IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2008-12-26

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merkuralexIs there a scratchbox equivalent for windows?00:43
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merkuralexVery nice thank you for the info!00:45
b-manhello everyone, hope you had a great christmas!00:46
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merkuralexIndeed same to you!00:48
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GAN8001Stskeeps, ping? :P02:16
* mike_xcr ping timeout [99.9% packets lost]02:17
lcukping: packet found a bar, got drunk, took random bargal home to meet the family on christmas day, was rejected by its peers and now languishing in the gutter02:20
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merkuralexIs there a desktop plugin to display nba games like for cavs so I can see when they are playing?02:32
GAN8001Can you find an image URL that has that info?02:32
GAN8001Then you can use the web plugin for that02:32
GAN8001But, no, there are no sports-specific applets. . . .02:33
merkuralexHmm good idea02:33
merkuralexOkay thank you02:33
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merkuralexCan someone provide me a link to the web plugin?02:43
GAN8001merkuralex, built-in02:43
merkuralexWeird I have never heard of it02:44
GAN8001It was enabled when you first turned on the device02:44
GAN8001Web shortcut plugin02:44
merkuralexOh duh!02:44
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merkuralexHmm anyone have an example of how to make a desktop plugin in python to display text simpley like homeip does with alpha?02:46
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* jagernot waves03:28
merkuralex*Waves* :D03:29
jagernotwassup merkuralex03:30
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merkuralexNothing much just sitting here with my nokia while watching bond :D03:31
jagernotonly 52 downloads of my app i poured my heart into03:31
merkuralexWhat app?03:32
jagernotboxar - my music app for n81003:32
mavhcthere's a new app?03:32
jagernotok if u insist ..
merkuralexAnd it happens lol I made one a long time ago for windows and got like 138 so far and its been like 3 months03:32
merkuralexActually 15303:33
mavhcadvertisement is what you need03:33
merkuralexYea I used softpedia but for maemo there is just an internettablettalk that I know of03:34
jagernotif only someone can bloody bulldoze that eCoach ad i see since the dawn of time on maemo.org03:34
GAN8001jagernot, Extras. :)03:34
jagernotGAN i submitted to extras..dont even know if its compiled yet03:35
GAN8001Also note that it takes a little while for the Downloads stats to update03:35
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jagernotthat eCoach ad has got to go03:36
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jagernotto make way for other apps. ok you are no: 1 but its not about no:1 in the free software world is it03:37
GAN8001Those may be rotated manually at the moment03:38
GAN8001Harass X-Fade.03:38
jagernotX-Fade: move that eCoach please03:38
jagernotits been there too long and its killing apps that deserve some air time03:38
mavhcalso we're nerds, and thus scared of exercise03:39
merkuralexWhat does that have to do with anything mav?03:39
jagernotanyhow who tried my app ? :)03:40
merkuralexI might when I free some space im not partial to music apps at all :/03:40
jagernotfree some space? its 82kb :)03:40
merkuralexWhat language did you use to write it?03:40
jagernotANSI C03:41
jagernotaaaw the world wants yet another mplayer and pim and car fuel calculator03:41
jagernotnot a musical instrument03:41
jagernota sad world indeed03:41
merkuralexNah I just don't care about anything music03:42
jagernottry it merk03:42
mavhcI'll dl it in a moment03:42
jagernoti wrote it for those that care03:42
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jagernotok now i hope the whole thing works though...cos whenever i do rhetoric , some bug surfaces03:43
jagernoti wrote it for those that 'dont' care i mean03:43
merkuralexHey its 78kb to install you were wrong :P03:45
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* jagernot slouches on the desk, one hand supports his head, the other hand drums the desk03:46
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merkuralexDude this is great03:48
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jagernotmerci merk03:48
merkuralexEven though I dislike anything that has to do with music its fun03:48
jagernoti told ya :03:48
merkuralexLol and I believe you now03:48
jagernotmove over eCoach03:49
jagernotput boxar!03:49
jagernotit will be ages since i turn downloads up 1 by 103:49
jagernot52 downloads03:49
jagernotfree software03:49
jagernotas in beer, as in freedom03:49
jagernotwhat has this world come to?03:49
mavhcis there a normal scale melody?03:50
jagernotu mean the whole 12 tone scale?03:50
merkuralexHave you posted on the ITT forums?03:50
mavhcjust cdefgab03:50
jagernotraga bhairav is C Db E F G Ab B C'03:51
jagernoti could add a major scale if u want :)03:51
jagernotnot yet merk03:52
jagernotanybody try rhythms?03:52
jagernotpress the esc key03:52
jagernotand play03:52
merkuralexYea its quite nice03:53
lcukesc normally means cancel/break/stop ;)03:53
jagernotnormally yes03:53
merkuralexYea who wants to stop its all  go go go03:53
jagernotpress esc again to get a new rhythm03:54
jagernot65536 rhythms to play with mmm03:54
lcukyou have an enter key or menu key or arrows or up down, but keep esc to go back03:54
jagernot16bit unsigned bit pattern03:54
jagernotlcuk: thot about that but that means i have to keep the keyboard open at least on n81003:54
lcukbut if the kb is open you also have extra keys for doing things03:55
mavhccouple more things: pressing menu items also plays a sound, and there's no volume control03:55
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jagernotmavhc: yep...volume control is global03:55
merkuralexYou could add holding buttons down like + and - keys should be able to hold them down for faster throbing speed changes03:55
jagernotie u have to set it outside the app03:55
lcukhow does canola do it then?03:56
jagernotmerk: u mean a key repeat?03:56
lcukor X media player03:56
merkuralexSue lol03:56
jagernotmerk: for a moment i thought i had a female fan...Sue03:56
lcuki tohught he was gonna get the lawyers involved03:57
lcuk"your honour, the accused would not turn down the volume"03:57
mavhccanola doesn't repeat on volume afaik03:58
jagernoti wanted key repeat too on the throbbing speed03:58
jagernotit repeats on other keys tho03:58
lcukjager, you should be able to control the sound within your app by simply reducing the amplitude of your final waveform03:58
jagernoton decay etc03:58
merkuralexWould be ncie...03:58
mavhcanyone else have problems with canola unpausing and moving the position in the file to where it was originally paused?03:58
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lcukmavhc, isnt that the same with any app03:58
jagernotlcuk: yeah have to add that at some point03:58
jagernotcos too many lazy bums dont want to go and change the volume outside of the app lol03:59
lcukjager, esound itself might have a volume option, its certainly a reasonable request03:59
merkuralexAnyone know where the key and tap sounds are I wanna eplace them03:59
lcukjagernot, EVERY music app in existance has internal volume control, deal with it03:59
lcuk(well, everything logical)03:59
jagernotpoint taken lcuk04:00
jagernotwill update04:00
jagernotbut its not a motivating feature addition u know04:00
mavhclcuk: seems to be only when canola remembers it was interrupted, then when I pause then unpause it goes back to that original time04:00
jagernotand 52 downloads04:00
lcukyeah jagernot obviously, just when you are next in the area04:00
jagernotmerk turned into 5304:01
lcukim just as bad with things04:01
lcukis this counted from your homepage?04:01
lcukor from extras04:01
jagernotfrom garage.maemo.org04:01
jagernoti think 1 more day of eCoach im going to eat my hands and legs i think!04:01
lcukecoach is available in extras, its listed in apps in h-a-m directly on the device04:02
lcukno1 has to download manually04:02
lcuki didnt count the number of downloads of liqbase before it went into extras, but it cant have been *that* high04:03
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lcukinfact, i still remember sending out a few via email04:03
jagernothave to work on the 'marketing'04:04
jagernotof boxar04:04
jagernotif merk doesnt know it..then clearly the word hasnt got out04:04
mavhchow organised04:04
merkuralexWhat now I was busy playing with boxar :)04:05
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mavhcwho uses their finger? I spend enough time cleaning the screen only using the stylus04:05
merkuralexI use my finger04:05
merkuralexI can't be bothered to get out stylus04:06
jagernotfingers are nice04:06
jagernotim going to add presets04:06
mavhcbetter than having oil on the screen04:06
lcuki like a touchable interface but you will have to take the stylus out of my cold dead hands04:06
jagernotGAN: thanks, i just cant edit and put a link to boxar is it?04:07
mavhcobviously the touch screen should go on the back of the transparent device04:07
lcukmavhc, only helps with certain usage cases04:08
lcukits not intuitive to have to reach round the back of a device all the time04:08
merkuralexNeed to just get a screen protector you can take off run water over and put back on :D04:08
mavhcyou're holding it04:08
lcukto be forced to hold it all the time would be awful04:08
GAN8001jagernot, please read the criteria.04:09
mavhchave a touch on the front too then04:09
GAN8001mavhc, I never use the stylus.04:09
GAN8001You just need a real screen protector.04:09
jagernotGAN: i dont know if my app is on extras yet. i submitted it.04:09
jagernotGAN: how do i find out?04:09
merkuralexNokia needs to figure out how to make a more finger friendly screen with no smears magically lol04:09
mavhconly protectors I've seen make the display look crappy04:09
mavhcfree robot hands with every n91004:10
merkuralexGan:what protector do you use?04:10
lcuk[extras-builds] [diablo]: boxar 1.1-1 FAILED04:10
GAN8001mavhc, then you've used some pretty shitty protectors.04:10
GAN8001Try the Boxwave anti-glare04:10
GAN8001jagernot, once it meets the criteria, propose it on the talk page.04:10
jagernotwell ive actually edited the page ;)04:11
jagernotmaybe it will be taken down04:11
merkuralexGan is a maemo pro O.o04:11
lcukmerkuralex, :) gan is imperial commander of the maemo community (officially)04:12
merkuralexOoohh shows you how much I know ahhahah04:12
* jagernot bows respectfully towards GAN04:12
GAN8001jagernot, bring it up on the talk page once it meets the criteria, not before. ;)04:13
merkuralexWho here is using their NIT with pidgin to irc right now?04:13
GAN8001merkuralex, XChat04:13
jagernotfree or not free there is always policing04:13
merkuralexMmm I prefer pidgin with the led plugin :)04:14
jagernotive edited the page04:14
jagernotto add boxar04:14
jagernotflouting your rules :)04:14
lcukjagernot, you didnt even read the page you posted to04:14
jagernotive not added the * though04:14
jagernotcos i cant do it myself04:14
jagernotexcept for not yet available in extras04:15
jagernoti think it meets04:15
jagernotbut i submitted to extras04:16
jagernot3  days ago04:16
lcukyes, at 13:00 and it failed04:16
lcukso you tried again 5 minutes later04:16
lcukand it failed again04:16
merkuralexAll I can say is don't rush it friend good thinks come with patience04:16
merkuralexThings haha04:17
jagernothmm yeah i stand corrected04:17
jagernotlcuk: can i see what u can see?04:17
lcukyes you can04:18
jagernothow how :)04:18
lcuk[02:09] <jagernot> GAN: how do i find out?04:19
lcuk[02:10] <lcuk>
lcuk[02:10] <lcuk> [extras-builds] [diablo]: boxar 1.1-1 FAILED04:19
jagernotit stays in garage then at least04:20
jagernotthis unix magic is just killing me04:20
lcukbut that went to your inbox as well04:20
jagernotnope i got nothing04:20
lcukand you resubmitted it 5 minutes later04:21
jagernotno it was pgp key that was acting04:21
jagernotcan it build for chinook?04:21
jagernotcos i use chinook04:21
jagernoti have a really basic makefile04:21
jagernotpkg-config has to search gtk+-2.0 and esound04:22
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StskeepsGAN800: pong09:43
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RST38hSanta Kills 6!10:34
Stskeepsdefinately puts a new spin on wierd al's "the night santa went crazy"10:38
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aquatixtimeless: hm?11:02
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Stskeepsmorning qwerty1211:09
qwerty12hi Stskeeps11:09
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo11:09
qwerty12Trying out the webkit engine here :)11:09
Stskeepshehe, how is it?11:10
qwerty12No idea, I haven't installed it yet :D11:10
Stskeepsah :>11:10
qwerty12Didn't know that there was an engine-chooser program, I always assumed it was done through the browser hence the hidden option under the engine option in the mozilla config and in gconf.11:11
Stskeepscurious, but interesting11:11
* Stskeeps wouldn't mind a webkit with browserui11:12
Stskeepsespecially after seeing how midori performs11:19
RST38hgmrng all11:19
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Stskeepsmorn RST38h11:20
qwerty12libicu size is killing me :(, the size of that is bigger than the rest of the debs put together11:20
qwerty12morning RST38h11:20
Stskeepsyeah, looks a bit nasty11:22
RST38hqwerty: That is where all the porn is!11:22
qwerty12It's the libicudata file, maybe I can get lucky if I replace it with one of my own compiled ones11:23
qwerty12~curse nautilus for removing the shortcut to my sbox's ~11:23
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, nautilus for removing the shortcut to my sbox's ~ !11:23
aquatixunicode is big by definition :/11:24
qwerty12Even more of a shame that I don't really need it :/11:24
* RST38h wonders who needs unicode11:25
Stskeepsyou prolly do when browsing, .. at least some of it11:25
RST38hJapanese maybe11:25
aquatixRST38h: i do i do! i want nifty chars11:25
qwerty12While the Japanese language is a nice one, I don't actually go on any Japanese sites11:25
RST38hSts: The part I need nicely fits into the upper half of the ASCII table11:25
aquatixRST38h: there's a lot of non-latin chars out there11:25
RST38haquatix: As far as I am concerned, there is exactly 33 non-latin chars and the rest can burn in hell =)11:26
aquatixcyrillic, the ones hindi is transcribed in and such11:26
aquatixRST38h: ghehe11:26
* aquatix likes the look of foreign scripts11:26
qwerty12CDBS. We meet again.11:28
Stskeepsmaemo really doesnt have cdbs?11:28
Stskeepsi think fremantle has it though11:28
qwerty12It does, I just hate debian/rules files that use it :P11:28
qwerty12I'm probably a dumbshit but ironically, it takes me longer to figure out what to do rather than saving me time compared with a "normal" debian/rules.11:29
qwerty12And all I want to do is add some CPPFLAGS11:29
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aquatixquite a beautiful day today11:53
aquatixwell, it is here ;)11:53
Stskeepscos it's friday and one doesn't have to wander to work? :>11:55
derfSigh. Remind me not to port anything ever again.11:57
aquatixStskeeps: also helps ;)11:57
derfWho files bugs against a port, and not the upstream?11:57
RST38hderf: An idiot11:58
RST38hwhich nicely covers about 90% of humanity11:58
*** eichi has joined #maemo11:59
derf"Your program should do X." Does upstream do X? No.11:59
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* RST38h is getting daily emails from some guy asking "When is the next version will be release? You should add SNES emulation to the next version!"12:01
RST38hNot sure if the guy is completely sane though.12:02
*** x29a has joined #maemo12:03
aquatixRST38h: what app is that?12:06
qwerty12The webkit engine is nice, but as per usual, browserd fucks up12:08
*** melunko has joined #maemo12:13
*** bergie has quit IRC12:18
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RST38haquatix: iNES12:25
RST38h~burn browserd for being "a design decision"12:26
* infobot pours gasoline all over browserd for being "a design decision", ignites the fire, and then enjoys some toasty marshmallows with the glorious blaze12:26
*** hannesw has joined #maemo12:27
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aquatixRST38h: aight12:27
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*** zap has joined #maemo12:59
Stskeepsqwerty12: webkit's stable?13:02
Stskeeps(and does H-I-M work?)13:03
qwerty12Stskeeps, yeah, when I loaded a page with lots of images, I didn't get any crashes compared to loading the page with microb13:03
qwerty12Stskeeps, let me check him13:03
qwerty12hrm, now my browser's gone back to microb13:05
*** eton has joined #maemo13:08
qwerty12Stskeeps, h-i-m works13:09
qwerty12not as stable as I thought, think browserd crashes sometimes13:10
qwerty12loads pages much faster and browserd is a POS under MicroB anyway so no complaints here13:11
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC13:12
RST38h(tomorrow's dailyrotten candidate, easily)13:13
Stskeepsheh heh13:14
*** geaaru has quit IRC13:14
Stskeepsuntil the taliban starts producing viagra off license..13:15
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Stskeepswow, mypaint looks impressive13:25
*** guerby has joined #maemo13:32
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qwerty12whee, that's me done with milkytracker13:33
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*** harry is now known as Guest1962113:55
RST38hmypaint felt really clunky13:55
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pupnik_it's a touch too slow for me14:23
pupnik_sketching needs to be right-brain intuitive14:23
pupnik_anything that forces you into left-brain mode isn't so good14:23
pupnik_(ignoring for a moment how valid that metaphor really is)14:23
qwerty12_N800'cause the interface is in python :P14:24
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:25
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pupnik_the part that matters (sketching) is not14:28
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* lcuk punches qwerty12_N800 in the face whilst wearing comically large boxing gloves15:31
qwerty12_N800That's one way of saying hi :)15:31
*** na2i has joined #maemo15:31
lcukof course it is :)15:31
lcukfeeling better today?15:32
qwerty12_N800Nope, still as shitty as ever but I've gotten used to it :)15:32
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:33
*** bergie has joined #maemo15:33
lcukqwerty12_N800, doctors15:35
lcukwould some little sausages wrapped in bacon make you feel better?15:35
*** eocanha has quit IRC15:35
lcukoh hang on, theres only a few left15:36
qwerty12_N800lcuk, yeah, you're right but my GP's a prick15:36
*** x29a has quit IRC15:36
lcukooops, sorry all gone now15:37
*** mk500 has quit IRC15:37
lcukqwerty12_N800, you should see about a new doctor then15:37
qwerty12_N800lcuk, yeah, we're trying to change :)15:37
* qwerty12_N800 wonders if we've still got any ENO15:38
lcukim surei f you chop your leg off and walk into a different clinic they would see you15:38
lcuk(after you sat waiting for 3 hours bleeding out)15:38
lcukoh hi pupnik, errrr there ummmmm was food, but ummm i eated it :$15:39
* lcuk was like cookie monster but with bacon sausage nibbles :$15:39
lcukmight explain my bad guts as well, but what can i do, they were smelling so nice15:40
qwerty12_N800infobot, get the food from lcuk's stomach and give it to pupnik15:40
* infobot fetches the food from lcuk's stomach and give it to pupnik15:40
*** eton has quit IRC15:40
lcukreading that comment almost did the trick :D thanks qwerty15:40
qwerty12_N800hehe :D15:41
lcukits like a random 3d jigsaw puzzle15:41
pupnik_thanks, i just realized that's why i feel weak and sick - no food eaten15:43
pupnik_<Gauntlet> "Wizard needs food, badly."15:43
*** caio1982 has quit IRC15:45
lcuk* You are in a kitchen15:45
lcuk> look15:45
lcuk* there are many appetizing nibbles15:45
lcuk> eat nibbles15:45
lcuk* You eat all the nibbles15:45
lcuk* There is an uneasy feeling in your stomach15:45
qwerty12_N800Oh god, I can't play those games. Games ran in ScummVM are cool but I loaded up GFrotz on some text game and I used it as a replacement for sleeping pills :p15:47
lcukyou kids and your fancy 3d interactive worlds, spoilt i tell you15:47
qwerty12_N800aww, wasn't the technology good enough in the 50's :P15:49
lcukin my day we had to write the interpreter, dream up the program and implement it ourselves hoping the tape would not corrupt15:49
*** juergbi has quit IRC16:06
*** GAN800 has quit IRC16:08
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC16:09
*** na2i has quit IRC16:10
*** fie_ has joined #maemo16:10
*** juergbi has joined #maemo16:10
*** setanta has joined #maemo16:12
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*** croppa has joined #maemo16:22
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*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:24
*** na2i has joined #maemo16:27
*** briglia has quit IRC16:27
*** WormFood has joined #maemo16:35
*** na2i has quit IRC16:41
*** soap has joined #maemo16:47
*** aantn has joined #maemo16:53
*** alterego has joined #maemo16:54
alteregoHas anyone had any issues with unresolved references whilst creating shared libraries in maemo 4.2.1 SDK?16:56
*** matthias_ has joined #maemo16:57
*** aantn has quit IRC16:58
*** eton_ has quit IRC17:00
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo17:02
*** ssvb has joined #maemo17:09
*** b-man has joined #maemo17:10
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*** eichi_ has joined #maemo17:33
*** djcb__ has joined #maemo17:35
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*** djcb has joined #maemo17:53
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*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:53
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*** aantn has quit IRC17:55
*** harry has joined #maemo18:03
*** harry is now known as Guest3594018:04
*** Guest35940 is now known as kcome18:04
*** bergie has quit IRC18:04
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*** djcb has joined #maemo18:26
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:27
alteregoGrrr, these symbols should be resolved at runtime .. Why is the linker complaining >_<18:30
*** gentooer has joined #maemo18:31
*** q12N800xc286 has joined #maemo18:39
*** b-man has quit IRC18:41
*** djcb has quit IRC18:42
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*** EgS has joined #maemo18:43
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*** zorrolero has joined #maemo18:56
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*** harryl has joined #maemo19:05
*** harryl has quit IRC19:10
*** bergie has joined #maemo19:12
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:18
alteregoThink I've figured it out! :)19:21
*** kimitake____ has joined #maemo19:23
*** Grackle has joined #maemo19:35
*** chenkai036 has joined #maemo19:37
*** kimitake____ has quit IRC19:40
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*** denny has joined #maemo19:57
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*** trbs has joined #maemo20:01
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*** thopiekar1 has joined #maemo20:15
*** GAN800 changes topic to " | Maemo Community Council | |"20:17
thopiekar1are here the people of the pys60-project from I know thats a metaquestion, but my notice could be off-topic..20:17
dennythis channel is quiet enough that I doubt it's too fussy about what people talk about20:19
dennyas long as it's vaguely relevant, you're fine  :)20:19
GAN800Except for people talking about talking about off-topic stuff. That we can't abide by. :P20:20
*** b-man has quit IRC20:21
*** b-man has joined #maemo20:23
thopiekar1;) so i just wanted to update my n95 with the new sis-packages from garage-maemo but my mobilephone just want to install the programm and not to update it ... i think it has some thing todo with the programm-names in these *.sis-files ... It should be called 'Python for S60' and not 'Python runtime' in the Python_1.9.0_3rdEd.sis-file...20:24
thopiekar1I hope the dev's from the garage-project will read this..20:24
*** b-man has quit IRC20:24
*** b-man has joined #maemo20:25
qwerty12_N800If you're sure that they contain the same files, you could probably use sisware to give it the same id and resign...20:25
thopiekar1can't the dev's do that.. i'm currently working on my projects too and fighting with some problems at home (-.-')...20:27
thopiekar1its not a big problem with the sis-files and the project is very active on garage... i think they will (and must solve) that problem in the future...20:29
GAN800Why don't you start by emailing them?20:29
*** Raytray has left #maemo20:29
GAN800Random shotgun IRC spam usually isn't a very effective way to get things fixed.20:29
thopiekar1i just wanted to write in the projects forum, but they disabled it... but thats not a bad idea... I will send them a email in the next time ;)20:30
* thopiekar1 is now going to install win-xp on his "tv-recording"-pc.......20:31
*** Navi has quit IRC20:32
StskeepsGAN800: pong?20:35
*** b-man has quit IRC20:36
*** cjdavis has quit IRC20:37
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo20:38
*** b-man has joined #maemo20:38
b-manhello, Stskeeps20:38
Stskeepsevening b-man20:38
Stskeepshow's progress?20:38
Stskeepsbrb tea20:38
GAN800Stskeeps, I have a question that I need you to answer. :P20:39
StskeepsGAN800: alright, shoot either here or in msg i guess :P20:39
b-mani'm stuck on a nother little problem, with cfdisk and sfdisk, the installer refuses to launch them properly20:40
Stskeepsdefine refuse?20:41
GAN800Give me fives minutes. :P20:42
b-manthe installer runs them, but it does nothing, it simply runs and exits and goes on with the installer.20:42
Stskeepsb-man: hm. did you make it run as root?20:43
*** Pio has quit IRC20:43
b-manyes. :p20:43
Stskeepscfdisk /dev/whatever? :P20:44
Stskeepsany output?20:44
Stskeepsinsert a 'read foo' after running it20:45
b-manok, i'll try that,20:45
Stskeepsjust to insert a pause20:46
b-man*b-man goes and backs up all of his data and runs the installer*20:47
Stskeepshehe, /me :P20:49
Macerhm... watching resident evil degeneration20:56
Macerwonder how long it takes to render high quality cgi like this20:56
StskeepsMacer: is I/O really crap on the server?20:59
Stskeepsi get like 2mb/s on I/O :P20:59
Stskeepsand untarring takes ages20:59
Stskeeps(i actually started using it now :P)21:00
Stskeepsis it swapping heavily or something?21:00
Macerwell... it's running on esxi21:03
Maceri can try to give it more resources in a bit21:04
Macermy zimbra server runs on the same box21:04
Stskeepswell, you can reduce ram if that helps :P21:04
Stskeepsit isnt swapping internally so21:04
Macerwell... the box has 2G ... i gave you guys 76821:04
Stskeepsweird.. i wonder what causes it then21:05
Macerdoes distcc work between fbsd and linux?21:05
Macerthat sounds doubtful :)21:05
Stskeepsnot sure21:05
glassi'm pretty sure it should be possible21:05
Maceri have a dual dual core 8TB fileserver21:06
MacerStskeeps - it might actually take a while for esx to give you all the resources21:06
Maceri can work on limiting my zimbra server a bit.. it runs on the same box in centos21:07
Stskeepsalright, it's probably just swapped out extremely from inactivity :P21:07
Maceri'm sure it is21:07
Macerjust give it a few minutes21:07
Maceresx kind of shoves things in the background21:07
Macerdid you get the sdk21:07
Maceri'm guessing yes since you're trying to use it to build things21:08
Stskeepsyeah, it's installed now :P21:08
Maceri'll work on giving it more in a little while21:08
Maceri'll lower the slices on the zimbra server too.. there's not too many users on it21:08
Macerbut java is a hog :)21:08
Macerand if worse comes to worst... the network should work fast enough.... i'll try giving you a spot on my fs21:09
Maceror even just give you a dedicated box21:10
Macerbut i'm guess that it's just swapped out21:10
*** b-man has quit IRC21:11
*** t_s_o has quit IRC21:12
dystopiaincluded in linux kernel 2.6.28: The Phone Network protocol (PhoNet) is a packet-oriented communication protocol developped by Nokia for use with its cellular modems for both IPC and RPC. With the Linux Phonet socket family, Linux host processes can receive and send messages from/to the modem, or any other external device attached to the modem; the modem takes care of routing. Phonet packets can be exchanged through various hardware connections depending on21:12
*** b-man has joined #maemo21:14
trenkadystopia: so?21:14
*** Zic has quit IRC21:15
b-man/dev/mmcbk0p3: no such file or directory - WHAT?!?!?21:19
b-manwoops ;p21:20
*** born2wonder has joined #maemo21:20
*** rm_you| has quit IRC21:22
*** alehorst has quit IRC21:23
b-manmy mmcblk0p3 and 0p2 devices are missing..... ??????21:25
*** kimitake____ has joined #maemo21:26
Stskeepsif you dont have the partitions? :P remember reloading partition tables21:26
*** eichi_ has quit IRC21:27
b-manoh - re-loading partition tables failed with sfdisk, maybe that's the problem. :P21:27
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo21:29
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo21:30
*** kimitake____ has quit IRC21:30
VulcanisI'm amazed at how well built my n800 is21:30
*** kimitake____ has joined #maemo21:30
VulcanisI had grabbed the case by the wrong end, and propelled it towards my door at a speed that would be enough to shatter my ipod touch, and theres no damage that I can actually see21:30
*** eichi_ has joined #maemo21:34
*** b-man has quit IRC21:35
*** b-man has joined #maemo21:35
Stskeepsb-man: make sure the partitions are unmounted21:37
*** Grackle has quit IRC21:38
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:38
b-manthey are.21:38
Stskeepsbefore partitioning?21:38
*** Navi has joined #maemo21:40
*** thopiekar1 has left #maemo21:40
*** ScreaminIke has joined #maemo21:41
b-manit looks like i have yet another problem; "cfdisk: invalid option; -u"  i used cfdisk -uM $MERDEV... how can i fix this?21:41
Stskeepsdont use u? :P21:41
Stskeepssure its a cfdisk command?21:41
Stskeepsand not a sfdisk one?21:41
qwerty12_N800sfdisk uses -u...21:41
ScreaminIke... ok. so i just went and picked up my n810! first day! :) i'm super excited but i seem to have hit a snag... i can't seem to get it to pair with my keyboard or earpiece.21:42
ScreaminIkeanyone know what's going on?21:42
*** Grackle has joined #maemo21:42
*** housetier has quit IRC21:50
lir1sheesh... nokia pc suite doesn't support importing google's export csv format21:53
lir1man, I don't understand why people work so hard on doing things WRONG. there are open standards, for crying out loud, please support them!21:53
Vulcanis[14:42:05] <ScreaminIke> ... ok. so i just went and picked up my n810! first day! :) i'm super excited but i seem to have hit a snag... i can't seem to get it to pair with my keyboard or earpiece. -- Do you know the codes to the ear thing?21:53
Vulcanisand the brand of the keyboard21:54
Stskeepsdystopia: phonet is old news21:57
Stskeepsit was expected and contributed already back at summit i think21:57
*** born2wonder has quit IRC21:59
*** qwerty12_N801 has joined #maemo22:01
Stskeepswb qwerty12_N80122:01
* dystopia attempts to sync22:01
qwerty12_N801thanks Stskeeps, stupid router...22:01
Stskeepsdystopia: .. sync with n8x0? :P22:02
*** briglia has joined #maemo22:04
*** kenneth_ has joined #maemo22:05
*** kenne has quit IRC22:06
*** woglinde has joined #maemo22:08
*** GAN800 has quit IRC22:13
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:16
*** b-man has quit IRC22:19
dystopiaStskeeps: -current =]22:30
Stskeepsmm, cos sync is possible in fremantle with g_nokia it seems22:34
*** chenkai036 has quit IRC22:35
*** chenkai036 has joined #maemo22:38
*** briglia has quit IRC22:40
*** briand has quit IRC22:42
*** lmoura has quit IRC22:45
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]22:49
sp3000<maemo-community@maemo....>: service unavailable. Command output: Message content rejected22:58
*** setanta has quit IRC23:00
*** b-man has joined #maemo23:02
*** aantn1 has quit IRC23:02
ScreaminIkeVulcanis: uhm... rocketfish and motorola23:04
ScreaminIkethe "codes" come up automatically, but it just refuses to connect.23:04
Meiz_n810!!! What a huge performance with the webkit engine compared to the old!23:08
Meiz_n810google reader work as fast as it works with FF3 on my ubuntubox23:09
RST38hdoes it glitch?23:15
VulcanisMeiz_n810: How do you install it?23:15
Meiz_n810Vulcanis: download a bunch of packages and dpkg -i them23:16
Meiz_n810check itT for them23:16
*** benh has joined #maemo23:17
Meiz_n810whats that ?23:17
*** juergbi has quit IRC23:19
Meiz_n810:P even google maps is usable with is23:22
infobotMeiz_n810 meant: :P even google maps it usable with is23:22
* sp3000 sends a third time23:22
*** gopi has joined #maemo23:38
*** hellanio has joined #maemo23:40
*** briand has joined #maemo23:42
*** benh has quit IRC23:52
*** benh has joined #maemo23:53
*** b-man has quit IRC23:54
*** tulkastaldo has joined #maemo23:55
*** lpotter has joined #maemo23:56
sp3000well, yay, the community list doesn't like me23:58

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