*** RST38bis has quit IRC15:37
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo15:38
*** shinkamui has quit IRC15:38
RST38bisSpeedEvil, moo15:38
RST38bisauto complete works15:39
*** RST38bis has quit IRC15:39
*** dabozz has left #maemo15:40
angasulehmm, funny, the N810 sees the laptop's ad-hoc as having some kind of security15:40
RST38hWashington, D.C.'s attorney general has filed suit (District of Columbia vs. AT&T Corp, Superior Court of the District of Columbia), claiming the city has the right, through laws applying to unclaimed property, to unused calling-card balances held in the name of D.C. residents.15:47
joppu09:08 [freenode] DCC SEND from bear [ port 0]: поɦʞɔпɟ [0B bytes] requested in channel #maemo15:47
joppuuh the unicode15:47
RST38hAlien vs Predator =)15:48
*** The_Tall1 has joined #maemo15:50
angasulejoppu: looks like a dropbear15:52
angasulehmm, ad hoc connected, but can't ping, bummerous15:52
angasuledoes the N810 WEP dialogue expect ASCII or hex?15:53
*** vbenes has joined #maemo15:53
*** fureddo has joined #maemo15:56
SpeedEvilif it takes 13...15:57
angasuleSpeedEvil: it works either way16:01
angasuleI wrote it as ASCII and it connected (no ping) I wrote it as HEX and it connected (no ping)16:01
SpeedEvilI mean - if you can enter 26 chars, it can't want ascii16:01
angasulead hoc doesn't fail if the WEP password is wrong, does it? with static IP16:02
SpeedEvilIt should fail though - as it has no place to put the extra chars in hex16:02
*** Unmenschlich has joined #maemo16:04
angasuleit's not too hard to tell apart a HEX and ASCII key, maybe the N810 does it16:04
*** L0cutus has quit IRC16:06
*** goshawk has quit IRC16:06
*** BadRobot has joined #Maemo16:06
TomaszDzaheerm, around?16:07
*** warp10 has quit IRC16:08
*** Aldwuin has quit IRC16:08
*** warp10 has joined #maemo16:08
BadRobotDoes someone in here owns a RX-5116:09
SpeedEvilSeveral poeople.16:10
SpeedEvilpoople even.16:10
BadRobotI am looking for VLC for maemo 516:10
papo'people' seems to be a hard word to spell16:10
SpeedEvilI have gloves on.16:11
SpeedEvilIt's cold.16:11
*** trofi has quit IRC16:11
papoSpeedEvil: aw16:11
BadRobotin here too. it's very cold outside16:11
SpeedEvil4.5c inside16:12
BadRobot-20 C16:12
ShapeshifterSpeedEvil: >.>16:12
Shapeshifteris your heating broken16:12
SpeedEvilYes, but cashflow problems too.16:12
SpeedEvilAs in it's not.16:13
Shapeshifterthat's horrible :|16:13
SpeedEvilAnd jumpers are mostly working. and electric blankets.16:13
*** mpk has quit IRC16:13
BadRobotmy rx-51 battery runs very fast . is it a bug on the device or is it something to do with maemo 5?16:13
*** goshawk has joined #maemo16:15
Shapeshifterrx-51? an n900 prototype or what.16:15
*** _claesbas has quit IRC16:16
BadRobotI have sold my HTC Hero for the Nokia N900 but I don't know if I have made a good choice16:16
SpeedEvilBadRobot: it depends.16:17
SpeedEvilBadRobot: what are you doing with it.16:17
SpeedEvilBadRobot: for example a wireless access point that does not support powersaving will cause it to use lots of battery16:17
BadRobotNo, I don't think it's a prototype because I have got it through my network16:17
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo16:18
SpeedEvilthen n900, not rx5116:18
BadRobot2 years contract paying 20 euros a month16:18
wolf^SpeedEvil, in my user manual it says "rx-51" ;p16:19
Caesiumpfft, got hassled to install Nokia Ovi Suite by my windows box just now when I booted it up, but it doesn't even work with the N900 :(16:19
BadRobotMy too. But in the box says Nokia N90016:19
Caesiumthe PC Suite that it unhelpfully replaced at least let me sync contacts and stuff16:20
Caesiumso that's a downgrade, thanks Nokia :P16:20
BadRobotThe Ovi Maps also socks!16:20
Caesiumah phew, PC Suite is still there :)16:20
*** mpk has joined #maemo16:20
BadRobotI think google navigation maps is way better16:21
BadRobotBut anyway I hope the maemo project have a better future then android16:22
redi think google is scary :p16:22
*** MSameer has joined #maemo16:22
ShapeshifterBadRobot: I agree. though you knew that before you exchanged your hero for an n900, right?16:23
Shapeshifterthe map bit.16:23
MSameerfrals: hey man16:23
MSameerfrals: feel like joining MMS efforts ? ;)16:23
BadRobotI like Android but Maemo experience is much better16:23
*** Meizirkki_ has joined #maemo16:23
fralshiya, i replied to your blogpost earlier today ;-)16:23
MSameerfrals: yeah just woke up and saw it16:23
MSameeryou managed to beat me but congrats :)16:24
fralshehe, as long as it works it doesnt matter who creates it imo :)16:24
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo16:24
MSameerhadn't checked your code yet16:24
BadRobotIs there anyway to sync my google contacts with N900?16:25
MSameerbut seems it's more mature than my crap16:25
fralsMSameer: what language are you coding in?16:25
MSameerC++ for now16:25
MSameerI don't feel that comfortable with python16:25
fralsokey, ive done it all in python.. since.. well, i found a MMS lib for encoding/decoding in python that seemed to work :)16:26
BadRobotIs it there good place to get .deb files for maemo 5 ?16:26
MSameeryeah I saw it16:26
MSameerbut I ended up cooking mine just because I wanted to understand how these things work16:26
*** woglinde has joined #maemo16:27
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC16:27
fralsyeah, ive read through the specs for mms/wsp a million times >_<16:27
MSameerof course mine doesn't parse anything beyond the needed to inject a To address to an existing MMS16:27
MSameerhow do you bring up the gprs interface ?16:28
MSameerICD ?16:28
fralsyeah, as long as no other connection is active it manages to connect correctly16:28
*** Termana has quit IRC16:29
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC16:30
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo16:30
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5116:30
*** FIQ has joined #maemo16:30
MaemohammadAGupdating xchat. bbl16:31
*** MaemohammadAG has quit IRC16:31
Ceronhahaha :DDD16:31
papoSpeedEvil: You told me the voltages of the two charging steps yesterday... Could you repeat the, I can't find my notes16:32
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC16:32
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo16:32
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC16:33
BadRobotHas someone got their hands on the n900 update?16:33
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo16:33
hcarregalol Ceron16:33
Ceronthats how you launch a fish into space16:34
RST38hBad, bad robot.16:35
TomaszDbad BadRobot16:35
*** Mardi900 has joined #maemo16:36
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:36
infobotFIQ meant: z16:36
*** hardaker has quit IRC16:36
SpeedEvilpapo: and the related pages are of great use16:36
infobotFIQ meant: \016:37
*** fureddo has quit IRC16:37
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:37
joppuRST38h: Don't download random debs, use the repos, top bugzilla/community contributors are testing the new update right now16:37
papoSpeedEvil: thank you16:38
RST38hjoppu: thank you, Cpt Obvious16:38
joppuRST38h: sry I meant BadRobot16:38
papoSpeedEvil: I just observed it to increase up to 4146 where it remained for a couple of minutes. Is this the end of stage 1?16:38
joppudamn autocomplete :(16:38
SpeedEvilpapo: probably16:38
SpeedEvilpapo: I have doubts as to the accuracy and repeatabilty of the ADC16:39
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo16:39
papoSpeedEvil: hm yes I'd need a large sample to know how accurate this is16:39
*** gomiam has joined #maemo16:40
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC16:40
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo16:40
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5116:40
papoSpeedEvil: maybe I can write a small script which writes to a log file and publish that on t.m.o to get more samples from other devices?16:41
BadRobotI need vlc for n90016:41
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo16:41
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC16:41
fralsdeveloping straight on the N900, having wifi powersavings off and charging makes it quite a nice finger radiator16:42
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo16:42
RST38hfrals: Try running Transmission16:42
papoBadRobot: did you google it?16:42
fralsi can see that working even better :D16:42
RST38hfrals: may even be able to fry some eggs with it16:42
joppuBadRobot: There's MPlayer, that is farly superior in every regard, so you really don't really need VLC16:43
*** goshawk has quit IRC16:43
joppuAnd I just can't spell again :(16:43
BadRobotI have tried it but . It can't play anything16:44
joppuBadRobot: Did you get the kmplayer too?16:45
BadRobotDidn't like none of them16:46
joppuBadRobot: Did you change the player to "mplayer" in the kmplayer options?16:46
joppuWell perhaps do it?16:47
joppuAlso, real men run mplayer from command line :P16:47
*** DrWilken has joined #maemo16:47
*** DrWilken has joined #maemo16:49
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC16:49
papohm the two forums "N900" and "Fremantle" are somewhat similar on t.m.o16:49
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo16:49
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo16:50
*** BadRobot has left #Maemo16:50
*** mfinkle has quit IRC16:51
*** mfinkle has joined #maemo16:52
fralswell the "fremantle" is for software and "n900" is for hardware specific... but yeah16:52
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo16:52
RST38hN900 is hardware, Fremantle is software16:52
* RST38h moos at penguinbait evilly16:53
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC16:53
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC16:53
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo16:53
*** auenf has quit IRC16:54
*** DrWilken has quit IRC16:56
*** DrWilken has joined #maemo16:56
*** woglinde_ has joined #maemo16:58
*** woglinde has quit IRC16:58
*** fnordian900 has joined #maemo16:59
RST38hAh, "first MMS sent from N900"17:01
woglinde_ moo17:01
woglinde_rst hm new firmware out?17:01
woglinde_is autobuilder usable again?17:02
*** fnordian900 has quit IRC17:02
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo17:02
*** auenf has joined #maemo17:03
*** tlir has quit IRC17:05
RST38hwoglinde: autobuilder worked for me an hour ago17:05
RST38hwoglinde: no new firmware so far17:05
*** xnt14 is now known as xnt14[away]17:05
*** fnordian900 has joined #maemo17:05
*** N900evil has quit IRC17:06
Ceron vaporware game? no worries!! live action movie is here17:06
fnordian900should xchat on n900 store favourites on exit?17:08
*** adalal has joined #maemo17:08
adalalcan anyone help me with setting up mail for exchange on the n900?17:08
ifreqif its 2003 = no help17:09
*** tlir has joined #maemo17:09
joppuCeron: Hahaha, what the fuck! It ways "Oil Storage" in Finnish on the door :P17:12
joppuAnd "Forbidden" above it17:12
joppuat 0:2517:12
ShadowJKadalal: I'd assume he means if the exchange server is versio 200317:12
ifreqadalal exchange 200317:13
adalalah, well, this is with google servers17:13
adalali've done it on symbian clients, i get an error saying that it's not recommended running it with pc suite, but i dont anyways17:14
ShadowJKI suspect a search for mfe and google on would give a quick overview of the situation17:15
rangeI always thought the quick overview was "Not officially supported and if it works you are lucky"?17:16
*** DrWilken has quit IRC17:19
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC17:20
adalallol, the problem is, i get the first sync done, i just can't click on next or finish17:20
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo17:20
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5117:20
adalaland i get the error that states that it's not recommended to use pc suite along with mfe17:20
*** Aldwuin has joined #maemo17:20
adalalso, i just end up closing the thing, and losing all account settings17:20
*** pH5_ has quit IRC17:23
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo17:24
*** MaemohammadAG has joined #Maemo17:26
*** RST38bis has quit IRC17:27
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo17:28
*** chenca has joined #maemo17:29
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC17:30
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo17:31
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5117:31
*** RST38bis has quit IRC17:31
*** Ronaldo38741 has joined #maemo17:31
*** adalal has left #maemo17:33
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo17:33
*** adalal has joined #maemo17:33
*** vbenes has quit IRC17:36
*** AlienOne has joined #maemo17:37
*** djcb has joined #maemo17:37
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC17:38
*** AlienOne has quit IRC17:38
*** MaemohammadAG has quit IRC17:38
*** MaemohammadAG_ has joined #Maemo17:38
*** Free_maN has quit IRC17:38
*** AlienOne has joined #maemo17:39
AlienOneAnyone know if there is any impact if the factory set password to the "user" account on the N900 is changed?17:40
RST38hno impact17:40
AlienOneExcellent thank you - changing password then17:42
villagerdoes the user account even have a factory set password?17:43
villagerthought not17:43
*** tlir has quit IRC17:45
*** crashanddie has quit IRC17:46
*** tlir has joined #maemo17:49
Shapeshifternow I've seen several times on the forum that the n900 is not only made in korea but elsewhere as well. But I don't see where, (and even why they would do that).17:49
TomaszDI'm messing with gstreamer decoders and I'm getting an anxiety attack17:49
AlienOneanother question is there a cross compiler in gcc for the ARMv7 processor - want to compile the latest version of Ruby to run on the N900?17:49
woglinde_install sdk17:50
TomaszDzaheerm !!!17:50
woglinde_it has the crosscompiler automagicly17:51
AlienOnewoglinde gracias17:54
AlienOneyep that is me AlienOne17:54
RST38h"...NBC executives rejected the initial version, claiming it was too "cerebral" for the average American viewer. To make the script more marketable, the American fascists were re-cast as man-eating extraterrestrials, taking the story into the realm of science fiction."17:55
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo17:55
*** warp10 has quit IRC17:55
*** warp10 has joined #maemo17:56
woglinde_hm architeture all17:57
woglinde_why my package is only build for i38617:58
*** juergbi has quit IRC17:58
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC17:58
*** juergbi has joined #maemo18:00
*** Meizirkki_ is now known as Meizirkki18:01
*** wazd_e63 has joined #maemo18:07
villageryou should probably not use architecture all, but architecture any18:07
villagerall is for packages that don't need recompiling to work everywhere18:08
*** jospoortvliet has joined #maemo18:08
villagerhmm, then python scripts can be arch all, I suppose18:08
*** tlir has quit IRC18:09
woglinde_villager hm right18:09
woglinde_villager thanks18:12
woglinde_I always stumble over this18:12
*** mas__ has quit IRC18:13
RST38hhmm...leaving engadget employee reminisces on how cool it was to watch youtube videos at work and NOT slacking off by doing this18:15
*** AakashPatel has joined #maemo18:17
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo18:17
woglinde_~lart stupid autobuilder18:18
* infobot teaches stupid autobuilder that M$ Access is a database. No, really, a database. A real live multi-user... well, ok, not multi-user, but a database. Yeah, that sounds right.18:18
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC18:20
FIQ~lart FIQ18:20
* infobot slams FIQ against a large cement Tux18:20
RST38hwoglinde: it worked for me18:20
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo18:20
RST38h~lart FIQ with passion18:20
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5118:20
* infobot takes a rusty axe and swings it violently, taking FIQ with passion's head off18:20
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo18:21
RST38hWhatever infobot has just done is non-trivial18:21
FIQ~lart GAN90018:21
* infobot runs at GAN900 with an origami Swiss Army knife, and inflicts a nasty paper cut18:21
*** brolin has joined #maemo18:22
FIQswiss army knife..18:22
FIQmakes me associtate to swiss manager18:22
FIQoh, and i lost18:22
*** mangel has joined #maemo18:23
*** AakashPatel_ has joined #maemo18:23
*** Ronaldo38741 has quit IRC18:27
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC18:30
*** brolin has quit IRC18:31
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo18:31
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5118:31
*** paroneayea has quit IRC18:36
crashanddieFIQ: you do not. TOUCH. GAN90018:36
woglinde_re crashanddie18:38
*** AakashPatel has quit IRC18:39
FIQ~lart crashanddie18:39
* infobot eats crashanddie's liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti18:39
RST38hah, punitive gastronomy18:40
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s18:42
*** Clok has quit IRC18:43
*** paroneayea has joined #maemo18:44
papoFIQ: Actually Swiss Army Knifes are quite handy in some situations18:45
*** mangel has quit IRC18:46
*** cjdavis has quit IRC18:47
Meizirkki~lart himself18:49
* infobot wallops himself with a main rotation server that needs rehubbing. It won't take long18:49
*** felipec_ has quit IRC18:50
TomaszDhaha, the ugly gstreamer package is my bitch now18:50
*** felipec has joined #maemo18:50
woglinde_hi felipec18:50
*** crashanddie has quit IRC18:52
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo18:54
timeless_mbpanyone here familiar w/ HAM/SSU?18:56
* timeless_mbp is trying to figure out what a certain thing actually does18:56
*** Erod has joined #maemo18:58
*** siriusnova has joined #maemo18:58
woglinde_has ssu still the old uclibc?18:58
timeless_mbpi hope not, but really do not know18:58
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo18:59
*** dnewman4952 has joined #maemo19:00
*** dnewman4952 has left #maemo19:01
*** lardman has joined #maemo19:01
RST38hmoo lardman19:01
RST38hhow are things?19:01
lardmanhi RST38h19:01
woglinde_jo lardman19:02
lardmanhi woglinde_19:02
* RST38h seems to have fixed XChat power troubles today (see extas-devel)19:02
woglinde_rst hehe19:02
*** woglinde_ is now known as woglinde19:02
woglindemy package finally is in too19:03
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo19:03
woglindeslow slow maemo.org19:03
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo19:03
*** Bolle_mobile has joined #maemo19:04
siriusnovawhere is the n900 update19:04
woglindesiriusnova hm?19:04
siriusnovathe new firmware update19:04
ShadowJKnot out yet?19:04
jopputimeless_mbp: btw, jusk asking of curiosity, why doesn't MicroB allow native text input in forms? Like autosuggest and autocapitalization?19:04
siriusnovathat will fix the buggy crap that the current firmware i19:04
woglindeyou mean unoffical alpah software?19:04
* Bolle_mobile trys xchat on n900 :)19:05
RST38hAnyone know how to take over a key combination, GLOBALLY?19:05
woglindeuahahah couchdb19:05
woglindethe cloud has come to n90019:05
RST38h(if I can do this without any C programming, that would be even better)19:06
woglindehm that wasnt my package19:06
* lardman has been looking for BT compasses too19:06
woglindelets see who put in the que19:06
lardmanwithout much luck19:06
woglindelardman hm19:06
SpeedEvillardman: I can point you to ones that will work but are not cheap19:08
TomaszDonly a few hours later... gstreamer0.10-rm_0.10.10.2-1maemo2_armel.deb19:08
SpeedEvillardman: there are boating compasses with NMEA output.19:08
SpeedEvillardman: then just use a serial->bt converter19:08
timeless_mbpjoppu: didn't i explain that in a fairly detailed manner in a bug?19:08
timeless_mbproughly speaking the nokia IME is incredibly broken19:08
timeless_mbpand is not a well behaved IME19:09
timeless_mbpand in order to behave usefully w/ web2 applications, the approach(es) the IME uses will pretty much break everything :)19:09
lardmanSpeedEvil: yeah, large and expensive, not ideal unfortaunately19:09
*** sleipnir has quit IRC19:09
woglindeRST38h better write to th -dev mailinglist19:09
timeless_mbpthe bigger problem is that pretty much no one anywhere actually understands IMEs19:09
*** Nukkuva has joined #maemo19:10
timeless_mbpGecko has an implementation19:10
timeless_mbpmicrob has a possibly broken gateway (this can at times be a problem of course)19:10
timeless_mbpSpeedEvil: google?19:10
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo19:10
*** Nukkuva has left #maemo19:10
*** user_ has joined #maemo19:10
timeless_mbpthe first 4 hits are all lucky :)19:10
jopputext input thingy19:10
SpeedEvilGoogle involves getting cold.19:10
*** user_ is now known as phreck19:11
*** warp10 has quit IRC19:11
RST38hwoglinde: I hate mailing lists19:11
*** hannes__ has joined #maemo19:12
TomaszDcan anyone point me to an SD rmvb sample file?19:12
jopputimeless_mbp: so it get a "fixed in Harmattan" flag? :P19:13
timeless_mbpjoppu: more like it gets a "see what happens in fennec" flag19:13
timeless_mbpif i'm right and the actual bugs are that the IME sucks19:14
timeless_mbpthen it won't get fixed until the IME is redone *properly* with input from people who know better19:14
joppuTomaszD: You shouldn't be using RealMedia Variable Bitrate in first place :(19:14
timeless_mbpwhich is unlikely to happen even for harmattan19:14
timeless_mbpeven if hypothetically harmattan includes a brand new ime19:14
TomaszDjoppu, gee, thanks for your help19:15
StskeepsHIM is way too broke to fix19:15
lardmaninfobot: Google IME for me please19:15
lcukWe can rebuild HIM — we have the technology.19:15
jopputimeless_mbp: I really have no guess what Mozilla has been doing all this time with Fennec. It's "1.0" but it's still so goddamn slow and unoptimized19:16
DocScrutinizer51RST38h: why xchat-14?19:16
lardmanlcuk: and $12M ?!?19:16
lardmanor was it 10?19:16
*** eton has joined #maemo19:16
*** goshawk has joined #maemo19:16
* lcuk waves from very groggy sleep19:16
joppuTomaszD: It's your own fault using RealPlayer, which you shouldn't be doing in the first place :D19:17
* lardman waves back from groggy MATLAB programming19:17
infobotmeizirkki forgot how to type19:17
*** Nukkuva has joined #maemo19:17
ShadowJK~google IME19:17
lardmanMeizirkki: ~seen qwerty19:17
lcukhes in tmo19:18
lardman~seen infobot19:18
infobotlardman: i haven't seen 'infobot'19:18
lcuk~seen qwerty1219:18
TomaszDjoppu, FYI, I'm making a RealMedia demuxer package for the n90019:18
infobotqwerty12 <n=faheem@Maemo/community/contributor/qwerty12> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 30d 22h 54m 14s ago, saying: 'Khertan: "As of hildon 2.2, HildonDialog has been deprecated in favor of GtkDialog. "'.19:18
Meizirkki~seen infobot19:18
infoboti haven't seen 'infobot', Meizirkki19:18
lardmaninfobot: you probably need glasses19:18
fralslardman: i raise your MATLAB programming with MMS decoding19:18
*** u1106 has joined #maemo19:19
timeless_mbpjoppu: mozilla is doing things with a schedule, but carefully19:19
timeless_mbpat nokia, for microb, we were cutting as many corners as possible19:19
timeless_mbp(often more in fact)19:19
lardmanfrals: deadlines raise the bar here too :(19:19
lcukfrals, lardman mightv been using matlab to calculate the sped of an MMS19:19
lcukspeed even19:20
fralslcuk: :D19:20
lardmanbut no :)19:20
ShadowJKafrican or european mms?19:20
fralslardman: you win ;)19:20
joppuTomaszD: I'll get you a file them19:20
Meizirkki~see what's in the mirror19:20
* infobot whispers to what's in the mirror "You didn't see anything...."19:20
TomaszDjoppu, I found one already19:20
lcuklol ShadowJK19:20
TomaszDjust fixing up last dep issue19:20
GAN900FIQ, what'd I do? :(19:22
joppuOk, what ever19:22
Macerhas anybody ever seen an .isz file before?19:22
Macerwtf is that?19:22
lcukISZ - WinMount Compressed ISO Image (WinMount International Inc.)19:23
*** gomiam has quit IRC19:23
*** lorelei^ has joined #maemo19:23
lcukive seen em, never used19:24
lardman etc19:24
* lcuk made a stand for n900 last night out of a ciggy packet19:26
* lcuk will have to do one in wood soon19:26
TomaszDvictory, RMVB works on the N90019:26
lcuklots of victories atm :)19:27
ifreqany good msn-plugin out yet?19:27
lcuksounds like people have been busy over xmas19:27
Macerlardman: heh19:28
Macerwhat a bunch of crap19:28
Macerneed to convert this19:28
Macerwonder if debian can mount it19:28
TomaszDit's kind of slow, but it does work19:28
joppuTomaszD: I have to honestly ask you what advantages there would be with RealMedia support?19:28
lardmanwatching the BBC rugby19:29
lardmanfor one ;)19:29
lardmanor listening to it if we're talking about sound :)19:29
woglindelardman who is playing?19:29
lardmanno-one atm, but just in general19:29
TomaszDjoppu, I had lots of fun making it happen, and by fun I mean several anxiety attacks while figuring out the build system19:29
Macerlooks like i am going to have to use a win7 box to use daemontools to mount this19:29
FIQGAN900: nothing, i'm bored19:29
Macerwhomever made it should be shot19:29
Macerin the nuts19:30
lcuki doubt that would decrypt the file19:30
*** wazd_e63 has quit IRC19:30
Macerlcuk: only if it isn't encrypted19:30
Maceri don't think it requires encryption to be used19:31
Maceror password protection19:31
* lardman gives Nokia a small curse for not building an e-compass in19:31
lcukdecode then19:31
lcuklardman did you see my post about the spacer19:31
Maceri was just going to mount it in daemon tools and move the files off it out of the isz19:31
lcukget somethign small enough19:31
Maceri hope this doesn't turn into a new thing19:31
lardmanam not keen on opening the case tbh19:31
lcukme neither19:31
Macerblah well. whatever. let me try this19:31
lcukbut its the first thing removed19:31
lcukbeyond the case cover19:32
lardmanshame that wintec ???-100 is no longer available19:32
* frals wanders off with OMA-TS-MMS-CTR-V1_3-20060128-C.pdf19:32
lardmansounds fun ;)19:32
* lcuk smiles more @ frals19:32
lcukyou need coffee and a bun with that?19:32
*** joonsm has joined #maemo19:33
lcuklardman   at 1minute 1419:33
fralsi think i need something a lot stronger than coffee, cheers thou ;)19:34
lcukfrals thats easy19:34
lcuklardman has a whole bar19:34
timeless_mbpjoppu: to be fair, the nokia group that did optimization was not really the same as the team that did the ui19:34
timeless_mbpand the same applies for mozilla19:34
timeless_mbpthe optimizations are typically done by a team that specializes in optimizations19:34
joonsmmoro. ongelma: Voip ja pikaviestitilit  nappula ei reagoi. eikä keskusteluissa "uusi IM".. mistäs johtunee?19:35
timeless_mbpand such teams are generally overtasked and prioritized19:35
villagerRST38h: X allows a window to grab special key combos by using XGrabKey. window managers often do this. I don't think there's a way to do it with gtk, so you probably have to use C19:35
*** xfxf has joined #maemo19:35
timeless_mbpJoonsm: English? :)19:35
joonsmproblem. voip and im-button doesnt work in settings.. neither "new IM" in conversations ?19:36
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo19:37
*** lorelei^_ has quit IRC19:38
ifreqjoonsm: solution, remove new IM accounts&conver plugin and wait for proper and really working one19:38
lardmanlcuk, frals, glass of wine?19:41
joonsmthank you. :)19:41
joppujoonsm: Käytätkö telepathy-haze:a vai telepathy-butterly:ä? Siis jos kyseessä on MSN?19:41
lcukoh yes! mr lardman that would be great19:41
joonsmmeni jo19:42
ifreqjoppu, ei se hazekaa oikee lähteny pelittää (+mitä foorumeit luki niin yhtä tehosyöppöö)</fi>19:42
* lcuk best get on and make an app19:42
lardmanah, plastic bit good stuff19:42
lardmanacidic screws19:43
joppuifreq: Well, atleast butterfly had excessive power usage, I switched to haze a today. Currently testing it out.19:43
*** fab_ has joined #maemo19:44
RST38hvillager: thanks =)19:44
*** fab__ has joined #maemo19:44
ifreqjoppu: yeah gl.19:44
ifreqbtw hermes is quite nice app :) (just a sidenote)19:45
joonsmi suppose there has been conversations about if maemo 6 something we could have on n900 also ?19:45
Stskeepsbest way to make sure it happens is by contributing to mer on n90019:45
joppujoonsm: nothing officially confirmed19:45
*** fab__ has quit IRC19:45
Macerwell. daemon tools worked19:45
Macerthat was still lame tho19:46
*** fab_ is now known as fab19:46
joonsmjoppu: personal thougts ? its possible right ?19:46
RST38h"Dense fog caused carnage in India today as four trains collided..."19:46
*** cardinal has joined #maemo19:46
*** cardinal has quit IRC19:46
*** digitalstimulus has joined #maemo19:47
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo19:47
*** xfxf_ has quit IRC19:47
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]19:48
*** millenomi has quit IRC19:48
joppujoonsm: Well previous tablets got the new versions as semi-official Hacker Editions19:48
GAN900Planet is just one article about dangerous stuff after another.19:48
GAN900"Hey, get some cool software in Extras-devel!"19:49
*** thopiekar has quit IRC19:49
RST38hYea yea19:49
RST38hthe more of them do that the fewer of them will be left to brag about it19:49
RST38hGAN: By the way, get cool new XChat build 14 from Extras-devel =)19:50
jebbaRST38h: thx for optifying xchat  :)19:50
*** hannes__ has quit IRC19:50
ifreqyau :) saw some update today19:50
RST38h"...gave her infant daughter a high dose of morphine last June in an attempt to garner the attention of the child's father..."19:51
*** lubosz1 has joined #maemo19:51
*** lubosz1 has left #maemo19:51
* jebba [Waiting for headers]19:51
*** lubosz1 has joined #maemo19:51
woglindejebba slow slow maemo.org19:51
lubosz1is there a way to install the sdk over a apt repository?19:51
*** lubosz1 is now known as lubosz19:51
woglindelubosz hm is that question serious?19:51
*** jenifer has joined #maemo19:51
*** jenifer has quit IRC19:52
*** L0cutus has quit IRC19:52
jebbawoglinde: they're not slow! Stop your venting! We're "lucky" to have such "top notch" services! STFU!
luboszwoglinde: without the bash script, just over aptitude19:52
woglindelubosz better use the script19:52
woglindebecause it does much more thinks19:53
luboszthe script is very hacky, plus i'm on 64bit :/19:53
*** jebba has left #maemo19:53
*** jebba has joined #maemo19:53
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo19:53
RST38hjebba: really? lucky?19:53
woglindelubosz you read ?19:54
Stskeepsjebba: CDN being slow is a it awkward fwiw19:54
RST38hjenifer <-- spammer19:54
Stskeepsjebba: it's akamai19:54
jebbaRST38h: well, that's what i'm told....19:55
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC19:55
RST38hjenifer: (and yes, you should probably hire a native Russian speaker to do the translation)19:55
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo19:55
jebbajenifer left the room (quit: K-lined).19:56
RST38hAh good good19:56
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC19:56
GAN900jebba, get over it.19:56
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo19:56
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo19:56
Stskeepsjebba: so if akamai is slow a bunch of other services should be messed up too,'ian19:56
RST38hGAN900: When you have to screw with autobuilder and package interface on daily basis, "getting over it" is kind of difficult +(19:57
*** Lantizia has joined #maemo19:57
jebbaStskeeps: I'm not talking about akamai nor their other clients. I'm just saying when i do things like apt-get update, it hangs quite often. Surely you've seen this too.19:57
*** pH5 has joined #maemo19:57
jebbaamongst other outages. I dont know if it lays with akamai or where.19:58
RST38hjebba: That is repositories randomly screwing up19:58
jebbaGAN900: how about instead of "get over it" it gets fixed?19:58
GAN900RST38h, unfortunately bitching here isn't helping speed things along.19:58
*** oscillik has joined #maemo19:58
RST38hUsually -devel19:58
*** _claesbas has joined #maemo19:58
LantiziaHey I have an N900... can I edit the contacts on it via the PC?  or perhaps synchronize the contact with something else on the PC and then send them back (that supports display pictures perhaps?) ?19:58
luboszwoglinde: yes a very good link, thx19:58
GAN900jebba, people are working on it.19:58
jebbaGAN900: actually it seems to. That's usually how the admins appear to find out something is out.19:58
RST38hGAN900: Nothing seems to help speeding things along, so bitching here is as good as anything else :(19:58
RST38hjebba: Not on Sunday evening though19:58
GAN900jebba, so your best bet is to relax and let them do their jobs.19:58
Stskeepsjebba: well, 403 is a real problem, same with Release hash tags.. but hanging i've only seen when my router was corrupting my DNS packages19:58
jebbathey AREN'T doing their jobs, that's the point.19:59
Stskeeps(verified by 'host' on my device)19:59
jebbait's not like this is a new issue.19:59
GAN900jebba, your opinion is noted, now kindly move on.19:59
jebba? since when do you get to say who can say what?19:59
Stskeepseither way, servers being slow can only be sorted once things are over on the new infrastructure19:59
Stskeepswhich is logical19:59
microlithjebba: for all our sakes, I don't think there's anyone in here that can do anything about it20:00
jebbasome mirrors seem logical to me.20:00
jebbaX-Fade can20:00
Stskeepsjebba: donated mirrors are a mess :/20:00
microliththat's what e-mail is for :>20:00
Stskeepsjebba: i've had to deal with all sorts of issues with them in another project20:00
jebbaya, debian has real problems with it. And and every other distro on the planet.20:00
GAN900jebba, I'm an irritated sick person with op. :)20:01
Stskeepsjebba: if it has to be vhost, it gets more difficult20:01
jebbaStskeeps: this isn't new ground here. This has been done by *many* distros.20:01
StskeepsGAN900: jebba isn't a troll though :/20:01
jebbai mean, it's  not like something new needs to be invented...20:01
GAN900Stskeeps, doesn't make me want to read his complaints every 12 hours.20:02
jebbaGAN900: i'll stfu when things work20:03
jebbai would be *working* and not griping here if i didn't stare at timeouts all the time.20:03
Stskeepsjebba: experiencing timeouts atm?20:03
jebbathey come and go20:03
Stskeepsok, i am actually too atm20:04
jebbai successfully completed a apt-get update...20:04
Stskeepsyeah, CDN is messed up20:04
jebba20.4k/sec! yippe!! This on a server at a data center with 100MBit connection.20:04
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC20:04
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo20:04
jebbai get 8,000k+ set from mirrors.kernel.org20:04
Stskeepsoh, wait a sec20:05
*** wazd_e63 has joined #maemo20:05
*** Free_maN has quit IRC20:05
Stskeepssomeone did mention people were DoSing over newyears20:05
lcukis the slowness in part related to how frequently devices check for updates20:05
*** warp10 has joined #maemo20:05
Stskeepslike, the infra20:05
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC20:05
jebbathink that has any affect on workflow?20:05
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo20:05
lcukDOS can be accidental and not a specific action of a user20:05
lcukyou sneeze and HAM checks for update20:05
jebbai didnt hear about DoS. But of course, the admins don't report anything that's going on, unless the few lines from qaiku count as updates.20:05
lcukpeople are mentioning whenever they go online with new net connect20:06
lcukits rechecking20:06
Stskeepsjebba: take it to council, that's what they're here for20:06
Stskeepspeople should get better at informing what happens20:06
jebbayes.  Standard: "Outage expected for upgrade Jan 5th, 2010"   "Outage today due to failed disk" "Upgrade complete, services back online" etc.  Emails like that sent to -devel or a dedicated list of some sort is what is common. I'll write council.20:08
Stskeepsqaikus are so small noone has an excuse20:08
Stskeepsso that'd be preferred20:08
* RST38h moos at the moon20:09
lcukis the qaiku feed available on the maemo wiki?20:09
lcukor on maemo server20:09
RST38hStskeeps: I doubt council can do anything about it20:09
StskeepsRST38h: i'd like to see council at least so -something- :P20:10
DocScrutinizer51RST38h: what,s new (in short) on xchat14?20:10
lcuk"see what the team are upto" would be better on official space20:10
infobotStskeeps meant: RST38h: i'd like to see council at least do -something- :P20:10
RST38hStskeeps: print more tshirts? :)20:10
RST38hDocScrut: check the changes section20:10
RST38hOr my tmo post20:10
wazd_e63rst38h, hey, around?20:10
DocScrutinizer51RST38h: hmm ok20:10
RST38hwazd: yea. what;s cooking?20:10
papoI just double-tapped by TV to zoom into a section... looks like the N900 is influencing me20:10
StskeepsRST38h: servers being slow is a matter of getting moved to new infrastructure for sure.. we can all agree that's the main priority atm20:11
*** crashanddie has quit IRC20:11
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo20:11
lcukpapo just wait until you start taking tv outside20:11
wazd_e63Rst38h, any signs of Roman around?)20:11
RST38hStskeeps: Servers were slow before and after the previous move to the new infrastructure.20:11
papolcuk: in my pocket20:11
Stskeepsstuff like the changes to extras process not getting done is something different though20:11
RST38hwazd: Yea. He is in FL for NY20:11
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo20:11
RST38hwazd: So, I guess wait for a couple of days20:11
Stskeepsand it just shows that more people need to participate in the development of the infrastructure20:12
wazd_e63Rst38h, ah, ok)20:12
RST38hStskeeps: exactly20:12
RST38hStskeeps: But right now we only have X-Fade20:12
StskeepsRST38h: well, not nessecarily paid20:12
Stskeepsbut is 'in essense' run as a closed source operation in some instances20:12
RST38hStskeeps: And, apparently, infrastructure is so messed up with nokia's that you are supposed to be a Nokia employee just to look at it20:12
StskeepsRST38h: ah, that part i do agree is a bit screwed up..20:13
RST38hStskeeps: so, at the end, we still have just X-fade20:13
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC20:13
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo20:13
RST38hAnd probably a huge pile of messy, convoluted code that has never been debugged20:13
jebba   Even tiny distros like puppy linux have mirrors:
*** FIQ has quit IRC20:13
*** FredrIQ is now known as FIQ20:13
RST38hjebba: Stop complaining already, will ya?20:13
RST38hX-Fade is not here, he is probably still celebratin NY somewhere nice20:14
Stskeepsjebba: make statistics at how slow CDN is performing, mail them, and hopefully it'll be fixed monday-friday20:14
wazd_e63woo, spiderman 320:14
RST38hAnd I, presonally, would rather see another link from than a bunch of linux urls20:14
Stskeepsjebba: none of those use one hostname though20:14
wazd_e63At last something non dumb on TV20:15
*** Mysterious has joined #maemo20:15
jebbaStskeeps: and why would one hostname be required anyway?20:15
Stskeepsjebba: well.. the main issue is apt not supporting redirects20:15
Stskeepssecond is that it's what is in every SDK, N900, .install files20:16
*** somecodehere has quit IRC20:16
RST38hwazd: what?20:16
Stskeepsjebba: so that means to have a proper mirror process, you need to have a contract with someone20:16
jebbaeveryone else seems to have sorted out this problem except maemo. I suggest following mainstream practices.....20:17
Stskeepscos it won't be good if you start having someone in your DNS pool that starts suddenly showing nazi propaganda cos he gets pissed off at someone at talk.maemo.org20:17
Stskeeps(i have -actually seen this happen in another project-(20:17
*** eton has quit IRC20:18
jebbaand i've seen hundreds of linux projects over the last decade solve this problem easily.20:19
Stskeepsjebba: but anyway, to get back to the point, yes, there's something odd with the CDN right now, let's investigate constructively what's wrong, but chances are that it'll be a matter of calling the contact at the CDN explaining the problem20:19
RST38hStskeeps: You probably won't argue that someone showing nazi propaganda at would be hilarious though20:19
RST38hfor an hour or two, anyway20:20
wazd_e63Stskeeps, had some time to build Marina yet?)20:20
Stskeepswazd_e63: been moving office and cleaning at the mercy of my wife for the last days.. haven't even done any Mer stuff :P20:20
StskeepsRST38h: if it's in the style of the pimp suit photoshops, i would probably giggle a bit20:20
RST38hStskeeps: Nah, it is only funny when it is deadly serious20:20
wazd_e63Stskeeps, ah, no problem)20:21
StskeepsRST38h: i'm probably a bit influenced by watching too much Allo Allo the last couple of days20:21
RST38hStskeeps: Seen that quote about the "V" vintage soap opera? =)20:21
jebbagah, even this is spinning   How does one contact the community council?20:21
* RST38h can only guess what that is20:21
Stskeepsjebba: or poke VDVsx, penguinbait, .. err, who's in the CC again?20:21
SpeedEviljebba: google cache?20:21
RST38hjebba: One waits for them to come here and then whines20:21
jebbai'm guessing my connection to * is even extra crappy due to being in south america and not europe/USA.20:21
RST38hjebba: Fortunately, is not managed by team20:22
jebbaya, and it WORKS20:22
Stskeepsoh, qole, gcobb and texrat20:22
lardmanRST38h: waits for them to come here then gives then wine you mean surely?20:22
RST38hjebba: Ah, don't you worry, it is as shitty from Europe and the USA20:22
Stskeepsjebba: well, no20:22
Stskeepsfreenode has been in the crapper for some days now due to DoS :P20:22
RST38hlardman: vinnegar is the most they are gonna get from me, personally =)20:22
jebbawell, runs far better than maemo....20:22
RST38hStskeeps: In a shallower crapper than permanently is, though20:23
Stskeepsless talk more doing, this is a community, not your local supermarket20:23
* Stskeeps goes hack20:23
fluxtoo bad IRC hasn't been extended since its first inception, other than for trivialities like services and different policies on what to do on collisions20:23
* RST38h does not talk in supermarkets20:23
RST38hand why is it too bad?20:23
Stskeepsif development process of isn't open, blog about it, write a mailing list post, etc20:23
fluxfor example, non-tree networks, client-handover, would be nice20:23
Stskeepsi agree it isn't as open as it should be though20:24
fluxand fallback-server-support20:24
Stskeepsflux: non-tree is so hyped without any proven benefit20:24
RST38hfallback server support is done in clients20:24
lcukflux, x thats infrastructure level, we still have to get over the basic problem of irc20:24
RST38hlcuk: morons? :)20:24
lcukhow to stab trolls in the face over the internet is the most requested feature20:24
RST38hYea, I knew it was morons20:24
fluxstskeeps, well, attack the root and what happens to a great percentage of users?20:25
RST38hWell, IRC does provide a convenient kick/ban interface20:25
fluxstskeeps, keeping the root hidden is one recourse, though20:25
*** pobega has joined #maemo20:25
*** davyg has joined #maemo20:25
* lcuk thinks irc is one of the coolest pieces of tech20:25
RST38hflux: here is what happens to you when you attack roots:
*** pupnik has joined #maemo20:26
fluxrst38h, had to google that for me, hmm?-)20:27
RST38hflux: of course not20:27
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo20:27
* RST38h always has a wide selection of this stuff ready for quoting20:27
Stskeepsgarage is actually bloody fast atm20:28
RST38hchristmas miracle.20:28
fluxrst38h, too bad is taken. as is, too.. you could provide a great service :)20:28
Stskeepswell, garage was migrated i think20:28
*** mikhas900_ has quit IRC20:30
*** mkargar has joined #maemo20:30
*** AakashPatel has joined #maemo20:30
RST38hStskeeps: I know you hope it is the result of migration, but in fact it is a christmas miracle =)~~20:32
Stskeepswazd_e63: get me settings to use in TM for marina?20:33
Stskeepswazd_e63: oh, you didn't send me template :(20:33
*** woglinde has quit IRC20:35
lardmanjeremiah: lol @ Yak shaving20:36
*** L0cutus has quit IRC20:36
jeremiahI wanna shave my yak my way!20:37
* lardman considers running and hiding!20:37
jeremiahYou guys are shaving the yak wrong!20:37
lardmanbut instead goes to eat his roast yak, bbiab20:37
jeremiahMmmmm. Roasted Yak.20:37
*** alexj_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** chenca has quit IRC20:38
penguinbaitI like sweet potato's with my roasted yak20:39
*** woglinde has joined #maemo20:40
jeremiahI read someone that the national dish of Tibet is black bread and rancid yak butter.20:40
infobotjeremiah meant: I read somewhere that the national dish of Tibet is black bread and rancid yak butter.20:40
* RST38h will skip on the butter then20:43
*** Mardi900 has quit IRC20:44
*** jnettlet has quit IRC20:44
jeremiahSkip on the Vineager for a while too please.20:44
*** goshawk has quit IRC20:44
RST38hjeremiah: I know it is not exactly on the same topic, but do you know how hyppos take a shit?20:45
jeremiahDo tell.20:45
RST38hWell, a hippo runs at full speed, defecating on the run and rotating its tail to spread the product over as wide territory as possible20:46
RST38hI hope you see analogy to certain internet activities...20:46
jeremiahThe interwebs are big place.20:47
jeremiahEven a Hippo couldn't poo everywhere.20:47
RST38hMore hippos, longer tails =)20:47
* RST38h looks at t.m.o suggestively20:47
*** luke-jr has quit IRC20:50
*** Moku has quit IRC20:50
*** luke-jr has joined #Maemo20:50
*** type_t has joined #maemo20:53
*** Mysterious has quit IRC20:53
pupnikit's not a place to peruse anymore20:54
pupnikrather, search20:54
*** Moku has joined #maemo20:55
*** warp10 has quit IRC20:55
*** warp10 has joined #maemo20:55
*** hannes_ has joined #maemo20:55
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw20:56
RST38hehlo hrw20:56
hrw~curse sdk for having broken debuild20:57
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, sdk for having broken debuild !20:57
pupnik"Creating portable software written in the C language has historically been challenging.  This chapter introduces GNU autotools as one solution for managing this complexity. "
hrwBuild-Depends: debhelper, cdbs (>= 0.4), libgles2-dev [armel] | libgles2-sgx-img-dev [armel], libgl-dev [!armel], libgtk2.0-dev, libxcomposite-dev, libxi-dev, libxdamag20:58
RST38hYea, right...20:58
hrwe-dev, opengles-sgx-img-common-dev [armel]20:58
hrwedheldil: Package libgles2-dev has no installation candidate20:58
*** RevdKathy has joined #maemo20:58
pupniki wish i could just export INSTALL_DIR="/opt/${PACKAGENAME}"20:58
RST38h...introduces GNU autotools as one solution to make creating portabel software an absolute hell20:59
RST38hpupnik: this does not quite work but you may try --bindir= on the configure script20:59
pupniki don't have access to the configure script if i have to submit to autobuilder, right?21:00
RST38hyou do have access21:00
*** Dompie has joined #maemo21:00
pupniki only can work in environment variables and debian/rules21:00
RST38hit is usually in the top directory of your source package21:00
pupnikor am i mistaken?21:00
hrwpupnik: --prefix=/opt/$PACKAGENAME for ./configure21:00
RST38hand you invoke it from debian/rules where you give it options21:00
tigertcmd exec applet21:00
xorAxAxi want my n900, now!21:00
* RST38h gives xorAxAx an n90021:01
xorAxAxoh, cool!21:01
hrwxorAxAx: I have n900 - now I want nokia to populate repositories with all required packages to make builds possible21:01
*** Dompie is now known as Do-m-pie21:02
RST38hhrw: can't you submit that required package to the autobuilder though?21:02
*** GAN900 has quit IRC21:03
RST38hAny kind sould can provide me with a sample code for the simplest Maemo5 desktop widget?21:03
mkargari want share my adsl connection(on eth0) by wlan0(wireless)!i tried more time!but,it doesn't work!my n900 detected wlan0,but,not internet on the n900!i used:
RST38hA single square button should suffice21:03
*** GAN900 has joined #maemo21:03
mkargari very confused!whats my problem!21:03
SpeedEvilRST38h: the sto[pwatch widget?21:03
SpeedEvilRST38h: or the eggtimer one?21:03
RST38hyou problem is that you are very confused.21:03
RST38hSpeedEvil: A URL?21:04
*** fnordian900 has quit IRC21:04
SpeedEvilRST38h: dunno - from the repo21:04
Macerwell. innocent school girl being chased by a vined tentacle creature21:04
*** cpscotti has joined #maemo21:04
RST38hWhere? WHERE?21:04
Maceri could only see where this is going :)21:04
GAN900Ugh, people keep putting their new routers on my channels.21:04
*** brambi has joined #maemo21:04
SpeedEvilRST38h: extras-=devel; I htink21:04
Macerputting new routers on your channels?21:04
RST38hMacer: More tentacle porn?21:04
*** trbs has joined #maemo21:04
brambii didn't know there were so many people here21:04
MacerRST38h: don't think so21:05
type_tmkargar try turning broadcast off21:05
RST38hMacer: pity.21:05
*** tlir has joined #maemo21:05
Macerit isn't that kind of anime... i don't think so.. although the school girl got reduced to panties and the tentacle creature was drawing near21:05
Macerfirst time i saw tentacle rape was in wicked city21:05
RST38hSee? Tentacle porn.21:05
Macernaw. i doubt it. it's blue seed. don't think it goes that far21:05
*** pillar has quit IRC21:05
* RST38h has seen it at some party after 2:00am, and all others present were stoned21:06
GAN900Macer, WiFi channels.21:06
*** fnordian900 has joined #maemo21:06
Macerhaha... tentacle porn cracks me up21:06
* RST38h couldn't quite figure out what the point of that anime genre was, but all the stoned people seemed to like it a lot21:06
MacerGAN900: well. it's not like there are a lot of channels to choose from ;)21:06
MacerRST38h: some of it is good21:06
Macera lot isn't ;)21:06
RST38hI just don't get the point.21:07
*** igagis has joined #maemo21:07
RST38hIt is probably some really narrow genre that requires a real connosieur21:07
Macerwell. a lot of it has good storylines21:07
Maceryou should watch noein. that one was pretty good21:07
* RST38h watched noein21:07
GAN900Macer, there actually are here21:07
Macerpeople watch it for the same reason they play final fantasy :)21:08
RST38hKinda ragged storyline, although I can understand what geeks find there21:08
GAN900Macer, they just keep picking ones that collide with my network.21:08
MacerGAN900: i thought routers were limited to like 16 channels or something like that21:08
RST38hMacer: To kill time? =)21:08
MacerRST38h: i like the fight scenes in noein ;)21:08
MacerRST38h: for the story line21:08
*** hrw has quit IRC21:08
* RST38h mostly skipped those21:08
*** hrw has joined #maemo21:08
Maceruh oh. the tentacles are on her. let's see if it turns into a bunch of penii21:08
mkargartype_t:how to?21:09
RST38hAside from that, the usual Japanese stuff: characters start dying off early and do it in the most painful way possible21:09
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:09
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo21:09
RST38hehlo konttori21:09
konttoriehlo to you too!21:09
*** AlienOne has quit IRC21:09
RST38hkonttori: Well, I have found a way to switch physical keyboard languages21:09
pupnikscrew this, it always goes to the wrong place21:09
mkargartype_t:i find it21:09
jebbaMirroring mini-HOWTO:
konttoriRST38h: really?21:10
RST38hkonttori: There is a single gconf key21:10
* pupnik doesn't bend this way21:10
Macerguess not21:10
woglindehi pupnik21:10
RST38hkonttori: physical keyboard layout. You change it from "us" to "ru" and suddenly get cyrillic keyboard21:10
*** Eightace has joined #maemo21:10
RST38hkonttori: with messed up arrow keys of course, but that is a different problem for a different bug report21:10
pupnikhi woglinde21:11
*** Eightace has quit IRC21:11
RST38hkonttori: Now, I am looking into writing an applet that will let you switch. My question (asked in that bugzilla ticket) still stays though: why is it not done by the firmware? :(21:11
lardmanmmm, that roast yak was so nice with black bread and rancid butter21:12
konttoriui design afaik21:12
*** lubosz has quit IRC21:12
konttori(user interaction -felt it was not good idea - my guess)21:12
RST38hkonttori: you should show that ui designer to any number of russians, greeks, etc you have in your office21:12
RST38hkonttori: don't forget to hand out pitchforks.21:13
konttorithis is so cool:
*** davyg has quit IRC21:13
konttorifor russian kb it should work like that out of the box21:13
konttoribut not for any other lnguages21:14
pupnikhey seems faster21:14
mkargartype_t:doesn't work!21:14
* hrw -> off now21:14
RST38hkonttori: oh, the problem is that if you have got a non-ru physical keyboard, it does not work21:14
*** Flyser has joined #maemo21:14
RST38hkonttori: and that is a hard bug, as it prevents bilingual people from using physical keyboard21:15
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone21:15
RST38hkonttori: this includes russians, greeks, georgians, armenians, big part of chinese and japanese21:16
*** alexj_ has quit IRC21:16
*** N900evil has joined #Maemo21:16
*** mkargar has quit IRC21:17
*** alexj_ has joined #maemo21:17
*** dirk2 has quit IRC21:17
*** woglinde_ has joined #maemo21:17
konttoriyeah. I know. And yes, it's probably trivial to fix. I'll have a think about that on tuesday (when I get back to work)21:17
*** ensonic has quit IRC21:17
RST38hthanks! please, make them reconsider21:17
*** RXrenesis8 has joined #maemo21:18
*** woglinde has quit IRC21:20
GAN900bug #756621:21
povbot`Bug Browser toolbar steals text focus in fullscreen mode21:21
GAN900Can anybody tell me the name of the last option based on comment #2 there?21:21
*** woglinde_ is now known as woglinde21:22
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo21:23
*** mkargar has joined #maemo21:23
lcukGAN900, if you dont know the name, yet you comment after saying it fixes it, isnt that a paradox21:23
*** type_t has quit IRC21:23
*** type_t has joined #maemo21:24
mkargartype_t:how to disble broadcast?21:25
lcukmkargar, does internet connection sharing work with your other computers21:25
mkargartype_t:are you mean wlan broadcast?21:25
SpeedEvilGAN900: I don't think it's there21:26
type_tsudo ifconfig eth0 blah blah broadcast off21:26
lcukcos to do this you shouldnt need much messing on the tablet itself21:26
SpeedEvilGAN900: |I thiunjk it's a about:config21:26
*** goshawk has joined #maemo21:26
lcukSpeedEvil, if timeless says its a preference, its probably there ;)21:26
lcukit might not be on your however21:27
lcukon yours ^21:27
TomaszDany ogg-support authors around?21:27
SpeedEvilI could also be going insane21:27
TomaszDTuomas Kulve, Join Valtanen?21:27
*** simeoni has quit IRC21:28
SpeedEvilbut I went through all browser options and saw nothing21:28
Macershe is one of the common voice actors for anime21:28
Macershe's hot21:28
*** simeoni has joined #maemo21:28
lcukand?  cameron diaz plays a troll in shrek21:29
lcukactually that proves your point, thats it21:29
* lcuk becomes a voice actor21:29
mkargartype_t:please,it is my ifconfig wlan0:
* lardman worries that lcuk wants people to think he's a hot female.....21:30
*** hannes_ has quit IRC21:30
*** fnordian900 has quit IRC21:30
*** eichi has quit IRC21:30
lcukthats a point, lardman i need to borrow your dress21:30
mkargarlcuk:i tested sharing method only on n900!no on the other camputer!21:30
lardmanwant the wig too?21:30
lcukyeah gfi21:31
*** eichi has joined #maemo21:31
lcukmkargar, i use internet connection sharing with windows as the middle machine21:31
mkargarlcuk:i have only one wireless card!21:31
lardmanhand bag? Not pleasant having to stuff fifty pound notes into your armpit, take it from me21:31
lcukall my other computers connect without modification21:31
RevdKathyI can lend you some underwear, lcuk21:31
kulveTomaszD: yup (for a second still..)21:31
fralscommandoo is the only way to go in a dress RevdKathy ;)21:32
lardmanRevdKathy: I must admit I used to wear shorts when possible to carry around keys, phone, wallet, etc. No idea how girls manage21:32
TomaszDkulve, hi, I'm figuring out how to add detection of different mimetypes for media player in file manager21:32
lcukRevdKathy, ok but not the peephole stuff you wore in barcelona o_O21:32
*** oscillik has quit IRC21:32
TomaszDkulve, I see that the xml file is necessary, is its name important?21:32
lardmanfrals: is nippy even with shorts on, I don't think commando is the way forward ;)21:32
lcukmkargar, does your internet also require wireless card21:33
kulveTomaszD: the name specifies the order they are read21:33
lcukor is that wired21:33
RevdKathylcuk, the stuff I wore in Barcelona is uncomfortble for daily wear - made for taking off21:33
fralson the other hand i think we all prefer if lcuk wear panties rather than going nekkid21:33
lardmanthis is true21:33
TomaszDkulve, ok, so 01_somethingsomething should be fine then21:33
Macerlcuk: haha21:33
mkargarlcuk:whats your refrence for config sharing on win?21:33
RevdKathyfrals - commando not in the UK in December. Not even for you.21:33
Maceryeah. voice actresses are hot21:33
lcukwoglinde, just let it go21:33
lcukdont search21:33
kulveTomaszD: then it's read quite early and any later file will overwrite it21:34
mkargarlcuk:but,on the win is easily than Linux!21:34
Macerwonder what the ghost in the shell girl looks like :)21:34
woglindelcuk you said it21:34
kulveif there are same mimetypes21:34
lardmanone good thing, is that waterfilled balloon breasts say nice and warm21:34
* frals goes back to bashing head against the mms/wsp specs21:34
GAN900lcuk, I'm using timeless's stringset. :)21:34
mkargartype_t:please,it is my ifconfig wlan0:
*** fnordian900 has joined #maemo21:34
TomaszDkulve, not an issue, I'll test it out21:34
RevdKathyNoe I'm confused by two conversations - is the wire/wireless conversation about internet access or lingerie?21:34
microlithman, my access point really, really hates the N900's wifi powersave modes21:34
*** RXrenesis8 has quit IRC21:34
kulveTomaszD: ok. bbl21:34
lardmanRevdKathy: whalebones surely?21:34
lcukGAN900, "auto focus address field" sounds right?21:35
RevdKathyUnderwires... and stringsets21:35
lcukwireless or underwired internet connection21:35
GAN900lcuk, I'll buy it.21:36
RevdKathyexactly, lcuk. And does you wire come out in the washing machine21:36
lcukRevdKathy, no matter how much you wash the internet it wont come clean21:37 becomes slower with the day..21:37
RevdKathynow ain't that the truth, lcuk. Especially not with tentacle porn21:37
lardmanRevdKathy: and lcuk washes the internet inside a pillow case21:37
SpeedEvillcuk: unless you use a chinese laundry.;21:37
mkargartype_t:i have onboard wireless card on laptop!21:37
mkargartype_t:do you want help me?21:37
lcukmkargar, im listening21:38
lardmanmkargar: perhaps he's not here?21:38
lcukhow do you get internet on your laptop21:38
lcukthrough a usb modem? or from wifi router21:38
RevdKathylcuk, did you see the second version of sheep is in devel?21:41
lcuki saw it was announced21:41
mkargarlcuk:i connected to internet by ADSl connection(my modem is TP link) by ehernet card(eth0)!i want share it by wireless card(wlan0)!21:41
lcukive not looked yet tho21:41
lcukok, on your tablet, have you tried just making an adhoc connection21:42
mkargartype_t:tp link is modem ian router!21:42
mkargartype_t:tp link is modem and router!21:42
type_tok you have win laptop?21:42
mkargartype_t:no no!i have only Arch Linux on laptop!21:43
mkargartype_t:i tried ad-hoc!but,n900 detected my wlan0,but,not internet on the n900!21:44
*** davyg has joined #maemo21:45
*** N900evil has quit IRC21:45
*** N900evil has joined #Maemo21:46
SplasPoodhrm... I installed browser switchboard and somehow managed to break the default browser21:48
angasuleI'm having trouble with ad hoc as well, it seems to connect, but I can't even ping21:48
mkargarangasule:ok!!i have same problem!21:49
angasuleI have an N810, though21:49
mkargartype_t:i have same problem!21:49
*** FIQ has quit IRC21:50
Macerfaye valentine from crowboy bebop :)21:50
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC21:50
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo21:51
lardmanmkargar: you need to sort out your routeing (spelling) between the adaptors21:51
SplasPood/usr/bin/browser seems to sit there for a bit (when run by terminal) then just exit21:51
*** cjdavis has quit IRC21:52
mkargarlardman:how to?21:52
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC21:52
SplasPoodHrm, is there some way to pull an image off the N900 for possible restoration at a later date?21:53
SpeedEvilSplasPood: dd21:53
lardmanmkargar: see the link above that type_t gave you, ask in there as it's a forum supporting your distro21:53
lardmanwhile this is not21:53
SplasPoodSpeedEvil: I suppose that'd do it..21:53
lcuk#archlinux has 700 people ;)21:53
lardmanmkargar: ^ another option21:54
*** Free_maN has quit IRC21:55
*** pobega has quit IRC21:55
SplasPoodSpeedEvil: hrm, interestingly (or not) my linux box sees no partition table on the internal flash21:56
SplasPoodSpeedEvil: I presuming taking an image of it while the phone itself is still accessing it isn't the way to go?21:56
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:56
SpeedEvilSplasPood: I think the 'flasher' tool can also get an image21:57
lardmanyou can't see the internal flash from a desktop computer21:57
SplasPoodSpeedEvil: ok, I'll look into that21:57
*** mkargar has quit IRC21:57
*** benh has joined #maemo21:57
ali1234just use netcat on the raw devices21:57
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo21:57
SplasPoodlardman: well it at least exports the block device...  I end up with my sdcard and a 30GB device that I cannot see anything within21:57
lardmanthat's the internal SD card21:57
lardmanis it not?21:58
lardmanor is that a single partition of the internal flash?21:58
lardmanI can't remember21:58
SplasPoodI'm pretty sure the 30GB is the flash, and my 4GB SD is the other one....21:58
SpeedEvilIt exposes the first partition of the interna,ll mmc as a device when you plug it in21:58
lardmanthe rootfs is on NAND which doesn't ever get mounted for the PC to see21:59
lardmanSplasPood: try SpeedEvil's suggestion with the flasher, sounds reasonable21:59
* lardman never having looked at that option21:59
*** Bolle_mobile has quit IRC22:00
davygis there an instant messagerie supporting video for the n900 ?22:00
*** type_t has quit IRC22:01
*** Bolle_mobile has joined #maemo22:01
SplasPoodlardman: lookin into that now22:01
lardmandavyg: Iirc the Jabber service/Google talk allows video messenging between Nokia devices22:01
*** shinkamui has joined #maemo22:02
shinkamuidamn I slept in22:02
shinkamuiand them saints SUCK22:02
Stskeepsthis isn't twitter22:02
w00tit's not? what have I been wasting my life on22:03
lardmanwhat's twitter?22:03
w00tthat's what22:04
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC22:04
zashIRCin on ?22:05
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo22:06
lardmanIs there the same sort of friend gathering that goes on on Facebook?22:06
SpeedEvilzash: it's cruise control for cool!22:07
SpeedEvilBinary capslock.22:07
* RST38h decides against working tonight22:07
w00tlardman: nah, it's too full of spammers^Wsocial media experts22:07
lardmanI've posted a whole 2 tweets I think, yet I keep getting "someone's following you" messages from people who have also posted once, and are following x-hundred people22:07
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo22:08
lcuklardman, spam!22:08
RevdKathylardman - do you get followed by Britney with those 'ahem' images?22:08
lcukpost for real and those stop22:08
lcukRevdKathy, your spam has multiple images22:08
*** angasule has quit IRC22:08
w00tRevdKathy *is* spam22:08
lcukby the time i find those mails the users have been removed22:08
lardmanmy real posts would be dull "curing MATLAB", "cursing MATLAB", .....22:08
lcukw00t omg you are right22:09
RevdKathyw00t... Awwww *sniff* Gonna cry now22:09
SpeedEvilfrals: is sdk repo loading for you?22:09
davyglardman, thanks i will try that22:09
fralsdunno dont have the sdk running atm, give me a min and ill check22:09
*** pupnik has quit IRC22:09
lcuklardman, would be better having matlab itself tweeting22:10
lardmanlcuk: it can barely talk to me the loops are so tight and super efficient :p22:10
lcuk"solved fermets last theorem, but wont show that wine drinking transvestite cos he keeps swearing at me"22:10
lardmanand it's a two-liner too22:11
RevdKathyLOL lcuk. I dare you to tweet that22:11
fralsSpeedEvil: yeah, but its reaaaaaaaaally slow22:11
* konttori just wrote a quick wiki page about the calc example he blogged about last time:
*** angasule has joined #maemo22:12
konttoriAny ideas on how to upload a zip file to a wiki page?22:12
SplasPoodlardman: doesn't look like flasher-3.5 has any such option, gonna keep googling22:13
lcukRevdKathy, dare accepted22:13
*** pH5 has quit IRC22:13
angasuleso, hmm, I configured my laptop and n810 as ad hoc, the n810 says the connection was successful, but I can't ping, routing is fine, tcpdump -i <correct interface> on my laptop shows it's sending messages ok, and ifconfig reports no errors22:13
lardmankonttori: very pretty, but will it do symbolic integration?22:13
angasuleon the n810 side, ifconfig reports TX errors22:13
SpeedEvilfrals: won't load at all for me - I guess just try tomoorrow22:14
RevdKathyLove it!22:14
lcukkonttori, \o hey, upload zip to garage or other repository and link from there? i didnt know the wiki was a file host22:14
RevdKathyNeeds a hashtag so lots of people see it22:14
konttorithe calculator is really simple. No, it won't do. But you can surely improve it to do22:14
*** florian has joined #maemo22:15
lardmanWell if anyone's bored, Qalculate! needs some hildonisation22:15
lardmankonttori: your demo does look cool though :)22:15
konttorilcuk: garage is not nice, as I would have to upload that as part of some project.22:15
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo22:15
RST38hlardman: Have a friend working at NASA22:15
konttoriand I don't have any other good places that store permanently files22:15
lcukkonttori, gitorious22:15
konttorilardman: thanks22:15
lcukif its source stuff?22:15
woglindeangasule ad-hoc suckz at transfering big files22:16
konttorilcuk: I don't want to make a new project for snipplet of a code.22:16
lardmanRST38h: go on22:16
RST38hlardman: She said there was some guy running around the office and bugging people with the idea to use Matlab for real time space vehicle control22:16
konttoriI mean, that code is only quick hack. My first hello world to qml.22:16
lcukkonttori, you have your on server?22:16
konttoriAnd I just wanted people to see how nice and clean qml is.22:16
lcukyou oculd make pages with it22:17
lardmanRST38h: good Lord!22:17
konttorilcuk: no  I don't22:17
lcukor properly add it as a project seed22:17
angasulewoglinde: umh, ok, no networking sucks at transfering small files.22:17
RST38hlardman: With people actually running from him as if he were sick with bubonic plague22:17
lcukcos then it can be built on22:17
lardmanRST38h: Well he trusts Java's garbage collection more than I do ;)22:17
SpeedEvilRST38h: I'm reminded of a failure I heard of.22:17
konttorilcuk: and even if I did, I would not feel that's a permanent storage22:17
RST38hlardman: Oh, wait, you are running it with kava?22:17
SpeedEvilRST38h: Which was doing complex maglev of high speed rotating objects in real-time using matlab22:17
lcukthen make a garage project and the app support for it22:17
lardmanRST38h: that's how it runs by default22:17
lcukdog food and everything22:17
SpeedEvilRST38h: and failing dismally.22:17
RST38hlardman: There is a command line option. -nojava or something22:18
konttoricrap. Ok, I'll make a garage project. Sigh.22:18
*** goshawk has quit IRC22:18
*** pupnik has joined #maemo22:18
lcuklol konttori there really isnt any way round that one22:18
RST38hlardman: it kills the java dead and brings back the old, reasonable, console interface22:18
angasuleI miss my networking :(22:18
lcukits easier on gitoriour afaik22:18
lardmanRST38h: I think that just gets rid of the UI though, the backend is probably still Java - all sorts of Java exceptions thrown out to the command prompt when you manage to crash/run out of memory, etc22:18
konttorilcuk: there is: Make wiki allow zip uploads!22:18
konttorithat way the wiki and the source are always in sync.22:19
RST38hlardman: never gave me a java exception in all three years of using it22:19
lcukthen it needs to support history of zips22:19
lcukand changes22:19
RST38hlardman: backend is all c/c++ anyway22:19
lardmanRST38h: you didn't try hard enough then ;)22:19
lcukand extra new new servers ontop to maintain it22:19
*** romaxa_ has quit IRC22:19
*** hexagon has joined #maemo22:19
RST38hlardman: or matlab changed.22:19
lardmanit can quite happily run interpreted Java code these days22:19
RST38hlardman: but I would still try finding and using that command line option. It helped me A LOT22:19
lardmanwhich is not necessarily a good thing22:20
* RST38h ran it on Ultra2 which folded when starting Java UI22:20
lcukkonttori, i agree with issues of wiki/source breakup,  the wiki could come from the source repo itself if done with garage22:20
*** AakashPatel is now known as Aakash22:20
lardmanRST38h: how long ago?22:20
RST38hlardman: 200422:20
lcukat least thats how app websites work22:20
*** Aakash is now known as AP22:21
lardmanRST38h: who knows22:21
*** AP is now known as AakashPatel22:21
*** PBeck has joined #maemo22:21
RST38hok, going to watch a movie and hit the bed22:22
*** AakashPatel is now known as AAPL22:22
woglindenite rst22:22
PBeckmy n900 would't reboot - i think the rootfs is full - have i a few options to do except of flashing?22:22
*** AAPL is now known as ABP22:22
RST38hIt is Steve Jobs! Kill! Kill him quick! The big finger on his left hand is said to bring luck!22:22
*** ABP is now known as Aakash22:22
PBecki have tested the trick with the R&d mode but that not help22:22
konttoriNice, my snes video demographics showed 21% female viewers. For that QML demo video: 0% female viewers ;)22:22
*** samppa has quit IRC22:23
RST38hkonttori: more importantly, it shows 1 or more Nintendo lawyers22:23
RST38hshowed, sorry22:23
PBeckwhat will be erased when i flash the normal image?22:23
angasulehmm, iwlist eth1 peers gives no peers22:23
PBeckor what is saved in the emmc?22:23
*** Bolle_mobile has quit IRC22:24
RST38hor maybe some really pissed off executive, who knows...22:24
lardmannight night RST38h22:25
* lardman heads to watch TV22:26
adalalis there a plugin on the n900 contacts and conversation to add facebook?22:27
adalalas in a facebook chat22:27
*** Bolle_mobile has joined #maemo22:27
woglindeangasule did you use the gui to setup ad-hoc mode on n900?22:28
angasulewoglinde: n810, and yes22:28
lcuk :) not the only one22:28
woglindeangasule whats the hostpc saying?22:28
angasulewoglinde: could you be more specific?22:28
woglindedid he get an IBSS mac?22:28
woglindeangasule try to disconnect and connect again22:29
woglindesometimes It works than22:29
woglindeon n81022:29
*** Flyser_ has joined #maemo22:29
*** L0cutus has quit IRC22:29
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo22:31
angasuleshould iwlist eth1 peers show my n810? I'm not sure what that command does, really22:32
konttoridoes anybody know how to send a dbus message in qt script?22:34
woglindekontori consult qtdocs?22:35
*** pH5 has joined #maemo22:35
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo22:36
*** LuciusMare has joined #maemo22:38
woglindere LuciusMare22:38
TomaszDDecoders Support 0.2 is now in the queue22:38
LuciusMarecan microb delete the personal data (such as history,cache) ?22:38
woglindeTomaszD hm what I gain with this?22:38
TomaszDwoglinde, do you know what the initial package does?22:39
SpeedEvilLuc: yes - options when browser is open22:39
TomaszDthen read the description, 0.1 is in Extras22:39
*** LuciusMare has quit IRC22:39
*** adalal has quit IRC22:40
*** L0cutus has quit IRC22:40
pH5TomaszD: what's new in 0.2?22:41
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC22:42
*** Flyser has quit IRC22:42
TomaszDpH5, I spent a few hours to make a RealMedia GStreamer package, so that's a new thing. And also support for easy playback from the File Manager (no need to choose the Media Player manually)22:42
TomaszDoh, and now it depends on ogg-support for a complete set of decoders.22:43
woglindeslow slow maemo.org22:43
pupnikcan gpodder play video podcasts now?22:43
fralsgod is slow :<22:43
fralsgive me pypackager already!22:43
TomaszDpupnik, it definitely did since I remember, try the TED podcast22:44
tigertlooks kinda classy on maemo screens22:44
pH5TomaszD: thanks22:44
konttorinice font22:44
tigertit is22:44
tigerttook a bit to get used to22:44
tigertbut its sweet22:44
tigertdump the ttfs /home/user/.fonts and reboot22:45
tigerts/ttfs/ttfs to/22:45
infobottigert meant: dump the ttfs to /home/user/.fonts and reboot22:45
*** hannes_ has joined #maemo22:47
*** hannes_ has quit IRC22:49
pupnikted video works TomaszD ty.  now i can look into these other feeds22:49
TomaszD:)22:49 if you like that stuff.  needs some terminal config work and removal of a 'feature'22:51
pupnikbut it is optified22:51
lcukwhat happens if you optify a folder with some contents already optified22:52
lcukdoes the universe implode?22:52
fralsanyone happen to have pypackagers .debfile? im going crazy waiting for maemo.org22:52
pupnikit means i still cant package22:53
lcukpupnik, i dont mean you specifically22:53
lcukbut in general, does the /optifier know whether parent folders have already been optified22:53
lcukand will it just create symlinks regardless22:53
SpeedEvilcan fbreader load http urls?22:58
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo22:59
*** b-man17 has joined #maemo23:00
konttoritigert: I'll create a theme with that font to see how it works as the UI font23:02
*** boogeyman has quit IRC23:03
*** trbs has quit IRC23:03
Stskeepsjeremiah: ah, another good reason for it being difficult to mirror: nokia-binaries is hosted on as well as timed SDK releases (hidden until launch)23:04
Stskeepswhich would be a major headache to mirror pool/maemo5.0 and so on23:04
*** xnt14[away] is now known as xnt1423:05
*** vbenes has joined #maemo23:05
*** rsalveti__ has quit IRC23:05
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo23:06
*** woglinde has quit IRC23:08
*** orbarron|n900 has joined #maemo23:08
*** orbarron|n900 has left #maemo23:08
*** orbarron|n900 has joined #maemo23:09
*** woglinde_ has joined #maemo23:10
*** Acedip has quit IRC23:10
*** Acedip has joined #maemo23:11
*** romaxa_ has joined #maemo23:12
pupnikgpodder does not offer me to download the previous (not new) ted videos so that i can resume23:12
shinkamuihi pupnik23:13
shinkamuiI succeeded in building a software rendering blender23:13
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo23:13
shinkamuiits a little slow though23:13
shinkamuiand I spoke with the author of blenderpocket23:14
ali1234how easy is it to use with only one mouse button?23:14
pupnikis there a decent wireframe mode?23:14
shinkamuihe said he wrote an opengl to gles warpper for the pocketpc23:14
*** Kamui has quit IRC23:14
shinkamuieven though its still software driven, opengles removes the stress of floating point operations on the cpu23:14
*** warp10 has quit IRC23:14
pupnikthere is also one on gp32x.com23:14
shinkamuiI think I saw that one pupnik23:14
shinkamuiI can't make any sense of it23:15
shinkamuithe googlecode one23:15
shinkamuiwes-gl iirc23:15
pupnikyeah same23:15
*** warp10 has joined #maemo23:15
*** user__ has joined #Maemo23:15
shinkamuiI don't really know how to use it23:15
pupnikyou have built with fast cflags i guess23:15
pupnikat least march, neon, fastmath23:15
shinkamuiI can try that23:16
shinkamuican't uhurt :)23:16
*** joonsm has quit IRC23:16
shinkamuiotherwise, I got my hands on the blenderpocket wrapper23:16
shinkamuiand I think that will take me some days to implement23:16
shinkamuia lot of crap is hardcoded and wince specific23:16
ali1234pupnik: about SDL audio, yesterday i built a bunch of emulators for my brand new AMD quad core. the ones that used SDL for audio would use 200% CPU ie two full cores, one for the emulator and one for pulseaudio. so i come to the conclusion SDL + pulse is really badly broken23:16
woglinde_ali uahaha23:17
*** Dompie has joined #maemo23:17
ali1234when using alsa or pulse direct it would be 100% for the emulator and <1% for the sound23:17
*** user__ is now known as Morti23:17
*** Kamui has joined #Maemo23:17
pupnikthat symptom is certainly not present with sdl+pulse on fremantle/rx5123:17
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC23:18
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo23:18
*** boogeyman has joined #maemo23:18
pupniksdl works fine with pulse on n900- they patched for that23:18
ali1234it is for me, for everything i have compiled that uses SDL sound23:18
ali1234it uses 25% to 50% CPU on pulseaudio23:19
*** millenomi has joined #maemo23:19
pupnikall sdl+pulse apps in extras result in pulse using 12-18 percent23:20
pupniktry em23:20
ali1234which ones?23:20
*** Sir_Lancelot has joined #Maemo23:21
pupniktoppler duke3d dosbox23:21
pupnikpsx4all too23:22
*** boogeyman has quit IRC23:23
ali1234psx4all makes pulse use at least 25% CPU for me23:23
ali1234is suspect it would use more if it was available23:23
ali1234the sound stutters horribly as it is23:24
pupnikanyway im sorry didnt get it going straight to hardwre yet23:25
ali123415% with duke-3d23:26
ali1234and why does duke constantly run forwards??23:26
pupnikbug.  disable accel in config23:26
ali1234how do i quit? argh23:28
ali1234i hate programs like this23:28
pupnikit told you on intro screen23:28
ali1234well, i killed it23:28
pupnikctrl backsp23:28
ali1234huh, it didn't work then, cos i tried that23:29
ali1234i have a feeling that pulse CPU usage increases with CPU load from other apps23:29
pupniksorry shift backspace23:29
ali1234i notice duke 3d only uses about 20% itself23:30
*** boogeyman has joined #maemo23:30
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo23:30
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo23:30
pupnikyeah its not meant to be a pandora23:30
pupnikso fine23:30
pupnikit wont be one23:31
shinkamuiwhat where those C flags again?23:31
shinkamuishould I put them with the release flags -0223:32
pupnikdunno offhand23:32
pupnikyou are probably 1/2 speed atm :)23:33
konttoriali1234: try pluggin gin the headphones. puls should drop down23:33
*** Creteil has joined #maemo23:33
Creteilhi all23:33
ali1234i'll give it a go i suppose23:33
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo23:34
Creteilis there a way to autorun applications at startup, for example I want phone, calendar and contacts started when my N900 start ...23:34
*** Bolle_mobile has quit IRC23:34
*** pete27 has joined #maemo23:37
*** phreck has quit IRC23:37
Creteilallo ?23:38
*** pH5_ has joined #maemo23:38
*** pH5 has quit IRC23:38
Creteilsomeone up, I'm lagged ?23:38
ali1234konttori: seems to drop pulse usage from 20% to 10%23:39
cehtehthere is a calendar desktop widget23:39
*** benh has quit IRC23:39
ali1234oh no, it's gone back up now23:39
cehtehif you really want to start apps you have to figure out if there is a .xsession or so ..23:39
*** emma has quit IRC23:39
konttoriali1234: well, pulseaudio should not be doing much when you have headphones plugged in23:39
papo"In addition to the data you'll get, the best is not to collect data on the phone where the application is installed at each charging, so the estimation will remain the closest of the reality ?" <- does anyone understand what this means?23:40
ali1234when you use SDL audio, it pretends to be an alsa device, so it's doing that23:40
fralshmm, wonder what the 300kb MMS size limit is all about in my n95.. just sent myself a 1mb picture from the n900 by mistake :D23:41
*** VDVsx has quit IRC23:41
SpeedEvilpapo: what app23:41
papoSpeedEvil: that's the context23:42
RevdKathyGoodnight, all :)23:42
woglinde_bite kathy23:42
woglinde_ups nite23:42
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s23:43
*** RevdKathy has quit IRC23:43
Creteilcehteh, it look like there is some things to tune in '/etc/event.d' to acheive what I want ...23:43
SpeedEvilI thinkhe's trying to say that your app may use some power.23:43
cehtehi rather wonder why you want that?23:43
papoSpeedEvil: Hm yes23:44
Creteilcehteh, why not ?23:44
cehtehrunning apps need more power, starting apps is quick, and imo navigation to many running apps is not very good solved23:45
*** boogeyman has quit IRC23:46
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC23:46
lcukwas wondering about that23:46
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo23:46
lcukits most likely a limitation atdest end23:46
lcukmost phones expect reduced size, but allow multi photos23:47
*** tlir has quit IRC23:48
pupnik-Wall -mfpu=neon -ffast-math -ftree-vectorize -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfloat-abi=softfp -Os -fomit-frame-pointer  shinkamui - these should give good results23:48
pupnikor -O2 with that23:48
*** MaemohammadAG_ has quit IRC23:49
*** boogeyman has joined #maemo23:49
shinkamuithanks pupnik23:49
shinkamuiadding them to the scons script now23:49
pupnikeh, ignore the first23:50
*** woglinde_ has quit IRC23:52
*** tlir has joined #maemo23:52
shinkamuiim rebuilding with your strings and -0423:53
pupnikthe cpu and fpu are important i think23:54
shinkamuifpu especially23:54
shinkamuibu tI did specify the cortex-a8 too23:54
shinkamuiI was gonna do that im glad you mentioned it23:54
pupnikah then there won't be a huge win23:54
shinkamuiI hope that fast-math makes a big difference23:55
shinkamuiand the original build I showed the video of didn't have the cpu specified23:55
cehtehblender still? :)23:55
shinkamuiit was just an 02 build23:55
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo23:55
shinkamuicehteh yep23:55
shinkamuiblender until I get it working23:55
shinkamuithen Ill move to the next project23:55
cehtehbetter seti ..23:56
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo23:56
cehtehsearch interterrestical intelligence near your balls :)23:56
*** florian has quit IRC23:57
*** flo_lap is now known as florian23:57
PBeckhum i get that error when i log into the terminal -sh: /etc/bash_completion: line 49: syntax error: Bad substitution23:57
PBeckand my ssh server will not star because he cant find keys in /etc23:57
PBeckwhat is full? :) rootfs has 89 %23:58
cehteh100% is full :)23:58
cehtehor /dev/full23:58
PBeckcehteh: yeah i have no idea23:58
PBeckanythink is defect23:58
*** sphenxes has quit IRC23:58
*** tlir has quit IRC23:58
cehtehpossibly .. just disable bash completion23:59
PBeckcehteh: it has worked before23:59
cehtehdid you copied some profile / bashrc or so over?23:59
PBeckyes, but it has worked - i think a program has damaged anythink23:59
*** gunni has quit IRC23:59

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